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Which recently graduated chuuba will reincarnate as one of the new Hologirls?

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artia, onegai...

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I'm high on hopium for Sephira. Also, maybe someone from upd8 got in.

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rrats are too slow

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Sio and her fat ass please.

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Probably not though.

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dynamite cute...

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You just know deep inside who's the new demon is...

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She's a busy mom now anon...

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no, she was "suicided" by the CCP when they send her to the "re-education" camps.

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Your mom kek

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Does it have to be an ex-vtuber. I will probably like it if its not a vtuber, the surprise.

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I know it’s a joke but there’s zero chance when she already has an avatar

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No , let she rotten in Cocytus.

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Her and Noel can bond over their hatred of Meiro

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High chance gibara is in

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Wait, Noel hates Meiro? Why?

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Asmr roomate rivalry

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Her roommate tried to rip off Noel's roommate, then sent her fans to attack her when she got called out.
Sound familiar?

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One is Kanahana

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She's 100% gonna be in. She was literally one of the top earner in Niji.
She's legit as a vtuber but she has too much baggage, but who knows, maybe Cover think they can tame her.
Very popular among Hololive fans, 120% gonna be in.
Niji hasn't fired her yet, has they?
Eh, they would probably give her Aloe avatar if she's back.

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Damn, this girl is really menhera. Plus, she has big milkies? Would cum inside her.

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Nanana/Yachi/Fukugakuencho all from Stellar Cycle Campus recently retired.

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>Niji hasn't fired her yet, has they?
dont think so, but she still hasnt done anything aside from some voicepacks. wouldnt surprise me if she silently left niji.
just let me beleeb...

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Give me a qrd on the ones you think are going to be in. I want to know what to expect.

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how do you send a college girl that lives west coast us/canada to re-education camps?

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What are the chances of this happening?

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hanjo tv

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if she gets in wouldnt that make her the biggest cash whore ever? she was already making tons in Niji and the only reason to move to holo would be to make slightly more money.

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that's not the only reason. maybe she wanted to upgrade to a better company

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Higher than >>13598076

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I just miss her and want her to be happy, knowing how much of a bunch of incompetent and malicious fucks Sony are. Luna is doing fine according to her but there isn't any news of her at all Sora even twitted her "see you later" on her graduation

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she's probably obscure for Cover to notice, but i hope Nanana returns.

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Damn....Niji Noel is even crazier than Noel.

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lmao imagine, would genuinely love that

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What a downgrade if true

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SALLA.R and koiro5sai

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Kimino Miya (Hanjo TV)

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Kizuna Ai

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There's actually 0 fucking chance Gibara or Lulu are in.

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>if she gets in wouldnt that make her the biggest cash whore ever?
That's her whole character, she loves money.

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damn, that model is sex

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By holding her family hostage brainletchama.

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Gibara already "reincarnated" so it's highly unlikely that she will join another corp anytime soon. The only hope you can get from this is the fact that her roommate doesn't have a proper avatar yet. She also showed her face a few times.

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Probably all Unknown experienced VA or Celebrities. There was no gen 6 auditions.

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She will save Matsuri and Hachaama

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Cover is a crap company, but even they wouldn't hire a drug addict.

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>caring about family

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Cover getting the original Kizuna Ai girl would actually be really funny.

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My bet is on Takeo Ayumi.

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Bora is pulling a double duty graduation and debut on the 30th

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She can only make Matsuri worse than she already is.

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0, it's Emma Chouette now

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I want to see it now

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love-chan went on hiatus 146 days ago
and she was originally hired to be the replacement VA for Oyabun's main channel so you know she's a thug

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Hana Flores seems possible
My 1% schizo guess is Yuika Kazami

My understanding she left Nijisanji to get away from bureaucracy anon. I severely doubt she's going to be in it. also her roommate channel is doing relatively well and she seems to be very happy there anyway

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>Hana Flores seems possible
>My 1% schizo guess is Yuika Kazami
>>>13598116 #
>My understanding she left Nijisanji to get away from bureaucracy anon. I severely doubt she's going to be in it. also her roommate channel is doing relatively well and she seems to be very happy there anyway

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Your point being? Chocolate man?

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The original Ai-chan never quit and she's doing the voice to this day. Do reps.

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Wait they graduated her? Kek susuga Niji graduating your most famous Vtuber.

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With the 14th overall pick in the 2021 vtuber draft, Hololive Productions select...

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Glad this thread is here, I'da have created ot myself

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Don't worry about him, he's just our resident ex-/qa/ schizo. Pretty much does this with random posts these days.

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Duh? She already reincarnated. Plus there's no way Cover would ever hire her after fucking up bad enough to get kicked out of VOMS, of all things.

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"susuga" anonchod not doing the needful and googling

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What's the usual cooldown/quarantine Cover impose on the girls feom their previous gigs after they're hired? A month?

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think it's been months since she streamed on her new account on twitch. pretty sure she got blackbagged.

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Why did she stop?

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Hana Flores is already back as an indie, she commissioned the same artist that did Hana so I highly doubt she has other plans for the near future.

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Show hint pls

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that's a great looking model. is it gen 7 leak?

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since polka just shilling gen 6 on her show, one of them might be her friends from NND days
she had a great loli voice and good 5 years old character roleplay

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I think it's NoiR since she hasn't stream for almost 3 months well, I know that's practically impossible but I just really miss her afternoon piano stream....

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is she in?

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Literally who?

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I will never forgive Cover for downgrading her so hard.

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not even cover's incompetence can limit her it seems

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The final yab

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Camomi is peak soul and her 3d btfos Artgun's.

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why are JP rratfags so pathetic
when council was announced we already knew 3/5 of them within hours

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So who is the loli featherine? It's definitely someone very experienced.

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>She's 100% gonna be in. She was literally one of the top earner in Niji.
She's doing live action streaming now. Same with Lulu. So no.

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Either an already established seiyuu or a former idol.

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She was plus 100k and had some big song covers... I can see it.

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What do you think?

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hey towa im a holo now

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>Be blonde samurai
>Clear throat
>Roommate channel goes on indefinite hiatus

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prolly right. re-act seconds, getting sloppy arent we now Cover.

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My schizo theory was her being Nameless but doesn't really sound like her singing voice.

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Thai anon said La+ Darkness is Yomi from Re:ACT

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Maybe she just wants to leave the black company.

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maybe she hates the bully culture in Niji

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This thread is on point this time.

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Gibara was among the most pampered people there. Even with all schizo narratives and rrats, her being bullied or treated bad is an impossibility

>> No.13612037

I have the same rrat too anon

>> No.13612314

Sorry am still a newfag who are you referring to? If I'm able to ask anyways

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Yagoo please

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>drug addict
How much evidence (or lack of) does this rrat have?

>> No.13613056

Not until the last sister graduates

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You have to prosper it's been long enough I need you back Upd8 did you dirty

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>THREE gold play buttons

>> No.13613234

i will only accept this if all 3 are in the next gen

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>> No.13613318

I doubt cover let her keep the gold one for her PL

>> No.13613339

Zero evidence, we only have rrats. The latest and most believable rratt is that she lied about her age.

>> No.13613411

I forgot who said it, but didn't Coco had two copies of the play button? The first one was for Cover and the other is for her personal use?

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iirc she said she retired from vtubing on her new persona

>> No.13620986

Wow that laugh sounds exactly the same

>> No.13622307

burnout most likely.

>> No.13623164

I know Lulu's, but got a link for Gibara's?

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There are many evil things the Chinese do to others and to each other and animals and the world, perhaps their sole redeeming quality is that they have a staunch religious loyalty to blood-kin, if nothing else.

>> No.13623298

>that short
jesas that transformation!

>> No.13623504

Her recent appearance on Kurea's channel made it sound like we shouldn't expect anything soon.

>> No.13623522

we're trying to shit post here not open wounds

>> No.13623525

She already been sacrificed by cover in some satanic ritual anon. Where do you think all their luck came from?

>> No.13623590

>Luna doing fine
She is doing super great anon-kun.. do your reps

>> No.13623640

>Aipii and Love-chan

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She is a biker chuuba now, is happy, and have Honda backing her up

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When she announced her retirement I tought she was gonna be part of a new ENgen, I miss her, any info on what is she doing now?

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>She already reincarnated

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I beleb

>> No.13626657

damn, thanks anon.
glad to know she's not dead or in jail

>> No.13627128

Aluminium Rrat isekai in Hopolive when?

>> No.13627225

well with the Honda Supercub™ you can go anywhere, do anything and live a fulfilling life you could only dream of without one. Thanks to the Supercub™

>> No.13627244

Pretty sure you can order more for yourself if you've earned it

>> No.13627780

Makes me wonder what happened exactly though.
The way they made it sounds was like she did some criminal shit.

>> No.13627856

She's the Chris Benoit of Hololive.
She will never be back or mentioned.

>> No.13628057

one of life's eternal mysteries I suppose.
Maybe it was the "2nd job" thing after all.
Or maybe she had been hiding something from the rest of them.

>> No.13628279

The two most popular rrats were she's a government worker where it's forbidden to have a private job by japanese law, or she lied about her age to GYARI and she was fired because he's afraid the government might find out (she was terminated when tax season in Japan is coming close). another rrat was she died on an accident and GYARI made it look like she was fired to protect Monoe's family, but that was disproven already.

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Super Cub is this year's AOTY

>> No.13628503

Still streaming as Ebosi

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>The two most popular rrats were she's a government worker where it's forbidden to have a private job by japanese law, or she lied about her age to GYARI and she was fired because he's afraid the government might find out (she was terminated when tax season in Japan is coming close). another rrat was she died on an accident and GYARI made it look like she was fired to protect Monoe's family, but that was disproven already

>> No.13631024

That time my oshi got tortured by cover
I want namirin back

>> No.13632915

>Tom Brady chuuba
Would watch

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