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>Collab with Ina and never talk with her ever again
>Collab with Vshoujo at least once a month
>Collab with Kson 3 times in 3 weeks and bring her up every stream since then

Tell me you're a whore without telling me you're a whore

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Holobros can't stand the site of someone who isn't in hololive, their management only allows occasional collabs once a year so that EOPs xan shut the fuck up and stay in their bubble.

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The most warped /vt/ mindset I've seen is that they think most women are going to dump their friends based on how many sexual partners they've had and in fact expect them to as a moral imperative

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vt complains about people leeching off of hololive, while also acting hololive is the center of the universe

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>rent free

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>Hololive hololive hololive

Rent free

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Bitch, if holomems can freely talk about kson, they’ll bring her up every day, every night, all day of the week. She has everything what women find hot in another women

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The first thing he does is mention Ina in the OP you absolute retards. The entire premise of the thread relies on the implication that Pikamee is a whore for collabing more with Vshojo than Hololive.

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You can bait all you want, you can repost threads all you want, you can shitpost all you want but LEAVE PIKAMEE ALONE

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Holofags have no mercy.


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Except Kson isn't Shoujo, memelord

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Right. Let me correct myself.
The entire premise of the thread relies on the implication that Pikamee is a whore for collabing more with Vshojo AND Kson than Hololive.

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>Collabs with an artist with the personality and charisma of a corpse
>Never mentions them again
>Collabs with people with actual personalities
>Enjoys their company and collabs with them more and more

Not hard to figure out.

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I won't stop until she's forced to sign a sex offender's list for the rest of her life, for comitting the sin of pedophilia.

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Yes, Ina is a whore.

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Yes, I too would like to see Pikamee collab with Ina again, and some of the other Hologirls too.
But you, OP, can go sit ass-first on a cactus for this shitty thread.

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can someone explain this in joke to me?

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pikamee, like all people of japanese heritage, is a lolicon

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>whor... whore!
this faggot has never seen a pussy in his life.

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Pikaleech trying to stay relevant and hold VOMs up on her shoulder as best as she can. She'll eventually slip up and cry crocodile tears to be saved from the final YAB.

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Based, Ina is a chink whore whose husband is running the company to the ground

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holobased here, I'll break it down for you
>it was a clubhouse games collab
>collab was with Ina, who doesn't have the charisma to carry a collab if her partner is dead weight or the game sucks (clubhouse sucks)
>it was a clubhouse games collab
>hololive is a strict and prominent company; even if there's no risk of industry blacklists or anything, most chuubas who collab with hololive are noticeably nervous about it, and aren't keen on doing stressful, intimidating collabs that require dealing with corporate management often
>it was a clubhouse games collab
TL;DR Ina/Pikamee wasn't a great collab and fuck Cover

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Are you telling me she has no PersINAlity? Haha

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i dunno, i think she seems pretty nice

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Based Pika.

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Why Niggysanji invite the rest of voms? They had fucking clippers in there.

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Antiying Pika is the saddest, most pathetic thing you can do.

Nicest chuuba in the scene. She would never anti (You).

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I assume this is Omega's fault.

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The crab game collab wasnt set up by nijisanji. It was set up by rpr whose not a vtuber and plays apex. The clipper is one or his mods. Rpr invited a bunch of apex ppl and selen. Selen invited nijisanji and pika.

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I thought OP was calling Ina a whore?

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We don't need outsiders. Hololive is a self-sustaining enclosed ecosystem.

Other companies and shitty 2views are just jealous.

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I don't think she's done one on one collabs with Vshojo besides the one time she and Ironmouse played Super Bunny Man

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I know you're just baiting but for the lurkers: nobody has a problem with it, everyone in the global threads enjoyed Pikamee collabing with Ina, the only issue people really have is with non vtuber ecelebs begging to collab with them

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I thought they hate Ina.

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It's almost like Ina is boring to collab with

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Why would Ina need to make friends and maintain relationships outside of hololive when she can just as well get all her pals cushy jobs within this closed economy?

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>Collabs Ina got a lot of views
>Collabs with Kson with her signature meme review, nobody gives a shit

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Ok, here's a crazy idea. What if people collabed because it was good timing and they want to feel out how well their personalities mesh.
It's almost as if those not forced by management will seek collabs based on people they respect.

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Nobody actually watches these.

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Post evidence that Pikamee is a pedophile.

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She's Japanese.

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Thousands brainlessly would if it was with Coco

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>Couldn't click well with Ina, parted ways on good terms after trying out a collab
>Business friends with Ironmouse, collab occasionally
>Bounces off Kson well and was a fan since Coco days. Great for exposure too. Collabs frequently.

Nothing wrong with this. It is a business after all

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I know vt is a cesspit of diarehhea and faggotry but really? Antiying pikamee? Might as well post vids of you eating your dog alive and beating it with a stick. You sick sad pieces of shit

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a reminder that this is a tribalfag/holofag/nijifag general thread, so if you're not one of them just leave and let them bite each other ass like a moron.

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Kek I understand how hot she's in women's eyes even that gigastacy Suisei got ntr'd by Kson.

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I think Mori would mesh better with her tbqh.

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BASED PIKAMEE holo chuubas suck at collabs the most autistic awkward fags

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Don't care. I love Ina!

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You're not gonna take down Pika, she's too likeable. I don't think she's ever made a single mistake.

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Imagine being this shit at reading comprehension.

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Ina lacks charisma.

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Hololive has collab and mention fees.

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