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57 days. How does she keep getting away with it? It's insane. Imagine keeping over a million fans waiting for you to stream. Do nakirigumi enjoy findom?

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She must be afraid of her fanbase or something, since she collabs with other people without streaming her perspective.

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yesterdays FA MS collab was so fun. eops are pathetic and miserable

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The TRPG collab yesterday was pretty good you should watch it.

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By the time ayame stream, holo will already debuted their 7th and 8th gen

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So far Gen 6 has streamed more this November than Ayame has the last 2 months. Ridiculous.

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Based original content poster

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Yes this is correct, chat is scary

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>How does she keep getting away with it?
She's cute.

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The fact that she also hasn't even acknowledged Gen 6 on Twitter at all when even the EN/ID branches have, she really doesn't care about Hololive huh

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I am planning to go to Japan someday. When I go, what I have to do to find this bitch and have sex with her? People here says that she sucks ojisan cocks at some dark alley in the middle of the night. It's that true?

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Ayame will stream!
She wouldn't ever let laziness beat her
But considering her built up stress, she'd have a hard time moving around
She's probably recuperating
So we should wait patiently...
For her singing and dance lessons to pay off!

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She's cute, I'll wait

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>2 years later.

> She will stream right? It has only been 2 years, she is busy with her dance lessons, I'm sure she will come back some day, she has been in 2 collabs this past 2 years she is building up for her return, i'm sure she is.

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Ayame was caught playing lol again during Lui debut

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she cute

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She's an established escort so that's a half truth, I don't have her actual profile since she closed the one 5ch found a few years ago but I'm 100% sure she's still working

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Quality over quantity

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what's her reason for her absence

is she dying like Korone?

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its a way to induce artificial scarcity in her streams

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any pictures proving that? not doubting just want to see.

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but she has neither

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New years stream max copium.

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If you think Cover has no part in this/no plans with Ayame you're fucking stupid.
>/vt/ thinks employee can be absent for 57 days without repercussion
I swear this board is literally retarded.

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Yes it's call having the higher ups in your chains.

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She's dead. She's dead and you're laughing

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Oh yeah? How money do you get every time you giggle?

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It's true. She really is an escort. Here's her prices.
Yes, by plans you mean Ayame is having sex with Yagoo or one of the staff members.

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>Quality over quantity
That would work if she streamed at least once, anonchama.

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Fuck off retard she's on her maternity leave, don't pressure her

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I'm gonna use this excuse to go into work once a week, but do my best on that one day.

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That's it, I must save her from her LoL addiction!

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I love bagina on benis ::::DDD

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God what a whore

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I feel bad for the nakirigumi...stay stong cuckbros

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>2views mad because ayame makes more money by streaming once every 3 months than what they gets for their entire "career"

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At least they stream, unlike Ayame who is busy fucking her boyfriend.

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Where is the daily Mr. Krabs poster?

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ayame doesnt need to stream
all she needs to do is to appear in hologra

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Ayame whore!!!!

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You would expect the people who keep making this thread to watch streams but I guess yesterdays TTRPG stream proved this expectation wrong.

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Aqua has only streamed 5 times this month.

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But anon.. the giggles and nakirium

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>could be a millionaire by putting in the bare minimum of effort to just play some video games on stream
>chooses to suck the smegma off of old man dick for money instead
Based whore

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Still not a stream on her own channel
Why would I watch a bitch that speaks a language I can't understand and never streams?

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So no Ayame is the best Ayame?

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she's gonna stream on the day of the new gen's last debut for the shared samurai gimmick.

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she can play lol, but she cant stream

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He posted in the other thread. This is the second one.

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road to 100 lets go!

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at this point i think ayame fans get off on her long absences. it's kind of like orgasm denial. the longer she's away, the more they crave their 'nakirium'. and when she finally returns, huffing that shit gets them so fucking high that it's almost a religious experience. they lavish her with superchats. it's like finally being able to bust a nut after nine hours of edging

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o fug

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anon, don't take pictures furtively, that's too much...

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She can fuck off for two months but holobronies got buttblasted when Connor said Holos can be lazy and get away with it lmao

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VTubers are shit

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Is she good? Who's her main?

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She's such a kind soul, collabing with others but without streaming on her channel, giving the other girls a much higher viewership and therefore ad revenue/spachas.


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>How does she keep getting away with it?
Cover (and her) makes money from basically doing nothing save from occasionally voicing HoloGra, it's good business.

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Women really live on easy mode huh? Nowadays you don't even need to be sexy/cute, just being born with an anime voice you're already set.

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that's too fun and would require effort on Ayame's end

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everytime i hear this term all i think of finnish domination. perkele :DDD

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only if they're born in a 1st world country, if not they're cattle.

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ur shit

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No one cares. Stop making daily threads of this already.

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I thought aqua didn't play games anymore

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