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>nijiEN LITERALLY begging for superchats
jesas this is a new low
thank god management kept them away from holoEN

>> No.13755070

>holobronies can't take a joke

>> No.13755110

Not holobronies, only this dramaschizo nijibro.

>> No.13755127

>Millie misspoke about doing a SC reading (I will take your SCs later)
>Enna corrects her
>Millie rolls with the misunderstanding (Give me your SCs)
tl;dr it's joke

>> No.13755183

here comes the NIDF
don't you faggots have some whores to be supeechatting?

>> No.13755215

Don't you have streams to be watching

>> No.13755304

Wow Millie actually sounds cute, and OP is still a faggot

>> No.13755617

>he doesn't know

>> No.13755957

>make a thread about nijisanji
>wonder why fans of nijisanji posts in the thread

>> No.13756005

Nijisanji lives rent free in your head.

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>That ESL accent
>Sounding cute
God no, her voice doesn't even fit the model either.

>> No.13758284

Well it's not like they could afford the rent.

>> No.13758470

Admitting that you let them live in your head with 0 cost. What a fucking loser.

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>those voices

>> No.13760506

If it was anyone other than a holofag I'd call it a falseflag but you fuckers are genuinely so awful that any falseflag would be a waste of time.

>> No.13760770

You fell for the tribalist's scheme. Also,
>judging a talent based on a 10 second link
You must be new here.
Correct on both counts.

>> No.13760775

What the fuck are these voices? Arent they in NijisanjiEnglish? What language are they speaking

>> No.13760797

They should at least try to make their voices fit the avatar wtf are these 2 roasties thinking, I don't remember them sound this fucking bad on debut.

>> No.13760815

is OP retarded or only pretending to be retarded

>> No.13760838

I honestly can't believe niji has this level of quality control for their loli tubers.

theyre not even trying. just fuckin face cam.

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