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What is wrong with Gura?

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November has been very busy for her.
Lots of sex.

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pregnancy related illnesses

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i dont watch her much so take it with a grain of salt, but chumbies say she lives in a pigsty and treats her body like trash, so thats probably why shes getting sick 24/7

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She got stuck on my cock and we haven't been able to dislodge her

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It's not yet time to anti Gura. Chumbuddies are starting to break down, but they aren't at the boiling point yet. /ggg/ has been a mess lately tho so it'll come sooner than later. .

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shes got the flu, retard, cant you read?

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It's okay chumbaby, she will stream soon. Thank you for your concern.

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>There are more gura threads than newly debuted girls in the past few days

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The Absolute state of Chumbuds like the retarded OP don't know how to read

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Uh you okay pal? That doesn't exist anymore, we eradicated it.

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So she didn't get a flu vaccine either...

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hot steamy sex

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Gura has COVID. She got infected with omicron

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>What is wrong with Gura?
she's an overrated fucking boring vtuber

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I wish it were me inside gura right now, just imagine getting to penetrate her cells and reproduce inside them until they're all used up and then all your babies just burst out

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False. She lied about having the flu because she's off having s*x with her b*yfriend. You know this is true because, if she really had the flu, she'd be staying home playing video games like anyone else would.

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She literally has to spend 20 minutes getting out of bet in the morning or else she'll pass out. Her body is frail as fuck.

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Anon, we don't speak jap

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Ame took the week off so she got even more depressed and started drinking again.

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She's over 9000 years old dude.
Unfortunately that also means she has like a 300% chance of dying from COVID.

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She got double vaxxed and boostied unironically.

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Relapsing alcoholism

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Omicron is only a threat to vaxxed people. South Africa is only 24% vaxxed, but 80% of the people who died from Omicron were vaxxed.

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she has to be sober anon

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pretty sure she has a spinal shift and suffers every day

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This is why you get the J&J vaccine. One and done and you don't get sick.

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She got the coof because her family's a bunch of backward southerners antivax

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family stuff = covid
feeling weak = aids
technical difficulties = bubonic plague
flu = i fucked her too hard

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Is this real?

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vaccine is a lie, you will still get the coof

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That much is obvious. It only mutates in response to the vaccine, and finds its survival niche by infecting vaccinated hosts so it doesn't have to compete with the normal strain. Vaccines just create deadlier strains.

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That's why you take Vitamin C supplements or eat oranges.

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>reason why coof still spread

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family stuff = sex
feeling weak = sex
technical difficulties = sex
flu = sex
with me

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trump lost

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If the fauxvaxx takes my shark away from me, I'm going to go postal.

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If you reload the page it's still there, so yes the post is real.
Wrong board. Please stop shitting up the board with tourism threads.

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>Eats like shit
>Massive shut-in
>Lives in the equivalent of the RE7 house
Truly a mystery as to why she gets sick so much.

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Its an excuse retard you think anyone with real symptoms would go out and spend time with family and friends?

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Read the dates, mate, the family stuff is from the top of the month.

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Remember what they say about vtubers that call in sick all the time.

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That's mean it's working.

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She's dying because of the vax

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Recently, Kagura Mea did a stream to tell the honest and brutal truth about corporate vtubers (Holo/Niji), since she knows them and they even tell her this stuff

1. If they talk about being sick on twitter and need rest to feel better, it's either to spend time with their b*yfriends or vacation time for themselves. A lot of them will even sound sick/create fake stories of how they got sick to bait some SC or to guilty trip their listeners to supporting them

2. Some will play video games a lot because they hate interacting with their weirdo fans, even if they're not good at games, it's easy SC and they can just talk towards themselves while playing.

3. In discord, they have two voice chats. A professional voice chat where the vtubers will plan future events or run scripts with other vtubers. The other voice chat is OOC (Out of character) and yes, it's personal talk, girl gossip and they do make fun of your cringy or hate posts on twitter about them.

4. They're in it for the money, this is a business. It's not because "they love to make people happy", they're giving a service to entertain to help that brand and themselves get rich.

5. Some of the popular vtubers have great tricks with guilty tripping their supporters or even new people into giving superchats. From being a cute airhead that's too dumb to know anything or telling a fake sob story where they pretend to be social retards or super super shy in public and can only relate with their audience.
Example of the airhead: https://streamable.com/ji5kuw

6. If the vtuber acts "super lewd" or "I'm a degenerate like you guys", it's SOMETIMES just an act to entertain the listeners, they likely just did research on a couple of doujin artists to say their names on stream or say certain things based on what their audience say on twitter/chat (this DOESN'T apply to every girl because there are dirty girls out there)

7. Due to the restrictions from Youtube, the vtubers are unable to do more "racy" streams, which they really want to do to gain tons of red superchats. An example said was "Bikini 3D streams"

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anon those cause erectile dysfunction, she doesn't want that.

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En Ayame ?

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None of you watched any of her streams this week
Also, yeah, with me

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and it took her like 4 hours to deliver all this information because she kept accidentally shitting herself and queefing out period blood. by point #5 she had to put three fingers up her butthole just to stop the poop from splurting out. sasuga mea-chan

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You're more schizo than a vaxer... anti-vaxer? Vax-Maxer?
Whatever, you cray-cray.

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>chink princess
>aqua friend
>friend of nijisanji
Why am I not surprised?

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Probably fighting her inner demons and her dark past that has returned to the surface.

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My oshi is dying LETS GOOOOOOOO
She doesn't have a healthy diet, her sleep sched is fucked due to meetings at around 2 am her time and she is a certified neet.

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That means it’s working

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She's the laziest in EN by far.

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Not the clock? At least Gura had been streaming for more than a year

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Gura basically has a spinner wheel with excuses to not stream.

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Not an expert or anything, but it appears she has the flu

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Does anyone have a more recent count of stream hours?

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Could she have gotten the flu during flu season?

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anon.. gura spent time practicing those karaoke songs

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>shitting up /vt/

That's a tall order, bossman

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Who the fuck is talking about Gura you dumb fucking schizo

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this pasta makes me feel nostalgic

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Getting towards Christmas, her boyfriend is requesting more of her time and she's obliging.
omg i kno ur so busy but i rly dont wanna be lonely around christmas uwu

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Who cares if they do it for money? All relationships are transactional especially these parasocial relationships with Vtubers. I mean hell, we live in a capitalist society.

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holy kek

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She has been, quite frankly, mogged the past few days. Imagine the pain to her ego seeing other girls be more successful than her. She can't stream properly until she resolves this in her heart.

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hello saberspark tourist

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>IRyS debuts
>Haven't had a good karaoke since (it's all memey bullshit or if you are a member she's "sick" and cuts them short after putting in next to zero effort)
>La+ debuts
>Absolute silence since because her cunny is now old news

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holy shit she leaked the chat, why the fuck are they using their real names on the chat? YABBBBBB

>> No.13764884

Kagura Mea is a failure, never forget that.

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I thought you were lying so I searched a while and holy shit is right

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the only boyfriend she has is that hitachi vibe she bought, she's too autistic for one

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spoonfeed me please anons

>> No.13765912

Doubt it’s anything anon

>> No.13766317

what isn't wrong with her?

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jab related medium term effects on young women are kicking in. also see: kiara

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i know retard
But you can't trust her because she might have other complication

>> No.13767015

Hololive will be sterile within 6 months, my people will continue to report within 6 months

>> No.13767117

How about you do it you lazy fuck?

>> No.13767146

>Her body is frail as fuck
fragil child
Easy to manage on baby making sex
Easily chumming on her cunny

>> No.13768456

nice observation anon, i've noticed her karaokes have lost all magic for a while now as a membershrimp, i think the last decent one was the bard one? the meme dino one doesn't count

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>My people

>> No.13768752

the flu's rebranded and we treat it like it's new now.

i also recommend the new south park ep. its pretty gud

>> No.13768761

All the previous years of alcoholism catching up

>> No.13768816

I think she's just suffering from the vaccine side effects

>> No.13768897

What if it really is omerta variant and she fucking dies from being stubborn and not getting it tested??

>> No.13768938

Kiara sounded as if she was straight up dying recently from a leg cramp.

>> No.13769097

her body is weak and needs to be taken care of.

>> No.13769125

She got a new boyfriend and has had to skip some streams to spend time with him.

>> No.13769170

Is that the one with the leaked nudes of some of the Holo roommates?

>> No.13769325

Schizos like you deserve what you are getting

>> No.13769539

>Still watches South Park
Nah, I'm good. That's show has been going on one decade too many.

>> No.13769548

Is she Haachama or what?

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