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She. Fucking. Hates. You.

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She loves me anon. They all do.

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what am I supposed to do with this information?

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That's why I don't feel bad about selling generic stuff with her roommate's art slapped on

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She loves me, hates you

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>her parents think she’s a retarded neet
at least my family still loves me and I wasn’t given asian parents.

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based aliexpresschama

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Both Ame and Ina have become worse people as they've become popular, while Kiara and Mori have become better people. Gura was already popular so she has no change.

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Why is it Ina receives so much hate, but Anya literally calls her fans virgins and no one bats an eye?

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nobody has ever watched an anya stream

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Good. The sex will be way more interesting that way.

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I love the hate

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Because nobody watches ID

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I wonder when Anya finally graduates

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I don't even watch her clips let alone her streams

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Because that was several months ago. Ina's case it's worse because she was nobody, then won the equivalent of the lottery and now believes she's a superior demigod walking among stinky plebs, like how Ronald Reagan was born in a shack and grew up to destroy America because of how much he despised his own origins. Ina is Ronald Reagan.

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there's been so little drama surrounding the holomems lately while other companies have been a dumpster fire, that dramafags have to resort to months or even years old timeloops that even remotely resembles controversy to fake an outrage.
add holox having an incredibly successful debut and you have schizos resorting to even more desperate measures.

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She saw what takos looked like at a convention and was immediately repulsed. Takucks, being sad and disgusting, continue to simp for her. Ina was not in the wrong.

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I missed the original yab does anyone have a link?

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There's been plenty of drama like snaanana saying fuck you I don't have to stream and kronii being in the hyperbolic time chamber and mumei being a notorious cock hound and IRyS' embezzlement of company funds, but no one cares because that's all white collar crime compared to niggersanji actively bullying their own members to become neets or vwhores fighting a gigajew over letting indies get doxxed by underage brazilians.

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No one cares because all of that only happened in your schizo drama-addled mind.

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That's. Fucking. Hot.

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Because Anya doesn't hide the fact that she hates simps, virgins and lonely men. Starting from day one she's been shitting on them, which is why she has the lowest viewnumbers on all of hololive.

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>it happened in my imagination so that means it's real and a problem
Seek actual therapy or something

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Also Anya is pretty dumb so whatever she says doesn't matter much.

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i don't think i'm notable enough to be hated by her

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what happened?

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Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing how her superchats have plummeted

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stay in your rock, patrick

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also threw away a great character design for...whatever the hell she has now

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she's always had low sc cuz she never does sc readings...

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Why the hell Mori is so powerful?

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Nobody watches Anya.

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Ina, Gura, and Ame did all these IRL conventions, which ended up being a huge mistake. Suddenly they began acting very differently, after seeing their fanbase face-to-face. This is a common reaction women have to an unattractive men, they get super passive aggressive and standoffish. This is how these three began treating their audience after the conventions. Ina at one point basically called her audience a bunch of losers who need to get their lives together. So of course all the successful people who were regular donors didn't take kindly to this.

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Sana that high up the list?? /vt/ was... wrong about Sana? How... could this be...?

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I watched that clip back when these posts started and she just hates little hater bitches in the chat, not her entire fanbase from what I understand

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No, she doesn't hate me, because I'm not the kind of pathetic loser who talks shit about the girls, which is what she was talking about. Oh, you thought that she was talking about all fans? Well, then she was right about you.

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So who of the original 5 actually like her fanbase
recent streams has her snapping at her chat and fucking with them nonstop
Maybe, in an insanely possessive and manipulative way
Connor's dick compels her to shit talk them

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>Ina calls out shitty behavior in chat 2 months ago
>vt is still crying about it
Makes you think

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>Ame stops doing GFE after going to cons
>Ina starts hating her fans after going to cons
I fucking hate EN management.

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See: >>13824614

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This is the truth no one wants to admit.

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Shut the fuck up retard, in what way is gura acting differently?

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I really don't think talents going into auditions get to choose their characters.
maybe some designs get tweaked a bit after acceptance, but that is probably the most Cover does to improve the fit
I don't think Anya (or Ina for that matter) resonated a lot with the character design they were given. also, whatever the audition process test applicants for it certainly is not for being professinal actors.

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Are you smoking? She was on pair with fucking Mori and higher than the KFP, she HAS plumetted hard because of her commentaries. Tacos have done a lot for her and she has not been at least, semi respect them. If you don't like them, don't be vocal about your shitty fanbase, see Anya. Also it is probably because Ina thought this was gonna be just "act UGU like an anime girl and threat this job as a just regular streaming" purely watching her first streams and the nowadays streams.

Mori and Kiara really like their audience, and Gura's audience is sadly filled with 3rd worlds, that's why she doesn't get that many big as fuck SCs. At least these 4 (IRyS in) know how to manage her audiences, unlike Ina and her aberrant "a la twitch" style.

Gura does after her birthday
Ame does at some extend, she has a shitty personality tho
Kiara does, but like you said, manipulatively
Mori does, but she is stuck between the anitubers and her audience
Ina doesn't

Gura and Amelia KNEW what kind of fans they had, stfu faggot, specially Ame

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It only makes her more rapeable.

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>IRL conventions
ding ding ding, somebody finally gets it.

just like the girls sell their viewers a fantasy, the viewers themselves end up becoming something of a fantasy for the girls - not sexually, of course, but rather the quality of man that she attracts, the kind of people she appeals to. everyone likes to think that the people spending their time and money watching her are relatively well-adjusted and successful individuals who are choosing to enjoy her company over a plethora of other diversions at their disposal... not a bunch of autistic fat manlet NEETS that literally don't speak to girls in real life.

for all the virtue signalling that goes on around here it's no secret that most people would drop their "oshi" the moment they found out that the person behind the avatar was an ugly, fat little misshapen troll. when the girls saw their "fanbase" face to face, the exact same shattering of an illusion took place.

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I'd equate this more to a turning point in some of the not-so-blind takodachis. It's be a constant sore spot since it was first uttered and i think the Ina chat on Mori's stream re-ignited it

>> No.13827596

>Gura and Amelia KNEW what kind of fans they had
The way women act is not entirely in their control. It's their primate brain acting. Kiara and Mori of course have much more experience interacting with the people who go to conventions, so they are unfazed. But these three are not.

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>IRyS' embezzlement of company funds
Just when I thoughts IRyS couldn't get any more based

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No one watches Anya and its her own fault.

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Bitch she spun 16 times or us Takos

>> No.13827714

>and suddenly, Nijisanji
I'm starting to think this company lives rent free in some of the more severe hololive fans

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THAT?, seriously?
LMAO, the streamer has a bit of banter with her audience and they loose their mind?
Dunno if you are being real or not, but the woman behind Ina has quite a dark sense of humour, and it's really crappy she has to put on this super moe, girlfriendly persona, I would love more existencial dread, doomer comments, and general banter from her (I mean, she is the Cthulhu-themed talent). I guess Cover has cultivated a certain type of audience and now they have pigeonholed their entire HoloLive brand into being doormat e-girlfriends

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Gura is less alcoholic, she has gone clean weirdly enough. Usually, people's vices get worse when they get more money.

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Anya shot her own foot from day 1. Strange that the person who is so livid against her own fanbase is also the lowest in all of Hololive

>> No.13827836

The kid in front doesn't look bad, I s only the one fatoid with the pekora shirt who looks autismal.

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Anya is the only Hololive I've actually unsubbed from. I don't really watch Ina anymore, but I don't actively dislike her. I actually dislike Anya and put in effort to scrub her from my recommendations.

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Most hololive chats deserve to be hated though. Something must have clicked in her head that week she did the Pixiv event with Michael and how much more adult and refined that stream and the chat felt. Later that week she had a regular drawing stream and she got kind of pissed at some people in the chat.
I wish I had known about her streams before Hololive, those must have been top comfy even if a bit awkward

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>the only two attractive men in the middle are a gay couple
Can't make this up.

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I love Ina, but she's Korean. Can you really trust a korean in the US/Canada?
Is this an /fa/ or /mu/ meetup?

>> No.13827908

Ina hates men

>> No.13827924

You cannot tell me about fantasies when Mr. Ina and Amelia have regugirtated a LOT in these kind of conventions in the past. While Gura is uncertain, Amelia 100% knew what kind of fanbase she was attracting (seriously I don't have to reffer to her roommate for you to not know about this). Ina shouldn't act like a standoff diamond glass, specially since she idolatrizes some fat cool nigga that currently runs OFTV. There is no "illusion"faggotery in here, it is just that they are showing off their real personas, which isn't great for them.

Mori and Kiara, outside of having more experience, love any kind of people that supports them, that's why they RARELY trashtalk their audience like Ina and Amelia does. We are talking about streamer-chat interaction, so don't bring bs about "MUH AMELIA DOES WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS AND DOESN'T PUT SCHEDULES UP ANYMORE" please.

It is big. You can see how Mori quickly reacted after Ina's statement, apologizing and thanking the fans, while Ina didn't say a shit. Obviously someone in ENMA told her to shove that words back becuase it didn't make sense for her to call out her fans like that. It is a matter of profesionalism, and as much as I hate Mori collabing with anitubers, she is probably the most profesional ENHolo currently.

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Shut the fuck up faggot, she should worship the people who put food in her fucking mouth so she can be a proper neet like she is. Better yet she should put their cocks in her mouth, at least give them a service.

>> No.13827936

>I really don't think talents going into auditions get to choose their characters
They don't. Kiara talked about that.

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>only reason to put your arm over a man's shoulder is by being a gay couple

>> No.13827944

my favorite is fat crossed arms bucket hat guy

>> No.13827955

>recent streams has her snapping at her chat and fucking with them nonstop
>Ame does at some extend, she has a shitty personality tho
Yeah, Ame is just kinda abussive. Can relate, I had a shitty childhood too and have bad coping mechanisms.

>> No.13827969

>Ina chat on Mori's stream re-ignited it


>> No.13828001

uh, no, the fat and ugly holos are the most beloved. fucking tourist.

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Gays are more likely to be attractive looking, shocking I know

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I'm not judging you anon. Everyone likes to suck juicy dick once in a while.

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That anon probably has autism or no friends, actually most likely both.

>> No.13828022

>He didn't do his /fit/ reps
That's on you desu I just benched a new PR, it's never to late to start making it anons never forget that

>> No.13828031

Do you pop your toes like your oshi too? to suppress the mountain of shit you will never speak of unless a bottle of whiskey is going down your tube?[/spoier]

>> No.13828032

ITT: Unimpeachable evidence that, if Ina actually did hate her fans/Simps/All Men, she would be fully justified for doing so. Holy shit.

>> No.13828079

Don't know why they don't just own up to it, unless Yagoo literally wants every single cent

>> No.13828081

ID does though to a large extent, branches don't work quite the same Kiara also spoke about it because she talks about fucking everything.

>> No.13828090

? Sounds like cope to me fag, I've seen a lot of ugly homos before.

>> No.13828097

When Ina wanted to (needlessly!) attack the people making fun of Mori, the insult she chose was "they like watching anime girls".

And no amount of defensive mental gymnastics will fix that since anyone can watch the vod and see that she indeed said that. And she didn't add any exceptions.

>> No.13828098

Men aren't touchy-feely like women are. So yes, the only reason to put your arm over another man's shoulder is if he's your gay lover.

>> No.13828149

Nice fucking English retard, I think your post is unimpeachable evidence you have a caved in retard brain.

>> No.13828167

simp see her as an artist or some shit

>> No.13828188

She's a bad person

>> No.13828191

well, she KINDA is
plus I preffer her shitty rap over any of the ethots that spawn in twitch and say that "they are artists"

>> No.13828211

>"they like watching anime girls"
Strange that when the NijiEN girls said this near-exact like, it was funny and a defusal to an awkward segue. Ina says it, and it's basically a death sentence from hear on out

>> No.13828254

Autistic faggot, we get your brain doesn't work right but not everyone is as brain deformed as you are thus we don't have a psychopath neurology like you do autist and thus feel normal bonding emotions you freak lol!

>> No.13828281

No one gives a shit about Niji, stop renting free
Ina fans have LITERALLY wasted around 100k or more for stuff like >>13827752 , while I believe they shouldn't feel entitled to have a more special interaction, Ina isn't in the right of doing that kind of shit. She is probably THE BIGGEST NO NAME from all the EN branch, since she didn't even stream on first place.

>> No.13828305

Niji whores have a very Low bar to pass over, it's a little higher echelon in hololive.

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Ina loves her female fans!

>> No.13828355

Ina always struck me as a humongous bitch. Glad I was proven right.

>> No.13828365

nta, but the absolute seethe and projection radiating from this post my god

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Honestly my favorite part about this weak as hell bait is that dramafags have to either act like an insufferable thin-skinned faggot redditor for a mild-as-hell banter against a specific negative part of Mori's chat to call her a bitch, or otherwise blow the whole thing out of proportion and say she hates all vtuber fans.
Thanks Ina.

>> No.13828392

She is an Asian, they are low empathy racial debuff that is offset by buffs to int and dex.

>> No.13828410

>Yet somehow has enough clout to bring herself, her "friend" to be her manager, and Sana.
>Along with securing art contracts from big name companies as Ina and not roommate
There seems to be a contradiction between "literal who" Ina and "Nepotism weaving puppetmaster" Ina

>> No.13828414

you clearly don't numberfag, her sc was never high as mori, post proof or fuck off

>> No.13828423

What do you mean?

>> No.13828440

you don't have to watch someone who hates you, lots of options out there

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The thread made shortly after this >>13805717 died. So yeah, OP is just desperate for any kind of attention now.

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what are you even saying

>> No.13828487

I only watched a few weeks of Pomu and Elira before getting bored so I can't comment on them.

I think when Ina says something like that it hits differently as her previously good behavior made some people think that she would be above insults like that.

>> No.13828517

my favorite was how the thread was pretty dead 35-40~ posts in and then exploded in activity out of nowhere

>> No.13828518

Do you just use buzzwords without understanding them, you fucking retard zoomer? Yeah I'm seething at the nigtarded assertion that if you make physical contact with your friends you are in a relationship with them, as if males can't show any emotion amongst their friends, I think it you push that you need to kill yourself.

>> No.13828524

It was never bigger than Mori's, but she was oscilating between 25k and 22k.

For the fucking viewer, she is a no name outside of Ina. For COVERCORP however, that's a different thing. Not because the corp. where she is working threates differently means that the viewer has to.

>> No.13828545

I agree with the general idea that the actresses for Mori and Kiara are more crowd-savvy than Ina, I think that's quite evident and makes sense given how the former two had/have careers in which they have to be more public while Ina, as an illustrator, is fairly sheltered from her fans.
>You can see how Mori quickly reacted after Ina's statement
Fucking loved that part, Mori nearly shat her pants (or directly her chair if she streams commando). BUT, it is a problem only because HoloLive has come to be synonymous with bland, defanged UwU girls. I like it when streamers banter a bit with the audience, I know it is a fine line, but with Holos we can't even get close to that line because the e-boyfriends in the audience get mad when the streamer behaves as anything other than an e-girlfriend who speaks only in positive affirmations.

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Better angle

>> No.13828564

>While Gura is uncertain
You really think that somebody who makes a bet that she'll make a tweet that says "feet" if she loses a DBD match doesn't realize what kind of fanbase she has?

>> No.13828580

>Yeah I'm seething
all i needed to hear lol

>> No.13828603

ayy man gimme ur contact. iwanna dropship some generic arts from her.

>> No.13828615

pain ame

>> No.13828672

Why do takos continue to take the bait?

>> No.13828698

Is it some sort of tradition for the cringiest looking people to sit on the walkway chair?

>> No.13828700

Mori bants 24/7 with her chat and so does Kiara, but they know how to control their bant. If this was 2000, you bet your ass Mori would be spilling nigga 25 more or so times in her streams, and that would be okay. With Ina it is a different case, since no one expected her to say these kind of things. I firmly believe that the fact that she had to wait an entire day or so, or be scolded by management (because I ain't eating that half-ass apology after a day) is the thing that her fans didn't like, unlike Mori, like i have said, who reacted in the moment and said "don't worry my niggas, this is just bant haha thanks for keeping with us even tho we are pricks".

Gura is a degenerate, news at 11
Just saying that Gura knows what kind of audience she has, that's why she rarely shittalks them, but bants freely

>> No.13828716

No Prietess makes lesser Takos weak and feeble

>> No.13828748

>and Sana.
oh, this I don't know, do Ina's and Sana's roomates have a history?

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Ninomae Ina'nis doesn't hate us Anon, she just hates you.

>> No.13828817

You don't watch vtubers then?

>> No.13828824

IRL friends, both artists
YOU fit the puzzle pieces

>> No.13828856

I'm starting to think if one little hiccup like this is what causes so much strife, then maybe Ina is right to hate this particular margin of her fanbase.
Kind of reminds me of when Nyanners took a stand against her pedophilic audience, and they've never let it go since

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>Chuuba goes to con
>Sees audience
>Attitude changes
Take a shower, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, get some exercise, but most importantly, touch some fucking grass.

>> No.13828899

Did she actually do anything this time or are you autistic retards still screeching and butthurt over that baby ass joke she made during the guilty gear collab with calli?

>> No.13828900

where is "anya hates her own fanbase" thread? is the anon behind it finally touch grass?

>> No.13828914

I don't think she hates anyone, but some people are really clingy and entitled and act like any admonition is akin to a kiss from Judas.

>> No.13828933

Those guys towards the left are kinda chubby, but the rest? This is just how average people look. In doubt most of us loom THAT much better. They seem to be decently groomed, at least. I've seen far worse in the wild.

>> No.13828944


>> No.13828950

>no one expected her to say these kind of things
you talk as if she just insulted them.
saying to the audience "they like to watch anime girls do X" is by far not an insult. like, what are you people made of glass or what?

>> No.13828981

If she didn't insult anybody why did she apologize?

>> No.13828996

>maybe Ina is right to hate this particular margin of her fanbase.
It is never right to hate your own fanbase, retard
They are the ones that put food in your fucking table
>Nyanners mention
back to the vshojo thread with you

Irrelevant, I don't remember a single time when JPHolos have done any kind of this stuff. That's the level of profesionalism I expect from the EN branch.
Not an excuse. Plus she half-ass-apologized AND SHE KNEW what she did.

>> No.13829004

love em both
the bunnyman game collab was a bit flacid (except for the Small Tit), but otherwise I quite like both of them

>> No.13829005

the thin skin discord fags are still seething over mild bants from half a year ago

>> No.13829037

>BUT, it is a problem only because HoloLive has come to be synonymous with bland, defanged UwU girls
Ok, I'll explain it to you , this is an example of artificial outrage, no one actually gave a fuck about it. Her numbers didn't go down, she didn't start getting any amount of dislikes like others like Aqua and Haachama did when they had some drama. This is just the schizo op trying to push his bait ops, which he has been doing for almost 2 months now, and we're here just to shitpost and watch him sperg out.

>> No.13829045

Modern western mentality: Excessive extrapolation over nothing which gives the audience a window to strike when you show weakness

Ina should have just left it alone and only troglodyte takos would take issue with it

>> No.13829052

people in this sub acting like Ina hasnt gone to an anime con before.. the fuck LMAO

>> No.13829059

anon I'm pretty sure you're replying to said schizo OP

>> No.13829085

>Nyanners mention
Didn't EN collab with Vshojo?

>> No.13829103

Kill yourself you "Let me speak to the manager" silverspoon faggot

>> No.13829107

it's like 4chan has its own cancel culture with the vtsisters running rampant, sheesh

>> No.13829108

OP doesn't give a shit either, he's just shitposting because takodachi like you will never stop taking the bait

>> No.13829124

Checked. I was starting to wonder if me and most nerds I know were horribly cringe as well.
I'm here, so it's not out of the question.
The billboard is a bit much though. If you're going to blow that much money, why not SC it?

>> No.13829130

??? Holos banter all the time.
Sounds like you're into redditor bullshit where you just dogpile whoever the e-celeb commands you to. Fucking NPC.

>> No.13829146 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself liberalscum.

>> No.13829155

>western mentality

her SC count DID drop hard

That is irrelevant, at this point you are fishing for more bait. Meidos should nuke this thread already, I'm actually explaining why was a bad thing about what Ina did and why she won't bounce back, and you are bringing me shit up about a fucking pink cat comparatives.

>> No.13829170

Trust me, schizo op never mentions banter as something "positive".

>> No.13829177

>it's like 4chan has its own cancel culture with the vtsisters running rampant, sheesh
Kvetching on a containment board is nothing like trying to get someone fired.

>> No.13829180

The overwhelming irony is when /jp/ kicked the growing vtuber audience out, one of the running jokes and insults against /jp/ was how they went mental over idol girls, and how the west doesn't give a shit over e-thots.
My how time proved them wrong

>> No.13829194

low self steem babies threatened to withdraw their money from Yagoo's farming equipment fund
>JPHolos have done any kind of this stuff
and that's why I keep bringing up how Cover keeps cultivating a fanbase of crybaby men
If all their female talent have to soft, supporting girlfriend then the lack of variety will lead to cannibalistic competition. They should loosen up the chains on EN.
>SHE KNEW what she did.
and anybody who is not borderline suicidal did not take the statement as an insult, cuz it was not an insult
pretty much

>> No.13829229

Apples to oranges.

>> No.13829243

not quite the same but they're trying to rile people up to turn against her and unsub or whatever, not that they're doing a very good job since this is weak shit

>> No.13829253

I don't know how to tell you this anon, but Ina doesn't live in Korea, and hasn't visited in a very long time, if ever

>> No.13829255
File: 25 KB, 471x418, 1635960947161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theres a difference between sweaty nerdy meek korean girl and a bunch of fat sweaty anime nerds at cons. Girls like Ina will always get a pass to those things cause cute girl while guys are looked at like gutter rats unless they are /fit/ or just really fucking handsome. Cons attract the ugly and no one likes the ugly

>> No.13829272

Replying to a bunch of posts and capitalizing a bunch of words randomly doesn't make you more right

>> No.13829283

No they just want to bait you and it's clearly working, stop responding retard

>> No.13829285

>IRyS' embezzlement of company funds


>> No.13829300

It was not an insult, but it came out weirdly and showed the lack of profesionalism she has, just saying. Heck, she can call me a nigger and I wouldn't have any problem, but her tiny audience won't.

I like CAPITALIZING WORDS, let me be free.

>> No.13829310

I'm merely recounting a tale anon, not her to argue the diminishing mindframe of a westerner pretending they aren't turn into a digital simp

>> No.13829373

>her SC count DID drop hard
Not sure if but her SCs have always been low since she discouraged them from day one. Her strong point has always been the number of viewers.

>> No.13829375

Holy shit, are 4chan users this fucking sensitive? lmao

>> No.13829398

Honestly the dramaschizos take so much fun out of it.

>> No.13829409

Absolutely based and scumpilled

>> No.13829414
File: 70 KB, 387x210, Screenshot_2021-10-31-17-03-59-109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13829419

Here you go newfriend.

>> No.13829426

>It was not an insult,
ok, so you can no longer support the original position of it being an insult and you just moved the goalpost
>tiny audience
of 1.28M

>> No.13829446

compared to other vtubers, it is big
compared to regular youtubers, it is not big

>> No.13829450

This board is a tiny number of schizos. Most fans just quietly disappear.

>> No.13829458

ina is a feminist who hates phallic objects

>> No.13829459

>you may call them cucks, redditors, simps, incels and it will wash off them like rain
>but call them nijifags and watch them recoil "shimata! I've been found out!"

>> No.13829472

I never hated nyanners for being against pedos because, as they say, a broken clock is right twice a day, she's just an annoying sjw who hates the word trap because it might upset some balding tranny

>> No.13829475

Wasn't she drinking vodka during that RE movie stream with Ina and Cali? I mean it could have just been for that social occasion tho

>> No.13829504

Vtubers dominate the youtube superchat rankings, grandpa.

>> No.13829528

Naw ugly girls are ugly girls unless you have a severe case of desperation. Always swing high.

>> No.13829566
File: 5 KB, 194x194, 1636834803170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13829575

mori is genuine and loves what she does.
oeople will disagree, but it's the truth, and a wonderful kind of irony

the one who didn't care about getting into hololive and appplied as a joke ended up loving it more than anyone else besides kiara
the one who got in to make friends made no friends at all and doesn't like the job

>> No.13829580
File: 441 KB, 509x547, 1617166682799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just know Ina had Sana hired for the inevitable full EN branch 3d debut in the future and by that I mean meeting up for sex in a love hotel afterward.

>> No.13829582

This board is pure Telenovela-tier dramafaggin.
Abandon this thread and instead search for the based generals.

>> No.13829605

>Modifying the Goebbels' quote on Jews for a vtuber comparison
So now i'm positive meds are not being taken from this anon

>> No.13829607

It was last year, IIRC, that she said it was too much work to read SCs for every stream (desu I tune out of streams when they reach that segment). So all the Eating Mike Tyson's Ass super chatters left her audience cuz she won't be reading those at the end of the stream. She still read one or two SCs during the stream if they are noteworthy (that does not necessarily means Red). I also think she is one of the less popular Myth streamers, but to say she is doing badly is quite the overstatement.

>> No.13829627

Is her not drinking just rrat or confirmed? Talking about drinking is probably out of character for the character she plays, so I can see how anons could get that impression.

>> No.13829635

L*dditfag?, are you lost?

>> No.13829643

See you in Kronii's general

>> No.13829652

You gotta minmax if you wanna succeed.

>> No.13829679

STFU it was funny.

>> No.13829680

the movie SUCKED ASS, good thing she went straight for the strong stuff

>> No.13829696

>watching a SEAmonkey

>> No.13829708

Apples and oranges are fruits, Idols and E-thots take advantage of losers for financial gain. Cope harder fag

>> No.13829722


>> No.13829738

That quote is modified for everything on every board

>> No.13829741

Gays tend to be more metropolitan and take better care of themselves

>> No.13829742

Based, Mori is lovely.

Most likely recovered, she mentioned drinking lots of coffee before, which is a "Do-It-Yourself"-tier treatment for leaving behind alcoholism
It's still a rrat-tier explanation, just believe that she doesn't drink that much anymore because I can't imagine someone so wasted keep with their schedule like that.

>> No.13829758

They are brother and sister.

>> No.13829814

Because it's the only thing the shitposters were able to latch into; everyone else in Myth got shitposted to hell and back the first few months, but not Ina. They yearned for so long to pin something on her, that once they finally imagined something, they went all out. The fact that /vt/ attracts shitposters and schizos from all over doesn't help either.
And the retards don't care nearly enough about the ID's. If they were more popular, I assure you: they would get shittalked as much as Myth/Council.

>> No.13829816

She's had a low number of SCs since the beginning, you can check the sites in the /#/ op for that. As for her popularity, she keeps her place as second in median and peak number of viewers to this day. Again, you can do your number reps.

>> No.13829844

Her only mistake was apologizing, none of you dramaniggers had even registered such an inoffensive offhand comment before she brought it up herself
Also, quit trying to make it seem like it's deadbeats and KFPs making these threads, and go back to your discord to think of a new narrative to push already

>> No.13829854 [DELETED] 


You outsider faggots have like two memes you spam endlessly, we need a fucking wordfilter like how s o y becomes based. You really are too stupid to live, twitterfaggot.

>> No.13829868

This. I hope Ina verbally abuses me and spits in my mouth.

>> No.13829920

So if Ina has the lowest or near lowest superchats in EN, then this implies most of these schizos feeling entitled over her commentary....actually have no ground to stand on because they've been freeloading all this time?

>> No.13829921
File: 185 KB, 374x470, 1635849231797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13829980
File: 95 KB, 850x850, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it really is due to the difference in upbringing

mori grew up eating shit and making a living. she juggled multiple jobs and worked at applebees to make her dream come true

ina had everything handed to her on a golden platter thanks to her wealthy family. She was only able to become as good as she is at art because of her family's connections and the luxurious, carefree life she led, allowing her to study art full time while playing MMOs

mori goes above and beyond to apologize and talk about how much she loves her fanbase, you can hear the sincerity in her voice. ina's voice and tone on the contrast is very fake

>> No.13830007

This is why this thread exists? Holy fuck you retards are not better than the retards of Twitter or even reddit kek

>> No.13830009

Stop acting like you know either one of them you fake-ass stalker.

>> No.13830023



One of these people in pics provided very well could be having this mental breakdown over being told they watch anime girls

>> No.13830033

I don't think anyone's ever disputed the fact that Anons are the scum of the earth.

>> No.13830047

On a sidenote though, Jesus Christ Mori

>> No.13830049

>talk about how much she loves her fanbase
>Trashtaste commentary carefully neglected

>> No.13830062

Proof or you're talking from your retarded worthless ass?

>> No.13830081

Mori went into the job appreciative of her newfound audience. Then acted she was too cool for them and brushed them off to focus on her music friends. Then they dumpstered her and realized how blessed she was with people who liked her for who she is. She then started working harder and harder to make friends in the vtuber community she originally thought she was too good for and appreciated her audience for sticking by her. That's the current Mori. Kiara also loves her fans. Ame is bitchy towards her fans, Gura has too many fans that she cant control so she avoids them sometimes and Ina went from respecting her fans to being displeased at them and acting worse towards them.

>> No.13830082

holy shit, Ina is in this thread

>> No.13830095

Not my oshi so who cares

>> No.13830119

I wish

>> No.13830135

it's very easy to read people if you've practiced it as a skill. the tone and choice of words means everything

>> No.13830155

Cry more cuckservative

>> No.13830159


>> No.13830161

Yeah, she's never received this much male attention in her life and it made her cocky. It's too bad the voice behind the avatar doesn't understand that when we say we want to slide our cocks on her ribcage like a xylophone, we are indeed talking about the avatar and not the gook roommate behind it.

>> No.13830201

>the rrats in my head are real because I said so

>> No.13830225

Because then I'd get to talk to my oshi, duh

>> No.13830231

Does it fill you with anger knowing you'll never get either?

>> No.13830244

stop using my oshi to shitpost

>> No.13830293

This is very true, bitch doesn't even read supas.

>> No.13830314

However, it is much easier to make up shit about people based on your own delusions and biases

>> No.13830341

Speak for yourself, faggot

>> No.13830359

Says you nigger faggot, I garuntee you cry anytime a slur is uttered around you, at least they have the excuse of being directly insulted.

>> No.13830372

ina is a fucking disaster. It's just so awkward that she's still there, it makes me want to avoid the whole situation.

>> No.13830397

Based on this whole thread so far I can understand why.

>> No.13830403

Shut the fuck up bitch, you're a big fag

>> No.13830423

Good, leave.

>> No.13830438

You don't even know what you're talking about.
>ina had everything handed to her on a golden platter thanks to her wealthy family.
And what's this based off of? You're just making shit up. They had to share rooms with each others, even sleeping on the floor.
>She was only able to become as good as she is at art because of her family's connections and the luxurious, carefree life she led, allowing her to study art full time while playing MMOs
Again, just making shit up. She didn't even study art. It was all on her own with self-studying, while still going to college to get a whole different degree.

>> No.13830443

if you took offense to ina's comment, you're a fragile crybaby bitch. it was clearly a joke. Also, it was aimed at people shittalking in chat, not the whole chat. So stop being a paperskinned shittalking cunt, and move on.

>> No.13830444

Wow look at this crybaby faggot crying

>> No.13830450
File: 270 KB, 1015x508, 1602164747265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what this thread is about. I just wanted to say I love Ina and nothing can change my opinion.

>> No.13830454

At least idols have a personality beyond being a worthless hole to fuck, that is not including vshojo btw :)

>> No.13830491

Is this the one rrat that will stick?
Will it kill future Strive collabs?
Will the next TTRPG drama eclipse this?
Find out in the next episode of /vt/Z

>> No.13830503

Christ kid, go to bed before you get cranky

>> No.13830511

This... This is the thing? This is the source of the rrat? Holy fuck this is fucking nothing but a shit on antis who watch vtubers even when they hate it. I will now subscribe, member to and watch Ina's streams now that I know she's this based.

>> No.13830515


>> No.13830517

Based takokek

>> No.13830524

I did actually I haven't watched hololive in weeks. I'm mostly watching other companies now. They're pretty good. I like how grateful lower viewed vtubers are when you donate, they are genuinely happy to have you there. Not like Ina

>> No.13830538

Good leave forever, you hypocrite getting pissed about something inoffensive, while being on a board that regurlarly insults people and make up lies about them

>> No.13830557

>Now Vshojo
>Both unprompted but permanently rent free
I'm curious as to see how far the brain must decay before PRISM or Tsunderia anti-posting comes out

>> No.13830570

You call it "inoffensive" but it offended a lot of people anon. She's literally mocking her own fans

>> No.13830587

>I'm so emotionally needy that I need to buy validation from strangers on the internet

>> No.13830609

You're not people.

>> No.13830639

And yet here you are in a bait thread for a holo you supposedly don't care for anymore. I'm sure you're totally happy with your totally real 2views that like you.

>> No.13830646
File: 240 KB, 350x186, 1620503513569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't watched HoloEN in almost 6 months, what did they do to make everyone so mad? Can I get a rundown? I'm not trying to bait here, seriously

>> No.13830648

Isn't this entire thread the polar opposite?
>"I'm so mentally fuck that, even though I haven't given a cent to this girl, I still demand she apologize for saying i watch anime girls"

>> No.13830653

>You call it "inoffensive" but it offended a lot of people anon. She's literally mocking her own fans
Anyone on this thread pretending to be offended have never been fans of Ina in the first place

>> No.13830721

if that's truly the case then I sincerely apologize, ive just known far too many spoiled rotten trust fund babies in my personal life so my perception is very biased

>> No.13830743
File: 883 KB, 3035x1707, 86857496_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scissor with Ina.

>> No.13830745

She's mocking "fans" that watch vtubers they hate.

>> No.13830752

It is just schizo drama queens that want attention over a nothingburger

>> No.13830807

Despite the arrival of Holocouncil they got really really boring with doing nothing but minecraft and other safe games. So Holofans are just trolling each other and making drama threads for entertainment rather than watching vtubers outside of HoloEN.

>> No.13830880

stay on topic big boy

>> No.13830881

>She's literally mocking her own fans
She literally isn't. Even IF you took it as some big insult. It was direct towards ones that would waste their time to watch someone just to complain about them while they watch. (kinda like antis huh?).
Even then, the "insult" was just "hah you watch anime girls on the internet". The fucking lightest of bants.

>> No.13831037

Yes anon, all things she talked about on stream before. Ina is even the one that helps pays for her parent's stuff and rent. I honestly don't even know why you were so confident in what you were saying then? But, thanks for the apology.

>> No.13831078

Holy kek, I don't if this is either disgusting or based

>> No.13831149

>When Ina wanted to (needlessly!) attack the people making fun of Mori, the insult she chose was "they like watching anime girls".
Ina makes fun of her own addiction to anime girls all the time. She literally calls it her life's purpose to draw cute anime girls.
Make better rrats.

>> No.13831201
File: 1.14 MB, 2000x2479, 1623801866722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13831274

Actually based, not even kidding. I also have sold some prints of her art here in SA during anime expos lmao

>> No.13831557

She makes thousands drawing anime girls, it's implied that we're wasting our time watching anime girls

>> No.13831768

>even sleeping on the floor.
Actually this one is just a weird tick by Ina. And most of their life they had different rooms, Ina even took over Ane'nis' room as studio now.
Her family is by no means rich, but they are decently well-off and stereotypically frugal.
You're right about the art though. Ina only became a professional artist because it was the natural way to combine her hikki neet lifestyle with something that won't make her parents kick her out.

>> No.13831828

>we're wasting our time watching anime girls
Specifically if you're shittalking them while doing it. Fortunately, you don't do that right?

>> No.13831852
File: 511 KB, 220x256, 1627848200131.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13831917

If you have a big, nice house in idk Vancouver or a city like that, you are well off, no way around it. And she did admit that after college and being aimless and jobless for a while she asked to her parents for some time to just study art. Anyone that claims she's poor is delusional.
Also Ina just sleeps on the floor because she's a weirdo that thinks sleeping on the floor=less time sleeping=more time drawing.

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