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Submissive and breedable

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she's assertive and ambitious and its part of her charm anon, SSS for Successful Singer Sex

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I would fuck Suisei’s ass until she can’t walk

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She's japanese so yes, I would have sex with her, but I'd always complain that its her and not another superior hologirl (like Mio) I'm having sex with

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2x yes
therefore this statement is true

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stfu she's not submissive, kys

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>implying a holo superior to Suisei exists
Bad taste

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How do you say shit like this without cringing at yourself

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Imagining Suisei's voice cracking during hard fucking

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Suityan is literal perfection but she only cares about a 2D anime boy, it’s just not fair bros.

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Imagine thinking she cares about anything but her own career. She doesn't care about anything other than probably her family.

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Please never go away

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She cares about her viewers (including me)

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She larps about her EnStars oshi being her boyfriend.

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>pretends to be in a relationship with a png
She's one of us.

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