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>now the top performing holoEN with absolutely no signs of stopping
>inclining harder and harder
You WILL kneel and you WILL apologize. Mori ALWAYS gets away with it. She cannot be stopped.

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>yuribaited with kiara (at the time the person who megacollabed with JPmems), then drops
>makes collab song with suisei during her massive incline, then drops
>makes collab song with vshojo during their incline, then drops
>interacting with HoloX members to siphone new viewers away, guarantee you she will be nonexistent to them after debut buff period
im starting to think she is leeching from anitubers and not the other way around

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It's not really hard to incline when everyone else in HoloEN save for Kiara isn't streaming most of the time.

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>Collabs with TT faggots
The fatty wigger will always be bad.

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based and deadpilled

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>Mori is worth 5 inas
How did deadbeats win so hard?

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>makes collab song with suisei during her massive incline, then drops
But they just went to dinner like few days ago.

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if anything, Calli exposed how shitty the TT guys are. The only TT videos I've seen were the two they did with Calli and it was amazing how cringe they are and how disrespectful they were to Calli. I can't imagine the type of person that could enjoy listening to those leeches

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>>yuribaited with kiara (at the time the person who megacollabed with JPmems), then drops
>>makes collab song with suisei during her massive incline, then drops
did you stop watching mori in june or something?

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>literally becomes the mori calliope of vtubing
how can japanese women compete?

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I liked her Jump King podcast streams, but don't have any intention in watching her stuff. There's already too many other people I follow. Good for her, though.

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>makes collab song with vshojo during their incline, then drops

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And yet she's friends with them even though they openly shitalk her coworkers. Mori being a cunt is nothing new.

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not again...

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Actual anti-rrats are very stale at this point please understand.

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Sure buddy, mori is a cunt. She's my cunt

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they (unfortunately) have a huge fan base, it's a good business decision to get a slice of their pie

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>being this new.

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It's just sad to see. Back then they were more prevalent. Nowadays I just laugh and ignore

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Fair enough. 5% is more than 0%

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Yeah they're friends. What happened to separating the chuuba and the person behind it though? You gonna try to control who their roommate become friends with?

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pretty good for an EN

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My boy just isn't what he used to be...

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When the human specimen can no longer deny the superiority of those they hate, they resort to pure copium and attacking the character of their 'enemies'

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I kneel Mori
you are King

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I think most of her improvements, the long and frequent streams, can be attributed to the herman miller chairs she got.
You'd think with how much of a success story mori is with her herman miller chair cover would start providing their talents with that chair

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Her extremely uncomfortable laugh when she collabs with them says otherwise

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Nah, her improvement came from the shit she received after the collabs with her being a wet blanket and her lack of preparation for streams.

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Antis did something good for once.

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I was talking about the long and frequent endurance streams retard. Idgaf about collabs.

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Really should have just called Holodeath the Federal Reserve

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She was unfazed by the 1k dislikes though kek. Some powers you "antis" have. I fucking laugh at you fags, bugs and apexfags are far more powerful

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You can be friends with people who you disagree with though? But to be fair, how close any of those three stooges are with Mori is still mystery.
The only real confirmation is that she hangs out with Sydsnaps(giggucks wife).

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Been kneeling since the debut except for the shadoba arc, fuck that

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She kicked herself in the ass for those shitty collabs, she knew she was doing wrong. That's a win for antis.

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People seem to forget that despite her dorky nature she's extremely outgoing. She's still in contacts with her friends from high school, college, old utaite scene, the jrap scene, her old music scene in america

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ollie is also superchat queen of ID with almost double the amount of SC than the second one (Reine)

The power of Holodeath...

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>That's a win for antis
Would antis not want her gone? Why would it be win for them if she is going strong and not leaving Hololive anytime soon.

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>What happened to separating the chuuba and the person behind it though?
Kek, nobody does that here you fucking faggot. Do you think you're on reddit?
Fact of the matter is that it's an open secret that she hangs out with these fags and that even the fucking holo subreddit is aware of this. Just like how everyone knows Kson is Coco. And those faggots shittalked her colleagues, worst thing they did is that fucking Nene video which is literally 10+ minutes of shitting on Nene because of "muh feminism".

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>She kicked herself in the ass for those shitty collabs
Never happened. She took down the vod after the phasmo stream ended and there weren't any hate back then.
Keep coping "anti". I laugh at your 1k kek.
Really nigga? 1k?

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Antis will never be the reason for a holo to graduate tho, they'll have to be delusional to believe that, they just want to harm the holos in any way they can, and see a streamer blaming themselves for being shit is exactly waht they want.

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>Kek, nobody does that here you fucking faggot. Do you think you're on reddit?
Read the rules newfag. Been here before hololive was even ホロライブ
Try again

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Cuckbeats are retarded, don't try to rationalize with them.

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Even her mvs get more dislikes than that kek.
I have a wife though? Why are you zoomers so obsessed with cuckoldry?

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lol if you think her self hate going into overdrive had anything to do with those youtube comments.

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sorry deadbeats but it's YOUR oshi who kneels

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The rules are irrelevant. Everybody on this board knows EVERYTHING about the vtubers without ever posting it here because they know where to find the info, and anyone that doesn't is rightfully ostracized as a newfag.

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>she hangs out with these fags
But how much? It doesn't seem to be all time as seen by her streaming hours.

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I saw the tweets brapbeat, your whore knew she fucked up.

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Damn, holodeath is a DRAW

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Your point is? I'm just here to discuss chuubas. There are better places to gossip about their roommate and past life, one where it isn't against the rules to talk about PL and doxxshit.
You're free post whatever you want, just saying that this is a vtuber board. Bringing up roommate shit just looks kinda desperate and pathetic. As if you have nothing else to criticize her about

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You kicked your own asses when you got on her for improving for her Gigguk collab after telling her to do just that. She was more weary and insecure in general before she realized that some people will hate her no matter what she does, but that her core fanbase isn’t among that hivemind. Now she is much more confident, very discerning of criticism, and doesn’t give a fuck about the shit you try to throw her way. Put simply, you won the battle but lost the war.

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What tweets retard? Her tweets? The one where she apologized right after the collab ended and took down the video?
There were no "anti" tweets. She took down the vod on her own volition

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>im starting to think she is leeching from anitubers and not the other way around
Yeah, bout time you fags realize anitubers have always done more to promote vtubers and never the other way around.

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The only doxx info there is her hanging out with sydsnaps and none of the three fags from the podcast.

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roomate and vtuber are deeply linked
trying to separate both is delusional

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you don't have to whiteknight her so hard my dude
she isn't going to fuck you

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Nta but why do you care?

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>Her tweets?
Yeah? She had to apologize after seeing the backlash, she knew she fucked up. I'm not talking about anti tweets.

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>It only took 1k for her to realize she was shit
Damn her antis were pretty powerful back then.

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I don’t give a shit. These are the actual facts of the situation of which she’s touched on this topic a handful times. You retards just bit yourself in the ass longterm.

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>you WILL apologize
lmao she already apologized, tears and all. go see a doctor, mate. your brain seems to cannot comprehend change

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Kek, she posted the tweet after the vod was taken down. There were no backlash during the phasmo stream. The "backlash" happened during the shadowverse collab, long after the tweet
>It only took 1k for her to realize she was shit
Whatever makes you happy dude, kinda sad to see you getting enjoyment from believing this. Have your last (You), as for me I'll be entertaining myself by watching pomu

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Part of her success is one of the most SEX models ever.

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She kneeled. That's all that matters kek

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>your brain seems to cannot

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>68 posts
>24 IPs

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Sorry for being a newfag. Did she really kneel? And cried on stream apologizing?
Spoonfeed please

>> No.13970421

She didn't cry on stream but posted a pretty pathetic tweet blaming herself.

>> No.13970458

>tears and all
schizos really believe this huh?

>> No.13970461

>also 24 ips
Very curious indeed

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What's the point of this thread? Everyone that disliked Mori and isn't a schizo gave her a chance the first few months and left already. Happy for the deadbeats though, it seems their oshi is finally of acceptable quality, still won't watch.

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>tears and all
The fuck? So this was a lie? She never cried? I was expecting something like the jp girls where they actually cried and ended the stream abruptly. Did she at least do that?

>> No.13970557

>it seems their oshi is finally of acceptable quality
Always has been

>> No.13970580

You mean all...two of the collabs she underperformed in?

>> No.13970598

>no new ip
Why are you like this? Dude at least get a dynamic ip or use your phone. You could at least try restarting your router. Do better next time. You're making other antis look bad

>> No.13970653

>it seems their oshi is finally of acceptable quality
It's funny it took her so long to realize that she's supposed to stream and entertain, something her genmates have been doing since the start. Thank her antis for that lmao

>> No.13970659

Those weren't antis, anon. They were fans giving criticism.

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Non-schizo reply: she recognized the extreme scuff of the collab, immediately took it down and apologized. Now retards here are trying to rationalize this as their victory, when in reality she made that decision during the stream. She improved in the last months, yes, but there was no radical change in the structure of her content, she just improved on the formula and began streaming more, most likely because she sorted some personal stuff out.
I also believe this >>13968784 anon is right.

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No, after Cuphead didn’t work out she and Gura switched to playing Phasmo and had a good time for a while, it was very kino.

>> No.13970732

>she's supposed to stream and entertain
Anon, Mori's done that from the start. And like her genmates she had hurdles to overcome.

>> No.13970736

It all makes sense now. Sasuga, 5%-chan

>> No.13970740

>still no new ips
Why are you fuckers like this? Come on man, at least make it more convincing. I need my immersion.

>> No.13970760

She's gonna leech from the new gen now.

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>> No.13970832

Anon, we’ve been replying to eachother.

>> No.13970853

I wanna leech the blood off la+'s tender neck so bad....

>> No.13970902

>people can't post multiple times in a thread to have a conversation
>people can't post new point/arguments they forgot about before
Damn anon you should apply to become a janny if you want to have this much control over the discourse happening on a tibetan tapestry forum.

>> No.13970999

>replying to op
>new posts pretending to be someone new to the thread
>posting on cooldown
Might as well open up an irc channel

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my oshi is too stonk

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another non-schizo reply: she got a bit choked up in the follow-up ASMR stream since she felt sad that some fans seem to be convinced she doesn't put her time/effort into Holo stuff, apologized how things turned out to her fans specifically and made it a start of her general improvement arc

but then niggers took the 5% comment out of context and ran with it, despite any evidence since then working against it

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I want to FUCK your cunt!

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Mori is a whore that wants to suck anituber cock

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I don't remember her choking up. But I know the stream you're talking about.

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she was legitimately sad, her voice broke up in a similar way to the eoal lyric dive but she didn't tear up
but she was sad since she felt she disappointed her fans, she didn't give a fuck about the shitposters since the SV collab convinced her they'll complain about things going well too if it fits her agenda

>> No.13973386

>her voice broke up in a similar way to the eoal lyric dive
Okay, i don't remember that at all.

>> No.13973973

Based Calli mogging /vt/cels.
You will never have sex.
You will never be Japanese.
Touch grass.

>> No.13974208

Yeah I’m calling bull. The EOAL lyric dive had an effect on her that we’d never seen from her before. The most she’d cried prior to that was during her 1 mil celebration.

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File: 824 KB, 848x480, [DeadFish] Aria the Origination - 13 [DVD][480p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_23.53_[2016.01.15_03.13.16].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her improvement came from TTRPG streams when she realized she can actually have fun streaming.

>> No.13974577

Well she always been this way since she also scared of being more irrelevant as time goes by...don forget she also leech from council during their debut buff

>> No.13974668

But who is don forget??

>> No.13975015

I decided to check her because of the earthbound stream, she was doing 3 streams, jump king/earthbound/pokemon
all 3 were pure kino

>> No.13975148

>Highest grossing JP
>Highest grossing EN
>Highest grossing ID

Holodeath more like Holodimes

>> No.13975165

Overcooked 2

>> No.13975244

I thought her type was japanese manlets/shotas.

>> No.13975310

I may not like wigger shit, but Mori and Kiara are putting in work in regards of stream time and super chats.

>> No.13975396

pretty obvious you didn't watch them faggot. they were very nice the second time around and she didn't know wtf she was doing the first time she was on lets be real.

>> No.13975893

I know you faggots have no problem biting bans all the time. Show proof of them being friends. I've seen tight with a couple of japanese rappers and a few ENspeaking utiates, and nothing involving trash tastes except through one of the achors' wife. But that literally does not automatically imply anything at all. And no, not that one blurb from Connor either. It's months old and the nigger didn't even elaborate on the extent.

>> No.13975918

>be Japanese
>be too afraid to touch real women
>work too many hours at a desk job and then die
I'll pass

>> No.13976107

Possible also Shrek. Just those 2. No inbetween.

>> No.13976116

It's a farce that someone who doesn't embody any of Cover's core values for Hololive is the face of EN and the second most successful holo in terms of subscribers.

>> No.13976236

nta but i absolutely did not watch either of them

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>> No.13976349

>Cover's core values for Hololive
Which are?

>> No.13977716

All me.

>> No.13981867

Some made up standards that shizos apply to any Holo they hate

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>Kiara has always had more to gain from yuribaiting with Mori than the reverse, and she was also the one to change her side of their dynamic and put an end to the ship.
>Suisei proposed the idea for the Getcha collab, not Mori. Mori also drew something for her for her concert, attended her concert, and went out to dinner with her a few days ago, so implying she dropped her is bull.
>They never did a collab song, just a normal QnA stream, and realistically neither gained many subs from either because of the difference in the preferred platforms of their fans.
>Every Myth member and most senpai in general are interacting with HoloX. They’re the exciting new recruits. This happens with every new gen and anons are just going to have to accept that.

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