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lol that pic is great

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Finally, shiny swablu when?

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>Turns on FBK’s stream
>Akai naa~
Fuck you anon, I thought Friend finally got it

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That's Kin Koikingu for you weebs. And if you correct me on my pronunciation for some banal autistic reason I will find you and fuck your mom even if she's dead.

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Remember a couple months ago at the end of summer when she spent an autistic amount of time fighting Sans? Fubuki just grinds, endlessly, until she overcomes. I respect that. and it's less autistic than watching Miko get her ass kicked by Sans in the dumbest ways

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Is there something wrong friend?

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caught a shiny anon

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She caught it bro, she's now trying to find one for Flare

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Damn I'm going to post that pic

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Greater or less than Kanata's oopa loopas

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Oh no no no look at this dude

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Oh wait, she did? I genuinely didn't know and thought the other anon was trying to pull my leg. I'm happy for her, then, and sorry to you, OP

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no he was baiting and caught you, the shiny anon

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why is there a golden one in the pile? did she find one but run away or KO it by mistake?

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... Damn, I guess I should head to bed. Brain is clearly not functioning

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Good night friend

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you motherfucker

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I dunno man I just save cool looking pics.

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she likes changing the stream color and pretending she found one and run away

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Ok here's what I don't get.
She's been doing this for a week, but for some reason she's not using a machop in the first slot of her party (no guard guarantees you'll catch something when you fish).

Does she not know this or is she deliberately not doing it for some autistic reason?

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she'd need to catch a shiny machop first

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God damn Fubuki needs medication.

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Very few people know that abilities could influence the overworld.

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So which chuubas been the most obsessed with shinies anyway?
Anyone gone Kanata levels of blue upa levels of obsession?

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Fubuki's playthrough is a shiny only run, she actually fucking insane. She's catching everything at the base rate of 1:4096 and not even using the tools available that let you get better odds later.

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>full odds hunting
Friend is based

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NTA but at this point? Probably none of them. People who are actually obsessed with shinies will go and clear the story ASAP for PokeRadar, autistically fill up the NatDex to get Shiny Charm, and have kaigainikis trade them Ditto so they can breed with Masuda method.
So far only Polka who bothered to grab and grind the PokeRadar so she's the closest. All others are probably in only for the numbers save for Friend since she wanted to do shiny only run.

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Fubuki and it's not even a contest. She is a gacha addict and decided to turn Pokémon from an RPG into a marathon of 1/4096 pulls.

And somehow she created a fucking trend in doing so.

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It's kind of scary how many vtubers do this too. Every zatsudan I've seen in the last week has also been a pokemon shiny hunt.

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why so many viewers for the same thing over and over day after day?

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Out of curiosity, does anyone have a list of all the shinies caught by the Holos in BD/SP so far?

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It's basically just a zatsu. Imagine accompanny your deadbeat uncle or unemployed older cousin in the pachinko parlor while you skip school to get free beer cause they are close with the owner, all the while hearing them bitching about failed married, shitty jobs, and stories about their deliquent youth.
It's kinda like that

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Roboco (Buneary)
Fubuki (Chimchar, Shinx)
Luna (Shinx)
Polka (Geodudes, Pichu, Bidoof, Buizel, Pachirisu)

I believe that's all?

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zatsudan + gacha

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How many of them were radar'd? I know Polka did. Its barely counts as shiny hunting since the odds are so stupidly high compared to all the other methods.

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She has spent what, 30 hours in a week, streaming to catch a shiny magikarp?

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Aside from Polka nobody got their Radar yet. Roboco and Fubuki got their shinies off stream, I assume with full 1/4096 odds assuming there aren't any dishonesty involved. Luna got her Shinx underground on the Roboco vs Luna shiny race stream, I assume with 1/2048 odds since the fever gauge was full.

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She’s doing a shiny only run, and I don’t think she’s even far enough to be looking for a shiny Machop.

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Shiny Pokémon were a mistake.

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Isn't radar super tough in this version? Or is that only for chaining for IVs?

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dats a lot

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I can’t tell which is more autistic. Fubuki and co wanting to run a shiny team by catching them or Mumei wanting to breed shinies with perfect stats. or Pomu playing the game with nothing but Gengars in her team

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japan truly is a society

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u fking baited me.

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>Pomu playing the game with nothing but Gengars in her team
But why?

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Because it’s a self imposed challenge I guess.

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Super tough? No. Its slightly harder than the original but that's not saying much. Its a 5% chance to go from 0 to a 40 chain. 1 in 20 is nothing at all for a shiny compared to any other method. Pokeradar means you can pretty easily get a shiny in just a day or two with a little patience.

IV chaining is broken though due to shitty code, so there's that.

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I didnt know that when was that added

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Gen IV apparently

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Gengar is here all time favorite pokemon and she probably didnt want to do a playthrough where she ends up using the same pokemon as everyone else

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Ah alright. I think I've only ever chained in dp for one shiny when I was younger. I don't have the patience for it, and was mostly going off what I've heard. What is wrong with the IV chaining code?

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>Mumei wanting to breed shinies with perfect stats.
Did someone not tell her you can just hyper train IVs after you get your shiny? Destiny Knot only passes on 5 IVs max anyway so you'll be hyper training for the 6th IV regardless.

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Polka also just caught a shiny roselia off stream today. She cannot be stopped.

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If she can get a 6 IV ditto from "legitimate" sources its not to hard to get perfect IVs. If she's waiting until she gets the shiny charm its not to terrible to hunt shinies that way

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You're supposed to get 1 perfect IV for every pokemon in your 20th to 29th chain, 2 perfect IVs for every pokemon in your 30th to 39th chain, and 3 perfect IVs for every pokemon in your 40th chain onwards.

Instead, because of shittily wrriten code, you get 1 perfect IV from your 20th chain only, 2 from your 30th chain only, and 3 from your 40th chain only.

Pic related.

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>If she can get a 6 IV ditto from "legitimate" sources its not to hard to get perfect IVs.
It won't change the fact that she'll have to hyper train the 6th IV. Destiny Knot caps at 5 IVs.

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Jesus Christ guys

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Most mons only want attack or special attack anyway so 5 perfect IVs is enough unless Mumei is gonna be autistic about getting 6 IVs perfect

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If she doesn’t name one of her Gengars Gengarfield then I’ll be somewhat disappointed.

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Prepare to be somewhat dissapointed

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Polka was shiny hunting with the pokeradar. Got a shiny Pachirisu and a shiny Geodude

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Yeah I was in that stream. I’m hoping she catches more Ghastlys and eventually renames one.

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>Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss

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Finana is the gaslight, Pomu is the gatekeep, Elira is the Girlboss

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