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General numberfag sites

Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/CCfK7mVR

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Something to listen to while you shitpost. Remember, numbers don't lie.

1) Contrail / Kuzuha (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IND6zn6kTJY)
2) Geminids / ChroNoir (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93ewtB1ipU)
3) GHOST / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKKar5SS29E)
4) Zenryoku Boomerang / Kojirase Harassment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6VAQxRd4KA)
5) Stellar Stellar / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a51VH9BYzZA)
6) Last Song / Fuwa Minato (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oODAA9azyl4)
7) Hanbunko / Saegusa Akina (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRw48T2EfNs)
8) Entertainer / Rain Drops (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuKGfoREGeg)
9) Originalityless / Kakeru Yumeoi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oyG6Yt1V4E)
10) Magemageragera / ChroNoir (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7wT8CRUU_E)
11) Intaanetto wa saiaku / Kojirase Harassment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIwUCMqmgJg)
12) Viking / le jouet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF_FmInMcgU)
13) Aiyoriaoku / Ryushen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMS2WvqCkQU)
14) Kakero / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqT6cHCT1TE)
15) Tremolo Moon / Kagami Hayato (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj6c16k1i-M)
16) PIERCE / Kagami Hayato (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N1tf3kZiDo)
17) Uranomito / Tsukino Mito (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndp6PhT-vlQ)
18) Bluerose / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfDYRy17CBY)
19) Jibunkatte Dazzling / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm87JgTx2Ao)
20) Mitoraji Galactica / Tsukino Mito (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKmpQxzwhS8)
21) Wonder NeverLand / Nijisanji (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txc0Vn2ub6Y)
22) 6 tsuki no prelude / Machida Chima (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yD0iNl2E-I)
23) Red / Calliope Mori (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AuQZrUHjhg)
24) Unison / Yunomi x Houshou Marine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VIeV_LZXHM)
25) Palette / Tokoyami Towa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud73fm4Uoq0)
26) Starry Jet / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rth4htqJ1ZQ)
27) Andromeda / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQRk5OFsGXo)
28) Kiseki Knot / Hololive 4th Generation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cpjmkc1Rw)
29) Hatsukoi / Inui Toko (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7aJCz6E_YY)
30) Kimi ni naritaikara / Ryushen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJVd4QKqSTI)

1) Contrail / Kuzuha (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IND6zn6kTJY)
2) Viking / le jouet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF_FmInMcgU)
3) Stellar Stellar / Hoshimachi Suisei (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a51VH9BYzZA)
4) Last Song / Fuwa Minato (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oODAA9azyl4)
5) Geminids / ChroNoir (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93ewtB1ipU)
6) Entertainer / Rain Drops (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuKGfoREGeg)
7) Uranomito / Tsukino Mito (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndp6PhT-vlQ)
8) Hanbunko / Saegusa Akina (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRw48T2EfNs)
9) Originalityless / Kakeru Yumeoi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oyG6Yt1V4E)
10) Zenryoku Boomerang / Kojirase Harassment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6VAQxRd4KA)

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Fastest Holo originals/covers to hit a million views (updated)

1. REFLECT (Gawr Gura) - 10 hours (29m)
2. KING (Gura and Mori) - 11 hours (36m)
3. UNISON (Houshou Marine) - 39 hours
4. Off With Their Heads (Mori Calliope) - 45 hours
5. Roki (Mori Calliope) - 2 Days (0h 26m)
6. Kamippoi na (Laplus) - 2 Days (7 hours 8 minutes) **NEW**
7. Goodbye Sengen (Nakiri Ayame) - 2 Days (14h 51m)
8. Kiseki Knot (4th Gen) - 2 Days (17h 0m)
9. Myth or Treat (HoloMyth) - 2 Days (20h 45m)
10. Can You Do the Hololive? (All members) - 3 Days
11. Hololive Ochame Kinou (All members) - 3 Days
12. Phony (Hoshimachi Suisei) - 3 Days (5 Hours 29m)
13. end of a life (Mori Calliope) - 3 days (9h 50m)
14. GETCHA! (Suisei and Mori) - 4 Days (1h 45m)
15. RIP (Mori Calliope) - 5 Days

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Youtube music weekend happening right now

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The reason why I pointed out who's number three should clue you in on what the problem is with your argument. All Holos had a hard incline last year and Pekora was one of the main beneficiaries of it given she was at the center of multiple major arcs in history of the group. If she, who happens to be the biggest attraction to Hololive in Japan and with a consistent schedules/numbers, somehow managed to lose out to a mediocre streamer who happens to have good musical skill and has the English language buff on passive, I'd be inclined to doubt that Chloe with all of the buffs that she does have would be able to keep pace with Gura (a phenomenon that is even unmatched even within Hololive), let alone catch up to her.

The numbers just don't seem to be there.

>karaoke 1
>karaoke 2
There was enough drama and controversy around Hololive to keep people coming back. But the most important part is that Gura actually basically was that character/protagonist/antagonist that managed cash in on their hype.

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I can support this, the whole china situation kept me in the loop alot longer than I would otherwise, because now it's not just about watching your favourite talent play games. Your support could literally be the only thing standing between hololive continuing to exist or China winning, you filling the chat with emotes is the only thing keeping the spambot at bay, you sending that superchat and buying that merch signals to cover that the overseas market is present and lucrative, and that bending over backwards for China would mean losing that support.

For some people, that feeling of being part of something bigger is far more effective at keeping them engaged

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I want to point out that japanese rarely subscribe, like, comment or even chat. For some reason they don't like to engage on youtube. No one from Jp will overcome Gura until they change they mindset. Also this is the reason why comparing subs and likes between JP and EN is dumb.

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File: 1.15 MB, 1292x885, 66%.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 66% active viewers

Ratio cope repellent.

>> No.14027153

dude, while you're not entirely false going down that route just leads to retarded copes about ccv cullings and timezones so lets not.

>> No.14027378

Yeah I can see that, just wanted to point out why I think JP won't beat Gura in subs. She's still getting around 90k every 30 days it's insane.

>> No.14027475

signalling a shift? It seems like from now on, holoJP content will always be stacked

>> No.14027501

Pekora could never.

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File: 1.62 MB, 1680x4778, 2021-12-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>52,059: hololive (Hololive)
>45,280: Eli Conifer (Nijisanji)
>43,357: Fubuki (Hololive)
>32,568: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>31,727: Pekora (Hololive)
>30,891: Iroha (Hololive)
>30,883: Laplus (Hololive)
>30,396: Chloe (Hololive)
>30,190: Koyori (Hololive)
>29,350: Koyori (Hololive)
>27,895: Fubuki (Hololive)
>25,044: Laplus (Hololive)
>24,642: Miko (Hololive)
>22,450: Toya (Nijisanji)
>22,443: Subaru (Hololive)
>21,570: Shion (Hololive)
>20,665: Gura (Hololive)
>19,561: Iroha (Hololive)
>16,259: Iroha (Hololive)
>15,199: Lui (Hololive)
>14,701: Lui (Hololive)
>13,518: Kanata (Hololive)
>13,154: Botan (Hololive)
>12,417: Shiina Yuika (Nijisanji)
>11,820: Lamy (Hololive)
>11,205: Calli (Hololive)
>11,135: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>10,834: Flare (Hololive)
>10,585: Mio (Hololive)

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To be fair that's something that's unique to Gura, she's maintained a a steady pace for an entire year now. No one else, holo or otherwise, has maintained such a strong sub growth for this long. Not to mention that 90k a month is actually on the lower end for her.

>> No.14027763

>Council after debut
>2-3 streams per week after debut
>Holox after debut
>multiple streams per day

>> No.14027819

Kiara shilling everyone's Omocat merch

>> No.14027931

Omocat already selling out.
Kiara confirmed restocks.

>> No.14027945

Yes, Gura is anomaly and we have council that's despite being EN got hit very hard by initial culling, IRyS taking spot of new EN hype and theirs retarded actions leading to people losing interest. I think even overcoming IRyS will be hard for most girls except Chloe and maybe La+.

>> No.14028020

lol sounds more like a april fools list

>> No.14028148

it's good merch and being in the Usa (I assume) it means a fast delivery too

>> No.14028219

2-5 day shipping or so

>> No.14028220

>Toko and Chima that low
the one who made this list is half deaf

>> No.14028260

I skip this one because it doesn't hide my power level, but it's good that the other fan demographics are getting their preferred merchs.

>> No.14028274

yeah, that's speed of light if you compare it with nips delivery time

>> No.14028287

I'm not surprised, merch looks good overall and it's shipping from the US so no retarded shipping prices and import fees for most people interested in this.

>> No.14028295

>advertised as Hoshistar
>no Sana

>> No.14028366

this pairing is incredible, they have to get them on more songs together

>> No.14028449

On Suisei's Channel please... I want big number

>> No.14028491

Do you all think that by the time the Holo Fes that IRyS and Council will get their first alternate outfits and what kind of numbers we could expect

>> No.14028539

IRyS probably, Council I don't think so

>> No.14028582

I mean, they seem like they take the orders over a period of time, finalize the total, then send them to be made in the factory in China. Then they have them shipped to Japan, probably to Cover and then to the distributor. Then they ship them overseas and they sit out in the LA harbor for months before going to some warehouse and sitting for a while until they get shipped to you.

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Pink cat's first stream in around two weeks got about 43 followers an hour last stream. Typically she gets around ~150-350 an hour and this is pretty consistent. From this we can extrapolate she lost about, over the course of 6 hours, about 640-1850 followers. CCV is still climbing though, with a small boost probably mostly from not streaming a while.

Also I posted this in some random Nijibait thread at first because they had numbers in the opening post and they got me good.

>> No.14028711

They should. It's about time.

>> No.14028936

>what kind of numbers we could expect
From council? I will be optimistic and say that they will average 30k in the outfit reveal streams.

>> No.14028987

I will grudgepost you in a few months

>> No.14028997

When people say pink cat now I think they're talking about the new Holo girl.

>> No.14029012

You mean an year from now?

>> No.14029022

Do it faggot, if I'm wrong I will knee for you.

>> No.14029071

Another themed group become true, good
Now only Holorodents left

>> No.14029079

prepare your fucking knees asswipe

>> No.14029115

Even Sana will get over 30k.

IRyS 70-80K
Kronii 90-100k
Mumei 80-90k
Fauna 70k
Sana/Bae 60k

>> No.14029116

>wanting to best against a box pushing agency

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How would /v/ react to a collab?

>> No.14029140

Council is that much of a failure anon.

>> No.14029149


>> No.14029193

clearly a happy meltdown

>> No.14029196

Then why's she look like a cat?

>> No.14029201

/vt/ catalog will be filled with soijacks

>> No.14029203

>draw nyanners
>call it coyote
How do they keep getting away with it?

>> No.14029273

I still sometime grinning like an idiot thinking about how Nyanners is Monika’s oshi according to DDLC fandom

>> No.14029306

anon unless you're insinuating that council is somehow exempt from the holobuff you are honestly retarded and have spent too much time eating rrats on this board

>> No.14029311

I never heard of Nyanners before I visited this board and I don't give shit about drama she had with /a/ or whatever, but every time I look at new girl I only see Nyanners for some fucking reason.

>> No.14029324

>Draw a girl
>Adding dick
>Call it a boy

Sounds familiar?

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>> No.14029432

Holo x GG?

i'd be over the moon personally


>> No.14029447

To be fair, sometime it turns out to be a futa, but still ...

>> No.14029452

so no different from any other day?

>> No.14029491 [SPOILER] 

BaByTag, really bro?

>> No.14029508

hoping for a real game is too much, anon

>> No.14029523

I saw this and somehow remembered Mio's dlc for the next Earth Defense game

>> No.14029614 [DELETED] 

Finally my GG Hololive Crossover is finally real https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1272536931931312129/pu/vid/1280x720/7VIOyEyWI_v9aQGI.mp4?tag=10

>> No.14029666

Welp Omocat shop died. Wonder if they'll release any sales figures

>> No.14029698


Omocat shop closed after 1 hour due to high amount of orders.

>> No.14029820

I swear this is becoming a common occurrence with Hololive.

>> No.14029842
File: 371 KB, 680x383, 1630870077427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is the power of hololive

>> No.14029876

Apparently some of the stuff is already sold out in men's sizes. But they've promised it's not limited edition and they will restock. Surely they didn't underestimate again, right?

>> No.14029904

It happens literally every time.
and I mean literally, every single time a holo so much as breathes that item either sells out or the website crashes. There was this one time when Aqua vaguely described the shape of the perfume bottle she uses and it sold out in 15 minutes.

>> No.14029933

Calli singing a track for a DLC character's theme would be pretty neat.


>> No.14029991

I could see that happening. You probably just called it anon.

>> No.14029996

is cover just like, insanely conservative with the estimates they give to people? surely EVERYONE can't just be making the same mistake every time

>> No.14030025
File: 28 KB, 1155x516, 1610609209108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14030038

For EN I can't really fault them.
This is their first non-limited apparel run ever for this branch

>> No.14030045
File: 183 KB, 1280x720, GG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They bring back Testament and Kiara does vocals for his theme

>> No.14030064

It's always better to under estimate. You lose out on a little revenue but no risk of loss, plus the psychic damage of merch in bargain bins vs selling for crazy prices on the second hand market. But there's a limit. In this case the ordering system can't even handle it and it's still work hours NA. They going to make a tidy bit of cash on this one.

>> No.14030171

Man the catalogue seems a like a super nice bit of merch and it's gated behind $150 in purchases. I'm going to give credit to Cover for this one. With a US distributor they might actually make fans happy with this one. Hahaha. JP fans get to feel US bros pain for once.

>> No.14030175

There's a discount code...?

>> No.14030181

There's a lot of people who would buy something right when it first comes out but will lose interest/forget about it/buy something else if they are prevented from doing so when they are first motivated to. They're probably losing a significant amount of money operating this way.

>> No.14030187

I bet you Omocat is going to line up for a second collab.
Same with that mining company doing the merch for skyline and holoexpo once those go on sale.

>> No.14030218


>> No.14030224

I don't blame companies for being gunshy in the current environment. With supply chain fuckery they have product that's basically held hostage in warehouses and demand depends on the whims of what corona strains make the news.

>> No.14030254

Shouldn't a shopify storefront be basically immune to this? Thought the whole point was it was scalable?

>> No.14030278

Shopify cut is very high.

>> No.14030289

I see a ton of people buying $300 worth of merch.
How big of a cut do the girls get?
I wish I was a femboy, and not a bear, so I could rock the takodachi sweater, and look cute.

>> No.14030375

what is the deal with the shitton of nijis commenting under that?

>> No.14030388

Cut? Thought they were flat rate monthly + 2-3% transaction? That's not that bad

>> No.14030406

>14642 votes

>> No.14030474

No one knows for sure. There have been many, many statements by the girls that merch gives a much better percentage than youtube related revenue. Industry seems to either you keep the majority of your YT revenue and corporate gets most of the merch (VOMS) or corporate takes a lot of YT but talent gets the lion's share of merch/concerts (Cover, Niji). But we don't know. Even more complicated: Omocat did the designs which means they get a few cuts in addition to Cover before it gets to the girls.

>> No.14030549

nijisisters went hard lol. I saw alot of kuzufans RTing and shit.

>> No.14030588

the kpop fags of the vtuber world
they used to harass other participants in the apex tourneys

>> No.14030611

Is that how they decide a winner or what? Because i got curious about the numbers and they don't really add up to the placements.

>> No.14030614

Still, with how starved for good merch the fanbase has been, since buying from JP sites is absolute ass. With the amount of sales/traffic the site seems to be getting. It looks like the girls will get a fat payday regardless.

>> No.14030645

>called vtuber music award
>its just niji holo
insane tbqh. no kaf. no himehina, no hachi, etc.

>> No.14030651

I don't know if anyone paid attention last time but did all the previous omocat collabs ever made the website dead like this?

>> No.14030722

Oh absolutely no doubt whether it's 30, 50 or 70% these are not cheap and they seem to have high interest and early volume. Seems like something similar to Suisei's CD sales isn't out of line, which might mean a six figure payday.

>> No.14030734

>It looks like the girls will get a fat payday regardless.
They will, but this thread will be back to SC timelooping pretending SC is the biggest source of income pretty soon.

>> No.14030757

They should be getting about 30%-50% of the total revenue after the Omocat cut and the Cover cut, which in this instance is looking like between $50k to a $200k for each girl, which is really good and just for playing videa and talking to people.
Adding restock and such, they could get even more and if Omocat wants more, then even more.
They hit the golden ticket.

>> No.14030808

You know if how the nijisanji store works, that means when they release their merch later this year you will be able to see their quantity at launch right?

>> No.14030810

Hey! At least we can numberfag Omocat's server dying and how fast things get soldout/restocked

>> No.14030830
File: 219 KB, 680x383, 4964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i havent been in these threads since original numberfag website died and Cocos grand exit which left this place in a horrible state for weeks, has it gotten better

>> No.14030874

Yes and no. It had gotten better but then Gen 6 debut mindbroke Nijifags and now they are on a crusade to shit up this thread as much as possible

>> No.14030882

no, get out

>> No.14030905

No there's just no competition anymore so instead of 90% bait/shitposts it's like 95%. Try again in a couple months

>> No.14030926

You are OMOCAT.
Of course you are doing a second collab with HoloEN. Do you add Council and in which scale? Or keep it Myth only until the Council collab?

>> No.14030960

Irys Irys Irys...

>> No.14030979
File: 62 KB, 566x774, 834673476346346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

original songs. DCL shouldnt be on the list cuz ads..

>> No.14031007

No... It hasn't, Hololive is almost on its way to become the Almighty, resulting on Nijinogs dazzled by Hololive's dazzling light and then becoming shizos

>> No.14031029

B-but the CCV, they should graduate

>> No.14031052

>starved for good merch
On this subject, I wonder if the Jackbox people would tell us how much that Gura "Comedy" shirt sold if we asked on Twitter? I'd bet it's their best-selling Jackbox shirt ever.

>> No.14031058

Are you serious?
I didn't know it was this bad, holy shit.

>> No.14031063

>space worm
>mr squeaks
>moomers paperbag and creepy drawings

Move onto Council immediately aftterwards

>> No.14031067

Apparently Wah sweaters are completely sold out in all men's sizes already before the site died. Having a well designed, cute, easy to draw fanbase representation has been great for Ina's merch. The HoloX girls would do well to follow her example.

>> No.14031135
File: 49 KB, 237x184, 6431345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so ive picked literally the worst time to check out threads again, good to know ill be back in a few months

>> No.14031141

What was the numbers for the CD?

No doubt
Too bad they wont see any revenue from that though.

>> No.14031144

Is this total views? Why aren't Kiara's songs here?

>> No.14031166

if she's smart, she's gonna do JP instead.

>> No.14031180

i'd say it will have cooled down a bit in mid January maybe. although won't that be around when gen 6's collab ban ends

>> No.14031209

Hell just try them on Twitter if you have an account, it's really just good advertising for them.

>> No.14031214

She's probably calling whoever at the HoloEN branch to start working on Council merch right now.

>> No.14031245

Both. Both is good. US fans want JP merch too but obvious EN is going to have more demand it's just a numbers game

>> No.14031251

>>moomers paperbag and creepy drawings
Moomers' psychotic suiface drawing would make a good metal-style shirt

>> No.14031291

Still a crime that Gura only has the one original. Either Omega is the biggest idiot ever (yes), or Gura struggles with doing things (probably also yes?)

>> No.14031361

I don't think Gura's output or lack thereof has much to do with Omega. She could be spamming songs with Farhan if she wanted to. Omega is IRyS' producer but mainline Holo talents are basically their own producers, right?

>> No.14031367
File: 33 KB, 574x296, fbkincline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fubuki is inclining harder than anyone outside of HoloX (and Gura). What's going on?

>> No.14031370

I have been out of this board in general for a while to avoid the debut meltdown, did Niji manage to make even a squeak amidst all these heavy hitting streams lately?

>> No.14031386

Just for testing, I would do from the JP side Marine, Haachama, FBK, Korone, Pekora (if she can pay for it because of the high demand, alongside Suisei) and, of course, Towa.

>> No.14031401

>Either Omega is the biggest idiot ever (yes), or Gura struggles with doing things (probably also yes?)
This isn't a contradiction. Any producer is supposed to be the one facilitating the necessary stuff for a singer to make songs (mixers, tracks, lyrics, everything but voice really). Cover wasted Myth and even if they're still doing ok, they never struck the iron while it was red hot.

>> No.14031402

Pokemon shiny gacha autism.

>> No.14031409

They're struggling to hit top 10

>> No.14031437

That bad huh, what about Tokyo Ghoul?

>> No.14031441

Only danger is hard feelings among the talents left out. Or maybe they could make it opt in? Could be tricky

>> No.14031442

I cant believe Gura doesn't have dozens of covers.
Maybe she's just having a hard time choosing her style. She likes to sing a lot of pop and Didney songs, and those are most likely impossible to get permissions for.

>> No.14031444

anon, most holos only have one original. Not everyone is like Watame who can crank out like ten songs in three months. In fact Gura actually got her song out alot faster than most holos in that regard.

>> No.14031453

Her pokemon streams have been extremely popular and got better numbers than anyone. Both Gura and Mori were about to pass her in total views but she's also farming views like crazy now and pass Korone almosy a million subs later.

>> No.14031477

That's a combination of covers being both a moneysink and her already having maximum exposure so doing more covers isn't worth it.

>> No.14031492

Good selection. But don't forget to add Nene for that Latino money.

>> No.14031503

A few official city-pop covers would have been a good idea (still would work, but would have worked even better back in the "city pop shark" days). And they could just call up whoever owns the rights to those and probably get it sorted fairly painlessly, I'd imagine.

>> No.14031510

This desu, i have never heard any member talk about covers actually making enough money to be worth it apart from exposure.

>> No.14031511

That's why I put just for testing the waters with JP side talent. If a sucess, then do the whole company.

>> No.14031530

What's this? Shouldn't R.I.P be dominating or is it just because it was late 2020?

>> No.14031531

It's fucking Fubuki. The most consistent way to get good numbers is to do whatever she's doing and hope you're luckier with the algorithm.

>> No.14031537

Albino tranny got 10k on LOL.

>> No.14031563

only 6.2k waiting kek stop pandering to EOPs its a dead market

>> No.14031604

I don't even remember the last time he got a bronze.

>> No.14031610

gura is a perfectionist with music
even for te myth or trick se wanted to add more to it and she doesnt mention her matsuri collab one for a reason, same deal with coutnry roads.
If she is working on another ting is gonna take anohter 8 months to come out.

>> No.14031620

Most covers can't actually be monetized so they actually make negative money from them, they only do it for exposure or because it's fun.

>> No.14031622

>2021 uploaded original songs
It's missing at least Kiara's SPARKS.

>> No.14031643

It's a suboptimal timeslot, but that'll still hit 20k+ pretty easy I'd bet

>> No.14031644

What the hell happened, he get caught fucking a woman or something instead of the usual faggotry?

>> No.14031649

is still gonna get 20k but is fucking dumb to do this many streams at this hour.

>> No.14031657

Literally 2015-2018 Cavs Lebron-tier. He's the only one in the company outside of event streams thats strong enough to crack the top 5 but with Holox and the influx of tourist in Holo even he's having a hard time to squeeze into the top 5, let alone medal.

>> No.14031669

Apex declined hard and so did he.

>> No.14031713

nips hate kiara

>> No.14031722

>This is just like putting BTS in music award that use public vote to ranking them

>> No.14031751

Think she'll go over 500k during the stream?

>> No.14031783

She is 4k away so there is a chance.

>> No.14031790

The point is to get a bunch of subs. Even if they become dead subs they still help for getting that sponsor money down the road.

>> No.14031815 [DELETED] 
File: 1.17 MB, 1227x813, chloeStream5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ayo witchin yu got? predictions. 20k for me

>> No.14031832

why are burgers like this?

>> No.14031924

It's apparently a 30 minutes stream so nope, if it was 2 hours I could see her reaching 500k.

>> No.14031933
File: 777 KB, 735x686, suityan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14031954

>open chloe stream
>speaking japanese
>close the stream

>> No.14031959

ok, this fucking stream will gonna get more than 20k.

>> No.14031960

>sub 20k
yep its over. shes following korones path, no jops, dead eop subs

>> No.14032007

they are clip watchers pls understand.

>> No.14032024

Literally everyone are forgetting Gura is lazy af. If Cover pushed her to release more songs she will burn out at the of the month.
But like some anon said, the Holos are their own producers.
Sora, Azki and Irys are different.

>> No.14032039


>> No.14032041

You know that Korone mogs everyone in niji that is not named kuzuha right ?

>> No.14032057

You guys realize that if Chloe stabilizes at just 10-20k after debut buff, she'll be an upper tier holo right?

>> No.14032068

I swear to god burgers hate themselves the most

>> No.14032070

> still gonna get 20k

>> No.14032076

Chloe can't even break 15k the decline is real.

>> No.14032129

Chloe's face reminds me of Ayame..

>> No.14032151

we know, its just the schizos who pretend not to

>> No.14032152

you are assuming she will be a 10-20k holo. We dont know how it will go yet.
i say after the 30min mark it will happen. You can grudge post me later if it doesnt

>> No.14032176

So, once the collab ban is over, she's gonna join UMISEA, right? If she can speak at least some English, it would be pretty good, right?

>> No.14032180
File: 162 KB, 621x506, 1620168347212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14032250


>> No.14032314


>> No.14032361

She's already started sucking up to Marine to secure a spot.

>> No.14032377

This gives me Haachama peppeloni flashbacks.

>> No.14032378


>> No.14032402

>Pander to EOPs
>Get lower numbers
EOP pandering is a meme. Doesn't provide any actual boost and seems to turn off some of the usual JOP viewers

>> No.14032461

She's a subfag, she just wants some randos to sub to her whether they ever watch or not. EOP pandering is good for that.

>> No.14032508

even though i know gura has a lot of potential both back in 2020 and now some people often forget her roommate's old output rate. what she is doing now is magnitudes more than what she used to do

>> No.14032532
File: 499 KB, 1816x369, 1634432399222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude, stop, you're just embarrassing yourself

>> No.14032541

>She's a subfag, she just wants some randos to sub to her whether they ever watch or not.
Pandering ES is more effective for that

>> No.14032601
File: 3.25 MB, 600x336, GHOST_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14032657

This is way too early for her to pander to EOPs. First she needs to spend time to get a loyal japanese following and then go after EOP. If she keeps doing it from the beginning she loses her JOP tourists and later the westerners will get bored and leave her too

>> No.14032706


>> No.14032731

Fishing for a viral clip with these noises

>> No.14032734

she has a regular chat stream in 40 minutes so we'll see

>> No.14032749

Might a cope but last night people were awake till past midnight.
Maybe most are still sleeping because it's saturday morning.
As for EOPs this timeslot isn't actually that super good.

Let's talk about decline after a few more streams.

>> No.14032751

Anon I said stop not double down on your retardation

>> No.14032809

She can do that later, it would be too weird to do a mexican stream 1 week into her debut. EN makes sense at least since she's done some prep work to learn very basic English during the runup to debut.

>> No.14032858

Shop back up. Only Wah seater and Gura jacket complete sold out. Almost everything else has S/M/L in stock but XL/XXL are out of stock on most of the stuff aside from the pastel tshirts and Group merch. Be funny if they just underestimated the literal size of the fanbase instead of overall demand

>> No.14032903

who the fuck makes Otaku merch in S size?

>> No.14032963

For women I guess. But then again, they should have numbers for how large % of the fanbase are women.

>> No.14032970

19k get. Will she reach 20 before the end? If this was an hour long stream, she probably could've gotten to 25.

>> No.14032985

I'm 6'8 and jacked so theres no chance tiny nip clothing will fit me even in XL

>> No.14032993
File: 120 KB, 958x472, 34683748673846346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14033019

women should just buy L, it'll fit just as well anyways

>> No.14033071

based. RED HEART in top 5.

>> No.14033074

Nah for a cute girl a form fitting shirt like Kiara's is way, way better looking. Also how do they sell out of catalogues and lanyards? They should've made those by the literal truckload

>> No.14033115

There were so many people in it it literally crashed the site, go figure

>> No.14033116

it's 7 am in nipland

>> No.14033133

She could get 20k if she went like 5 more minutes.

>> No.14033139

I forsee a million clips from this one stream alone

>> No.14033177

The track jacket has a 20" chest width in small size. That's literally child size. It's a little annoying that you think it's in stock before you check the sizes

>> No.14033200

Her last morning stream at 7am got 30k

>> No.14033216

>Guys, subscribe, please
Her numberfagging is getting me hard

>> No.14033239

EN clips will be good for her subs, that for sure...

>> No.14033240

chumkiddies and chumpedos are getting their sizes.

>> No.14033256

did anyone catch how many subs did chloe have before the englishstudy stream?

>> No.14033270

The last one got 30k didnt it?

>> No.14033280


>> No.14033284

Post chin

>> No.14033300


>> No.14033321

she 4k away

>> No.14033341

She got 2k in 30 minutes, definitely could have reached 500k if the stream was even 30 minutes longer.

>> No.14033369

omocat instantly down again

>> No.14033370

2k away. she really isnt staying kek

>> No.14033390

wait is she already wrapping up

>> No.14033402

Honestly, she needs to start playing games. You can't coast on zatsudans and utawakus alone and expect to make consistent good numbers.

>> No.14033418

subs gets dammed and processed same way as total views, lets check in a couple of hours if she doesnt do any newer content

>> No.14033428

Wait they have free delivery to the US? After years of getting raped on shipping Holofans are going to eat this up.

>> No.14033435

It was a short stream, since I think manechan told her to go sleep.

>> No.14033454

It miss several songs ( at least for Hololive)
Mori : Grim Reaper(3.38M)/Graveyard Shift(1.54M)
Kiara : SPARKS(2.32M)/Heart Challenger(1.63M)
Yeh, even Heart Challenger can be on the list

>> No.14033462

so this is the power of hololive

>> No.14033492

She has another stream in 30 minutes, so no sleep.

>> No.14033515

we should lodge a complain

>> No.14033525

She's playing Undertale today, she has her bases covered

>> No.14033561


>> No.14033581

Interesting choice. Has anyone besides Kanata managed to get good numbers for Undertale?

>> No.14033599

She really grinding then, and I love it

>> No.14033600

>Pekora feels threatened by HoloX

>> No.14033622

Marine, both ccv and VOD

>> No.14033635

Huh going to be hard to numberfag merch sales since getting sold out seems mostly a function of which items are most popular with women and children, since until the S/M all sell it doesn't list as sold out. Shame!

>> No.14033660

Watch the clips you link your utter retard.

>> No.14033683

pretty much everyone who fought sans got good numbers

>> No.14033687
File: 1.08 MB, 1248x915, luiReal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14033722


>> No.14033723
File: 539 KB, 960x500, Batman slap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14033766
File: 373 KB, 434x486, 1638160973370e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14033776


>> No.14033789


hag love

>> No.14033795

Did you atleast tried watching the clip? Or your small brain can't understand simple english?

>> No.14033821

Oh now this is interestesting. Omocat store can be sorted by popular. Though it's weird since Gura hoodie is sold out but not on top. Must've had a smaller stock. Which would be the stupidest thing ever but who knows?

>> No.14033845

No he didn't he probably got it from the bait thread a few pages down without even bothering to read the comment in that.

>> No.14033905

Undertale huh. It already outlived its glory days in hololive meta.

I predict 25k in the first run then 15k in the next ones.

>> No.14033908

Holy fuck

>> No.14033982

i imagine it was less stocked than most things above it since it was a pricier thing than most things above it.

>> No.14034029

Sort by popular rarely does what it says. It's a marketing tool too.

>> No.14034057
File: 838 KB, 675x895, popular.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura has smaller stock than Ame? I doubt it.

>> No.14034058

>Predict a low number then when she gets better number you say WOW I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT
The absolute state of this thread

>> No.14034077

Well that was a short stream by orca...

>> No.14034082

Nah Ame's is a hoodie, like Kiara's. Gura and Mori have track jackets that are also $20 more expensive

>> No.14034096

I think there's a non-zero chance of Towa's EYE cacthing up with this again.

>> No.14034130

she just got 19k peak

>> No.14034152

Because that was stream 2 out of 4. Moving on from EOPs to JOPs with a zatsudan now

>> No.14034161

So the best singers in jp are haachama and suisei?

>> No.14034195

Marine and those who challenged sans for the first time. First run numbers are decent specially the ending and the first chapter since it is dicided there if they will do a pacifist or bwutral route.
Problem is that it needs to be a multipart.

>> No.14034221

Best singer of her Gen. Numbers?

>> No.14034224


>> No.14034231

So they have more Ame's hoodies than Gura's jackets?

>> No.14034237

You expect her to get 30k+ on an undertale stream during Primetime? Laplus, Koyori and Iroha all failed to get 30k yesterday with their game streams duevto overlap.

If none of her genmates overlap then yeah maybe. I forgot it's Saturday on JP today afterall.

>> No.14034265

this shit better be archived

>> No.14034292

Did the previous holo JP gen also go through the same schedule after debut similar to holox where they have early morning stream at jst?

>> No.14034305

There's a 100% chance Omocat will do Suisei merch

>> No.14034333

This is just overkill

>> No.14034336
File: 349 KB, 429x566, painLui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its in 7 hours... its hard to predict, she might even get lower numbers than iroha. i hope her good voice will bring in 30-40k

>> No.14034343

You could 100% still rock the tako sweater considering takos are fat fucks

>> No.14034377

this will 30k+

>> No.14034378

how does he get away with this

>> No.14034416

No, Haachama's song just came out at the very beginning of the year so it has had a lot longer to accrue views.

>> No.14034429

Nah, early morning stream means it'll hit 20-25k at best

>> No.14034442

Well, this is the stream where she will achieve fastest 500k subscribers. Anything to say?

>> No.14034457

>3k and it already started
Oh no...

>> No.14034559

Numbers good. She is doing well. But it's hard to get excited , this girl is such a blank slate right now.

>> No.14034565


The second half of that tweet is... worrisome

>> No.14034567

The english stream debuffed her so hard, hah.

>> No.14034660

It's US sizes

>> No.14034682

It sucks that the only interesting thing about her is her numbers

>> No.14034689

Ouch, she shouldn't have done an english stream so early after her debut since it will filtered some of her jp fans...

>> No.14034708

polka and lamy still do early morning streams to this day

>> No.14034783

Tako sweater sold out of L/XL/XXL first then the others followed closely afterwards before the entire store went down.

>> No.14034820

What a god

>> No.14034905
File: 2.54 MB, 1966x2027, 3dayspostdebut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14034953


>> No.14034989

>It sucks that the only interesting thing about her is her numbers
this is your mind on numberfaggotry

>> No.14034995

Maybe it's a good thing Gura didn't retweet her omocat merch

>> No.14035014
File: 139 KB, 249x410, name.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this isnt looking good

>> No.14035017
File: 30 KB, 1024x994, 1637284042839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14035049

maybe niji talents should get their CEO to pose their merch

>> No.14035050

JOPs are angry "their" new gen is trying to get EN viewers too which is stupid considering how hard EN2 has been trying to pander to JOPs

>> No.14035067

What do you expect from a bunch of numberfaggots watching numbers tick by instead of watching streams?

>> No.14035072

Whoever came up with this 4 streams in one day idea and decided the content for these 4 streams is a fucking idiot.

>> No.14035164


>> No.14035196

Well that also didnt end up well for Bae actually...

>> No.14035248

EN stream didn't filter anyone, you people are crazy. She still has her post-debut buff that is slowly wearing off each stream.
My personal predictions for normal HoloX numbers after all is said and done:
1) Orca - Rushia/Coco tier. Superchat monster, but CCV is sub 10k average with occasional high peaks.
2) Samurai - Polka tier, meaning, she will have a small-ish but loyal fanbase. Average around 3-5k
3) Bird - hard to predict, she looks weak so far (sub 3k), but might incline ones she is more comfortable with streaming and finds her groove. Utawaku will be a good indicator of her potential.
4) Pink cat - Towa tier. 3-4k average with peaks on collabs and when playing buff games.
5) Laplus - the only one I can see regularly breaking 10k in three month after this. Cunny buff is strong and her personality works well for it, she appears to be well versed in memes and a decent entertainer.

>> No.14035284

I doubt that since the schedule has been up since the beginning and nips are natural cucks for western men

>> No.14035343

Their effort is admirable, but hopefully this won't suggest that laplus and orca will just start humping anyone's leg with a bigger sub numbers than them after the collab ban is lifted, it would actually make them look cringe as fuck.

>> No.14035353

Bae actually gets pretty decent numbers in JP primetime, so I'd say it's helped. If not for that she'd be in even worse shape. Streaming mostly in the early morning or in the middle of the night for NA was always gonna be a huge problem for her.

>> No.14035422

Bae is inclining actually, reminder that she was behind Fauna by more than 10k at one point and now has a lead of 5k and growing. She also surpassed Fauna in superchats.

>> No.14035424

>3) Bird - hard to predict, she looks weak so far (sub 3k), but might incline ones she is more comfortable with streaming and finds her groove. Utawaku will be a good indicator of her potential.
She would probably the collab queen of HoloX

>> No.14035435

Actually it has. Bae was in big trouble before the collab ban ended. Some good collabs and the Minecraft server merge helped her a lot and shes been on a much steeper incline since. Yes her growth is a lot slower than Myth or HoloX but thats all of Council

>> No.14035478

What? I call bullshit on any of the Xs being below Sana in CCV unless there is some sort of yabe.

>> No.14035508

Agree with most of this except Orca and pink cat. Chloe will also stay above 10k ccv median and Koyori will probably hover around 6-7k.

>> No.14035524

Were you aware that nijisanji had a stats page?


>> No.14035544


>> No.14035550

You're basically predicting they'll end up the same as Council which I can't see happening.

>> No.14035590

70k when she hits the Elite Four

>> No.14035596

I think HoloX Bird's design is a debuff. It's just not as cute as the others.

>> No.14035601

Even Sana has CCV above 5k, he's saying that they will do far worse than council, he's retarded.

>> No.14035639

>sub 10k
kek, stopped reading there

>> No.14035640

Please stop embarrassing yourself

>> No.14035668

Well Fauna SC is lower because she keeps turn off SC option for midway stream and sometimes even disable it for certain ones i notice...Bae has it enable almost all stream so im not suprised she is higher in that regards

>> No.14035709

One factor to consider is who they click with in collabs early on. Getting collabs and having good chemistry with say Marine will gain you viewers just because, "hey she likes my oshi and marine isn't streaming right now so why not watch her.".
Honestly I think it'still to early to predict anything more then that Orca and La+ probably will be above the others.

>> No.14035718


>> No.14035761

Rushia tier is 10k+ CCV retard. Only Coco's normal stream is in a 4-6k CCV.

>> No.14035784

-> >>14026626

>> No.14035785

Meant to >>14035524

>> No.14035834

>already sub 20k viewers
Whelp. That's disappointing. I thought she was the one. This "debut buff" is wearing off quicker than I expected.

>> No.14035851
File: 37 KB, 947x255, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even Sana has CCV above 5k
No she doesn't. He was talking about average. And this is with the collabs and the buffed return. She's a 3k averager.

>> No.14035875

>enable embedding
>numbers go down
many such cases

>> No.14035877

It's missing Guh and Graveyard Shift from Mori

>> No.14035886

Good point, we already know orca is gunning for Marine. The question is, will any of them be brave enough to approach Pekora?

>> No.14035891

Any reason why Coco's normal stream is low in ccv?

>> No.14035904

Anyone have numbers for the YT music festival? It was all premieres so holopoi didn't record it

>> No.14035918

her average for novemebr is 5k anon

>> No.14035945
File: 425 KB, 999x649, 1636918817624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14035947

Do you think the Lamy incident might have turned people off, or is that only relevant to shitposters here or on 5ch?

>> No.14035987

I think it's her peak median is 5k?

>> No.14035992

There wasn't a Lamy incident, stop believing shitposters.

>> No.14036002


>> No.14036005

Fair enough, I meant peak CCV.

>> No.14036012

It's early in the day, and I don't know how much she has left until Elite four.. There is some competition in the slot as normal with Subaru and the new pink catdog starts an hours before that but will probably overlap.
I'll say 45-50k due it not being primetime but it's weekend. If she has trouble as some of her pokemon "die" it might go higher, suffering brings numbers.

>> No.14036042

Suisei 28k or 29k

>> No.14036053

Retard. And again, she was massively buffed last month by a number. It's not her usual peak.

>> No.14036081

>I know guys, shitpost reddit

>> No.14036087
File: 272 KB, 953x702, 1616155471370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not so fast! But yeah, too many people suffering from numberrot, this will be the last day I seriously pay attention to HoloX numbers, we'll see how they do in a month

>> No.14036089

>this is with the collabs and the buffed return
So what?
Big number > small number

>> No.14036101

I kneel to the Orca

>> No.14036119

>by a number of events

>> No.14036127

Asacoco did numbers because she did skits and had many hololive guests. She isnt that good at games and her zatsudan skills are pretty average.

>> No.14036143

Suisei : 28,921
Hololive official : 20,936
Moona : 7,482
IRyS : 10,677

>> No.14036170

now that is just pure unadultered numberfaggotry if she does.
hachama got a pass since she came back after coco and kanata put some sense on her irl.

>> No.14036182

Orca reach 500k subs...she can end stream and rest now

>> No.14036238

You can use Hololyzer or vrabi.ml

>> No.14036246

I don't think you got a single number right sugoi

>> No.14036297

Ehh.. Pekora is a tough nut to crack, if they click in someway. Sure she has collabs with Botan and Towa, but otherwise it's rare that she collabs with kohais. Like, the collab with Luna became a big thing just because it was so rare.

>> No.14036340

thanks anon

>> No.14036390

~4.5 days

>> No.14036434

to be fair she's streaming at 7am/8am JP time. 20k is pretty decent for early morning.

>> No.14036459

The first one who tries to suck up on her loses.

>> No.14036478

The bunny is a massive numberfag...She choose her collabs very carefully

>> No.14036625

At least try

>> No.14036693

If she was choosing collabs based on potential numbers, she would've collabed with Miko and Marine, instead of Towa and Botan.

>> No.14036708

I don't think its numbers, I think it just takes the right attitude. La+ could pull it off, she has the confidence but I don't know if she has the sort of restraint and understanding that's needed to handle Pekora.

>> No.14036766

Pekora is very impulsive and picky with her collabs. Getting bigger number doesn't guarantee that she will agree with a collab too. Shion has been trying to grab Pekora's attention for months now and up to no success due to bad timings and Pekora being Pekora.

>> No.14036797

This is kinda low and the tiers are wrong.
> for normal HoloX numbers after all is said and done:
For me it'll be:
1) Orca = 14k+ (and yeah i agree she'll be great at SCs)
2) Samurai = 7k+ (Fauna-tier)
3) Bird = 6k+ (Baelz -tier)
4) Pink Coyote = 9k+ (Watame-tier)
5) Laplus = 16k+ (Shion tier)

>> No.14036800

She got like 30k yesterday and the day before at midnight. She can't retain her viewers as well as I hoped she would and people are losing interest fast.

>> No.14036825

Basically, she has to approach you. The only one who got a collab out of her by approaching her first is Kiara, as far as I know.

>> No.14036943

kronii with her 10 streams. man

>> No.14037019

fucking sana and baels just went and slap her ass when she went into te MC en server.
But dpeends if holox are also autistic with aproaching their senpais.

>> No.14037033

Which she probably only agreed to since kiara was an outspoken nousagi.

>> No.14037089

well inoffical mc collabs is one thing, and she needed testsubjects.

>> No.14037120


>> No.14037148

Funny thing is Pekora really seemed to enjoy that little impromptu collab. Maybe its because she knew the Bae prank was clip gold.

>> No.14037227

they left her a really good impression shame tat sana and bae couldnt capitalize on that.
Maybe next mc arc.
they need to approcach her first somehow

>> No.14037307

fucking kek
>no one broke past 40k with debut buff
>somebody not breaking 10k with debut buff

>> No.14037374

Ame hoodie completely sold out too. They should’ve known the sweaters and hoodies at least would be good sellers. Wonder if they did market research at the NY con.

>> No.14037412

It's easier for people to stay up late until midnight than wake at 7am to tune into a stream.

>> No.14037444

Nah, they wouldn't have time to resupply or get more.

>> No.14037453

I remember Mumei didn't capitalize on the Gura's revenge arc that handed to her face before the collab ban lifted....

>> No.14037576

shion is most likely gonna win today. what's your prediction?

>> No.14037614

Fauna and Kronii also fucked up their war. It's impressive just how badly council wasted every single opportunity they had.

>> No.14037615


>> No.14037638

Overlap with JP6's Mario Party, hard to tell.

>> No.14037667

study for semester > revenge on gura pls undastand

>> No.14037670

Graduation when?

>> No.14037696

that will be back once they all log into MC again after graduation from college

>> No.14037705
File: 2.02 MB, 1920x1080, theOne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

600k, gura 19 days, irys 44 days
chloe is on day 5, she is at 501k currently.
99k in 2 weeks, can she do it?

>> No.14037732

Too late, no one cares about it anymore.

>> No.14037744

Council never capitalized on anything. Remember Kronii-Fauna civil war skit? It was their chance to have something like Holo resistance or Neighbors war but it just died down

>> No.14037792

She already did if you give back her culled subs.

>> No.14037795

At least 50k. She's been on a roll with her pokemon gameplays.

>> No.14037798

Simply put, no. She has great growth, but her momentum already slowed down to the point that I doubt she'll be getting more than 5k subs a day by next week.

>> No.14037806

Debut buff is gonna wear off soon but I'm still gonna go with yes

>> No.14037816


We don't even know if it will actually overlap. They can always delay at the last moment and it won't be the first time

>> No.14037837

Council is being considerate and trying to get some loyal fanbase,. big numbers wont always bring happiness to them..

>> No.14037858

and some anon predict HoloX will be the same tier as Council after debut buff
what goes trough his brain i wonder?

>> No.14037907

I doubt they will overlap. Koyori was gonna overlap holofes3 annoucement stream but she delayed it

>> No.14037925

Mumei barely plays Minecraft in the first place. You do see shades of a rivalry arc spilling out into other games like in the Mario Party collab, Mumei cucking Gura out of being Ame’s FPS buddy, or how they’re the only two that get pictures with the Japanese ambassador.

>> No.14037954

imagine the balls of gen 6 if they did overlap

>> No.14038066

Council really fucked up their strategy. They had no real direction and failed to set up any arcs that would get people invested in them. Combine that with spotty stream times and long breaks and its no surprise all of them are in sub 10k territory now for normal streams.

>> No.14038090

Orca did hit 26k so far, not so bad compared to the previous days, buff still strong.

>> No.14038176

she is the only one streaming at the moment for JP.

>> No.14038190

huh when did La+ passed Mumei? just checking in holostat.. was it during Iroha collab?

>> No.14038241

I think it was before that.

>> No.14038309

500k of orcas subs are 100% peko's sub.. which are also only 27%

>> No.14038345

Mumei got 10k on her normal minecraft stream. Kronii can do the same. The interest and potential are still there, but it's up to them to take and develop them.

>> No.14038352

Shion needs 60k to be secured. Pekora is doing elite 4 today which is an upset contender next to the Mario party collab.

>> No.14038391

No idea how they'll rank but the top 3 seems guaranteed already, heh.

>> No.14038396
File: 299 KB, 973x676, 1633725023382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14038404
File: 54 KB, 640x360, peGWAla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surely pekora wont fucking stream over shion's outfit reveal like she did during moona's... surely...

>> No.14038418

>but it's up to them-
yeah not gonna happen

>> No.14038456

until they update to the new update there is little reason to comeback
same for JP, is part of the reason pekora was trying mods.

>> No.14038515

orca only need 7k a day to trail into 600k within 14 days

>> No.14038554

Fauna tried playing the new update but only got 6.6k.

>Council really fucked up their strategy.
So much this, remember when Fauna was ignoring the Minecraft server to do speedruns? What happened with that?

>> No.14038555

So when will the update be implemented? Isn't this Cover's responsibility?

>> No.14038597

i think next week or the one after next one.
but becasu of events and christmas most holos probably wont do aything with it until next month.

>> No.14038603

It would actually be impressive at that point if Pekora manages to stretch the entire elite 4 match into an 8 hour stream.

>> No.14038616

Who knows, they might be waiting for an update for the mods that they use though.

>> No.14038646

Chloe added an extra 2k subs after getting 500k subs

>> No.14038669

not too far from my thought, but not too close either. For me it would be
orca = probably rushia tier
degozaru = watame tier
bird = towa tier
koyo = definitely hologamers tier, but hard to tell which member so far, from okayu all the way to korone
laplus = shion to miko tier

>> No.14038695

Depends on how entertaining she is while playing games. If she keeps relying on zatsus she won't get it.

>> No.14038704
File: 559 KB, 1080x1278, 323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know a lot of the viewers are eop if the like ratio is this high

>> No.14038744

She is keeping herself at 30k+ day fairly well, she would need to fuck up badly to not get 98k subs in 14 days.

>> No.14038748

Fauna played solo minecraft. She's not adding anything to the lore.

>> No.14038753

No way she approached Coco first for meme review.

>> No.14038760

minecraft arc returns once holox gets access after collab ban. Either peko or miko will get their respective projects back of full steam by then. Maybe aqua if we are lucky.

>> No.14038784


>> No.14038790

what eop mean ?

>> No.14038810


>> No.14038820

I agree with you the most so far out of these but I still think you guys are underestimating the orca, I think she'll keep up with Laplus

>> No.14038839

Which shows how badly council is at the whole strategy thing.

>> No.14038857

She has been friends with Coco for a while, ever since the early Ark days.

>> No.14038874

Her pokemon stream won't be that long since she only have elite 4 + champion also she will have shill stream later.

>> No.14038880
File: 153 KB, 670x247, 1638160503145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leave dislike before screenshotting
>that'll show em i hate her!!

>> No.14038893

Really? Didn't both Botan and Towa approach her? I seem to remember Towa saying way back during the dbd collab that she invited Pekora.

>> No.14038991

Samurai girl will overlap with shuba talking stream oof
also how low IRyS number get with Megaman 2? she will overlap with Pekora and Subaru

>> No.14039021

Pekora approached Towa first in Minecraft before the DBD collab happened

>> No.14039027

well lapi didnt beat irys' 7 day 500k subs, but she still has 5 days to beat gura to get third place. 36k subs though.

>> No.14039064

You didn't know C.A.M.P group from ark anon?

>> No.14039076

Back in 2020 Gura's sub growth looks like a speedrun but after Irys debut, Council and JP6 turns Gura's 1M into a fucking marathon with how buff they are in the first place.

>> No.14039129

Sora mountain? That was afterwards, September 11th (never forget), the dbd collab was September 8th.
Also that impromptu collab for minecraft was started by an open invite in discord to which Towa was the first to reply.

>> No.14039131

English-Only Peasant
I hate anyone who make lamy cru but i was thinking of removing it because I know people will focus on the dislike more then the actual subject

>> No.14039176

Lapis was culled though, by all rights she beat Irys to 500k.

>> No.14039269

lapi would be what, 600k+ by now. but that wont be in the history books - same with council. it will be nothing more than bait for copium pics

>> No.14039297
File: 44 KB, 369x60, numsss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is something you don't see every day. Elira getting bodied by Rosemi

>> No.14039344

>36k subs though
Math reps

>> No.14039367

That's a strategic mistake. Nobody gives a fuck about solo Minecraft, doing Minecraft speedruns completely misses the point of what makes Minecraft a buff game and gets people to tune in. Council made every mistake possible and are pretty much an abortion of a gen because of it. Kronii is on track to get 1 million about halfway through 2022 which will make her the slowest EN to hit 1 million subs so far and god knows when the rest will manage it, maybe not in 2022 at all at the pace they're going at the moment.

HoloEN desperately needs a big event to renew interest in them

>> No.14039378

she is playing sekiro
but pomu will surprass it becasue she is doing an unboxing

I still dont get why fromsoft isnt just giving holos permissions but to niji they do.

>> No.14039384

Well fuck hope they can restock before the scalpers get too bad

>> No.14039433

...26k subs within 5 days, seems possible

>> No.14039476

Nah they could just spam some minecraft and be done with it. for numbers. mumei and right now ame prove that and ame is pushing it since it is solo MC too.

>> No.14039503

Pekora literally mentioned a few days ago that she's never the one to invite kouhai to collabs, specifically mentioning PEBOT. She basically never sets up collabs herself besides some gen3 stuff and I think the Luna collab. She prefers impromptu collabs like you brought up, PekoMari one block was also impromptu.

>> No.14039526
File: 665 KB, 802x568, french.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saruei numbers

>> No.14039557
File: 349 KB, 600x600, 1638160973372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

503k subs. i like how fucking bored i am right now, waiting for samurai's rfa stream

>> No.14039559

For gods sake just make a plan and execute it as a group. Maybe pranking Kronii by putting a guardian in her base and encasing everything important in obsidian. Prank wars. A group project. Some mega project. They are so uncoordinated.

>> No.14039566

Fuck I woke up too late. Ame's hoodie is sold out. AAAAAaaa

>> No.14039720

At this rate I will be surprised if Fauna and Sana beat Reine in 2022.

>> No.14039738

>god knows when the rest will manage it
Sana 2025 or she's forever cursed like Iofi

>> No.14039739

isnt that lowr than normal
or am i confusing her with someone else
i tought she gets 6k usually.

>> No.14039774

They can't because some of them have other commitments that take up significant amounts of their time, and others (Kronii) don't really like streaming in the first place and would prefer to relax rather than planning out content that will generate interest. Council are just not very good at thinking about their job in terms of driving interest, they just set their streams up and let the cards fall where they may. It's only when someone like Chloe shows up who does meticulously plan out her content to drive viewer interest that the gap becomes so obvious.

The sad thing is Chloe isn't doing anything that Council couldn't have done, or can't do, they just didn't because they're lazy as shit and think they can ride the Hololive brand name without any effort.

>> No.14039868
File: 78 KB, 678x601, 1638275274677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats nice anon but you havent emphasized how much hard work chloe has done enough

>> No.14039878

>(Kronii) don't really like streaming in the first place
.>applied to biggest Vtuber agency

>> No.14039884

b-but... tommy hurt.. and muh dog died... ;_;

>> No.14039938
File: 1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 1638579116059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey you numbers thread

>> No.14039954

Sana has more total stream time than Kronii, Fauna and Mumei.

>> No.14039964

i don't know man, fubuki can get numbers with minecraft speedruns.

>> No.14040005

I'd imagine you can't really anticipate how you'll respond to becoming an instant no-shit e-celebrity after spending your career in (relative) obscurity.

>> No.14040006

Why is Pomu so damn rude?

>> No.14040018

You know what hurts your motivation? The realization you can half assedly stream 5 hours a week and still clear six figures doing jack shit.

>> No.14040055

Fromsoft has close ties with Sony and Sony has a stake in nijisanji. From probably didn't want to give permissions to anyone but sony pressured them.

>> No.14040111

reading these kind of posts are baffling sometimes specially if you dont watch any memebr streams for any low tier holos and both higer ones.
> Chloe shows up who does meticulously plan out her content
people here really belive this somehow. I guess is just matter of time before the cards fall down next month.
is that the titless girl?

>> No.14040118
File: 1.49 MB, 1230x819, irohaStream7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think it will funnel. 30k

>> No.14040160

Almost everything is out of stock except small/medium for the design t shirts and jacket/hoodies. I know they are conservative but tons of people on the west coast are still at work. Gotta suck to find out about pretty good low cost shipping merch… and everything is already out of stock you want. They gotta bump up these initial runs

>> No.14040176

A lot of people shat on Kiara when she gave her retarded speech about how Hololive is not some dream job where you talk for an hour and rake in money, thinking she was just scared of new gens and shit.

And while it is true that she was most likley being her usual petty, insecure self, there is a lot of true about her warning.
Streaming is very demanding, it's not just something you can clock in or you llose all engageent, and I think Council, seeing the success of Myth, thought they could do the same ignoring just how much all of the girls worked behind the scenes to generate that engagement. That mentality is especially evident in kronii, who clearly doesn't like streaming but thought she could get away with it by just playing some games as if she were alone, barely talking, muttering and not even finishing at times. It's why she played minecraft offstream so much, and why she didn't stream at all once she realized she had no material left to play.

>> No.14040214

Tourist dont really funnel to other streams

>> No.14040222

Delusional, 20k at best

>> No.14040265

Regular solo Minecraft and speedrunning are completely different. She could've gotten numbers if she was any good at speedrunning or was practicing it regularly. Her first successful run got people relatively hype. But then she just stopped and never did it again.

>> No.14040340

I mean it's not that she hates streaming, it's that streaming isn't her passion. Kronii treats streaming for Hololive like you would treat your 9-5 office job, it's something you do to earn money for the things you enjoy doing. You can't really survive that long in an industry like entertainment without having genuine excitement and passion for what you're doing though, your content will suffer if you're just churning it out because you have to.

>> No.14040344

Why does Sony has much more control over fromsoftware when Bandai is the one publishing their games?

>> No.14040395

It'll be like the plushies. Small initial run -> People didn't have time to even try to get stuff -> Next time it goes in stock, everyone will instantly buy whatever they want without contemplation out of fear it will go out of stock again. Scarce first runs are a smart marketing strategy.

>> No.14040405

>and not even finishing at times
so that's why her Hades playtrough saves file suddenly gone huh

>> No.14040445

>A lot of people shat on Kiara when she gave her retarded speech about how Hololive is not some dream job where you talk for an hour and rake in money, thinking she was just scared of new gens and shit.

Pekora literally said vtubing is a dream job for her..


>> No.14040510

Pekora is not normal.
t. Nousagi

>> No.14040656

From gave permissions to the most popular company at the time, simple as that. Nobody could've predicted that Hololive will incline so much and Niji stagnate. They probably have some kind of exclusive contract, and when that runs out, they might give permissions to holos.

>> No.14040676

20k for cute ninja

>> No.14040687

Kronii can asked for material though, Gura already mentioned in her stream that she made lists for permissions and the management joke about it in front of Council on how "demanding" is Gura. And in her GTA stream yesterday Gura said she is upset about not getting permissions for some games she wants to play.

>> No.14040729

So what does she actually enjoy doing?

>> No.14040785

not streaming

>> No.14040817

nigga pekora barely does egosearching nowdays becasue doesnt want to deal with negativity. She knows numbers but she also knows the problems tat comes with them.

Trying to get only numbers is bound you to get schizos too and bad mentla health.

>> No.14040839

Going by that logic, May 2018 seems to be when Nijisanji first got FromSoft perms.
This is before Fubuki even debut.

>> No.14040860

Being "depressed" (bullshit women and manlets make up to be lazy)

>> No.14040968

It sounds like some bullshit you're pulling out of your asses.

>> No.14040978

This is probably the source the problem. If management laughs in the face of the world’s most subscribed vtuber, what chance do a bunch of newbies have?

>> No.14040990

If I remember her her pl correctly, discord sex with Ame.

>> No.14040995

no split POV for upcoming Mumei Fauna Kronii Gura Phasmo collab?
good strat or they will just open their frame at last minute?

>> No.14041008

Not a Nijishill, but English Wixoss x Nijisanji collab is finally released.

Considering English Version of the Holo x Weiss Schwarz is going to be released by next year, it would be cool to numberfag the sales between these two

>> No.14041076

this was during the peak of Jun shit and her adjustment to the intense idol reps of gen 3 concert, no surprise she was avoiding more stress at that time. Pekora has been enjoying her shit lately especially since she got her cat.

>> No.14041084

sorry anon, all the cool numberfags are working or asleep

>> No.14041086

Unless you were already a NijiJP fan, what's the incentive to buy it?

>> No.14041099

Yo holo en, jp kouhai and subaru is stealing your time slot right. Don't you want to stream???

>> No.14041136

It’s even weirder since Mumei is usually the latest to put up her frames.

>> No.14041138

Kronii can only stream for a few hours before her brain starts melting, and she prioritizes her content quality more than her content quantity.
Some streamers can stream for a long time just streaming themselves having a sleep or eating. Kronii doesn't do that. She puts thought in what she does.

Kronii streams have good replay values, and her channel is very organized. She's been consistent with her 8PM PST timeframe also.

>> No.14041143

Part of it is Gura being a pushover though. She's at the point where she needs an actual agent to represent her because she sure as fuck is horrible at negotiating herself. Look at the difference in treatment Marine and Pekora get because Marine can navigate corporate bureaucracy and Pekora is a timid NEET.

>> No.14041144

the stream is from october

>> No.14041184

Before applying to Hololive Kronii streamed as a 2view for like two years. I honestly think the biggest problem is that she liked a more laid back chat that she could actually talk to.

>> No.14041242

you people know that was playful thing between gura and mangement right?
you might as well be spreading old rrats at this point instead of numbers

>> No.14041312

What's the point of the shitty EN clip channel? It barely gets any views, and even if it was popular, it sure as hell wouldn't attract any meaningful audience to actual member channels. Also, does Cover just pockets revenue from it, however meager it is?

>> No.14041400

it gets as much views as a regular clip channel.
is doing fine but not spectacular.

>> No.14041444

Yeah and that's the right call isn't it? You don't want to deal with negativity and toxicity. Its better to ignore rrats and negativity than to take it seriously like kiara and aqua no?

>> No.14041474

I've been saying this a lot but VA is her strongest point. She could narrate a story, comic or 4Koma as shorts for content but she won't. Instead, wanting to do some philosophy stream or some shit. The same goes for Sana who doesn't want to do Drawing streams but can't innovate for shit on her astronomy streams. The thing about this streams is that it needs constant engagement. Do polls or something or do something like what Ame or ludwig did where chat spams left/right/up/down to control something on stream.

>> No.14041504

> it would be cool to numberfag the sales between these two
Hololive wins on this department. Chart anon already shared the sales between the two TCGs, you can check the archive.

>> No.14041511

Yeah, but what's the point of it? Those clips aren't making themselves, somebody has to comb the streams and edit, and it ain't free.

>> No.14041518
File: 215 KB, 640x729, poki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What content quality?
Half the time she barely speaks, her gameplay is awful in any game, and her interactions with all holos besides mumei and gura is as stiff as the tone of her monotonous voice.
She adds nothing of value to Hololive besides a cool voice and a decent audio setup.

>> No.14041563

hey get ready to make another thread

>> No.14041587

They're reusing clips from clippers lol

>> No.14041697

> What quality
If you think that's bad, then it will get much worse. Like a total silent. Her output is pretty low compared to others, and trying to squish more from her will get you nothing.

>> No.14041702

it measn that you are also missing on your fanabse positives and creations.
that is kiara's point. You need to have a thick skin to do this job at the end of the day
im almost sure kawart is the one maing them
i disagree i do think Kroni is one of the most orginnized holos and satrted building a nice dynamic with her chat. Hence te bond levels.

>> No.14041770

35k between Iroha and Subaru, not bad at all for this timeslot

>> No.14041830

Could be used as reference points. A learning experience. You can make as many theories as you want, but things won't be the same practically. HoloEN includes clips from previous streams during their biggest event, and they did wonders.

>> No.14041962


>> No.14042005

1k waiting for the phasmo collab. And it's an hour from now. 20k is doable. Maybe 25k?

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