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Chloe hit 500k subs in 6 days, that's 11 days faster than Gura. Just a reminder you WILL kneel to her along with the shark.

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The only reason you watch her is because of Gura
Respect the pioneers that made it possible.

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just like how baelz is the gura killer right bro?

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I was already kneeling but thanks Chloebro.

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Seems like not a false alarm this time

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When's the last time Gura managed more than 30k viewers in a non collab bro?

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This community disappointed me so much. Cunny should be at the top.

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Gen 6 really seems to be a break out success, contrary to what people have been saying and pushing the idea that vtubing will experience a decline.

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JP and EN are not comparable.

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Numberfagging on debut should be bannable offensive

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>gura walks by on Minecraft
>JP branch starts sucking up to her
>Omg she's so cute
>Is that gura "Kawaaiii"
>"Oh Gura!!!"

Gura is natural talent manifest, and everyone knows it, everything she does is second nature and is always a hit

Gen 6 however, is hard work and calculated planning, the difference between both is that Gura can be as lazy as she wants and not even try, but her talent and personality will carry her regardless, that's how big of a buff she has knowing she's one of the only Vtubers with 100% compatibility with her avatar.

Gen 6 will eventually get tired of what they're doing, and fizzle out like any other gens, While Gura and her Genmates remain the Lightning in a bottle, that Cover Corp will always try very hard to recreate. You can't replicate nature, only copy it; by then it's a question of how long.

By the End of it all, She me be an Orca, but Gura remains the Queen of the Sea, and a princess or Atlantis.

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Sakamata "The Gura Killer Killer" Chloe.

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I'm not numberfagging you fucking retard.

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>Gura is a lazy fuck who is carried by her design and the initial EN hype
Rare for a chumbud to admit it but props for having the courage to do so

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What do you think happened during Gura's first month?

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She just said sharks are stupid animals! holy shit! oh no no no no no no! gura on suicide watch! numbers dropping at this second, call 911 now! Shots fired! Do not redeem

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You know there's already a thread for her right?

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Interest on her is dwindling though. They are not the shiniest new thing anymore. In a year or two, she's gonna be like Kizuna Ai.

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it doesn’t bother me. I still love watching gura

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have people considered that Chloe's incline is related to the "literal Gura Killer meme" instead of her own talent?

It's part of the joke. Mumei's roommate could theoretically do it if she had the exposure.

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>Respect the pioneers that made it possible.
If any of you idiots did that you wouldn't be making these shitty threads

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Why bring up Gura when IryS did it first?

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Yes but it’s not enough because she needs NUMBERS. More Chloe threads please.

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Why did she kill my nigga ankimo?

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Because IRyS leveled off

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It hasn't even been a week yet retard
>during Gura's first month?
Key word: Month
It hasn't been 7 days and you're jizzing over her numbers when she hasn't even had to chance to stabilize yet
Its feels like a bunch newfag numberniggers all flocked to this board when HoloX debuted

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>100% compatibility with her avatar

Shit that hits hard (feel free to screenshot), I didn't really give it that much of a thought; Gura's compatibility with her avatar is so high she basically fits her avatar more than her irl self.

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Based zookeeper

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>Kizuna AI says something in chat
>JP branch starts sucking up to her
>Omg she's so cute
>Is that Kizuna Ai? "Kawaaiii"
>"Oh Kizuna AI!!!"
Kizuna AI is natural talent manifest, and everyone knows it, everything she does is second nature and is always a hit
Gen 6 however, is hard work and calculated planning, the difference between both is that Kizuna AI can be as lazy as she wants and not even try, but her talent and personality will carry her regardless, that's how big of a buff she has knowing she's one of the only Vtubers with 100% compatibility with her avatar.
Gen 6 will eventually get tired of what they're doing, and fizzle out like any other gens, While Kizuna AI remains the Lightning in a bottle, that Cover Corp will always try very hard to recreate. You can't replicate nature, only copy it; by then it's a question of how long.
By the End of it all, She me be an Orca, but Kizuna AI remains the Queen of the Virtual World, and a princess of Youtube

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All the girls kill their mascots, where's bloop lately?

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Chloe cultists we won all hail Chloe

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>In a year or two
I like your optimism here, anon.

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Orcafags are becoming the most obnoxious and insufferable fanbase at unprecedented speeds. Not even nutsagis are this obnoxious and that's saying something.

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I just subscribed, Orcacoin will moon

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>Shark is the strongest and Orca is raising on the tiers
Is this the hidden meta?
will the next big holo be a dolphin?

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>Implying Kizuna has Cunny and English Buff

The only thing they have in common, is that Gura has a VA substitute now

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Why are other Holofags seething at her? Because they expected La+ to be the dominant breakout star of the gen?

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Chloe is a fucking complete alpha of a Holo. She is showing up all the lazy entitled bitches in its ranks who want everyone to stream like 3 times a week to make themselves not look bad in comparison. She'll stream 3 times a day. Do I expect her to keep this up for long? No. But she is making a fantastic use of her honeymoon/hype period like no other Holo in history.

The lazy ones don't want a Holo to raise peoples' expectations for the rest, and have imprinted that on a bunch of their viewers. Chloe is not like Council starting off with 3-4 streams a week and acting like that's hard. You say she isn't worth the subs? Your faggot oshi isn't worth hers if she gives you half or a third the content of the others and expects you to praise her for it and pay her the same for it just because you are in love with a pretty picture she voices. Fuck that, grow some standards, the Orca will take you in gladly.

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Reminder that Ollie got to 200k faster than Gura too. But where is Ollie now and where is Gura now?

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Wow, so she's Irys tier?

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They have a lot of subs. Kizuna AI is irrelevant though and Gura is soon to follow her.

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The JP branch doesn't like/watch Gura. They just like her design. Some holos have already started saying that La+ is similar to Gura, that should tell you they only look at Gura's design.

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Why so based

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I can't help but respect Chloes hustle. Love her or hate her the girl has game and is maximizing her opportunity. Personally I love to see someone who really wants to succeed in whatever they're doing and works hard to make it happen.

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You know this isn't good for your oshi right? People are shitposting like crazy about her and the first thing you do to counter that is gloat about her numbers? That will give birth to more schizos and actual discussion about her once everything settles down will be impossible... But that's what you'd expect of shitty EOPs anyway, it's not like you fags will keep watching her anyways.

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>Only see Gura's Numbers
>Fixed that for you

She's a walking 4 million subsz atop the vtubing industry

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>The JP branch doesn't like/watch Gura

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2 months from now - Chloe struggling to break 10k CCV during her buff streams.

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I had this exact thought today. I feel like laplus is taking it slow to not show everyone up but chloe is not.

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Both sides respect what she’s been doing even though one of them doesn’t like it. She’s an exceptional case in Hololive’s history from a business perspective and will probably set a new standard for newcomers moving forward.

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2 months is too much anon, 2 weeks.

>> No.14045911

I always find it funny when EN fans try to talk shit about JPs using CCV. When was the last time Gura broke 30k solo?

>> No.14045921

Chloe is working so hard because she has too, as everyone says "respect the hustle" yeah but I hope she's lucky and this pays off for her when monitization comes because other Holos are actually securing their futures (Haato, Mumei, etc.) If streaming fails some of them will have degrees to fall back on what will Chloe have?

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You're thinking of HoloEN

>> No.14045944

>most of the subs are "lol orca eats shark"

this isn't sustainable. Check back in on 1-2 months.

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It doesn't matter SEA who will never be Japanese, there is no such thing as bad publicity, let the shitposters, no lifers and schizos comes, there are legit newfucks who still might not know Chloe exist and all they're doing to her is providing more views and numbers.

If you truly don't like something or don't care about it you wouldn't bother bringing it up

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>tfw you legitimately likes Orca-chan but the constant bait threads and falseflaggers completely foster hatred in people

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Every EN aside from Gura averages on less than 10k CCV so I don't know what you're talking about lmao

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>2 months
It'll be in a month, she's already fallen into the 20-25k range
The saddest part is same niggers jerking off about her numbers now, will being calling her failure in a few months, same shit happened to Council
Literally a few days ago retardchama, try to keep up

>> No.14046192

I remember muimei was called the "gura killer" when she came out, but I had no faith in that.
Chole may not surpass old schoolers like Pekora or Gura, but she will definitely cement herself as one of the top 5 biggest Vtubers.
Her design always pop out to your eyes, she's just too appealing, and she's managing her hype in a clever manner. She was born to this

>> No.14046270

>Unarchived Karaoke
>Only 35k
Every buff possible and still lower than the average Pekora Pokemon stream. How the mighty have fallen. I'm curious about what her last archived 30k+ solo stream was though, I went scrolling and couldn't find one in the past few weeks

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16 days ago*
With an unarchived karaoke stream, her most popular content by far.
For a game stream it was 3 months ago.

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True, but are the cumbuds really going to watch the JP talents if they're not already doing it so? At best they'll watch the clips. Doesn't make much sense to try and leech from her when there are better JP options.

>> No.14046379

Pekora had more 30k+ streams in november than Gura had all year for some perspective.

>> No.14046403

Its over for you anons, I'm sorry to say this but those who genuinely like her have drawn the short stick.
Its now people hating her against falseflaggers who are gloating in the faces of said people, making them hate her more.
Soon any mention of her would end up as a veey unpleasant experience, which is pretty sad

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I hope that HoloX being so strong out of the gate will sharpen up other Holos and reinvigorate them a bit. A little healthy competition never hurts.

>> No.14046415

>It'll be in a month, she's already fallen into the 20-25k range
For her 7am zatsudans...
She'll get 50k+ for Undertale tonight guaranteed

>> No.14046485

Jesas...Marine and Pekora get over 30k fairly regularly you'd think the MOST SUBBED VTUBER IN THE WORLD GAWR GURA could manage a 30k stream once a week.

>> No.14046552

You'll make the cumbuckets real mad if you keep pointing out Gura is underperforming like that

>> No.14046577

These bitches can't handle competition, how many of them cried during the Mario kart tournament? Some of them recently had a fucking meeting just because they were jealous of the new girls.

>> No.14046588

Good thing that my favorite from holoX is La+, and all shitposters migrated to orca.
Undertale isn't a number game until you get to the end or until you're stuck at Sans for 30 hours. Honestly she should play something like Ace Attorney since she's great at doing voices, and Ace Attorney was a huge buff for Miko so I think JP fans like it.

>> No.14046598

im so happy for my witch

>> No.14046619

>N-no that one doesn't count!
Jesus Christ what a goalpost move lmao
Live CCV bug doesn't fuck with JP numbers as hard they do EN and ID
for real perspective Gura has mogged Pekora in VoD viewers despite the Pekora often having 10k more live viewers

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>for real perspective Gura has mogged Pekora in VoD viewers
This is actually a lie, if you average the last 30 VOD views for both Gura only wins by a 9k difference. Pekora has 50m more VOD views than Gura in 2021 and that includes Gura's extremely popular songs.

>> No.14046838

>N-no that one doesn't count!
It counts but it's just sad that for all the crowing Chumbuds do about how Guras unarchived Karaoke used to hit 120k views it can only just barely crack 30k these days and no other content she puts out can do it. Pekora gets 30k for eating a burger lmao.

It wasn't a "week" ago though unless a week spans half a month now and it's the only one to do so in 3 months.

>> No.14047271

One word: Minecraft. However HoloX might not be able to get o there ASAP depending on if they consider it collabish or not due to the one month period.

>> No.14047342

>Pekora has 50m more VOD views than Gura in 2021 and that includes Gura's extremely popular songs.
You failed to factor in that Gura didn't stream for like half of this month while Pekora streamed nearly everyday
Lets look this on a case by case basis for example their first pokemon stream
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSX63Ttrgo4 (26,913 / 30,361) total views 710,349
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr04FgBOpdM (22,739 / 27,447) total views 807,223
What happened here?
I know what happened youtube hides the true CCV and just doesn't count a large amount of viewers

>> No.14047376


That's how you sound retard

>> No.14047381

>Good thing that my favorite from holoX is La+, and all shitposters migrated to orca.
Based, she's not my oshi or anything but she's definitely my favorite of the bunch, actual talent rather than being carried by crappy moeblob

>> No.14047475

>It counts
>*Proceeds to write a paragraph about why it doesn't count

>> No.14047479

Compare their 2 most recent Pokemon streams please, I need to get another laugh out of you.
The fact is that if you want to watch Gura play pokemon you have like 2 streams to choose from, so you go with the first. Meanwhile with Pekora you have 120398120938, so people just don't go back to the old ones.

>> No.14047489

But I tributed to her on day 1.
I could never fap to gura.
This makes chloe superior and eventually will mog gura in subs.

>> No.14047564

Chumbuds have gotten increasingly delusional in their mental gymnastics needed to pretend Gura is the #1 chuuba. It's quite the sad spectacle.

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I thought Gura was faster.
Chloe-san really is the chosen one then

>> No.14047590

>It doesn't count because Gura is a lazy fuck who barely streams
Interesting coping strategy but I don't think you can hold it against Pekora that she actually does her job and Gura doesn't. Frankly it just makes it even more impressive Pekora can consistently hit those benchmarks day after day while Gura can only manage them once every couple of months

>> No.14047632

Oga said she was dangerous. My first reaction was 'Oh fuck you she's awesome'. Then i realized what he meant and understood exactly why he said it. She's like the Beyonce, or whatever you kids call the stadium-filling pop-stars these days, of v-tubing. After swearing her off after maybe the second stream I went over to check out her English stream and it's scary how calculatedly charming she is. I tore myself away and felt like I'd dodged a Siren.

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Of course fellow zookeeper

>> No.14047696

The fact that Pekora has almost the same VOD views as Gura per video when she streams literally 4x more than Gura is not the point I think you were trying to make.

>> No.14047724

Y-You don't understand! There's a secret Youtube conspiracy to lower Guras CCV and only Guras CCV! She actually gets 40k every stream! Really!

>> No.14047793

That could be it. I love Chloe but I was expecting her to be the Sana of gen 6 if it wasn't Iroha.

Chloe's boom in popularity came out of left field, even for the people looking foward to her.

>> No.14047831

I want her to steal my soul and make me her slave

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>she basically fits her avatar more than her irl self.

That one karaoke stream where she's singing Reflection from Mulan and things got too real so she had to stop mid-song and catch a breather

>> No.14048073

Guras thing was being the only loli.
Now that Laplus exists, she will take her place. Especially when Laplus can speak japanese.

>> No.14048074

>The fact is that if you want to watch Gura play pokemon you have like 2 streams to choose from, so you go with the first
Holy cope
Look at their most recent streams
Pound for peko loses nearly time

>> No.14048125

For Gura's subs she should be able to routinely crack 100k on bigger streams like karaokes etc. She isn't completely dead in the water as she still is far above most Holos statistically. The thing is, a lot of JPs with like a third her count often match or exceed her 10s-20s count. So she looks like what should be a Ferrari getting paced if not beaten by Mustangs and BMWs on the road.

I heard on the grapevine that sharkmeido changed discord PFP over to Chloe... I think it's over for Gobble Goomba as a hype thing. EN is I would not say on a recline really but simply leveled out, Ina/Kiara/Mori numbers have not gone hugely up or down the last year. Gura and notably Ame reclined a fair bit. They aren't doing a lot to grow their audience but keep what they have on a treadmill.

Council though, is a real failure story, like 3 months in Kronii struggles to hold a third of what she once had for audience. Break after break after break, 3 streams a week laziness etc.

>> No.14048195

I've been anti-chloe posting for hours. I don't even care about her desu.

>> No.14048259

Perhaps the same could be said of all religions...

>> No.14048277 [DELETED] 

Since when those Holoshits speak about new Holos? That faggot better shut up before I become a anti and set a bot on his already dead chat.

>> No.14048302

Iroha is actually super super fucking cute in her regular streams. Her debut was boring for sure but I am so glad I gave her a shot for Jump King, she's a worthy addition. She is also probably the most talented Minecraft Holo and that is her ace up the sleeve. Nobody else outright said MC is one of their fav games in her debut as in, she likes working on redstone contraptions. Don't count her out yet.

>> No.14048389

>Chloe hit 500k subs in 6 days
That's like 1 day faster than Irys. Look at where she is now.

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>For Gura's subs she should be able to routinely crack 100k on bigger streams like karaokes etc.
Subs are NOT related to CCV at all.

>> No.14048413

>JOP's are reduced to Pewdiepie-tier subbing vs T-Series.

>> No.14048433

>I heard on the grapevine that sharkmeido changed discord PFP over to Chloe
Is that fag still around? I thought he got eternally BTFO by the mods making him a complete laughingstock

>> No.14048436

why do people even care about this shit? the only thing that matters is if they're whores or not, it doesn't look like gen 6 has any mumeis or faunas so its a win

>> No.14048502

Gen 6 has Koyori

>> No.14048545

she's a whore? i'm unaware

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>Y-You don't understand! There's a secret Youtube conspiracy to lower Guras CCV and only Guras CCV!
How do you guys who STILL don't think the CCV is bugged explain the wild ass dependencies in shit like Like to viewer ratio, Poll votes being larger than CCVs, VoD views nearly doubling CCV or counited sub growth? Like youtube has outright acknowledged it existed nearly year ago and still hasn't done shit to fix it

>> No.14048615 [DELETED] 

Past week for both:
> Pokemon 560k 6 days ago
> Pokemon 720k 5 days ago
> 1 hour challenge 280k 4 days ago
> Pokemon 590k 3 days ago
> Pokemon 410k 2 days ago
> Minecraft 460k 1 day ago
> Pokemon card opening 280k 10 hours ago
Gura (will be generous and give her a few extra days):
Collab with Kronii 440k 10 days ago
Pokemon 520k 8 days ago
GTA V 420k 1 day ago

>> No.14048627

chloe is a 1 month wonder

she will not sustain this viewer numbers after the initial hype dies down

>> No.14048678

Now you have to accept that Amouranth is a bigger streamer than pekora because she has more watched hours, since context doesn't matter and there's no explanation why a 6 hour vod would generate relatively more views than a 4 hour one.

>> No.14048687

Past week for both:
> Pokemon 560k 6 days ago
> Pokemon 720k 5 days ago
> 1 hour challenge 280k 4 days ago
> Pokemon 590k 3 days ago
> Pokemon 410k 2 days ago
> Minecraft 460k 1 day ago
> Pokemon card opening 280k 10 hours ago
Gura (will be generous and give her a few extra days):
>Collab with Kronii 440k 10 days ago
>Pokemon 520k 8 days ago
>GTA V 420k 1 day ago

>> No.14048737

honestly we'll just have to wait and see. I won't doubt anything anymore.
so far she seems to be playing all her cards right. probably sold her soul to the devil or some shit for real

>> No.14048740

don't give a damn about it.You numberfags are the equivalents of Lebron James nuthuggers fapping over his stats.

>> No.14048746

I will watch who I choose to, faggot. I kneel not to the entertainers.

>> No.14048769
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>Its feels like a bunch newfag numberniggers all flocked to this board when HoloX debuted
Perhaps because they are attracted to number explosions

>> No.14048770

Irys got that kneejerk reaction, breath of fresh air shot for the EN audience craving any new Holo.

JP is getting that now with HoloX, it had been more than a year since Gen 5. However Chloe's model is way way better than Irys' and that makes a difference for sure.

The other thing is Irys pretty much sailed off a cliff for a while in growth, but is one of those cases where pure personality tanked through her janky model and people realized as a streamer she is really really watchable - moreso than most Myth and Council girls. So she has slow and steady wins the race type thing going - people here panned her hard on debut but eventually warmed up. HoloX has a reception reminding me somewhat of Myth, as an immediate "wow what great hires" instead of the tepid into "wow some of these roommates are shit how on Earth did Cover fuck this up" into a self fulfilling destiny of most of them being very lazy and break prone and not really feeling into this beyond a 9-5 thing.

>> No.14048801


>> No.14048847

>Like to viewer ratio, Poll votes being larger than CCVs, VoD views nearly doubling CCV
All of these are explained easily by viewer churn. Very few people actually watch an entire stream from beginning to end. Almost the entire viewerbase of a stream will turn over every 30 minutes. Every person who leaves then returns later for at least 30 seconds contributes a second view. People are constantly leaving and entering streams. The new viewers hit like and vote, old viewers who have already liked and voted leave. Explains everything you said without needing to dip into any conspiracies about CCV culling whatsoever.

>> No.14048860
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It's justqnother numberfagging thread

>> No.14048884

The difference between VOD views per video for Gura and Pekora is not that big and Pekora absolutely obliterates Gura in viewership across the board AND she streams a lot more. Why is this so hard to accept?
I have no problem with the ethot being considered the #1 female streamer by the way, hers is a household name at this point unlike both Gura and Pekora.

>> No.14048968

Chloe strikes me as a former 2view who is so fucking giddy to actually have people watching her that she wants to stream as much as possible. It's very cute.

>> No.14049005

The point being that early performance should not be conflated with long-term gains. Someone in HoloX hitting 1M in 40 days or less will be the make or break point.

>> No.14049050

This is also La+, she replies to LITERALLY every "good morning" message she gets when she wakes up. She sent out hundreds of ohayous

>> No.14049066

I love how you cherry picked out Pekora's smaller numbers lmao, how disingenuous
Last 5 streams for Pekora
>pokemon: 599k
>getting over it 284k
GTA5: 429K
pokemon: 525k
DMC4: 309k
SSBU: 448k
Minecraft: 661k
Oh jeez looks like Gura is consistently higher

>> No.14049079

Whats chloes previous life?

streamer? youtuber?

>> No.14049106

Holy fucking meds

>> No.14049133

>last 5 streams
Pekora streams every day you fucking moron, the streams are much more recent of course they'll have less VOD views than 10 day old streams.
Cumbuds are deluded.

>> No.14049183

>cut out right before Pekora's 720k Pokemon

>> No.14049204

>man who plays basketball with high proficiency also has good stats
>this is somehow a bad thing

>> No.14049242

With that singing voice likely an utaite?

>> No.14049248

Now post how many time ago each stream happened, you miserable fucking retard.

>> No.14049268

Damn. Is Gura starting to lose viewers? What happened?

>> No.14049307

Chill bros...they just debuted...
Let's see in 2/3 month
Why numberfags are like this ?

>> No.14049340

>Numberfagging should be bannable offensive

>> No.14049401

>Muh jordankiller

>> No.14049424

Weak rrat, stop it .

>> No.14049441

Yeah, it's fun to shitpost for now but it's only after a while that we'll be able to see if Chloe is another Gura, or another Irys. All people can do for the time being is shit on each other, none of it has any meaning until we see where it goes long term. And don't get me wrong I think Irys is great and I continue to like her personally, but I can't deny that she fell off massively and hasn't seen anywhere near the same level of success as Myth despite that initial burst of subs. Everyone subbed to her all at once and then... just left. I think the VTuber bandwagoners are leaving. All that's left is the true devotees.

>> No.14049457

>>man who plays basketball with high proficiency also has good stats
>Fails eyetest horribly
>literal statpadder
>has more losses than wins in the finals.

>> No.14049465

Of course she's faster, after gura broke the speedometer the 1M milestone became expected rather than hyped, the orca is being hard carried by her avatar which, in terms of actual quality, completely bodies the shork MSpaint hoodie.
Watch the board break as the novelty wears off and she settles around 1M

>> No.14049479

>Play debuff games
>Be ill for a week
This isn't even Gura's lowest point which was like 7 months ago.

>> No.14049489

Indie vtuber for 3 years. She likes singing a lot and used to do frequent long utawaku.

>> No.14049522

Lol what the fuck people on the anime girl youtube board actually watch basketball, I don't know jack shit about basketball and just posted some shit. What the fuck. Who even watches sports.

>> No.14049609

too bad that my peak oshi is Coco as well as her other incarnated self and there is no other VTuber that can replace her at all for all time

But dont worry, i'll watch your oshi for the fun of it and maybe stick around if she's worthwhile

>> No.14049647

Kroniisisters... is it over?

>> No.14049688
File: 1.85 MB, 1242x1448, 1634017808367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All of these are explained easily by viewer churn
It really doesn't explain shit like pic related
I was baffled when I saw this live
Keep in mind this stream literally did not budge past higher than 5k viewers yet the poll got triple the amount of votes
This is just one of the few example of polls vs CCV that I got screen shot of
The idea that 9000 people, opened the stream, voted for an option and then left quick enough to not be counted as viewer sounds fairly ridiculous

>> No.14049741

Jesus what the fuck is this thread about anymore?

>> No.14049764

I'm actually starting to think there's a conspiracy. I get bombarded with Chloe clips in my recommendations and I don't even watch her. I have to dig for Laplus clips which is what I want, and they aren't infrequent, they're just not being shown to me. Also worth noting that the purging ended right before Chloe debuted.

Someone with power at Youtube is trying to dethrone cunny.

>> No.14049813

The cute orca

>> No.14049864

>It doesn't count because Gura streams less!
This literally contradicts the argument you were trying to make earlier lmao >>14046724
Face it already, if Gura streamed everyday she would still beat Pekora
Retardchama? I literally addressed this already >>14047342

>> No.14049894

Pekora has had an amazing month with pokemon, FBK too, they deserve that.
It reminds me of the first minecraft buff.
But the fact that Gura with 20k ccv actually matches the vod views of streams with 40-50k CCV and twice as long is strange to say the least.
It's well known that her audience mostly watches vods since it's so spread out around the globe.
Context is important. IMO both of them, Marine and now Chloe are definitely at the top, if FBK manages to incline with her pokebuff she will be back at the top too.

>> No.14049921

>Who even watches sports
This lol, i supposed overweight mordibly obese or people who can't physically play it themselves

>> No.14049982

I wish

>> No.14050030

I almost forgot who gura was until this post

>> No.14050405

>But the fact that Gura with 20k ccv actually matches the vod views of streams with 40-50k CCV and twice as long is strange to say the least.
It's literally just because her viewers aren't being counted, we've known this for almost a year since Youtube passed an update that gets rid of "spam viewers" and it disproportionately effects EN and ID vs JP
We don't know what counts a "spam viewers" though
Theories have ranged from people who use Adblock to all Hololive accounts having their location set to Japan while not actually streaming from there causing YT to think they're bots

>> No.14050416

It could be part of it, but just like Gura shot up from her meme, Orca is too.

>> No.14050543

if only

>> No.14050579

>40 minutes ago
At 4.2k viewers that looks about right for the number of viewers you'd expect to be moving through over that time period.

>> No.14050627

Yeah there's a certain CCV cull, but her vods still have a longer lifetime than the norm, they get quite a few views even after a couple of days, which is weird for a vod.
It's fine if people don't watch her live as long as they still watch her, and her average views are still going strong so only schizos think she "reclined"

>> No.14050691

>The idea that 9000 people, opened the stream, voted for an option and then left quick enough to not be counted as viewer sounds fairly ridiculous
Nobody is saying that. People open and leave streams all the time. It's not the same people watching the entire stream through from start to end. When a stream hits a stable viewer mark that's not because people have stopped joining it's because the rate at which people are joining the stream has reached equilibrium with the number of people leaving the stream. If you don't even understand that you're in no position to be arguing about viewer culls

>> No.14050732

I respect her and think she sings really well. But I can't keep up with her streams, god damn there are a lot. I want to see all of them... this is hard.

>> No.14050735

>Pekora has 50m more VOD views than Gura in 2021 and that includes Gura's extremely popular songs.
Considering that Pekora has almost four times as many VODs as Gura I don't think that's something to be proud of.

>> No.14050810

Go back to your containment thread

>> No.14050817

He was always around, /vt/ is his darling. He went into "speak softly and carry a big stick" mode after his own mentor backstabbed him about this time last year (that was what fucked up /jp/ until this board was made). If I interpret it correctly it looked like a power struggle, the old mod trying to stay relevant / exert dominance by being a dick to him and /jp/. Sharkmeido jiu-jitsu'd that meddling on /jp/ into getting /vt/ made. You don't hear that side of it - the antis lost. Sharkmeido had nothing to gain or prove by gloating about victory in public.

There was a mod we could see on IRC as being openly anti-vtuber period who said sharkmeido got BTFO, but that was in between the intervening time before /vt/ got made and he went related quiet after that - whatever happens behind the scenes, the faggot anti mods lost. It was the /qa/tards that were the ones cheering on the antis and tried to project that all mods were all on their side. They got BTFO too, their board killed off.

>> No.14050839

What happened to Council was just a shame.
I remember all the coping we got from their defender's
The Vtuber hype is dead
The Covid is reclining so they're is less people at home and etc
So why the fuck is gen 6 mogging them Council direct seniors where the first gen to get 1million for all members and these incompetent fuck cant even properly use all their senpais succes at their advantage.
They barely stream,always take break and werent doing anything to grow the hype no song release,no drawing stream,no original concept idea(The multiple bae series is very cool but a little too late)What a disappointement

>> No.14050940

CCV doesn't translate to money, mid-roll ads of archive watchers are. Gura is smart for this specific matter, her vods aren't too overwhelming to watch, but CCVfags are gonna jerk off to the numbers no matter what, can't forbid them. also gura is the queen of membership, you can't keep up with everything.

>> No.14050949

Sharkmeido was a fucking faggot and if that's true it explains why /vt/ is so shit and why people get posts deleted for the most innocuous reasons. Dumbfuck thought /jp/ was his personal fiefdom and got btfo out for it.

>> No.14051074

>What happened to Council was just a shame.
The lore shit ended up backfiring. They're ported to be these "gods" but in actually they're ordinary humans like the rest of us. Quite frankly, no one's really impressed by that.

>> No.14051140

It didn't backfire, they just didn't utilise it in any meaningful way.

>> No.14051201

>Meanwhile; Sana sits at less than 300k and shes been active since August

I will never not be mad at her glacial sub growth

>> No.14051210
File: 539 KB, 1242x512, ED3A9BE3-E573-47A9-B433-2C58C4BBB80B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even the first.

>> No.14051283

Based IRyS mogging chumdump

>> No.14051334
File: 21 KB, 223x370, 1624924836396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Don't have a horse in this numberfag race"-chads, post your oshi.

>> No.14051351

Irys flatlined after that. Chloe won't. 1 mil by years end.

>> No.14051648

>Pekora: 440,511
>Gura: 538,897
That's not a 9k difference.

>> No.14051694
File: 737 KB, 640x1246, shark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about you but ccv cull actually looks real

>> No.14051803

>Streamed 2 weeks ago
Anonchama...What does 2 weeks of VOD views prove?

>> No.14051863
File: 227 KB, 1192x1685, 1625176455598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14052012

>Two vods with the same length and vastly different ccv get the same views at the end.
vods don't usually grow after the first couple of days. USUALLY.
>Ignoring the first example
Don't cherrypick

>> No.14052036

Until him /jp/ was I am pretty sure for all its history a black sheep to the mods including moot himself - /jp/ having an actual mod is in of itself recent in the board history, "meido" only ever used to mean janitor. Newfags won't understand, but sharkmeido's /jp/ is paradise compared to years in its past. You would only know if you lived through the jones/sion/tokiko bullshit why /jp/ got so harshly moderated, it was anarchy and unusable without that.

Consdiering how dickish mods usually are I think he is actually very friendly as far as mods go. You want other mods to force their say in? Kinomod tried to force "everyone can literally flood the board with dox" on /jp/, ruining both vtubers as a subject and /jp/ itself. You can go ahead and not like meido but we probably would have been lolcow tier if other mods had their way. You take for granted not everyone on this site likes this topic and show much worse many other boards here are.

>> No.14052071

>When a stream hits a stable viewer mark that's not because people have stopped joining it's because the rate at which people are joining the stream has reached equilibrium with the number of people leaving the stream.
Yeah I and think you're vastly over estimating the amount people who leave and join during a stream
This stream only went 1:38 and peaked at 4.7k while averaging 3.7k
The idea of 9000k people all joining and exiting before getting counted sounds far fetched
Keep in mind this happens fairly often to EN and ID
I don't have screen shots but I have archives
This is Kronii doing a poll during Karaoke
This Mori doing a poll during Jump King
It seems like seems like youtube make concerted effort hide the true CCV for EN and ID (probably JP too but I haven't been able to catch them doing a poll large discrepancies)
There probably more examples of YT fuckery but these are just most recent in my memory

>> No.14052209

Yeah Sharkmeido was based imo
If you hate him then you're probably one of the fags who responsible for /vt/ being shit

>> No.14052359

Capping her one month break with "if you thought I shouldn't have done that, fuck you tee-hee" is not exactly a way to catch up in growth.

She streams like a beast now sure but she still was shot in the foot from the start. When we were going only off their models predebut, she was already getting mogged before any of them had said one word.

As the Japanese put it, the issue is not "her skin is dark" per se but that her design is just ugly to them (as well as many of us too). The face doesn't look like it matches, the planet hair things look too big and goofy, her mascot thing is an ugly doodle etc. On talking her accent is very thick and her mic is not very good either, making her a little hard to hear and understand. I hadn't thought about it until it was posted out her but ESLs may be put off by that combination and that may have some merit if even I as a native don't always clearly understand her.

>> No.14052445

It should be this shit board might be better then.

>> No.14052588

He was a faggot who tried to sanitize everything and turn /jp/ into reddit lite. The period where he got BTFO and the chains were released was the best period on the board.

>> No.14052855

Hey bro you're not allowed to talk about that "rrat" or else you'll get punished.

>> No.14052934

>He was a faggot who tried to sanitize everything and turn /jp/ into reddit lite
t. doxxnigger
The period where he got BTFO and the chains were released was the best period on the board.
That period was fucking awful, the worst /jp/ had ever been
/qa/ was raiding the board literally every fucking day, doxxthreads where all over the board, vtubers were being spammed outside their generals, the post quality in /hlg/ and /hlgg/ was in the dumpsters along constant doxxposting
If that global mod UwU wasn't such a retarded faggot and didn't make sharkmeido take the boot off those nigger's necks while arguing in favor of doxposting /vt/ wouldn't needed to created

>> No.14053093
File: 104 KB, 1920x1080, 1637814319836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God DAMN how man one anon be so based??? Orca CHADS where we at?

>> No.14053191

>/qa/ was raiding the board literally every fucking day, doxxthreads where all over the board, vtubers were being spammed outside their generals, the post quality in /hlg/ and /hlgg/ was in the dumpsters along constant doxxposting
You should be used to that if you're an oldfag who was forged in the fires of /b/. You are, aren't you anon?

>> No.14053222

The fact anyone actually thought that hell month was a good thing only means he is 1000% justified to tard wrangle so harshly.

The egg / orcschizo adventure revealed the lengths and depths that antis go, after seeing that I have truly no sympathy for shitstirrers getting handled like the tryhard manchildren they are. The hardcore antis aren't even vtuber fans in the first place yet are obsessed with trying to force and control board opinions single handedly. They simply don't merit a place at the discussion table and he is right to try to deny them safe harbor.

>> No.14053291

So still doing better than Ame, then

>> No.14053316 [DELETED] 

The only people mad at the "doxxposting" were KFP who are still eternally asspained the wrestling video got posted everywhere. Otherwise it was a complete nothingburger and frankly calling someones PUBLIC persona that exists on social media "doxx" is so fucking retarded it defies belief.

>> No.14053378

>The egg / orcschizo adventure revealed the lengths and depths that antis go
QED. Neck yourself chickenfaggot

>> No.14053466

That means, Chloe now has the record to 500k

>> No.14053516

I'm falling for her bros...she actually did her EN reps and sounds cute as fuck...and y'know actually fucking streams unlike the lazy EN Fucks, minus IRyS

>> No.14053632

*cracks knuckles*
Time to screenshot all these posts so I can have a cringe compilation ready for when her numbers hold steady.

>> No.14053741

Chloe seems to actually be naturally kinda funny. Several stream moments got an actual chuckle out of me which few vtubers really do. Her Daru voice changer bit was gold

>> No.14053787

>The only people mad at the "doxxposting" were KFP who are still eternally asspained the wrestling video got posted everywhere. Otherwise it was a complete nothingburger and frankly calling someones PUBLIC persona that exists on social media "doxx" is so fucking retarded it defies belief.
So you're just a retarded doxxfag, thanks for confirming why Sharkmeido was 100% justified in hammering down on you retards

>> No.14053884

Her English just fucking makes me melt, it is not even a little bit fair. It's at a point of having a cute accent, but not one so thick you can barely understand her like Haachama or Miko, and she has enough vocab/grammar down to talk a bit on the fly.

Being able to read to and directly respond to a random speaker of chat in English -without- reading the message badly at kindergarten speed and pausing to deepL it? It already puts her above basically every other current (aka non Coco) HoloJP besides Haachama. Her pronunciation is way better than chammers' too, I have no idea how she had never improved on that despite fucking living in Australia for years.

>> No.14053925

If you think Kson doxxed Choco and Mel you're a retard and if you don't then you're inconsistent.

>> No.14054101

>If you think Kson doxxed Choco and Mel
Two totality different things retardchama
The fact you that's at all comparable really goes to show just how low the average doxxfag IQ is

>> No.14054115

she will dump you filthy eops like garbage once she moves to stream on the JP prime time

>> No.14054122

What exactly was she doing in the English learning stream? I skimmed through it and she didn't have any visual aid up or anything, she was just talking next to her chat. What exactly was she doing in that stream to learn English?

>> No.14054275

She was playing Taboo. She had to describe an animal without saying its name and chat had to guess what animal she was describing.

>> No.14054282

>Two totality different things
No it isn't. You think a vtubers other public personas are super secret information to the point where mentioning it out loud is "doxxing" like talking about fucking Voldemort and Kson was openly doing a stream with them both not even bothering to hide what was going on and had 20k viewers because of it.

>> No.14054373

Hachaama is the eigo equivalent of Mori with Japanese but really her eigo voice is a character act and just like when she speaks in Japanese she speaks incoherently ok purpose most of the time.

>> No.14054417

Mmmmhhhhmmmm... we must be very careful... Nootchloe....

>> No.14054462

*on purpose

>> No.14054515


>> No.14054768

I doubt it, alot of the incline is EN related and if you look at pekora you can see it doesn't keep up after awhile.

>> No.14055057

>No it isn't. You think a vtubers other public personas are super secret information to the point where mentioning it out loud is "doxxing"
The fact that I have to explain to you there's a world of difference between a vtuber having a different persona and you being aware of said persona.
And actively going out of your way to connect the different personas, posting (often deleted) photos or videos of their IRL selves or bring up things that happen in their personal lives in regards to their vtuber persona, is why mods like Sharkmeido just bans you dumbfucks on sight

>> No.14055139

Orcucks would you kindly keep your retardation to one thread. We don’t need 6 different bait threads

>> No.14055262

Not mentioning a vtubers other identities is merely vtubing etiquette. It's certainly not "doxxing", it's manners like me refraining from calling you a dumb nigger even though you clearly are one.

>> No.14055400

Gen 6 are all working hard people. Just look at their schedule after debut, they know how to grind, where to grind, and damn good about their grind. Maybe after 6 months, they will calm down, let's just see.

>> No.14055404

I have watched this little tête-à-tête for a while now and this remark has made me decide to step in and say this: The other poster is right, and you are wrong. You are very wrong and particularly stupid.

>> No.14055423

it's gaslight time bitches

>> No.14055497

>Actor plays a role
>Look at other roles they play
>Nooooo you can't do that it's doxxing!

>> No.14055565
File: 1.29 MB, 480x246, 1634604028465.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

came here to shitpost against holoEN, got a rich history lesson about primordial /vt/,
good read.

>> No.14055603

Most Holos actually welcome their Hololive audience to their roommate streams. The idea that knowing it is "doxxing" would imply that it's bad or nefarious and that seems to be refuted by the fact many if not all Holos welcome their Hololive popularity bleeding over to their roommate activities. Mori has never publicly shown any dislike or distaste with her other channel getting views.

>> No.14055618

it's not the cunny's fault that Chloe is a monster

>> No.14055650

What she does on her solo career is no longer under Holo rules/jurisdiction at all. You do understand that, right?

The "creative differences" 110% meant "they wouldn't let me show my bare ass on stream :((((" aka distinctly un-vtuber like behavior. I feel sorry for anyone who thought she was anything other than an ethot basic bitch. She correctly deduced her kind is not a good fit for Holo and hence, fucked off, she is the one person you should NOT cite to try to prove anything about vtuber standards about IRL shit.

>> No.14055651

>It's certainly not "doxxing",
No it's still doxxing, especially when you retards often do it from a place of malice, or post old shit that's been deleted they don't want you to see, or bring up shit from their personal lives specifically for the purpose of using it as ammo to shit on the vtuber personal
One thing doxxniggers love to do more than post doxxshit is to argue semantics and twist themselves into balls doing mental gymnastics about how their "not really" or "technically not" doxxing which is again, why mods just ban you on sight

>> No.14055706

Lui also seems pretty good at English. Her pronunciation is even better than Chloe's but she's pretty humble about it. It seems like Cover went out of their way to hire a couple people with actual English talent this time around because they understand how good it is for their numbers. And looking at how good Chloe is doing, that was a great call.

>> No.14055748 [DELETED] 

Like I said the only people who give a shit are KFPcucks who get upset at Kiara's old exercise videos getting posted.

>> No.14055752
File: 519 KB, 483x624, 123123t5676543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha me too, but thats only because of how good chloe is, lapi does impromptu streams, twitter spaces and other shit, while chloe is more content oriented
orcas are really lucky, omedetou for the great catch

>> No.14055777

Malicious gossip is cruel, but I don't feel it should be equated with sharing someone's private address.

>> No.14055798

>Licking the jannies balls over reddit style moderation
We got a live one here

>> No.14055864

Posting someones address, name, phone number and other personal information is doxxing. Linking their publicly accessible twitter account is not. This is common sense

>> No.14055918

>Malicious gossip
With those standards finding their address through facebook connections would not be doxxing either because it's "publicly available"

>> No.14056013

>no actual argument
>Just deflecting and bring up KFP out of nowhere
Ebin, now fuck off to your doxxcord faggots

>> No.14056046
File: 208 KB, 1792x633, 1614551404465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The way you keep bringing up KFP over and over again, I wouldn't be surprised if you're the basket case from this image, still salty about getting caught.

>> No.14056088

is kind of like saying that saying something pathetic on this board is gay but you shouldn't call them faggots

>> No.14056091

Haachama didn't have any friends so low interaction. She was also bullied for being immigrant

>> No.14056095

lmao they run right into each other with their cope

>> No.14056135

lmao haha if I say lmao a lot it means I'm not seething please believe me lmao

>> No.14056282

I mean, if you want to do reductio ad absurdum, sure, but people use the word far more liberally than that. It doesn't sit right with me when doxing is something that can endanger people.

>> No.14056335
File: 625 KB, 1170x710, 1636756969756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

could it be that not showing direct hate for your fans, working on being cute for them and actually streaming is some cheat code for sucess?

>> No.14056376

It's also not relevant to their vtuber content or selves either as they don't directly intersect fmto each other for the vast majority of tubers. Vtubing is a semi-anonymous thing fundamentally, some attention whore ethots try to blur that image these days because they are in this for money and attention and actively trying to degrade the whole thing down to their levek. However the gist/spirit of this whole thing is they are distinct entities and mods enforce that distinction here.

To boot, on /v/ if you tried to make a thread about I dunno, what PewDiePie was doing or fucking years before he was an eceleb, or any IRL drama with him today that is outside his content and had nothing to do with games? You'd get banned. Mods have always had a dim view of irrelevant gossip about ecelebs. This goes back maybe a decade here. It simply continues their leanings here, that and not wanting this place to just be kiwifarms. Doxfags tend to be antis and antis do not generally have much actual legitimate discussion about vtubers. There is no point pretending they would do anything other than seethe and rant 24/7 which would make this place just inviable for actual vtuber fans hence a total sham and future legal liability if some uktra-mega-egg from a bad-timeline dystopia doxfag version of this place, went and fucked with someone IRL. Mods are not going to give that kind of shit an opportunity to fester. It doesn't matter if you think you are sensible and responsible about it, way way too many people really fucking are not for it to be worth it.

>> No.14056414

Millions of dollars

>If streaming fails some of them will have degrees to fall back on

Let's see if Mumei streams less than Ayame then, that will indicate if she is working to get that experience in her field or if she decided to throw it all for her Holo career.

>> No.14056434
File: 405 KB, 1097x1071, 1633907612956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

la+ and gura will need to git good to claim the top

>> No.14056558

Boohoo. Everything here is done from a place of malice. This thread was done from a place of malice.

>> No.14056595

It hasn't even been a week, I really hope you guys are not expecting this momentum to continue indefinitely. Hell, HoloX are already slowing down with each consecutive stream getting less CCV than the last. For comparison, Gura maintained 30-40k streams all the way to December when Youtube did the whole "spam views" bullshit.

>> No.14056637 [DELETED] 

Refer to what >>14055918 said
Biggest case in point is probably Gura, doxxniggers back tracked one persona's account, to find another persona's account, then searched though several deleted post to find her real name, then using her name to backtrack to an old ass facebook account she had as kid the featured personal photos of herself her family (sometimes in front of her house where her address is visible). The most common doxx picture of her is actually from when she was still a minor and there are now entire discords devoted to analyzing said photos to "learn more about her" or some shit
But I guess under your semantics that doesn't really count as doxxing, now does it? XDDD

>> No.14056689

It's not a rrat, it's just a joke.

>> No.14056719

She is actually treating her job as a JOB, something many Holos fail to do, especially fucking sana.

>> No.14056722
File: 49 KB, 750x326, 1623617096685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking cute

>> No.14056756

Stop falseflaging you faggot

>> No.14056778

Didn't her singing stream get like 45K views? That's a fuck load for a Holo with just 400+K subs.

>> No.14056836 [DELETED] 

That dox is so weak, I actually don't even think it's accurate, especially in the light of all the stuff Gura herself said in her streams over the year. Hell, she even sounds nothing like her supposedly younger voice whatsoever. Doxniggers are making bold logical leaps and forcing conclusions to feed their egos is nothing new either.

>> No.14056837

>I really hope you guys are not expecting this momentum to continue indefinitely.
Still work to do like flpping Kronii and Irys.

>> No.14056947

>check out her English stream after reading this post
>Get sucked in
I think I found out the hard way I'm a sucker.

>> No.14056974

It's funny you say that, I was actually thinking she was treating streaming like it's her job. Which it actually is. Now some Holos have been blessed to have a great job on top of Hololive somehow, so I get why they don't put the work in. But working for Hololive is such insanely good money that I honestly don't understand why there aren't more people like Chloe doing multiple streams per day every day of the week. You can legitimately sit in front of the computer all day doing nothing but playing video games, or shooting the shit with the randos in your chat. And you make more than you do working in a hell job like retail.

>> No.14057024

Flipping them to what? The Japanese branch? What?

>> No.14057035

It's just fucking depressing what the western Hololive fanbase has become
any success is simply an opportunity to shit on other vtubers, even in their own company

>> No.14057036

Yeah, the only thing Chloe is guilty of is taking vtubing seriously and making everyone else look like a lazy shit. She did her little English stream today at what, 8 or 9 AM her time, just because she could? She cares way more about this than the others. Isn't that what people wanted more of after Council acting like it's pulling teeth to do 3-4 2 hour streams a week? Am I in fucking crazy town seeing people get mad at someone for putting in an effort for once?

Who is really in it "just" for the money, the girl who streams 6 hours a week or the one who does 60 to make maybe somewhat more? Ultra long hours do NOT scale up to ultra income, Coco and Rushia mogged the shit out of Holos who streamed twice their hours no problem. If you have a bunch of gachikoi set, then the lazy ethot thing to do is string them along with as little effort on your part as possible, cough Kronii cough Sanadogdied. Not to devote a large chunk of your waking hours to streaming. The content is made for who? You. Chloe wants (you), really really really really badly.

>> No.14057043

She's a proper numberfag and will give it a good effort, but she's gonna hit the wall eventually. She'll never be able to hook the algorithm like Gura being JP only with very rudimentary EN ability.

>> No.14057055 [DELETED] 

Don’t forget that they also contacted her brother for some reason. Not even her friends and family were sate from that shit.

>> No.14057116

It even bled into Nijisanji, the NijiEN thread is just a bunch of Holobronies doing the same number shitposting and shitting on the JPs from their own agency.

>> No.14057200

You do have to keep in mind that anything you see on /vt/ is not representative of the general vtuber fanbase and most people are actually loving this. /vt/ is like some sort of bizarro funhouse mirror world perception of vtubers.

>> No.14057223

Korone managed a few times, but those were isolated incidents, and I think that is specifically because of the way she can communicate in such a imaginative way with such a limited vocabulary. Chloe just talks like a kindergartner. It's cute, yeah, but meh. It's not memetic.

>> No.14057296

Where have you been? People were shitting on Ai-chan back in the vyt thread, SEA esl’s are the ones that can’t act like civilized people online.

>> No.14057307

Chloe has ambition and the work ethic to match. She's mogging EN left and right and it's understandable that's going to cause a lot of seethe here

>> No.14057324

And Korone and Fubuki and Pekora and everyone else has fizzled out, because they can't speak or stream in English. It's gonna take another EN vtuber to dethrone Gura.

>> No.14057337 [DELETED] 

Fuck off retard

>> No.14057384

This or one of them take a course each in English and zoomer memes

>> No.14057638

English is really hard to learn for japanese, Korone had a personal tutor for a long time and still didn't get to the level she could stream comfortably in it. Well all know Haachama's troubles. No vtuber has reached English fluency after starting below that as far as I know, in the lifespan of the vtubing genre. Pochi is probably the quickest learner I've seen and she still started with a decent grasp on the language and still wouldn't be classified as fluent now.

>> No.14057709

can't two of the X girls speak english at a basic level at least? chloe mentioned something about studying for months to try and cater to eop

>> No.14057899

I barely see that there but whenever their numbers approach HoloEN there's gloating. We live in a society where we have moved on from celebrating achievement to discounting achievement to mocking anyone who doesn't reach extreme levels of achievement

>> No.14057937


>> No.14058066

Yep. Chloe is going to dethrone Gura.

>> No.14058250

So, what's the verdict on this gen? Since you fags are probably ultra autistic about it, I assume you've already checked them all out, both roommate and the vtuber content.

Considering both roommate and non-roomate, how do you fags feel about this gen?

>> No.14058301


>> No.14058316

Lui also knows a bit, but I have not seen her talk much in it yet.

Many of them say they "know a bit" but that is really flexible a definition. Maybe "a bit" to them is like how most Americans had a few years of Spanish or French in middle/high school - could they talk much in Spanish at all anymore? Probably not. It's like that for the Japanese only worse, because probably half their time learning was just how our spelling and alphabet rules work. Our spelling and grammar are utterly alien concepts to them, while we started off being able to intuitively read/write Spanish and could get right into grammar and vocab. They maybe it fucking rough.

All that being said, Chloe actually seems to be able to read, comprehend and form sentences in talking in English far far better than most Holos. Her pronunciation is not at all perfect but it is actually understandable and sounds practiced as a distinct effort to sound right with how our consonants work - that is far above what damn near any HoloJP has done ever. Usually their English sounds like a cute party trick where they sound ridiculous but know it and and laugh about it and say sorry. Chloe ain't having none of that shit, she wants our attention, she's got it. If she gets actually decent that would be fucking incredible to see, a truly world-beater top tier Holo.

>> No.14058364

I don't spend 24 hours a day on /vt/ or watching chuubas (I know there are people here that actually do) so I'm asking you fags what's the verdict on this gen considering roommate and non doxx information

>> No.14058422

all roommates except the brat have thick bush

>> No.14058435

Nothing remotely as bad as Council's if that's what you are getting at. They be clean, standard JP tier. This, is why EN is bound to fail. Pretending that doesn't matter is pure high quality artisanal cope.

>> No.14058469

Definitely the best part of Chloe's success is seeing the seething of all the people who were just the other day spamming the board saying La+ was going to be the Gura killer. I love when people are so confident and then they get destroyed and are completely proven wrong.

>> No.14058521

Well, I'm pretty sure at this point everybody knows that most if not all ENs are the "yabe" SJW shady past types in real life so the people watching them aren't that affected

>> No.14058973

subscribers, the thing we were talking about, ESLchama

>> No.14059004

You do know that Chloe can meet the same fate by the end of the month, right?

>> No.14059236
File: 25 KB, 275x260, naki kamizuki uooooooh sob.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well said, friend.

>> No.14059468

It depends on if she's a JOP or not, if she keeps up english reps

>> No.14060709

Oh, you spelled flopping wrong so I thought you were talking about flipping and I was thinking, what is this idiot on about. Now I see you're an idiot for a different reason. BOOM!

>> No.14061155

Uh... guys? I'm trying to find clips of the ENs talking about Chloe but I can't find a single thing. Are they pretending she doesn't exist because they feel threatened by her and don't want to give her any extra attention because they're worried she'll pass them in subs?

>> No.14061341

Gura said in latest members stream that she looks more like Venom than an orca, and that she doesn't even have a tail.

>> No.14061803

of course, nigger

>> No.14061843
File: 314 KB, 640x617, asdsdfwqa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14062484
File: 11 KB, 652x608, 1612734416163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14062640

Newf** doesn't know how to quote lol.

Here's how you do it, idiot. >>14061155

>> No.14062766

Western women always encourage eachother to have a work life balance instead of grinding extra hard few a few years so you can live a comfortable rest of your life. Holomyth pretty much drilled into Council that they should constantly take breaks and " be kind to themselves" aka impulse spend on dumb shit like how Kiaras constantly going on expensive trips. The end result is Councils barely made an impact if at all on the scene. They've been reduced to Guras little playmates instead of shining as individual talent.

>> No.14062809

Stop touching grass.
Stay home.
Watch streams.
Simple orca ass.

>> No.14062909

Stopped reading there. >>>/pol/

>> No.14063748
File: 45 KB, 426x412, 1638187438057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14064017

why the hate for Sana? she was gone for 1/3 of November and still streamed nearly twice as much as all other council members, ina, ame or gura

but for Chloe i agree, its refreshing to see someone put in the work to stream and actually get rewarded for it

>> No.14064102

She's trash. You're wasting your time watching that.
There's literally thousands of vtubers out there, you don't have to waste any time on her.

>> No.14064329

You didn't watch the actual stream did you? She literally said "sharks are very intelligent". The video is out of context

>> No.14064404

great for you, but that got nothing to with the topic, sana mogged over half of EN by a landslide while being away 1/3 of the month when it comes to streaming time yet she is called out as the lazy one.

>> No.14064448

She will slow down soon because she's an eleven.

>> No.14064484 [DELETED] 

I'd rather watch my movie backlog than waste my time on that arrogant seanig

>> No.14065168

Saw that guy posting the exact same thing for Ina the other day, he seems to have that response on copy paste for any time someone asks him to explain himself. I wouldn't take him too seriously. I think he just hates anyone connected to Ina.

>> No.14065189

>The video is out of context
Of course it is. It's OtakMori. He's famous for deceptively editing and translating videos to stir shit up.

>> No.14065256

is she going to be the tank of the gen? what is it about her that attract so much shitpost?

>> No.14065348

>what is it about her that attract so much shitpost?
Her success. Same as Gura.

>> No.14065411

I have increasingly withdrawn from my real life friends and stopped hanging out with them as I watch more vtubers. Is this really the correct path?

>> No.14065438
File: 564 KB, 1200x1001, 1606948101979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same shit happened to Gura in her first few months.

>> No.14065479

I haven't had real life friends in many years and VTubers have saved me from the loneliness of not having friends while also having advantages that friends do not have, such as being able to pause them and walk away or just not listen to them if I'm not in the mood that day.

>> No.14065485

No idea who this is nor do I want to know. I only watch Gura.

>> No.14065519

Yes. Until you end up a shell in your 40s but that's a while away yet so just enjoy.

>> No.14065520

Time to make another thread shitting on this whore since it's almost at bump limit because she deserves every speck and shred of hate she gets

>> No.14065585


>> No.14065665

Why exactly anon?

>> No.14065686

I tried reading that post in Lamy's voice but my ears inside my mind hurt from her high pitched voice.

>> No.14065701
File: 403 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot from 2021-12-04 05-44-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chloe unmasks for the first time (animation):

>> No.14065762

That is nice actually.

Alright I guess I will so I can claim to be a day one member of Lapulus

>> No.14066496

Don't forget to post the link, as is customary for generals.

>> No.14067158
File: 296 KB, 1024x1024, 1611674045284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah. Now I know where I recognize Chloe's art style from.

>> No.14067180

The real question: When will Chloe's numbers taper off?

>> No.14067247

Some mascots are good, others aren't.

>> No.14067462
File: 359 KB, 549x569, 1637115969190.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my oshi is already making fun of your fake whore KEK

>> No.14067582

Beatani just says whatever people tell her to say.

>> No.14067888
File: 3.84 MB, 800x449, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a chumbud i kneel to no one but the shark, and I know no one is any threat to my shark as of right now.

>> No.14068234

I think it’s just fair today that HoloEN has lost their shiny new toy status and will just fade into obscurity. I mean 4/5ths of myths roommates are becoming more active , so they know the writing is on the walls that their time is up.

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