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>(スパチャ読み不要)離婚届、申し訳ないねねち他のVTUBERに心を奪われてしまった、哀れな私を許してくれ。配信から今まで楽しかったよ(これからはただのメン限解約とツイッターコメントなるべく控えるだけ)、復帰おめでとう!Hololive 3rd Fes.は応援しますので素晴らしいステージで頑張ってね、自分の気持ちは基本期生大好きです!ねねちの健康心配ですがお大事に~、これからも頑張って"ね.ね.先輩!"

*(No need to read the spacha) divorce papers, sorry Nenechi, I lost my heart to another VTUBER, forgive poor me. I've had a lot of fun from the beginning of the distribution until now (from now on I'm just going to cancel my membership and refrain from commenting on Twitter as much as possible).
Congratulations on your return, I'll be supporting you at Hololive 3rd Fes. I'm worried about Nenechi's health, but please take care of yourself, and keep up the good work. Take care of yourself "Nene Senpai!"

The competition for fans within hololive is in full swing.

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It is to be expected. Streamers are expected to stream.

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Some faggot piece of shit sent a superchat to Nenechi to announce the end of his support for her? Fucking why? What an autistic piece of shit.

Hey autists, how about just not watching/supporting a vtuber anymore without telling her? Why the fuck do you have to announce it like some breakup? Fucking mental illness japs, I swear.

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fucking attention whore just fuck off

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I fucking hate nips with a burning passion, ever since the haachama incident I have this urge in me to violate those disgusting manlet NEETs
And they just keep getting worse and worse, 2 nukes were never enough.

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Why would they send this when Nene is having health issues, why do they need to let her know about this.

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And they say EN fans are bad. JPs are disloyal or too vocal in their betrayal.

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I know japs are autistic as fuck but I can't help but assume this is all some sort of coordinated attack since gen6 seems to have started some drama and the usual groups are taking advantage of this to start a fire.

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It's the closest these losers will ever get to a "relationship" so they want to play it up

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Holox was a mistake

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Another victory!

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>the pasta
it’s literally
my sides

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JP fans will literally stab her or throw acid on her face if they find out who she is. Many such cases. It's why we really shouldn't be finding out who the girls' roommates are.

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Name and shame

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this isn't the first time it happened to nenechi right?

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Imagine if Rushia received a superchat like this

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That's just anti on full swing, it happened to Sasaki too
Fuck these shits. Nene love

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It happened once, Rushia cried and fandeads immediately doxxed him.

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Based nip

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What a fucking dick. Joke about that on your board if you want, don't actually say it to them.

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Portugeuse... Why are brazillians like this

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I don't think an anti would donate 2000 yen to say that in most cases but I guess it's money worth spending if it starts drama to vtubers they hate

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Based fandeads

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>Fucking why?
that's how parasocial relationships work

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A portguese (brazillian) speaker sudying Japanese.

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You really underestimate nip antis, they even falseflag as specific gachikoi fans using their icon and username to tell the vtuber they started to dislike them. They WILL spend money just to stir up shit.

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Anon check the link above, he watches a lot of streams so I don't think it's an Anti.
People are genuinely doing this

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Still not as worse than that Pajeet who filed a divorce paper akasupa just to be with Rushia.

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I'm going to save Rushia, I just want her to keep posting those morning tweets she do, they are always so good, I don't ask for more

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>Cancelling membership to go support another chuuba instead of just having multiple memberships
Fucking pathetic.

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Nenechi shoots people who ask for a divorce, which is good news because I hope this guy is dead. https://streamable.com/6euufs

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>Prefer to cheat on your wife instead of straight up talking to make things clear and to not hurt her feelings
You're ironically more pathetic.

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Fortunately Nene is a stacy she won't be affected, unfortunately the same can't be said about her crybaby bitch of a genmate.

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Based, if you're going to anti might as well dedicate yourself to it, I'm annoyed by this board's half-assed antis

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I wonder who this will happen to next, Polka or Botan?

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The shitty fags bought haachama merch just to break it, some even went to the length of making bootleg ones, break it and post it on titter for her to see.
The absolute state of those fags is just repulsive, the jp girls are too good for them.
Send them the EN girls to put them in their place, imagine Amelia getting a SC like that, she'll literally piss in his face before he gets crucified by her fans

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Imagine what that would do to Polka

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an anti did a red superchat to botan recently too

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>look myself up on this thing
>says I'm worth 0 superchat when I actually superchatted 20 bucks
>active in 4 chats when I'm in tons of chats and didn't even mark me as present in my oshi's chat where I am 80% of the time
Wtf is this website.

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Probably fake then based on this. I don't see the OP chat anywhere in their history.

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Oh no no no no....

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The guy has multiple memberships, I feel this is like
>I changed oshi
>I would feel bad if supported half-heartedly my prev oshi
>Better leave completely than being a filthy DD

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I remember Mega64 used to turn comments like these into Shakespearian skits just to btfo of people who left stupid comments like this on their videos.

>> No.14049076

You say that like Nene is a slut or something

>> No.14049097

Same, I feel like it's missing a good amount of chats. Don't even see any karaoke emote spam I've done.

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Fandeads I kneel

>> No.14049219

If it is fake, someone should DM the person asking if its then nd saying someone's faking them otherwise. They can understand English according to their twitter.

>> No.14049251

It caught a good morning I tossed in a chat 5 months ago but 0 karaoke spam, 0 chats in my oshi chat, and like 1 comment in a VSPO chat

>> No.14049267

good one

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Those people deserves nothing but a death sentence

>> No.14049362

He's now taking to Twitter to apologize for this behavior. >>14048397

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>hololive killer

>> No.14049444

Damage is already done

>> No.14049513

>just 1

Eh every Nene husband is expendable, if you really think about it

>> No.14049518

The dumbass..

>> No.14049621

Seppuku on stream or it's not accepted.

>> No.14049642

I was once able to get a Twitter account locked of a dude who posted something like this in Rushia's chat just because I mass reported his account. Still not sure how it worked but I'm glad it did because fuck that guy

>> No.14049645

Just fucking leave quietly, holy shit

>> No.14049650

This youtube account was only active since the 1st of December

>> No.14049690

Some people get off on that little bit of power they have in the parasocial relationship. Works especially on menheras like Lamy or Rushia.

If I tried to pull that shit on Ame or Gura, for example, I'd get a Who? at best.

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As expected, the autist hasn't really apologized for his behavior. He doesn't even appear to understand what he did was wrong and why. As expected of the mentally ill, he is just apologizing for making people mad at him and only because he got caught. He doesn't even appear to be apologetic to Nene at least. Japanese autists are next-level.

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He isn't even Japanese, it's a fucking Brazilian

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Holy based, waiting for the Ayame version

>> No.14049803

>Being caught
>Fucking superchats this
Sure anon

>> No.14049807

Oh even worse. A spic who wishes he was Japanese. Brazilians are fucking awful too, if this wasn't already evident by Brazilians going "HEY CAN YOU GIVE A SHOUTOUT TO YOUR BRAZILIAN FANS" in vtuber live chats.

>> No.14049817

please don't make Ame look like she's some 3DPD facepisser concert whore from some while ago.. she is far, far above that sort of trashy attitude

>> No.14049844

Do those fags even have the money to spare and send a chuuba?
I thought they were all piss poor

>> No.14049866

>It's the closest these losers will ever get to a "relationship" so they want to play it up
If it's not a relationship why does it affect the talents so much? Why would you care about some random internet name that's only text on a screen? I'm starting to think that maybe some of these women have an attachment to those they perceive as their biggest gachikoi.

>> No.14049889

come to Brazil

>> No.14049895

This topic is relevant
Given an audience, it is inevitable for people to shift favorites to and from. As long as Nene is aware of that too, she'll be fine.

>> No.14049917

Or a Lamy version where the guy also mentions he's quitting alcohol.

>> No.14049918


>> No.14049920

>is on hiatus right now because she had a mental breakdown

>> No.14049969

She's overworked retard

>> No.14049979

imaging paying $20 to get attacked by a twitter mob

>> No.14050031

I didn't mea it literally anon, I meant that her attitude with them would be as if she pisses on his face.
Like someone else here said, the most they would get is a "who?"

>> No.14050111

Don't say mental breakdown like that. It'll make people think she got overly emotional over some trivial bullshit. She was overworking herself to the point of exhaustion and severe anxiety and she couldn't eat or sleep. Unlike Sana who took a whole goddamn month off because her "dog died" Nene was suffering classic clinical symptoms of actual stress. Same with Korone, although Korone also had some other physical symptoms going on.

>> No.14050132

I hope i could intimidate someone by telling them to "visit my country"
fucking pussies in here would flinch if they ever see a real human being

>> No.14050150

She was like that a year ago. Right now she's punished Ame, she would cry and apologize.

>> No.14050238

Either you're very rich or you're piss poor. There's almost no middle class in south america.

>> No.14050248

I'm worried a little bit...I think I do get off on the power but in the sense that I cherish that somebody would trust me with their heart like that and all it does is fuel an intense desire in me to never do anything to hurt them and protect them
I'm probably toxic in my own way but I never wanted power to flaunt I just want to believe that I'm a good enough person to trust and good enough to be loved and that I'd never hurt anybody who would let themselves become so vulnerable to me. I'd rather die than hurt her. But isn't that still getting off on the power? It doesn't influence my day to day but I always think about how I behave online to make sure I never hurt her and that's 100% because of this feeling of her trusting "us" and in a sense me. I don't know anymore but faggots like the spic in the OP are my worst fucking enemy

>> No.14050286

Hah, I am worth $63 you loser

>> No.14050331

I hate superchatting, but I've spent ~500 usd on merch in 2021...

>> No.14050367

And why do you think they were overworking themselves, anon? Or did you not watch her mengen from her first few months?

>> No.14050396

the jappy is not happy

>> No.14050417

Mine only has $6000 of my $9500

>> No.14050514

I was just kidding, it's caught 9 out of like 50 of my SC's and I've never SCed more than 20 so I dunno where the number comes from.
Also 6k chat messages, I feel like that is pretty accurate but maybe its a shitton more

>> No.14050527

How menhera is Lamy?

>> No.14050599

I definitely have over 1k chat messages but for some fucking reason it only shows 20, it's baffling. I've sent over 30 chat messages today, even, due to being in a karaoke chat.

>> No.14050622

I don't watch her but if I had to guess she's a more mellow rushia I guess? She's what you'd expect of a GFE, not as extreme as rushia but still professional at it... Please take that as you may

>> No.14050748

Not very, she's just sensitive. The word has lost its original meaning thanks to newfags.

>> No.14050769

None of my numerous super chats to my oshi or the dumps I've given to triple digit whos
Just a couple bucks to random holos from months ago
The fuck is this shit

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File: 3 KB, 254x141, fag1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate it, makes it obvious that im an idiot.
Only 20?
It has atleast caught that im active in 23 channels.

>> No.14050803

I want this to happen to the motherless fuck that did this to Lamy too

>> No.14050876

She has a massive inferiority complex due to HoloEN being a smash hit, and Gen 6 revived that trauma.

>> No.14050877

During that fujo drama they were doing this to Marine

>> No.14050919

>''Oh no, someone said something I didn't like on the internet, so go ruin his life/swat him to death!"
Women were a mistake. I hope at least one of her fans are schizo enough to stalk and rape/kill her.

>> No.14051010

Brazilians are not spics anon

>> No.14051030

I did watch them and it's not like what you're trying to make people think it is you autistic anti.

>> No.14051045

If someone isn't being tasteful and minding their manners with what they say, their tongues should be pulled out of their mouths and their fingers cut off.
You probably think you're sooooo edgy telling people to kill themselves on here right?

>> No.14051061


what are they then?

>> No.14051118

cute anon

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>> No.14051168

>14050919 (You)
>implying the she told them to go after him

>> No.14051239

sure they aren't, brazilian

>> No.14051257

>retards were doomposting Gura and Pekora with loss of fans
>it's Gen5 that actually got hit
Numberfags know nothing, it seems.

>> No.14051293

First they came for the yukimin, and I did not speak out—because I was not a yukimin.

>> No.14051296

t. Brazilian

>> No.14051313

No, mr retard, I just have a brain. I remember my oshi got SCs that were problematic, either her or the mods deleted it, and she didn't read it. Your menhera could do that instead, not trying to ruin the life of someone. My only wish to you is that one day your oshi dislikes your comment to the point that she sends her schizo fans after you and you get doxxed.

>> No.14051349

As someone who does watch her, this anon is right; >>14050748

>> No.14051414

>hurts chubba
>gets hunted down by said chubba's fans
>"Why are you hurting me?"
The fault is at the faggot who sent the SC in the first place, don't twist it and make it seem like it's Nene's fault.

>> No.14051456

You actual fucking retard, first off she didn't sic anyone on then they did it out of their own goodwill.
And it was fucking deserved, why would you ever send anything that even has a hint of malicious intent to your oshi?? You probably don't watch any streams and just shitpost on this board don't you? Fucking fag

>> No.14051491

I mean, they were colonized by Portugal, not Spain. Spic is used for people who speaks Spanish. You can put the name you want to them, for me they are called macacos because "SOPA DU MACACO" meme, but objectively they are not spics

>> No.14051493

Talk shit get hit

>> No.14051524

Gura ain't losing shit to Gen 6 we__ all are EOPs.

>> No.14051528

Are you being ironic on purpose?

>> No.14051602

>Says being edgy is bad
>talks about cutting of fingers and removing tongues

What did anon mean by this?

>> No.14051618

That's why I said women were a mistake, but two might be women as well then. HE FUCKING SENT MONEY TO HER, HE PAID HER AND THERE WAS SOME WORDS WITH A FUNNY CONTENT SHE COULD EVEN IGNORE. If I gave you 50 bucks and call you a faggot online that would be "harmful" and "hurting" and deserving a doxx? Did you just come from twitter?

>> No.14051748

>women were a mistake
>his mom is a woman
What did he mean by this?

>> No.14051766

Yes it is

>> No.14051790

They aren't heartless bags of testosterone they actually have feelings you know.

>> No.14051847

Have you ever consider these nigger do this for the attention?

>> No.14051871

>only women can care

>> No.14051902


>> No.14051929

And instead of not giving them attention, the streamer gave them especially what they wanted.

>> No.14051954

those kind of retards deserve more than doxx

>> No.14051978

Getting shat on Twitter? Yep. 20 bucks well spent I'd say

>> No.14052085

That's what society seems to believe

>> No.14052150

Odds that he’s a chloefag?

>> No.14052224

the streamer didn't do shit, nene's not streamed in 3 weeks you mongloid.

>> No.14052236

His profile picture is the loli

>> No.14052249

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say 99% he's a shitty chloefag
By the small off chance that he's not, there's still that 1%

>> No.14052252

I'm talking about Rushia from the start you dumber than most.

>> No.14052286

You do understand that Lamy didn't read hers either right?
She read it silently and cried because she's just sensitive, people in the chat deducted it by themselves but she privated the VOD and I think she cut off the bit where it happened

>> No.14052327

Is this all this drama because of Chloe. Damn i might sub to chloe, queen of the rrats.

>> No.14052332

Holohoes are really damaged goods.

>> No.14052375

>GFE provider
>Mentally sound.

pick one.

>> No.14052383
File: 5 KB, 194x194, 1636834803170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow 2000 yen that's like 15 whole dollaridoos, we got a high roller over here.

>> No.14052421

I also moved on from my number 1 and will be learning to be happy again at Lui's channel from now on

>> No.14052426

Honestly I'm so fucking tired of normalfags in Hololive JP. I'd bet that if you asked the Hololive girls if they could reduce their usual audience to like 30% of its usual size but its all gachikoi with a steady flow of new viewers who are going to become gachikoi, most of them would take that deal.

>> No.14052435

But how is everyone so normal and mentally sound in this industry outside of hololive? Is cover meant to be a mental institution so the virtual streets of youtube are clean?

>> No.14052444

Literally no actor, singer or entertainer at large wants to be told they're old news and the new kid on the block has upstaged them and their time in the sun is done. For Nene, who was just building momentum before getting kicked while Gen 5 in general had a lot of bad luck, it's a dick move.

>> No.14052452

No one cares about your grievances tranny.

>> No.14052481

What's the deal with Chloe anyway? Is she just stealing that many hearts so easily?

>> No.14052489

>abandoning your oshi for the most soulless hololive gen yet
Could never be me

>> No.14052526

She's not, she was happy to have Japanese kouhais (en and id don't count, lamy is very much a patriot). Mostly it comes from clipfag retards because of that one clip where people were saying they were fans of other holos and lamy said she was ending the stream and demanded an apology (this was a joke). She wasn't serious but when dealing with autists, they literally can't tell.

>> No.14052545

Dangerously based, could never be me either

>> No.14052554

Yes, it is the final yab and Yagoos end goal.

Sorry you had to find out this way.

>> No.14052580

Rushia also didn't do shit, fandead are just psychopaths.

>> No.14052587

Isn't Nene on a break? She never could've gotten the sc

>> No.14052603

Well yea, they are losers. That part is a given

>> No.14052687

Streamer is like audience.

>> No.14052733

She has a waiting room open for her next stream

>> No.14052738

literally came back to tell us she's fighting off mental health

>> No.14052823

>I'll be back on youtube at 8pm Japan time on December 5th!
>I've been battling a mental illness.
>I'm still fighting, but I'm over the peak and I'm back!
>I missed you all so much!
>I hope you'll join me for many more fun experiences!
>What I'm about to deliver is my first 3D at home!
>It's absolutely adorable, so come check it out!
>I'm sorry that this is like a publicity stunt.
>But I really wanted to tell you guys!

>> No.14052842


>> No.14052960

Shes cute and is new on the block, personally i like her but i know once she starts yurishitting ill just unsub.

>> No.14053010

yea right retard, just say you cant understand them

>> No.14053031

Translated by DeepL by the way.

>> No.14053091

Most of the menhera in Cover have long streaming records as 2views even before they achieved moderate success. The people who are normal and mentally sound quit streaming to twenty-fifty viewers after two years of no growth, because they feel like they're wasting the best years of their life on something that will never pan out, never mind the few viewers who like watching them, and never get the resume that Cover is looking for.

>> No.14053100

Imagine being a dick to Nene out of all things, couldn't be me.

>> No.14053141 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 1166x234, nenemem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally, I set a limit to how many memberships I have at once and will drop someone I don't watch to member someone I am. coincidentally...

>> No.14053181

Okay but Rushia loves those psychopaths so what does that say about Rushia

>> No.14053198

She didn't read it yet then. A mod will delete it hopefully

>> No.14053219
File: 28 KB, 1170x289, nenemem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally, I set a limit to how many memberships I have at once and will drop someone I don't watch to member someone I am. coincidentally...

>> No.14053258

Damn this is really one of those “who asked?” situation

>> No.14053295

I used to do this too, but then I realized I could just swap the memberships I don't care as much about into ARS.

>> No.14053413

The EN branch was the originator of all this schizo bullshit.

>> No.14053460

>mental illness
What's wrong with her? Did she get raped or something?

>> No.14053503

>They don't know why Hololive is called Yagoo's House of Broken Dolls

>> No.14053537

Every single superchat is a who asked situation

>> No.14053546

It's translated by DeepL idiot. She just had stress and anxiety.

>> No.14053610

she was raped twice in an anime

>> No.14053631

Stress and anxiety from getting raped?

>> No.14053654

Maybe she's a method actor.

>> No.14053794

Literally just new pair of tits as far as I can tell. Otherwise pretty generic

>> No.14053909

Based Shariah Law abider. Inshallah brother

>> No.14054038 [DELETED] 

First is Wamy and now is Nene...why I started to think is the gen 5 girls fans being mogged here...i hope is Rushia lol

>> No.14054149

First is Wamy and now is Nene...why I started to think is the gen 5 girls fans being mogged here...i hope next is Rushia lmao

>> No.14054163

JP's are feeling the weight of the job, several hd to take breaks to recover, their mental and phisical strenght is not what it was, and in the middle of that, a new gen comes up, and to add to that, the JP shitters are trolling them ike this.

>> No.14054284
File: 14 KB, 227x222, 1606886748498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember 5th gen admitting they got mogged by EN myth and suffering.
6th gen got way lucky by comparison, with council being a major flop.

>> No.14054609

There's your problem

>> No.14054691

>I remember 5th gen admitting they got mogged by EN myth and suffering.
did they admit this? that's rough if true

>> No.14054724

anon cute

>> No.14054737


>> No.14054884

Not a surprise knowing what happened with Aloe, and then the ENs took the rest of the world to themselves. Cover fucked up so hard in the last one year, firing Aloe and thus fucking up gen 5, releasing Coco, each wave on each side having breakdowns, and/or going on long hiatuses.

>> No.14055333


>> No.14055365

>Fucking Iroha Translation

>> No.14055413
File: 136 KB, 463x453, 1622187128045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he can't understand japanese
Obviously the TL is machine-tier zero nuance but it gets across the general idea.

>> No.14055491

The general idea that he's a clickbaiting faggot who can't translate properly? Sure

>> No.14055569
File: 207 KB, 415x415, 16074391623470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, so they learned from the janitor incident of last year

>> No.14055643

Isn’t Nene a whore with over a million husbands? Why does she care if she loses one?

>> No.14055699

i want to mating press you anon

>> No.14055707

there is a shitton of japanese in brazil

>> No.14055732

Well not all. Nousagi only ever drop SC at the end of the stream to say “otsupeko” or thank her for the stream

>> No.14055861

Japs in Brazil, Germans in Argentina. Yappari

>> No.14055971

I fucking want to kill clipfags.
She is pretty smart woman and just devoted to her job a lot.
She reminded Aloe's case and Nene is also the same.

She already said to fuck off all of them that if they want to consume only one type of stream a long time ago. She is pretty much straight forward person.

>> No.14055977

Parasocial relationships and what not.

>> No.14056075


>> No.14056090

The best girls are the ones like Ame who are grateful no matter their circumstances, not number-hunting whores.

>> No.14056093

Mel's old manager got hired back

>> No.14056130

If she started to lose one, more will follow...based on her mindset anyway

>> No.14056175

"haha but definitely not me though, i'm a real tough guy who has lots of sex and definitely doesn't live in his parent's basement"

>> No.14056213

Honestly I can’t bring myself to respect alot of gen 6. Feel like they got what they have off brand alone

>> No.14056275

Thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.14056291

yagoo's home for broken girls

>> No.14056347
File: 149 KB, 261x255, 9B836F9F-D33F-44CF-AE91-D969F513EE38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great English Lamy

>> No.14056377

their female hormones kicked hard. need for attention is a typical behavior

>> No.14056378

Does anyone have the Lamy breakdown?

>> No.14056385

Thanks, fuck yurishit.

>> No.14056429

Literally the same for gen 5 and EN as well. Remember when people talked about how gen 5 got like 200k subs before they debuted, while the previous gens had to work years for that?

>> No.14056440

>oh shes not draining my money enough so that means shes not a whore!
>he says this as he akasupas another pack of condoms for her boyfriend while she makes another excuse for TuMmY HoRt

>> No.14056553

kek fancuck doxing him already

>> No.14056586

Honestly it’s only acceptable to love members from gen 0-2

>> No.14056655

But those are crap so I left holoboring behind.

>> No.14056795

She's doing a shite job of baiting akasupas then, she only got a single one in her last 3 hour stream

>> No.14057040 [DELETED] 

go fys, thread watcher.

>> No.14057183

This fag isnt even Japanese he is from Portugal lmao imagine being that pathetic.

>> No.14057283 [DELETED] 


>> No.14057313

>>14050748 <-this
And also she is VERY invested in her fans.

>> No.14057327

Why do retards feel the need to tell vtubers they are changing oshi?
Do they really think they matter as individuals?
At most she might sigh for losing a paypig. If he even gives her money enough to be relevant, that is.

>> No.14057332

yeah, me

>> No.14057348

You people realize that thee people sending these supas are just antis pretending to be a fan, right?

>> No.14057403

I very well hope they refund the SC then.

>> No.14057434

Considering theres faggots who put their life story in superchat messages, nope, this might not be just a anti.

>> No.14057505

Bus she would have to stream for someone to superchat her?

>> No.14057532

>Why do retards feel the need to tell vtubers that they love?
>Do they really think they matter as individuals?
Why SCs at all? In the end no one matters and we're just numbers.
And that's how streaming dies

>> No.14057577

The amount of effort you fags exert on these women is hilarious to me.

>> No.14057643

Why are the Japanese like this?

>> No.14058028

why would i visit a shithole 3rd world country while i could be elsewhere nicer?

>> No.14058140

>anon kawaii

>> No.14058212

what the fuck i hate trannies

>> No.14058271
File: 200 KB, 680x673, 1614361953353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>once she starts yurishitting ill just unsub.

>> No.14058320

Dangerously based. /u/schizos can jump off a cliff.

>> No.14058442
File: 582 KB, 531x652, 1629998187633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that your opinions on this board are being carefully managed by hololive managers. Right now they are really anxious because it seems like people enjoy drawing comparisons between hololive and other companies. That's not good, because it's drawing people away from their little monopoly. So they are trying to push the meme of competition within-hololive itself. JP branch vs. EN branch. Or Generation 3 vs Generation 6. Just keep everyone on the hololive plantation.

It's actually insane how many people have never watched a non-hololive stream, even though there's literally thousands of these streamers. Instead of letting people into that world, keep them on the little hololive island so they never see the outside.

>> No.14058513

why would i need anyone else if i already had my oshi and she streams daily?

>> No.14058574

I'm not speaking to you specifically. But that's why this thread was made, it's to advance this meme.
Look at this:
>The competition for fans within hololive is in full swing.

There's been a lot of these types of threads recently. Your opinions are being managed.

>> No.14058731

Holy shit, a sane person.

>> No.14058798
File: 2.17 MB, 1860x3920, User Knew Too Much For This Post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huh that sounds pretty schizo if you ask me, but i stopped taking my meds since RAT

>> No.14058805


>> No.14058977

>do this to Reine
>indog hitmen bust into your home and suffocate you with a watermelon

>> No.14059202

It's not anon, it's actually what they're doing.

>> No.14059597

Someone actually joked about that and he got scolded by Reine

>> No.14059646

these are the worst fans one can have
the moment they hear about a male collab they loose their shit but they will send superchats like this when a new girl comes around? fuck them. they dont deserve any sympathy
this is why vtubers should not pander to faggots like this

>> No.14059844

>this board are being carefully managed by hololive managers
>Hololive managers doing anything
>Hololive managers coming to this shit hole for opinions

>> No.14059936

id usually tell you to take your meds but this one makes too much sense for it to be not true

>> No.14061161

Eu vô mandar outro SC bem semelhante a esse pra uma outra vtuber da Hololive.
Try to guess who?

>> No.14061495

Thanks, that explains why it felt odd.
The Japanese is very correct, either he's very good or revised it a lot before sending, but it's not really how a Jap would write.
Something feels off. Still better than what I can write.

>> No.14062000

why is rushia such a pussy kek just play your game

>> No.14062268
File: 11 KB, 225x225, robofuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you don't try to make this about your 2views or your Nijis not named Selen. This bullshit is anti-unity.

>> No.14062317

What's the incident?

>> No.14062395

they get paid a fixed salary with a very small cut on superchats and membership. they don't care, they will still be millionaires by one year of streaming.

>> No.14062413

it seems like this site only accounts for hololive some of the nijisanji members. So if you commented/supa anyone not part of those two companies it wont show up/

>> No.14062702

>they will still be millionaires by one year of streaming.
lol no. The only one who could possibly be that rich are Rushia, Coco and Pekora. Maybe Fubuki and Aqua if you include sponsorship and merch sales.

>> No.14063281

Seethe eternally EOP you will never be relevant.

>> No.14064249
File: 28 KB, 496x310, 1638329854718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your third eye is open.

>> No.14064342

Based Chigyu keeping his harem in line by letting them know their current place.

>> No.14064464

The absolute state of Hololive

>> No.14064580

They really are not.

>> No.14065437
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 1638389552421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think i'll just stay on my little hololive island, thank you very much, considering every other island is a massive pile of shit or filled to the brim with recycled garbage.

>> No.14065719

>Mumeifag calling others shit

>> No.14065804

>It's actually insane how many people have never watched a non-hololive stream, even though there's literally thousands of these streamers
i don't understand your point. are you saying i should watch ALL chuubas? that doesn't make any sense

>> No.14065961

Why are Japanese people like this?

>> No.14065967


>> No.14066048
File: 112 KB, 648x451, 18856721621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14066252
File: 15 KB, 421x92, 1623152578976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dropped Nenechi too but telling her about this is just pathetic
the first thing I always ask myself before sending a chat message or a superchat is
>would this chuuba care
and in most cases it's a no
the problem with JPs is they seem to remember a lot of their superchatters and some even go as far as stalking them on twitter so I feel like Nene already knows I stopped watching her

>> No.14066536

Anon NijiEN staff is actually here, they have the subtlety of a rock so it’s hard not to notice them.

>> No.14067245
File: 703 KB, 1434x1284, 1616373961970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an absurd amount of unironic/ironic robot larping

>> No.14067401

She's not really his oshi, it's just a new account made to troll the Holos emotionally, like the recent one that pretended to be a long time Lamy fan but had a recently made account. Most likely the same person with an alt account.

>> No.14067607

>The Japanese is very correct

>> No.14067746

Korone also has EXPLODING KNEES

>> No.14067838

>this guy was never on her chat
stop giving the attentionwhores the attention they want, retard.

>> No.14067843

Polka would talk about it in her private members stream and then feel better about sharing her concerns with them, since she's actually an emotionally mature person
Botan would murder that person on stream in a classy way in front of everyone then asks them to refund that money

>> No.14067890

grrrr... we'll allow it but you better watch your back from now on... grrr

>> No.14068150

Tired salaryman hands typed this post. But you're pretty based for defending your wife.

>> No.14069751

ITT: you fucking faggots are the reason why vtubers stress over stupid shit

>> No.14070161

Why are Holofags like this?

>> No.14070384
File: 315 KB, 1000x469, Norf goin booza.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

luv me HoloEN girls
luv me HoloID girls
luv me HoloJP girls (just dun get 'em)
dun watch Nijis, Shojos or indies (not racist just dun like 'em)

>> No.14070575

>schizo and thirdworlder trying to get attention by spending their monthly salary of 2000 yen trolling chuuba SC
Why do we act like this is anything new? Kanata and Watame were acting the same when gen 5 and EN1 debut. For the sc fags this is literally their once a year chance to get some reaction out of the holo before they get drowned out by a sea of akasupa. Also whoever insulted Wamy and Nenene should be send to Brazil.

>> No.14070784

>Why do we act like this is anything new?
Aren't half the anons on /vt/ from other boards and only come here because they like drama? They probably weren't around when Gen 5 debuted

>> No.14070911

As retarded as this behavior is, cases like Lamy crying over that superchat recently, and Rushia lashing out on a fandead on twitter when he said he's "not feeling connected anymore" tell that viewers are more than numbers to them. If anything, it shows that stirring shit up like that will make you more than just another paypig.

>> No.14072662

Why do people do this? I mean I dropped my HoloMyth oshi for a NijiEN but all I did was quietly cancel my membership and stopped watching.

>> No.14073901

THIS. Why are people that overly invested emotionally? I get genuinely happy when my favorite chuubas are having a good time, and I get the sad if they are crying or having a bad moment. Behaving like that is something new and weird for me, how fucked must this people be to get that invested with the chuuba? Its unironically mental illness, and whether they are loyal paypigs or not you can't trust deranged people

>> No.14074403
File: 43 KB, 495x390, 1624983067698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fandeads, I KNEEL

>> No.14076981

>while she makes another excuse for TuMmY HoRt
Are you talking about Ame? Because even on a break she posted clips constantly to keep content rolling and streams much more than a lot of JP have. Most of the En havent taken the breaks like JP have.

>> No.14077106

Yeh JP's take breaks when they're quite literally dying from overworking or severely depressed, how dare they work themselves to the point of collapsing in the middle of the day.

>> No.14078202

What was her reaction?

>> No.14078305

She wasn't streaming, the fucker did it in the waiting room, she has her return from her break stream open up and the dude decided to superchat it in the waiting room hours before the stream will even start.

>> No.14079372

it's only a joke, why you faggots have to be mad?

>> No.14080279

Because it was never about nene, and always about this autist. That's the kind of trash that throws their money away superchatting

>> No.14080530

I'm just not going to feel sad for women who emotionally manipulate lonely men for monetary value. Sorry.

>> No.14082567
File: 34 KB, 828x423, 1627858210309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the lamy one never happened, it was just /vt/ bait
no clips or images exists

>> No.14082688

Fuck off, Orc.

>> No.14082689

Thank you for giving a 20k yen superchat to my favourite vtuber OP

>> No.14082785
File: 1.56 MB, 2210x3000, 1635514869391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

noooo, porka is too nice, does not deserve this hate

>> No.14082914

Where can I see the SC logs of a chuuba? Just want to validate if its real or not.

>> No.14083048

it never happened

>> No.14083284
File: 321 KB, 850x1203, 1638570655037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking brutal holy shit

>> No.14085180

Not much actually. She mentioned a similar topic on her last mengen a few days ago, and basically said that it's normal to go and watch others if we feel like it. Also she doesn't read superchats anyway.

>> No.14085780

>Send Ame to apeace the antis
I believe Holo ID are more appropriate for that since they have experience crushing down revolts from their own fanbase

>> No.14085816

There are nip fans autistic enough to do this sort of thing, but this one in particular sounds like an anti more than a fan. It's not a nip either, because the Japanese is pretty broken.

>> No.14086369

Tbh you have to be extremely naive to think Hololive only moderates their own subreddit to look for the fan-base's reception.

They're definitely and carefully paying attention to what's being discussed in here, in 2ch, clippers comment sections (which are basically message boards the same as this one) and probably even in bilibili despite not having any formal presence there anymore.

Or what, you haven't raised any form of suspicion when one of the gen2 EN chuubas turned out to be a rrat?

>> No.14086764

Jesus I feel bad for whichever intern-kun got assigned to monitor and do market research on this shithole. Although the fact that 3/5 of HoloX are pandering hard to EOP right now seems to indicate that Cover is aware of how Council is not doing as well as they've hoped.

>> No.14086818
File: 903 KB, 1000x1000, chloyame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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