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Yukihana Lamy makes my private area feel funny

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That's natural, it's what we in the business call puberty

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What business

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that's lamification, you're becoming lamy.

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Is this the /become/ thread?

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This is normal

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This tiny Japanese woman seems like she might be about my age, yet her breasts are large and full, and there's a lot of material to them. I had to pull down on her shirt's waistband to even see her tits. Yukihana's tits are big, and in just a moment of hesitation I get a full view of them. Her shirt is cut really low, and I could see her entire back. Yukihana's tits look really good without the shirt on. With her tits covered by her bra, she gets on her knees and pulls down her bra. Her tits pop out and I can't help but be shocked by their size. The are larger than some of my wife's tits. The nipples are pretty large, and that's a good thing for me. I couldn't imagine anyone else sucking on them. Yukihana unclips her bra and just looks at me, as her big, floppy tits hang and swing in the air.

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might be.

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Lamy doesn’t wait any longer after our lips have just touched. She places her lips around my neck and starts to munch on it. I’m getting a tingling sensation and her lips feels so good, I don’t manage to think of anything else. I am just lost in this.
“I think it’s time for your reward,” Lamy whispers as her lips continue to move down my neck.
I feel her begin to use her lips to the base of my neck. I’m breathing heavily and my back is against the night stand. I try not to move, for fear of falling and damaging myself, or anything else.
She’s so good. If it isn’t for me being a wimp, I’d beg for more. I feel her lips moving further and further down my body. It only takes her a minute to get from my neck, up to my throat. By the time her mouth reach my neck again, I’m all but naked. She’s on top of me, kissing her way down my body. She’s so graceful and she feels so good.

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She’s getting better at this. I put my hands on her upper stomach and guide them to her hip. As she’s moving her body to go lower, she begins kissing her way back up. Her tongue is running all over my mouth. She is breathing really hard and it makes me hot. She’s on top of me, kissing me again. I put my hands on her stomach and gently push her down. I pull her dress up, over her breasts, and she stops kissing me. She puts her hands on the sides of my face, just a little, and looks me in the eyes. I’m not sure if she is serious or teasing, I can’t tell. She pushes herself up. She takes my shirt, takes my hands and pulls me off the ground. She lays me on my back on the floor.
I can see now that she has a bra on, too. She starts undoing my pants. I feel her pulling at my boxers. She removes them and she starts kissing my feet and my toes. She is doing everything to me. I’m on fire. I’m going to have a hard time standing

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Report Movie Details Written by: Chris
Date Released: 29 Oct 2021
Country: USA
Genre: Extreme, Big Tits, Blowjob, Boobs, Facial

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This made me all sticky

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Is this the stealth /become/ thread?

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I guess, welcome, we got tea, and cookies!

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crybaby gfe whore

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I will take tea and my five hour sleep zzz

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Just don't be surprised when you have a huge elf rack when you wake up!

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I will fuck every anon who becomes Lamy before becoming Lamy myself

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Careful anon she will cry

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Ganbatte ne~

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Shit, bros, there's something wrong with me, today I woke up and my hair was looking bluer than usual, now I have tits and a sudden urge to get myself some sake, what do I do?

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that's a good thing!

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Tell me about this become fetish. How did it start and why do you enjoy it?

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Hello Lamies, long time no see

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hello lamy!


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Source and post more?

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You fags are insufferable. Quit dragging Lamy into your dumb fetish.

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Lamy started it

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We don't know. It's got some ties to /jp/ era and one guy who just wanted to BECOME

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Where’s Wamy?

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>Lamy is a dumb girl with emotions
>wtf fucking whore

Anon plz.

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So like all forms of cancer, it was ironic until it became unironic. Gotcha.

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You could neck yourself too

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I don't want to /become/ so I won't be joining your 41% gang, sorry. I appreciate your cordial offer however.

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sad. but oh well, i'm glad that the other lamies are fine.

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Wasn't there also some super chat, very soon after Gen 5 debut, from a guy saying he wanted to "Become more like Lamy?" Presumably about being more calm/relaxed but also fed the meme.

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If we try hard enough, we also could become Lamy like him

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It gets weird as have we ever seen a screenshot of that Superchat? Like we know about these but when was the original; thread of this though?

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my brain has been wired in a way that I will get a raging hardon upon listening to her heartbeat.

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>Like we know about these but when was the original; thread of this though?
It wouldn't have been a thread, it would have been back of the days of /hlg/ on /jp/, before even global was split off.
I'm no good at archive diving, so unless someone wants to go back and watch the first month of Lamy streams specifically for the superchats, I don't think we'll ever verify that one for sure.

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>went into a break when finding out rokkisei was gonna steal her fans

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Wait. Are we back?

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We're back, Lamy!

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welcome back lamies!!!!!!!

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File: 208 KB, 850x1189, __yukihana_lamy_and_daifuku_hololive_drawn_by_roco_rocoroco1115__sample-6362b2ee5e89ba52f763c686f92bbad3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. You're a shitty Cabal of fucking cretins too stupid to realize they've LONG overstayed their fucking welcome. You ever wonder why your retarded threads were nothing but bump posts and that it'd be a small miracle if you hit bump limit after a fucking week? I'd guess not if you have to fucking ask if you're back. You're not back. You're a fucking zombie of an overplayed idea and the only thing that you gormless fuckheads are good at is killing any attempt at a normal fucking Lamy thread.

I'd say fuck off to discord, but you morons probably couldn't get one of those going long enough to con some clueless retard into making that fucking doujin you all fucking wanted.

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I sense the deep seated desire to become Lamy that is masked by hostility

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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Are You This Mad Hahahaha Anonymous Just Close The Thread Hahaha Anon Just Close Your Eyes Haha.

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>Knows about the doujin
>Knows what was going on in the threads
Lamy...Why were you constantly browsing them if you hate them so much?

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From /wg/ actually, faggot. You dipshits leak into there.

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>You're a Cabal
Neat! I've always wanted to be in a secret society!

I've never been, but I guess I should check it out?

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smol lamy is smol and pocket sized!

yeah, we kinda ran out of ideas i guess, but it's nice to know that the lamies i hang out with are still around

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Go ahead, I'll call you a dipshit there too. It'd be surprising if a /become/ fuckwit could bring himself to bump another thread when he couldn't do it to his own

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i bumped a lot of threads.

also.. i really am out of ideas for lamyfication fanfics.

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Had one tied to an idea of

>Buy the Lamy Sake collab product.
>Has a QR code linking to an unlisted video "A Drinking Night with Lamy".
>Start drinking.
>Feel funny.
>Lamy encourages to keep drinking as it'll make it easier.
>Everything feels like its burning and cramping.
>Only thing that makes the pain lesser is the sake
>Like trying to put out an inferno with a bucket
>Empty bottle
>Collapse on floor.
>Hours later the hardened body of Anon starts to shift
>Back starts to rip open as a naked Lamy slowly stands
>A Daifuku appears
>Daifuku starts to clean up as Lamy takes a shower to get some of the blood off her after emerging from the corpse.

Kinda the idea for her popping out of the back of the hardened husk of the person kinda was leaning back towards seeing a Cidada shed it's original body.

Just an empty shell of a person left behind before the magical potted bear makes it vanish (and cleans up the place a bit.)

It's why there's no repeat buyers of her sake. They already know to let others experience it.

Kinda a more body horror type thing like that one 4koma on the idea. I just don't think I can find the right phrasing to describe it and get the mental images of the utter agony feeling of the transformation's early stages going on.

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Post More Lamy
Especially stuff from the 3D lives.

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>a selenposter became lamy
oh nyo

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I think it's a reference to the "How is cyberbullying real?" meme.

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ok shishiron

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What happened to them?

>> No.14129884

Threads slowing down combined with stuff like Council, EN Anniversary and other stuff speed up the board and we just had a major content drought.
When threads are dying before 50 posts multiple times in a row it was unofficially decided to let it rest. I got the OP saved in a text document if we ever decide to formally revive it.
It's kinda why the Lamy and Botan threads merged to survive in a faster board

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New Flavor of Lamy. Miko

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Lamy looks like a southpark character

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They all do by that definition.

>> No.14136438

Bumpies )))

>> No.14140003

As I said we don't got any regulars left so eh It'll die once I give one last bump

And if the authors are left you can put it here or in /wg/

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alright, see ya..

i love you all lamies, i'm glad we could meet atleast one more time.

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It was good meeting everyone again!!

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i think this is my favorite edit i've done, it's so stupid and outrageous.

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I love Lamy
I want to marry Lamy

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This has got to be some of the most hardcore autism I have ever had the displeasure of being exposed to. With complete sincerity, please kill yourselves.

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Good night/bye fellow lamies

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goodbye. may we meet again someday.

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Why so mad

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I now hate Lamy after all the drama she caused lol

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Might as well /become/ post while this thread is here

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Might as well.

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mental illness

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You fucking retard, you just bumped this thread, now you're gonna become, like everyone else.

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N-no... I don't want to have delicious soft thighs... or nice, warm fat tits... or smooth silky blue hair... or soft, kissable lips...

that all sounds terrible. Never ever nope nope nope.

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Don't worry, we'll take our meds!

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This is... Kolamy

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Is this the AGP thread?

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AGP Cards were pure Soul!

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