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I am seriously struggling. I work from morning till the late evening, I can never catch my oshi live and have to be VOD watcher. But what is even the point if my oshi will never see me in chat and I will never be able to send her akasupa? How can commit myself to a girl without live interaction?
Help me...

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Change your job or take day off

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Watch a vtuber from a different timezone or schedule.
Or you can get a remote job.
I often watch streams on my phone with headphones while working labor, but that does mean I can't type in chat too often.

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get a regular 9-5 job

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The thing you have to remember is if your oshi is a good person they'd want you to not worry too much over their stream and come when you can

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I can usually catch my oshi live but I agree that watching VOD's is absolutely soulless

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it especially hurts when your oshi is master zatsudan artist that heavily relies on chat interaction... watching her Interact with others and having fun literally feels similar to getting cucked

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>Watch a vtuber from a different timezone
I live in shitty EU timezone, barely anyone good streams during that time
I guess I will try to find better job but that isn't as easy as it sounds...

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You don't

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I said this before in /hw/ and I'll say it again
the mere existence of my oshi is enough to make me fired up and do shit to be productive, I try my best to center my schedule around chammers' streams to not miss a single second and that alone made me more punctual with my timings, made me work extra hard to make sure I finish everything that I need to finish and overall have a more fruitful day.
jobwise it'd be hard but I try my workarounds since chammers herself doesn't stream during my work/uni hours and when she does it's an hour maybe a bit more so it helps.
I'm a huge gosling for her and that made my life better.

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Your oshi need you to work so they can have your share, join some discord fag so you can take part in event related gifts

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Find another oshi, easy. Next

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How did you find oshi that doesn't align with the time you can watch streams anyway?

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mail her a fistful of your pubes OP

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