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I watch nothing but hololive.

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wow can i suck your cock

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I will join in on this, are your balls shaved OP?

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You should try some other talents. Sometimes hololive has nothing going on, or they have some boring streams. It's nice to watch someone else every once in a while. You might just find your oshi out there.

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I watch nothing but one indie that over the course of 8 months have slowly been grooming

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I watch nothing but hololive EN

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I like to watch

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Hololive gives me everything I want and need. Simple as.

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I watch everything but hololive

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I barely even watch Hololive, it's mostly just clips. Nobody I understand and want to watch streams at my hours.

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I watch everything but hololive.

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no one asked

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I asked.

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Think you're a tough guy? Well I only watch HoloEN, how about that?

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Why are you proud of your low power level plebs?

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You think THAT'S tough? I only watch HoloID.
Gen 1
And I'm American and don't speak a lick of any language but English

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I only watch goomba

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Can I shave your balls OP?

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Plus Kson on Air

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Based fellow Yopi enjoyer.

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too bad she doesn't stream lmao

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I was only being semi-ironic too, feels good to not have to share my oshi with as many people

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excellent taste my friend

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I'm the same, but I also watch Uto and Kson on the side

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You retard

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It's a thread full of people patting themselves on the back for watching the vtuber equivalent of McDonalds

"I eat Mcdonald's because it's cheap, fast and filling" "BASED" "BASED BASED BASED" "HOLY BASED" They're filling their own gas chambers with copium at this point, especially if they watch HoloEN and translated clips exclusively

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McDonald's is delicious. Deal with it.

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>food analogy
That aside, Nijisanji, vshojo and indies are low brow humor. Hololive is the only group even remotely mentally stimulating.

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>especially if they watch HoloEN and translated clips exclusively
YWNBJ, and in the very infinitesimally small off-chance you actually speak moon, man, how dare people watch content in their own language
if i wanted to go kawaii uguu~ at cute noises i don't understand i'd watch moeblob anime shit

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Why are ENfags so defensive? It's like they know they're watching inferior content and lash out in shame.

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bro you don't even speak English.

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I only watch people who watch Hololive.

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Have you watched anything besides hololive?

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your 2 view restaurant will never be as popular as micky D

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>how dare people only* watch content in their own language
yeah, unironically how dare they only act as if their language exists. People like that are closed-minded and almost always passively anti-semitic

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I'm almost always actively anti-semitic.

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Fuck off polka

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Try a lower view vtuber. Just try it, maybe you'll like one of them.
That's what I did. My favorite vtuber has a 60 view average. She only streams 3 times a week though, so I usually am watching other people. But I'm very glad I found her.


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This is why holobrony is the most hated vtuber community.

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not even holo watch hololive.

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>holobrony is the most hated vtuber community
the other 5% is insignificant

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rent-free nigger

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>vtuber community
Jesus. What kind of lingo is that?

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That's a poor analogy, because McDonalds is popular and shit
As someone who used to watch indies and other companies, Hololive is still the best

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I watch nothing.

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I watch nothing but the main branch of Hololive.

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I watch kson but disliked coco
AMA desu senpai

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>eating mcdonalds
Why yes, I too am normal.
Are you not?

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I watch nothing but Watame

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Dangerously based

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>I eat Mcdonald's because it's cheap, fast and filling

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Man it's hilarious how much seethe some dude posting about their viewing habits generates amongst chuds on this board

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My oshi doesn't stream but she's sex

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Based. I'm a DD and I watch all hololive branches.
All hololive branches:
Gen 0
Gen 1
Gen 2
Gen 3
Gen 4
Gen 5
Gen 6

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>Eating Mcdonalds
well yeah what you gonna do about that

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Do you also walk into barbecue enthusiast forums and complain that there aren't enough vegans?

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>I eat Mcdonald's because it's cheap
for the price of a single big mac, i could buy a bag of potatoes + bread and make soup for a week. mcdonalds is not cheap

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I doubt I'm alone, but I have never sat through a single stream, and I fast forward through clips because the chubbas speak so slowly. The only reason I keep up with chubba news is to get material for baits. Triggering people on /vt/ is more entertaining than any chubba ever.

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They all literally do the same shit. It's slightly different flavored baby variety and talk streams. That's it. I could only stand watching only hololive for like 3 months.

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i only watch holojp

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Touch some grass, Max

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I watch nothing because I'm EOP and a night owl so there's no eigo chuubas for me to watch when I'm awake.

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I only watch VSpo

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Hey, whatever works for you. When's the next incorrect review?

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I only watch Peanuts-kun Holofaggot.

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