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Kizuna ai graduating:
>No /vt/ sticky
>No twitter trending
>No news site covering it
>Not even Ieddit front page
Is it trully over?

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she'll get it in Feburary

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>No /vt/ sticky
no, just like 300 threads in the catalog
>No twitter trending
nigger what twitter are you checking?

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She's not graduating.

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Is he one of the old hololives?

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Once she gets to 3m of course, which is pretty close

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>Kizuna ai graduating
Another bait.

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>Kizuna graduates
more win for Goora the Goomba

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How many times are you going to post the same fucking thread op?

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>works for three years nonstop (except this year when sick)
>gets some well deserved time out

iS sHE GrADuAtiNG?

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they said she's graduating in literally every way without directly saying she's graduating, you have to be autistic to have not picked up on that

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It'll be too late if you don't act now and make her reach 3M before she taps out.

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They're not gonna outright says she graduating, that's like admitting defeat

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You suck at reading comprehension? They have plans planned out during and after her hiatus.

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It's like how you'll often see people talking about how they 'shot wild dogs and cats down on my farm' or whatever nowadays. /vt/ is dead and 4chan as a whole is dead, it's outsiders who saw le sekrit club on twitter and moved here to shitpost without caring that they were fucking up the culture. They're not even newfags because newfaggotry implies eventually they'll acclimate, they're people who spend most of their time on the internet on twitter and bring their bullshit over here and get uppity when you tell them to fuck off.

"Dead internet theory" isn't that the internet is a bunch of bots talking to each other, but that every website is the same because shitter low IQ normalfags ruined it.

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No one cares for another china bootlicker.

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You want a sticky thread for 2 months until her final pre-hiatus stream?

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The moment you flatter China, you're already finished.

And Chinese people like things that are popular with Japanese people and the US.

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It's trending twice afaik

>> No.14119699

it's been over

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Yeah, getting married to me and having my kids, that's the plan

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hiatus is not quitting, take your meds.

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>You want a sticky thread for 2 months until her final pre-hiatus stream?
To your point: Coco's graduation announcement got a sticky to contain the tourists flooding in (even though she announced with 22 days to go). Even that didn't stop threads about it from being 20% of the board for the next 2 days. If the reaction was intense enough that this announcement had the same impact, she would have a sticky. But it wasn't, so she doesn't.

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Even if they change the seiyuu like everyone is speculating, Kizuna Ai the character will still be there.

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This is the price of selling yourself to the Eternal Chink.

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she's trending you faggot, i found out about it via twitter and came here

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>Kizuna ai graduating
This never happened, now fuck off.

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There are chuubas that have been on hiatus for more than a year. For example like Roa from Nijisanji. Stop coping.

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It might be because of the fact that she is not graduting you fucking idiot

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Literally WHO?

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I don't doubt she'll be back, but who knows when that will be.
Indefinite isn't forever, just without a set time.

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Technically, Sio is supposed to be on Hiatus. Make of that what you will

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Ai failed to keep up with the meta.

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This. End of thread.

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Last man standing

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Bait thread posters these days are just too lazy, don't even do research and just chug out low-effort posts. Antis and schizos back in ze day were cooler.

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Bro, you just posted cope

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Siro unfortunately is still up

>> No.14128344

shes "graduating" in february, retard

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