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Is nyanners /vt/?

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Yes. I liked her asmr stream.

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Unfortunately yes

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inb4 assblasted pedos

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Why wouldn't she be?

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Yes, which makes her the best seal impersonator on /vt/

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Does watching a vtuber who describes herself as pathetic make the pathetic act of watching a vtuber more or less pathetic.

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Yes of course. Literally why wouldn't she be she is a virtual youtuber she's even in a vtuber company

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Yes. However, Every Nyanners thread here turns into oldfags bickering with each other, Nyanners included.
No one here likes her but I miss you anyway, bitch. Where the fuck is Duke?

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She's my favorite PTuber!

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yeah, /vt/rash, put her back in the dumpster

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She makes pedos seethe

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Yes, but fuck this sellout and anyone that post her.

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yes, i love how she gained 5000% confidence in her vtuber persona and is emptying beta wallets like no tomorrow talking about her feet all the time

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I like her!

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Nyanners is a seiso Christian streamer now, stop with this lewdness

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new vidoe bois

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A lot of pedophiles here are afflicted with NDS (Nyanners Derangement Syndrome)

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don't forget anyone who was even remotely involved in gamergate

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ever being involved in g*merg*te should be grounds for involuntary euthanasia

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Yes, also she's based as fuck.

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Nyanners Christian outfit when

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Unfortunately yes.

Shes a clout chaser and Vtubers are the big thing right now.

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no. get out.

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>nyanners is allowed
>pokimane isn't
Stop trying to have your cake and eat it too. Either both are okay or neither are.

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Wrong, Pokimane is just never okay under any circumstances

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Pokimane is a vtuber. Cope.

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post the bad dragon vid

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So is the orange

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Neither is nyanners, which is the point I was trying to make.
Orange is based and redpilled, and of course the original vtuber should be allowed here.

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It's not Nyanners' fault that you want to fuck little girls and oranges

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I give 3 months before she's found to be guilty of abusing kids.

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>loli bad
Thats what they all say until

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Nyanners is fucking cancer. She used to be a regular shy girl but after attention (like all women) she's turned into a complete whore.

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Thanks for confirming that you're mad that she dissed your little girl porn drawings

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I love nyanners. Always kept up with her since her panel shitpost videos. It might be nostalgia but I really appreciate her still being around even from that time. It just made sense to me about the vtuber debut. However I really didn't follow up on the gamergate loli twittershit that dudes on these threads keep bringing up, mostly because Im not a fucking twitter loser. Anyway thanks nyanners love you bro

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She's the best vtuber because she makes lolifags seethe

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I'm not mad about things she said 7 years ago and I think people here need to move on. As a vtuber she is honestly pretty good. Her toilet review stream had me in tears.

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I think she should be cancelled for sitting in the slime

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>I'm not mad about things she said 7 years ago and I think people here need to move on.
i will if i get an apology.

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Being shy isn't a desirable trait to have. She just grew out of it or it was likely just a fa├žade in the first place.
Whether she received undesirable traits in the process is another question.

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Seriously whos seething? /pol/ maybe, by as a cunnyseur i like her. She did a nice job making anti-cunny morality crusaders leave her alone with that rant 10 yeras ago.

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I jest it's just schizos freaking out really

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Honestly I don't even care if people like loli, it's just really cringe when people get all defensive over it and treat it like serious a culture war issue

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*a serious culture war issue
Gonna pass out now

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desu, who gives a fuck if Nyanners disassociated herself from her past content and 4chan use, like, yeah, if I was trying to reach a wider audience, I'd probably keep my mouth shut about browsing here too.

Ever wonder why most normal/successful people don't talk about one of the most visited sites on the internet? Besides, being in the public eye and pro-4chan just encourages normies to turn up. Nyanners distancing herself is literally a good thing for chan culture. We already have enough retards from r/donald dragging the site down.

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Whats with this thread? usually its about 50-50 people who hate her, and people who think shes ok, this is like 90% nyanenrs simps

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Yeah, it's just a good business decision. If you associate with 4chan, you might as well be a jew-hating, nigger-hating, pedophile, hacker right-wing supremacist to the media.

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yes and /jp/fags are still and will be seething till end of time

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we're all watching the new annoying orange video

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Pedos are getting tired, give it a week and we'll all be simping here

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Yes. Fuck the meta-commenary, just watch her content or don't.

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>the "NO YOU" defense

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What are you talking about? There's a popular Youtube video about 4chan every single day. A lot of people use and associate themselves with this website for Youtube content.

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No clue where duke is. I know douche is still making videos for whatever reason

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You forget you're on 4chan where everything short of perfect is irredeemable.

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Remember when everyone went and pissed on her sister's grave and sent her the photos

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>haha let's show that dumb roastie not to mess with us

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Nyanners is a great vtuber and most anons just can't admit it because of the history she has with 4chan.

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Yes. I want her gently brap in my ear while giggling in every fucking morning. I want her to hug and caressing my arm with her finger and top of the nails. I want her looking in my eyes while I blow in her ear. I want to feel her PINK hair on my chest. I CAN'T TAKE THIS LIFE ANYMORE GUYS

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>If you associate with 4chan, you might as well be a jew-hating, nigger-hating, pedophile, hacker right-wing supremacist to the media.
But anon, all the VShojo girls and their friends have admitted to using 4chan. Some post on here openly too. [spoilers]including Nyanners[/spoiler]

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I want to do incredibly lewd things to that cat.
>including Nyanners
I hope she sees this thread.

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Nyanners is cute and hot. CUTE! HOT!!

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Monke vid, because BHM!!

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What went right?

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First impressions of /vt/ were bad desu, I doubt any of them will venture out of their thread after that initial wave of VShojo hate. I'm pretty sure Holopedos made Silver cry.

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>implying they aren't in this thread right now
They could be any of us anon. They could be you

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She tries way too hard to be funny and has no content beyond talking about poop.
It's like everything she does is ironic, it gets annoying after the first 5 minutes.
Not to mention the SJW shit.

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Was watching her stream and she said Girugamesh
Obviously based

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You will never be a real woman.

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Even without knowing her history, her humor is obviously that of a 4chan user from 10+ years ago. Watching her gives me a weird nostalgia trip.

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Then make a thread and see how it goes faggot.

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No one that streams using their face should be considered a vtuber. She's an e-thot and not a very funny one.

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It's just stupid that she made the video, took it down, and said everyone who thought it was funny is a pedo. It'd be one thing to take it down because she didn't think it was funny anymore. The rant just didn't make sense, she wrote it, sang it, and then uploaded it. Who's really at fault here?

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Pomf pomf kimochii what's this stick stuff on me

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i want to fuck the menhera catgirl

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>that feel when no vtuber gf to do sexy anime voices in bed

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>in one of the recent streams she re-watched her kissxsis 'review'
>rewatched her stupid old video with her brother voicing RIGHT AFTER

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Literally everyone knows what she looks like though. So does that rule even apply here?

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Every single time I see the word "nyanners" I immediately think of SeaNanners

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Nyanners is my favorite toilet review streamer.

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Nah, it's her boyfriend or at least a very close friend. We already had this thread before.
Pretty sure she's still with him.

>> No.168126

I can't see this game without thinking of those old seananners videos

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>So does that rule even apply here?
Yeah, about that...

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Don't reply to election tourists, they're breaking rules themselves.

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shes /vt/ and shes based

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Yeah, I miss the old days. This is not as accurate as it should be, but I'm too tired to edit it.

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Her and LilyPichu were the peak of voice acting females on 4chan in 2008-2010 era



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Man, I've really been here for more than a decade huh.
Is Ina really that old though? I don't watch Holo that often anymore.

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I am reddit, huh? Cool!

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Only lurking.

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Wait, did the mods actually deleted PewDiePie's face from his vtuber thread? What's the point though? Seriously, I don't understand why they're doing this.

>> No.168723

I guess it's just to prevent any semantics about "well you didn't delete pewdiepies face so you can't delete Nyanners face". They just don't want to deal with it, so any irl faces get nuked

>> No.168729

It's... an unconfirmed rrat. But she's ancient, and so are her 4chan references. it's so ancient and back in the day no one notices them because they're either too old for younger anons to pick up, or has dispersed into the greater internet you can mistake it for a normalfag joke. She's also around 27-30 years old.

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>one year from being an oldfag

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The most of I see of Duke is him posting or liking things on his twitter every couple of months. Sucks

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I can't bring myself to watch any of her Vtuber content because I can't get over the fact that I'd occasionally see her shit shilled here 10 years ago around the time she first got doxxed. Is it any good? Similar to her old stuff?

>> No.168951

Depends on how you define good. Most of her content is her being a gremlin, so take that as you will

>> No.168952

It's better. She actually went back and watched some of her old content on stream, including the KissxSis review, and while she didn't consider it cringy she did note how much she'd changed (and how much hadn't changed at all). She's gotten better as an overall entertainer. Her recent stuff with the Slime ASMR (including the "slime incident" she had to do an apology video for) and the "I Can't Believe Nyanners is Dead" arc for not reaching 1m subs on YouTube before the year end are all just fucking hilarious.

>> No.168976

It's shitposting and toilet humor in vtuber form. If that's your thing then it's great.

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>27-30 years old?
Is that a surprise? Nearly every internet personality from here is 30+ at this point. We're all getting old, I hate it.

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It's ok immortality soon

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Nyanners / Jerma otp

>> No.169132


I wouldn't say she's that old, but she's got to be in her mid twenties at least. She posted most of her oldest shit 9 years ago and was in middle school, which would put her anywhere from 12-14 and we know she drinks legally so she's anywhere from 21-24 allowing for some variance.

>> No.169145

Honestly? Don't bother. It's all ironic weeb stuff and literal shit jokes.

>> No.169154

>ywn start an anprim monke tribe with her

>> No.169172

I'm sure there's a whole new swathe of people who are around the 16-23 range, it's just wild to think that I don't know any of them. I'd probably see them and think that kids have shit taste, just like older people did to me. Are there any zoomer chuubas so I can see what they're like?

>> No.169211

> Similar to her old stuff?
She hates this place and people from here, so don't expect any of that anymore.

>> No.169215

I'm 30. I've accepted my death. Frankly, it's liberating. I feel a mad frantic rush to produce, create and get shit done.
Literally the zoombie

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>> No.169269

Holy fuck what did they drug her with before the stream? Jump to a random time and she's literally screaming into the mic

>> No.169331

she drank an energy drink before her debut and she was nervous

>> No.169338

Wait until you see this one >>150941
Zoomers are something else. Their blood must be like 70% energy drinks.

>> No.169405

The "chug energy drinks and scream in the mic" shit started with millenials all the way back in the aughts when MLG gaming was on the rise with normies. Its not an inherently zoomer thing.

>> No.169445

Nyannersfags on here were fucking weird back in the day; I have no idea why anyone is surprised that she got spooked off so hard. If you ever have a child, please dont let her become a minor eceleb on 4chan in her teens

>> No.169502

that discounts noel and a few other hololive members, especially EN, like all but gura

>> No.169578

Nobody is hololive streams using their face like nyanners, tard.
Their roomate's streams and their holo persona are kept separate.

>> No.169633

>nobody streams using their face
>video evidence of streams using their face
well now you're beckpedaling, okay.

>> No.169702

Show me a single Noel video where she streams using her face.
Go ahead tard, I'll wait.

>> No.169718

Nyanners stopped streaming as her self a long time ago. She's 100% VTuber now.

>> No.169735

She didn't get spooked. She disavowed her past because it would come back to haunt her in a professional career. This is almost a decade ago now and who holds the exact same views from when they were a teenager into their late 20s? As someone else said, either watch her for what she is now, or don't.

>> No.169738

Yeah, so is Pokimane and Pewdiepie.

>> No.169814

That's a fucking retarded comparison. Both of those people still regularly use their real faces, Nyanners hasn't in a long, long time. Stop being a fucking mongoloid and make some real arguments

>> No.169816

pokisquad member here, she hasn't used her vtuber persona since people (jealous vtubers) sperged at her. not even on her no cam days.

>> No.169959


>> No.169965

Her face is attached to her persona, name and her channel. There is no virtual element to Nyanners.

>> No.170115

Its actually kinda funny that her 'disavowing' her past will actually prevent her from playing the big leagues of vTubing aka Hololive. JP Bros will not tolerate this thot once they find out what she thinks their oshi should be in jail for their loli/shota fetish. expect a graduation faster than Aloe.

>> No.170180

only VTuber I watch

>> No.170203

Probably not. Most of her audience are sjws like her. I'm surprised there's still people here that like her, honestly. Self-hating anons like them are scum.

>> No.170246

Agree. JPbros cannot stand blatant disrespect like that. And they will probably treat her just like any other Gaijin who wronged them for not understanding their culture.

>> No.170261

>JP Bros will not tolerate this thot once they find out what she thinks their oshi should be in jail for their loli/shota fetish. expect a graduation faster than Aloe.
Why would they care about some western vtuber?

>> No.170266

She wouldn't make it past the audition regardless.

>> No.170326

Because of future prospects, but her whole history kind of burned the bridge and whatever chances she has with JPnikis. If you think the antis here are bad, you're lucky the language barrier exists.

>> No.170329

/jp/ wouldn't watch eos anyways so it makes no difference

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How can one vtuber make autists seethe this much?

>> No.170444

Ina is a confirmed 29 years old

>> No.170483

You're mixing up anger with disgust.

>> No.170489

Yeah, Japanese are fucking insane.

>> No.170518

people are still mad they couldn't groom her to be their personal loli justice warrior or something, it's pathetic

>> No.170521

Even with their flaws, they seem way more sensible than the west, honestly.

>> No.170540

She disavowed pedophiles and she was so spooked by 4chan at the time that she accidentally overreacted and she regrets it. That's as far as that goes, It has nothing to do with brand purity or something. The only reason she even decided to hate on the pomf vid was that she realized she had real children watching her videos and she was trying to be at least somewhat decent by not subjecting children to that level degeneracy even if she didn't have a problem with the video herself you wouldn't want to show your real powerlevel to kids or your parents either so it makes sense. Her mistake was overreacting and she kind of apologized for that.

>> No.170568

Some of her content is gold. Fags only hate her because they're still mad about shit that happened a fucking decade ago, not because they dislike her streams.

>> No.170588

I doubt this when I remember her posting on /a/ and she wasn't exactly brand new to the site.

>> No.170636

I want to believe, but those are clearly lies. If she was truly "spooked" she would disable her whole account and start under a new name. But instead she rebranded herself as an SJW for a while and started a massive tirade against sexy women and revealing clothing in video games. Not being an anti, but just telling the truth here.

>> No.170644

>she kind of apologized for that.

>> No.170689

Im watching her play FFX, its very comfy, one of my fav games from my childhood, she even is doing stuff Ive never seen before
Dont give a shit about any of that Loli garbage drama, if you care about that you have problems you need to address

>> No.170699

See >>170636. Her apology was also something worthy of Artia's DYRBI.

>> No.170706

Crazy is crazy. They're just different about their crazy.

Anybody who doesn't find this shit funny has no sense of humor:


>> No.170786

What she did during that stream was vile and disgusting
It was all fun and games until she decides to ruin it for everyone, I literally barfed when she did it
Theres no way she can apologise for what she did, she is a slime of a person

>> No.170791
File: 61 KB, 853x871, 1605060676093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't tell if you're being ironic. But I guess that's zoomer humor for you.

>> No.170838

>I wish I could go back in time to like 6 years ago to rewrite that statement cause I was anxious and not in the right state of mind to write something that couldn't be twisted against me or misunderstood, obviously what's done is done but I do regret not taking more time to write it more thoughtfully
>when i said that video was attracting unsavory people, everyone acted like i was talking about edgy anime memers or something, no I was talking about the kind of people who look at actual cp and groom minors on the internet
There's the apology, It's not a direct straight apology but it's still an apology.

>> No.170859
File: 230 KB, 418x404, 1600645607178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 minutes to tell the viewer she put slime on her chair and sat on it
>this is supposed to be funny
I tried to put the whole "hates 4chan" thing aside and give her an honest chance. I want my 4 minutes back.

>> No.170879

>twisted or misunderstoof
>bro it really was just the pedos I swear
fake and gay, she was pretty explicit in tumblr messages and other conversations around the time

>> No.170880

it is suspected that hololvie picks up girls that are drama free or know how to deal with drama and specially harships.

>> No.170938

This fucking video:
Her editor is also really good.

>> No.170948

C'mon bro she apologized in a totally genuine way. W-we have to forgive her some day don't we? Can't we just move forward as a family?

Why can't you ever forgive her when she's giving such an earnest apology?

>> No.171000

>Its actually kinda funny that her 'disavowing' her past will actually prevent her from playing the big leagues of vTubing aka Hololive
She already has a million subs, I dont see how she needs Hololive

>> No.171007

Funny how no one ever posts those screenshots.

>> No.171023

Well, let's see holoEN
Well, she certainly knew how to handle a twitch mob.
Well, she beat Nyanners to 1M with 6+ years of handicap.
Based on her recent song, she has a thicker skin and even thicker bants than I thought.
Ina... she controls her chat pretty well.
Also, I have to mention.
>drama free or know how to deal with drama and specially harships
Even that is just luck. Think of Aloe or [REDACTED].

>> No.171048

I've heard some were pretty involved in weird internet shit, the bigger thing is being able to re-anonymize them. Except for Gura i'd have no idea who the others were without roommate leaks, you couldn't do that with someone as prolific as Nyanners even before she started vtubing

Why would anyone have saved that garbage before she suddenly nuked everything to "rebrand"

>> No.171084

Well yes after that happened she went full Tumblrina but she's calmed down since then. People can change.

>> No.171093

>Based on her recent song, she has a thicker skin and even thicker bants than I thought.
>thick skin
>makes an entire song because people tweeted at her and she can't admit people only listen to her music because she's a holo

>> No.171157

Without our approval all she can do is bleed out from this point

>> No.171163

it's ok, she turned into a footfag, so she's fine by me

>> No.171177

Go be a tumblrina somewhere else because I can't be arsed to reenter that shithole.

>people only listen to her music because she's a holo
Her old MVs were literally the Kichikuou Rance for a JP group in that they saved them when they were feeling bad about not getting their music known. She even has a healthy rivalry with one of the members nowadays.

>> No.171179

>she turned into a footfag
At least she has good taste.

>> No.171182
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Unironically my favorite streamer. I love how painfully awkward she is in group streams.

>> No.171201


Who the fuck is "our"?

>> No.171224

If you post anything regarding her pre-twitch days it gets deleted by the mods.

>> No.171247

>I dont see how she needs Hololive
What about reaching 2M subs and being projected to reach 3M before the second half of this year? And all that only with getting your brand even more known than before, because Gura is certainly not trying now. And I don't refer to past shit. She does no collabs outside EN and hasn't hopped on the small videos trend that most of the JP holos and Kiara did.

>> No.171279

Mousey does the awkward ironic anime girl better than Nyanners could ever hope to.

>> No.171297

Gura is actually funny though.

>> No.171354


>> No.171376

The difference between 1 and 2 million subscribers is not much despite it being a million. A youtuber with 2 mil has the same views per video as the 1 mil guy.
There's diminishing returns on subs after 1 mil until you get to like 6 million.

That all said, Nyanners managed 1 mil without holo so does she really need to join Holo just for more exposure?

>> No.171386

>People can change
Quite a lot of pre-2010 4channers ended up on the other side of the culture war.

>> No.171396

is this that new RE?

>> No.171454

>She does no collabs outside EN and hasn't hopped on the small videos trend that most of the JP holos and Kiara did.
I dont understand you people
Why do you wanna watch Gura and some JP girl struggle to understand each other for an hour
Gura knows her strengths, she sings, she talks, she play game. Its what she does
Also Gura is a pretty Anti social person, every group stream she takes the back seat because she doesnt wanna step on toes, but her and Ame work together and shes warmed up to her

>> No.171459

Yeah, that's because 4chan got taken over by a bunch of right wing redditors who think they're counterculture

>> No.171474
File: 51 KB, 500x500, nyanners but blue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blue Nyanners did too. And in less than half the time it took Nyanners, which I'm pretty sure would've been less if she didn't cancel herself with the pomf thing, since she was even a guest for the 2011 /v/idya Game Awards.

>> No.171513

What are you talking about? She's gaining subs at a good rate.

>> No.171578

Over a 10 year period. Most of those people are probably long gone

>> No.171584

>which I'm pretty sure would've been less if she didn't cancel herself with the pomf thing, since she was even a guest for the 2011 /v/idya Game Awards.
If it wasnt that it would have been something else; 4chan celebs never stick with it forever

>> No.171608
File: 570 KB, 1000x1200, 1567761929903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even worse, 4chan got taken over by a bunch of people that don't actually enjoy japanese content yet somehow still think they are welcome.

>> No.171637


More fun from that VRChat stream:


>> No.171643

2016 is a different matter.

>> No.171655

We could all hear how enthused you were during your nyanners art gripe, plague.

>> No.171694

That and normalfags.

>> No.171767

You must not watch a lot of streamers.

>> No.171813

A fair amount probably, but I doubt that it's most. Her videos get too many views for that.

>> No.171819

4chan never stopped being lefty, The left simply got taken over by a bunch of fucking BLM and whiny SJW's and nobody that's been on 4chan very long wants anything to do with those retards.

>> No.171821
File: 65 KB, 1280x720, Tem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isnt Nyanners like, one of the highest Non Hololive branded Vtubers?
Like you got Pikamee whos one of the best, then you got the whole Vshojo thing who are all pretty high up in terms of follows, Momo and Viebee are both solidly stanced (I think non grouped) Vtubers,
and then one of the best low follower Vtubers Tem, who sadly probably wont make it big, she doesnt have the endurance for it to be a career, aswell as being a working artist

>> No.171871

131K is not low follower.
Theres legit amazing people sitting at >5k.

>> No.172011

Tem isnt a youtube streamner, shes a twitch streamer at 30k
Now youtube subs and twitch follows are very different things, having 30K followers on twitch is more impressive than say having 45K on youtube. And Twitch users are generally a lot more likely to give out donations and Subs, aswell as gift subs
Also follower count does not equal to a better streamer, the best streamer out there could be sitting at only like 800 followers, but hasnt gotten the breakout they need

>> No.172134

I just realized I mistyped my post. I meant <5k. As in very small vtubers.

>> No.172196

I think mori was 2009
I don't know when koopa started coming here, we could ask her, certainly oldfag though
Nyanners was around for the habbo hotel raids at the very least
Risu... no idea?
Ina is denfinitely a classic oldfag

>> No.173042

>I'm 30. I've accepted my death. Frankly, it's liberating. I feel a mad frantic rush to produce, create and get shit done.

Good for you, a lot of people just give up entirely on creative endeavors once they hit thirty and just focus on slaving until retirement. Also give me your fucking Les Paul.

>> No.173050

Twitch has a vastly superior model in terms of fan interaction with the talents. Zentreya's streams are a great example of how a culture can be developed by content creator and audience both having a big influence on what makes the whole thing entertaining. YouTube is paying attention and will be adding (or has added) new features that mimic the Twitch model including raid functionality and donations beyond just superchat money but they're still way behind.

>> No.173294

Her YT account got 1 mil subs buddy.

>> No.173349

They were talking about Tem having a lower subscriber count of 131k not Nyanners.

>> No.173691

>Nyanners is the Donald Trump of vtubing

>> No.173799

You're giving her WAY too much credit. She's both the Hugo Chavez and the Nicolas Maduro of vtubing.

>> No.173812

Yes, even if I don't like her content besides asmr.

>> No.173891

Ironmouse is just a natural vtuber

>> No.173931

she's cursed in that she has no other option, but also blessed for this option to actually exist.
It helps that she enjoys it and genuinely loves her fans

>> No.174119

Absolutely, it's a shame that she doesn't get more exposure here.

>> No.174132

you're really going to shill this in every thread aren't you

>> No.174144

Just show more Mousey clips like this one:


She's our girl. So's Melody.

>> No.174322

What do you mean?

>> No.174344

I think he means the plasma donation thing. I love Mousey as much as you do and yes plasma donation is important but you don't have to do that every time.

>> No.174422

Oh, I just brought it up casually due to the fact Plasma is kind of forgotten compared to blood donations and you can get paid to donate plasma too.
It just makes sense to occasionally remind people as it is a /vt/ related issue.
>you don't have to do that every time.
I don't do it all the time, once in a while.

>> No.174426

Jerma is basically just a 3D vtuber and I have no clue how he's only got like 340k.

And I will stand by this definition considering his whole persona, his (ab)use of streaming as a format and level of interaction.

>> No.174555


>> No.174572

Dilate harder fag

>> No.174656

>two on topic replies in threads
Ok, see >>174422

>> No.174749

When exactly was it when we could throw around words like faggot or retarded in the mainstream? 2014?

>> No.174831

what is spam

>> No.174871

>casually bringing up ON-TOPIC Plasma donation is spam

>> No.175011

>almost every thread relating to vshojo

>> No.175045

faggot's been a banned word since web 2.0, retarded is still mostly ok if you don't market directly to sjws

>> No.175057

Not that one but I bring up Mousey on almost any thread related to VShojo because she fucking deserves it. And she also needs the plasma.

>> No.175069

>almost every thread
>casually brought up while on-topic in TWO threads
What you are doing is more spam than casually reminding people to donate plasma, which you can be paid to do and helps vtubers like Iron Mouse

>> No.175095

Mouse is closer to weird rather than awkward and both act differently. Nyanners sounds more smug and has that embarrassment tone to everything she says. Mouse goes straight and say whatever comes to mind. They're very unlike when it comes to overall personality.

>> No.175159

Speaking of the EN sphere, there's one time where that one avatarfag who is friends with them (Nux something) did a video where he raided popular streamers. And Mousey was so pure she absorbed his raid and almost derailed it.

>> No.175224

Is there a link? I want to see that.

>> No.175438

Any examples? I dont watch her much compared to the others

>> No.175450


This is part of it.

>> No.176061

She wasn't particularly "shy". She used to do cosplays at conventions, and get her picture taken all the time.

I would say she was just more of a houseplant.

>> No.176686

yes and polka approved too.

>> No.176799

>takes down pomf video.
>claims she hates loli
>becomes a vtuber.
>model looks exactly like the thing she hates.
>has anime loli voice.
>makes "sexual innuendos" in that persona.
>collaborates with ironmouse.
>rumors of her mods deleting anything pre-twitch personality.
>she doesn't take into account that some of her fans like her content for the same reasons others liked her pomf video.
>nyanners simps chalks up the criticisms as seething haters or pedophiles.

look either she lack self awarness which makes her a hypocrite or she knows what she's doing and is a grifter, one way or another she can't stay consistent and it's why most people have a problem with her.

>> No.177239

>rumors of her mods deleting anything pre-twitch personality
probably depends on what it is; probably just the pomf stuff. but I do remember during her christmas tree decoration stream, she had an ornament which called back to her bad gay porn dub vid.

>> No.177447

we did it reddit
It's hard for me to recall as well because it's MY vocabulary too and it's basically invisible to me. That's all I can write off the top of my head. But after you've been here long enough, you get a "feel" of their ethos. An anon just talks and acts differently, you'd know. I know Mori was /one of us/ the second she spoke.

>> No.177463

it would be understandable if it was anything that doesn't point out her inconsistency.

>> No.177506


Does anyone know where this came from? Someone posted it in a different thread but I can't find where Nyanners originally posted it and it only has 200 views

>> No.177562

Which one?

>> No.177623

those are just old memes though
i guess i see how they fly over though

>> No.177641

wheres the parappa the rapper video of her asking to get fucked as a loli?

>> No.177694

The only thing she really hates was her autistic 4chan fanbase, and she did what she needed to keep the autism away.

>> No.177890

>The only thing she really hates was her autistic 4chan fanbase.
her post says otherwise, also she can do both.
>she did what she needed to keep the autism away.
her chat is filled with the same autism she tried to keep away.

>> No.178017

Can someone explain the Nyanners pomf meme? I only know here from the McDonalds Pumpkin Pie ASMR review and covers of various meme songs.

>> No.178043

>I still get scared when I hear my phone ring because of it.

how do people go through this shit and still decide to continue making internet content? even at six figures alienating your privacy doesn't seem like a fair tradeoff

>> No.178210

>rumors of her mods deleting anything pre-twitch personality.
if it's a rumor then it doesn't matter
>collaborates with ironmouse.
>her fans made fun of me
you should have left these out. I don't see how those points make her a hypocrite

>> No.178671

Media "hobbies" quickly turn into obligations, mostly financial but sometimes social, once they have enough of a following. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I guarantee you most "full-time" creators would disappear if they got enough for an early retirement.

What's gonna happen to happen to all these Youtube and Twitch celebs in 5 or 10 years? Beats me

>> No.178823
File: 67 KB, 466x439, lolicon seethe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She made a parody song based on loli doujin, then deleted it and shitted on her fans. People called her hypocrite because she's still using loli avatar. etc etc

>> No.178917

Show me the tirades. She loves sexy women now.

>> No.178983

I like Nyanners and don't care about who she is when she's not streaming.

>> No.178984

Is loli banned in her chat?

>> No.179038

>Wants people to look up to her
Well thats just not true.

>> No.179084

See >>175330. Can you retards say nothing else?

>> No.179290

Gotcha, makes sense.
Weird, but that's that I suppose.

>> No.179575

>takes down video
Because of the children she had watching her
>claims she hates loli
Hiding her powerlevel
>Model looks like a loli
Yep, Previous answer applied she never stopped enjoying what she enjoys
>Sexual innuendos
Yeah because she's still Nyanners
>Mousey collaboration
They're friends
>Some people like her content for the same reason they liked the pomf video
Yeah, She also thought the pomf video was entertaining but she had to apologize for it. Welcome to the new age of cancel culture.

>> No.179882

>if it's a rumor then it doesn't matter.
it's not unreasonable to believe that she would have her mods delete chats pointing out her inconsistency, i get what you mean about the rumor part but the point being is that if the rumors were true it would give you an idea that she could be grifting.
ironmouse model is similar to that of what nyanners hates and she has a anime loli voice, by her standards nyanners would have a problem with ironmouse and having a hard time collabing with her.
>her fans made fun of me.
where did i say this? also she is shielded by criticism when her fans sandbag the discourse with circular logic. it wasn't to point out her hypocrisy, it was to point out her fans labeling people without realizing who they're simping for.
>you should have left these out. I don't see how those points make her a hypocrite.
already pointed some of these out, 2 of them weren't to point out her hypocrisy, but yeah i should have elaborated more, sorry.

>> No.179970

who knows, it could be possible.

>> No.180012

Basically she pandered to 4chan during her early days which turned her into a c list Internet celebrity, and then the moment she started trying to get her va career off the ground she shat all over her previous content, the fans who liked that content, and started courting the sjw tumbler crowd instead.
And when that fell through she went right back to the same loli shit she preciously shat on. Anyone who supports this either came in after she started pandering to tumblr, or are unironic cucks who would continue supporting a girl after she publicly threw them under the bus to further her own career.

>> No.180039


>> No.180062

>the fans who liked that content
She never did that

>> No.180185

Her and Senzawa are the OGs of course she is

>> No.180376

It's pathetic how much you guys are still seething. It's the smart move since 4chan can't ever like someone more than 6 months. Even if they never change their content they become le reddit tumblr incarnate.

>> No.180403

she's so ironic LOL just like me

>> No.180412

there's a reply that answer counters that see >>176442
>Can you retards say nothing else?
it's almost like there's a double standard to be called out.

>> No.180456

>pissed on her sister's grave
What a very /b/ thing to do.

>> No.180464

>It's pathetic how much you guys are still seething

The internet doesn't forget anon.

>> No.180538

Anyone who isn't still seething has forgotten the spirit of 4chan.

>> No.180572

she is also my dad
she went back in time to fuck my mom
and now I have pink hair and eat nothing but pizza rolls unya

>> No.180603
File: 172 KB, 436x456, 1584623425084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.180639

She was doing Vtuber shit years ago. She just had a shitty model and didn't promote it on her Youtube.

>> No.180754

What double standard? That people changing over time is the same as being a hypocrite? That's literally the most retarded thing ever.

>> No.180816

Given her public content going back 10 years, its about as natural a step as she could take.

>> No.181003
File: 285 KB, 1000x800, 0509v95lk9zy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners is a hypocrite. She's also the only English Vtuber that makes me laugh I don't care.

>> No.181098

>Because of the children she had watching her
>Hiding her powerlevel
>Yep, Previous answer applied she never stopped enjoying what she enjoys
>Yeah, She also thought the pomf video was entertaining but she had to apologize for it. Welcome to the new age of cancel culture.
that could be the case but there isn't evidence of her saying otherwise, i wouldn't doubt it however.
>Yeah because she's still Nyanners
the problem is less with the sexual innuendos and more of her doing it with her persona which contradicts her original statement.
>They're friends
i pointed this out here >>179882

>> No.181154

there's nothing that shows that she changed her mind unless she says otherwise.

>> No.181241

>Became an sjw
Prove it, one tumblr post decrying pedophiles doesnt count.

>> No.181394

I said court, not become. Say what you want but that post is very clearly pandering to the sjws that used to infest tumblr before they all moved to twitter.

>> No.181479

You could say the same thing about her being a hypocrite then. You won't get anywhere with that kind of logic.

>> No.181543

is not fucking children a social justice issue?

>> No.181556

I laughed pretty hard when Hime Hajime made a joke about being 10 because I could only imagine how hard Nyanners cringed. I do think she's pretty funny though so whatever.

>> No.181622

So a single post decrying pedos is sjw? Okay cowboy.

>> No.181749

her statement would still stands until she gives an update.

>> No.181892

not any of these anons, just here to say that you can look up gameghazi, not sure if this would be relevant to the conversation.

>> No.181948

woops wrong post

>> No.181967

ironmouse is genuinely funny
nyanners/melody are incredibly boring and are leeching off mouse's entertainment

>> No.182082

I think Ironmouse is the least popular of the three though

>> No.182141

It's nyanners > mouse > melody in terms of viewership, they all get fairly similar numbers though

>> No.182494

explain to me nyannerfags how someone as oldfag as her becomes a left wing nutjob?

>> No.182549

>uncomfortable with pedophiles
>"left wing nutjob"
Do you really want to define your side as the pro-pedophilia side?

>> No.182587

>uncomfortable with loli lovers
>uncomfortable with the entire population of japan
yes, left wing libtards

>> No.182613

by thinking?

>> No.182828


>gets popular on /a/ for doing loli vocaroo
>literally sells her used panties to a fan through an auction
>then calls her fans sick perverts less than a year of the panties bid war

>wow guys why do people hate nyanners?

>> No.182849

She wanted to be a VA. Who is going to hire a pedophile voice actor? That's reserved for the producer.

>> No.182892

are there vtubers more popular than them on twitch? i see they all oscilate in the 3-k viewership

>> No.182901

>people are not allowed to change

>> No.182982

Maybe CodeMiko if you count her as a Vtuber. Last time I watched Nyanners she had around 5k, but that was awhile ago. I don't watch CodeMiko at all, but she has interviews with big Youtubers, so she must be bigger than them.

>> No.183071

what does her selling panties have to do with lolicon?

>> No.183093

being an insufferable bitch? yeah, I guess

>> No.183111

Wait, how did this thread just get bumped? Is the bump limit higher than 300?

>> No.183194

EXPECT US !!!!!!!!!!! :D

>> No.183242

Tits or gtfo

>> No.183253


>> No.183256


>> No.183260

>people aren't allowed to hate someone who changed

>> No.183280


>> No.183284

Yes you dumb tranny whore, you think those are words you just slap on your twitter profile just to fit in?

>> No.183298

>he never grew out of his anonymoos is leegun phase

>> No.183305

Thread summary: yes she's /vt/, never make these shitty Nyanners meta commentary threads ever again you absolute faggot.

>> No.183330

>he forgets his roots

>> No.183336

I joined around the end of the newfriend era, and the start of the cancer era so I vaguely remember Nyanner's older stuff. Like the great Troll-Sama videos, and the draw my life one.

>> No.183408

This, selling out fags deserve nothing but scorn.

>> No.183418

Yeah, bet half these people never even saw BOOM HEADSHOT

>> No.183436

When you talk about Blue Nyanners and Gura you're talking about the same person, idiot. She surpassed Nyanners two times.

>> No.183460


>> No.183479

I'd sell out you faggots for a bologna sandwich.

>> No.183495

Make sure to be a good boy and wear your diapers, wouldn't want to forget your baby roots

>> No.183544

Yeah go sell your grandma for a silver piece like a good goy.

>> No.183569

Shh it's okay, you don't have to grow up

Do you want your rattle?

>> No.183573

t. The cancer that's killing 4chan.

>> No.183601

>said the leegunfag

>> No.183647

No one gives a fuck about 4chan, retard. She's more popular than she's ever been.

>> No.183668

>literally throws old fanbase under the bus
>wah wah why do you dislike change

>> No.183682

Only the pedophiles :^)

>> No.183688

Only after she came crawling back like a battered ex and like the true cucks modern 4chan is they welcomed her back with open arms

>> No.183709

>implying it wasn't the other way around

>> No.183731

Yeah so she's the cuck instead

>> No.183744

She might be into that

>> No.183785
File: 292 KB, 220x196, cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I want to cuck Nyanners, guys.

>> No.183811

i want nyanners to fuck my wife

>> No.184221

The absolute state of 4chan

>> No.184325

Yes. I love the cringe cat.

>> No.184771

go complain about there not being enough black trans paraplegic women on resetera

>> No.185287

nyanners simps on cope, the absolute state.

>> No.185551

Nah, 4chan hasn't changed much. It will always be a place that gives the middle finger to sanctimonius faggots. That used to be christian conservatives in the 2000s, but is now deranged leftists who want to get you fired over not using prefered pronouns

>> No.185641

Wish we stopped forgetting to shit on moralfags, they're even in here spamming pedo and their other forced buzzwords like coomer

>> No.186039

maybe people wouldn't call you a pedo if you didn't take personal offense to someone saying they don't like pedos

>> No.186082

Go make another orange thread nigger

>> No.186126


>> No.186315

>makes an entire song because people tweeted at her and she can't admit people only listen to her music because she's a holo
I prefer her roommate songs desu, I haven't really liked anything she released as a holo that much, some were okay, but a few of her roommate songs were great. I wouldn't have found out about her roommate without her becoming a holo, but that's not a matter of a lack of talent, but a lack of exposure.

>> No.186479

>makes an entire song because people tweeted at her
That's just the rap game in 2021 anon

>> No.186888

I love Nyanners!!!!!!

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