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Great. Finally some screencaps that aren't made of blocks.

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If Cover could managed to get better deals for all of their talents, that would be a no-brainer.

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My oshi would rather just not stream (and i'm fine with it)

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Korone doesn't love Youtube anymore...

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But blocks are the best anon!
How the fuck do people blur simple screenshots the way they do

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by streaming the video through mpc or vlc and not just taking a screenshot from youtube lmao

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I don't think that makes a difference. mpv at least uses youtube-dl which will automatically pick the highest quality option.

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God no, I hate twitch culture

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I'm not so sure about that. Twitch's content policy is far more retarded than YouTube's. Not only that, but they like to enforce exclusivity agreements. Most Twitch affiliates and partners aren't even allowed to upload videos to YouTube for 24 hours after making a Twitch broadcast.

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miko, what have you done?

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Twitch allows you to show movies though, right? That makes watchalongs actually worthwhile instead of the joke they are on Youtube

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I dont get posters who say this, what do they hate, why do they think a japanese chat will replicate what is hateful in their imagination?

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she wont leave yt but now youtube actually fucking sucks shit. shikata ga nai

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Maybe Cover can negotiate better terms for their talent

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it has an integrated watchparty feature connected to amazon prime video

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Only if you have access to that movie in your region

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Nah, twitch is way more permissive with stuff in the platform and you get a shit ton of money with ads if you are as big as they are. Also Cover will probably have more capacity to negotiate with them than youtube.
On top of it, twitch doesn't get any cut from donations, only memberships.
The only reason they are still using youtube is because japanese are a bunch of boomers that are always 5 years behind everyone else in these things.

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Yeah unfortunately their content policy is far more strict and ridiculous. About the deals, I feel that twitch is more lenient to negotiate rather than YouTube. Especially if Cover is the one who handles it. They're a whole company instead of one streamer afterall, and their record on YouTube is nothing to be shrugged off. Maybe they could use this as a threat to YouTube too in order for them to fix their shit. Though I doubt that since they seemed too big to care about Cover even with all those superchat numbers.

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Twitch is a city but youtube is the world in relation to reach

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twitch deletes videos two weeks after streaming. not all viewers are shut in neets like you

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Screw movies. HolofightZ watchalong LET'S GOOOOO

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she's going to be raided by SOPs and EOPs lmao

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>save video
>upload to youtube

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Well they could stream on twitch and uploads videos of it on YouTube, or maybe just make their YouTube accounts to be a clip account, or they could just give it the Bilibili treatment.

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They have a company behind them ffs, they can upload the streams to youtube later to save them and for visibility, a lot of streamers do it.

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Cool. Now I can't keep up with their shit even more.

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Do you think jap chats are any better? They're literally stale repeated shit

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>Literally wanting them exposed to SJW's and e-thots who can literally cancel them via politics or twitter.

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didn't ask normalfag

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Alright guys, how long until some jealous troon streamer tweets at twitch administration saying that Hololive is pedophilia and supports the Japanese patriarchy/white supremacy. And they ban all holos from the platform to virtue signal. Then Vox, Vice, Polygon and kotaku write smear articles about Hololive because of this. I give it 1 month.

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I'm excited for this. As long as karaoke streams aren't in danger and archives are re-uploaded

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there actually are a lot of streamers that do this, they stream on twitch and use youtube as a form of video archive.

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imagine liking jewtube when they're not even capable of notifying you of a livestream, until you refresh the wholeass website

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they have upload them to youtube because no one watches twitch vods
90% traffic on twitch is livestreams

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Anon I promise you that even sjws have better things to do. Please talk to another human being sometime

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The problem was YouTube starting to get stupid like Twitch with its terms, I don't think the solution is to go to Twitch (which is still worse in some ways and definitely worse in community.)

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This and don't forget raids from literal WHOs, shared emotes etc..

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Vice already wrote a smear article on Hololive during the Taiwan arc, unironically defending china

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Pros of Moving to Twitch Entirely
-No Tax on Foreign Content Creators
-Better VOD
-No Intermittent Throttling
-They can reupload all archived content on YouTube to avoid deletion
-Bits are a non-taxable way of receiving donations as opposed to SCs being ~30% off

Cons of Moving to Twitch Entirely
-Membership to Chat Mode displaces lots of people without Twitch/Amazon Accounts
-DMCA stuff is out of control, Utawaku will have to be done away with entirely
-Twitch Chat Behavior, although maybe I'm just a boomer
-have to donate through streamlabs, which leads to trolls doing chargebacks, doxing, etc

Realistically though I could see a full migration if the intermittent throttling is rampant in the ensuing days and Cover gets no help from YouTube at all. I don't think they can be helped if they've made Miko abandon YouTube entirely and now Korone is strongly considering migrating there too.

Feel free to add more.

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If Cover is not at least threatening to switch platforms in order to negotiate better terms with Youtube they're retarded.

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They can always negotiate with Twitch through this. I think it can work out. I'm pretty sure it's easy to do and there's way more permissions on the Twitch side of things, albeit at the cost of music stuff which may need to be a necessary sacrifice for the migration or relegate it to Twitcast or NND. Considering the fact that the Twitch community has already embraced Miko and Cover is probably taking copious notes about this. And with Korone/Watame set to make their debuts tomorrow, I think something will get done.

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>They have a company behind them ffs
>he thinks Cover is competent
You don't remember when Subaru's manager deleted a lot of her streams instead of private those.

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You don't control what's going on between Cover and Twitch right now. If they work out a deal, the rest you have is cope.

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That's going to be weird too. Someone trying to send a raid into a holo's chat and then thinking that: the streamer will understand what's happening and that doing this will bring the other channel good attention.

Losing singing streams is absolutely unacceptable to most, if not all, of the streamers. YouTube sucks but it's currently the better option for uploading long-term VODs and singing.
I think ideally Cover would create their own platform and then try to use the others to upload highlights and direct new viewers to the new platform.

>> No.1629554

yeah, but public opinion can.

>> No.1629566

they're currently experimenting with lots of diffrent platforms.
iirc hololive is working on it's own video hosting/streaming platform, probably as a way to get out of the youtube 30% cut.

>> No.1629576

what's the problem with the DMCA? i mean they always use their own songs and bgm so that shouldn't be a big problem

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Oh I forgot to add to my own post. Twitch bans people for things they did or said offsite including in their private life. As soon as anyone digs up clips of them repeating what Lamar says in GTAV and starts whining about it. They're gone. I guarantee it. It's not a matter of if but when.

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>public opinion
That's cope

>> No.1629612

There's no objective difference between KEKW and 草.

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>Losing singing streams is absolutely unacceptable to most, if not all, of the streamers. YouTube sucks but it's currently the better option for uploading long-term VODs and singing.
They could go to Twitcast/NND for singing streams
And if they remain as Twitch Affiliates with added benefits via negotiations, they can keep their archival footage on YT and YT can be used as storage as opposed to streaming.

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Not sure what any of that has to with my post. I happen to prefer Twitch.

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It wouldn't be an issue for regular streams or BGM, but any karaoke stream using copyrighted music would be shut down almost immediately.

>> No.1629679

He's overthinking it. They most likely can stream whatever.

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Hololive on Full30!

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The former one is associated with western filth while the latter one is the representation of simple yet elegant Japanese culture.

>> No.1629711

That's what Twitcast and NND can be for. Utawaku is only a small portion of Hololive that doesn't exactly mesh well with the current audience compared to say, Minecraft or League of Legends.

>> No.1629745

Okay. I'm not too familiar with Twitch and I kept seeing stories about the copyright stuff going crazy like blocking an artist from playing their own songs. Regardless of what happens, their YouTube channels aren't going away due to the various milestones and archives (Even if a bunch of stuff is still missing on some.)

>> No.1629748

>-No Tax on Foreign Content Creators
yet. Twitch is owned and operated by an American company, Google ran with it as long as they could until they were forced to abide by the law

>> No.1629828

If there is one thing good about youtube is that certain stuff can stay there for decades and people would still largely have access to everything that has happened to it.

>> No.1629835

Those are minor concerns. Their BGM and other royalty-free stuff will be fine. Game BGM will also be fine. It's just utawaku that will have to be done away with and I'm sure people can agree that's a necessary sacrifice if they move that content to other platforms, albeit at the expense of region-locking in NND's case.

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>-No Tax on Foreign Content Creators

Doesn't matter at all because of tax treaties, but another benefit of twitch would be that Holos would quickly become eligible for the bounty board rather than cover needing to do the legwork of getting sponsorships themselves.

>> No.1629864

use twitch for gaming streams and use yt as vod archive and for singing and short videos

>> No.1629879

Miko saying nigga is one of the most popular Hololive clips and shes been streaming no issue for the last 2 days

>> No.1629885

It's crazy to see videos like 14 years old now. Too bad YouTube also butchered the quality on those older videos by making the resolution larger to match current uploads.

I don't want to lose the singing at all. It's one of the bigger draws for when I watch live stuff. Usually game VODs I don't mind catching up on.

>> No.1629911

Twitcast/NND is a suitable replacement.

>> No.1629930

Nijifags win again.

>> No.1629946

Yeah seems odd that they're experimenting with Twitch instead of relying on the domestic Japanese platforms.

>> No.1629951

Kek, are you retarded? Don't you know anything about all the shit Twitch has done? All it takes is ONE blue checkmark on twitter who isn't a white male complaining about the clip and they're GONE forever.
These people went after the fucking POG emote. Those clips are a billion times worse in their eyes. They just haven't been streaming long enough for these people to notice them and get irrationally angry at them and looking for any excuse to ruin their lives.

>> No.1629967

It will have to be done since YouTube can't be helped.

>> No.1629982

It's difficult to take this seriously if you put 'suitable' and twitcast/nico together. More like inferior and outdated really.

>> No.1629999

That may be but it's also making streams confusing when it's across multiple platforms. I know some streamed on other sites too but most of the content was on YT. And many of them do not make schedules so you would have to follow the social media of practically all of them or whichever you're interested in and hope you were around for a stream.
Google notifications have issues but having a one stop for it all meant you could check and see them live or scheduled to stream.

>> No.1630000

So, does clipper exist on twitch? Would they and translator also moving?

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fucking lol there's a reason why YT supplanted it

>> No.1630013

In Korone's case I doubt there are many people who will watch the full VOD, it would be better to use her youtube account as a clip channel for her twitch streams

>> No.1630024

Gura watches Forsen so I'm sure she knows what happened to him repeatedly. Twitch keeps an internal "brand risk score" for every streamer to determine what type of treatment they should get.

>> No.1630036

because the law changes will rip 30% of everything the girls and cover do from youtube, all of hololive will play on twitch soon

>> No.1630041

If it is that way, is there any suitable replacement Japanese streaming platform that is not NND or Twitcast?

>> No.1630051

Then you will have to sacrifice utawaku altogether, and Cover knows that's unsuitable unless they will be flexible enough to use those two platforms in the increasingly likely event they ditch YouTube entirely.

>> No.1630053

Twitch chat is way better coded, doesn't crash, and has a lower delay

>> No.1630054

dude, blue checkmarks don't know japanese, twitch probably doesn't either lol, they'll be fine

>> No.1630079

You can disable raids, I'm pretty sure Miko has it so that you can't raid or host her channel.

>> No.1630080


>> No.1630082

If YT cleans its shit up then there should be an official clip channel for each channel, or at least each gen/branch. Cover letting viewers upload and sub stuff is missing out on gaining from it. While many clippers now misrepresent what was said, the personality of the streamer, or use a clickbait thumbnail/title.

>> No.1630113

It uses better technology (literally just IRC) but the emotes are fucking cancer. You can't disable them either.

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I love your thinking anon, but Cover and Nips in general are boomers when it comes to this kind of shit. Times like these are where I unironically hope Disney buys them so they can be given all the benefits they could possibly ask for.

>> No.1630153

You're retarded, they already tried canceling hololive over being "pedophilia" and Vice already wrote a smear article about them. The difference is that in this case youtube's general inaction worked in their advantage and it didn't snowball.
If this would have happened while they were on twitch it would have caused a ban and then all these online publications would be frothing at the mouth to write smear article after smear article and canceling hololive because they have an irrational hatred of Japan and anime.

>> No.1630158

>japanese chat
It won't be japanese chat

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i'm pretty sure even the most braindead lib knows that a japanese person saying something like nigga is a non-issue because of 0 knowledge. it'd be wild to see someone trying to cancel an industry that is by and large non-white though

>> No.1630172

>Random male that is not tokyo ghoul

>> No.1630181

Literally every civilized country has a tax treaty with the united states so as you soon as you provide youtube your tax information, that rate changes to zero. The only people that shit effects are russians and venezueleans

>> No.1630196

You're so naive. The pogchamp emote was an asian and they canceled him over being a "white supremacist". If they move to twitch it will be the end of them.

>> No.1630198

I guess you missed the memo but Asians aren't considered "POC" anymore. They're inherently racist like whites and they will also need to pay reparations.

>> No.1630204

I keep talking about and everytime I get retards replying to me with
>but the fans do it for them for freeeee!
Japanese are always fucking behind on these things, it far more beneficial to be responsible for you to be the "main" highlight clipper.

>> No.1630208

Insignificant + Twitch loves Hololive. Miko broke 24K today on Twitch and that number's going up.

>> No.1630223

Twitcast isn't a good replacement for YouTube IMO, and NND is just straight up terrible except for their monetization. O believe Twitch would still be the better alternative considering the popularity and functions.

>> No.1630225

Youtube is just having technical problems, I have no idea where this rrat that they're going to ditch their primary platform with millions of subs comes from, I find it more likely that they'll switch to NND rather than Twitch since it has more of the features they want.

>> No.1630227

Twitch is by far the superior option right now

>> No.1630262

Absolutely no one cared squizo.

>> No.1630264

cope nijifag

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Anon, absolutely nobody except journalists on Vice care about Vice. It's been the laughing stock of the journalism world for the better part of a decade now, which is really saying something. Also, how exactly do you go through those mental gymnastics and hoops when the co-founder of Twitch owns and operates VShojo, which is filled with nothing but blatant perverts and 18+ content just shy of softcore pornography and have suffered 0 repercussions? You're just looking for things to get anxious about and coming to conclusions already because you lend literal nobodies on Twitter free real estate in your head.

>> No.1630275

Technical problems that have been ongoing for 2 full days without any sign of addressing it not even from YT staff. I'd say if this shit continues for weeks they may have no choice but to at least explore doing half Twitch and half NND.

>> No.1630282

>-Better VOD
From my personal experience, watching VODs on Twitch is atrocious with constant disconnect/buffering issues. This is something that I do not experience with Youtube on 1080p.

>> No.1630289

>Twitch is by far the superior option right now
If you're a very specific subgenre of streamer.

>> No.1630296

I have no faith in Cover, they took months to give mods to Coco

>> No.1630313

>Twitch bans you for calling people virgins
>Miko calls enemies DTs

Oh no...

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If the great migration ever happens, we'll never get those videos back.

>> No.1630324

Who cares?

>> No.1630331

Realistically they'd just stream on twitch and put vods on youtube. That's how literally every successful streamer does it. Twice the discoverability.

>> No.1630345

Translate weebs.

>> No.1630349

My only worry for twitch stream is the audio quality. I've always been watching DJ stream on Twitch (Mogra is one of them) and it sounds terrible. Very low bitrate.

>> No.1630354

Who cares when Twitch literally has the better coding and timing for instantaneous streaming? Clips are more important by than fully archived shit now.

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They canceled Gootecks for supporting the "raid" on the Capital and generally being unable to stop sperging on Twitter, not because of white supremacy, even if those two regularly get conflated in the same dialogue. Said guy also never liked being the face of PogChamp, so it's a moot point.
That's rich, considering what just happened within the last 24 hours and been the top news story in the US since.

>> No.1630381

All they need to do is do regular streaming on Twitch and archived stuff on YouTube.

>> No.1630386

>Random male that is not tokyo ghoul
>2nd most subscribed niji male in YouTube

>> No.1630406

Shut up /wvt/ no one cares about your kuso platform

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File: 830 KB, 1600x900, 6ZxdcfGFAL1d5i1pIW7GA7Y0OLuZgkODz6KWI8GNYLs (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why you consoomers will never learn anything. Not even why your oshi does what she does.

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>> No.1630518

Why don't they just use Mildom instead?

>> No.1630547

Region-blocked, insignificant, and not enough endorsement deals on the side.

The Western market is more relevant anyways.

>> No.1630593

Is that the same case with Showroom?

>> No.1630700

>going to

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>Ads embedded directly into the stream
>Forced to use Alternate Player for Twitch
No thanks faggots, at least Jewgle has the decency to quarantine all their ad bullshit on a separate domain to make it easy to block.

>> No.1630773

if korone makes it subs only, it definitely will. just look at miko's chat for reference

>> No.1630798
File: 241 KB, 865x709, The Vtuber Industry Corporatization, Labor, and Kawaii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couldn't find anything on Taiwan but found this. I don't expect anything good from Vice yet they still manage to surprise me every time. If Hololive starts stepping into e-girl turf they'll surely be on the offensive.

>> No.1630848

Chinese owned
Showroom is dog shit

>> No.1630881

I never got an Ad on twitch, what gives
It's still a shite platform though.

>> No.1630882

>subs only
she almost cried when she made her chat members-only for the Among Us collab

>> No.1630886
File: 119 KB, 800x680, 291_perspective-projection_01_1_en.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, this is.

>> No.1630891

Amazon is pozzed as shit. It's no surprise it trickles down to its other subsidiaries.

>> No.1630907

as she should since twitch is far better for streaming

>> No.1630933

Mildom had a streaming contract with kson that only ended last month so they'll follow money over schizos

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With all the money YT makes from superchats, do you think Cover has enough sway to negotiate something with them? Surely someone over at Youtube would care if the most superchatted creators migrated over to their biggest competitor

>> No.1631118

I love her so much

>> No.1631193

After all these months of watching Coco's chat being spammed by nga schizos I conclude that youtube doesn't give a shit about superchat money

>> No.1631210

More cons
>search engine is subpar compared to youtube, if you don't know the streamer's or game's name, tough shit, this affects viewership
>say goodbye to all the account network between all holos, the only way to really allow interaction between chuubas is by raiding, collabs would lose a lot of strength
>subs are actually more expensive
>either duplicate your work by having to upload your streams to YT or rely on clippers and content creators

>> No.1631224

twitch would care more about getting that sweet sweet cut than youtube would care about losing it.

>> No.1631232

Doesn’t twitch have a licensing contract with jasrac? Unless it’s different from the one with YT, wouldn’t they be able to do their usual archived singing streams?

>> No.1631332

Hololive overrunning and gentrifying D-Live WHEN?

>> No.1631346

Is this it?

>> No.1631351

reminds me of that time when ame first started to use her twitch channel for supa chats a certain emote from a certain unrelated English vtuber was used quite a bit

>> No.1631367

Gifting subs/memberships is good for poorfags
More emotes/ animated emotes.

>> No.1631373

Korone is so cute when she cries.

>> No.1631447

lots of holos get more views on utawaku streams than anything else.

>> No.1631500

Don't you fucking dare you astroturfing piece of shit. Literally every non movie venture Disney has had in the past decade was shit, and arguments could be made for the movies being shit too.

>> No.1631730

>all the money YT
youtube made $15 BILLION in ads last year. Coco's total superchat earnings are 1/15000 of that. they'd need to at least be 1% of total revenue for youtube to care most likely. Youtube keeps 30% of superchat revenue according to common consensus so that's ~$333,333 per Coco/Rushia per year. Cover would need to employ 450 chuubas that each make as much as the number 1 superchatted channel in the world to be 1% of youtube's ad revenue.

>> No.1631783

Aint use twitch shit, better yoitube cuz they have vanced, no fcking ads

>> No.1631788

thought you can ban certain emotes from your chat

>> No.1631814

twitch and youtube can both eat shit, they both suck for different reasons

>> No.1631822

Sub only is very different on Twitch though as a result of emotes and sub gifting culture. Not only is there more incentive to sub, but even once you are subbed gifting more subs to random viewers is basically the Twitch verson of superchats. So for most streamers on Twitch a much larger percentage of viewers are subs at any given time compared to YT. As I post this I'm personally subbed to about 5 Twitch channels I have never paid for.

>> No.1631861

>gifting more subs to random viewers is basically the Twitch verson of superchats
yeah and twitch takes 50% from subs and youtube only takes 30% from superchat.

>> No.1631910

Twitch has an inbuilt clip-making functionality for everyone. Every viewer can instantly create clips and get an URL to them by clicking on a button in the twitch interface.

>> No.1631935

It's less for partners, plus unlike a $5 superchat a gifted sub has the lasting benefit of giving you a new subscriber who now has those benefits and might be persuaded to continue the sub on his own money. A lot of streamers openly prefer gifted subs over bits/donations despite the cut because it helps with long-term channel growth.

>> No.1631961

sub cut is negotiable, no one with holo numbers would be getting just 50%

>> No.1631963

While technically true, most big twitch partners get better cuts than 50% and the holos would definitely be big enough for it if even speedrunners with 2k average viewers get the better cuts.

>> No.1631998

streamers push subs because prime subs are literally free money

>> No.1632080

YT has sucked shit for years.
How retarded do you have to be to only notice now?

>> No.1632107

He tweeted out something about being sad about the woman who died and apparently that was enough to determine that he was an evil nazi who needed to be erased from their platform.
Meanwhile they've tweeted out support for burn loot murder who were involved in the CHAZ takeover.

>> No.1632133

oh fuck
oh fuck
oh fuck

>> No.1632146

don't be facetious, gooteks was tweeting /pol/ shit for a while before he got cancelled. he didn't keep his power level in check and he got checked.

>> No.1632162

Finally, a post that makes sense. Outer Holo when?

>> No.1632174

Youre geting into vshojo territory

>> No.1632208

>This Jewish controlled platform is superior to that other Jewish controlled platform!

>> No.1632221

Doesn't matter to me what they use. I use streamlink.

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>> No.1632295

Thank you anon, I've been looking for something like this for a while.

>> No.1632301


>> No.1632313

I used to watch my oshi on Twitch so it'll be nothing new

>> No.1632329

Oh nyooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.1632403

Hope its just a phase... yes Youtube is bad, but Twitch is arguable much much worse...

>> No.1632440

Does streamlink still give views to the uploader?

>> No.1632449

Sora was the one who popularised vtubers streaming on Youtube right?

>> No.1632486

I'd still be really concerned. When Twitch bans someone for a content violation they completely remove access to their account. As in, not only can they not log in, you get a "This channel does not exist" page when you try to watch their VODs. This even happens for their largest streamers, Cover wont be an exception. Literally #14 largest channel in terms of subscribers (as in paid subscribers) gets banned all the fucking time, even for accidental shit.

>> No.1632509

Pretty sure it was Tsukino Mito who pushed for and helped popularize it.

>> No.1632639

So what's the reason Miko started streaming Twitch and how long has she been doing it? I'm not up to speed on this.

>> No.1632693

People with potato PCs or devices say they have issue with twitch VODs, but another nice thing about them is that they remember where you were watching in the VOD if you reload or navigate to other streams or videos. This is probably derived from Amazon Prime Video's functionality but it's super useful resuming directly from where you left off as opposed to the piece of shit which is Youtube which makes you remember timestamps.

>> No.1632834

she does amazon prime movie films in there afaik

>> No.1632841

All audio on youtube is transcoded to 128kbps, however on twitch you can watch source stream - no transcoding and audio's bitrate can go up to 320kbps.


>> No.1632847

He said nothing controversial at all, liar. The only one's who would think otherwise are progressive clowns who support blm.

>> No.1632873

perform the simple yet elegant japanese cultural act of seppuku immediately

>> No.1632949

How controversial his tweets were is a matter of opinion. I just said he was tweeting out /po/ shit. That's an observable fact dude.

>> No.1633016

Man poor guy must have gotten a lot of flack for posting papercraft and origami. I just don't understand twitter these days.

>> No.1633060

Origami Killer Hate!

>> No.1633106

I'll follow Koro-san even if she goes to NND

>> No.1633110

I can't wait for the Miko and Projectmiko collab!

>> No.1633119

neither do I

>> No.1633344

The unblockable ads on twitch is what killed the platform for me

>> No.1633387

I use ublock origins and I'm fine, if you are an adblockfag you better mark the correct options to unjew it.

>> No.1633398

No one knows, not even their doc has an answer.

>> No.1633437

Miko has been using Twitch for ages since Amazon Prime allows them to show the movie during the watchalong. YouTube is Google, and Google repeatedly pushes backs against governments of actual countries. Cover isn't fighting against that, the best they can do is get actual human beings involved on moderation to answer after a month.

>> No.1633455

Some adblockers apparently still work and you don't get ads on channels you're subscribed to.
Even if you don't want to the spend money yourself, twitch culture encourages gifting subs (basically their version of supachats) so if you watch a lot chances are you will eventually get a gifted sub.

>> No.1633514

Uwataku does actually bring in quite a bit of money, especially for more musically centered Chuubas, like Calliope and Sora.
Also I don't think anyone in Hololive has ever streamed league, or at least haven't recently

>> No.1633756

All chat culture is shit.

>> No.1633847
File: 112 KB, 1024x768, 1613498696453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1633961

just pay for good editors before uploading the vods on youtube

>> No.1634015

he was going off the deepend for a while, but it is hypocritical that the tweet that got him cancelled couldn't even be called worse than many of the calls to action against police shootings in 2020

>> No.1634034

You can't just sweep utawaku streams under the rug like that, that's a huge part of so many holo's content gone immediately. Watame is my oshi and as much as she enjoys gaming streams she's doing this to achieve her musical goals more than anything else, you can't just relegate that to a subchannel on NND

>> No.1634059

You guys are fucking retarded, they're going to use Twitch because Youtube has a buffering problem lately and the streams don't load for some people.

>> No.1634068

ublock origin hasn't worked for me and I update it all the time. Are you on Chrome

>> No.1634130

This is a pretty big reason, but I hope they're only doing this as a short-term solution. Twitch is 100% worse community-wise than YouTube.

>> No.1634192

If it's mostly EOPs watching and / or they don't use filtering effectively (maybe limit lines in a message so people won't be able to spam ascii of the among us guy with a big dick) it's going to be awful. If it's majority Japanese it'll be fine

>> No.1634295

Twitch VODs are shit and
>No Tax on Foreign Content Creators
is ultimately superseded by the whatever tax treaties are, and would only be relevant if the vtuber is living in a tax haven.

>> No.1634371
File: 777 KB, 800x1228, 1585228194274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know it's dumb that they never just sent Coco to Twitch for a few months to evade the bugs.

At least Twitch's moderation tools are better. But they should really be open to holos doing occasional Twitch streams like they did occasional bilibili streams.

Also anyone worrying about Twitch culture, Miko's channel is sub only for chatting. No clipping allowed either for some reason.

>> No.1634438

Also Coco's room mate streams on Mildom regularly so wouldn't be surprised if that gets tried out too. Although it's stream quality can be laggy at times.

Either way, nothing wrong with holos on Twitch once in a while. Maybe would wipe the smug faces of the vshowhores too. Miko drew 12k viewers for Minecraft.

>> No.1634577

Holos on twitch would probably be a good thing for the vshojos. Obviously the vshojos would no longer be the top vtubers on twitch, but the holos would bring a large part of their youtube audience with them and that would also result in increased viewership for the other vtubers on twitch.

>> No.1634679

Korone is perfect to do subathons on twitch. Ludwig is doing it right now and only in donations he made more than 100k dollars and got like 25k subs (he has 50k subs right now).
She likes to stream for hours and generally subathons of big streamers are more or less between 100 ~ 200 hours of non-stop streaming

>> No.1634730

>streams don't load for some people.
I refreshed Matsuri x Luna like 10 times today and just couldn't get it to run at all. I thought it was just me. I ended up going on Twitch and seeing Miko streaming Minecraft to 16k people.

>> No.1634761

choose one

>> No.1634832

Mildom, the platform Coco's roommate uses.

>> No.1634991

>Twitch has an inbuilt clip-making functionality for everyone. Every viewer can instantly create clips and get an URL to them by clicking on a button in the twitch interface.
YouTube has this too. You just click on the clip button under the stream.

>> No.1635566

Is that new? I have never seen that on youtube. Either way that's cool and a good thing.

>> No.1635651


It's a recent addition

>> No.1635682
File: 1.18 MB, 1920x828, fg132fd1g2dfgfg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is? Where is this clip button?

>> No.1635859

You get the button when you activate Windows.

>> No.1636095

It's only been enabled for certain channels since they are still testing it.

>> No.1636239

>implying nothing is both simple and elegant

>> No.1636251

> co-founder of Twitch owns and operates VShojo
So what you're saying is that snuffing out hololive's presence in twitch is profitable for them too?

>> No.1636363

Not going to use twitch to watch the silly Japanese ladies sorry, it’s against my principles.

>> No.1636367

>No clipping allowed either for some reason.
What? How is Cover so stupid?

>> No.1636397

It's only a matter of time before your oshi collabs with the VShojo whores. It's over.

>> No.1636424

Maybe it has to do with the 24 hour exclusivity twitch has with partners.

>> No.1636470

It's actually because of the twitch DMCA bloodbath, a streamer can get strikes on clips their fans make.

>> No.1636501

Nah, not even Coco can collab with Melody

>> No.1636535

Not so sure about that after Ollie and Zentreya collab.

>> No.1636625

that's the ID branch, if you follow JP branch you should notice that most holos now are doing less (or none) collabs outside the company

>> No.1636661
File: 899 KB, 1613x713, clips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1636765

Some thoughts as a pro-twitch advocate:
>better video player (youtube's video player is complete shit)
>lightweight chat interface
>actually accurate view counts
thoughts on your cons
>most people have an amazon account and gift subs are a thing, so I highly, highly doubt memberships would go anywhere but up if a vtuber moved entirely to twitch
>dmca is literally complete shit, the worst part about moving to twitch as well as ads
>chat behavior is fine, no live chat with more than like 500 people will ever be readable or fun beyond spamming emotes like a teenager

>> No.1637027

> better video player

This is completely wrong, Twitch streams always lag on my shitty laptop while YouTube has no problem. Everything Twitch does YouTube is as good or does it better.

>> No.1637105

You're probably watching streamers without quality options, which is a flaw of twitch (you need to be partnered to have quality options enabled). Alternatively, the webpage is too busy and causes your browser to be less responsive because you seem to be using a machine from 2009. Otherwise you're factually wrong and anecdotal evidence doesn't make you right. Their servers are literally more stable.

>> No.1637122
File: 1.01 MB, 1152x648, 1604707103351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, it's on the Debian repos.
Fuck Twitch and fuck Amazon.

>> No.1637174

And I hope it goes well for Koone.
Hating on Twitch just for being Twitch is retarded, particularly considering the direct alternative is using the platform of Susan Wojaknigger.

>> No.1637227

One of the worst parts of twitch is that I never know when people are streaming. Meanwhile on YouTube I get announcements and can have it even send me a reminder notification.

>> No.1637280

Why would Youtube care? Cover isn't a massive media conglomerate or a massive marketing company which are the only people that Youtube cares about.

>> No.1637285

I've never used that before but it's in my OS repos too. Is it better than youtube-dl?

>> No.1637320

There's a bell on twitch too anon, just turn on your browser notification or get an extension.
I use livestream monitor to get youtube notifications without having a browser open, it also works for twitch.

>> No.1637349

sometimes youtube notifications appeared too late, I prefer to check my oshi twitter

>> No.1637405

I've never actually tried youtube-dl for streams since every stream I wanted to watch was on Youtube where adblockers work just fine but from what I was told youtube-dl doesn't handle livestreams very well. If it's working fine for you, I guess there's no reason to try something else.

>> No.1637472
File: 65 KB, 227x222, 1614349508841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Next time I'll try streaming with Twitch
Oh shit, this is it?

>> No.1637573

>how long
5 years as the lowest number, probably longer.

>> No.1637636

yes I'm on chrome, make sure to have all the lists updated

>> No.1637693

I don't see her twitch account.

>> No.1637723

oh joy I love the idea of being forced to watch ads that somehow bypass adblock

>> No.1637846

You probably want to be using youtube-dl via mpv.

>> No.1637907

Use one of the CLI utilities and watch the stream in your video player.

>> No.1637938

Someone give me a good way to download videos off Twitch please
I need to prepare so I can continue to archive

>> No.1637959
File: 37 KB, 645x254, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1637991

huh, I somehow missed the part about it working for things other than youtube

>> No.1638058
File: 1.12 MB, 1161x1080, 1615674121094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy, now they can collab with pink cat & friends

>> No.1638267

They don't care enough to fix the algorithms that randomly ban vtubers for no reason. Why would they care enough to negotiate special terms with Cover?

>> No.1638420

Yes, I use both.

>> No.1638455


>> No.1638506
File: 1.88 MB, 3840x1080, Screenshot_2021-03-18_00-46-56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1638519

Twitch isn't a bad platform, people just don't like the culture. The twitch culture is really only a problem for face cam streamers, vtubers are pretty painless to watch.
I think superchats are far worse than bits and donos

>> No.1638554

No /pol/chama it's more like one platform is actually functional and the other isn't

>> No.1638582

based xfce chad

>> No.1638598
File: 3.61 MB, 1414x1004, 1606137823292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Twitch isn't a bad platform
Burn the circus down 'cause the world is full of clowns.

>> No.1638692

This is such a minor nitpick that doesn't actually effect anyone or the platform as whole
Also if you think this something exclusive to twitch I'll remind you that Korone had a whole month were her streams would get tagged by the CDC because her name was similar to Corona

>> No.1638802
File: 66 KB, 342x813, filtered t1chat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do <something> with BTTV filters + a blanket uBlock rule. Pictured is the notoriously cancerous and underage tyler1 chat with the shitty rushed rules I set up in 5 minutes so it definitely can be refined.

Also with uMatrix you can also skip ads completely unharmed.

>> No.1638908

Ludwig is not the norm at all. He's the 0.01 percent.

>> No.1638915

Twitch is continuously updating their platform to remedy their dumb bullshit, youtube is digging it's grave

Youtube will mute your stream live, youtube takes down videos that they deem "bullying", youtube takes down videos for simply containing words that are related to buzzwords

Shit quality video, shit chat interface, shit viewer engagement, shit discoverability

>> No.1638950

I can also mention the unblockable ads, shitty exclusivity contracts that shackle streamers there, crappy archiving, cancerous "culture", differential treatment by humans rather than being unlucky with a crappy algorithm or even being sexually harassed by members of the staff themselves. The only good thing Twitch has is that they use IRC for the chat rather than whatever the fuck Youtube uses that keeps shitting itself.

>> No.1638957

But Why? Are they avoiding Youtubes faggotry or is there some other reason?

>> No.1639788

Youtube is buffering for a lot of people and literally does not work.
Trying to watch Aki's birthday stream was phisically painful even through >VLC.

>> No.1639852

hololive is fine with some degree of yab but iirc they had a problem with vshojo because melody is literally tied to porn.

>> No.1639999
File: 305 KB, 478x480, 1609773441362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see nijinigger feel restless with how Cover did a good job for the foreigner audience.
First Hololive EN and now Twitch, I don't care about that JSL larper who didn't like twitch and stay in /jp/ but Cover in serious business to expand their growth.

>> No.1640045

yeah, that would be good for Koro-san, she sometimes wants to continue the stream but youtube doesn't allow archives of streams longer than 12h

>> No.1640197

Youtube's system was horrible for Korone in 2020 (which started the "I love Youtube" saga), and in 2021 those technical issues were still present (especially this week)

>> No.1640388
File: 251 KB, 1080x1080, 1532312099923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can also mention the unblockable ads
Not a problem on my end I haven't seen an since 2018 and I use Ublock
>shitty exclusivity contracts that shackle streamers there
Youtube does this too
>crappy archiving
Fair point but thousands of streamers already circumvent this by just locally recording their own streams, ironically hololive should've started off doing this and prevented us from having situations like half of Subaru's VoDs just being gone forever
>cancerous "culture"
Entirely a non-issue, you fags love to pull the """culture""" card and argue it in bad fate by purposely conflating streamers who have literally hundreds of thousands of viewers in their chats as if it represent the site as a whole especially when talking about a niche topic such as vtubers
I can assure you that XQC's chat with 120k people in is nothing like the chat of person with only 100 people in it, I could just as easily argue that Rushia's chat with a bunch nips spamming "平坦" or Korone's chat with a bunch spics asking her to speak spanish are examples of why youtube's "culture" is cancer but I won't because it retarded to cherry pick a few popular streamer's chat and use it to imply the entire website's community acts like that
>differential treatment by humans rather than being unlucky with a crappy algorithm or even being sexually harassed by members of the staff themselves.
This a is fair point but I can only think of maybe 1 or 2 examples of titty streams getting special treatment, I however prefer that fact that twitch for the time being still functions through human interaction as a opposed to being entirely automated like yotubue, I've known a number of streams who've built relationships with twitch admins and basically have them on their beck and call whenever something goes awry, also since they're human it's much easier to use public outrage to pressure them into doing their jobs
As opposed to youtube were they've shadow banned, banned, and demonetized multiple holos without even giving a reason as to why, and you can't even contact them because everything is handled by AI or Pajeets
>The only good thing Twitch has is that they use IRC
Twitch has multiple good things about it the biggest thing being that ability to actually stream on it, for 3 days now multiple people, not even just hololive talents have had issues with streaming on youtube and viewers have had issues with constant buffering, and youtube has basically been radio silent about this
Also Yeah, I agree with you on the at chat IRC, this whole issue of chinks uses bots to spam would never have even been an issue if they were on twitch

Honestly twitch is better than youtube for streaming in just about ever way except for VoDs, since day one youtube's streaming platform had been hastily slapped together in respond to twitch to poaching all their creators
and as a result is barely functionable and missing a fuckton of features that should just be standard

>> No.1640475

People here thinking twitch is better when the chat is complete shit in terms how it is built same as the video player being fucky too with unskippable ads, their whole UI revamp was complete garbage and eats alot of your CPU and ram

>> No.1640534 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 550x550, hellye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen, retards, just because you watch Japanese vtubers because not understanding what they are saying is cute to you doesn't mean they are "better", you read the chat and only see hieroglyphs right? Want to know a secret? japanese culture is fucking cancer, their chats are, their threads are. Fucking weebs glorifying a country because they make their favorite cartoons pisses me off and when it comes to vtubers is the same fucking shit, JP vtubers are so much better but the one with 2 million followers is Gura huh? yeah, no, you are wrong.

>> No.1640549

>Youtube does this too
This is for a very limited number of people I imagine. For Twitch they try and get exclusivity once you become an affiliate / a partner. Getting monetized on YouTube comes with no exclusivity contract.

>> No.1640605

>unskippable ads
no such thing

>> No.1640778

>Getting monetized on YouTube comes with no exclusivity contract.
I'm sorta skeptical about this but I know a number of youtubers who I'm subbed to that are partnered with youtube and basically aren't allowed to advertise their twitch channels on youtube

>> No.1640968

Fuck off Bezos

>> No.1640974

that's a restriction from their twitch contract, not from youtuber's end. look at what happened to simpleflips, he had the standard twitch contract and it got his monetization terminated for streaming on another site. I wonder how that would work with streams on NND or with events streamed on SPWN.

>> No.1641291

For everyone complaining about ads
Just sub to their channel lamo

>> No.1641400

or stop being computer illiterate and get umatrix + ublock

>> No.1641863
File: 7 KB, 112x112, 73auvyhfiv701.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder Twitch is a dying platform that will kill itself by retarded policies and TOS
In the next 5 years e-thots advertising their onlyfans will become dominant content.

>> No.1642110

I heard the exact statement five years ago.

>> No.1642209

people have been saying this since justinTV was a thing. remember when everyone switched to hitbox for like 3 days? twitch has gotten big enough that literal bankruptcy is the only way to kill it.

>> No.1644392

The only way Twitch will die at this point is if Andy Jassi decides to kill them - and he's the one who negotiated the purchase of Twitch by Amazon in the first place, because he saw that Twitch not only had a great product, but the underlying technology was way beyond what other companies had.

>> No.1645912

Do nips really like twitch?

>> No.1646338

Saw plenty of favorable comments talking about how much better the video bitrate and overall quality is on Twitch compared to Youtube during Miko's minecraft stream.

>> No.1646445

>simple N5-3 Kanjis plus Hira
why are EOPs

>> No.1646481

Amazon or Google? pick your poison

>> No.1650443 [DELETED] 

Maybe youtube will stop being shit when its cash cows start looking elsewhere

>> No.1651778

So Youtube is starting to yield couple-hours long streams for some but not all Holos; is the panic over yet there or what?

>> No.1651955

clearly those that were there, not that you would know of it

>> No.1652052

I remember the days of justintv...

>> No.1652342

Oh nooooo


>> No.1652359

I remember that site (not justintv) that mogra used to stream from before they moved to twitch.

>> No.1652374
File: 863 KB, 980x1200, gigachad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1652438


>> No.1655203

If any competition manages to provide a large enough potential audience without twitch's BS it will begin a domino effect. Hololive could theoretically provide enough pull to a competitor to start the process, though who can say if this competitor would be competent enough to capitalize.

>> No.1655231

Kek no faggot. It's all the same shit.

>> No.1655250

if fucking ninja couldn't get people to use mixer then I don't think anyone can.

>> No.1655449

>If any competition manages to provide a large enough potential audience without twitch's BS it will begin a domino effect
It will never happen.
Streaming platforms can't survive without some form of simping (superchats/subscriptions/whatever), and that means having a payment processor.
Want to know who has an inordinate say in calling the shots at Twitch or YT, and why they both fucking suck? Follow the money.

>> No.1656036

cant even beat some texan memer that plays nothing but WoW on stream, seriously? vtubbers need to sit down

>> No.1656129

change happens not at all, and then very fast.
people are not happy with youtube, their not happy with twitter, they're horrible platforms to use.
they will eventually be replaced, it just won't be gradual, there'll be a lot of resentment building up for a long time where nothing seems to be happening and then they'll both die incredibly quickly
the new competitor will then be bought by the alphabet corporation because fuck all of us.

>> No.1656735

Your oshi will interact with the vshojos and you're going to like it

>> No.1657185

No they won't because Cover doesn't like them, especially Melody. And they have more than enough baggage to YABAI the entire group.

>> No.1657711

They don't live in the US so DMCA stuff doesn't matter as much. Plus singing counts as a cover which is fine

>> No.1657816
File: 57 KB, 112x112, 1604828839323.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Artia... you actually helped them made the jump. What have you done?

>> No.1657852

the only thing artia did was hurt every girl in he branch.

>> No.1657886

And prove that twitch was a viable option to streaming for cover. You can thank her now.

>> No.1657937


>> No.1658021

Most of the world is a barren cultural wasteland. Cities are where the action is at.

>> No.1658252

She did set some precedent, but the girls were definitely aware that Twitch was an option too. Ame definitely started using it cause she knew it would work and was used to it, and Miko initially started using it because of the watchalong feature. Tia and several niji proved that Twitch was possible, but I think Miko has more shown the high numbers that can be pulled in (Tia was usually like 1-5k if I remember right while Miko had like 17k yesterday). I don't think she was a reason more of the girls decided to use Twitch but more that she just recognized more of its advantages earlier than others, and possibly gave Cover more confidence in allowing them to branch out there since she gave a track record of how a holo could do there even when streaming irregularly. Ame and Miko probably still would've used Twitch for the same reasons as before and the others would've still considered it because Youtube is Youtube.

>> No.1658288

No, she won't, because my oshi graduated

>> No.1659077

>activate windows

>> No.1660835

streams don't tend to get shut down for copyrighted music
if your stream contains copyrighted music then typically that part of the vod gets muted

>> No.1660884

that's just untrue. people's whole channel get deleted due to copyrighted music.

>> No.1660939

Must be a more recent thing then. Historically, Twitch never deleted anyone's account over copyrighted music.
even when Herman Li got a copyright notice for his own music on his stream all they did was mute the vod

>> No.1661014

historically twitch never cared about copyrighted music at all.
historically you could leave annotations on youtube videos if you wanted to elaborate or correct something.
historically people used to use teamspeak as the premier voice chat service.
you're out of the loop buddy.

>> No.1661157

Yea but historically you were always a nigger

>> No.1661236

you can't just call me out like that anonchama...

>> No.1664097

Why are people here talking like they are going to ditch youtube? This is just a temporary solution till youtube fix their shit

>> No.1664241

>They don't live in the US so DMCA stuff doesn't matter as much
DMCA applies to Twitch since they are a US company. DMCA does not apply to the streamers themselves.
>Plus singing counts as a cover which is fine
Covers are still copyright infringement since you do not have a sync license. While for US songs you can get a compulsory mechanical license, that only allows you to sell copies of your cover using a licensing fee determined by the law. That does not give you a license to make a video with that cover or stream that video.

>> No.1666472

Please no.
I love Ina but Twitch is absolutely trash as a service.

>> No.1668661

>This is just a temporary solution till youtube fix their shit
>youtube fixing their shit

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