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I want to suck on her fat duragon titties.

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This bitch loves us

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pray for coco's capture card

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I fucking love this bitch

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Coneco Love!

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I want her to make fun of me as i jack off infront of her

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You gotta love this bitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPsHSMRd8hM

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I fucking love this bitch with all my heart!

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Is that?

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You know what? I'm about to say it
she's way more entertaining as ks/n

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>Hitting on her guests every meme review

Why are women so horny

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Knowing that she'll do fine no matter what is reassuring.

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Same desu

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The drawing collab chat seemed pretty spam free, very nice
I love how most viewers that joined didn't do anything other than headpat the girls or grope FBK's ass

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Was there just one chink reference (zhang##)?

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Only one, I think. Likely an anon from the global thread, since there was also rrat and hlg names.

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What is love?

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God I fucking miss PPTrio
Watame you dumb sheep go visit your friends

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Never forget what could have been

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Anon calm down, we'll have plenty of Cocoposting soon when a new stream comes up.

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Uh i dont think she can lactate

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She will after I'm done

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Coco has a thing for lolis and girls on the younger side like Luna's character.
I still remember when she saviorfagged a loli indie.

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Coco wants Watame to spread her asscheeks in front of her so she can gaze into every crevice of her asshole.

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Don't we all?

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I can't wait for the management to get their shit together and let her collab with Gura. I think they would work particularly well together.

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*laughs in Enma*

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All of the other EN girls have collabed with JP girls. Gura probably just doesn't want to.

>> No.1671031

Would they? Both of them seem to struggle in collabs with people they aren't comfortable or familiar with and are kinda shy, they are usually on the passive side in big collabs too.
I feel like it would work better with a third holo that can lead the collab but i'm not sure that holo exists.

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Another cocomoona trainwreck would also be funny

>> No.1671060

Marine if she keeps doing her eigo reps

>> No.1671127

I was thinking the same but that means potentially waiting over a year or more for it.

>> No.1671584

It's probably just shyness + language barrier, she always mentions what a nervewreck she is during collabs.

That said, she's brought up Kaichou a couple of times and I think she really likes her, so I'd expect something similar to Anya in terms of collab if not for Enma.

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Her English is already so much better than it was a few months ago, and honestly the Maringlish could be a good way to break the ice and lighten the mood

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On topic of collabs. this is the most she's participated outside of her channel as of late, right? Only remembered a couple streams with Kanata and Aki a month ago or so.

I'd like to think Kanata's letter to Coco after the incident played a big factor into it, especially as she outright encouraged her to come play with the others more. Goes full-circle with how Coco had heart-to-heart chats with other Holos in the past when they were down, and Kanata's letter probably lifted some stress or worries Coco's had. Anyone else feeling Coco's been happier following the incident?

>> No.1673203

>Anyone else feeling Coco's been happier following the incident?
Definitely. Isn't an easy way to say it, but the bug infection surrounding Coco was probably the biggest barrier for her to stream with others. Most of /vt/, and probably Coco herself, viewed it as her holding them back fromt the rest of the team. The letter from Kanata felt more like an admission from the rest of the girls that its still okay to collab with them.

Probably for the best too. Openly collabing with the rest of hololive, especially FBK, seems like a good middle finger to the chink antis.

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>Anyone else feeling Coco's been happier following the incident?
Of course, the difference in her streams is night and day ever since she stopped moderating her own chat.
It's hard to know exactly why she's collabing again outside of her channel, you're probably right but it's also Fubuki and Marine who made these last 2 collabs for her.

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Coco has been talking about wanting to stream Monhun PSP for ages now.
She could also play Rise when it comes out, hell World is a possibility too, i know she has the PS4 Pro MHW edition console.

>> No.1676158

Cant wait for coco to play monhun with friends.

>> No.1676211

Puts a lot of rrats to rest as well.

>> No.1676245

It only took six months but it was worth it.

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Pls stream...

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a bunch of tatsunoko sang basilisk time for kaichou.

>> No.1685090

This is actually amazing. I even recognize some of the tastsunokos in there.

>> No.1685267

She actually sang along to that at some point in her supacha reading yesterday.

>> No.1686183

EnMa btfo by based hags.

>> No.1690147

Glad she's taking a day off today, I'm sure she needs it

>> No.1690664

I love how her idea of a day off is streaming in her other account.

>> No.1691177


At the end of the day, she doesn't have that many different hobbies...

>> No.1691258

Goddamnit Coco even if you don't kill yourself through stress you're going to kill me through stress at this rate

>> No.1692412

Love it

>> No.1693251

But no one did with Coco.

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The only collab I'm interested in is a WataCoco collab.

>> No.1696259

Another fallout stream to look forward to.

>> No.1696291

Will she ever get rid of the antis? I feel so bad for her, she seems like a genuinely kind hearted person...

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>> No.1696342

She didn't even do anything wrong, which is the saddest part. But probably not, now that the bugmen basically control the entire world.

>> No.1696749

W-why is she unconscious?

>> No.1697138

She wants that sheep asshole and wants Luna to watch

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love her fallout streams


>> No.1698793

>ever since she stopped moderating her own chat.

How does she pick her mods anyway? I see regulars just suddenly be a mod a few days later sometimes and other times completely new members are mods

>> No.1699356

no, once you have a dedicated group of haters they don't ever really go away. DSP is a literally who at this point who can't even get more than 1k views his videos, but you search "this is how you don't play" and there are still people consistently making new videos criticizing him.

>> No.1700463

She has a list of the one she trusts the most and makes a few of them mods before the stream starts like for example Voss or Maciel, they are not forced to moderate though, as she says you can still watch the stream and not worry about the chat if you want.

>> No.1700570

Ah, I don't really hang out in pre-streams so I never see that.

>> No.1701694

Is there a playlist/pastebin of all her quotes/streamables?

>> No.1701951
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I have this

>> No.1701957

coco futa fucking rushia while making kanatan watch

>> No.1702077

fuck you, now i want something i'll never have.

>> No.1702714

Thank you. I wish I saved the links to the stuff I downloaded to share with you. If streamable is searchable they are called "Coco deep voice" and "Top of the World".

>> No.1702942

Damn, Coco's "You raise me up"

>> No.1703096
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When an anon lost the game on purpose to let her win, i made the streamable when the video was still being processed so it looks blurry.

Ah yes i have those

>> No.1703141

>Deep Voice Coco
Oh no I meant the one with Fall Guys where she explains how it's easier for her to speak English in a deeper voice.

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>Youll never have Coco laugh at you trying to pleasure her
>When you cum on her chest she will never say BRUH

Why even exist?

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File: 1.09 MB, 1920x1080, yee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>open a random link
>land on Carpenter's Top of the World while I'm playing Red Dead 2

Top comf

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More Fallout 4 in 18 minutes
I'm old and it's too late for me so i'll watch the VOD tomorrow.

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File: 57 KB, 463x453, 1612726619414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, is that Fairy Tail music in the recap? Is she allowed to use that?

>> No.1712682

>All that off stream grinding
Coco pls its a single player game

>> No.1712686
File: 268 KB, 1154x1073, BIG COCOCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bad bitch can do whatever the fuck she wants.

>> No.1712846

>Did the whole Far Harbor DLC
Rip streaming that I guess. Maybe she can still do Nuka World

>> No.1713220

>2 points into Rad Resist perk
Is Coco retarded or is radiation worth worrying about in 4?

>> No.1713307

No shes retarded. She got Radaway/X out the ass plus PA so she really really really doesnt need that perk

>> No.1713398

Which ending(s) do you think Coco went for in Far Harbor?

>Destroy Children of Atom
>Destroy Far Harbor
>Rrat out the Synths and get Acadia destroyed

>> No.1714060

Just remembered this was on, what else did I miss?

>> No.1714122

Nothing much other than Coco revealing she played a shitton of the game off stream and completed one of the DLC expansions. Which unfortunately means shes pretty fucking overleveled now

>> No.1714175

Of all the things to offstream, why an entire expansion.

>> No.1714276

Considering she said before that she played 76 for like 500 hours she just really likes Fallout. Theres still Nuka world that she could do if she doesnt offstream that too

>> No.1714422

this one?

>> No.1714641

she couldn't stop herself and stayed up all night playing it.


>> No.1714726

Todd’s gonna get Coco to be a voice in Fallout 5

>> No.1715208

Mother fucker you're going to have to go through me first and I've been doing my fitness reps every single day.

>> No.1715228

>boss enemy turns invisible
>in a tiny hallway with nowhere to run

what was the point of that encounter

>> No.1715481

That fight can actually be rather difficult if you arent overlevelled to shit like Coco is. But anyways you can encounter that enemy type later on outside where the cloaking can make them hard to find

>> No.1715586

One day Todd's gonna send her a wedding ring, but it's a Fallout item.

>> No.1715631
File: 1.36 MB, 816x612, 1612488308361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in a game that openly bashes communism
Ain't that food for thought

>> No.1716010

If she is still on easy, then overleveling won't really matter

>> No.1716187

she switched to normal 30 minutes ago, I think

>> No.1716289

>grew up watching dexter's lab and courage

pretty based

>> No.1717829

Any bets if she'll be able to figure out the password is Railroad?

>> No.1718205

1 int dragon

>> No.1718306

Does having max CHA make you an actual jedi with mind control powers or is this just badly written dialogue?

>> No.1718919
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Is Coco using a simp mod or is simp in this game?

>> No.1719665

Can this bitch just play in 1st Person? It's mentally agonizing to watch her exclusively fight in VATS because she can't punch the enemy in 3rd person.

>> No.1719705

3rd person melee/unarmed would be fun to watch if she knew how to do the finishers.

>> No.1719718


>> No.1719719

It is actually fun to watch her that she isn't being hard carried by Danse.

>> No.1719729

>played far harbor offstream and now have to sit through nuka world

>> No.1719945
File: 259 KB, 850x829, 1613590687850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>set off literally every single trap in nuka world

kaichou... your PER reps...

>> No.1720011

She finally learned

>> No.1721118

5 hour fallout stream. That was fun. The DLC stuff seems a lot more interesting than the main mission.

>> No.1722918
File: 249 KB, 1200x1600, 1615861072208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't understand why she always make 10x more progress offstream and streams only main quest, always overleveled... also main quest in F4 is pretty shit.

>> No.1723870

She already streams too much, i have no issue with her playing offstream and choosing what parts to stream honestly.

>> No.1724320

Yeah that's the one I was talking about.

>> No.1724339

Think she'll do an actually good Fallout afterwards?

>> No.1724494

there are no actually good fallout games she can play. the isometric games don't have official translations. and the nv one sucks.

>> No.1724589

How bad is the NV translation? I know they cut some stuff out of 3 because Muh Hiroshima but never really heard anything about NV other than that it went over fairly well in Japan

>> No.1725347
File: 2.50 MB, 1920x1080, 1603481518616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In 5!

>> No.1725400

anon, coco speaks english

>> No.1730882

Her primary audience JOPs, doesn't, will she really translate a entire stream?

>> No.1734566

Cute, hot, intelligent, the international symbol of FAQCHINA. What's not to like?

>> No.1741823

She’s the kind of girl that would let out a loud fart on a date to ruin the moment if you’re being too gay and romantic.
Not bad at all

>> No.1741980

Brapping on a date?

>> No.1744019

Doesn't Noel do the same thing?

>> No.1745577
File: 307 KB, 1404x1986, Ewq7mrlU8AAHnwE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1746257

Could feed a country with those...

>> No.1746308
File: 136 KB, 1163x1162, cocosmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is she a dragon or a tiddie monster?

>> No.1746983

50% dragon, 50% tiddie monster, 100% chink tears

>> No.1747197
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>> No.1747229

God damnit, I want to kiss each and every one of her toes individually.

>> No.1753016

Just how many Cocos are in that bed!?

>> No.1754404

full pc specs?

>> No.1756372

ngl Coco quickly reshaped what I even thought vtubers could be. I honestly do love her. Her attitude toward the bugmen, her pushing boundaries, her goofy singing. She's just so relatable bros.
Also she's the only holo JP girl I can stand to watch the livestreams for because she speaks enough in English that I can understand at least every few words

>> No.1756518

coco's stream is unique among holoJP members in that you can basically understand what her chat is saying most of the time because it's either stamp spam or bubble letters.

coco has a -50% INT debuff when she speaks english for some reason. worth doing your reps just to catch her funnier moments in Japanese.


>> No.1756623 [DELETED] 

>that vid
holy shit, JP bros must've had a riot

>> No.1759290
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>> No.1760777

Hentai Kamen watchalong at 10PM JST, loved that movie.

>> No.1762150

Ollie being afraid to say her name during HoloEN finally confirmed for me that she really is the Voldemort of the HoloEN management.

>> No.1762326

It's fucking bizarre really, we already know from Gura's Baka Mitai that the chinks are too scared to go after her and the ENs in general, I don't see what the hold up is when both sides clearly want it to happen

>> No.1762359

I think the rrats might something claiming that someone on the staff has a personal grudge against Coco.

>> No.1762447 [DELETED] 

cunny outfit reveal!

>> No.1762465
File: 1.83 MB, 824x1498, __kiryu_coco_hololive_drawn_by_shuuzo3__2118b1d3f5d6ba0fa738f612f7c78bb8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What catchphrases would a talking Coco barbie doll say when you'd squeeze her tummy?

>> No.1762717

Do you have the egyptian god cards one?

>> No.1763346

>Don't fucking touch me reeeeeeeeee
>fuck bugmen

>> No.1765272

wtf? Ollie you a bitch

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File: 224 KB, 1479x1400, Ew4bYCrVkAICbgs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1765634

why. everything on the video is pretty normal shit by japanese standards. not only her but the whole holo jp is pretty radical and hardcore when it comes to jokes/ironies

>> No.1765667

I need to my reps then. fuck.

>> No.1766153


>> No.1766944

would lose patience and fuck in a restaurant toilet stall

>> No.1767510

The JP talent is just as cringe and weird as the EN and ID talent. You just can't tell since it's not in English.

>> No.1767579

I feel lately rules by Cover and Youtube have taken a bit of the "edge" in these jokes. You often see the talents hesitate or apologize quickly thereafter. Festival in particular I feel has like a swear jar or something because she hardly makes dirty jokes nowadays.

>> No.1771835
File: 118 KB, 268x245, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has been more than a month since coco last played terraria, kaichou onegai!

>> No.1772095

EOP brain.

>I feel lately rules by Cover and Youtube have taken a bit of the "edge" in these jokes.
Not at al in Japanese. However Its just nerfed when in English because SJWs police and flag them.

>> No.1772797

>Not at al in Japanese
You do realize you're in a Coco thread? She's been talking about the guidelines gradually getting stricter for a long-ass time now.

>> No.1772980

all i understand now is your eop brain is just showing your eop faggotry what are the "guidelines". what youtube sjws possibly nerfed is "self-harmful" contents like committing suicide. which relatively makes sense in english. otherwise your rrat about haato only exists in your brain or this eop board. haatos contents wouldve been "problematic" if in japanese. when a content in english your sjws always police it. same goes for coco. or even anime, manga, jp games.

>> No.1773015

>wouldve been
*wouldnt have been

>> No.1773174

Come on man, you don't know what you're talking about. It's been almost a year since Coco talked about how management had started giving the NG to all the more interesting material she wanted to handle on Asacoco.

>> No.1773201

then give me your eop clips.

>> No.1773266

No one's afraid to say her name. Gura's said it on stream before during karaoke.

>> No.1773368


>> No.1773483

>deflecting this hard
anon, sjws existing doesn't make holo management any less retarded

>> No.1773598

if anything, HOloEN management are probably SJWs with no sense of humor.

>> No.1773602


>> No.1773631

>pretty normal shit by japanese standards
Not really, the way she tends to spew out quotable lines at a super high pace in these Yakuza streams is pretty unique. A big part of where her fanbase came from was a popular Niconico kirinuki series of her sayings in the Yakuza 7 streams.

>> No.1773675

That's not Ollie's fault.

>> No.1773776

these are just nerfed by youtube sjw shit. if they were on nico all would be fine. also i dont understand what you are talking about. 3d model pantsu shit? i was talking about talking jokes in japanese. matsuri is still talking about the same bitchy shit and marine is as usual too.

seems you amerimutts always try to do a damage control. all moral faggy sjw shit comes from the us. not from japan. "japan is as moral faggy as the us" "japan is getting woke" type doommongering is an utterly pointless argument.

>> No.1773855

This, but Japan has to follow the US' lead because they use all of their tech platforms.
They couldn't get the same audience on Nico that they get on Youtube. Thus they suffer faggy Californians.

>> No.1774115

You're the only one bringing up SJWs and woke culture here though. Asacoco used to occasionally bring up some minor drama other members were having and do damage control for them by making light of it. Whatever the case with Youtube may be this sort of thing not being allowed anymore is definitely on Cover themselves getting more touchy about their brand image.

>> No.1774239

Not him, This makes me sad
I miss Asacoco and just casually bagging on another member. It feels like joking about any of it has to go through ten different committees.
None of this would have happened if it just stayed Japanese.

>> No.1774404

Even on 5ch you would seldom see people actually defending the present niconico. Nostalgia for the floating text and other stuff notwithstanding, the platform makes youtube look like advanced alien technology.

>> No.1774713
File: 845 KB, 2777x1596, Ew7kNVVUUAMHlFh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1775018

How does Coco keep her Cocos under control?

>> No.1775213

she doesn't and that's okay!

>> No.1775979

coco is really cool, hate how much shit they been getting. Always tortures my soul to see somone getting unfairly treated and being unable to do anything about it.

>> No.1779917
File: 692 KB, 617x2653, beeeeeeeeeebi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780545

Bitch is awake
Bitch pls stream

>> No.1780575

Those things are fucking magical.

>> No.1785368


>> No.1785398
File: 757 KB, 1200x675, 1595879563692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1787402

Where is my SEGA stream...

>> No.1787407

Dunno where it is but it was supposed to be a recorded video, not a stream.

>> No.1790303


>> No.1790598


Damn, Coco got married to friend...

The anti attacks on fubuki are ramping up since the collabs, dare I say fubuki is based and best wife friend to our beloved coco?

>> No.1791110
File: 204 KB, 963x1175, 1615022232739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly a Friend, with benefits

>> No.1793109

Kanatan on suicide watch.

>> No.1793336

You snooze you lose, kanataso. Don't lose hope though. Fubuki might be willing to share.

>> No.1793363
File: 143 KB, 1221x879, ExFNPgfU8Ac8RO3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot the pic

>> No.1794222

tl;dr for membership stream: she has fuck all collabs because Cover doesn't want to risk accounts being banned and not being able to make a profit or sell new merch. Because bugs can also target girls that collab with her. And it's all fine by her, she completely understands it's a business and whatnot.

It also tangentially explains why Haachama got her wings cut.

>> No.1794299
File: 906 KB, 240x312, 1612697311118.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1794421

This just in - Asacoco is never returning because of muh new rules.

>> No.1794491

Man... fuck Cover, fuck chinks and fuck Youtube, I hate this timeline

>> No.1794507

There you have it, Coco herself said Cover's rules are too strict. Seem you japs always try to blame everyone but yourselves.

>> No.1794542

>Cover doesn't want to risk accounts being banned
Explain how a collab would get them banned?
>and not being able to make a profit or sell new merch
Judging by all the sponsorship cuts I honestly think chinese anti's would be the last people to HOPE to buy anything
>Because bugs can also target girls that collab with her
Not new but seems fubuki and kanata were willing to brave that despite knowledge during the among us stream they actually had a hitlist with fubuki listed as target number 2

>> No.1794563

Coco said all this with what sounds like a genuine smile though. Like, it's understandable.

If you wanna blame anyone, blame chinks and youtube. Coco's saying the new rules are there only to protect them from a ban, basically.

>> No.1794598

Thanks for derailing the thread for me while I was sleeping. Calling everyone a racist when they make anti Chinese slurs works even better though

>> No.1794620

>Explain how a collab would get them banned?
Report bomb.
>Judging by all the sponsorship cuts I honestly think chinese anti's would be the last people to HOPE to buy anything
Coco's point is, there's no character to make collabs with or merch from if there's no channel for them to release content.

>> No.1794652

>blame anyone except Cover pls
I agree that it's understandable and all that jazz. That's the mature perspective to take and just move one with the new rules. But if we're gone cry about how the new rules are shit and ruining everything then at least acknowledge that Cover themselves are choosing to do this, it sounds like they want to be more careful with things in general and the youtube thing is not the whole story.

>> No.1794672
File: 67 KB, 960x854, CocoMarryFubuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coco cucking friends and Sukon-bus hard.

>> No.1794676

So... where are the reports bombs now? Why hasn't Coco been banned from them? Why are they only a risk with a collab?

>> No.1794746

>Report bomb.
I've never seen this happen, unless this is the result of the shadow bans and even then kiara was the one I've seen hit hardest from recent memory
>Coco's point is, there's no character to make collabs with or merch from if there's no channel for them to release content.
So...Cover is just accepting putting a muzzle on Coco, I know it'd be a cunt move just forcefully retiring her but cutting off someone's legs and saying "we're good people for NOT killing them" seems cruel.

Was there any explanation as to why kanata and fubuki's last collabs gone ahead just fine or were they the last she'll ever get?

>> No.1794782

Coco dunking on the Friendfags.

What I mean is, while Coco is not explicitly saying "don't blame Cover", she's saying stuff like, "we can't do particular stuff because Cover has taken steps to protect us from a ban/demonetization".

Coco's account has particular extra security on top. Her account is even being used for beta testing by youtube - she said this back in September though.

>> No.1794876

What? Why? Is even a family friendly variety of asacoco not possible?

>> No.1794884

Coco just confirmed in member's only, there would be never again another Asacoco, nor any new member in future hololive, will have the freedom she had in making content, she also implied that she is in odds with management

>> No.1794885

Why can't the rest of the accounts be afforded this same security then? Why is it also that Cover can't seem to get in contact with YouTube and let them know that they have an issue with chinkoid spam ahead of time to have them flag the accounts for manual review in the case of mass reports? This still just reeks of Cover going super protective in the interest of having to do the least amount of work on their part while their talent suffers as a result.

>> No.1794892

because youtube is retarded

>> No.1794904

So...I take it no EN collabs?

The bugs die off after awhile otherwise fubuki will still have "fake" translators and spam and like haato's initial return they died off after awhile, it's coco they want and the initial spam is just a reminder.

Maybe prolonged collabs ie multiple back to back sessions would be bad but seriously?

>> No.1794907

Of course not.

>> No.1794930

>she also implied that she is in odds with management
No she didn't.

Rest is true tho.

>> No.1794968

Thank you for your valuable input.

>> No.1794988

>Was there any explanation as to why kanata and fubuki's last collabs gone ahead just fine or were they the last she'll ever get?
I think that was in the past, she's explaining why she hasn't been getting collabs for awhile, now that she knows about the spam account sellers and everyone's agreed there will probably be more collabs in the future.

>> No.1794997

At this point a graduation is more graceful than this treatment of being treated like Voldemort lol

>> No.1795013

YouTube is retarded and this has never been in question, but they HAVE dealt with problems like this before. They deal with problems like this daily. Agencies like Cover are supposed to be able to handle this, just like other media agencies do. Coco is not the first or even the largest person to be targeted by mass-reporting faggots.

>> No.1795019

Because youtube is not doing this as a favor to Cover. It's the opposite - they've been willingly breaking Coco's chat for months just to test shit, because before thr chink shit, it was the most active one in the world.

I've beeb in streams where people could not post the word "the" in anything but suoerchats, for example. Because youtube hires poos to program the kind of complex algorithms that are a few dimensions too many for their loo brain to comprehend.

>> No.1795069

Stop believing everything you read here.
Sure Asacoco can't be edgy anymore but 3.0 was pretty good with lots of skits and it barely had any edgy jokes.
Of course the new Cover rules play into it, but Coco dropped it becaue she feels the mood has changed, she waited a long time between 2.0 to 3.0 because of permissions and Aloe, watch her collab wth Tamaki she explains it pretty well, i even think there might be a subbed clip.
Here, found it.
This was before the chink arc.

So basically, she loves making the show, but if she has antis looking for any mistake, then it's not worth it.

>> No.1795079

Youtube is just an excuse. The algorithm can't be appeased like that.

>> No.1795080

Well, in that case fucking great!

Not the spam sellers (I gotta question who's still paying for those) but more collabs

Slow down friend or I might need to call an ambulance!

But using her as a beta test, let me guess, unpaid right, no compensation for this bullshit?

>> No.1795082

Why though? I know that Coco went overboard with some episodes, but there are also plenty of episodes that don't seem yabe or edgy to me. I don't see why a slightly toned-down of Asacoco so now and then wouldn't be possible.

>> No.1795089

Now that you mention this, remember when you can get shadowbanned if you have 'i' in your name?

>> No.1795100

>she didn't
she didn't want management to fiddle with her account

>> No.1795113

Don't bother trying to find a normal reason for it. It's just Japanese suits being faggots and repressing borderline "mature" content.

>> No.1795115

See >>1795069

>> No.1795118

I'll be honest here, I'm not entirely sure why she couldn't just do a tamer version of Asacoco. Having a news program like that was a godsend for keeping track of hololive as a whole, and it's pretty much the entire reason why she has such a dedicated fanbase to this day.

>> No.1795125

>But using her as a beta test, let me guess, unpaid right, no compensation for this bullshit?
Never mentioned. But they were doing the same kind of shit back when The Killstream was alive, when youtube livestreams had just become a thing, and no, no compensation.

>> No.1795129

No shit, just remember what they did last time.

>> No.1795136

asacoco is drug use joke, that can't be anymore with the new control rules

>> No.1795164

Now you reminded me about something.

Has the whole chink shit been the reason why no more tamaki X coco or did they simply move on, I know rushia is great but I was curious

>> No.1795173

That sounds like a somewhat plausible explanation, sadly.

>> No.1795178

Nice fucking hyperbole to the moon then, faggot.

>> No.1795183

that's why >>1794884 in odds with management is true

>> No.1795185

Surprised this wasn't a problem long before now

>> No.1795219

And let's not forget Watson's second stream.

>> No.1795230

you can't denie then -> you faggot

>> No.1795271

I never seen it but I still remember the debut with mixed feelings about competing with asacoco and "holy shit not YT friendly"

>> No.1795288

She could technically, but having your baby ripped away from you and only getting it back if you agree to it being neutered and lobotomized has got to hurt a lot

>> No.1795292

at this point there is no more love from Coco to Cover, she is just in hololive for the money

>> No.1795298

The main issue with Asacoco was always that the entire format made it a nightmare to do with any regularity. It's high effort content and doing that even thrice a week like she was doing at the end there is very out of the ordinary for a vtuber. Add to that the tougher regulations and it becomes difficult to want to continue when you can tell you aren't doing it as well as you could.

>> No.1795318

I'm a data analyst.
I would not give edit access to my reports to management.
This does not mean I'm at odd with management. I do consider them retards, but we're cool.

Same shit you double nigger.

>> No.1795361
File: 45 KB, 240x700, 160993474_4022089627812128_862733621064281686_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1795383 [DELETED] 

>I'm here only thanks to all you guys.
>Hmm, can I say this?
>Guess so, maybe.
>I honestly have no idea what I might do if another Holomem was in my shoes.
>Having friends who understand is really important.
>Getting encouragement from the higher-ups is good, but sympathy is important too.

>> No.1795403

But unlike reddit shitpost you don't have to sift through the same old garbage and hope you somehow get enough copyright free works to make a whole show off it

Where's scouring your senpai's tweets and just making stuff up or using the time to better explain things means you have a constant pool of content, a neutered down version of the show could theoretically work, but the topics will need to be screened first and obviously a rebrand from asacoco would be necessary, I would simply say something along the lines of holomen news would work.

But to avoid burnout maybe do it once a month rather than weekly

>> No.1795426

no that's you making useless mental gymnastic with your situation, and trying to deny the most basic of human reactions, and Coco situation.

>> No.1795451


>> No.1795468

Nah, I actually get it. The world isn't all sunshine and roses where you can always just say "FUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT!" to your adversaries and come out unscathed. Sometimes you've just got to take one for the team.

But collabs? Fuck man, the community aspect between holos in Hololive is one of its largest selling points imo. That SUCKS. I've had DREAMS of what I'd do to those antis if I were to find out where they live

>> No.1795472

She's probably turning her down or might even have told her she won't collab until things calm down.

>> No.1795473


>> No.1795487

He's been incredibly defensive of and sympathetic to Cover management this entire conversation. I don't know if he is just a bootlicker or has some other nefarious goal but I'm done engaging. Coco hates this and she's resentful towards the management for their behavior, and rightly so. Cover could be doing a WHOLE LOT more for her, but they aren't.

>> No.1795504
File: 352 KB, 585x435, 1614197261779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay EOP

>> No.1795506

>might even have told her she won't collab until things calm down.
If you told me this last year I would find comfort in this.

This is just like being told your dad went out for milk

>> No.1795519

>new member in future Hololive
No Rokukisei?

>> No.1795537

Tamaki has a group of his/her own to take care of and they deal with a Chinese market too. It's easy to tell why the collabs stopped but it's understandable.

>> No.1795568

I've been protective of Cover because that is the tone Coco is taking.

She is not blaming Cover at all. She's saying they're in the right.

>> No.1795601

Weekly should be fine, it's honestly just like meme review except it takes slightly more effort.

>> No.1795618

>Coco hates this and she's resentful towards the management for their behavior, and rightly so

>do stupid shit that causes monetary lose for the company without any remorse
>"gee why am I being mistreated by management?..woe is me ;_;"

>> No.1795638

As much as we want to blame Cover we're just observers, they might be trying their outright best with what they have

T Retail worker in a shithole that knows karen's don't know shit

>> No.1795645
File: 1.60 MB, 1511x1986, 1599366363968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure he's a falseflagger or legitimately underage.
Or maybe a clipwatcher who buys the Coco character and actually thinks she's like that.

>> No.1795674

he maybe thinks...
criticize cover = chink/anti
when you have pre conceptions, you cripple your own point of view,
I support Coco first, and i empathize with what is happening to her, i can understand the purposse of saying this not in public, and why she backtracks saying inmmediately after, this is all for our protection.

>> No.1795675
File: 100 KB, 400x460, 1_iQ5lQkbKWiOsWi8qbQ6LfQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This rrat>>1794884 or this rrat >>1794222

See how the same stream, translated just a bit differently, gives totally different impressions.

>> No.1795692

She's even said "please take it easy on management"

>> No.1795705

More like one sentence was added in and it was fairly obvious from the tone.

However being shorter anon who made it clearly wanted more viability

>> No.1795727

I've felt for a while they should get 7 holomen to do a different weekly morning show for each day of the week, Watame no Uta and Asacoco every weekday back then was my stepping stone from being a filthy clipwatcher to watching full streams, and it could give someone like Aki a good boost if they were part of it

>> No.1795736

Why are their memes always so low res?

>> No.1795741

That's what I got from the stream as well. And the no collabs thing is in the past, the other girls and the management have agreed to more as long as measures are taken.

>> No.1795751

Coco probably didn't approach her because she knows the chinks will get uppity and Tamaki probably didn't approach her because she's not willing to take a bullet for her, and honestly I don't blame her

>> No.1795763

small bandwidth due to too many users pls andastand

>> No.1795770

If doing stupid shit is just mentioning a country in an image that Manager should've checked before then what's left for us.

Also this mistreatment comes way before the chink incident. Let's not forget how management used to shit on Coco for Asacoco even though Asacoco was extremely succesful

>> No.1795800

>Let's not forget how management used to shit on Coco for Asacoco even though Asacoco was extremely succesful
[citation required]

>> No.1795840

Imagine jerkin to kaichou's residual bed warmth and smell

>> No.1795873

Anon made a comma splice

>nor any new member in future hololive will have the freedom she had in making content

>> No.1795894

>If doing stupid shit is just mentioning a country in an image that Manager

Haato and Choco did it in the past but they apologized quickly. And don't bring up the "it's just a country" meme when even UN doesn't consider them one.
But you're right about the Asacoco part, one of the reasons chink were mad was due to it being a prepared program and they didn't buy the "she just said it by accident" like Choco or Hachama.

>> No.1795916

He's right you moron

>> No.1796030

>This rrat
is not a rrat if she said it herself

>> No.1796089

This thread stinks of rrat

>> No.1796096

>Does not depend of mainland
>Has it's own currency
>Has it's own diplomatic relationships
>Has it's own government
Seems country enough for me but i don't really want to get political, they have the same right to feel angry about it as me to find it a stupid reason to get angry.

>> No.1796149

anon the whole thing is that they call themselves Republic of China and not just Taiwan. Speaking in legal terms you can only recognize one of these two. The reason they're not in UN is because they refuse to drop their claim

>> No.1796156

>island off the coast china has never controlled
>"you are not your own country"
That's like the US demanding that nobody accept Cuba as a real country

>> No.1796206

This thread just stinks, thank god we're about to hit the bump limit
Coco didn't recognise shit retard, reading stats from Google is not a political statement on the recognition of the two Chinas

>> No.1796213

Sure. It's definitely not because China has veto power.

gb2/killing your daughters/

>> No.1796227

Bros... what happened with our confident Coco that used to say that she didn't count money because, is the world that counts for the number one superchated girl
Look what they have done to her, reduced to this

>> No.1796254

I get it, i know there is a historical conflict between these two. But coco never mentioned taiwan as the real China not even said it was a country, when she said "Taiwan" she obviously meant the geographical territory we know as Taiwan and not anything related to the political statement their people have.

>> No.1796255
File: 290 KB, 640x640, 1e7ap86a86f61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

China is a permanent member of the security council though? Pic unrelated.

>> No.1796263
File: 26 KB, 1280x720, ohno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1796266

Are you even watching the stream?

>> No.1796291

idk anon, i love moeblob coco even more now.

>> No.1796293

of course he didn't

>> No.1796294

>when she said "Taiwan"
That's all you have to do. It's like saying "nigger" with a hard R in America. Context doesn't matter, the mobs will still try and cancel you.

>> No.1796300

That was my point, yeah.

>> No.1796321

I don't care, I hope that between her two channels she reaches fuck you money soon enough so she has an out should a worst-case scenario ever happen

>> No.1796340
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 356474744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are coco threads always filled with non tatsunokos?

>> No.1796375

yes anon, Kanata and the roomba...

>> No.1796417

Because chinks

>> No.1796432

If things stay like this it'll be burnout that'll be her reason out, what possibly can anti's do, sure they can target the other girls during collabs, but they have defenses.

It's not like the anti's can hack her channel jack her avatar and then impersonate her and make her say something stupid like america is a good country

>> No.1796435

I don't mind it but they always reply to bait and end up shitting up the thread.

>> No.1796458

Sussus Amogus
Go back

>> No.1796460

Tons of them said Taiwan before the incident

>> No.1796683

Aren't Tatsunoko the ones that are vehemently anti-Cover?

>> No.1796705

Obviously anyone is free to post here even if Coco isn't their oshi but those of them that post here just want to be mad at chinks, Cover, Aqua or whoever instead of loving Kaichou and thinking about what she wants

>> No.1796712

Its a rrat if you're an EOP or not a member.

>> No.1796773

One of the big draws of hololive is the SOL collab stuff they have with other holos. I know coco has her paypigs and she seems to have enough material aside from asacoco and reddit to keep going, but slowing down collabs will affect growth. In youtube, growth is everything.

>> No.1796789


>> No.1796879

>and reddit to keep going,
that shit is dry, the last with Okayu was awful, at least with Luna there were a couple that made them truly chuckle, and those were reddit's death rattle

>> No.1796907

No? I do think they've made several huge errors in how they've been handling her situation but she knows far better than any of us what's happening behind the scenes and if she doesn't want her fans to raise a fuss then who am I to say otherwise? She's been adamant about that from the beginning.

>> No.1796999

It is unwatchable most weeks but it gets a lot of viewers consistently unlike pretty much all of her other content

>> No.1797110

Sorry anons, i will keep supporting and watching the Fallout 4, utawakus, switch and other playthroughs, but i will skip entirely the reddit shitpost review, it's painful and bad for the health

>> No.1797155

Ars from Niji said Taiwan before right?

>> No.1797182

But she isn't banned from collaboration with them now, kanata and fubuki are good examples, as long as they're prepared to accept it she can collab.

Well, maybe not those outside of hololive but let's be honest, who'd we want to collab with Coco, kizuna ai?

>> No.1797226

I love how threads go full meltdown though, it's the funniest part.

>> No.1797318

she didn't even say that. She just said she wants to do this stuff herself.

>> No.1797336

But Anon

I love meme review

>> No.1797432

I enjoyed the Haneru and Prison George collab.

>> No.1797503

>when you have pre conceptions, you cripple your own point of view
basically woke people

>> No.1797652
File: 285 KB, 904x1128, Ep6Uvh0UYAAsVqS.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enough about all that, what really needs to happen is Coco putting on a sombrero and singing Carlito.

>> No.1797719

So did Watame on multiple occasions before the chink meltdown, and that's not cherry picking from clips she's just the one I watch the most after Coco and I remember her saying it. The pretty obvious truth is that Coco didn't become a target of hate because she said Taiwan, but they always hated the loud-mouthed American who did more than anyone else to displace China as Hololive's second biggest market and make the others realize they can make more money from EOPs than bilibili streams, and then they found an excuse to start a hate campaign against her

>> No.1797734

That's completely fine.
I don't even watch it live myself and just watch the vod so I can easily skip the cringe parts.

>> No.1797761

This is what Zhangs actually believe

>> No.1797795

>So did Watame
And Korone too. And obviously Haachama.

>> No.1797806

Reality doesn't care about your feelings, reddit-kun

>> No.1797900

>And don't bring up the "it's just a country" meme when even UN doesn't consider them one.
They should. Taiwan has their own government, has never been controlled by the CPP, has never been part of the PRC and the majority doesn't want to be part of China anymore.

>> No.1797911

Problem is, if Taiwan were to renounce their claim of being China, the mainland would see it as seperatism and invade them.

>> No.1797992

Miko said "nigga" (which is seen as almost as bad as "nigger") and she got away with it.

Pewdiepie, a famous figure with millions of subs, said "nigger" and while he got backlash, he still wasn't canceled and doesn't have a billion burgers spamming him for months.

I used to think the whole "china already hated Coco" narrative was just that, a narrative. But when you put it that way it actually sounds pretty plausible.

>> No.1798015

What? Meme review with Okayu was decent of you ask me, especially for a meme review.

>> No.1798119
File: 1.31 MB, 1000x1381, ovwtw7hptop51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are figures from last August, first column is YT second column is bilibili, she was one of the lowest earners from the zhangs before the Taiwan incident

>> No.1798319
File: 126 KB, 1000x1349, FragileChinaGlassHeart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pinkies are pure filth

>> No.1798339
File: 98 KB, 546x700, 1616236039066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1798420

The other thing this chart says is that Fubuki gave up a third of her income to support Coco, what an incredible person she is

>> No.1798529

Also it kinda discredits the pinkoid narratives.

>> No.1798606

When did pol take over?
The thread was fine yesterday.

>> No.1799172

tatsunoko would rather talk about member streams in free chat or discord.

there's a lot to digest. good news and bad.

>> No.1799489

i also remember how nga and bilibili didn't lose their collective shit and start raiding, demanding retirement, and disbanding fangroups weeks before coco's return stream.

>> No.1799533

Chink arc season 5 started, and also coco dropped a bunch of new information in her members stream.

>> No.1799611

in recent years hasn't taiwan lightened up that stance when dealing with foreign nations?

>> No.1799867

This is from the membership only stream but there's no way it's not going to get leaked so I might as well try to paraphrase it as accurately as I can to prevent further rrats.

from mengen: Coco's chat is members only and will remain so because she is now aware that the origin of the spam is actually from account sellers goading idiots to buy accounts to spam arbitrary targets on youtube. They don't even care about hololive or vtubers but profit off outrage in general, so having a membership paywall makes it harder for account sellers to convince uninterested third parties to buy accounts just to spam someone they don't know. She could have kept the chat open and let mods ban them, but the account sellers WANT their accounts to get banned so that their customers come back to buy more.

>> No.1799892
File: 6 KB, 689x107, screencap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people knew chinks didn't like coco months before the incident.

>> No.1802378

I went through the archives. I didn't find any other comments nor any links/evidence that the Chinese hated her. But according to several anons she never streamed there and wasn't popular either. Not sure if A caused B or B caused A here though and anons aren't the most reliable source either.

>> No.1803037

she was least popular of gen 4 in china, which is why cover was advertising kanata in international meterials for gen 4 since she had the best chinese following starting out. coco was really the only one in gen 4 who pretty much never streamed on bilibili

>> No.1803811

I got this from somewhere else in reference to today's member stream:

Coco's chat will be all member's only for the foreseeable future. The reason why is because she knows that the bulk of the anti spam is actually coming from people who aren't even "anti-coco" or "anti-hololive" but from people goaded by account selling companies. In order to sell the accounts, the sellers look for "example" targets to cancel. By having the membership paywall, it makes it much harder for uninterested third parties to be convinced to buy accounts, and the sellers will have to look for new targets. If chat was open and the accounts were getting banned, that would just play into the sellers hands because they want the accounts to be banned so their customers come back buy more. Acknowledges that this might get leaked but asked to keep this info on the down low.

Coco confirmed she does most of the spam mitigation and account stuff herself because she doesn't want Cover to do it.

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