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Been a while

Next streams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzBE8MVb718
Latest Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yreDaiuNU4
Songs: https://pastelink.net/2pb4d
Privated streams: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fKPcYkXngzEX9uyVmmGt608WGEcaNwXu
Previous thread: >>1601400

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It started already!
My ear is getting cleaned.

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The ear cleaning or whatever she is doing scratching the ear sounds like a staticy mess. I don't understand how people in chat are enjoy it.

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Grats, you are so special, you can't enjoy what literally everyone else can! Do you want a medal?

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>Grats, you are so special, you can't enjoy what literally everyone else can!
I would rather enjoy it.
>Do you want a medal?
I would rather want an explanation. Are other people getting better audio where it's not such a scratchy noise?

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Having a good pair of headphones certainly help.
Also don't forget to set the quality of the stream as high as you can, it gives better audio. Other than that, it's just a very close scratching sound that you can almost feel in your ear. If you don't get it then maybe you are too used to loud sounds.

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is she on a threadmill?

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Damn, too early for ASMR here, gonna watch VOD before bed later

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grooming academy graduate

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Fuck yes, this was good.

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I ascended to heaven

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Nice tenshiri.

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She is trying so hard to destroy her channel.
No schedule, irregular streaming, uses 99% Japanese to a majority overseas audience.
She has lost about half her audience in the last few weeks and her sub rate has dropped from 8k/day(Jan) to about 400/day.

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I have this harrowing feeling, that I felt before from holoEN, and I don't want it to be true.

Has my angel oshi who's initial appeal was her ambition and lack of complacency, become complacent after just two months of streaming?
My hope is that her ongoing negotiations are why her streams have been less and less consistent.

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I'm not angry, I am disappointed. Tenshi is the best, nobody else is as charming, funny and cute

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1. she had her teeth done
2. YT was sick for days barring many VTubers from streaming, including Holos, Miko had to stream minecraft on TWITCH

Go fuck yourself doomposter, I hope you choke on my (you)

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I just wish she would post her upcoming streams on twitter like everyone does or at least 5 mins before she goes live youtube notifications doesnt work most of the time

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There's a specific time interval when she streams literally every time, and you can check if there are streams scheduled for that time beforehand. Normally a few hours at least, these last two were scheduled 2 days before the streams. No excuses.

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I sent a sc asking for a schedule but it didn't work

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Thats also true but I dont see the harm in posting on twitter

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That's true, it would be better, but missing a stream is mainly your fault. I don't think I ever got notified about a stream by yt other than a certain streamer who tends to schedule milestone streams a week ahead.

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never rely on yt notifications they're bugged af

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Man, I love Uto but is it only me or does anyone else notice that she's getting lazy about her streaming frequency and her questionable work ethic in general. Has success gone to her head?

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Utofags, why do you refuse to accept that your oshi leeched? It makes her look smart and cunning instead of a weak girl that just got popular by chance

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Is pretending to be her fan while belittling her efforts the new shitposting strat?

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>I would rather want an explanation. Are other people getting better audio where it's not such a scratchy noise?
I heard a bit of static in the background as well. She mentioned that she's planning on buying an amp to help.

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No such thing anon, I'm a different poster than the others

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Everyone can see the IP counter you know.
Figuring out ASMR is a process.

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All me

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What did she mean by this?

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Clearly not, or you'd be able to see that this was my first post for this thread

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Sorry anon, she's been spending too much time with me.

I've been watching her for a while and I wholeheartedly accept the leech persona. Only the weak newfags and shills get triggered by leech comments.

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She found out she's pregnant with my baby.

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>Clearly not, or you'd be able to see that this was my first post for this thread

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>doxing herself again

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When you thought the asmr was the top of the cute.

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she's showing viewers all of the bad English words she learned from 4chan

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What a weird timeline.

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>1.5k viewers
The fad is gone, isn't it?

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>from 4chan

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Yes. Where else? Discord gestapo doesn't allow bad words.

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>she learned from discord

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>from 4chan

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1.5k isn't bad though??

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>from 4chan

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Whatever makes you sleep, Zhang Takumi.

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Retards >>1727213

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>from discord

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Her average was 3k+

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>from 4chan

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I thought she already finished this visage game there is more wtf

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>1.7k viewers
>made more money during this stream than her 2.7k SEAnigger timezone stream
SEAnigs proving once again how fucking useless they are

>> No.1727546

it's multi-stage game in essentially same map

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Who cares?

>> No.1728253

>Who cares about income and being able to support yourself and your family?
t. NEET SEAnigger who's never had a job in his life

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Did you enjoy the stream anon?

>> No.1728499

No, I was putting the numbers into an Excel sheet

>> No.1728580

The stream isn't over yet anon. Visage is a shit game but I'll keep a muted tab open to give her views.

>> No.1728985

This game is so boring holy shit legit nothing happens for a whole 10-20 minutes

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That was close, like, centimeters close...

>> No.1728990

>The stream isn't over yet
It's 2 am. I'm going to do my sleep reps. will watch VOD later

Rent Free

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>"Bakatare ga!"
>*Checks FBK*
>Bakatare's playing VISAGE too

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This tenshi is smart, perhaps a bit too smart for her own good

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Is Tenshi a snow bunny?

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haven't you heard her rap? she's black

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non members should be banned

>> No.1730638

Make the chat members-only and when someone sends a superchat asking why it is that way, awkwardly switch it back for everyone while saying you're not sure what happened. Do it again every two weeks until people stop asking

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>Cumming Papa

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Oh, wait she said fungi. I'm way too cum brain.

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what happened?

>> No.1730827

seaniggers misinformed her about a game object in broken english for 10 minutes

>> No.1730860

>bonk the baby
They did that before.

>> No.1730901

I wish there was a setting where members could post normally but non members only once every two minutes. Maybe 5.

>> No.1730940

There is? Slow mode for non-members is a thing? Though I don't know if you can increase the cooldown, usually it's 1 minute.

>> No.1730969

Someone tell your discord friends to tell her to use it.

>> No.1730985

typical seaniggery I see.

that's exactly what slow mode does. most chuubas don't put it on if there are less than 10k viewers.

>> No.1731034

>most chuubas don't put it on if there are less than 10k viewers.
>All of the HoloID have it from debut
My fucking sides, they know their audience best.

>> No.1731129

>All of the HoloID have it from debut
Holy shit kek. I don't watch the indog branch so I had no idea. Tenshi should adopt their strategy.

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>tenshi just finished streaming
>decino will start in a half hour
And I wanted to do many things today.

>> No.1731191

>I don't watch the indog branch so I had no idea.
I liked Moona streams while she was still allowed to wrangle pants and chew burgers on stream.

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There's a reason I spoilered. Are you slow?

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>Are you slow?

>> No.1731307

>chew burgers on stream
Damn based fat moona

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She did really good in ringfit so if she's fat, she's fastfat.
I know right? People always give dimwits more leeway, police too.

>> No.1731413

I heard she's quite slim, so she must have worms.

>> No.1731444

Or you know, she's just young.

>> No.1731577

Young people can be fat too.

>> No.1731613

Yeah but it's much much easier to get away with high calorie intake when you're young and have fast metabolism.

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baby tenshi

>> No.1732945

All this age play and daddy calling made me feel weird.

>> No.1732981

If I really tried in middle school, I might have had a daughter her age by now.

>> No.1733696

She's trying to find her niche anon, don't worry about it.

>> No.1733788

>her niche
Groomer sugar daddies?

>> No.1733854

More like grooming ESL goslings. In contrast to other chuubas that act cute from time to time but generally just try to be entertaining, it's clear that Uto strives to deliver GFE

>> No.1734341

Latest stream has only 35k views. Only $173 sc. wtf is she doing. Please uto, get your shit together.

>> No.1734376

To think you can get a (You) with that nowadays...

>> No.1734390

I'm broke for month and need moneyes for masseurs and my bike for summer
purize andastand

>> No.1734528

Shouldn't have done that baby crap

>> No.1735023

Worsening visage debuff plus this was a new timeslot for her. She netted at least $500-700 during her mengen ASMR stream today, which is why I'm guessing she felt okay with trying something new.

>> No.1735965

>new timeslot
She streamed phasmophobia, apex and goi at these times before

>> No.1737735

What's sex with tenshi like

>> No.1737856

daughter 10c is not for sex

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>> No.1738244

This, she's for hardcore fucking with a big F.

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There is an Apex stream scheduled if you haven't seen it yet.

>> No.1738580

There is an Apex stream scheduled if you haven't seen it yet.

>> No.1738652

Tighter than your mother anon

>> No.1739221

>9 hours
Goddamnit evil company, let my angel sleep!

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>ESL goslings
God, imagine having hundreds of fat smelly seamonkey kimotas begging you for a goodbye kiss. Uto truly has the strongest mental I've ever seen.

>> No.1739665

>learn English all for an audience that literally babies you, barely SCs, barely draws, and can't even speak English for shit
>go even further catering to them by regressing your own character as weak, innocent and helpless
>to the point of possibly alienating others with this baby thing
I really hope this is just a phase; I felt it ever since she botched that Minecraft run.

To see the performance-driven protagonist I knew in December trapped in the SEA cage like this... those frequent member streams were a troubling sign

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File: 154 KB, 1280x720, [2021-03-20][ 天使うと Amatsuka Uto] ASMRの練習 Go along with the ASMR practice. [ASMR] [KzBE8MVb718].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.1740697

you are the basedest man alive my bro
doing gods work for the poorfags
i would like to join whatever place you piratefags are in if there are more

>> No.1740718

I deleted it to fix the format, yt-dlp fucked up and didn't grab the best format. Going to reupload.

Anyways I usually post these in the threads.

>> No.1740807
File: 154 KB, 1280x720, [2021-03-20][ 天使うと Amatsuka Uto] ASMRの練習 Go along with the ASMR practice. [ASMR] [KzBE8MVb718].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Audio only (the stream is a still image)

>> No.1740874

This is what actually hurts her. If you want her to fail, just keep it up.

>> No.1740905

Fuck off you faggots. Jesus fucking christ only you seaniggers would pull off something as retarded as sharing mengen content. You idiots know that she has pigeons lurking in these threads, right? Have some respect or don't be surprised if she decides to stop with mengen streams because of fuckers like you.

>> No.1740927

Wonder what goes on in your head. Anti with ARS membership?

>> No.1740976
File: 223 KB, 850x850, __amatsuka_uto_indie_virtual_youtuber_drawn_by_icetea_8862__sample-25562d2a3cb972a9beb02e8850c37b60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bless your soul.

>> No.1741093

God, I hope she does. As a member, she's shooting herself in the foot by having a third of her recent streams be members only.

Her discord members are also a spoiled bunch and a very unhealthy influence on her mindset. The sooner she gets off of their money the better things will be in the long run.

>> No.1741194

To Uto
Nothing personal kid, just business
With love
t. poor sandnigger

>> No.1741552

>stops mengen streams
>people start cancelling their memberships because why the fuck would they keep it
Anon, you do know that chuubas make most of their money from memberships, right? As much as I'd like for her to stream more for non-members, this isn't about members vs. non-members or her spoiling the discordniggers. If she's doing more membership shit because people have lost interest and that's what she needs to do to stay afloat, that's within her discretion. Not sharing members content is a basic fucking rule that any retard with half a brain knows. Losing a ton of members would hurt her a lot more than not pandering to non-members.

>> No.1742138

Or maybe it's because she's doing so many of these streams at the expense of her overall content that people are losing interest.
If the loss of income encourages her not to be complacent, and to put out worthwhile stuff again like her once daily study streams, japanese culture streams, and her GOI arc, then I am all for it.

And to be honest it feels she's doing these member streams because she can't help but be attached to her hardcore ESL fans.
Those participatory streams seemed like addiction and probably did a number to her mind.

>> No.1742597

Great idea anon, let's just drive her profits into the ground while we're at it and make sure she graduates. She did a 10 hour apex stream, cooking stream, and collab, and she's still being "complacent"? Uto might still be figuring out what sort of content she wants to make, but I'd call that far from being complacent.

>And to be honest it feels she's doing these member streams because she can't help but be attached to her hardcore ESL fans. Those participatory streams seemed like addiction and probably did a number to her mind.
There's no point in trying to sit here and psychoanalyze her. If she has her own reasons for doing members streams, whether it's due to financial gain, emotional attachment, etc., then that's her decision.

>> No.1742693

Freeleeching seaniggers who shit up the chat and steal her content can lose interest and fuck off, I hope they all get killed and raped in their shithole countries. Her member only streams are one of the best, and at least she gives a reason to member her.

>> No.1742750

I want to add that usually membership streams are on the same days as nonmember streams. Which means that they are not really hurting her growth.

>> No.1742807

Do you also think piracy negatively affects sales?

>> No.1742840

With "fans" like you and the faggot who shared her mengen stream, who needs antis?

>> No.1742860

The age old megacope.

>> No.1742889

If you'd like to show me some studies that say otherwise, please feel free to do so.

>> No.1742905


>> No.1742971

>That does not necessarily mean that piracy has no effect but only that the statistical analysis does not prove with sufficient reliability that there is an effect

>> No.1743038

>the statistical analysis does not prove with sufficient reliability that there is an effect

>> No.1743095

So what, you don't understand that sentence?
Also, has nothing to do with a paid membership stream.
Also, every pirated download is a lost sale, especially in this case, whether it's a major effect, just as the cited article says. Maybe you should read it once.

>> No.1743196

It's funny because those seaniggers are the same ones gatekeeping her members content the hardest. They talk about it like their lives depend on it.

>> No.1743210


>> No.1743232

>does a membership stream
>does a non-membership stream right afterwards
>b-b-b-but she's catering only to the discordniggers!!! she clearly isn't trying hard enough!!!
this is peak schizo

>> No.1743272
File: 139 KB, 381x351, Anya Stirner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your oshi doesn't need YOUR money. A hundred more paypigs are more than willing to dump their college fund at her. The only support she needs is to watch her videos.
Memberships are not necessary to support them and should only be bought if you want the vanity of a loyalty icon, and are interested in her membership streams.
It doesn't matter how great your love her is, because she will never directly improve yourself. You can however use her as an inspiration and channel your passions to achievable goals.
It is not morally wrong to use VPN, and piracy is not a lost sale. Feel free to use VPN, pirate her content, or whatever else you want. You need the money more than she does. That is a fact.
There is no ethics in media consumption. All is fair in love and war. Restraining yourself with ethics or fairness sabotages your own self-interest. Exorcise your mind of spooks.

>> No.1743291

What I want to know is why so many "people" want this innocent, poor little girl to fail and crash so much. Fucking Jesus Christ didn't get as much hate on that sad day back then as her.

>> No.1743298

>Also, has nothing to do with a paid membership stream.
It's the same concept.
Sharing membership content isn't a lost membership much like how pirating a game or movie isn't a lost sale.
Plus you're also not considering the sheer amount of people that are still members and the amount of new members she gets every stream
these heavily offset what non-existent consequence sharing member content may have.

Though I mainly bring up piracy because your thoughts on it let me know that you have no idea what you're talking about.
Use your head. On a macrocosmic scale, like with video games, piracy isn't a real issue. So on a microcosmic scale, like sharing paid content, it again isn't a real issue.
If the channel were smaller, then that would be a different story but with Uto's numbers she has nothing to worry about
since that link's been posted there've been at least 3 new members in the stream waiting room

>> No.1743360

>Sharing membership content isn't a lost membership much like how pirating a game or movie isn't a lost sale.
This is where you are wrong. And you know it, shitposter.
Aha, seanigger at its best.

>> No.1743410

>This is where you are wrong. And you know it, shitposter.
Then explain to me how I'm wrong without just saying "muh lost sale!!11!1!11!!!"
how is "cosmic" a sign of a seanigger?

>> No.1743460

How the fuck is a pirated download not a lost sale? Are you retarded? If Diablo 3 was not always online I wouldn't have bought it back then. Yes, if it's available for free, there are some lost sales. Look in the fucking thread where people state how they don't have to pay for the stream because it's shared for free.

>> No.1743578

>If Diablo 3 was not always online I wouldn't have bought it back then
false equivalence
>How the fuck is a pirated download not a lost sale?
If I pirate a single game a hundred times is that 100 lost sales?
what if I never planned on buying the game at all and just wanted to try it?
what if I pirated a game, ended up liking it, and then paid for it? does the "lost sale" and the legitimate sale cancel out?

>> No.1743598

>comparing a chuuba with 400k subs to the video game and movie industries
How retarded are you? Have you never met an artist who stops making content because of piracy? Sometimes it's not all about gains and losses. If Uto doesn't feel like it's worth putting out membership content because her fans are a bunch of shitheads who can't respect her rules, that's all on morons like you.

>> No.1743615

Lost sale discussion aside, if the streamer wants the content to be member only, then (assuming you are a fan and respect the streamer's wish) you shouldn't share it. It's that simple and really says a lot about people who do it and defend that behaviour.

>> No.1743625

>If the channel were smaller, then that would be a different story but with Uto's numbers she has nothing to worry about

>> No.1743778


She should really make her participatory VODs public, now THAT would gain her many more members

>> No.1743791

>400k subs on youtube is the equivalent of multi-billion dollar industries

>> No.1743860

go ahead and strawman my posts because you can't use your brain
I'm still a member btw

>> No.1743974

plenty of other chuubas make their members only vods public after some time.
anon just expedited the process.

>> No.1743989

Literally all of the examples you gave were based on said two industries you retard. Doesn't change the fact that you're a shithead. Did you not read the rest of what I wrote you mongoloid? Your FACTS AND LOGIC XDDDD don't fucking matter if the creator doesn't think you deserve their content.

>> No.1744102

>Literally all of the examples you gave were based on said two industries you retard
because it's the same premise.
people watching a paid-only stream for free
people watching a paid-only movie or playing a paid-only game for free
>if the creator doesn't think you deserve their content.
blow it out your ass.
Why do you even seem to think that people pay for membership just to watch vods? you become a member to watch the streams live
which is why other vtubers release their members-only VODs after some time

>> No.1744264

>gets called out for using a dumb fucking example
>b-b-but muh strawman
Anon, next you'll tell me that you were only pretending to be retarded.
>Why do you even seem to think that people pay for membership just to watch vods? you become a member to watch the streams live
Why are you putting words in my mouth, ESLchama? People pay for membership to have access to members exclusive content. It's not fucking brain surgery dumbass.
>which is why other vtubers release their members-only VODs after some time
Other chuubas do it, so Uto must do it as well? What kind of shit argument is that? She still hasn't released her old members-only content to the public.

>> No.1744494

>doesn't know what ESL means
>People pay for membership to have access to members exclusive content
They pay for membership STREAMS
not VODs
>so Uto must do it as well?
>putting words in my mouth
What I meant by that was if releasing membership content for free is such a horrible terrible no-good thing to do then why do other (more successful) vtubers do it?

>> No.1744742

at least repost discord links so they get mad and remove them

>> No.1744809

>blow it out your ass
You've either never interacted with people irl or you don't speak native English faggot. Neither of those things are good.
>They pay for membership STREAMS not VODs
Source: your ass. Where's your members only survey data? What if I told you I pay for the VODS because I can't always catch the streams live? Is your whole argument invalid now?
>What I meant by that was if releasing membership content for free is such a horrible terrible no-good thing to do then why do other (more successful) vtubers do it?
Why the fuck are you asking me? Go ask those chuubas. That doesn't change the fact that Uto hasn't released any of her members only content to the public.

>> No.1744849

>releasing membership content for free is such a horrible terrible no-good thing
On the grand scale of things they don't matter much, but people like >>1743615 don't want to go against their girl's wishes
But if that girl decides to no longer do something because of "lost" sales, then she's hurting herself far more than the supposed harm those downloads could ever cause.

>> No.1745047

>You've either never interacted with people irl or you don't speak native English faggot
You strike me as the anon who admitted to struggling to hold back shitposting and being an autistic shitsack in these threads.
>What if I told you I pay for the VODS because I can't always catch the streams live?
then you're a retard and irresponsible with your money. nigger.
>don't want to go against their girl's wishes
Right but we don't even KNOW Uto's wishes for members-only content.
and even if she outright stated that she didn't want membership streams public, uploading them anyways does no harm whatsoever.
If anything, much like piracy, it might bring MORE members in since they now get a taste of what they've been missing

>> No.1745269

>Right but we don't even KNOW Uto's wishes for members-only content.
And you do? How many times do people have to tell you that it's not all about profits and losses? Go outside and learn what empathy means, and develop your emotional IQ beyond the level of a braindead chimp.

>> No.1745293

I guarantee you're more hurt by this than Uto is.

>> No.1745496


>> No.1745522

his ass

>> No.1745819

>shitposting in threads of things you genuinely care about

>> No.1746113

I just called you out on your bullshit. Stop pretending to know how she feels about this, especialyl when your low EQ is apparent. Also not the anon you're thinking of.

>> No.1746406

You haven't done shit, nigger.

>> No.1746432

It's fine, not like you can stop that retard sharing member content. Stop giving him (you)s.

>> No.1746580

friendly reminder to report that faggot

>> No.1746598

what rule is "that faggot" even breaking

>> No.1746693

>Singling out individual VTubers for the purposes of trolling them will not be tolerated.

>> No.1746802
File: 14 KB, 285x304, report.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't show up
how's Uto even being singled out?

>> No.1746981

>doesn't show up
It's a quote from the /vt/ rules.
If you're fine with member exclusive content being posted then don't report it, I don't think it should be allowed.

>> No.1747334

>This post violates United States law.
The post is considered contributory copyright infringement.

>> No.1747384

So are nyaa links bannable too?

>> No.1747483

Man, uh, hard yikes if you are actively defending the shitty copyright system. Spreading your shithole wide for the government isn't going to save you from a shitty future.

>> No.1747493

There is no copyright being infringed on

>> No.1747545 [DELETED] 

Reported for being a massive faggot

>> No.1747673

Uto owns the copyright of the stream and has only gave YouTube a license to distribute it and not to whoever reuploaded it.

>> No.1747755

Wow so you have absolutely NO idea how copyright works
thanks for clearing that up

>> No.1748867

>dont be a schizo

>> No.1748891
File: 183 KB, 510x543, 1612739590322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talking to pasta

>> No.1748955

Uto needs to do more fortnite streams, that will make her grow

>> No.1749008

>chink game

>> No.1749387

Uto mains audience is the west and they love fortnite, at least i do and im a western guy who love fortnite

>> No.1749437

no APEX is loved more now

>> No.1749547

>western guy
Jamaica, Uruguay or Europoors, which one?

>> No.1749562

God no. Fortnite’s audience in the west is cancer and filled with actual 10 year olds. Her viewers are still predominantly SEA.

>> No.1749816

Western zoomers are an improvement over SEAmonkeys. Whatever it takes to break out of their hold.

>> No.1749879

Perfect we filter the SEAniggers and leave only the fortnite enjoyers, her first fortnite hardly did worse than her first apex one

NO the only place its more popular than fortnite in is ASIA

>> No.1749927

>leave only the fortnite enjoyers,
Visit africat Rose chat sometimes to see what 10 y/o do to vtuber experience.

>> No.1750101

exactly anon imagine tenshi is playing fortnite with the terminator skin and the stream name is TENSHI-NATOR or she is playing with the predator skin and the stream name is ALIEN VS TENSHI, or better yet the new ravena skin and the stream title is TEEN TENSHI, the shark loli and that old virtual hag kizuna ai are trembling in fear in the face of fortnite mighty power

>> No.1750123
File: 354 KB, 240x200, 1612915639757.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1750311

the future is now Boomer-san, she must pander to the west demand, a stream with the captain america skin titled, INFINITY TENSHI, seems like west based KINO to me

>> No.1750367

Her doing that would actually be novel.
That game is probably why she's such a westaboo, ended up liking holoEN so much, and became a vtuber after that.
Seeing her embracing her roots again would make me nothing short of joyous.

>> No.1750435

fortnite is chink

>> No.1750515

>embracing your inner chinkshills
no thanks

>> No.1750580

She's not a westaboo anon. She or her company saw how profitable the western market was for vtubers and capitalized on it.

>> No.1750611
File: 2.17 MB, 338x338, 1586939488367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She's not a westaboo anon.

>> No.1752067

Exactly once she does content that she legitimately enjoy's doing she will reach a new level as a content creator

>> No.1752129

>ASMR member only

Fuck you biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
Was it worth the money?

>> No.1752144
File: 162 KB, 537x657, 1585524221591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1753779


>> No.1753847

The effort is there but the learning process just started. Good ASMR is a skill to cultivate and technical issues to be solved.

>> No.1756331


>> No.1756864

look at all those lost memberships
that was an ass-clenching 1v3

>> No.1756987


>> No.1757020
File: 21 KB, 1079x56, 66666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's up with this one?

>> No.1757048
File: 47 KB, 811x540, 1607886353918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1757115

>what's wrong
Gold 4

>> No.1757122
File: 24 KB, 1071x57, 1596589208116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are "sessions", not rounds I think. As in you rev up APEX and until you close the game, it counts as "session",

3 months ago Uto fired up APEX and gailed 546 rank points in one go lmao

>> No.1758945
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, 1615981562378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dead thread and not a single sc for the past hour its over

>> No.1758999

Finally she is doing ranked. Road to Diamond III part 3.

>> No.1759081

>JSL chat
cringe but better than ESL tho.

>> No.1759271

*Platinum III
and she got it in a single try

>> No.1759289

>2K viewers

Kek. Even Choco has more

>> No.1759359

New JOP!

>> No.1759622

Try to live in the real world. Or better, neck yourself.

>> No.1760746
File: 1.04 MB, 1178x657, NAISU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1761006

lol, what a noob.

>> No.1761011

I wonder, if I untie her ribbon, will her dress fall off?

>> No.1761032
File: 154 KB, 400x528, 1614885172544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No but h̴̡̟̞̝̀̄̂̈̒̇̍̍̊̈͘ȩ̵͕̯̜̥̤̔r̷̛̠̯͙̀̐̏̈́͐͋̀͛̓͘͝ ̸̛̛͍͊̈́̀́̈́̓̌̀͘̚̚ẁ̵̢̢̙͈̼̼̉̑͊̀̆̍̈́ͅị̸̹͇̰̙̬̙̜̙̐̃͊͆̏͐͊̇̈́̂n̶̬͇̝̿̌́̓͠͝g̷͖͚̥̯̮͕̳̘̭̗̱̳̹̼̐̎̒̊̎̉͐̓̀̑̈́͜s̸̢̨̢̮̮͚̠͈̣͚̳̰͍͐̈́́͂̀͛̓̄̓̍̕͝ ̵̘̪̈́̇̏̇̉̈̒̊̊̄̚͝w̵͖̖͉͇̥̜̱͛̈́͆̿͂͋̌̀͌͌̈́̄̆̿͜i̵̡͕̟̝̟̯͎̦͍̘͕̐̊̉͝͝l̶̻͔͈̗̘̯̠͖͓̈́ḻ̴̙̞̟̭͙̞̐̀͋̂̀͂̚͘ ̶̤̔́̋̍̔͗̒́̕͘̕͝ṵ̵̡̖̙̰̟̝̤͖̱̦͖̱̔͊́́̓̿̂̈̐ņ̶͈̤͕̹̏̄͗f̵̛̺̹͓̤̪͈̪̥̬͑́̄́̂͘ớ̸͗̈́ͅļ̷̨̞͈͍͎̫̣̞͓͆̀̐̓͠͝͝d̸̤̯̭͍͇͈̯̭͈̝̬̽̔́̐̽̌̂̍̆́̈́̕͜͝͝

>> No.1761052

Ah yes, now I'm reminded why I loved camping

>> No.1761549

Pussy wings?

>> No.1761589

according to canon, angels are really nothing but flaming wings and eyes and rotating circles
humanoid form is an illusion for the weak of mind mortals

>> No.1761902

I thought canon angels have tier levels?

>> No.1761939

they do up to warhammer-tier space ship sized ones
lowest in hierarchy still just wings, eyeballs and circles just in disguise
upper tiers are just unable to hide their powerlevel from human perception

>> No.1762633

Tenshi can't speak Japanese. How will JOP ever recover?

>> No.1762710

>I am from American heaven

>> No.1762719

sounds like hell

>> No.1762794

Better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

>> No.1762823

>Lenin & Stalin are there
No thanks.

>> No.1762862

>Not going full Gestapo to keep them in line

>> No.1762867

Her japanese contract expired?

>> No.1762870

>cohabitating with commies
No thanks.

>> No.1762903
File: 410 KB, 993x1047, 1610544178398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he has yet to take the commiepill
Tsk tsk.

>> No.1762913


>> No.1763009

Fuck commies, fuck Stalin, and most importantly, fuck the State!

>> No.1763061
File: 182 KB, 480x480, 1612099343168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1763287

>according to canon
According to canon, angels have bibi caps.

>> No.1763399

According to canon, Uto pads her chest and still looks flat!

>> No.1763451


>> No.1763461

Her singing voice is so cute, goddamn

>> No.1763468
File: 673 KB, 460x1457, 1602106557584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1763561

>go to bed when she had 1.7k viewers
>wake up and she still has 1.7k viewers
what the fuck happened

>> No.1763588


>> No.1763683

why is she struggling to break 2k when there aren’t even any competing EOP streams?

>> No.1763710
File: 229 KB, 1196x75, 1609900234296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1763734

Because Apex is a shit game, Ame and Polka were streaming in the 7hours window. Mori and Watame still stream. And those are the ones I saw from looking at my youtube feed for a second.

>> No.1763775

APEX is excellent game for streaming, it's just this >>1763710 yeah, competition is something fierece it's Sunday night

>> No.1763848

Depression clown is the new Uto killer? Jesas

>> No.1763868


>> No.1763888

I think it's ok for now, people should be coming later, when the effort is made a little clearer... however, I think she should work on her personality, kinda make herself more of 'an entertainer', maybe in a way similar to korone and by this I mean that instead of repeating memes, the things she says should be funny enough to become memes... tho I guess that'd would need her to make her character more 3D in a personality kinda way, example:
>Korone is cute but sometimes she can be a total savage.
But for Uto it's like...
>Uto is cute... just cute.

>> No.1763906

Uto should dip more into yandere gap moe
I know there's competition there but still

>> No.1763941

Uto can be savage too.
The more I think about it the more I find her and Korone similar.

>> No.1764210

>8 hour stream
how does she do it?

>> No.1764287

she's 16(9)
I could work 10 hours shift, get home and play 6 hours of TF2 when I was her age.

>> No.1764355

I'm 19 and I can't even be properly up most of the time...

>> No.1764409

do bloodwork and take supplements, specifically vitamin D

>> No.1764457

>tenshi yubi hurts
I guess kit-kat would have to substitute tonight

>> No.1764475

>Uto is 9 yo

>> No.1764498

Why does she sound like Yoshi from time to time?

>> No.1764521
File: 331 KB, 862x1150, 1608512767628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uto baby

>> No.1764572

Korone literally had years of streaming experience prior to joining hololive. You can't just "become" similar to someone like that. Her main audience also consists mainly of JOP's who can actually understand her.

>> No.1764588

if her age is on the clock she is ready for the cock

>> No.1764656

>literally had years of streaming experience
So does Uto

>> No.1764696

lmao what? Korone is a hag, anon. She's probably been streaming longer than Uto's been alive.

>> No.1764774
File: 266 KB, 1570x294, ohnonono.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even the indog brapzombie is outearning tenshi. It's over bros.

>> No.1764935

she had some tearjerker I forgot what it was

>> No.1765070

So she's actually Kiara 2.0? Gross.

>> No.1765154

You must take your meds to post here

>> No.1765199

I think it was rare and actual one which is why superchat rain but I don't know or care about her usual numbers, I just tuned in to hear her thanking chat for donos and something about her family

>> No.1765208

>No, no no, I'm not from Japan! I'm from US Sky!
Reject nips, return to burger supremacy. Based tenshi.

>> No.1765238

Well damn, I hope her family is doing okay. Thanks for the info anon.

>> No.1765245

It's amazing how Kiara lives in every anti's head rent free.

>> No.1765359

stop larping you are chad when you are fat Albert

>> No.1765429

Korone is Uto's mom. She was streaming with Uto in her tummy.

>> No.1765509

One day soon we will start to get thoroughbred vTubers.

>> No.1765893

Reminder that Uto will NEVER say she's from SEA sky because all SEAniggers go to hell.

>> No.1766209

The angel can make some good plays during Apex, holy shit

>> No.1766607

her aim and tracking is up there in master

>> No.1766665

>just woke up
>she's still going
She get any championships?

>> No.1766682

I saw one but I wasn't very attentive first 2 hours

>> No.1766971


>> No.1767417

she's so cute bros

>> No.1767480


>> No.1767509

all the females born before 1995 are hags

>> No.1767702

Hello, retard.

>> No.1767873

how do you do, fellow retard?

>> No.1768112


Uh oh yabai!

>> No.1768161
File: 92 KB, 587x441, 1539694561772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1768591


>> No.1773650

She would have adapted and improved if she really cared about leaving Platinum. It felt like she tried to brute force it with her aim for ten whole hours, when the higher ranks specifically force you play smarter and more proactively.
It doesn't help that chat isn't able to backseat what she's doing wrong compared to other games.
She's lvl 700+ in Apex, played other BRs for an even longer time, and has already beaten Platinum solo before. You'd think she'd have some semblance of knowing how to rotate and how to position herself properly.

My guess is she's playing dumb with her persona acting like she's new, having never used the R-301 or Triple Take until recently. That's a whole different issue though.

>> No.1778994

now draw her naked

>> No.1783131

>It doesn't help that chat isn't able to backseat
what the fuck holy shit you're retarded stopped reading there

>> No.1783835

Holy shit, what the fuck happened recently? She's been doing these 10 hour streams like a mad woman (especially with some member streams). Is she addicted to APEX or something? I mean, I'm fucking impressed all as hell but it makes me sad cause I also love her comfy streams.
Still...holy shit, another 10hours of Apex. She's trying to kill her viewers, I just know it.

>> No.1783862

she said she wants to have a friend to play APEX with and is getting gud for this
I assume she has someone in mind but they can't play in same ranked bracket with her current level of skill
it's APEX training arc, strap in
>She's trying to kill her viewers
I loved it, you know nothing fuckwit

>> No.1783923


>> No.1783979

The rank soft reset is happening soon (within a couple of days) and she really wants to get whatever rank before then.

>> No.1784069

> loved it, you know nothing fuckwit
I'm not saying it as a bad thing.

>> No.1784138

Unlike singleplayer games she can't rely on chat on the right way to go, so she plateaued on Plat III despite the 10 hour ganbarimasu stream.

>> No.1784149

>he's retarded
Thanks for confirming.

>> No.1784178

Tell me more

>> No.1784228

You're retarded.

>> No.1784348

ogey thanks retardposter

>> No.1785782

I just noticed that Uto's channel got verified.

>> No.1785843

>I just noticed that Uto's channel got verified.

>> No.1786790

it means I'm blind as she's been verified on youtube for months.

>> No.1787976

So I have a question, between Uto and Ame who is the better FPS player? How big is the gap?

>> No.1788011

I'd say they're about equal. Uto has better aim, Ame has better positioning.

>> No.1788633
File: 35 KB, 547x210, 2021-03-22-021757_547x210_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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