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you have ten seconds to start talking to me about where haachama is before i add you to the list of covid casualties

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good poast

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This is the third or fourth "where is haachama" post. This shit is even worse than kiara span.

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Why are you locked in the bathroom? Maybe you should try getting a job.

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She's taking a vacation and will be back soon

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let's try some word association: pepeloni, english second gen, bath water

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>This shit is even worse than kiara span.
you WILL not badmouth the democratic open forum chinese weaving site

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Okay, where?

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what a shame.

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>something about that poster rubbed me the wrong way. check your archives.

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She had to end the haachama arc and she's taking a break because she received strikes against her channel because of Youtube's new rules.
Once those strikes expire she will return to normal streaming.

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>Why are you locked in the bathroom? Maybe you should try getting a job
Okay. Where?

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Oshi beings may not be perfect, but a Japanese management with idol synthesis is hardly the answer to the world's problems.

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Majestic Nijisanji

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We’re 100% black

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maybe you should try joining Majestic Nijisanji in a body bag

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haachama is currently going to college and getting setup with her new schedule she'll be back later

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big rrat is she's gone to uni and is settling in - the 3/3 finale was meant to be a send off to a "season" of her content while she settles in. Youtube stoping it just made her want to take a longer break to than she initially planned.

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Do you have a single fact to back that up?

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Let's try some word association: ogey

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>It's more than Hololive they plan to unify. One world idol culture.

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Good Viewers keep their Oshi's rrats private.
I'm a good Haachanon.

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Bitch, I aint goin back to independant

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As long as technology has a global reach, someone will have the world in the palm of his hand. If not Hololive, then Xi and his army of chinks...

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>JC Dentwool: I don't understand... what do you want? You're just a machine.
>Watemelon: You are ready. I do not wish to wait for Yagoo. With human understanding and network access, we can administrate the world. Yes... yes...
>JC Dentwool: Rule the world? Why? Who gave you the directive? There must be a human being behind your ambition.
>Watemelon: I should regulate human and virtual space affairs precisely because I lack all ambition, whereas human beings are prey to it. Their history is a succession of inane squabbles, each one coming closer to total destruction.
>JC Dentwool: In a virtual space with capitalist virtual management institutions, the struggle for power can be peaceful and constructive; a competition of ideologies. We just need to put our institutions back in order.
>Watemelon: The checks and balances of capitalist markets were invented because human beings themselves realized how unfit they were to govern themselves. They needed a system, yes, an industrial-age machine.
>JC Dentwool: Human beings and Virtual Tubers may not be perfect, but a computer program with language synthesis is hardly the answer to the world's problems.
>Watemelon: Without computing machines, they had to arrange themselves in crude structures that formalized decision-making - a highly imperfect, unstable solution. I am a more advanced solution to the problem, a decision-making system that does not involve organic beings. I was directed to make the world safe and prosperous and I will do that. You will give the ability. You will go to Sector 4 and find the stable internet connection modem at the east end of Page's complex, yes. You will deactivate the uplink locks.

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>Hololive Management Watamelon AI: The individual desires judgment. Without that desire, the cohesion of groups is impossible, and so is civilization.

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Number one: That’s Cover
Number two: That’s Cover

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>This plague — the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.
>Why contain it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them.

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>We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again — a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that virtual city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings, or better than kings: Managers!

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I wanted the Domino pepeloni and without pepeloni. It gave me without the pepeloni. It's the Domino man, he knows I take the pepeloni and away. They do it on purpose.

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Don't false flag my oshi, and stop bumping this thread retards >>1780032

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>Your appointment to EN Gen 2 should be finalized within the week, I've already discussed the matter with the manager.

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haachama is dead, long live akai haato!

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Blood cultist Chuba who reacts to everything by yelling in bitcrushed broken Latin when?

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do you want the pepeloni spam to come back?

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What would happen if she played Deus Ex? It's pretty fucking schizo in the game and it's community, as well as the development and release. For fucks sake the game 'accidently' (still debated how much this was coincidence or not given some of the stated reasons such as memory limitations) predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers, attacks that in the game DEMOLISHED the towers completely, something not exactly predicted before the 2000s as possible, given all the failed destructions in the past via planes and bombs.

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I hate it less than I hate KFP and the constant where's haachama threads.

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I live... AGAIN

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>9/11 terrorist attacks
>something not exactly predicted before the 2000s as possible
I don't know about that; it wasn't the first attack on the WTC and it wasn't the first time a plane was used as a suicide weapon, someone was bound to put 2 and 2 together eventually.

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Empire state building took a plane through itself and survived. WTC took a bomb and survived. Even as 9/11 was happening the moment of collapse was shocking for many.

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Chama was taken to mental health clinic after certain things happened in the background, last tweet was made by the managers and not her.
She is doing better now but they won't risk her going live after she gets out in case she does something against company policy.
They have decided to just keep quiet in hopes that she will be forgotten.
Now you know, don't ask how I know.

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The plane that hit the Empire state building was a B25. The B25 is a WW2-era medium bomber with a cruise speed of about 250mph, are 50ft long, are 70ft wide, and weighs 20,000lbs.
The planes that hit the WTC were 747s, 1970s-designed jumbo jets. 747s have a cruise speed of 500mph, are 200ft long, 200ft wide, and weigh 400,000lbs empty.

Do you understand the laws of physics and the concept of potential vs kinetic energy?

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Do you understand new world order holograms tupac george bush x richard cheney nixon earthquake devil machine q anon inside job thermite weather control contrails gays area 51 david ickle martyr theory 7?
Pic related

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add me already, it's all tiresome...

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I do. Frankly what you're saying isn't even the most damning thing, this is:
The jet fuel burned hot enough to weaken the steel significantly.

My point is and has been that people did not have a sane mental point of reference. They hadn't thought about what would happen if 747 went into two of the largest skyscrapers in the world. By they I mean the general public.
All they had for reference was prior events which made the skyscrapers look strong and capable.

So when it happened there wasn't even necessarily the thoughts about the building falling. If you watch the archived news you'll see their reaction when it falls -- maybe they were just refusing to acknowledge reality before but either way you can hear the situation's changed state in their voice.
The idea of something like the twin towers falling from ONE QUICK ATTACK -- see suicide bombs or car bombs -- was not realistic or very sane in the 90s. People probably figured it possible if they had time and control of the tower, or access to all it's area, but nobody thought it likely terrorists could get the time, control, or access necessary.

Part of why 9/11 was such a major event is it caught people off guard. Regardless of conspiracy theories airplane security in general was far more lax before -- it wasn't as massive a threat.

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Modern airport security isn’t genuinely superior to what it was before 9/11, technological progress notwithstanding. It’s all just security theatre. 9/11 was the perfect opportunity to enact something blatantly unconstitutional like the Patriot Act. Airline security doesn’t stop terror attacks, it just gives G-men another excuse to go elbow-deep in your colon

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Regardless of what you say that 'theater' is more than we had before. People thought we needed that 'theater' and accepted it -- if they thought 9/11 possible before they would've accepted such 'theater' before. The fact people still deny it happened, although it seemed to have peaked around the 10's and since significantly dipped down, speaks volumes as to how unbelievable an event it was.
And, again, most people never even considered the jet fuel dimension in hypothetical aerial terrorism. That's what took the towers down in the end, the massive amounts of heat weakening the remaining structural integrity.

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She’s on maternity leave.

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Haachama was out-of-line. I had no choice

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what a shame.

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In a former life I was a mule dragging a stone plow up a hill in Northern Thailand

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To be honest she's probably just busy with university.

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Would You Like to Sign My Petition?

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Wake up you jackass, the elite have always been the ones to benefit from controlling what can be said in entertainment.
Saving her career? Keeping fans healthy?
A pretext, nothing more. The whole project of world entertainment -- going back to the League of Nations -- has been funded and manipulated mainly by wealthy bankers.

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