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I like this cat

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Post cat tats

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South African cats will one day rule the vtuber industry

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boer vtuber

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This is a good cat.

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I like the cats wife! You know which one!

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Hellur welcome to strrem!

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After dying off-stream on hardcore yesterday Rose is going restart her game and trying to get netherite


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Tell me about this cat, she looks cute.

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Her accent is lovely. Is it just white south africans who sound like that?

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Maximum genki, nice accent and a lot of very cute mannerisms.
I was never really into western vtubers until I watched her, she's great.

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some blacks do as well

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>played Undertale on genocide
>didn't finish the first real boss
>abandoned it completely
Why would you even bother with that route if you're not ready for it?

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Don't mind me, just posting her best stream

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I watched her debut for about 10 hours before tapping out. Minecraft is not really my thing. Glad to see she is still appreciated.

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She didn't know anything about Undertale and probably thought that doing the genocide route would be good content

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She's a bit ...special.
I wouldn't have it any other way, though.

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Karaoke never

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I hope she is just playing tsundere act for bigger hype

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I'm not convinced. Whether she actually has a good voice or not, I think her lack of confidence in it is genuine.

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You want karaoke?

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And that's a good thing, I'm tired of everyone expecting every chuuba to fucking sing some cringy ass anime song nobody has heard of

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It's not as if she's unable to sing.
She can just sing for fun.

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Think about it she was first discovered by the wider community when Artemis was first debuting and she was re-debuting herself.

People that didn't like what Artemis was presenting quickly gravitated to Africat and her endless positive energy.

She's a small miracle.

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Karaoke is fun

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Indirectly leading people to discover Rose is probably the only positive thing Artemis has ever done

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it's a distinctly asian culture thing. Whites dont do it unless they're drunk off their ass at a bar with their friends who pressure them into singing some weird al song

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I just want to hear Rose singing "a kiss from a rose"

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I ran across rose shortly after her last debut before the current one.

>> No.192562

Would that fit her vocal-range or would the song need some adaptation?

>> No.192918

I don't understand anything about singing, but I have an impression that it's a very hard song to sing. Most likely way over Rose's abilities.

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It's a shame those old videos are private now

>> No.195181

I can still see them.

>> No.195753

ok Rose, we know you are posting this don't hide

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>I like this cat
Just make a Africat General next time

>> No.195918

not enough emojis

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she has a bit of a different typing style.

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Nah, someone sent here a '/jp/ loves you!/' SC and she had no idea what he was talking about.

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Rose types like a parody, it's hilarious

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I'm so glad you fags know about Africat, she deserves more views.

>> No.196794

We've been trying to save her from the kiddie corner for quite some time

>> No.196837

shame her genki mannerism attracts so many.

>> No.197069

Rose likes to bully kids, so she keeps trying to lure them with her minecraft streams

>> No.197265

It's not her, it's her game choice. I'm pretty sure her channel was flagged as being for kids at some point because she plays so much Minecraft.

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I choose to believe this.
Also Neko building a shota harem.

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You can really hear this in her voice

>> No.197653

I can't believe I read all of that and didn't even cringe once. She's special, in a good way.

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10 minutes until stream, look alive fags

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god fucking damn CODY fuck off already

>> No.198113

Just block him and it won't bother you anymore

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Neko for the love of god

>> No.198468

should I even ask what that shit was about?

>> No.198493

what specifically?

>> No.198499

Nekoreen is absolute filth.
I love it.

>> No.198543

don't forget travis

>> No.198570

I forgot to save her lewds, where can I find them?

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And setsumaki. Especially setsumaki.
God, there's too many of them.

>> No.198910

d-domestic abuse with Rose!(?)

>> No.199024

The closest I've seen to good advice is "Block all non-members." But honestly, several of her members are fags too.

>> No.199086

>tfw too poorfag to member
I just need someone to accept my job application...
zenklla is a bit of a fag with his monopoly money too.

>> No.199135

Is he really colombian tho? I'm pretty sure he's just a cheap fag

>> No.199347

>2 dogs
You just know

>> No.199382

Do South African white girls fuck dogs or is that just an American thing?

>> No.199444

Her family has like six to ward off ghouls from besieging their farm.

>> No.199665

on the /home/board and its archives.

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Hopefully never

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What did Rose do to deserve her chat? Is it the Minecraft streams?

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be too good for this world

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>Not an argument! -Africat

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that was a fucking mess, someone tell her to institute a "no politics" rule for the love of fuck

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she just wanted to know what happened to pogchamp...

>> No.201731

As a surprise to no one, the Boer is the first vtuber to say the gamer word. And a second time as I was typing this

>> No.201744

Did I mishear, or did she just slip and almost say niggerite instead of netherite

>> No.201758

To be fair, she is from south africa

>> No.201853

collab with athena when?

>> No.202017

She probably got messed up saying netherite and iron close together. She mixes her words every now and then.

>> No.202054

I thought they called them kaffirs in Africa?

>> No.202354

What did I miss.

>> No.202546

Look in the thread back /home/. It's a long story

>> No.202945

I see.

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this again...

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It's always a weird feeling when Rose says something mature and sensible while still speaking like an excited child

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>leeched off artemis of all people
>still failed

>> No.205307


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Since you posted this she probably went to 1 because of the superchat spam

>> No.205634

Will Rose ever stop winning?

>> No.205996

Rose is the only prophet I need

>> No.206043

Footfags btfo

>> No.206100

Neko... don't look...

>> No.206566

Aging cat...

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Rose is making bank

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>to the windoooooow

>> No.207277

And I assume that translates into a ton of afribucks

>> No.207376

Their prices are surprisingly close to USD/Euro so it's probably even, but it's also bonus money while living at home.

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rate it.

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Bros what have you done to me. I love her voice

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usual rating: Stream great/10, chat cancer/10

>> No.207537

I want to like her but she streams at impossible times for me

>> No.207601

Fun as always, I fucking love her.

Chat has been getting progressively worse the last month or so, I guess she's getting more algo exposure.

>> No.207618

I feel this strongly with PiCKY.
It's good we're finding more chuubas across different time zones. There's still some that need to be covered, but there's a good amount of options now.

>> No.207646

Rosa and Nina are blessings to us EU bros

>> No.207688

Eira and Veleck should be too but they refuse to stick to reasonable sleep schedules.

>> No.207763

It could be worse.
Thankfully Sugarcat is a literal who so the chat isn't filled with furfaggots. Yet.

>> No.207882

I have missed too many Eira streams because they have been some 3AM guerrillas

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What was it you were saying about "mommy milkies" anon?

>> No.208003

Welcome brother. It gets better when she speaks in a sexy voice close to the mic.

>> No.208021

I love the way she says my name.

>> No.208272

I can hear the accent too

>> No.208317

Is she the first black vtuber?

>> No.208354

She isn't Black

>> No.208386

what about Nekoreen?

>> No.208418

I thought she was from Africa

>> No.208440

Why would a black African be using a white vtuber avatar?

>> No.208472

Nekoreen's avatar is has some tan

>> No.208506 [DELETED] 

My rrat is that Rose knows exactly what she's doing and she's just really REALLY good at pretending she doesn't. Between that, NNN, "Kiddie Fiddling", etc, there's just no way she can talk about that stuff with absolute confidence while, chat explodes about it, and not realize what she's saying.

>> No.208534

South Africa, and her family owns land in a rural area so they are probably middle-upper middle class, she's white

>> No.208577

if she is she'll be the only black girl I'll ever be attracted to
because for a black girl, going with you natural color is just asking to be assumed for a TBA

>> No.208774

this is the power of the South African accent

>> No.208850

Nekoreen isn't fluent in Afrikaans but she could be descendant of British colonists, which is the other major group of whites in South Africa

>> No.209300

Of course she does
>purposely puy her debut same time as Artemis
>shill herself hard on /jp/ to get people to watch her instead
She's a leech and a rrat. Unfortunately it didnt work out and she's still less popular so she got what she deserved.

>> No.209585

come on man at least put some effort into it. You even used one of those words wrong.

>> No.209779

Take your med Art*mis

>> No.209806

>41 posters
How many of you are in her chat? 41 people is enough to drown out Cody and the other fags.

>> No.209880

I lurk because streamers noticing my messages makes me nervous

>> No.209917

I try son, her streaming times are hell for me except for Saturdays

>> No.210040

If I posted any inane thought I had in her chat, how would that make me any better than the fucking children?

>> No.210105

I wrote only about five messages and they weren't anything special

>> No.210455

I heard that this cat is a gang leader or something

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>> No.212222

you misspelled lead but I got you
Take your lead Art*mis

>> No.212995

She doesnt have to take the lead because she's already in it.

>> No.214293

You can help push the percentage up too, but do it in your own thread.

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