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Post both abuse and general fictions of your favorite Chuubas in this thread

Collective works so far:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r_e1ah3KTvhBMhclgbvKbLzhCBw7xF-b6yqoeOx8dug/edit - Compilation doc by kind anon with links to previous threads

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction?

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Here's hoping everything sticks to this thread.

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hoping for lulu fic

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I never got a response as to what the original requester wanted from it besides fear sex, but I said I wasn't really feeling that at the moment. You're welcome to look at the WIP.


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>Roboco Request from last thread
>Robophilia Pt.1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b3VQUUBZzootAXOJvi65FDuVqSfk1HJDSnYFaNhKk4k/edit?usp=sharing
>Robophilia Pt.2
You remembered when life was simple.

You were just an average college student working towards a degree in artificial intelligence. You worked part time as a research assistant on your university's campus. You didn’t drink or party much, never got in trouble with your supervisor and had a healthy 3.5 GPA. But when you woke up in that lab that day…

Everything in your life changed.

You glanced over at the one who caused that change. A girl was sitting there with her eyes closed and a smile had graced her lips. But that was no ordinary girl. Her claw-like feet and plated hands were clear indicators of such. She was Roboco, your AI ‘girlfriend’ and someone who you loved, but also confused and terrified by. The robot girl was currently in her stasis mode to preserve her energy, also to process the data she had recorded throughout the day, something she described as being similar to how humans would sleep.

Your relationship didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. You had awoken in a part of your university's lab that you had never been in before, only to stumble upon Roboco who was tethered to many cables and was in a long term ‘sleep’ mode. But by walking into her chambers, you had ‘awoken’ her. You still remember her nude body walking up to you, that innocent look she had when she started to introduce herself to you. However, her data had become corrupted and as such, she became extremely aggressive and attacked you. Not only that, she raped you so many times and so forcefully that you're still surprised you were sane.

After that incident, however, she had calmed down and managed to stabilize her data enough to where her original sweet personality returned. Roboco had insisted she go with you and you hesitantly accepted, both curious as to see what this girl wanted, but more so… afraid… as to what would happen if she snapped again. She brought you out of the facility and quickly you began recognizing where you were until you managed to leave the research building. From there it was an easy walk to your apartment and with the still nude Roboco in tow, you surprisingly managed to get there without any incidents.

After settling down and getting her some clothes, you sat her down and asked what she wanted from you. You were shocked to learn that she just wanted to learn how to be a regular girl. And to that end, she wanted to be… your girlfriend. There were many questions on your mind, such as how the university would react to her leaving and if they were going to look for her, but she just shrugged off those concerns, saying that she would protect you and herself from anything they would send.

You didn’t know why you accepted. There were so many red flags that screamed ‘danger’. Maybe it was the lust from remembering all the different ways she fucked you. Maybe it was the pure exhaustion of going through the events of the day. Maybe you were just lonely, and the idea of a girl throwing herself at you willingly was a dream come true. If you had to guess it probably was a mix of all of these.

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“Ahhh, that was a good rest. Good evening dear!” you heard a chipper voice speak behind you. You felt her golden orbs piercing your back as you timidly turned to her and reciprocated her greeting. That smile was still there, as it always was, but something about it seemed off. Hell, after the first few weeks of dating, almost everything seemed to be off. You felt as if she was constantly watching and messing with your life, and with her AI powers, you wouldn’t be surprised if she was. It started off with little things here and there. You noticed that you would randomly unsubscribe from your favorite vtubers without your knowledge, or notice that your camera would turn on out of seemingly thin air.

Then it got progressively worse. When you woke up one night at chance you saw her staring at you, but she quickly reverted to her stasis mode as if she was asleep. All your friends distanced themselves from you, even ones who you’d had known since your high school days. When you managed to ask one of them why, they say they didn’t want to upset the ‘voice’. You confronted Roboco about this and she flatly denied it with a straight face. But when you went to the university the next day and heard the news that your friend died in a ‘car accident’ the day after he told you about the voice, your suspicions were confirmed. After that, one by one, you saw more of your friends die in these freak accidents. A green light suddenly turned red and led to a crash. Construction equipment failing and crushing another to death. The list went on and on. And with each death, you could feel your mental sanity draining. You felt control over your own life slipping every day as Roboco toyed with your life with increasing severity.

“What's wrong dear....? Do you want to talk about it?” she asked innocently as she walked up to you. Fear began to creep up on you as she approached. You grit your teeth as tears began to fall.


When you asked this she stopped in place and tilted her head in confusion.

“Why? Why what?”

“Please… Roboco, please dont lie to my face. Why are you killing my friends?! Why do you keep messing with my life?! WHY?!” you practically screamed at her. A look of realization took her face, though part of you doubted its authenticity as she probably knew from the beginning. Those golden eyes of hers flashed a dangerous glint, one very similar to when she became corrupted.

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“Oh? You mean those pests? The one that keeps taking your attention away from me?” she said in a low voice as she continued her approach. You slowly backed away from her as she grinned dangerously.

“Your mine, ever since you woke me up, you’ve been mine…”

You were stopped by the wall as your legs gave out from the terror. Those familiar tentacle-wires began to protrude from her back. They snaked around and grabbed your limbs, pinning them to the ground. You were too fearful to try and fight back as she stopped right in front of you and bent down to your level and smiled. She cupped your cheek with her cold plated hand and raised your gaze to hers.

“You don’t need to worry about those other people… you're only going to look at Roboco from now on. You’ll only talk to Roboco from now on. You’ll only love Roboco from now on. You wouldn’t want anymore of your ‘friends’ to die, right?”

You gulped as she leaned in closer, tears falling freely and your limbs shaking as your noses almost touched. She then tilted her head and squinted her eyes, flashing a dangerous grin as she whispered:


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>Unconnected OVA cause I saw those posts about having bath sex with Roboco and became horny

You were sitting in your bathtub, enjoying the calming warm waters as you lazily washed yourself. You rarely took baths because they took time and showers were quicker, but you had already finished your college work for the night, so you decided to treat yourself. You didn’t do anything fancy, just pulled out your nice soap and let yourself go into the waters.

The door abruptly opening ended your moment of tranquility as you quickly turned to meet the intruder. However, what greeted you was a naked Roboco, that same smile on her lips as she sized you up from the doorframe.

“Roboco?! What are you doing?!” you squealed as she slowly walked towards you. Despite your panicking, you were mesmerized by her swinging hips and bouncing breasts as she walked up to the tub and leaned over you with a devilish grin.

“I just want to enjoy a bath with my boyfriend… what's wrong with that?” she said with an innocent voice as she stepped into the water.

“B-But you're an A.I! Won’t you get hurt-”

You were silenced as the water splashed and felt her soft body press against you. She wrapped her arms around you and you could feel her wet breasts press up against you. You felt yourself become instantly hard as she whispered in your ear

“I’m grateful that you care so much about me, but don't worry… this body is water-proof, so I wont be damaged. So just relax and enjoy yourself…”

Roboco began rubbing your chest as you felt her body heat turn all the way up from her internal power reactor, heating the water and yourself to almost a boiling point. Steam began to fill the bathroom and your mind became hazy from the heat and pleasure from her touch. She then raised her leg and grasped your dick with her claw-like robot foot and began to stroke it. You let out a moan as the silky smooth toes rubbed up and down your length. Before you had met Rococo, you weren't particularly into feet, but something about hers enticed you. The combination of their smooth texture, the power in her strokes and the hypnotic way she would go up and down would make any man weak for them. The robot girl quickly picked up the pace with her motions and soon you couldn’t resist as you went rigid and cummed all over her foot. As you panted she let out a giggle and stood up, dripping water all over you as she quickly moved around you.

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“You're such a pervert, dear… cumming just from my feet? Do you love my body that much?” Roboco teased as she walked around and stood above you. The sight of her pussy in your face made you hard again as she moved her hips from side to side, as if taunting you. Instinctively you reached out and put your hands on either side of her torso and gently pulled her down over the tip of your cock. She looked down at you with that signature grin of hers, toying with your tip by rubbing her wet folds over it before she dropped down and took your whole length inside. Since she was an AI she didn’t feel pain, so it allowed her to do some things that no normal girl could. You both moaned loudly as she bounced up and down, the water from the tub splashing all around the bathroom.

You groped one of her breasts in one hand and began fondling it while you reached around with the other and placed it on her back to help keep her stable as she kept riding you. You played with her nipple as she moaned, giving you a lustful expression as she leaned forward and shoved her tongue into your mouth. Roboco explored the entirety of your mouth as you felt your mind melting from the sheer pleasure. Soon your sensations were overloaded and you released your seed deeply inside her, holding her down as she also cummed. She pulled her tongue out of your mouth, a trail of saliva being left as the two on you stared at each other and panted.

“That was…. Fun, right?” she said with a small giggle. You could only smile as you pulled her close to you and she placed her head on your chest. The two of you held each other and after a while you both got up and dried off. After that you both got into bed and simply enjoyed each other's presence for the rest of the night, fall asleep in each other arms.

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Digging it. I request Roboco have to defend her new boyfriend with various integrated weapons, including a Mega Man-esque buster cannon.

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I didn't realize feet could be so inherently lewd...

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Good shit anon. Made me both afraid and horny.

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If you're still here, I'd prefer a medieval fantasy setting!

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>Was just about to post it
Shit. I need to do some retooling.

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Sorry, I didn't see that post until I woke up a few mins ago. If it's too much of a hassle to change, the modern setting is fine too.

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I'm surprised there's so little Marine content in these threads considering how outrageously horny she is
Quietly requesting Marine aggressively forcing herself on Rushia out of desperation for relief

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It's 8am. I may work on a retooled version tomorrow, I was working on it on and off all night.


Something of myth. Things that dotted the edges of old maps, enemies in games, something your older brother told you lived under your bed when you had particularly annoyed him. At the end of the day, they were something that didn't exist.

At least, that was true. With the sudden tearing down of the barrier between worlds came different peoples...and occasionally, far more rarely, their less civilized inhabitants. One of said inhabitants were goblins. Essentially New York rats but bigger, humanoid, and more vindictive. You'd heard stories of them; violent little creatures. Most were content with robbing, but others...had developed a fondness for slaying people as a form of sport. As you take a harsh left down the alley, a group of green-skinned pursuers right behind you, you are absolutely horrified that the group you're currently the target of belongs to the latter. A normal night walk turned into this nightmare as they started to swarm from the storm drain, rusty blades and bent lead pipes in hand. Truly creatures of ingenuity, adapting to this world and its makeshift weaponry. The anthropologist in you is truly impressed. As you wheeze for air, you very quickly come face to face with a wall, the full extent of your physical exertion hitting you at once as you scramble. Swallowing the pain, you start to double back...only to be pinned in as the group corners you by rounding the same corner you did. Your heart pounds in your ears as you're backed into a corner, one of the green skins letting out a wheezing sort of laughter. Your eyes dart, looking at the five of them approaching you. Three with old sewer-slick knives, two with bent pipes. The alley is sparse for things you could possibly use to defend yourself, on the other hand. This is bad...

"F-Fine, fuck it, here!" You shout, tossing your wallet on to the ground before you. They could have the precious little money you possess. Anything is better than getting stabbed by whatever-the-fuck is on that knife. The group stops its advance as it regards the leather rectangle for a moment, captivated by it. The 'leader' of the group, however, merely lets out one of those awful laughs, and the rest follow, before he crudely kicks the wallet back to you. Your blood begins to freeze.
"NOT LEAVE," The larger of the group crudely spits in a gravelly accent. You weren't aware they could talk... "DIE HERE, YOU."

Despite the piss poor attempt at English, the message is clear. This was to be your end; brutalized by a group of four-foot assassins. You stumble back, hitting the brick wall as your pulse skyrockets, sweat pouring off your body from more than just the unexpected sprint. Is this really it? This is the ending God has planned for you?

"Help..." You whisper, barely audible. This can't be it! Of all things, goblins?! They're so tiny and shitty! Why fucking goblins?!

The group continues its awful hyena cackling as they close in, readying their weapons.


One of the members at the flank lifts their pipe, swinging it in your direction. You close your eyes, waiting for impact...but it doesn't come. Cracking one eye, you try to ascertain the reason for the delay. The goblins, no longer focused on you, instead stare on in wide eyed horror as your attacker has its weapon torn from its hands...or rather, its hands and weapon ripped from its body. The goblin screams in torment as it ineffectually swings its blood-spewing stumps, cursing in a tongue not meant for you to ever understand, before the bastard’s skull all but evaporates in a sickening crunch, a heavy mace smashing it. Shrinking into the corner, your eyes open wide. It's a woman. She swings the mace once more, this time smashing a goblin in the ribcage. Said ribs proceed to explode out the creature's back, turning it into a grotesque horrorshow porcupine. She wears a small white sweater and plaid skirt. Glasses adorn her face, accenting her murderous glint quite well. As she brings the mace up and around for another swing, you simply close your eyes and cover your head. The disgusting sounds of viscera and yells of pain from the creatures continue on for a few moments more, until the last wheezing breath and cough is silenced with a dull thud.

You sit there, slowly peeking your eyes open once more. Standing in the middle of the gore vortex stands your 'savior'...at least you hope it's your savior. Blood and brain matter drips from the heavy mace she carries, the white of her sweater stained, facing away from you. Almost on cue, the woman's head snaps back to glare at you from over your shoulder, and you quickly shrink back. However, as soon as she notices you AREN'T a goblin, her expression softens, shoulders untensing.

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"O-Oh, please, don't be alarmed! I heard a cry for help and came as quickly as I could," She begins, speaking softly. For someone with such horrific strength, the delicate tone of her voice is shocking. She turns fully, gingerly making her way to you...blood squelching under foot. "Are you harmed? I'm sorry I wasn't faster..."
"No, I..." You begin, staring up at the woman. She gives you a concerned look with a light smile, eyes running over your body with incredible attentiveness. You assume she's looking for wounds you didn't even know you have. "I'm fine! R-Really, I'm...well, now I'm fine. I thought that was the end for me..."
"I'm glad I was able to prevent that," She breathes out in relief. She extends her hand down to you, her smile widening as she does so. The hand looks clean, so you take it. With the strength of several men at least she quickly brings you up right. You're horrified to see you have an entire foot on someone so powerful. "M-My name is Noel," She says sheepishly, looking up at you. "May I have yours?"
"Erm...Anon", You reply, somewhat distracted. In the thick of it all, you hadn't noticed the fact that your savior has *fucking massive tits*. You try to be polite, looking up to her face properly, but the slight hue of her cheeks (that ISN'T straight up goblin blood, which is present on her left) gives you the idea she caught you checking her out anyway. "T-Thank you, Noel! But...why do you have a mace...?"
"Ah, yes...e-erm, I'm...not of this world, you could say," She chuckles, seeming incredibly embarrassed. "I'm a knight. I was just out on a walk when I heard you yell for help..."
"Ohhh, I understand. You're from...somewhere else. Which is why," You gesture to the pile of mangled corpses. You're handling this near death experience quite well. "You didn't have any trouble dealing with these guys, right?"
"Y-Yes, exactly! Monsters like this are no match for a trained knight!" She proudly proclaims puffing out her chest. Foooo...
"Well...uhm, thank you," You reply. Your cheeks are starting to burn up. It's not because of the tits. Those are a huge (heh) plus, but...no. It's something deeper than that. Your heart twinges. "You...saved my life. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't you."

The knight lets out an awkward chuckle as she flushes, rubbing the back of her head with one hand as the heavy mace stays in the other, the girl looking away shyly.

"Uhm..." You mutter, shuffling awkwardly. The twinging in your heart continues. "Could you come home, with me?"
"Eh?!" The knight blurts, face darkening further. Wait, no, shit!
"N-NOT LIKE THAT! I live close-by and I don't know if there's any more of those things lurking, and while I can't handle them, you turned a whole group of them into paste! I-It's not a weird thing, I promise!"
"Then don't phrase it like that from the start, seriously," The flustered knight pouts...before her expression softens. "But, of course. It's a knight's duty to protect those who need help. Would you like me to lead?"
"Please. I sort of got lost back here in the panic," You reply, looking around the back alley labyrinth you caught yourself in.
"Then, here," She smiles, extending her hand once more. Your heart pounds as you extend yours, grasping it softly. She gives you a reassuring squeeze. "Stick with me, and we'll be out of here in no time. Okay, Anonymous?"
"Yeah, sure...a-and just Anon works." You never gave her your full name, but...you guess it isn't that hard to guess.

Noel giggles softly as the grip on your hand tightens. Your palms start to sweat as the girl slowly leads you out of the alley, never letting go as your chest tightens. You never want to let it go. She's beautiful, she's sweet, her voice is soothing, she saved your life...It's probably unhealthy to be this infatuated this quickly, but you don't care. You enjoy the feeling of her warmth. You feel incredibly safe around her and you've barely known her. You don't even care that she's covered in goblin blood. All that matters right now is that you're with her. God, it's--

"Here, back on the street! You really ran quite a ways in there," Noel chuckles, looking over to you. "...Are you sure you're okay? Your face is so red..."
"Yeah, yeah! I-I'm fine, erm...I live up this way," You gesture to the North with your free hand. She hasn't let go of your other one, yet. "It's not a long walk."
"Then let's go," Noel agrees, taking the lead once more. This time you keep pace with her, walking at her side. The stars twinkle just a bit brighter.

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"So, why are you out so late?" You ask, trying to make conversation. "Not complaining, if you weren't I'd be mincemeat, but yeah."
"Just taking a walk, I suppose," Noel responds, looking over to you. That smile could melt permafrost. "Same as you."
"Good guess," You chuckle. The knight twinges somewhat, for the briefest moment looking away, almost furious but at herself rather than you, before the smile returns. "It's something I do to help wind down for the night. Stress and all that. You the same?"
"Yes...the brisk air combined with the night sky, nothing feels better...but I know now that it's much more enjoyable with company."
"Oh yeah?" You smirk, ignoring the burning in your face as you channel everything you can into your charisma. You squeeze the knight's hand a bit more. "I'm glad we're thinking the same thing."

Noel giggles as she reciprocates the tightening of the hold. You're frankly frightened by how strong the knight's hand is, but...it's comforting. Reassuring. The walk continues with a similar air of electricity between the two of you, seemingly hitting it off incredibly well. A fire rages within your chest as your confidence continues to surge, jokes getting giggles out of the knight as she continues to share more about herself. Apparently, she came from another world - total shocker, that one - to become stronger, training herself against others. Despite the lack of musculature adorning her body, you can tell right away she’s dead serious - that weapon of hers is no joke. Alongside her knight training, she apparently works in the entertainment industry, an idol for a company named COVER. The idea that you're in the early stages of courting an idol only emboldens you. As you continue to walk and talk, something occurs to you. You’ve been making a lot of left turns...

"Oh, uhm...Noel?" You ask sheepishly. "We've been doing laps around my apartment building..."
"Ah! Have we?!" Noel stammers in embarrassment, looking at the tall building to the right of you both. "Oh, dear...I'm sorry, I was just..."
"Yeah, no, I'm not complaining, I, uh...I really, really like being with you like this," You mutter, looking at her as she fights a smile. "I really like you."
"A-Anon, we just met..."
"I know, but--"
"W-Which is why I'm so conflicted that I feel the same," The knight finishes. "Though we've known each other for such a small amount of time, I feel as though...we have a connection. Do you understand me? Like...I've known you for ages, somehow...and it's so nice...YOU'RE so nice, I...I've not felt this comfortable in my entire life..."
You cough in embarrassment, rubbing the back of your neck with your free hand as your heroine fidgets, having trouble maintaining eyesight.
"I don't live far away, either. Would you...like to accompany me home?" She inquires, moving just a bit closer. Your confidence cracks in half.
"...Y-Yeah, that...I'd like that, Noel, uhm...l-lead the way?"

Noel wastes no time in stifling a noise of excitement as she quickly begins to drag you further North. You're starting to sweat again. You didn't think you were doing this well, but...you don't really care. Noel likes you just as much as you like her. That's a win. That's beyond a win. The path to Noel's home is fairly simple; it's literally three blocks up the street. As you enter the higher-class apartment building and are brought up the stairs, you can hardly contain your excitement. Noel finally breaks the long hand-holding session off to unlock her apartment, shooting you a giddy look as she fumbles with the keys. The door unlocks with a heavy 'click!' as it opens, and the two of you quietly step inside. Noel closes and latches the door shut behind you, resting against the door frame as she gnaws her lower lip, face beet red.

"M-Make yourself comfortable, please! I need...to take a shower. I-I'll be quick, so please, by all means," She quickly gestures to the couch. You forgot she was covered in goblin blood... "I'll be back shortly!"

Before you can respond, the embarrassed woman runs down the hall, a door closing leading you to the fact that she's probably in the bathroom now. You look around her spacious apartment. It's normal fair; nothing incredibly extravagant, save for the litany of shields and weaponry adorning the walls. You'd describe it as 'tasteful'. The only odd thing you can discern is a cork board, a focal point of the room. There's a large map of the city, with several long red pieces of string seeming to symbolize some sort of route. Alongside the map are several blurry photos, the contents of which are...difficult to discern.

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You sit on the edge of the couch, peering as you take a closer look. A large building has a blue sticky note over it, with a depiction of a mace on it. A bit south of that lies another sticky note, this time pink, with a heart hastily drawn in it. The red leads from the pink out, following a set route...though occasionally branching off in another route. Some sort of routine? The string overlaps so many times it's hard to keep track. As you start to engross yourself more and more in the cork board, however, a voice catches your attention.

"H-Hello, Anon, I'm, uhm...I'm clean..."

Looking up and over, you see Noel, her hair still slightly wet...and assets barely covered by a towel, struggling to do all it can to protect her supple form from (your) prying eyes, which quickly widen as you drink in the risque picture before you. The knight goes right back to nibbling her lower lip as she holds the towel with one hand, the other supporting herself against the wall.

"Would you care to join me in my bedroom, Anon?" Noel coos softly, watching you with a hungry look in her eyes.
"Yes ma'am," is all you manage to squeak out as you quickly stand to attention, the comment getting a giggle out of the dripping wet knight.

She leads you to her bedchambers while you gawk at her barely covered ass, just the tiniest amount of her cheeks poking out from the towel. Horny brain starts to activate in full force, the tent in your pants swelling as the monster within demands to be released. Almost as soon as Noel opens the bedroom door, however, the knight throws her towel off, turning to you with a wild glint in her eye. You jump at the sudden shift in demeanor, but don't have time to react as she grapples you, pinning your arms to your sides as she lifts you up. Noel momentarily breaks into a giggle fit before she silences herself, pressing her lips against yours in an affection-starved embrace, stealing your first kiss. You ignore the fact that your boner is stabbing into Noel's stomach as you shudder, surrendering yourself to the kiss as much as you can in your current predicament, darting your tongue against hers as she twitches.

"Finally," She pants between kisses, slowly bringing you towards the bed. "I've been waiting for this for so long...that walk here was torture!"
"S-Slow down, let's enjoy it a bit mor-"
"No, no...I need this, and I need it NOW. We can do it all you want after, but I NEED it RIGHT NOW!"

The knight plops you down onto the bed before quickly grasping your pants on both ends, physically tearing them off your body. You're both horrified by the waste of perfectly good denim and immensely turned on by the vulgar display of power and lust. With your dick exposed, Noel goes into overdrive, huffing heavily as she pushes you on to your back, pinning you down by your shoulders as she positions herself over you. You never quite imagined this is how your first time would go. It's way fucking better. She stares down at your face, eyes wide as she drinks your exposed body in, grinding herself against your throbbing cock eagerly.

"It's finally happening," Noel giggles, breaking out into another giddy fit. "It's finally happening, ohhh...it's time, it's time! Fuck me!"

You're either a professional Casanova with how horny you made Noel along the way, or she was just really, *really* pent up. You don't have time to ask which it is before she slams her hips down, stuffing herself full of your cock with a shrill moan, her chest heaving up and down as she almost starts to hyperventilate.

"Yesss..." She drools, slowly grinding her hips atop yours. "Y-You're in me, finally..."
"Now can we slow down...? We're not on a timer, we can just--"
"We'll slow down once you cum!"

The manic look of joy once again blooms on Noel's face as she composes herself, keeping you effortlessly pinned by your shoulders as she begins to ride you at an almost violent pace, putting the muscles she's so proud of to insidious use. You twitch under her as the stimulation very quickly moves from 'pleasurable' to 'on the cusp of hurting', holding in any gasps of discomfort as Noel goes absolutely wild. Her heavy breasts - which you absolutely wish you could do ANYTHING with right now, but being pinned makes that impossible - bounce freely as the woman attempting to milk you for everything you're worth stops just shy of shouting phrases of encouragement, using a lot of words like "good", and "cock", and "ovulation", a whole lot of things you can't possibly attempt to string together into a coherent sentence as the riding continues.

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Despite being thoroughly intimate with edging, the clenching of Noel's pussy proves to be far too much. Letting out something akin to a grunt and moan mixed together, you unload inside the knight, who lets out a pleasured howl of victory as she plants herself down on top of you, ensuring no drop is spilled. Your train of thought dissolves as the girl who saved your life earlier now eagerly takes your cum into her, spasming atop you as you try to catch your breath. Noel lets out a satisfied murmur, her own orgasm trailing off as she finally unpins your shoulders, leaning back while she relaxes. She runs her hand over her stomach...no, a bit below that...tenderly, giving you a contented look. Gears begin to turn. A light bulb clicks on. Panic seeps into your skin.

"Noel, I-" You stammer, trying to sit up. The knight's hand shoots out with unnatural speed as she pins you back down, causing you to grunt. "Condom! I wasn't wearing a condom! You could be--"
"Pregnant?" She dreamily replies, letting out another long sigh. "I know...I've been waiting for you for so long now..."
"What?" You reply, dumbfounded, trying to free yourself from the knight's grasp to no avail. She's simply too strong. "We just met!"
"Mm...it was a perfect first meeting, wasn't it? Getting to see that look of infatuation fall over your face second by second, you little cutie..."
"S-So what do you mean by 'so long now'?! Get off! Let me get up!!"
"Did you think it was happenstance," She begins, the manic expression melting into a menacing grin. "That the route you walked so many times before suddenly became dangerous? Goblins strike at the first chance they have. They don't plan months and months in advance for a single target..."
You start to feel the familiar sensation of creeping dread, ceasing your struggles for the time being. Anxiety wells up. "What...are you insinuating, Noel...?"
"That by taking care of that troublesome troupe, I'm saving myself the trouble of needing to pay them while finally getting my hands on the father of my children."

You gawk at Noel in terror. The knight tries to remain stoic, but can't hold back. A small laugh evolves into a giggle, and from that sprouts a wellspring of mirth. Your mind drifts back to the cork board in the living room. The angry look she had when she mentioned walking 'just like you'. Every awful puzzle piece that you were too busy being flirty to notice finally clicks into place. Holding you still, she leans down, getting dangerously close to your face. Where as before, you would've been trying your luck, you now want nothing more than to scramble off the bed. You were tricked. You played directly into her hands. She played you like a damn fiddle! She licks her lips carefully, staring into your eyes. She's not your savior. She's just trapped you far better than those idiot goblins ever could have.

"You'll make a fine father and better husband, Anonymous...I've been making sure of such for nearly a year, the opportunity never arising to step into your life...so I created one myself," She whispers. She's already gotten what she's wanted, so there's no point holding back anything anymore, you surmise as you shiver under her. "I love you, so much...and I know you'll love me just as much, soon. The flickers were there, weren't they? From embers, an inferno can be made...so I will just need to stoke them until you cannot live without me." She lingers on that for a moment as you freeze up, mind racing. There's a non-zero chance you're a father now. You're trapped in her home. You can't fight her off...and worst come to worst, she could always just claim you raped her, if she doesn't just flat out kill you if you try to leave. The DNA evidence wouldn't lie that you were inside her...it's far worse than just being trapped in her house... "But let's make sure the pregnancy took, okay~? You're right. There's no time limit..."

The hand on your shoulder tightens as Noel's manic expression reforms once more, the almost painful grin etched upon it making you wince.

"We've got the rest of our long lives together to enjoy one another to the fullest. Take good care of me, okay?"

Noel leans in, planting a surprisingly tender kiss on your lips as you let out a whimper in reply. "My precious little squire...we can finally be together..."

Trapped with a woman more than five times your equal, you succumb to the increasing anxiety of having unwittingly signed your life over to Noel, your limbic system going haywire as you begin shaking harder. Placing her second hand atop your chest, you know it's far too late. You close your eyes, hoping the dream turned nightmare will end soon while you try to calm down. Noel's grip tightens. The idea that she's been tightening it around you this entire time without your knowledge fills you with more terror than anything else.

The thought that it's just beginning in earnest scares you more.

>> No.1912948


Hopefully it's to your liking. Several rewrites yet I'm still not entirely sure of the quality. If there's any errors, I'll fix them in the doc tomorrow. For now I'm going to sleep.
I'm glad you completed the follow up to the Roboco story! It's a good read.

>> No.1912971
File: 789 KB, 444x272, boner yes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bravo, another masterpiece! Thank you so much for writing this.

>> No.1912980 [SPOILER] 
File: 893 KB, 1891x2343, 1616764100094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please use this image as the base for Rushias response

>> No.1913511

Reposting my request from the previous thread:

Got another idea. Yandere Nene, but being Nene, she's the worst yandere. Like she can't stalk worth a damn, isn't very threating at all, etc. (you) find her antics adorable so you don't complain much.

Maybe she goes to Polka for some yandere note-taking

>> No.1913755

Never before have I wanted something more than to be in that guy's spot.

>> No.1914083

>Hololive Black Ops kidnapping husbands for Nene

>> No.1914198

I have a Nene idea but it’s her being an abusive boss that won’t let her workers go home, from that one clip of her

>> No.1914476
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These Polka fics....
They're good shit, anon. Good job. Hoping for some NSFW ones too though.

>> No.1916055 [SPOILER] 
File: 52 KB, 1500x804, 1616772280680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hoping for some NSFW ones too though.
Someone write one where every time you thrust into her there's a *honk* sound

>> No.1916344

she probably has a lot of clown toys inside her vag

>> No.1916453

instead of anal beads, (You) pull out infinite handkerchief from her

>> No.1917318 [SPOILER] 
File: 121 KB, 840x971, 1616775512253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

need a written adaptation of this

>> No.1918079

We talked about it in the last thread but if someone could do a revenge plot between you and Coco that eventually turns to love on the battlefield that would be fucking awesome

>> No.1918170

I'd prefer it to be infinite anal beads that gradually change in colour as you pull more and more out.

>> No.1918225

(You) pull down her panties and a pigeon flies out

>> No.1918227
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>Okayu instructs Korone to do this
>She does, makes a mess
>Okayu forces her to clean it up
>Spanks her and calls her a naughty dog
The groomer can't keep getting away with it.

>> No.1918348

>Polka pies you in the face and starts laughing while pointing at all the cream on your face
>"Oh yeah? Want me to show you what a real cream pie looks like?" you say as you unbuckle your belt

>> No.1918619

>you pie Pika in the face and starts laughing while pointing at all the cream on her face
>"Oh yeah? Want me to show your what a real cream pie looks like?" she says as she unbuckles your belt

>> No.1918766

Reminds me of that one exusai comic where the doctah asks exusai if she wants his cream pie and then she wakes up the morning after confused

>> No.1919560

Terrifyingly cute anon

>> No.1921806


>> No.1924399

Thank you. I was considering writing NSFW Polka but don't really know a premise.

>> No.1927361

Since this is no longer an abuse thread, can we get some fluffy fictions with our chuubas?

>> No.1927921
File: 53 KB, 651x569, 1614638794287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, both abuse and regular work for this thread

>> No.1927961

If you have a prompt or idea put it out there and hopefully a kind Anon will take it. Really should've made an anchor post for that kind of stuff, in retrospect.
>Will never get to facefuck Matsuri

>> No.1928371
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Write about it then

>> No.1929296

Seeing as there is no longer a restriction of only wirting abuse, how about going in the other direction with fluff/comfort?
Imagine Polka feeling down because she's had a "meh" stream or because she didn't put all she had into her circus show that day, and she feels like she isn't good enough for you, so you decide the best medicine for that is to dump all the love you have for her on her, both metaphorically and very literally.
Raw, teary and emotional sex would be very welcome.

>> No.1930512

We have a dedicated fanfic general now? Maybe they were right. Maybe we really are /mlp/ v2.0

>> No.1930623

We'll be better than them.
I've been thinking of writing some kind of comfort story, maybe helping your oshi unwind after a super long endurance stream or something like that.

>> No.1930651


Pretty sure /vp/ has had fanfic generals since before MLP.

>> No.1930765

Really not making a convincing case here

>> No.1930947

Could do that, yeah. I'm trying to force my brain to come up with a way to write that Nene story. I have ideas but I don't know her mannerisms very well besides her propensity to throw minor fits when shit goes wrong.

>> No.1933195

Basically, Nene was/is the type of autist that isn't self-conscious at all.

>> No.1934780

I want to be Botan’s pet!

>> No.1934910


>> No.1934946

>You Will never console Nene after she got a Bad day at school because no one wanted to talk to her

>> No.1935447

Oh my god yes.
>ywn as the autistic kid befriend the autistic exchange student girl from your class
>ywn embrace her quirks and motivate her to be herself and follow her dreams
>ywn be there for her after the other students teased and made fun of her
>ywn have an awkward but blissful first kiss with her
>ywn cry as she has to go back to her country and spend the last few minutes together hugging each other while crying and reassuring that you'll never forget each other
>ywn years later see her archieve her dreams of becoming an idol and be happy for her from far away
>ywn hear a knock on your door
>ywn find Nene on the other side smiling with the radiance of the sun
>ywn be embraced by her while she says that she's back and that this time she's not going anywhere

>> No.1935763

I wrote a short unofficial sequel to the story "Asset Procurement"

I'm far from a good writer but i had a idea for where the story could go afterwards. enjoy?


>> No.1937057
File: 92 KB, 940x1199, tomoe mami and watson amelia (mahou shoujo madoka magica and 2 more) drawn by rosuuri - 1c290a176041f24ff026515c18d7db82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since everyone wrote so many stories about Ame being a time traveller, I wanted to write a scenario where she gets overprotective over (your) many accidents.

You wake up, shocked again. Another odd dream. This time, it was sensation of falling and hitting your head. The dream felt too realistic to be a dream. The pain and shock that overpowered your body felt far too painful, far too unsettling. You get up from bed and take a moment to look outside. The windows were sealed shut after a time where you fell out of the window hit your head, or was that another dream? Amelia did say she was worried that you’d fall out of a window one day, so it could have happened. You have a hard time telling what’s real or what’s fake ever since you started getting those dreams.

You brush your teeth for a while, paying notice to the empty medicine cabinet. One day, she just decided to take every pill and bottle you had and hide it somewhere, saying that it’s not safe to take anything you could be allergic to. Ever since then, you need to ask her to get you your pills. You head to the kitchen and notice Amelia searching the area, checking every corner of the room. “You’re up pretty early.”

She jumps a bit and turns to you. You notice the bags in her eyes and how she was twiddling her thumbs the whole time as though she’s nervously about something, “Oh, um, yeah, I just wanted to do some chores and take out the garbage for you. So, you know, you wouldn’t have to go outside this morning,” she says followed by a nervous laugh.

“That’s a first for you. I’m proud of you,” you jokingly tease her for a bit. You’ve been together for a few years. During those years, she would always complain or makes excuses when being asked to do anything, so this was the first time she went out of her way to help around the house.

Still, you can’t help but connect it to your dream. Maybe you talked too much in your sleep, and she just wanted to get some quiet time for herself. “I can take care of the rest of the morning. You look a little tired, so you should go take a up while I make you something nice,” you tell her. You take her hand and take her to the dinner table before returning to the kitchen to make some breakfast. While cooking, you look back to see Amelia relax and fall asleep in her chair. Now everything seemed to be returning back to the way they were.

You chop some onions, making as little noise as possible to not wake her up. As you do, your mind drifts back to those dreams you can’t shake off. It can’t be real, can it? Amelia getting up early and doing something nice for you? That’s just too ridiculous to be real. And if that time where you fell off the stairs was a dream, then what would that make today? You pause for a moment and look at the knife in your hand. A thought comes in, if you’re dreaming, then would this hurt you? You position your knife along your arm. Will you end up back in bed if you cut yourself? Curiosity takes the better part of your judgement; you need to know if this morning is real or not. You slowly let the knife bury itself into your arm, etching a long cut bleeding out of your wound. The stinging pain on your arm was the last sensation you remember before you woke up again.

>> No.1937071


You’re back in bed again. Another odd dream. The stinging pain you felt along your arm, the blood that came out. It felt too realistic and too painful to be a dream. You get up and continued your morning routine except one of your hands was handcuffed to the bed. You can hear Amelia preparing food in the kitchen and reached out to her, “Ame? Honey, why am I cuffed to the bed? Can you come get me out?”

“Just a second!” you hear her cry out. Shortly after, she brings a plate of toast, eggs, and milk to you. “Here, don’t worry, I just wanted to make you a little breakfast, so you wouldn’t have to go anywhere or do anything dangerous!” Amelia looks awful. Her eyes look bloodshot and strained as though she hasn’t closed her eyes or even blinked, how long has she been up? She keeps hyperventilating, has something been stressing her out? She inspects your arms and legs and even pulls up your shirt and pants to inspect every part of your skin. “Ame, Are. Are you okay? Are you upset with me?”

“What? No, silly. No. No. No. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself. It’s nothing, so here, just enjoy some breakfast.” You give her a concerning look, and she returns a weak smile at you. You’re not sure if you were sleep talking and made her worried again. With your free hand, you reach out for the knife, but Amelia panics and screams at you, “Wait! NO!” she instantly grabs your hand before you took the knife. Her eyes were wide open, and her hyperventilating become painfully strained. “Knives, even these little ones, are dangerous. You might accidentally cut yourself. Here, let me take care of everything for you.” She takes the fork and knife and cuts a piece of the toast for you. “Here, open wide.”


>> No.1937595

Cute. Overly protective waifus make my heart melt.

>> No.1937638

I don't know anything about Nene, but I had an idea for a school setting so maybe someone else can fill in the blanks.

>You and Nene were longtime school friends
>Shared the same class, shared everything together
>You were her only friend due to her autism or some shit
>She tries to make passes at you but you never notice
>One day, you come to her for advice at how to confess to someone else
>She gets upset but helps you.
>She gets stressed out at the thought of losing you to someone else.
>Thinks the other girl isn't worth your time and interferes with your confession attempt.
>Finds the locker of the girl you left the letter to.
>Breaks into it and steals the letter, keeps it for herself
>You sit at the spot where you intended to ask the girl out
>YFW it's been an hour
>YFW 2 hours have passed and no one is there
>Nene comes in and comforts you after being "ignored and rejected."
>Makes a promise to you to always be on your side.
>Offers you to come to her house and hang out, still keeping your love letter.

>> No.1937886

It's 16 hours later because I'm bad at these sort of things, but do you want her to genuinely be a Yandere but bad? I ended up writing something where she's only trying her hand at it because she found out it's something you like, so she's doing it for your sake.

>> No.1937891

I was expecting to Nene to Steal the Card but because she is so Dumb she doesn't realize its her own locker. And after assuming that you got rejected by Nene you try to get lucky confessing to another girl.

>> No.1938006

Nice work anon


>> No.1938617
File: 969 KB, 1200x1697, 88654036_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wanna chuuni delinquent Nene
>only acts like this because she watched an anime about delinquents and thought they were cool
>is only able to bully you because you're either weak enough to be intimidated, or kind enough to humor her

>> No.1938880

>still no pekora

>> No.1939939
File: 271 KB, 640x640, 1612531072509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suggested someone do a writing about how you would work for Usada construction but every time you mess up you get abused by one of its members. I would write it but I don't know Pekora and Usada Construction well enough

>> No.1941750
File: 741 KB, 850x1202, A ferocious bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not very long but I tried, Anon.

A shiver trickles down your spine as you focus on your surroundings, listening for anything out of the ordinary as you walk. As you continue down the street, you hear a second pair of footsteps uneasily attempting to sneaky, keeping pace with you. You're being tracked. Hunted down. You don't try to give the fact you know you're being pursued away. That's a bad idea...even if there's still people on the street. The sun is just starting to set. There's a turn up ahead, though. Your resolve ignites.

Turning the corner, you quickly press yourself into the curve. Sure enough, steps start to rapidly approach you, catching up to you. Turning the corner is...

Nene. Holding up two leafy branches as if she's convinced it makes her invisible. Your expression falls flat.

"The Hell is this?" You ask your girlfriend, who is currently cosplaying as a bush. She freezes.
"...Fsssswhhh..." She mutters in response, blowing into the leaves, pursing her lips as she begins to sweat. "Fwsshshsh..." Your eyebrows slowly rise, unable to fight the growing smirk. No fucking way.
"Oh, it must've just been the wind," You mutter, heel turning back in the direction you planned on going anyway. Nene lets out a nervous 'whew' as she continues to follow you, barely peering through the leaves of her camouflage. You barely hold back laughter as she continues pursuing you, relaxing your pace as you continue on your way.

Nene's...strange. But not in an off putting way, by any means. More in an incredibly endearing way. Though, this sort of behavior isn't standard Nene protocol. This started fairly recently. Nene was always somewhat protective of you, but she got more and more so as of late. You aren't exactly sure why, you aren't sure what you did...but here you are. Your very own stalker...whom you share a home with. You've a sneaking suspicion that Polka was responsible for it. You aren't going to point fingers, but the yandere crap DID start after the pair of them had a slumber party at Polka's place. As nice as she is, Polka...isn't entirely all there, you wager. You've heard stories of her boyfriend. Allegedly it was a black ops job. But back onto the topic of Nene, being followed by her isn't uncommon, now. You've caught her in several disguises - one of which was actually just a pair of Groucho Marx glasses - yet she's never owned up to it. Hell, at one point you walked into the hall and found her threatening the mailwoman to stay away from your apartment, saying that you moved. It caused an awkward talk at the post office to convince them that it was just a misunderstanding, that you aren't Nene's 'handler' or 'emotional support human', and you do in fact still live there. That incident aside, being followed around doesn't bother you much at all. It's just one of her little quirks...though you wish she'd just do it at your side, rather than whatever the hell she's doing now. As you begin to approach the apartment building, the sadistic side of you awakens.

"Boy," You say out loud, giving enough volume to your voice so the shrub monster behind you can hear you. "I sure can't wait to see Nene when I get inside. She said she'd be waiting for me. I'd be sad if she were gone!"
"FfffSSSSSHWHHHHH--" The 'wind' picks up as the shrub behind you breaks out into a panic-driven sprint, bolting ahead of you while whistling the entire time. Your heart swells with joy. God, you love this idiot. Giving the bushwookie a minutes to get into position, you shove your hands into your pockets, chuckling the entire way up to your apartment.

>> No.1941773
File: 278 KB, 850x850, A cuddly bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stepping in doors, Nene wastes no time sidling up to your side, grasping at your wrists. She seems just the faintest hint out of breath.

"Where were you? Nene was getting so worried, you took so long this time!" She says, trying her best to sound menacing. If it weren't for the bush incident, you would actually be concerned. "Y-You didn't get distracted by something else, did you? Or...some*one* else?"
"N-No, Nene, of course not!" You stutter, playing along. A smirk forms at the very edge of her lips as you take on a terrified look. "I just got caught up outside! I wasn't talking to anyone, honest!"
"Liar! You have the scent of another woman all over you," She declares somewhat dramatically, jabbing at you with her finger as she begins to scowl. "Who is it!? Who are you cheating on Nene with?!" She yells, walking forward as she begins to back you into a corner. Being so much taller than her, combined with the fact that she's far too cute to be intimidating at all, makes you feel more like she's pouting than actually threatening you.
"No one! I swear! I only love you!" You retort as the girl gets closer, letting her pin you in. The closeness of this is...probably not having the effect she wants. You start to flush. This is getting a bit uncomfortable. "Why would I cheat on you??"
"Because, those horrible other women," She steps in, pressing her breasts to your body. Your blush deepens. She's trying to be scary right now, but instead she's just enticing you. "They know you're taken...so they want to steal you from me! But you belong to Nene, right? Right?!"
"Of course I do, Nene..." You trail, stopping your brain from running off too hard. You lean forward a bit, pressing your lips to her cheek. Her dedication to trying to haze you seemingly cracking, she lets out a squeak of embarrassment. "You're perfect as you are. I don't need anyone else to get what I already get plenty of from you; love."

Nene pouts as you dote on her, leaning into you as she tries to keep herself together, holding you to her.
"...Promise?" She mutters, rubbing her cheek into your chest. The girl is fighting the smile growing on her face.
"Promise," You reply, giving her a tight squeeze. Nene melts into your embrace, letting out a content giggle as she snuggles you.

This idiot has nothing to worry about it. You truly love her. Though you tell her this every time, she'll always follow you out 'sneakily'...you wonder if you should just give up the ghost and get her a ghillie suit for your anniversary...

I grappled with it for awhile but couldn't come up with anything over the top. Hopefully you enjoy it.

>> No.1942000

God that's hilarious. Good job anon.

>> No.1942048

You work for Usada construction as a male secretary for Pekora who's the CEO and is trying to get your attention in a sexual way, but you don't take the bait because your girlfriend or wife is also working with on the same company.

>> No.1942058

Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I envisioned. Thanks so much for doing my request. Sorry if it caused you any grief.

>> No.1942232

I'm glad! Not grief, I just worry that what I'm putting out won't be what the requester actually wants.
I'm glad something I wrote inspired someone else to do their own stuff. Thank you for the submission!

>> No.1943094

>The only male working at Usada Construction
>Also spoken for
>Unfortunately for you, no one seems to respect that much
>Every time you make a mistake you are forced to pay with your body via a few minutes of groping
>consecutive fuck ups result in more serious punishments
>can you survive the worst workday of your life??

>> No.1943143

An incomplete list of codenames of Hololive girls used by Cover's Black Op's operatives in the field:
--HOLO GEN 0--
Goddess: Sora
Diva: AZKi
Shrinekeeper: Miko
Comet: Suisei
High-Spec: Roboco
--HOLO GEN 1--
Vampire: Mel
Friend: Fubuki
Cheerleader: Matsuri
--HOLO GEN 2--
Onion: Aqua
Oni: Ayame
Witch/Garlic: Shion
Duck/Tomboy: Subaru
Cat: Okayu
Dog: Korone
--HOLO GEN 3--
Dark Elf: Flare
Knight: Noel
Captain: Marine
Rabbit/Comedian: Pekora
Necromancer: Rushia
--HOLO GEN 4--
Angel/Gorilla: Kanata
Dragon: Coco
Sheep: Watame
Devil/Tenshi: Towa
Princess: Luna
--HOLO GEN 5--
Drunkard/Ice Elf: Lamy
Airhead: Nene
Lioness: Botan
Jester: Polka
Succubus: Aloe...
--HOLO ID GEN 1 --
Alien: Iofi
Moon: Moona
Treerat: Risu
Shambler/Undead/Zombie: Ollie
Keris: Anya
Peafowl: Reine
Reaper: Calli
Phoenix: Kiara
Prietess/Eldritch: Ina
Shark/Atlantis: Gura
Detective: Amelia

>> No.1943170

not the original author btw, feel free to add your own nicknames

>> No.1944067

Bery cute

>> No.1944359

>A story where (You) still show support for a graduated chuuba online, so she rewards (You) by kidnapping and making (You) her husband or something.

>> No.1944395

>The year is 2025
>Koopa’s eggs and body are on their last legs
>She’s going to have a nice family, regardless of your say in the matter

>> No.1944425

I love this clingy, loving autist so much.

>> No.1947141
File: 123 KB, 840x1050, __gundou_mirei_nijisanji_drawn_by_patyu3__37db0419d1b3c29c46b888fa5f43f6ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I though about doing one in Koopa as it'd be nice to get more Niji/Indies in this thread but I dont know her that well

>> No.1949122
File: 600 KB, 2480x3508, AmeliaHappy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Watson's Test's Pt. 1 - https://pastebin.com/qyizgSi2
>Watson's Test's Pt. 2 - https://pastebin.com/tprp2U5n
>Watson's Test's Pt. 3
You couldn’t feel anything anymore. Your nerves were so deadened from her experiments that you couldn't even feel the pain. All you could do is watch Amelia perform those same experiments. Over. And over. And over again. Injection after injection. Half the time your vision was so hazy that you couldn’t even make out the colors of the vials anymore. But when you could, you saw some colors you had never seen before. Green. Orange. Transparent. You could only guess that she was making new concoctions with each experiment. Despite this, you noted a major change in her behavior.

She beat you less often now, usually only during her fits of rage when something didn’t go her way. But it was always followed by a reversion of time and fit of apologies, telling you how she was sorry and how soon everything would be ok. Ok? How could anything be ok? After what she’s done… you didn’t know how much more your body could take. It was walking on a thin sheet of ice. Too much pain at once could easily crack it and send you tumbling into the chilly waters. And if Watson was too slow with her watch, there wouldn’t be a life-vest to pull you back to safety. Death. It was something you could only hope for at this point.

“I’m sorry it's taken this long…” you heard Watson apologetically say from behind you. From the corner of your vision you could see her body walk around your chair. Your head was tilted towards the ground as you had no energy to follow her movement. You barely had enough to even stay conscious at this point.

“I’ve finally found it. We can go back to how it was… Before you got those nasty thoughts…” whispered Amelia as she raised her hand and rubbed the back of it against your cheek. She gave you a smile, not the sociopathic one that she gave when she mercilessly attacked you, but one full of genuine happiness and hope. Despite being your torturer, the tender motions she performed gave you the phantom sense of comfort. Maybe… maybe this was the best for you? Maybe you were somehow wrong? Maybe you deserved this?

>> No.1949154
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“You wanted to leave me… you were gonna go away… I was… I was so scared. You said I was too controlling… you said that I was too forceful… that I was wrong…”

As she said this she moved her hand under your chin and raised your head up. You peered into her azur eyes. Unlike before, they were filled with warmth and love in a once empty void. But from the darkness under her eyes and wrinkles across her face, you could tell that she had not slept in a while. She must’ve been working around the clock for this experiment. Amelia tilted your head to the side to expose your neck and she raised her syringe. This time the syringe was crimson red. It gleamed under the light, pulsating at random as if it was a beating heart.

“But in reality, you were wrong… you were just having a bad day. You were just scared. Now, those thoughts wont come back… we’ll be together…”

Watson leaned in to inject the concoction. You couldn’t feel the needle as it ended as quickly as she started, she backed away and the needle was empty. The effects were immediate as you felt a slight shock to your body, but then a sense of lightheadedness and weightlessness took over. You could feel energy returning to your body as you freely moved your head. You looked up and saw Amelia returning to you as she undid the straps to the chair you were in.

“I hurt you because I love you… I just got so excited that we’ll finally get to be together so I went a little overboard… I hope you can forgive me for that!” she said with a giggle. Forgive her? How… could you… forgive… forgive her… for what?

“Ah, right! I wanted to get rid of all that pain you felt, so that concoction will take away all those bad memories. It’ll cure you of everything bad of you… all those bad thoughts… all those bad memories… only the good ones will remain. So just sit back and relax as the drug does its magic…”

>> No.1949200
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Forget? No… No… you remembered. The fights you had beforehand. How she came to control your life. You tried to leave her but she drugged you and dragged your body back to her house. You remembered… remembered how she… she begged and pleaded for you to stay while you were strapped into this same chair. But you… you refused. She tried to beat you into submission, but you… you refused to give in. That was how the experiments… started… how... it all… began? Wait… what... began? Your mind became blank. Fuzzy. You looked at the blonde girl in front of you. Wait… it was Amelia! But... What were you doing in this room? In this chair? When you asked her that, her smile only deepened and she shook her head.

“Don’t worry about that, sillyhead. I was just taking care of a.. problem… you had. You were sick, and I helped you get better! That's what good girlfriends do… right?” she said with a grin. Right… she was your girlfriend. Amelia Watson was your loving girlfriend. She wouldn’t have done anything bad to you, right? There was no way. Amelia helped you up from the chair as you wobbled about, yourself wondering how long you must’ve been there. She helped you across the room, but you couldn’t help but look back at the chair you were in. As you did, however, a massive headache took hold as you groaned.

“Ah, it seems you're suffering from the aftereffects of the medicine I gave you. Don't worry though, they’ll wear off after a while. Soon you’ll be back to your perfect old self. And then nothing… nothing will stand between us!” she gave you a peck on the lips and laughed after she said that. You could only smile as she helped you up the stairs. You could feel something was missing, but it probably wasn’t that important if you forgot. All that mattered now was that you were back with her. The one who you loved more than anything else.

Amelia Watson.


>> No.1951689
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Consider me inspired by the Nene prompt! Anyone is free to archive if they feel like it.

Momosuzu Nene would best be described as an eccentric. She's talented and charming, but at the same time there's so much oddness surrounding her it's hard to see what's a joke she made up for her own amusement and what's a real event that occurred in her stranger than fiction lifestyle. Nene works as an idol at Hololive, a company which employs mystical beings and humans from other universes, so some oddness is to be expected. Nene herself claimed to be an alien from some vaguely Chinese planet somewhere out in the universe, but at the moment she's more content to dress up in a letterman jacket and bear accessories, a look that both works perfectly for her and makes absolutely no sense if thought about for any length of time. Part of you does believe she is an alien, because despite having moments of surprising insight and a quick wit for making jokes, there are some things Nene has yet to grasp about social interaction that do make her seem a little out of this world. Such is the case with Nene's new fascination: you.

When Nene asked you to be her boyfriend, she attempted to recreate a prototypical shoujo manga confession scene down to the letter, as it was unclear to her which parts were essential to getting a boyfriend and which were just window dressing. So she bought one of those classic shoe cupboards, placed it outside your house and waited from a nearby tree for you to put your shoes inside. This was of course so she could jam a letter into your slot on the rack telling you to meet her on the roof of Cover Corp after work. The confession was similarly eventful, as she brought in a small room fan which she threw sakura petals into throughout the confession to create the proper mood. With the amount of effort she put in, it was impossible to decline her offer, and your lovely relationship with the strange girl known as Momosuzu Nene began.

Nene's company is just as odd as she, and like a child, she occasionally picks up their mannerisms without exactly understanding their purpose. Omaru Polka is one of Nene's closest friends in Hololive, and the two mesh well together, each able to match the other's offbeat tempo. But Polka's take on relationships is a bit…intense. There was a period of several months where her boyfriend was reported missing on the news, which just happened to be the same period she would giggle to herself madly whenever she thought she was alone. She also asked you for advice on the best infrared cameras to set up in a basement, and if there really were aphrodisiacs that could be put into food. Nene often goes to Polka for relationship advice (as despite her boyfriend's temporary disappearance, Polka is now happily engaged to him) and the results have been interesting, to say the least.

>> No.1951776
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Nene is simply too good intentioned to play a yandere, and despite having a good case study to learn from, she still struggles to grasp how exactly being a yandere is supposed to improve the security of her relationship. She doesn't really understand what a homewrecker or romantic rival looks like, so any woman you speak to is on the table. For instance, the little old lady that works at the grocery store caught Nene's eye for some reason, perhaps because she called you a "strapping young man". So, she decided to pay for her groceries one week exclusively in one dollar bills with angry faces drawn on them in order to "intimidate" her. You only know this because the old lady was surprised just how high quality the illustrations were, and felt the need to tell you that your girlfriend was very talented. She also attempted to recreate the "yandere snapping" moment after you thanked a waitress by replicating the stagger of an insane person and "attacking" (lightly slapping) you with a butter knife. When you informed her that a butter knife is unlikely to do you any harm, she seemed utterly confused. She thought attacking you with the knife was just an opportunity to press herself up against you without it being too embarrassing. She also managed to learn the password for your computer and log in while you were away, but not actually knowing what she was looking for, she simply waited until you came home to ask you to show her any "evil things" you had on there.

It was all well and fun to have a cute "yandere" girlfriend, but you decided it was for the best to ask Nene why she was doing all this, in case she was nervous or unhappy about some misunderstanding. So, you sit her down in your apartment and ask her.

"Nene thought this is what girls are supposed to do to show they want to get married. It worked for Omarun…" With a prominent blush, she mutters this to the floor while smiling.

Laughing to yourself, you explain to Nene that yandere stuff is what some girls do when they feel insecure about a relationship and worry that someone will steal their partner away.

"Wh-what? Nene isn't worried about that at all! Nene is the most powerful human! Nobody can take you away. Nene is too strong to lose to anyone!" Nene puffs out her chest and does several poses, which seem to either be typical bodybuilding poses or something out of an anime.

Nene does have the habit of claiming to be some kind of all powerful being. If that makes her feel secure in your relationship, you're all the happier for it. You lightly tousle her hair and give an offhanded remark:

"If you're so powerful, could you take care of the mosquito in this room? It's been bugging me all day."

Nene eagerly nods. "How strong is the mosquito? Is it stronger than Noel or Coco?"

You laugh once again and rub Nene's cheek. "No, not stronger than the dragon you work with. 1% of your power should be plenty"

Nene's face suddenly turns grave. "1% is too much, I only needed 0.1% for Coco. Okay, I'll try 0.05% power. NENE minimum power!"

You sit down and click around online while Nene busies herself behind you searching for the mosquito.

"Found it! Nene Special move: Blue Clapper!" You hear Nene call out a special move from another room.

All of a sudden, you're blown forward into your desk as your ears start ringing from a sound you could barely process before your ears mercifully turned off. Struggling to get to your feet after bashing a rib into your desk, you look up to see your room in disarray, items scattered on the ground and the window shattered. Worrying for your girlfriend, you stumble into the next room looking for Nene. Nene stands in the center of the room looking sheepish, what appears to be the smoldering remains of a mosquito on her hands.

"0.05% was still too much! Jeez, everything on this planet is too flimsy for Nene! NenePro employees will get this placed fixed by tomorrow, even if they have to work 25 hours a day to do it!"

In a moment of absolute calmness as you look around your decimated living room, you have one simple thought on your mind: "It's a really good thing Nene isn't a good yandere."

>> No.1952314

Great stuff anon, lowkey hoping (you) immediately kys after standing up lol

Bery bery cute anon

>> No.1953319

Good read anon, got a name in mind for the archive?

>> No.1955141

Imagine if she was a good yandere. You'd be fucked in every way.

>> No.1955829

Uh how about..."A Good Nene is a Bad Yandere".

>> No.1956710

All throughout school I was always told I had a knack for writing, but I never did anything with it. Now I'm curious about dabbling in it as a creative outlet. What do you guys do to make sure your shit doesn't suck?

>> No.1956870

Make sure you're satisfied with it. Don't try to make it perfect, because you'll spend hours rewriting what you've already done. Personally, for non-dialogue parts I ask myself "does this flow well? Does this convey enough information to the reader without being overbearing?" and for dialogue I ask "Is this, to a certain extent, in character? Is this how real people talk?" and if the answer to all of those is "Yes" then I consider it at least decent.

>> No.1957110
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"Well, what about Command?" Eight mutters, checking his magazine in another fit of paranoia. Looking back over your shoulder, you can still see the odd green rounds loaded into it; something the boys in R&D created using a mix of tech and magic from another world, a bonus to working with so many...entities, you guess. Tranquilizer rounds. "They just left us."
"Command didn't leave us, calm down," You sigh, trudging over the dense forest floor. Dead leaves crunch under foot. You check the map on the strange PDA given to you for your task; another five miles before you reach the active zone. "They're at camp, waiting for us to bring back Wildcat."
"...Somebody said they saw bears around here..." Fourteen mutters, glancing around idly. Eight straightens up. "Better sweep your sectors."

Flanked by the two men on your left and right, you continue the hike into the woods. It's your third day out here, now. You're a member of Cover's Black Ops team. The Black Division. You and your squad mates, who anxiously follow behind you, were sent out on a special assignment to get one of Cover's talents back under control and in containment. Shishiro Botan - Wildcat - had relapsed. It was a severe issue with the beast women; without proper maintenance and restraint, their bestial instincts could take over, causing them to go feral. It was treatable, of course...but only if you got them back, first. For some, it was simple; Shorthair was found in her room, munching on rice balls after getting into catnip. Spaniel was caught menacing a mailman. Even Mutton didn't wander too far, content to graze on grass rather than potato chips. The issue was with predators like Botan. Their instincts to hunt were far, far stronger. They themselves were more deadly as a result. You'd only heard tales of the other talents going feral. Jaws nearly took a group of swimmers out, Grizzly took three teams to fully tranquilize after severely wounding at least three people...and now they're sending the three of you in to take out a lion. You feel shafted.

"So we're sure she's up ahead?" Fourteen asks, stifling a cough. "Fucking nature. It looks the same in every direction..."
"She's been tagged, but something's distorting the signal," You reply, tapping the side of the PDA. It's an interesting little device. If you could get rid of the strange notification to 'KILL STRELOK', you'd like it more. "There's a three mile wide dead zone up ahead. Wildcat's signal keeps popping up and vanishing all around that area. Higher ups think there's a damn good chance she's operating within that area. Must be a cave or something she's sleeping in."
"Caves, now...? Ergh," Eight groans. "At least we've got lights, but..."
"We'll need to stack up. It'll be hard to spread. Diamond formation, maybe."
"Wouldn't we be a triangle?" Fourteen asks. The question comes out with a joking cadence, and you grin.
"Whatever you wanna call it. As long as we don't get caught with our boners in hand."
"If you're planning on whipping that thing out, let me know so I can let you take point," Eight chuckles. The three of you share a laugh as you move deeper inwards. +1 morale.

As you approach the active zone, night begins to fall - quite quickly, based on the rate of which you lose daylight. Getting inside the dead zone properly, you switch your lights on. Botan's somewhere in the area.

"Alright guys," You mumble, unslinging your rifle. Low ready. "Weapons free. Look out for anything that could point us in the right direction."
"Animal carcasses and sneaker prints," Eight huffs. You hear his safety click off. "Got it."

You move slowly as you scour the area, looking for anything that could give away Botan's movements through the location as you do so. The night is silent, save for the three of you crunching along the forest floor and the wind whipping by. Dark clouds and tree tops obscure your view of the sky save for a few open spots. The trees aren't incredibly densely clustered, at least. Means chopper exfiltration is an option. As you walk, however, Fourteen suddenly stops, shining his light at something. Something large on the ground.

>> No.1957187
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"Shit. Body ahead," Fourteen gestures to the East. Squinting your eyes, you confirm he's not seeing things. "Non-human. It's an elk. I can see the antlers..."
"Moving," You reply, Eight following you. Sure enough, fang wounds - though much smaller than you would expect of normal predators - are visible on its neck. The neck itself is broken. The corpse is still warm. Something within you tingles in unease.

"This was recent," You utter, standing up. Fourteen shoots you a look. "Eyes open. She could be--"

Something slams into Eight, sending him sprawling with a pained scream. A blur of movement. Footsteps moving at an incredible speed...

"AGGH! MOTHERFUCKER!" Eight screams. His shirt is ripped clean through. You see blood.
"Contact, two o'clock!" Fourteen yells out, firing at the blur. You hear something resembling a yowl of pain. "Direct hit!"
"Cover him," You reply, breaking into a sprint. Fourteen quickly moves in to try and assist Eight as he writhes on his back, clutching at his lacerations. "Pursuing target!"

Even one hit from one of these should be more than enough to bring Botan down to your level. They're designed to be incredibly fast acting. That doesn't mean you feel good about this...but at least you know she was moving away from your team. It's a small sense of comfort. But it means you're alone. Running into the brush, you swing your light from side to side, attempting to get anything resembling a lead on where the lioness went. As you try to gain a visual, a low growl emits from the treeline. Up ahead, to the right, you see her hunched form glaring at you from behind a tree...poised to leap. Your heart rate spikes. You raise your weapon as she snarls, pouncing out at you. You pull the trigger.

Botan's pounce loses all its energy as the woman collides with the ground harshly, rolling a bit before she roughly slams into a tree trunk, growling out in pain. Sweat rolls down your forehead as you keep your weapon level with her. Blood and muck coat her mouth and skin respectively as she stares at you with hatred, chest rising and falling as she hyperventilates, struggling to stay awake. She lets out a roar in your direction...and you respond by shooting her again, this time in the breast. Though she jolts from the impact, there's no entrance wound; there never is. Something about the magic, if you had to guess. Puts the shit in their system directly; the round is just a convenient way to administer it. The lioness finally slumps to the ground properly, going limp. You keep the rifle leveled at her for a few moments more. She doesn't move. With a heavy sigh, you shakily sling the rifle.

She looks so small, now. A cute woman with lion ears and a now-matted head of hair...if you didn't see it first hand, you never would've believed the shit she was capable of. And Cover *employs* her. You shiver. If they really wanted to, they could unleash all these super and metahumans on the planet. You'd all be fucked. For Christ's sake, take a look at Azrael. They've got her fucking rapping. A low groan of pain catches your attention as you look up and over.

"Didja get her?" Fourteen asks, supporting a limping Eight. "Heard the shots. Beats a flare."
"If that bitch got away, I swear to God--" Eight begins before hissing out in pain. He's been bandaged up, but he'll need proper medical attention sooner than later. His expression softens a bit when he sees Botan. "Oh, thank fuck..."
"Gonna call it in. You good, man?" You inquire, pulling your radio out. You give it a tentative listen and confirm that you still have a signal.
"Yeah, yeah, just...let's get outta here. Fuck the woods."

Nodding, you step away, bringing the radio up to your mouth as Fourteen gripes at Eight to stop exacerbating his wounds by bitching so much.

"This is 4N-0N. We've got Wildcat. Sending you our coordinates, now. One of ours needs medical attention."
"Excellent," a woman on the other end breathes out in relief. "Her condition?"
"Unconscious and filthy."
"Expected. Standby for exfil."
"Of course."

Cutting the chatter short, you stow the radio as you take a seat on the ground next to Botan, letting out a low sigh of relief. Sure enough, within a few moments, the telltale beat of helicopter blades - followed by the blinding brightness of a search light - get closer and closer to you. The lioness begins to snore next to you. Time for extract.

I fucking hate SMART Filters on Pastebin so fucking much. Some people kept asking for more of the black ops stuff. Not really abusive anymore so I can be a bit more loose. Sadly not much good Botan art for this, but this'll do.

>> No.1957502
File: 163 KB, 1440x1079, __shishiro_botan_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_skd__0582ee07a7f180d24d7f7ee201294b53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://pastebin.com/uUkNvMei added to the archive

>>1956710 what >>1956870 says, but to add to it is don't try and force yourself to write about things you don't like (I.E in this case don't force yourself to write about a chuuba you don't know/like enough), if you do it almost always comes off as unnatural.

good shit, is this is what happens when the anon doesn't please her enough in Lions Den and Escape Attempt?

>> No.1958802

This Black Ops AU feels like something set in the SCP universe and I'm all for it. Especially starring my favorite lion mommy.

>> No.1958998

I wanted to set it up as a more intrinsic thing. Botan's hunting instincts and desires reached a boiling point and she relapsed into it. Okayu probably accidentally got involved with cat nip and fell out that way. Korone got too excited at a stranger and let the dog half take over. Stuff like that; if their urges and things of that nature aren't properly maintained and the pressure is relieved (in the case of Escape Attempt, Botan hunting you down would've been relieving that pressure by allowing her to put that energy into hunting, even if it was for fat Anon DICK), it can cause them to go a bit insane. They can be reigned back in, but the damage is already done once they lapse like that. Nene mauled people, Gura almost killed a group of swimmers, etc.

>> No.1959558
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here's a nice feral Botan, haven't seen it posted yet
I like to think that playing shooters is a way for her to relieve her hunting urges.
It fits with how lion-like her gamer family is.

>> No.1959700
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do a 9 line. it'll be cute.

>> No.1959823

>line 5

>> No.1964534

Nice pic.

>> No.1966419

I've always felt in general /vt/ is closer to /vp/ than to /mlp/. At least we are the target audience, unlike all those other shitholes specially /mlp/

>> No.1966627

Bumping with a sweet fluff prompt: You and Mio getting sappy celebrating the birth of your first child.

>> No.1966711

I'll give it a shot, haven't written fluff in a while and I love the resident hag wolf

>> No.1967001

This just made me want a Nene Gurren Lagann story

>> No.1967058

I think suisei is the only that even considered punching the shit out of her bf in this game

>> No.1969442
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requesting Towa fluff about her trying to be a devil and ruin your life but just makes it better

>> No.1969486

No, I want an abuive towa fic, in which Towa beats you up for talking while she's streaming.

>> No.1969941

Come in Mori-Watson
Watson: You know Mori you don't always have to knock
Mori: I didn't knock.
Watson:*speaks ghoulishy* you rang?
Mori: Very funny. Look Watson I need you to solve my case. I can't find him. I say the words every stream, and he won't show up.
Watson: What words?
Mori: You know the words
Watson: "I'm your Mori I hope you remember me" those words?
Mori: Maybe I should take this to Ina
Watson: Calm down Mori. I got this case under control. Besides Ina told you that summoning spell you call "the words" and it obviously doesn't work
Mori: For a time traveler you have no imagination
*bubba begins barking furiously*
Watson: Shut the fuck up Bubba! Shut up!!!
*bubba wimpers down*
Watson: What were you saying Mori?
Mori: N-nothing

>> No.1970297

https://pastebin.com/4t7gLFzp been done but she beats you to relieve stress

>> No.1972503
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Man I'm trying to write fluff but I feel like I'm edging closer to being a gosling and the para-social meme

>> No.1972609

I liked some of these but felt some were too on the nose. It put the boot in my ass to make a list in the same format as this. I kept some of your names because I liked them. I'm glad you enjoy the stupid black ops shit.
Fuck it, dude. Go for it. It'll have a consumer base.

>> No.1974497

God i want a fic of Anon trying to socialize and develop their relationship with the socially inept holos like Aqua or Pekora. Would be cute and fluffy as fuck

>> No.1974794
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You couldn’t believe it. It was an almost surreal moment. Sitting there, you saw your wife, Ookami Mio, sitting in the hospital bed with something close to her chest. A baby. The child you and her had conceived of nine months ago, now here in the living flesh. There had been a worry amongst you both that since Mio was an older woman that there would’ve been a complication, but everything had gone smooth. The baby girl had a small pair of wolf-ear protruding from her head like her mother, though they were white instead of black.

You had met the wolf-girl at a bar where she was drinking her sorrows away. The moment you saw her, you knew she was the one for you. Of course it wasn’t that easy, but after a while, you managed to get her to open up to you. Mio had talked to you about her insecurities about her age, about there would never be a man that would take her on a date, let alone marry. You remember her starting to sob up after talking about wanting to have a child of her own, but that it would never happen because she was too old. In your drunken state, at that moment, you reached around and pulled her close and kissed her right on the lips to prove her wrong. To your surprise, she didn't push you away and actually went with it.

“Are… Are you sure you... want an old hag… like me?” you remember her saying after she pulled away from the kiss. The blush she had on her face as she looked up to you, that teary eyed face as she looked at you expectantly. Without a shadow of a doubt, you wanted her in your life. No, you NEEDED her in your life. You nodded and hugged her close, which she reciprocated. Afterwards you exchanged phone numbers, kissed once more and parted ways for the evening,

When you woke up the next morning and the memories of the night prior returned, you slapped yourself in the face and immediately pulled up your phone to apologize to the woman. You were both drunk, so there was probably no way she would’ve actually agreed to dating. Mio was way too out of your league to even think about dating her, so must have just been teasing you. But to your surprise, she had already texted you about wanting to meet up that day. Nervously you agreed to the date at the local café later that morning. You still couldn’t believe that she would’ve dated you of all people. Maybe it still was just a prank?

>> No.1974817
File: 2.77 MB, 2400x3700, MioBed (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like you had agreed upon, you met her at the café, the wolf-girl being easy to spot amongst all the tables of people. You timidly greeted her and sat down. Mio introduced herself and talked about how she was an idol and a streamer for a company called Hololive, and how work had made dating difficult. You knew the hardships idols could face, so you understood pretty quickly, but still wondered about why she would go out with you.

“Why…? Well, you're the first man to ever ask me out that directly. I mean, the way you just grabbed me and suddenly kissed me..” she said while blushing and holding her face. Your face flushed red as she reached out and touched your hand.

“But don't worry, as long as you're interested in me, I’ll love you as well… so let's give it our best!” she said enthusiastically. You smiled in response and nodded. And so, your love life with the woman Mio Ookami began. For three years you dated, growing closer with each date, each tender moment you had with each other. Now four years after meeting Mio, you were married and your first child was being tended for in her hand.

When you heard a sniffle come from her you instantly got up from the chair, concerned for her health as you gazed over her body. Was she not feeling well? Was there a complication from the delivery? But instead of a pained face, you saw a smile present on her lips and tears of joy were falling from her face. She looked at you, the sun shining through the window in the background making the scene take your breath away.

“I can’t believe it… even with her in my arms, I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy… happy to have a beautiful girl like her.. to have met you…”

You smiled and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. But then an important question came to your mind. What to name her? You and Mio had brainstormed names before, but wanted to wait until she had been born to decide on a name.

“Since her hair is white… I think ‘Yuki’ sounds nice… what do you think?”

You nodded. Yuki was a beautiful name. Perfect for your beautiful daughter.

https://pastebin.com/ZteKs4H1 Made a large setup cause I think I might want to make this into multiple short-stories about Yuki growing up with (You) and Mio and going more into your relationship

>> No.1974903

Ngl I teared up a little, I haven't read a story that sweet in a while.

>> No.1975552
File: 16 KB, 427x300, ye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes love is all you need in a story

>> No.1976714
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Good to hear it wasn't bad, hadn't written fluff in a bit

>> No.1978440
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I think I got an idea for the onion, I'll see what I can do with it

>> No.1978759

Yes please, a story depicting how (You) became aqua's tardwrangler

>> No.1979596

hoping the onion makes me cry of fluff. Godspeed anon.

>> No.1979645

tfw keep trying to write wholesome shit but my mind keeps coming back to extreme abuse
wtf is wrong with me

>> No.1979762

>i had a dream Mary Anne
>bout what?
>bout the chubba
>bout the chubba?
>your oshi? From all those years ago?
>well.....what was it
>it was not yet dark, a twilight you know
>and we were walking together
>some place i forget where
>we were tired and chubba said to me, we got to rest, we got to drink some water
>so we sat down, and she looked at me and smiled
>she shared with me a canteen, with warm water inside
>said to me, we still far ways off no
>i said yes mam
>the chubba said to me
>come with me, don't feel lonely
>walk with me
>but she walked faster and faster
>i told her to stop
>she told me that i had to try
>i couldn't keep up
>and she disappeared far into the distance
>and then what happened?
>and then i woke up

>> No.1979763

This is the place for both. Get all the abuse out of your system and when you can't think of anything else, the fluff will come

>> No.1979906

>expecting /vt/ to understand this reference
You expect too much of this place anon

>> No.1980173
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"You can leave any time you want, Anon-sama."
Her words ring in your ears. You're looking her right in the eyes. Yuzuki Choco. The demon that has you trapped. Or are you trapped? She hasn't kept you here against your will, or has she? The doors unlocked, you can leave at any time, but whenever you try, you get an enormous feeling deep in your gut that something terrible is about to happen.
You look the woman in the eyes. Those big, blue, beautiful eyes, that shine with the power of a different realm. You swear she can see right through you, tell when you're lying, can see your emotions before you even feel them. She swears up and down she isn't a succubus, but if she isn't one, what kind of evil power must a succubus have? Every fibre of your body is screaming you're in incredible danger, but your mind cannot think of a single reason why. Why would you want to leave? She's so incredibly far out of your league that it's hilarious. She leans in a little closer, you look down and she's holding your hands. When did she get this close? "Anon-sama? My eyes up up here hehe" she quips.
Your eyes track slowly back up, momentarily focusing on her enormous, mostly exposed breasts. You look in in the eyes again, your body burns with a fear you can't explain, yet it's hotter than any fear you've ever felt. Your mind melts at every syllable she speaks. Choco leans in for a kiss, as your body explodes in terror, your lips touch and your mind goes blank with pleasure.
Sure, you can leave at any time, but why would you want to?

>> No.1980406
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I want to be raped and have my energy succed out by Choco-sensei

>> No.1980595
File: 3.45 MB, 2136x3280, 646092228be55a6e25a3438560b8556c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? I didn't know this general existed. I posted an Ollie lewdtext in >>1979767, maybe I will repost it here next thread.

>> No.1980770
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Kek, I like it. I'll add it to the archive.

>> No.1981450
File: 1.05 MB, 1447x1447, AquaShy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was another day at the hololive office. You were just an average salaryman working as a technician, helping the girls with their streams with various tech support and also helping them optimize their streaming experience. Because of this, you interacted with many of them on a daily basis. Secretly this was the reason you wanted the position, but you always kept your professional face on when working with them. It was interesting to see their other sides outside of streaming, but one of them took your interest.

Looking over, you saw the fidgeting girl Minato Aqua sitting on her bed. She had called in earlier about a problem with her streaming equipment, so Hololive HQ had sent you to solve the issue. As you fiddled around with the various settings of her computer, the shy girl kept her eyes on you while she twiddled her thumbs. You had tried to make casual talk with her, but the poor girl was so socially awkward that any attempt to speak to her would lead to a few whispers and a blush so red that it looked like she had a fever. This was the case of anyone outside of her own family and her friend Murasaki Shion. You’d exhausted almost every topic to try and get the girl out of her shell, but nothing had worked. Asking about the weather, things she liked outside of streaming, or her social life were just a few things you had tried asking. You sighed as you turned to face the girl, asking if she could show you where her router was.

“Y-Y-Yes!” she blurted out as she stood up from the bed and rushed to the door of the room. But as she did this, she moved so fast that she ran full force into you and fell downwards. As Aqua fell to the floor, she hit her head on the side of the bed and then fell face first onto the floor. You rushed to aid the fallen pink and blue haired girl as she rolled on the ground.

“Owww…” she moaned as she rubbed her head. You asked if she had any ice packs in the apartment's freezer and she shook her head, saying that they were cold Red Bulls instead. The girl’s social awkwardness seemed to subside as you rushed to the kitchen and grabbed one of the cans and brought it to her. This was another one of Aqua's tendencies that she was known for, being a complete airhead that gave her the title of ‘Baqua’. Upon returning to the room, you were met with the sight of Aqua curled up by the side of the bed, holding her legs to her chest and sandwiching her head between her knees.

>> No.1981496
File: 860 KB, 1536x2660, AquaEmbarrassed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


“Why am I so stupid… I can't even talk to people correctly…” she said between sobs. You sighed again as you walked up to her and presented the Red Bull can. Aqua must’ve forgot you were there as she jumped up and hit her head again on the bed frame. You apologized as she settled down and took the can in hand and pressed it against her double-inflicted wound on her head. You resisted the urge to laugh at the comical situation as you took a seat in Aqua's chair and turned to her.

“No, I should be the one apolgizing… I’m just making everyone's life more difficult. You had to come from the office just to fix my streaming stuff, just to deal with me being stupid... again…” as she started to cry again you just felt puzzled by the situation. You were a technician, not a damn therapist! Not knowing what you could do, only one thing came to mind. You reached out with your hand and patted her on the head. As you rubbed your hands through her smooth hair, she looked up at you with a look of astonishment at first, but quickly was replaced by one of complete embarrassment. Her face was like a tomato as she turned her head to the side and avoided all eye contact with you.

“Heh… heh heh… heh…” she muttered as you continued the motions. She didn’t seem to mind it as she let out a few giggles and smiled softly. After a minute or two you noticed she had calmed down so you removed your hand and gave her a reassuring smile. You talked about how despite her faults, she was a funny streamer that brightened the day of anyone who watched her. That her singing, dancing and gaming streams brought happiness and enjoyment to anyone, including yourself. She blushed again as she turned her head away from you, but that smile still remained on her face

>> No.1981512

But why? Doesn't it suck now? They deleted a shit ton of bins last year because of inappropriate words.

>> No.1981516 [DELETED] 
File: 378 KB, 1243x1844, AquaHappy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“Thank you… I really needed that….” she said as she wiped the remaining tears from her eyes. As she was back to normal you returned to fixing Aqua’s streaming equipment, noticing now that her look of apprehension and shyness was now replaced by curiosity and intrigue. You were surprised that she started a conversation about the game APEX Legends while you typed away at her keyboard. Even when you finished the fixes to her computers software, you stayed for a few extra hours to talk about and even played a few games with her. Seeing as it was getting late, you decided to go home, though you noticed that she seemed actually sad to see you go. You reassured her that you wouldn’t mind coming over to hang out again, and that brought her mood back up quickly. You parted ways with Aqua and returned to the Hololive office to submit your report before you went home that evening, content with helping one of Hololives most dumb, but equally most lovable idols, in more ways than one.

But when you returned to the office the next day for work, you were surprised that not only was the onion-haired girl standing in your office, the CEO of Hololive himself Yagoo, was standing there as well.

“Ah, anon! It seems Aqua has taken a liking to you, and since you are one of the few people that she has opened up to, I’d like to make you her manager!” spoke Yagoo as Aqua timidly walked up to you. Before you could even reply the girl ran to you and wrapped her arms around your own and shined a smile so bright you were almost blinded.

“Please take care of me!” she enthusiastically said. With her looking at you that way, there was no possible way that you could say no. You gave her an equally happy smile and nodded. It would seem your time in Hololive would be a lot more interesting than you would have ever thought.

[spoiler[Holy Fluff https://pastebin.com/0r6W2ksj that was fun to write though[/spoiler]

>> No.1981561
File: 378 KB, 1243x1844, AquaHappy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“Thank you… I really needed that….” she said as she wiped the remaining tears from her eyes. As she was back to normal you returned to fixing Aqua’s streaming equipment, noticing now that her look of apprehension and shyness was now replaced by curiosity and intrigue. You were surprised that she started a conversation about the game APEX Legends while you typed away at her keyboard. Even when you finished the fixes to her computers software, you stayed for a few extra hours to talk about and even played a few games with her. Seeing as it was getting late, you decided to go home, though you noticed that she seemed actually sad to see you go. You reassured her that you wouldn’t mind coming over to hang out again, and that brought her mood back up quickly. You parted ways with Aqua and returned to the Hololive office to submit your report before you went home that evening, content with helping one of Hololives most dumb, but equally most lovable idols, in more ways than one.

But when you returned to the office the next day for work, you were surprised that not only was the onion-haired girl standing in your office, the CEO of Hololive himself Yagoo, was standing there as well.

“Ah, anon! It seems Aqua has taken a liking to you, and since you are one of the few people that she has opened up to, I’d like to make you her manager!” spoke Yagoo as Aqua timidly walked up to you. Before you could even reply the girl ran to you and wrapped her arms around your own and shined a smile so bright you were almost blinded.

“Please take care of me!” she enthusiastically said. With her looking at you that way, there was no possible way that you could say no. You gave her an equally happy smile and nodded. It would seem your time in Hololive would be a lot more interesting than you would have ever thought.

Holy Fluff https://pastebin.com/0r6W2ksj that was fun to write though

>> No.1981622

They auto-detect lewd stuff so it doesn't get uploaded if there's that kind of content, and if it so happens that they do delete them then the writer anons have backups if necessary

>> No.1981794

This could easily have multiple continuations, skits about an autistic onion, her manager boyfriend and the misadventures they stumble into.
The reader would die of diabetes, of course, but it would be worth it.

>> No.1981821

oh god yes
inject that fluffsmut straight into my veins

>> No.1981834
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Wrote this one quite some time ago.

Imagine guys, just imagine.

>you meet Kiara's roommate and you quickly become friends
>you show interest in her cosplays and she loves it, showing her new ones to you everytime she gets the chance
>after some time you begin dropping hints that you watch a certain phoenix 2d avatar on youtube
>the hints become more and more direct after a while
>one day she invites you to her house to show you her newest creation
>she's never invited you before like that, so you think it might be something special
>it's a cosplay of Takanashi Kiara, a vtuber
>the cosplay is perfect, she is exactly like the shitbird that you love
>you stand there astonished at the sight
>"W-what do you think, a-anon?"
You're perfect, Kiara
>you put your hands on her cheek and stare into her eyes
>just like Mori said there are little skrellingtons in there
>you can't not be amazed
>you go for a passionate kiss
>she twitches a little but soon gives in
>your tongues intertwine as a sloppy mess of saliva is being made
>she looks away, blushing like the flames of KFP's industrial stoves
>"I-I don't think this is right. It's not like I am a talented person"
>her menhera tendencies are striking
>"There are better persons than me out th-"
>she squeals as you shut her up with another kiss
I think you're the best one, you're so fun to watch with that personality of yours. It's not like the numbers reflect on who's behind the computer, if you had to go indie with 10k subscribers I'd still watch and have the same amount of fun
>she blushes again, but now it's like she has a warm flame aura around her
>it's getting damp in here
>you begin undressing her shirt slowly until you expose her breasts
>hmm chicken breasts, they say it's a really healthy meal
>you lick and give some soft, small bites
>"Anon, thank you"
>she says as she hugs your head, taking it closer to her chest
>wow, it's really hot in this room
>she's dripping with sweat, so you begin licking some drops following its trail to the source
>her armpits have a great musk scent, it is like she's liberating pheromones, drawing you in there
>so smooth... you think while you suck and lick that lewd place
>muffled giggles can be heard
>she pushes you off, removes your shirt and pants
>your mast is full of energy
>she pulls your boxes to reveal the thing that will soon ravage her
>she makes eye contact while stroking your cock slowly
>those purple-ish eyes and auburn hair bewitches you
>the strokes get faster while she carefully removes the rest of her clothes
>the kisses she gives on the tip are divine, the sucks at the side are giving you chills
>a girl so cute gladly fiddling with your filthy cock is too much of a sight to bear
>your cum flies into the air before reaching her face
>"Haha that was fast, you like me that much?"
>you can't contain your smile when you realize you're corrupting an idol
>fuck it, you want both of you to feel good
>you spin her around to expose her behind
>she's dripping like a fountain
>you give her a good slap before mounting on her
>it enters quite easily
>you begin to roughly violate her pussy with no mercy
>"Hmm yes! Give me your cock!"
>you remember your biology classes in high school and ask yourself whether it would be anal or vaginal if you penetrate a cloaca
>fuck that, let's just violate the insides of this bitch
>you manhandle that body as you see fit, pushing and pulling it to your throbbing penis
>her heartbeat can be felt rising more and more, her breathing becoming more ragged
>you're now laying and she's on top
>she holds your hands and intertwines the fingers while going up and down, up and down on you
>you feel your cock getting clenched as she cums
>"Ki... Kikerikiiiiii!!!"
>what the actual fuck
>it's a gesture so weird that you can't help being aroused by it
>you pump her insides full of your seed
>she lays on top of you, tired but smiling softly
>you feel your arm being hugged and a peck on your lips afterwards

>you smile wide one more time thinking about all those anons and vtuber fans that you just cucked

>> No.1982659

>Horny bird posts
Lewd posts always appreciated, adding to the archive

>> No.1983847
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>>Monday Afternoon
>>At the sandbox playground playing with my toy truck
>>A tall girl comes up to me
>>kicks sand in my face and pushes me
>>She steals my toy truck
>>"What th-"
>>"Turtle! Smoll Smoll! Hahahahah!
>>Runs away before I could rub the sand off of my face

I've been tramatized since that childhood incident. I will never get that toy truck back.

>> No.1984933

Which holo besides Aqua could fit in a "I was merely pretending to be retarded" story?

>> No.1984987


>> No.1985571

After writing it now I have a lot of idea of where to go with this

>> No.1986460

She had a crush on you

>> No.1987652


>> No.1987976


>> No.1988584
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>Continuation based off >>1981561

It had been a few months since you’d become the manager of Minato Aqua, the reclusive and shy idol of Hololive. It had been an interesting few months fitting into your new role, after all you had never planned or ever believed that you could be a manager of one of the girls as a tech specialist. You had spent more time with Aqua, learning more about one of the resident NEETS of the idol group. But there were a bunch of things you found that you needed to work on with her. Specifically, her problem with dealing with strangers. There couldn’t be a touching moment every time she met a stranger after all.

So you had decided to train her to get used to dealing with people by getting her to order food by herself. You had created the plan with a friend of yours who worked as a waiter for a restaurant that coincidently Aqua loved going to. You would both go in and take your seats, while you would go to the bathroom and your friend would take her order. This would force Aqua to speak up for herself and take a step forward with her courage. As much as you wanted to coddle the girl, you had realized quickly that she needed to learn how to speak for herself. Whenever you would go to order at a fast-food restaurant she would always hide behind you and grab a hold of your jacket, whispering to you her order so quietly that half the time you’d get it wrong. When you went to traditional sit-down restaurants, she would shield herself with her menu and make your order her food for her as well. You honestly didn’t mind it, but you knew it wasn’t healthy for her to rely on others for something like this. Or the copious amounts of Red Bull she drinks.

Knowing your lovable onions stupidity, however, you should’ve known something was bound to wrong.

>> No.1988605
File: 176 KB, 1200x764, AquaShock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The plan had started off without a hitch. The two of you took your seats at the table, then after a bit, you had excused yourself to go to the bathroom. You waited in the bathroom stall for the text from your friend that she had ordered the drinks. You weren’t going to let her order your whole meal, just get her a little more used to talking to strangers. A simple drink order wouldn’t hurt her, right?


But as the seconds turned to minutes you began to worry. No texts from your friend. Did something go wrong? Your mind raced as you heard a crash like the sounding of glass breaking from the dining room floor. You sped out from the bathroom to see your friend soaked in water, the ground covered in broken glass and scattered silverware. But most importantly, no sight of Aqua. You questioned your friend, who told you that when he tried to press her for a drink order, Aqua panicked and tripped over the water he had brought out for you two. Apparently she had gotten soaked too, and after he had told Aqua of your plan, in a fit of embarrassment and tears, had fled the restaurant. You shook your head and apologized to your friend and ran out of the establishment, ignoring the curious gazes of the restaurant goers as you ran to the one place you knew she would go. Her apartment.

Once you got there you instantly could tell that she was there from the driblets of water on the floor. You knocked on the door and received no reply. You knocked again and again, pleading with her to open the door. Eventually you just stopped. You pressed your back against the front of her door and slid down till you were on the floor. As you pressed the back of your head against the wood, you mentally scolded yourself for what you had done. You should’ve done it a different way. No, you shouldn’t have done it at all. Now she would hate you for what you did. You killed not only killed one of the best friendships you ever had, you had killed your job aswe-

>> No.1988626
File: 618 KB, 985x1672, AquaLean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your thoughts were interrupted as the door opened and caused you to fall backwards and hit your head on the wooden floor of her house. Looking up, you saw Aqua looking at you with a mischievous look. Her victorious smug look, however, was ruined by her soaked clothes, making it difficult for you to take her seriously.

“That’s for that little stunt you pulled! Sheesh, for you to do something like that… just for me… it does kinda make me happy that you care that much for me though…” she said timidly as she scratched her head. You smiled in response as you let out a sigh of relief. Despite the pout she had on her face now, she was the same idiot you had come to care for. You pulled yourself up from the floor and fully apologized to her, saying how you would take her to another restaurant of her choosing for penance. Seeing that she was content, you said goodnight and was about to leave when she hugged you from behind.

“Just so you know... I wasn’t mad at you. I was just… I was just scared. Scared that you weren't there to help me. Like you helped me work through my emotions when you came to fix my streaming equipment. I couldn’t be actually mad at someone like you…” she said in a voice so low that you could barely hear her. When you turned around you saw that her cheeks were fully flushed and eyes staring towards the ground. You quickly reciprocated the hug, saying how you appreciated her and thought of her as a great friend. After this you both said your goodbyes, but you noticed a look of… dissatisfaction on her face as she disappeared behind the closing door.

Did you say something wrong? Maybe she was still mad at you? You couldn’t really tell. Reading girls had never been a strong suit of yours. But in any case, you had confirmed one thing through today's events…

…that Minato Aqua was someone special to you.

Having a lot of fun with this manager-san/Aqua relationship growth https://pastebin.com/D9L401RW

>> No.1988701

Stop being cute. Stop it. Thank you very much. Having something so sweet after all the violence is soulmending.

>> No.1988738


Loved it. Can't wait for some hand-holding..

>> No.1988975

God this is too fucking cute

>> No.1989316
File: 19 KB, 684x425, 1613286618224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do got to say after writing the Amelia torture story and every one of the other abuse ones it sorta feels like whiplash writing this much fluff

>> No.1989980

Rehabilitation always hits hard at first.

>> No.1990080
File: 231 KB, 640x640, botan hug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had a thought while I was at work today.

>(You) have a long, tiring day at work in the dead of winter, and there's a blizzard coming fast
>the train home has been severely delayed and you're getting colder and colder by the minute
>Botan spots you and sees how frozen you are, offers to take you to her place to spend the night
>once you two are safe, she spends time fussing over your health and doing whatever she can to keep you warm
>it turns out she's in heat and you two end up fucking for warmth

Something comfy and lewd if anyone wants to try it.

>> No.1992846

Birb love!

>> No.1993028

Sure. This sounds sweet so I'll take you up on it.

>> No.1993144

Good luck and godspeed!

>> No.1994957

The year is 800,000,000 A.D.D. gura who has grown into quite a woman is nursing a cup of piping hot sage tea. "Ahhhh. What delicious tea" gura sighs in relief. Then she stares out of the otoscope pearing at was once earth. Her smile of relief turns into a frown of worry. "my chumbuds. I hope they are ok." Sadness filled the room as gura knew that earth and her chumbuds were far from okay.

>> No.1994967

Excellent work, anon! The ending is fucking hilarious, keep it up.

>> No.1996725

Requesting a story with a somewhat needy gura that always waits for your return from work.

>> No.1996954
File: 702 KB, 849x1200, 87059809_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1997810
File: 256 KB, 850x1133, It's an ambush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Digging your hands into your pockets as deep as they can go, you miserably try to shrug off the cold while the wind cuts through the fabric of your coat like tiny knives. You knew the weather was supposed to be bad, but they didn’t say it was full-on emergency bad. A blizzard is hitting; four feet of snow projected. Four feet! It’s a disaster! After a miserably long day at work and a bitter walk through the mounting cold here, you found out your train was already delayed by an hour. Your muscles ache as the cold seeps into your skin. And what’s worse, as you try to stay bundled on the platform, you hear the usual announcement chime.

“We’re sorry. Due to weather related circumstances, the Southern Line will be delayed further by approximately two hours. We apologize for any inconveniences…” The announcement drones on as you wince, suddenly feeling far colder. You’ve already been here an hour, and now the train’s been delayed another two? You start to shiver more and more at the idea, keeping your shoulders high as the wind continues to blow. What are you going to do? You can’t possibly stay here for that long. The walk is too far, any sort of taxi service would just completely fuck you in price, not to mention busses probably won’t be going due to the streets being packed with snow. Trying to weigh your options while staving off hypothermia, a hand lightly tugs on your shoulder. You jolt.

“Hey, you’re Anon, right?” A distinctly feminine voice asks, the hand leaving your shoulder. Turning, you see a ferocious predator...in a cozy looking parka, giving you a concerned look. “Was that your train that just got delayed?”
“A-Ah, Miss Shishiro,” You reply through the clattering of your teeth. One of the talents at your job at Cover who you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with a few times for small things. You’re flattered she even remembers your name. For some diehard fanatics, this exchange is enough to wish death upon you. “Hello! Yes, that...that was my train, haha! I-I guess I’ll be here for another few hours.”
“...Are you sure? You look like you’re close to death. Hell, the clattering of those,” She gestures to your knocking teeth. “Are what brought me here. It’s a...advanced hearing thing, for reference. You can’t seriously be thinking about waiting the two hours for the delay, right?”
“I’m afraid it’s the only option I have,” You frown, snuggling up into yourself as best you can. The wind howls. “It’s too far to walk, and worse than that, the roads are going to be impossible to traverse soon…”
“Mm...well...I could help you with that, y’know,” She smiles, a bit of her fangs pointing out as she does so. “I live somewhat nearby...I was on the way home when I heard you up here. Knew it was a familiar face, at least...scent thing. Would you like to come home with me?”

You perk up at the idea, staring at the smiling lioness in awe. Is she serious?

“N-No, no, I can’t impose on you like that,” You mutter, trying to save face. “It’s fine, I--”
“Bull,” Botan replies, taking a step towards you. Coyly, she coaxes an arm around yours, pulling you towards her. Your heart rate spikes. “I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer. The last thing I want to find out is that one of my coworkers was found up here as a frozen treat. It’s no trouble at all, and you aren’t imposing because I’m the one making the offer. Don’t be stubborn...or maybe you’re trying to be cool?”
“Ahh, I…” You stammer, suddenly incredibly embarrassed as you can feel your body warming up. Maybe your jacket is really just that shit, but with Botan hugging you towards her, you feel the ice starting to melt off you. “...I don’t really have much in the way of choices, so...t-thank you, Miss Shishiro. It means a lot.”
“It’s no problem, really. And please, just call me Botan. I know I’m old enough to maybe be your mom, but…”
“H-Hey, don’t say that! You’re pretty,” You respond without thinking. Internally, you slap your palm to your face for letting your inner thoughts out like that, but you’re in this now. “Don’t look a day over 20.”
“That so?” She replies, the faintest hint of red coming to her cheeks as she looks away shyly, brushing the hair out of hers. Clearing her throat, she gives your arm a tug. “Enough flirting. If I’m cold, then you’re freezing to death. Let’s go.”

Without letting you go, Botan begins to walk slowly, and you follow, the two of you working into a decent pace. The snow continues to come down in heavy flakes as you march forward, letting your new companion lead you to her home. A thought strikes you. You never really thought about the specifics of this arrangement, but… How long will your sojourn be, exactly?

>> No.1997842
File: 106 KB, 707x1000, Quite cozy for a lion's den.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“Uh...hey, Botan?” You ask casually, attempting to avoid developing patches of ice. “If it’s four feet...I, uh...will I be able to leave? I can’t exactly climb through all that…”
“Hmmm,” The lioness muses. You think she moves a bit closer into you, but with the heavy clothing you both wear, it’s hard to tell... “Y’know, I didn’t think about that. You may have to spend the night…” She mutters, glancing at you from the corner of her eye, a gentle smile forming. “Hope you like slumber parties.”
“Stay over?? Wait, I can’t do that!”
“Hmm? Afraid to spend the night with me..?” She teases, the smile forming into more of a teasing grin.
“I-I was more worried about clothes and stuff like that,” You shrink, having trouble meeting her gaze. Is Botan flirting with you...? “I sort of only have what I’m wearing on me…”
“Ahh, don’t worry about that! You can borrow some of my old t-shirts and stuff if you really need to. It’s no problem!”
“...That feels like a lot to ask…”
“Well, you aren’t asking. So relax!” She reassures you, tugging you in closer. This time there’s no mistaking the fact that she’s trying to tighten the embrace. The warmth causes you to let out a sigh of content.
“Fine, fine...t-thank you for your hospitality,” You grumble. She’s flirting with you and teasing you at the same time. Awful. “How much longer? Until we’re at your place, I mean.”
“It’s right here,” She nods to the apartment complex to the right of you. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

The trek up the stairs to Botan’s apartment is uncomfortably quiet. With the cold fully dissipating from your form, the uneasy heat within your chest is a lot more annoying to deal with. Botan’s cool, so maybe she’s just hazing you a bit as a joke. Why would she be flirting with you? It’s not a self-deprecating thing, it’s a “why-here-why-now” thing. Maybe it was just a mix of wishful thinking, misunderstanding, and rapidly onsetting hypothermia? Who knows. Botan swiftly unlocks the door and beckons you in, still wearing that warm grin of hers. What you were saying earlier wasn’t a lie or unnecessary flattery. Though you know Botan has at least seven years on you, there’s no denying she’s beautiful. You frankly never understood the Christmas Cake stereotype. Stepping inside, you mutter a phrase of thanks, shrugging out of your coat as Botan locks the door behind you.

The living room is sparsely decorated, a few photos hang on walls and a coffee table stacked with magazines sits between a well-used leather couch and a widescreen TV. It’s nothing fancy, but it feels like a home. You suppose that’s all that matters.

“Man, you still look like you’re freezing,” Botan mutters from behind you. It’s so close it sounds like she’s directly in your ear. “Poor boy...here, let me help.”

As you try to turn to speak with her, Botan merely wraps her arms around your waist, holding you close to her. You can feel her breasts pressing into your back as she snuggles into you, hands idly rubbing your stomach. You stiffen up.

“There...isn’t that better? Really, willing to spend all the time up there waiting for the train? Even if you got home without freezing to death, you’d be so sick you’d be trapped there for a week…”
“I know, I know,” You reply, shifting uncomfortably as the lioness holds you. Her warmth leeches into you, making you shiver. “B-But it was the only option I had...until you showed up, I mean...erm, thanks again, really…”
“Thank me by staying healthy in the future, okay?” She replies. You can feel her press her cheek into your back, rubbing against you...and just vaguely, you can almost make out purring. “It’d be a shame if something happened to you…”

Subtly, she pushes you forward, step by step, and you nervously comply. Yeah, no. You’re a fucking idiot. She’s flirting with you. Why would you ever think otherwise? Slowly approaching the couch, you get right up to the edge of it...before Botan gives you a little shove. You fall ass first onto the sofa as she quickly sets in on you, wrapping her arms around you while she takes a spot up next to you, snuggling you with almost suffocating force.

>> No.1997878
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“Botan, wait, I’m warm enough--”
“Nope. Don’t give me that...you’re still shivering.” Yeah, for an entirely different reason! “So let me take care of you...this feels good for me too, y’know.”
“You could at least try to be a bit more subtle in your attempts,” You mumble quietly. You aren’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Taking Botan under your arm, the lioness melts, shivering at your touch. “Though the cuddling is nice, I admit.”
“Did you see through me that easily?” She chuckles, the hint of blush coming back across her face. “If it makes you feel better, I really was just trying to look out for you when I first saw you up on the platform…”
“Yeah? Then...what are you trying for now?” You smirk, feeling incredibly confident. She could still be trying to eat you, y’know.
“W-Well, uhm...I’m,” Botan stammers quietly, suddenly seeming immensely shy. She mutters something inaudible as she shifts in her seat, clinging to your body.
“Say again? You were kind of quiet there…”
“I’m...heat…” She mutters once more, ears twitching as she looks away from you.
“...W-Well yeah, you’re plenty warm, but--”
“No, no, I’m...augh, I’m IN heat! I’ve been horny all day!” She finally groans, exasperated and blushing. “I-I was just trying to be helpful, but when I got closer to you, when I got a look at you, could *smell* you, I…”
“Oh. *Ohhh*,” You respond. That explains a lot. Lustful thoughts bubble up to the surface. “So...you got a little too excited when you saw me?” You tease. Botan shivers.
“I-I’m sorry...I...t-this wasn’t just a way to get you to my place, honest! Don’t think that!”
“Hey, no, I understand,” You reply smoothly, pulling in closer. She looks up to you, face beet red. “Though really, I’d be fine with it even if it was.”
“Ugh,” She replies, pouting as she looks away from you. “Stop trying to act cool…i-it’s not working.”
“No?” You retort, leaning down to her. “Seems like it is. But...you’re right. You’re so nice, bringing me into your home like this when I would’ve frozen otherwise,” You trail, putting a little bit of sarcasm into your voice as she turns back to face you, sweat starting to roll off her forehead as she gnaws her lower lip. “Is there *anything* I could do to repay you? I’m totally in your debt…”

Botan continues to twitch and twinge next to you, staring at her knees as she digs her nails into you just a bit, head seemingly swimming as she struggles to comprehend what she could do. You give her shoulder a gentle squeeze as you await her answer with bated breath. You tried to play it as cool as possible, but honestly, you’re pretty fucking into the idea now. The combination of her being pent up and your presence making that worse for her has sent you into overdrive. You shift uncomfortably in your seat as Botan looks over...eyes quickly trailing down to the tent you’re pitching, which is exactly what you were trying to subtly reposition. Her flush deepens as her eye twitches. You can hear something go ‘twang’ in her head from here.

“Fuck it,” She quickly mutters, standing up. “C-Come on, follow me. Hurry!”

You jump up as Botan very quickly leads you down the hallway and into one of the many doors littering it. Sure enough, it’s her bedroom. You fight the urge to grin in anticipation before the lioness all but tears her top off, pouting as she frees her breasts.

“The worst, honestly,” She mutters as she tugs you down to her level by your collar, pressing her lips to yours. The horny monster within you immediately reciprocates the kiss, hands trailing to her waist and ass as you grasp and grope her, causing her to let out a huff while she begins to undo your own clothes. “T-Taking advantage of me like this…”
“You’re the one who wanted me over and started telling me about how horny I made you,” You smugly retort, giving the girl’s shapely ass a squeeze. She lets out a mewl of pleasure, stifling it at the end as she goes right back to pouting, fighting back a smile. You let Botan disrobe you, undoing her skirt in the meantime. Your eyes widen in astonishment, though, as you peer at what lies beneath the fabric. “...Nothing underneath?”
“I...took them off with my coat when your back was turned,” She mutters, all sense of fight taken out of her. She tugs you back towards the bed. “T-They were so soaked it was getting distracting. I was hoping I could coax you into...I dunno, fingering me or something on the couch, but you saw right through me and now…”
“Can’t wait?” You smirk, letting Botan feel the twitching below your pants as she moves to take them off you. She nods sheepishly...humorous given her relationship with Watame. As she undoes the button and zipper holding your pants closed, her eyes narrow, tongue running over her lips as she eyes your exposed groin up.

>> No.1997913
File: 397 KB, 688x351, Knockout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gesturing towards the bed, Botan leads, placing her hands on the edge as she sticks her ass out invitingly, tail swishing from side to side as she waits. Despite all your bravado, you let out a nervous ‘gulp’ as you drink in the sight, Botan giving you a smirk as you anxiously position yourself. You’re actually about to fuck an idol…

“Quit admiring and stick it in me already,” Botan growls softly, bouncing her ass for effect. “I feel like every inch of me is on fire…”

Absentmindedly nodding, you line yourself up, the idol letting out a soft sigh of pleasure as she feels the stimulation of your head. You steady yourself before rocking your hips forward, sliding yourself into the (slightly) older woman, drawing a moan out of her as she tightens her grasp on the sheets. Her back stiffens just a bit as she relaxes, wriggling her hips teasingly while you reach under her, grasping at one of her breasts. Your heart starts to race as you slowly work yourself into a rhythm, fondling Botan as you get comfortable. Botan pushes her waist back and into you as her tail continues to swish idly, sweat rolling off her forehead as she does so. Hard to believe this started with freezing not so long ago.

Botan begins thrusting back against you with more force, and you take the hint to pick up the pace, pinching one of the lioness’ nipples between your index finger and thumb, tugging on it while you drive yourself into her over and over, starting to pant. Your partner, however, lets out a soft groan.

“Fuck, I’ve been needing this so badly,” She whimpers, twitching at every motion you perform. “D-Doing good, but don’t hold back...just rut in me, I don’t care. Let loose…”

The thing in your brain holding you back - the courteous part of you that acknowledges that sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties and not ended as soon as it began - quickly shrinks as the ravenous animal within you is given the go ahead. Pulling Botan back to you, you slam your hips against yours, roughly using the older woman as her tail shoots stiffly upwards.

“That’s it! J-Just like that!” She all but screams, drooling at the edges of lips while she desperately attempts to cooperate with you. “Cum! Cum inside me, just-”

Botan’s cut short as your orgasm hits, cumming right on demand as Botan orders you to finish, knees buckling as the stimulation finally becomes too much for you to endure. Botan lets out a shuttering groan as she clenches around you, back arching as she spasms and shivers...before finally going limp, leaving her ass up as her upper half rests against the mattress, panting heavily alongside you. You would’ve liked for it to have lasted a bit longer, but frankly you aren’t in the mood to complain. Botan stays in the position for a while longer before she slowly crawls forward onto the bed, allowing you to slide out of her as she lays face down, still out of breath.

“...’Mere,” She mutters, turning her face out of the mattress enough to look back at you, patting the spot next to her. With a smile, you acquiesce, sliding in next to her as she scooches closer, wrapping an arm around you as she rests her cheek on your chest, looking up to you.

“Uhm...t-thanks...that was an itch I really, *really* needed scratched, and...yeah…” She trails, going quiet.
“Don’t thank me,” You begin, reaching a hand up to pet the girl’s head. It’s every bit as fluffy as you imagined it to be. “You’re still doing me a way bigger favor. Besides, something like that, uh...isn’t really something I’d begrudge doing. Not worth thanking me over.”

Botan lets out a little giggle into your chest, seemingly relaxing more as she lays there with you, leaning into the soft strokes of your hand as you continue to pet her, enjoying the intimacy.

“Then...wanna do it again?” She asks. You twitch.
“W-Wait, so soon? But…”
“But you’re snowed in, in my house, on my bed with a dick that’s getting hard again,” She grins up to you, free hand trailing southward as she teases the tip of your cock with her fingers. Your soldier stands at attention almost immediately. “That’s completely hard again. Mommy’s still in heat...and with such a sweetheart of a partner, it’s hard not to wanna go again…m-maybe even make it a normal thing…”

You shift in the bed a bit, Botan’s hands taking more liberties with your person as you do so. She licks her lips once more.

“Come on. Let me keep you warm…”

You grin in response, leaning into the purring woman. If you’re here, why not? It's going to be a long, cold night. What better way to stay toasty?

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully it's something you enjoy.

>> No.1998399

Oh fuck, I forgot about my story.

>> No.1998953

I see my Mary Anne walkin' away...

>> No.2000575
File: 51 KB, 720x711, 49653868-B256-4761-9EB4-EFEB27B44816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your never gonna groomed by an older woman

Why live

>> No.2001038

That was so cute. Equally fluffy and hot.

>> No.2001064

>Pekomama will never hijack a fallen asleep Pekora's stream
For fuck's sake her voice is too erotic.

>> No.2001088

>Pekomama will never let the Hares have their way with her so her daughter can continue streaming in peace in other room while simultaneously making her feel like a young desirable woman again

>> No.2001171

Someone do this or threesome with Pekora pls

>> No.2001441
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Absolutely perfect, even down with the hint of "mommy" at the end. You're truly a gift to mankind. Thank you anon.

>> No.2001897

Alright where can I find the best TakaMori fic currently out there right now?

>> No.2002106
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Which holos could be absolute sexual deviants in fics despite being "seiso" normally?

>> No.2002314

Zomrades cant stop winning

>> No.2002966

You stare at your dad, bags under your eyes, all night you've been up worrying, hoping, praying that she'd get into a car accident or she'd get struck by lightening or her house would catch fire. Anything to keep you from seeing her. Your biological mother. The woman who spawned you. Korone. Dad looks at you, he knows what happens and he wishes he could help but his hands are completely tied. Goddamn this biased childcare system. "Now son, it's only for a few days, ok?" You nod dumbly. Your mouth is dry. Sighing you turn, offering a false smile."I know dad." Bags under his eyes. He didn't get much sleep either. A glint of gold from down the street, Korone's Caravan. Maybe she'll lose control of the breaks...but no, it stops right in front of the driveway. Dad leans in, gives you a hug. "I love you, son and... I'm proud of you." "Love you too, dad." He hands you your bag and you take a long walk to two days of pain.

>> No.2003756
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>abusive boxer dog mom
Feel bad for the kid

>> No.2003970

>tfw no Korone mom who forces you to box her whenever she gets visitstion
>tfw no Korone mom to cuddle you after she covers you in bruises

>> No.2004042

I'm down with the idea of Korone cuddles.

>> No.2005751

Y'all, I'm going to come clean, I haven't sat down and watched Hololive EN for quite some time. Also work and life has got me really busy. The Ryona Story is now officially on indefinite hiatus. I'm also not 100% sure where to go with it. In my mind everything is gearing up for a big fight, because that's just the type of shit that I'm into, but that's not how I personally wanted it to go at all. So until I can figure out how to either unfuck it or give in to my base shonenshit desires I'm just not going to write anymore for now.

>> No.2006046

All good anon, better than writing something garbage

>> No.2006781

good shit as always

>> No.2006989

You're not obligated to write a story anon.

>> No.2007344

Would like to see a follow up. Like why the son doesn't like to spend time with his mom and what kind of training he gets put through. Why the dad fell in love with her and why he doesn't love he anymore.
Maybe the son comes to terms with who his mom is and eventually learns to love his mom(platonically you degenerates).
Maybe korone could try and connect with her son by not training him for once and trying to act and be normal.

Could be a nice story.

>> No.2007393

>Maybe the son comes to terms with who his mom is and eventually learns to love his mom(platonically you degenerates).
You are on 4chan.

>> No.2008349

I'm trying to write Kanata's little sister idol light novel, but it's still in the outlining stages.
Basically, what I want to ask is: do I create a male Kanata MC or do I create a self-insert MC and have Kanata become a secret 5th sister/idol information repository.

>> No.2008519

I wish i wasn't but this general is the only thing keeping me hooked

>> No.2009048

Honestly someone could write a story where (You) hook up with Ame and just happen to find a special watch in her apartment and knowing this place I don't think I need to explain what said watch does. This could lead to many adventures involving different holos.

>> No.2010296

Ah yes, a watch that takes you back in time to a defining moment that changed their life and allows you to help them for the better. One by one you go back to the cause of each holo's mental instability and change the future via your actions. One by one members are 'lost' from Hololive -really having never joined- but you soon find out that it's not as easy as stopping a fight or abuse. After a long tearful journey trying to help one of the more broken girls you return only to find that it's true she never joined Hololive because she ended up killing herself. You then realize that the power you have been given can't be used so flippantly, and you try again. Only to fail again, this time worse. This time it involves a murder-suicide, that you see with your own eyes. This time when you return Ame is waiting for you. She dresses you down for tampering in the timestream and sends you away. You heart heavy and downtrodden you make your way home, only to be stopped by a mysterious stranger who tells you that he has been observing your actions and to keep trying. That what others see as damaging of the timestream what you're really doing is putting it to rights, correcting what Ame has manipulated into happening. Emboldened with new resolve you return home, determined to get thw watch again. However a strange game is afoot as when you wake up the next morning it's the same day. A groundhog's day/endless eight timeloop has occurred. Now it's up to you to find out how and why this happened, and roy unravel the mysteries of Ame, the Stranger, and the true purpose of Hololive and Holostars.

>> No.2012891

I mean, there's that one with Sora with you being her assistant and her essentially forcing you to fuck her in the alley outside a grocery store because she's a complete nympho

>> No.2013267
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I could see choco sensei just being her normal self as a story instead of fanfic
>Pic unrelated

>> No.2016396

Can someone make one about (You) buying a Pochi Goya doujin, while She's on the stand and then she follows You, tease You about how You fap to her work and ask to watch while You do it. (With Mommy energy)

>> No.2016455

>Koopa has to Mad Max treatment for her unspecified condition in the post apocalypse
>Has to fight her chuuni alter ego turned split personality throughout it all
If I felt like writing again, I could make it decent

>> No.2017840
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Writer whos been working on the Aqua/Manager-san works, anyone have any scenarios they'd like to see? I've got few started out but I wanted to see if anyone had one particular

>> No.2018027

Amusement park date with an scared-yet-determined Aqua conquering the rides that ends in a tunnel of love sequence.

>> No.2018103

Possible marriage scenario at the end?

>> No.2018148

I was going to suggest Aqua struggling to be brave and sexy for her first time, but >>2018027 is a much cuter suggestion.

>> No.2018354
File: 2.59 MB, 2650x3390, AquaSwimsuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it, I'll add it to the list
Maybe, but I'll see how far I'll take these Aqua shorts
I actually like this idea, I can see a scenario where she tries to be more direct in being flirty with Manager-san and invites him over her house to show him her swimsuit but just goes full autismo

>> No.2018417

very based anon, I was really hoping the protag would suddenly need to piss on the nenebush, not even a pissfag just thought that would be funny

>> No.2019479

Hoping someone takes this one up. Like a daughter that always waits for their parents to come home. Or their "papa" if you get what i mean.

>> No.2019554

Since there isn't a pekora fic yet, can i request one where you work for Pekora and she keeps on pulling pranks on you to get your attention.

>> No.2019801

Got any pranks in mind?

>> No.2019921

Petty pranks like "accidentally" spilling water on you, messing with your work files or just pulling out your chair before you sit and you fall instead would work as being annoying but not that harmful

>> No.2020158

>Get annoyed with her and tell her to stop
>She gets actually hurt when she realizes that it wasn't having the endearing effect she hoped it would have
>Tearful confession where she attempts to work through the autism to tell you that she likes you a lot and was just trying to get you to pay more attention to you and that she thought you were having fun too
>Hug the rabbit after

>> No.2020707

I didn't know there were write threads on /vt/ this is awesome. I wrote up these two parts of a Haachama lewd/sweet thing. second part gets more explicit, I was trying to churn out part 1 quick so I glossed over some of the fucking.

Part 1

Part 2

Hope you guys like it

>> No.2021143
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I like the body switch between Haato and Haachama in the second part, I'll add them to the archive

>> No.2021601

Yeah, going to work on one with this format.

>> No.2022057

I admit that the nicknames are lame but I can't help it, I used to be a big SCP nerd.

Also thinking of writing a Black Ops briefing while talking about morality of "procuring" kids for Hololive's shotacons and lolicons.

>> No.2022256

>Also thinking of writing a Black Ops briefing while talking about morality of "procuring" kids for Hololive's shotacons and lolicons.
You've my blessing and interest. Cheerleader's appetite is insatiable.

>> No.2022285

I'm interested to see where the story goes. Good luck!

>> No.2023350
File: 1.09 MB, 1200x789, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fiddling around with a story idea for the first time, still very much a rough draft. Inspired by the slowly developing Black Ops AU.

Botan leads (You) and a couple of other squaddies as part of a PMC on a mission, where something goes horribly wrong. Your teammates are gunned down, you get seriously injured, and Botan has to get you somewhere safe so she can stop the bleeding and keep you alive while you wait for evac. I want to evolve it into a romance at some point, but I'm still working out some of the finer details - may need help at some point.

I'm only a few paragraphs in, but it's pretty fun so far.

>> No.2023389

When you need excuses for sex or love, just put Botan in Heat

>> No.2023470

I rather like the idea of Pochi going after a young mangaka.
After looking through some of his work, she could quickly tell that he's definitely got a taste for older women and mommy gfs.
Upon first contact, he reveals that he may or may not have been "inspired" by her art.
So then she figures she ought to take some responsibility and "take him under her wing"

>> No.2023559

What kind of romance are we talking? Sincere, loving romance could bloom over the course of working together and developing caring feelings for one another over the course of the operation and beyond. Hot, steamy sex? Tending to your wounds causes Botan to need to fight back her baser predatory instincts when confronted with a helpless wounded animal ((You)). Rather than try and eat you, Botan redirects the energy into being horny instead, using the excuse of 'getting you somewhere safe' in her head to justify trying to get you somewhere safe to mate with you, enough to satisfy her primal instincts.

>> No.2023628
File: 3.39 MB, 2395x3379, AquaEmbarressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>continuation of the Manager-san/Aqua Relationship Shorts
You were lounging on your couch with your feet up on the coffee table and a slice of pizza in hand as you watched Youtube on your T.V. It was a long day at the Hololive office, filled with meetings about collabs, merchandising and marketing for the girl under your care, Minato Aqua. It had been a while since you’d taken the girl under your management and minus a few bumpy roads, namely the restaurant incident, everything had gone surprisingly smooth. There had been no major controversies and your relationship grew everyday with the onion haired girl. There had not been a day where you weren’t amused by the pure stupid things she could pull off…

… And today, it would be no different.

As you finished the pizza you heard a knock on your door. Who could be knocking at your door, you wonder? You don't remember ordering anything or inviting anyone over today. As you pondered these thoughts you walked up to the door and opened it slightly ajar. You were greeted by the sight of the familiar pink and blue hair. She had a backpack on and had two gym bags in both of her hands. You internally sighed, wondering what she would have POSSIBLY done this time.

“Hehehe… sorry to bother you, but something came up…” she said timidly as she looked towards the ground with a massive blush on her face. Shaking your head, you invited Aqua into your apartment as you widened the door for her. She appeared stunned for a moment before she gave a curt nod and hurriedly passed behind you. You closed the door and followed the idol as she laid her items on the couch and sat down.

“I… may have... bursted a pipe in my house… by accidentally tripping and hitting it when I reached under the sink to grab something… and it flooded the whole place…” she said as she held her face in her palms. You mentally blinked. Just… Just how could someone burst a pipe like that?

“Because of that… is it ok that I stay here for a few days? Just till the repairman fixes everything?” asked Aqua as she looked directly at you. You still had many questions. Why didn’t she just stay at Shions house, or even her families? Why chose you instead?

>> No.2023638
File: 240 KB, 950x950, AquaStare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“I-Its because you live close to my house! And I didn’t want to worry my family and Shion… with my stupidity…” she said with her entire face flushed red. You shook your head as you took a seat on the other side of the sofa and turned your head to her. As much as you didn’t want Aqua staying over your house, you didn’t see any alternative. It’s not that like you hated her or anything or that your apartment was unclean, it just seemed… inappropriate to have an idol staying over your house. When you finally agreed, her eyes went wide and a huge smile formed on her lips.

“Thank you! I really owe you for this…” said the girl sheepishly as she started going through her various bags. Aqua had brought over a wide assortment of clothes, personal hygiene items and a blanket among other things. You told her that you could sleep on the couch and she could have your bed for the time being, but she refused, saying that you had done enough by letting her stay here. You sighed and let her be, knowing how hard it could be to change her mind when she had it set on something. After she had everything unpacked, you both enjoyed the remaining pizza and played a few games of APEX Legends, while discussing a few things related to work at Hololive.

When you realized it was starting to get late, you decided to get your night routine over with. But before that, you decided to give Aqua a quick apartment tour and show her where all the important places were, like the bathroom and where your bedroom was in case something came up. After you were promoted to being a manager at Hololive, you had a lot more money and were able to move into a much nicer apartment, which gave you a nice moment of pride to show it off to the one who allowed for it. After finishing the tour, she parted ways with you as she headed back towards the living room while you went to take a quick shower. When you finished washing yourself and brushing your teeth you got dressed in your night clothes and left the bathroom, yelling to Aqua as you walked to your room that it was free for her to use. She yelled back in confirmation and said goodnight, which you reciprocated just as you entered your room and closed the door.

You laid down in the middle of the bed and pulled up your phone to browse Youtube videos till you felt sleepy. With another person in the house, let alone a cute girl, you felt you weren’t going to get a lot of sleep tonight. Eventually your fatigue had overpowered your uncertainty, however, and soon you drifted to sleep. Despite this, after a few hours of sleep, the sound of your room door opening awoke you. The sound of someone's small footsteps entered and approached your bed from behind you, as you were facing away from the door. Was it Aqua? What was she doing? Since she hadn’t said anything, she was obviously trying to be sneaky. You decided to play along for the moment being to see what she could be up to.

>> No.2023647
File: 616 KB, 1448x2046, AquaBed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You heard her footsteps approach until she stopped directly in front of the bed. But instead of doing some sorta of prank like playing a loud noise or throwing water on you, she did something completely unexpected. She got ONTO the bed and crawled behind you. Before your mind could even comprehend the situation, she did something that made you wide awake. You felt something very soft press up against your back while her arms snaked around and wrapped themselves around your torso. Aqua's face pressed into your back as you felt her warm breathing through your clothes. You couldn’t help but mutter her name aloud at the sensation. This caused her to make a squeak as she held you even tighter.

“I-I'm so sorry, it's just… it's just that I need something to hug when I go to bed! I-I cant sleep… otherwise…” said the embarrassed girl as she continued to reverse spoon you. You had heard about one time Aqua had slept over Shion’s house and done the same thing to her. But this was a very different situation! You were a guy! You were her manager! This was highly inappropriate that she was staying at your house, let alone sleeping with you! As much as you wanted to remind the girl of these truths, a part of you also recognized that it must’ve taken a lot of courage on her part to do this. Just rejecting her outright would likely hurt her in more ways than one. You merely sighed and allowed her stay in the bed with you.

“Thank you… it really means.. a lot to me…” Aqua said with a yawn as it seemed sleep was overtaking her, her previous embarrassment disappearing out of thin air. But before she fully went to sleep, she muttered one last thing:

“Thank you… for everything up until now… you’ve… always... been there… for… me…”

At those words the girl stopped speaking and seemingly went to sleep. Your mind tried to ponder her words, but the combination of fatigue and Aqua’s warm body pressing against you put you in an unbelievable sense of comfort. You decided it was best to think about these things another time.

But you found out one thing about Aqua that eased your mind…

… That Minato Aqua had immense trust in you.

Will start working on those requests from earlier, just had this idea going and wanted to finish it first before I started new shorts https://pastebin.com/5rmC4Ae6

>> No.2023860
File: 187 KB, 850x1200, __usada_pekora_and_don_chan_hololive_drawn_by_yakurope_moko__sample-c7f84766f1f453e4a22b55d6e3c934d1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You slip and fall to the floor, shoes covered in copious amount of what you assume is lubricant. While the other coworkers come to see what happened, you, on the other hand, are fully aware of what is going on and who is behind it. Listening closely, you can hear a very distinct laugh from behind. It was her, Usada Pekora. Don’t scream. Don’t acknowledge her. If you let her know, she won’t ever stop. Ever since she noticed you, she keeps setting up traps and pranks just for you, and every time you fall victim to one prank, she is always there, waiting to see you. “Are you okay?” you hear from one of your coworkers. She offers her hand which you gladly take to help get yourself back up. You thank her which leads to a loud BANG from behind, grabbing the attention of your other coworkers.

You hear them call out to your perpetrator, “Pekora, you broke the wall again. What in the world has gotten into you?” This confirms your suspicions. Off-stream, Pekora treats the Hololive office as her own personal playground, taking as many opportunities as possible to mess with the staff and you. It’s common to see someone at the office on the receiving end, but this time, she has set her sights on you and only you. Ever since then, all her efforts have been focused on garnering a reaction from you. She wants to bully you, watch you yell at her and get mad, but no, you won’t give her that satisfaction. You head to the restroom to clean your shoes, making sure to not let her see your face.

The next day, you’ve returned to your workspace to print some documents for a meeting, but you can immediately tell someone’s been here. The desk has been opened, papers are everywhere, and your computer has been left on. Checking your computer shows a desktop littered with pictures of Pekora with the desktop background being a scaled-up jpeg of Pekora’s face. She doesn’t even bother hiding her tracks. She just wants you to just look at her. You search through your documents only to notice that she has copy and pasted that same jpeg of her face throughout several documents. Atleast this one was easy to clean up even if you had to spend most of the day going over your files to undo her work.

The day after, you’re on your lunch break. You notice the damn rabbit looking around for you. Not in the mood for any pranks today, you quickly pack up your lunch and try to leave as swiftly as possible. However, she spots you and runs over with a bottle of water in hand. “Pekora brought a gift for you-peko!” She runs up as close as she can and “trips” over herself, dropping, or rather, throwing the water bottle at you. However, she also forgot to open the water bottle, so in reality, she just tripped and threw her water bottle at you, hitting you in the face. The recoil knocks you down, causing you to spill the contents of your lunch on the floor. God dammit, today too. You just get back up and leave to get some stuff to clean up the mess on the floor, making sure not to look back at her. Meanwhile, Pekora just lies there on the floor, apparently too embarrassed to get back up until you return back to your office, still hungry for the remainder of the day.

>> No.2023876


Today, however, has been suspiciously safe. No pranks, no mishaps, no Pekora sighted anywhere. Nothing to ruin your work, and nobody to stand in your way. It was a completely clean and productive day; one you haven’t experienced in weeks ever since she started targeting you. While part of you was suspicious that she has cooked up something extremely bad, you also wanted to enjoy the rare moment of peace you finally had. Lunch break, nothing in your way. On your break, nobody there. When it was time to clock out, you have never felt so relaxed at work before. She finally got bored of you and found someone else to bully. You leave and can finally return home without having to be on the lookout for any potential traps or for her presence.

As you head closer to home, you notice a small crowd of people ahead of you, making you little scared. Don’t worry, it’s just someone else. She didn’t do anything today. As you get closer to the crowd, anxiety builds up inside you. Soon, it becomes apparent that they were crowded outside your apartment building. Oh god, what did she do. You get closer to see your apartment buried in a thick layer of smoke, forcing everybody to evacuate the building.

That’s it. That was the final straw. Every feeling of anxiety and fear has been replaced with rage. You scan the area and the crowd to find her distinct rabbit ears. You move past the crowds, searching the entire area until you find her. There she is, sitting behind a car hiding her face. You no longer cared about playing her game anymore; this went too far, and you wanted to let her know that. “What. Did. You. Do?” you ask with slow but furious tone. She doesn’t respond, so you pull her up to see her crying and sobbing. “What did you do to my home?” you ask her again, making sure to look directly at her eyes.

“Pekora. *sniff* Peko. I-I *sniff* I’m sorry!” she cries out, dropping her usual manner of speaking. “I…I just wanted you to talk..to me, but I was. a-afraid. I wanted you to look at me, even if you were mad at me, but, but, but, you never wanted to see me. You never liked me.” She breaks down into further tears and hides herself in your chest.
Part of you wants to scold her further and yell at her more, she did go as far as to find your home and ruin it. But still, if what she is saying is true, you would be partially at blame (not by a lot). This could’ve been stopped if you confronted her and told her off, but due to stubbornness from both sides, it ended up like this, and except for today, you never hated Pekora herself. She was chaotic at the office, but it wasn’t really a boring day without her. She was an entertainer for her audience and for her colleagues. You hold her and pet her head for a moment to comfort her. “If you wanted to talk to me, you could’ve just asked,” you calmly tell her, letting go of your anger. Pekora wraps her arms around you and slowly calms herself down.

She looks up at you, some of her tears wiped off on your shirt. “I was afraid…That you didn’t like Pekora. Do you hate Pekora?”

You briefly consider what to say to her. “No, I don’t hate you. You cause a mess for me and everyone at the office, but still, you’re a good girl even if this is all your fault.”
Her ears perk back up, “Really-Peko?” She jumps on you, hugging you tighter. “Then, do you like Pekora?” She looks back at you in anticipation of your answer.
You take an even longer moment to consider what to tell her, but ultimately, you figure it would be best to cheer her up now. “I guess. I kind of enjoyed having you around,” you hesitantly answer her. Upon hearing your response Pekora’s teary face turns into a wide smile, enough to make you feel warm inside. She proudly gets up and tells herself, “Heh, heh, heh, nobody can resist Pekora’s charm after all!”

You can’t help but return the smile, but still, it doesn’t help the much bigger issue of your home. You let go of her and look through your phone’s contact list, “Well, guess I have to stay with a friend for a while.” Hearing this makes Pekora excited. Her eye shines with enthusiasm, “Wait! You can stay with Pekora! Mama wouldn’t mind. She can make a room for you-peko! Pekora will even share her clothes with you for tonight!”

This sounds like a dangerous idea. This girl has been messing with you for weeks at the office; you can’t imagine what headaches she would pull if you two lived with her. But still, it seems like she learned her lesson, and she was offering a place to stay. Not like you had many options left. “Um, sure, alright, just, no more pranks atleast when we’re home, okay?”

“Eh, really? Don’t worry! Mama will treat you nicely!” she happily agrees. Immediately, she tugs on your arm to take you to her house, forgetting the mess she turned your apartment into. Still, it has been a been a long night, so you follow her back to the street. Hopefully, this won’t lead to any rumors at the company.

>> No.2023893

Forgot to poste my pastebin link

>> No.2024091
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Thank you Anon

>> No.2024179

I love this cute onion. Thanks man.

>> No.2024346

This is so sweet I am almost getting diabetes and i dont even watch aqua

>> No.2024425

A fire is a bit much. The reactions are too light
But thanks for the peko-story

>> No.2024470

So will this lead to oyakodon or playing a sexual prank on pekora?

>> No.2024700

Breeding the rabbit in front of her mom prank

>> No.2024855

I would've liked to see a more drawn out, explosive confrontation over everything you've known and loved being torched in a prank-gone-sexual, but ultimately I like the story. Thanks for your work, anon

>> No.2027753

Had an idea for a Melody fic where you just happened to recognise her irl through voice and inflexion (something she can't conceal despite her advanced algorithms allowing her to change appearance at will) only to be drugged by her and kidnapped to be used as a fuck slave/punching bag/cuddle buddy in a very (un)healthy relationship, and slowly getting broken as she imposes increasingly fucked fetishes on you. A balance of fluff and total depravity. Might give it a go once I'm out of the bath, so I'll see you all then, lads.

>> No.2028251

Cool, I'll wait for it

>> No.2028439

God speed.

>> No.2028901

A quick question for all of you here, is there any shotacon and lolicon other than Suisei and Matsuri in Hololive?

>> No.2029019

At least one or two are undeclared cons. I would expect one of the older holos, like Korone, Okayu or Marine.
>okayu mommydom
>korone psychilogically abuses you
>marine forces you into extreme perversion; whores you out to other holos and women for cheap

>> No.2029032

Could play up Calli's love of 'shorties' for it, despite her saying 'no no no'

>> No.2029091

I just want Calli to sexually abuse 1o y/o me and use her streaming money to bribe me into staying before totally breaking me. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.2031644
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I actually like how this thread allows me to release my inner gosling rather than keeping ti bottled up

>> No.2032502

fuck you, I get it

>> No.2035834

The latter is actually a much better idea than what I was thinking of. I was going to drop little hints that she was already taking a liking to you during your orientation and training, so that would probably make a big difference.

>> No.2036784

>will never survive penis inspection day at the cover offices only to be ambushed on the way home by the women you outsmarted

>> No.2038769
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god just imagine the "art lessons"
sitting on her lap while drawing, with her gently guiding you, whispering in your ears, holding your hand, and then fondling your body

>> No.2039380

Breeding pekomama in front of the rabbit, followed by pekora stream breakdown over her mom having more sex appeal than her.

>> No.2039972
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Continuation of Manager-san/Aqua Shorts >>2023647

You were standing in front of the largest amusement parks in the area, a certain shivering onion hugging your arm intensely as you awaited for your tickets to be printed. You blushed as you felt a certain part of her pressing up against you, similar to a feeling when she used you as a makeshift body pillow during her improv sleepover at your apartment. Ever since that little scandal, Aqua had been a lot more open with you and was more adamant about spending time with you. You obliged her requests as you felt yourself growing closer to your dorky idol through all her stupid antics and ‘baqua’ moments. Today she not only wanted to do that, she also wanted to test her mental fortitude by riding the biggest rides at the amusement park. However, her trembling legs and nearly teared up face told a different story. You asked her again if she wanted to go through with this, saying that she could back out at any time.

“N-No! I want to go through with this… and since you're here… I feel I can do it!” squeaked the idol as she squeezed you tighter. As you got your tickets, the booth attendant gave you a small wink and a thumbs up as you walked away. You felt your face flare up as Aqua continued to cling to you. He had the wrong idea! There was no way you could be dating an idol as cute as Aqua! Though you guess with the position you two were in right now, it was easy to assume that you were dating. You shook your head of these thoughts as you gave your tickets to the attendant at the entrance and you both made your way into the amusement park. Turning your head to the girl, you asked her which of the rides you wanted to start on.

She timidly reached out and pointed to the least likely option. The one ride that you weren’t even sure she was allowed to ride on. The main attraction of the park, the ‘Ultimate TwisTx’, a ride that even you weren’t sure you yourself wanted to go on. You gave her a look of doubt as you asked if she REALLY wanted to go on that ride. Aqua cutely pouted at you as she gave a nod of affirmation. You sighed and agreed to go on the ride with her. But you knew that because it was with Aqua, anything could happen.

The two of you moved your way through the crowds and managed to get in the long line for the ride. When it was your turn to go up to take your seats, the ride assistant made Aqua be measured to make sure she was allowed to ride. Her face was entirely flushed red as the pout she had turned into a scowl and she harshly glared at the attendant. By some miracle of luck, however, she was actually just barely tall enough to ride. She gave a ‘hmph!’ as she walked away from the attendant and took her place by your side again.

>> No.2039998
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The two of you got onto the ride cars, and by some luck or misfortune, it was the front two seats. The two of you took your seats and were strapped into the ride by a harness and awaited for it to begin. Despite her cool exterior, you could see her arms and legs shaking and she was looking towards the floor of the car with fear on her face. Seeing her terrified state, you tried to see if you could calm her down. You reached over and enveloped Aqua’s hand with your own and intertwined your fingers with hers. She let out a small gasp as you tightly grasped her hand and gave her a reassuring smile. Aqua was completely blushed but through it she gave you a warm smile in response.

At that moment the ride began to move forward. And all hell seemingly broke loose as even before the first dip, Aqua was already screaming loudly. When you reached the apex, just before the ride began its descent, you felt your stomach churn. The ride dropped like a rock as it went downwards, both you, Aqua and everyone else on the rides screaming as you twisted and turned through the rest of the ride. But through it all, you kept your hand intertwined with the onion-haired girl. As the ride came to a stop and you all slowly wobbled out of your cars, you helped support Aqua as it seemed she was about to faint. You walked away from the ride and got her a Red Bull at one of the nearby stalls, stopping at one of the free benches and taking a few minutes to catch your breath.

“M-Maybe… that wasn't... the smartest idea…” the girl mumbled, still in a daze from the extreme ride. You could tell that she wasn’t in any condition to go on rides anytime soon. You decided to go through all the other parts of the amusement park, watching some live singing shows and even playing arcade and prize games. In the shooting game, you actually were able to win a large cat plushie, which you promptly gave to Aqua. She begrudgingly accepted the toy that almost was bigger than her and held it close to her body for the rest of the trip.

>> No.2040015
File: 351 KB, 855x1200, AquaLove.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“T-Theres… There's one more ride… I want to go on…” she sheepishly said while holding the plushie. With a shaky hand she pointed to a nearby ride. When you saw it, your eyes widened and your breathing hitched. It was the Tunnel of Love. Your mind blanked. W-Why would she want to go there?

“I...I just want to end the day off... on an easy ride…” she nervously said. Yes. That must’ve been the reason. There was no way she could… actually… No. You shook your mind. You were her manager. There was no way she could actually like you. You were likely overthinking it. Aqua and you entered the building and got into one of the dove boats and it began to drift through the building filled with art of hearts and love. Neither of you said a world as you drifted through the tunnel, the only sound being the splashing water under your boat. But during this, she leaned over and pressed her body against yours and you saw an expression of peace on her face, the exact opposite from earlier that day. Something about that look on her face filled you with unbridled happiness and fulfillment. It was on that day during the amusement park trip, at that moment, that you learned another thing about her....

...That Minato Aqua was someone special to you.

>>1988738 There's your hand holding you filthy degenerate
Wow that was fun to write but damn that was that long. Hope y’all enjoyed. Might take a small break from writing Aqua/Manager-san and do some more fluff for other chuubas https://pastebin.com/eZXuViuf

>> No.2040173

Absolutely precious. I don't even watch Aqua and I'm in love with this series.

>> No.2040330

You are gifted, anon-san, thank you for posting

>> No.2042893

How can one anon be so based to write not one but three diabetes inducing fluff-fests?

>> No.2044804


That was me! Keep up the great work, I love this fluffy shit.

>> No.2047050
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Glad you all enjoyed, been fun writing these fluff pieces

>> No.2049756

imagine Korone learning english just so she can threaten you

>> No.2050585

>We'll be better than them.
That's what they all say. You ARE just like your father.

>> No.2051086

>Tunnel of love sequence happened
Thank you, man. These stories are great.

>> No.2055111
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Anyone got any Polka ideas? I'm writing a fluff about her but I want to know if anyone had other prompts I could work on

>> No.2055514

Being a caring boyfriend/husband and helping her unwind after a hard day at the circus, with massages, cuddles, etc.
Or if you're willing to write something a bit different, more menhera Polka is always welcome. Could be something like her being depressed and low energy one day and needing constant affection, so she clings to you all day and has constant puppy eyes while saying teeth-rotting stuff to you so you reciprocate with even more fluff.

>> No.2055825
File: 324 KB, 960x960, PekoStonks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That second one is actually the idea I was going with, good to see there's interest in it

>> No.2055966

Menhera/yandere works will always be appreciated around here.

>> No.2056205

The writing thread is the evolution of menhera/yandere/abusive stuff in general, even if there's a cute twist to it. Few will complain.

>> No.2056405

is there much in the bloodplay section? i enjoy bloodplay immensely, be it fem sub or fem dom. i just like a loving vanilla angle on the whole thing, light brown leather straps and/or strategic love bites/cuts in the middle of passionate sex. or recovering from wounds with bloody bandages sick and most limp in bed.

>> No.2056622

Someone give me a plot involving a chuuba and I'll shit out a 6/10 fic

>> No.2056647

There's Hematolagnia in the OP Pastebin which sort of touches on it (more like you get addicted to Mel drinking your blood). I wanted to write more bloodplay stuff but it's such a niche thing I didn't want to dump it in the thread. Lion's Den also featured Botan nibbling on you a bit to the point of drawing blood.

>> No.2056715

i wish it was less niche.
any virgin in the world can head to the local bloodbank for a cute kind girl to draw his blood. do the world a service and get a massive dopamine rush as well as that odd to describe leisurely feeling of weakness.

>> No.2057154

Towa trying to get your attention by commiting petty, evil acts but accidentally performing good acts instead. Bonus points if you DO notice her because of her (unintentional) good actions, elading to much embarassment on her part.

>> No.2058622

so i found a Kigurumi mask on an online store of Korone and it got me thinking
i think a story where (you) get mind broken and forced to wear a costume to look like a chubas desired loved one (korone breaking you and making you dress as okayu or Kiara making you become Cali, you get the idea) for intimate purposes.

>> No.2058723
File: 1.32 MB, 2508x3541, 1615170107621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One thing I kinda love about Polka is how she flips from high-energy to low-energy.
I know its normal for streamers but it feels like such a drastic shift, seeing her go from really loud and aggressive to more quiet and contemplative.

I just wanna see that aspect portrayed in some way. Her suddenly bursting with energy that completely overwhelms you, and then just as quickly getting into a low mood and just wanting to lie in bed all day.
Probably works better as a comfy fic than abusive.

>> No.2058774

Reine clicking her tongue at you and giving you a gaze of pure contempt but you don't know what you did wrong. And this continues until you break down and ask what you did wrong and how could she forgive you.

>> No.2059142

Yandere-lite Polka. Less “locking you in the basement” and more getting clingy and feeling self-conscious when she sees you interact with other girls. And being reassured that nobody could ever take you away from her.

>> No.2060263

Seconding both of these.

>> No.2061808

Gura teasing you about how much stronger she is than you due to being half shark despite how small she is

>> No.2061875

>short girls beating me up
The only bad part of being 6 foot is that this will never happen

>> No.2061925 [DELETED] 

You forget your testicles could be smacked with a hammer

>> No.2062668
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A fic where you corrupt a holo to suit your own fetishes and become your personal whore

>> No.2064465

More beating up holos after being teased too much please. Maybe with horny stuff at the end if you want.

>> No.2064544

Corrupting okayu

>> No.2064634

Loving these stories, Anon. It's good to see fluff once in a while and there's no better option than Aqua

>> No.2064700

God tier voice acting as always.

>> No.2064747

>voice acting

>> No.2066901

Some of the girls from holoID and their friends stumbled across this thread and the abuse thread and VA stories sometimes.

>> No.2066903

this stuff is really bad for my heart, good job

>> No.2066920

Don't put that evil thought into the cosmos, Anon. You don't want someone to make it real.

>> No.2066968


>> No.2067147

Oh yes I do. Oh yes I *really* do.

>> No.2067518
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>Resident tree rrat finds this thread
>Show's a bunch of the girls all the stories we've written
>Couple of them do readings of those stories live on stream
>Hundreds of angry neckbeard NEETS invade the board and lynch the writer-anons

>> No.2067534

There's a reason one of the archive pastes has 'Please don't lynch us' in the description field

>> No.2067690

Am considering writing a story from the perspective of anon's childhood friend who had a crush on him from middle school days, but

>> No.2067841

Do you mean the chuuba is the childhood friend? That'd be an interesting perspective

>> No.2067906

Was thinking doing either that or a normal childhood friend's confession getting interrupted by a cute girl with a strange hair color calling out to anon.

>> No.2068008

I'd go with the former cause the 2nd option sounds a lot like ntr

>> No.2068630
File: 182 KB, 1200x1120, ExwuM50WgAIvWjC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't stop thinking about the tomboy police raping a forced confession out of me

>> No.2068710

>Will never be subjected to a 'controversial interrogation technique' which is just Subaru having her way with you for hours at a time until you confess to something you didn't actually do, only to be sentenced to be Subaru's personal plaything

>> No.2069047

I certainly hope they wouldn't actually use their cover accounts

>> No.2069619

Pls someone make this

>> No.2071152

Is it just Subaru or is there a force?

>> No.2073265

I'm in favor of both of these.

>> No.2075888

It's been about 3 months since you started at Cover Corp, just doing generic grunt work, setting up PCs, dealing with support requests. That kind of boring shit, but the wage is decent and the parade of otherworldly girls is quite the advantage. It's getting late but the latest 4th gen offcollab isn't quite set up yet so you decide to take a quick break and then pull an all nighter. You walk down to the canteen and shove a couple coins in the vendie, and press the button for orange soda. A can of lemon-lime drops out the bottom. Whatever, the janitor probably just loaded it in the wrong place, you suspect he has something against you as this keeps happening.
Taking a seat at one of the benches you whip out your phone and are idly passing time. A shiver goes down your spine and you feel a presence move past you. Looking about you see nothing, but are sure something was there. Shaking off the feeling you open your can of grape soda, and it sprays all over you. Wait, grape? You were sure the machine gave you lemon-lime. You shake it off as being overworked, and resolve that, fuck it, you'll deal with this tomorrow, walking out the office you're certain you can hear a low laugh, but write it off as overwork as well.
Getting a taxi home (which runs a red light, narrowly avoiding being rear ended by a truck) you arrive back at your apartment. You're in the door for less than a minute when the doorbell rings. Opening the door you meet a pizza boy, "pepeloni passion for anon?" he asks. "uuuuh sure pal, what do I owe you?" you respond. "nothing, already paid online".
Shrugging off the coincidence you accept the "pepeloni" passion and flop down on your couch, ready to watch some crap. What the hell, your couch is way, way softer than usual, you're sinking in like quicksand. It's actually incredibly comfortable, and after a few slices of pepeloni you're already fast asleep.
sorry I have no idea where I'm going with this somone else feel free to make it good

>> No.2076959
File: 72 KB, 565x578, d111b9b48eb7aee732289cfaa0e6990c4fbb022532f403564e15dbc9743309c9_1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn be raped by a coked out tomboy from the states intelligence agency
make it happen god please WHY I HATE IT

>> No.2079181

>ywn wake up as Towa finishes tucking you in with an itchy blanket that, due to a manufacturing mistake, is actually not itchy at all

>> No.2083878

Have an idea I could work with involving several agents of the CPD letting Subaru 'interrogate' you for hours on end as you slip in and out of coherency after the first four back-to-back orgasms, sometimes making out different people working to keep you hard (Fubuki, Marine, etc).

>> No.2083966

Absolutely brilliant. I've been thinking of a sort of Room 101-style scenario, where you probably didn't even commit the crime in the first place - they're just trying to extract a confession from *someone*, or maybe even looking for an excuse to let their sexual frustrations out.

>> No.2084064
File: 47 KB, 720x720, 397a2c9af77ed8987f308c5f533d5287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was absolutely no crime to begin with, (You) just happened to be someone they all thought was pretty cute and it was all the impetus they needed. Doesn't help that the police chief (who is also the Judge, for some reason) is corrupt.

>> No.2084193
File: 682 KB, 1024x576, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2084275

Still hard at work on my Botan fic. There's something strangely satisfying about being shot and having a woman fuss over your wounds, trying to do everything she can to keep you from bleeding out while she also fights against her predatory instincts and stops herself from going feral at the scent of your blood.

>> No.2084610
File: 3.51 MB, 2485x1776, PolkaBed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even though we hit the bump limit I'll post this
>Small Polka Fluff

It was a warm Saturday afternoon as you laid on the couch as held a certain fennec fox who cowered in your arms. Omaru Polka had been self conscious about everything in her life. About her looks, her weight, her YouTube subscriber count and everything in between. This in turn drained on her everyday. She was always producing content, always making new videos and putting out new song covers to drive more growth. But even so, it had always been too moderate for her to find acceptable. This lack of high growth and comments by many people about her would lead to her to be in a constant state of depression. No matter what you said, about how hardworking or pretty she was, she would still berate herself for her self-imposed ‘failures’. Because of these, whenever something didn’t go her way, it ended with you comforting the poor girl as she vented about the stress in her life.

“I’m such an idiot… guess why I dress up like a clown, huh?” mumbled Polka as she sobbed into your chest. You rubbed your hand up and down her back, reassuring her that it was because she was genuinely funny and made people happy everyday. Polka shook her head and looked up at you with teary eyes as you continued to hold her in your arms.

“You're just saying that to get me off of you… I bet you got your eyes on another girl… I saw you looking at Lamy last week during our off-collab…” accused the fennec as a look of anger flashed across her face. You mentally sighed. You didn’t know why she acted like this. Despite being your girlfriend, she would always accuse you of infidelity. It was of course wrong. You assured her of this as you reached up with one hand and rubbed one her large fox ears.

“Really?! That’s good!” suddenly yelled Polka as she basically jumped off you and did a twirl as she landed on the floor with her back turned to you. She twisted her body around and did a wacky pose as she flashed you a grin. You could only smile at the girl's antics as she let out a giggle. This was the other part of Polka that you loved. The energetic, fun loving clown that would play one of her wide assortment of instruments at an impulse. You walked up to her and wiped the remaining tear streaks from her face and gave her a quick peck on the lips. After hugging her again, you told her once again that she was the only one for you, and that would always be true.

“You idiot… I get it, I love you too, you stupid dork,” mumbled Polka as a blush formed on her face and she pouted. You held her close for a while before you let her go and retreated to her room to get back to her Hololive work. You knew that something would set her off on her depressive mood. But you would always be there for her. No matter how many nasty words she would throw at you are how much she would berate herself, you would be there to be a shoulder to cry on. Because Polka, despite all her flaws and imperfections, was a beautiful girl who you loved more than anything in the world.

Small Polka fluff as I work on Aqua/Manager-san Series https://pastebin.com/yBAD19ud

>> No.2084652
File: 98 KB, 600x350, 1615405215452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking forward to it.
>Polka fluff

>> No.2084810
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Ignore that pastebin I noticed a spelling error https://pastebin.com/qehCi3Fu[/spoiler[

>> No.2085975

I hope people like it. It's already 5 pages long and she hasn't even fucked (You) yet. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself when I write.

>> No.2087679
File: 33 KB, 617x632, FB_IMG_1604324334406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This hurts so much, thanks You for writing it

>> No.2087727

Nice, we're here for that love that No one Will ever give us

>> No.2088021

First page and a half is setup for the story. It's not super crazy, but I always get worried that I over-explain stuff.

>> No.2088320
File: 166 KB, 1115x1500, __ookami_mio_hololive_drawn_by_nejime__198af24cce26962d2d9e19aba5b8f303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As another write anon, I feel ya. I just go by the idea of "show-dont-tell", and if you need to show, make it as small as possible and make it flow nice. When your story has bad flow, it doesn't read as well

>> No.2088534
File: 593 KB, 850x1200, Duck Dredd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're roughly shoved into the room as you stagger, nearly falling over as you look back in fear. You aren't sure what you did to end up in this situation, but that doesn't matter. All that matters now is that you were 'arrested' by the 'peacekeepers of Cover', the CPD. With your hands cuffed behind your back and the door blocked, you're trapped like a rat. Officer Marine cracks her knuckles somewhat menacingly, flanked by Officer Subaru, who dons a dark pair of reflective aviators. The two part as Chief Luna enters the room, glaring at you with contempt.

"This the worm responsible?" She all but spits, devoid of all the sugary sweetness you'd expect out of a candy princess.
"Yes ma'am," Marine responds...shaking her hand slightly, seemingly not enjoying the sensation of having her knuckles cracked as she winces. "We apprehended him at the copy room. You know what they say about criminals..."
"They always return to the scene," Subaru finishes, crossing her arms. Her expression is hard to read through the glasses. You imagine she feels cool saying that.
"Please," You begin, unsteadily bringing yourself back to balance. "I just got here, I don't know what you're talking about--"
"Don't play dumb!" Subaru yells, cutting you off as she starts to scowl, accusingly stabbing a finger in your direction. "We've got you on cams, punk! We all know what you did, so just confess so we can get this over with."
"What are you talking about?! I didn't do anything!" You plead. Something about the phrase 'got you on cams' makes you nervous, but you *literally* did nothing wrong. Maybe you took too long in the bathroom? You aren't sure. Luna clears her throat.
"It seems to be that our criminal in question won't be cooperating. I think we should try out that new interrogation technique Choco mentioned..."
"I-Interrogation!?" You bark out, stomach starting to sour.
"Ah, good idea, Hime-sa-Chief!" Subaru catches herself, face unflinching. Real smooth.
"Then, who should be the one...? Me, or Subaru?" Marine asks, giving you a look out of the corner of her eye. You see the faintest of smirks at the edges of her lips as your heart races. This isn't happening...
"Mmm...Subaru. Her zeal is commendable. But you'll both have turns. First...restrain him."
"Aw...yes, Chief..." Marine replies listlessly, making her way over to you. "Alright, you. On the chair."

You back yourself away from the approaching women, ears starting to ring as your adrenaline picks up. Your heel collides with something, causing you to stagger, and the pair take the initiative, rushing you down. With surprising force, you're knocked on to your ass - onto a chair, which you surmise you must've backed into - as Marine holds you down from behind, grasping you down by your knees despite your terrified thrashing. At least they aren't shooting you. Subaru slips in, moving to assist her partner...while she starts to undo your belt. You stare, dumbfounded, for but a moment.

"HEY! HANDS OFF! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" You yell out, fighting back against the duo as Luna watches on with interest, arms crossed behind her back. Subaru ignores you as she proceeds to disrobe you, exposing your groin with a grin. Your heart shoots into your throat as your stomach drops like a rock. What's going on!?

"Look, we all know you did it," Subaru begins, lightly rubbing her fingers over your cock, causing you to twitch uncomfortably in your chair. This situation is the opposite of sexy! "So just own up to it. Be a man!"
"B-But I really, really didn't do anything! I don't even know what you're all talking about!"

Subaru tuts in response, bringing her hand up to her face. With her other hand, she tugs down on the front of her aviators, staring up at you as she sticks her tongue out, dragging it up her palm with an almost agonizing lack of speed, thoroughly coating it in her saliva. Satisfied it's enough, she grins up to you once more...grasping your cock with her wet hand in the process, stroking and squeezing it softly. Your body begins to react to her touch as you wrestle against the restraints. With your pants off, Marine moves swiftly, duct taping your legs to the chair.

"You can't break those cuffs," Marine jokingly mutters, watching your hardening cock with interest. "Sure, you're a lying scumbag, but at least some part of you is honest, isn't it?"
"Shut up, this...this is..." You attempt to retort, stopping when Subaru gives your dick a squeeze. Not too hard, but just enough to get your attention. A sense of shame washes over you when you realize just how quickly the officer brought you to a fully erect state...with an audience, no less.

>> No.2088576

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably trim the fat a little and make it less exposition-y once I finish the overall story.

They're getting close to fucking!

>> No.2088603
File: 290 KB, 900x900, Who is funding this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"The only thing I want to hear out of you is a confession, Mister," She mutters, hand roughly starting to pump your cock as she kneels before you, looking up at you through the reflective lenses. The pace is rough, her fingers squeeze you to an almost painful degree...but the spit on her hand keeps it moving gracefully. Leaning over, she sticks her tongue out teasingly, licking the head of your cock while drooling over it. "So get talking."
"I--" You gasp, hips starting to buck as Marine continues to hold your thighs down, the Pirate licking her lips as she watches you twitch and twinge. You start to flush as you notice Luna leaning in a bit closer, vying for a better look. "I didn't...do anything!! Is this about the extra five minutes on lunch?! I'm sorry, I got distracted!"
"Wrong answer," Subaru grins, stroking your cock faster. She brings her other hand under you, teasingly rubbing and massaging your balls as you eagerly twinge in response to her touch, precum leaking from the head of your member and mixing with Subaru's saliva. You won't last much longer! "Last chance...I can tell I'm close to getting SOMETHING out of you. Are you gonna try and save face? Or are you going to keep this act up? We've got all day."

"I'm innocent! I-I don't care what you say, I did nothing wrong!" You growl out, still trying to stay strong. Before, you would've claimed any heretical power necessary to do something with one of the idols, but not like this! Especially not while you're being watched! Luna takes a step closer as she watches with an amazed expression. As Subaru smiles up to you though, you have the horrifying realization you played directly into her hands. The tomboy doubles down on her efforts, twisting her hand around your shaft gracefully as she gropes your balls with the other, watching you twitch and writhe with great pleasure as the pressure builds within your body. Sure enough, after a minute more of the stimulation, you relent, shooting thick ropes of cum onto Subaru's hands as Marine lets out a soft groan, grinding her legs together. Subaru doesn't let up until she's convinced she's got everything she could out of you, her hands slowing as she wrings your spent cock teasingly.

"That's one...feeling more talkative yet?" She inquires, letting go of your penis. She brings her hand up to her once more, looking inquisitively at the semen...before sending her tongue out, cleaning herself off nonchalantly. Something in your brain burns.
"I stand by what I said," You pant, trying to recollect yourself as you lean back into the chair, a bit of drool hanging at the edge of your mouth. Marine sensually massages your twitching legs as she huffs into your ear, causing you to shiver from the sensation. That was the hardest you've came in years. "I didn't do shit..."
"Then, we're moving on to the next stage!" Subaru cheerfully declares, bringing herself off her knees. Humming softly, the officer undoes the belt securing her uniform pants as you jolt, sitting back up. Licking her lips as she makes sure you're watching, the duck gives her hips a little wiggle, working her way out of the blue trousers. The familiar black panties, the bare edges of which you can see in her normal clothes, greet you. Taking a step towards you, she turns...sitting on your lap, facing away from you. Almost immediately, she begins to press down upon your half-hard cock, painfully waking it back up as she grinds her ass against you. If it weren't for the threat of incarceration for a crime you didn't commit, you'd be in heaven right now.

Wordlessly, Subaru begins to hum, working her ass against your lap as she sits upon you, causing you to finally let out something like a moan. Luna gains an uneasy smirk, cheeks a bit more rosy than normal. With your dick back at full-mast despite cumming so soon, you huff and hunker down, trying to outlast Subaru's movements.

"S-Subaru," Marine mutters from behind you. You hear a wet sound... "Thighs. Use your thighs. That'll really get it out of him."
"Oh? My thighs? Like this?" Subaru mutters, opening her legs a bit. She slides up enough so that your cock pokes through her legs, and as soon as it does, she closes them right back around you, the warmth and pressure from both sides causing you to let out a grunt. You can feel Subaru's grin even if you can't see her face. "Ohh, I see! Good idea, Senchou!"

With renewed determination, Subaru raises and drops her hips atop you, squeezing your dick with her thighs as she wiggles them carefully, forcing you into entirely-too-effective intercrural sex with her. The idol begins to pant, heaving for breath between giggles as she holds herself up on you, fucking your dick between her thighs. Marine leans in behind you.

>> No.2088645
File: 602 KB, 615x533, Isn't this illegal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Doesn't it feel good?" She whispers, the wet sound behind her growing louder as she whimpers into your ear. You can feel yourself get harder in response. "Keep saying you didn't do anything. It'll only get better and better. Be a good boy."
"Gonna admit to it now, punk?" Subaru huffs, slamming her waist down upon you over and over. The familiar pressure starts to build. "Come on, let it out! Say what you did! Let it out!"

Spurred on by both Subaru's movements and her accidentally(?) urging you to cum, you comply, cumming once more. Luna lets out a noise of surprise as you melt back further into your seat, gasping for air while your assailant laughs atop you, pleased as can be as she claims her second win over you. After a moment more, she stops, resting atop you, still keeping you between her legs.

"Last chance," She mutters happily, looking back at you over her shoulder. "You did it. Right?"
"No," You mutter in response. Marine quietly goes 'YES!' behind you. "I-I..."

Subaru doesn't bother letting you finish. Lifting her waist once more, she tucks her panties to the side, just enough to expose herself...before she crudely crams your wet, half-erect dick into her. The stimulation hurts, you just came! You need time to rest, refractory periods exist! Groaning out in agony, Subaru lets out a soft sound of pleasure while she shudders...not giving you a break as she proceeds to ride you with great force, nearly getting a scream out of you. Pain and pleasure mix around as your aching groin demands a break, but Subaru doesn't care, enjoying herself as she spreads her legs a bit, Luna watching intently as she's given a clear view of your cock vanishing into woman over and over again.

"Good boy, good boy," Marine continues to huff into your ear...now leaning in and biting it softly. "C-Cum in her, then me, then..."
"S-Subaru, please! It hurts! I can't keep-"
"Shut up! I'm only taking confessions after this, now," She yells out, one hand groping at her breast as the other rubs between her legs, riding you roughly. "M-Making me do this in front of the Chief, you're the worst! Now be quiet!"

Your hips begin to buck once more, brain signalling that even through the pain, orgasm is rapidly approaching. Luna awkwardly gropes herself through her clothing as she stares on at the scene. Too much happening all at once. You groan out in defeat. Subaru lets out a gleeful moan as you cum inside of her, Marine doing the same thing as Luna fondles herself, cheeks bright red. Your brain starts to slip and melt. "R-Ready to confess now?" Subaru mutters. Pain mixes with the endorphins within your body. You find it hard to talk. "No? Then that's fine, now let's continue on!"

Your coherency starts to break down as the assault wears on, minutes stretching into hours. Everything seems to run together. You blink. Marine cums for the third time in a row as your dick aches, the pirate shouting out phrases of encouragement as she squirts. You blink once more. Choco scolds the trio as she holds an empty syringe in her hand, saying something about 'wearing him thin' and 'blacking out'. Your arm hurts...but your cock throbs, seemingly fully erect despite the exhaustion and overuse, causing you to groan in confusion. The nurse looks back to you with a wicked smile. You blink. Fubuki encourages Luna, who awkwardly laps at your dick, looking up to you nervously. You shiver, erupting over the poor girl's face. She looks simultaneously horrified and awestruck. You blink.

"C-Come on, already," Subaru pants, seemingly finally exhausted. Tiredly, you look around the room. Marine lies face down in a corner, cum pouring out of her pussy as she twitches. Luna sits at a desk, incredibly embarrassed, as Fubuki rubs her shoulder, telling her she did fine. The duck's aviators are askew. "Just own up to it..."
"Fine," You reply, throat dry. You've not had anything to drink this entire time. If it gets you out of this situation, you'll say it. "I did it. I don't care. No more, please..."
"Still holding out!? How much- Eh? Wait. Eh?! Luna! Luna, he said he did it!" Subaru stammers, shakily standing up. The jelly legs she possesses, however, fail her as she falls back to the ground with an 'oomph'.
"Oh? He finally confessed?" Luna straightens up, taking back on her serious persona. If you weren't in such groin-based pain, you'd almost find it cute.

>> No.2088720
File: 276 KB, 1416x2006, This is the closest thing to a Cop Uniform I could find for Luna okay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Thank goodness. You two worked so hard. Subaru, Marine, thank you." Marine gives a thumbs up despite being face down. "As for you," She turns, still trying to act tough, "As police chief and judge--"
"Wait, you're a judge?" You reply, expression deadening further. You don't care at this point.
"Yes, don't interrupt! Ahem...I hereby sentence you...to one hundred years of community service!"
"...What?" You ask, having trouble keeping your eyes open. Your head hurts. "That's literally impossible."
"Too bad! Your service begins...now!" The girl happily cheers, sitting on your lap. Your dick immediately screams out in protest as you wince. "Your service will be to us, of course. You'll be our stress relief tool. Doesn't that sound fun?"
"...C-Can I please have a break and some water?" You ask, exhausted. You don't want to cum anymore. You physically don't think you can. You aren't even that phased by the idea that you're going to be used as a dildo. You kind of got used to that these past...five hours, if the clock is right.
"Mmm...fine, fine. We can't overwork you, that'd be illegal!"

You stare the smiling princess with such a look of confusion and contempt it's probably audible.

There. Wanted to get that out before the thread ended. Feels a bit rushed. Probably because it is. If I fucked up anything I'll pass blame off on the fever. Hope you enjoy it.

>> No.2088773

If Polka could read english and ever read all the stories that have been made about her in these threads, how would she react? Would she be disgusted and creeped out or happy that her fans are as crazy about her as she is about them?

>> No.2088830
File: 274 KB, 608x608, VERYDANGEROUSU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cursed Artist
Good work anon, I enjoyed it. Thighjobs are seriously underrated

>> No.2089044
File: 454 KB, 899x1403, polka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd imagine she'd be pretty happy to know that there are fans of her who willingly to put time and effort into writing fiction about her
But at least probably a bit creeped out. I mean, what if someone started writing fanfiction of you and posted it on the internet? Especially if its one of the original abuse stories or super-NFSW ones

>> No.2089093

Fuck that lion, Anon! Fuck 'er good! Can't wait.
The idea of Polka reading anything I wrote about her fills me with fear. I love the clown but she shouldn't be subjected to that autism.

>> No.2089146

Considering (You) have been shot multiple times at this point and she's treating your wounds, Botan is going to take her rightful place on top.

But it's totally just to distract her from the bloodlust.


>> No.2089816

Maybe I'm an autist, but this story didn't make me feel anything but contempt. Like if I were in his shoes I'd be booking the earliest flight out of the country I could, and /or resorting to fisticuffs as soon as I had the chance.
Objectively well written, but didn't do anything for me.

>> No.2091543

Eager to read the whole thread tomorrow, i can already tell that thier are some good stories in this thread.

Thanks to all the writer anons who put thier own time writing fanfics to entertain us.

>> No.2092506

Damn, after reading all of that my dick hurts and I have the need to drink water.
Good shit anon.

>> No.2093416

God I wish that was me

>> No.2093969

I know the other anon suggested this story but it just feels very...off. Maybe because it's Subaru who I can't picture in any alternate universe doing something like this.

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