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>In rural Austria, [apples soaked in armpit sweat] are the way to a lover's heart. Young women do a ritual dance with apple slices lodged in their armpits. After the dance, each gives her slice to the man of her choice, and he then eats it.
You would accept her apple slice, wouldn't you, Anon?

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What does the dance look like?

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Not even based survival mom approved this practice though, and Kiara didn't know about it.
No chicken sweat for you anon, sorry.
>White race

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I have an odd feeling that this practice hasn't been followed for at least 5 centuries

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This sounds like a lie but I don't know enough about Austria to disprove it.

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>and Kiara didn't know about it.
wait, did she actually comment about this on stream?

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can I just have a vial of the armpit juices instead?

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Someone sent her a SC about it, and Kiara was chatting with Kiara mama while that happened, so Kiara mama reacted to that with a puke emoji, while Kiara was just confused about it.

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> it's real
wtf (at least according to one random website)

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>You would accept her apple slice, wouldn't you, Anon?
Theres no way I'll eat any apple slices thats soaked in this chiken's armpits.. haha..

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mfw its actually fucking true

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>awful clickbait sites claim its true

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Holy shit i thought you were joking so i search it up then it was frickin true, why kiara is so gross

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Nigga read the rest of the thread

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Absolutely not

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hello, matthew

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I don't date bi girls

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All women are bi. It's your job to figure out whether it's polar or sexual.

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In Soviet Russia car drives you!!!

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Hey Matt you know where I can score some coke around here?

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