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thread for brainless yet cute menhera

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I hope they do more collabs in the future.

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it's a local version for GMT +7.

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western indonesian time

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I miss her...

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I can't wait to wake up at 4am

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All these yabs, i'm glad she's in ID. I won't even imagine what happend if she was part of EN

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what, they will graduate her?
or the EN schizos gonna have mental break down? which is more applicable?

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What happen?

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Nothing, just Ollie being Ollie.

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Vague posters are the worst cancer

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oh no no no
Not like this...

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I thought Iofi was the desperate thirsty one but goddamn Ollie can’t keep her pants dry for one day on twitter

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she's allegedly still in her teenage days.
so let her be, anons.

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shes a post-2000 baby let her be

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>is a teenage girl
>not being exclusively Iesbian
>acknowledge the existence of male

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I think it's cute, girls love Sykkuno.

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late 90s to early 2000s kids are pretty open to bisexual experimentation

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its nothing really, its just ollie constantly interacting with other vtubers and regularly people on twitter. examples being she talks to vshojo members alot, particularly zentraya, and she also talks to real life people like cdawgVa.

you gotta remember ollie was essentially a fan girl up until a few months ago

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>*pretty open to whoring experimentation
why's zoomer like this
Isn't one of vshitjo member is a mod on ollie's chat

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i think they've also played some apex match few weeks ago.

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is this gonna happen every time she interacts with a dude?

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Everytime she is followed by someone with 1.4 MILLION followers on Twitter like Sykkuno, yes.

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Ollie is an ultra zoomer

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Popular people are hang out with other popular people, how new.
Looks like /vt/ is a celebrity board after all, isn't it?

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This world is impure until everyone is a cute anime girl.

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>talks exclusively to the only penis in vshojo

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Zen is 100 times better than any other e-celeb interacting with her

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I really hope her next outfit has long hair

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I don't even know this is, nor the other dude shitposters were trying to bait with. I've become an out of touch ojisan.

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Do you think Ollie watches Melody's porn streams?

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No, she is straight

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Yes, she is straight, I checked
t. Connor

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Did I miss out on something?

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What is this narrative of her being a teenager? There's no actual proof to that, right?

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No, there is none. The only thing she said is that she sometimes skips classes to stream and simp. Also, her interests are the one of a zoomer, so it can be assumed that she is young. I would guess like 19-25 max

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>he doesn't know
dl your archive reps, newfriend

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She radiates genuine youthful energy

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surprisingly, she's the top earner in the whole ID branch.
risu, if you read this, get the fucking karaoke stream going you lazy fuck, and earn some more money.

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>full-footed squat
Based and ergonomic.

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How can you be a menhera if you don't have a brain?

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you didn't watch her earlier MC stream?
check them out.

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おめでとう ! ! !

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I can't wait to see what kind of e-celeb going to appear this time?

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if being 18/19 is still considered being a teen, i believe it.

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I want to impregnate the zombie

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>I'll never fap to my oshi
>Ollie is my oshi
>But I'm about to break my promise
>I'm sorry Ollie
>Start jerking off fantasizing about doing lewd things with Ollie
>Lewd thoughts keep turning into wholesome thoughts for some reason
>Look for fap fuel
>No good Ollie lewds whatsoever
>Open RFA clips of her panting and out of breath
>Always got me hot and bothered usually but isn't doing anything now
>Gone completely soft, and now even more frustrated than when I first started
>Lay on my bed with the biggest blue balls of all time while Ollie laughs in the background from the clip playing on my phone
What kind of fucking torture have I brought upon myself

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This, but I also fap to the idea of Ollie fucking Connor or Astel

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Pathetic cuck, real men go and get the pussy

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Unironically this. But instead, it's ollie getting gangraped by Dream, Saykuno, & Carlmecarlson

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It's not as hot as the thought of your oshi being stolen away from you, and nothing that you can do to stop it. Bonus points if they're livestreaming the fuck session.

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with a big zombie futa cock.

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Is it just me that think ollie is a bit too terrifying? She is really making full use of her name as hololive talents to make connections all over the internet

Hololive is just like a stepping stone for her, even indo label just feel like nothing with how she appears herself and soon everyone would take interest and more people would watch her

She earn superchat as much as kuzuha or other top earner on daily despite live viewers is just 1/10 compared to others, anyone who took liking on her would be hard fans for some reason

Ollie is unstopable

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Ollie is basically a character who maxed out her CHA stats.

>> No.2000631

Counter point: at least for now, without hololive her connection will do jackshit.

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Is she going to finish Deltarune? It was on her schedule last week but she ended up not doing it

>> No.2000675

Hololive label just makes people know about her, the moments shes been known then even if she left hololive, she would be still big for sure

>> No.2000684

Apex addiction, please understand.

>> No.2000717

She need to finish apex reps anon, she wanted to get close to aqua and other apex streamer

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Did she comment on the upcoming season 2 of ZLS?

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It's nothing, that dude has a borderline phobia of women.

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>Only $14 earned for the project winter collab.

I guess the regular superchatters have depleted their funds in the freetalk and are just enjoying the stream.

>> No.2004141

Indo only = little to no superchats

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Isn't that guy an asian manlet who is ''afraid'' of women (aka a fucking fag or a sexual predator, only time will tell)

>> No.2010724

She mentioned that she's younger than Haachama, and Haachama is 19, since cover don't hire under 18 anymore, she can only be 18-19.

>> No.2010764

Connor is a closeted fag and Astel is a goddamn gay furry anon, at this point it's more realistic to imagine you fucking her.

>> No.2010767

Yeah they're still teens anon, there's a big clue in the words

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>Connor is a closeted fag
Do you still believe this?

>> No.2011080

>Do you still believe in the truth?

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I just like HoloID in general

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Where did she mention this?

>> No.2011342

Anon, he just got started pandering fujos and ditched them hard after not wanting do that shit.

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Is she menhera?

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I love my pregnant zombie wife

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Please stop

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I wonder to how many threads this curse image will spread to.

>> No.2012200

Are you a zoomer?

>> No.2012284

This board is newfag central. Hopefully they leave when their middle school opens back up.

>> No.2014144

Nah bro, there gonna be here forever and assimilate, eventually theyll become as miserable as everyone else

>> No.2014179

I seriously don't like this girl
She does everything she can to ruin hololive
>not only connor but also vshojo
>talks to both, wants to collab with both
fuck off

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>Ollie just being Ollie acting easygoing as usual just slightly interacting outside vtuber circle
You have to be really pathetic if you believe that delusional narrative of yours for real, it's a fucking normal internet interaction, there's no profound meaning, it's fucking nothing she's being like that that with everyone including community and clippers even random dude on internet

>> No.2016279

Indo debuff, the superchat are all came from outside indog and they dont watch because they dont understand

Also indog dont and cant do superchat because they are poor asf

>> No.2016740

thay all have streamlabs and other local donation outlets
Youtube have to regulate its earning in each country adhering to respective country's bureaucracy and regulation, and have yet to done that there

>> No.2018828

Ollie keeps winning, her momentum is unstoppable.

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He he schizos are funny.

>> No.2019073

Can I imagine fucking them instead?

>> No.2019214

I know they have streamlab but the amounts of donation by indog is still very pitiful, it wont even enough to buy burger

>> No.2019255

Nope that makes them your concubines and Ollie your wife negating all NTR.

>> No.2019276

Indo burger price is pitful. It will enough to buy many indo burger.

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Suspension incoming
Zomrade can't stop winning

>> No.2020224

what is that expression trying to convey

>> No.2023452


>> No.2023575

A cartoonist and indie chuubas

>> No.2023659

okay. Hey she even put their .png on the overlay

>> No.2023674

just go to his channel and dig for a bit

>> No.2023872

>Ollie adds a guy into the Apex trios with Moona
>dude decides he needs to white knight Ollie and Moona
>starts dominating the stream by talking constantly
>it becomes "random dude tells Ollie and Moona what to do" instead of "Ollie is streaming Apex"
>close tab

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Isn't this what you wanted anon? Ollie is happy and now she has lots of friends that totally don't want to just abuse the fact she's popular. Nothing better than collabing with random streamer #109345 instead of playing with her other gen mates or Holostar friend.

>> No.2024039

>Isn't this what you wanted anon?
i want a hololive stream to be a hololive stream. not a "random tells holo to do things for 2 hours" stream.

>> No.2024079

Kill your self right now

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>> No.2024145

The thinking man's fetish

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>> No.2024195

Guys I'll be honest I can't sleep good. The thought of Conner's massive 5inch dick almost pleasuring my oshi is infuriating. The mere idea shell tell him it was great because hes so popular makes me want to puke.

>> No.2024307

I think this is the most painful Apex match I've ever had to watch Ollie please stop

>> No.2024369

a proof and daily reminder that if Ollie is your oshi, you are a cuck

>> No.2024382

>he only thinks about his oshi in terms of sex

>> No.2024486

>Basically said she wants to break all rules and boundaries set by cover and collab with vshoujo to buff her text to speech libcuck babiniku bf and his whore friends
>Constantly fucks up and likes roommate shit on twitter
How much longer before she graduates? Will her manager ever bother doing their job and tard wrangle her before then?

>> No.2024511 [DELETED] 

Ollie...... BIG YABAI.....

>> No.2024551

cover can't graduate her, she's reine friend

>> No.2024652

>How much longer before she graduates?
t. someone who doesn't know what "graduate" means

>> No.2026624

Unironically this >>2024551
Have you ever thought how Anya ended up in Hololive despite having zero experience?

>> No.2026944

As someone who did their reps on him, the entire phobia act is as fake as it comes, he is a manipulative and abusive person outside his streaming persona.

>> No.2027546

Nevermind then. Fuck the pedo.

>> No.2027624

yeah, this.
i did bailed out of the stream and proceed to nap.
that fucking guy is probably the only thing anons should be worrying. not vshojo or e-celebs shit, the fucking guy live in the same island as her.
yes, i hate that guy since long time ago even before the vtuber trend started. that guy is fucking sociopath.

>> No.2027735

So the average vtuber then

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>> No.2028549

Her toilet after this stream...
Keep this thread bumped btw there's like 3 fucking Ollie anti threads up and they're getting more traction because people are not ignoring it

>> No.2028589

Oh boy, she's using her ASMR mic. I'm recording it all. I hope for a vomit ASMR and hopefully, later on, a diarrhea asmr when she storms into the toilet.

>> No.2028596

Will she puke on stream?

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sounds like it thus far

>> No.2028960

She did

>> No.2029110

She’s not.
Actually she’s the most considerate, conscientious, attentive, educated, humble, and well mannered Holo.

>> No.2029192

けっふぃー casual 10000 Yen SC drop

>> No.2036482

Is she really autistic as other people claim she is?

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