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What do I do with this

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AWAY! because I don't like it!!!

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Get more ear on your pizza

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But you said you like it

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Eat it! Pepperoni pizza has always been my favorite, ever since I was a child

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the no one

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get the pepperloni and without pepperloni.

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from domino. cheese pan

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i pick up these

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my blain...

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Throw it away. Cast it into the fire.

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that pizza has no ear!!!

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Eat it.

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I dunno man, eat it? That's what people usually do with pizza, right?

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the joke, autist

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Reddit = pettan jokes
4chan = pepeloni jokes

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*clap clap*

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I don't see an issue here

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It's better because it's here

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yeah guys, we should just be unfunny cunts and just repeat nigger and faggot in every thread, that's what true comedy is

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drop a slice in a bath then eat the now partially soggy slice.

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Wait, this is comedy?

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why did she order pepperoni if she intended to remove the pepperoni

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nigger faggot

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cum on it

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because she doesn't eat it

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Those are the same people

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nigger and/or faggot detected

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Fuck you anon, now I want a pizza

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I like pepeloni. Pepeloni!

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>no ear
This pizza is unsuitable for Chammers

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she wants to have cheese crust but apparently they don't sell cheese crust without pepeloni

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drop it on the high school restroom floor and then eat it

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The No One

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Ah, the pepeloni...

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>it goes where Haachama currently is

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Holy shit

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Post this for meme review. I'm fucking serious

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Don't worry anon, reddit will steal this one too

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Why are we a fat dude?

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yeah, forgot 4chan is srs bsns

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I’m not the one who made it. It was posted here sometime in the past two months, and it seemed like the appropriate thing for the post I was responding to.

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You of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

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I miss the pepeloni princess

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What about pineapple?

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Sometimes I get sad. But then I remember that I watched the pepeloni live, as it happened, and that makes me want to keep on living.

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I can't be the only one who has an urge to order a pepperoni pizza.

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Nigger i ALWAYS have the urge to order a pepperoni za'

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The real mystery is what "cheese on the ear" is. Japanese nor Australian dominoes did not sell stuffed crust at that time, which is what we all assumed she meant....

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What the fuck?
Maybe she was thinking of some other pizza joint and mixed them up?

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She means the cheese is on top

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I've given serious thought to doing a side by side comparison of cheese pizza and pepeloni pizza without peloni. I think chammers might be onto something with those residual oils.

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Aah, the pepeloni...

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>post on reddit, I'm serious

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Made by reddit

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Who even makes pizzas without ears?

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thin crust doesn't have it

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Yes it does. You always leave enough dough at the edge to form the ear of pizza.

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I don't like this I feel she's unsafe in that location, but it's japan so nothing bad will happen right?

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ask for a real Italian pizza or if you're Haachama ask for a margherita

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>implying any of us will ever understand the chama pepeloni logic
just let it go anon, AWAY, cuzz i don't eat it!

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You throw some basil on it.

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I can answer this. I just had a dominos pizza because of this thread (not haachama style because that's a waste of time and money) and had the cheese pan pizza. The ear of pizza has cheese on it.

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Put pineapple on it

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i’m actually waiting on my haachama pizza rn glad i’m not the only one

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Where's the ear?

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