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Ignore the 2hufags complaining about our thread in /jp/, how are you doing?
What are you excited about the upcoming Hololive streams, now that 4th gen finished their 3D debuts?

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Time to convert my entire bank account to bitcoin

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I'm gonna invest in GME and support my Oishi for life, bros...

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As much bad as that caused it was like pulling off a scab, at some point a foreign company being that heavily invested in the Chinese market was going to bite them in the ass, and pulling out let them leave a market that wasn't making them a lot of money and focus fully on expanding in the west

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The 2hus....

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Morning /v/, what're we playan?

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What are you talking about, anon?
Our china bros are great
Hell, Artia will collab in 3 days with Moona in Ark, so maybe Coco will show up there too!

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Are you guys looking foward to the 5th Gen debuts? This Aloe girl is really cute

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Yeah, I'm able to read the calendar, anon...
Just hope this fucking year end soon. 2021 will be so much better without that covid trash...

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Wish we get our own board

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Sharkmeido love!

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