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She is back

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Let's not forgive but move on

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What did she mean by this?

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>Can't even dance
How do we help Marine? She can't keep losing.

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She is perfect the way she is

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Anon, we must come to terms with the truth. If this keeps going, Marine will be upstage.

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Pretty much this. Glad to have them back.

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35p and ichimi should also be forced to do naked dogeza for the things they say about other people's oshis.
Been a great past week watching you fuckers squirm, unfortunately you will learn nothing from it.

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Come on man, at least make an unique bait per thread and don't just copypaste the same one in the Miko thread

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What will the stream tomorrow be?

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The gunfire at the end always cracks me up.

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Doujinshi reviews.

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She will explain the plot and the chat will come up with a title

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Hopefully talking about her big ass.

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>official English subtitles
No idea, wish I could read

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I'm always so distracted by how fucking cute she looks giving up that I never noticed CoCo 'murica-ing

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She surprises miko with an artist head inside her fridge

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Based and elitepilled.

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They weren't there for hours after release

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Fucking shit, I fall out of the loop for one week due to work and wake up to find an english captioned announcement video from Marine.
From what I gather, Marine and Miko were joking around about some BL on a stream last week, laughing at it's title (but liking the work?), and the artist of the material blew their fucking lid?
I'm confused about the specifics, more so to how something like this would even "blow up" to this degree. Who was even the artist?
Or, based on Marine's wording, is this more so about the fans who slammed down back at the artist talking shit?
The fuck happened?

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Yeah, I hope the piece of shit author has an unfortunate accident in the near future but no point making things worse again right now

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A bunch of antis misrepresented things so it looked like Marine and Miko read the entire work and mocked it live, and then it got big enough to get attention from relative mainstream so alot of people who don't usually watch vtubers got into the mix and the upshot is that it pit the vtuber community and the bl community head to head.

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Here's the rough time line:
Marine and Miko did the stream where she put the doujin in the fridge for marine to find.
Marine found it had a good laugh, and read a few lines from the back of the book
The doujin artist saw a clip of that and made a few tweets about it not being fair that others were profiting off her work
Those tweets got picked up by nijiniggers and blew up, also alot of misinformation got thrown in at this stage so the narrative became Marine and Miko read the entire doujin on stream and mocked it while making money off it.
Huge fucking flame war between vtuber fans and bl doujin fans with vtuber antis fanning the flames

That was all on Monday. And the rest you can get from watching Miko's and Marine's video

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I'm sure some people will keep harassing the author on twitter.

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Ichimi and 35p are vermin, you can see this from the things they say about other Holos on the /jp/ thread so of course they are going to continue to harass the author.

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>/jp/ thread
are you lost?

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Everyone still uses the /jp/ Hololive thread, don't play dumb.

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I don't, why would I ever go back to that schizo-ridden shithole?

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Because there is no other active general Hololive thread, the one on this board is completely dead.

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I don't care about discussing any holos other than Marine and s couple of others that I sometimes watch

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Oh look its the mizukek autist again.

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it's a 20 minute timeloop of ritualposting

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As they should.

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That's sounds like a you problem

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Apology rta any%

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What's the deal with Marine and Doujin artists recently? First the Mizuryu Kei manga got canned and now the BL debacle. It's almost like she's cursed.

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The mizukek issue has nothing to do with her though, he just happened to be a fan of hers. I mean unless you believe the rrat that he wanted to offpako with Marine and she said no.

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This is before her training arc. Her dancing skills went hella up after the 2nd Stage.

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I love the way she just flops over at the end like she gave up

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They are still absolutely terrible, you fucking delusional retard. Even Choco was better than her during Bloom.

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"Getting onboard with Captain" oh he tried, but never got past the management.

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I won't stop them

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It’s just a defensive measure to prevent similar accidents in the future. Japanese have mastered the art of dogpiling and it’s a very effective strategy there (see Uma Musume r34 situation).

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Enlighten me on that, I only know that the devs asked people not to do porn of the girls in uma musume because of the real life horse names and them not wanting the yakuza to show up at their door in the middle of the night

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>Having to apologize for simply mentioning a product that was purchased

Meanwhile i could scan, record and talk about comics i buy with no reprocussion. Japan is pathetic.

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which comics though? one time I decided I wanted to read a few select capeshit comics and found it fairly hard to find them

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Shame coco doesn't do that much 3D stuff, her model is really good compared to everyone else's. Marine's model definitely needs a lot of work, the stream with korone highlights most of the problems.

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I don't think it's a problem with the model, there just something really wierd with her tracking or maybe her bodily proportions that make her come off as a literal womb goblin

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The thing I hate the most about this whole deal is that now they're probably going to keep Marine on a leash. I enjoyed her chstting streams (even if I barely understand jap) because she felt the most natural of all holos and I'd hate seeing that spark fade because of such a bitchmade argument.
When looking for capeshit it's best to look for the year of publication.

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The model has the same issues as most others but people shit on Marine's model only so that's all anyone ever perceives and talks about.

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Concern trolls fed bullshit to the author
Author believed it and ranted
Concern trolls spread the rant to normal circles saying THESE VTUBERS SHIT ON YOUR DESK AND YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT ELSE
Normies believed it and regular antis got involved for a gag
35p, ichimen and antis looking for a kick now attack the author
Miko, Marine and the author have reconciled behind the scene, ask their fans to stop sperging out
But shit's out of their hands now so it'll still go on until the next big drama happens.

The problem is Japan's apology culture, and the NEETs at home with nothing better to do than try to start shit.

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>The thing I hate the most about this whole deal is that now they're probably going to keep Marine on a leash. I enjoyed her chstting streams (even if I barely understand jap) because she felt the most natural of all holos and I'd hate seeing that spark fade because of such a bitchmade argument.
in that case there will be no end to my madness

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It's honestly more like "Japanese boomer finds out about vtubers". The full sequence of events go something like

>Marine/Miko do their thing nothing wrong here
>Clipper clips the part where they read a few lines out loud and I suppose technically they're laughing at it
>Matome sites report it as Marine/Miko read and make fun of a BL doujin for content
>Author finds it and basically tweets
>"When I looked myself up it seems like a famous vtuber is making fun of a doujinshi I drew a long time ago?"
>"Even though I didn't get a single cent as the person who drew/wrote it, they're reading it out loud to farm superchats? Is this for real? Also how did vtubers even get so popular in the first place?"
>"For now I tried sending Sakura Miko a DM. I barely have 2k followers so I'm not sure if she'll even respond but, I really hope they'll contact the author beforehand the next time they do something like this. Doujinshi are supposed to be unofficial, and it'd be bad for it to be recognized by an "official" company."
>"I really don't want to stand out/get into any drama right now, so I'm going to lock my twitter for now."
>Matome sites run this as author gets angry over popular vtubers earning money using her work and laughing at it
>People start attacking the author and now you have people defending her too.

It's also obvious from her responses that no one here is "demanding" monetary compensation.
>"Wow this is pretty embarrassing, but I did put it out there so I guess I can't do anything about it now. It is a derivative work in the first place so it's sort of a gray zone and I can't really complain. Honestly, let's plays are also a grey zone..."
"Yeah, I don't really know much about vtubers, I just wish they had contacted me beforehand for stuff like this since I'm still pretty active on the internet. I guess next time I'll have to write "No read-alouds on Youtube" in my doujins."

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A product that infringes on another's IP.

>> No.2250954

Imagine "reaching a deal" without money being involved.

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>Concern trolls fed bullshit to the author
This is actually false. People generously assumed she must have seen a clip that leaves out the context because she seemed completely misinformed, but that wasn't the case.
After this she made a few vague tweets talking about what she perceived to have happened such as them getting the ship order wrong (but not saying who got it wrong and omitting that Marine corrected it) and them "laughing at" her precious work while totally ignoring the praise that was given.
Fujos and antis made an easy to digest narrative about how Miko and Marine (a BL fan) exposed the "secret" BL community to their hateful audience so they could make fun of it for money.
Hololive fans who knew what happened and argued with people spreading the bullshit narrative got slandered as blind believers that are attacking the innocent author.

Now there are a bunch of fans who don't actually know any of the facts that are just shitting on the author and her work, despite Marine liking it.

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Sensitivity like this should not be encouraged. If we keep going down this cultural path you will soon need written consent forms to look a person in the eyes or speak their name aloud.

>> No.2251181

None of this sounds like a misunderstanding and more of an author decides that private matters should be publicized, is she actually dumb? This also got worse when miko streamed GTA:V before there was any more news from the author and spammers riled the fanbase which of course, direct the attack into the author. Really puts into perspective how little people think of the consequences of their actions.

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She was totally fine with the attention she was getting until 35P and ichimi started retaliating.

>> No.2251239

If she was smart she would have offered her works digitally somewhere to capitalize on the attention. But Fujoshi aren't smart

>> No.2251312

>exposed the "secret" BL community to their hateful audience so they could make fun of it for money
Who would believe this when it's very obvious Marine is a fujo herself?

>> No.2251320

>Comparing her dancing to Cocos
Anon, Coco grew up in fucking Atlanta Georgia. She dances like a full on party slut. Of course she can fucking dance. No telling how many raves/parties shes been to while in growing up in America.

>> No.2251329

I believe at first she just wanted to post a bunch of bullshit on twitter thinking she's small enough to not really get into any attention and later decided she'll send an inquiry about it.
Too bad what she posted was a bunch of lies and she asked for the stream to be taken down in her inquiry so the original proof was now gone and no one could prove her lies wrong reliably.

Part of her "concern" was to not get found out by Sunrise since they don't allow derivative works, but that wouldn't have been a real risk had she not made up all the lies.

>> No.2251357

To be fair, Coco grew up in America. She dances like an American girl would. Marine dances like an old asian grandma with a bad hip. Its unfair to compare the two.

>> No.2251397

That's part of why some people are confused by this since Marine is so open about BL, but some small minority of fujoshi are probably aware of how disgusting their favorite genre is that they don't bring attention to it.

>> No.2251413

Imagine that dragon ass gliding up and down your thick and lengthy shaft holy shit

>> No.2251599

She was slut dropping and twerking, American girl is an understatement.

>> No.2253247

Marine is not a lesbian right? She's fascinated by men on multiple occasion according to my observation.

>> No.2253330

There isn't a single actual lesbian in hololive

>> No.2253361

She's horny for anything that'll fuck

>> No.2253500

Yeah cause nobody watches you and you aren't accountable to a company if you do

Copyright protection is not much better elsewhere

>> No.2253624

>read thread
JOPs gonna JOP.

>> No.2253885

She has literally said she's ノンケ (non-gay).

>> No.2254512

great idea

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>The problem is Japan's apology culture, and the NEETs at home with nothing better to do than try to start shit.
Cancel culture is a western problem too. The issue is that freedom of information has been weaponized for the sake of full on reputational warfare. This is what happens when you scale the internet up and have no regulations on individuals or even enterprises talking about a person's private conduct. Lynchmobs abuse this to create exaggerated or even falsified narratives that drive hyper cautious entities to ostracized people. This works because there's also no regulations guaranteeing a person's right to public facing platforms and services like social media and retail. This is why moralfags were always resented by oldfags, because they destroy the ethics and civility that unite people and maintain peace in the name of blind, sometimes even self destructive ideological imperialism.

In this specific case, what MariMiko did was actually in a professional capacity. That makes both the two of them AND Cover liable for any wrongdoing. It's just that there wasn't any. The true drama is a campaign of mass defamation and potentially harassment carried out by those who can objectively be proven to be lying simply by virtue of reviewing publicly available video footage. It's just so costly and cumbersome to deal with mobs of propagansists and their useful idiots because the tools aren't there, it's just far easier and less of a money sink to simply bend the knee and apologize.

What they don't realize is that surrender feeds the beast and creates and endless cycle that may eventually bankrupt your company as you get woke and go broke. It may be expensive in the short term to take a stand and fight the battle, butit actually saves a company from long term reputational and economic assault if they stand up to the cancel mob, fight them off, and never get their lunch money stolen again by a bunch of glorified playground bullies. If the mob knows the company wouldn't give in no matter what they did, they'll just move to easier targets that'll be far more willing to cooperate with their unreasonable demands.

Tldr the reason cover keeps having to apologize for stepping in it is because they're not willing to defend themselves when they legitimately did nothing wrong. The EXCESSIVE politeness of Japanese culture is also a weakness that can be exploited by bad actors. Arrogance isn't the answer, but neither is being a bunch of sake sipping surrender monkeys. Yagoo should've stepped up to bat, taken responsibility, and personally protected his dream by calling out the lies while providing sufficient proof of their misrepresentations.

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Hello, a Marine newfag here. In your opinion, how much is her "horniness" real and how much of it is just playing it up for her fans? this will greatly affect how hard my dick gets when I watch her streams

>> No.2255197

It would be kind of a strange thing to choose as a gimmick if it wasn't something she really deals with, honestly. I think it's pretty real. Some people just have above-average sex drives.
Hell, Marine recently all but admitted she masturbates before even getting out of bed in the afternoon every day.

>> No.2255210

When she's drunk she openly admits to flickin the bean for hours straight sometimes.

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post pics with this feel pls

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You should watch the new years Eve stream on the official hololive channel. Specifically the game show segment hosted by Matsuri. Pay special attention to Towa, who outs Marine as a lesbian when she yells out, "huh?! when did you start being attracted to men?!" Marine stutters from Towa being a blockhead about the gag situation and everyone else starts making noise to cover up Towa's accidental outing.

>> No.2256426

What kind of lesbian likes straight porn?

>> No.2256455

What did she do this time bros

>> No.2256467

A heterosexual woman

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Answer is yes, but not really.
as >>2255197 mentioned she has a active drive, but a lot of viewers don't understand that "horny" is not about being Nympho, she just doesn't filter "sensitive" aspects of talking topics.

And that "unfiltered" space is her common ground with the fans
(and this might create the illusion that chat "plays along" with it)

Long time viewers know what's hidden behind those dirty jokes, that's why they stick around...
Pic related

>> No.2256589

Marine has stated that she reads BL for the "immorality" of gay relationships and would read more yuri if yuri doujins had more sex in them.

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>> No.2256643

No she's never said this. But I think you guys will continue to have your headcanon about this kind, largely normal OL

>> No.2256714

That has nothing to do with my question. Marine likes heterosexual dick in pussy porn with a defined top and you need to explain why and how a lesbian would enjoy that.

>> No.2256735

Yeah, she has, you EOP. You can sit in denial and keep jerking off to her, but it doesn't change reality.

>> No.2256740

Timestamp it

>> No.2256763

But I'm N2 chad you coper.

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Wow, is it possible for the horny pirate to get even more based?

>> No.2256800

Yuri doujins have plenty of sex in them though.

>> No.2256870

You can Google that, but most answers you'll find basically say that les porn isn't aggressive enough. Marine said that herself, now that I think about it.

>> No.2256878

Marine is so homo she tried to find a husband by being an OL for 5 years...

>> No.2256879 [DELETED] 
File: 445 KB, 1080x1612, MarineSaysTransRights.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marine is a transbian.

>> No.2256938

Do your own reps you spoon fed bitch. It's not hard to find the Matsuri gameshow segment in the special and if you're a real fan, you'll watch it for Marine anyways.

>> No.2256941

pls come back streaming ;-;

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here you go, in her own words

>> No.2256964

You're an anti EOP

>> No.2257010

Oh it's the /u/schizo
Learn Japanese prease

>> No.2257014

IIRC Marine mentioned this when she bought the next installment of a yuri doujin she was excited for since the previous chapters had made it clear that the characters were moving toward having sex in that newest chapter.
They didn't, and the book she bought was just another entire chapter of soap-opera "will they or won't they?" She was frustrated about that and said that in BL manga, the characters tend to get to the business much faster.

>> No.2257017

eat dick the other anon just shoved the clip down ur throat

>> No.2257045

And you can't speak Japanese
Shabby knows marine isnt gay so why do you push this?

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File: 328 KB, 1080x1612, MarineIsBuiltForBBC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Marine is a lesbian why does she love BBC so much?

>> No.2257064

Cope nothing. None of us will ever fuck her. None of us will ever meet her. Why the fuck does it matter if she prefers irl pussy over dick? If she's your oshi, you'll support her.

>> No.2257069

damn you are so fucking dumb

>> No.2257079

The /jp/ thread just ran out of images, so it is definitely him.

>> No.2257084

>source posting is schizo
anon pls...your meds

>> No.2257093

So, what would be the fallout if Senchou graduated involuntarily?

>> No.2257095

BL doujins probably follow the "page 6"rule more closely than yuri does.

>> No.2257099

Because she's my oshi misinformation about her pisses me off, pretty simple.

>> No.2257107

i would kms

>> No.2257126

What causes a man to become this deranged over larping animes

>> No.2257182

Hololive would die

>> No.2257184

Reminder that Marine is going to Paris to fuck West Africans.

>> No.2257198

How? Marine is one girl. She isn't popular or well liked by her coworkers.

>> No.2257206

Does she know about Paris Syndrome?

>> No.2257212

nice joke

>> No.2257234

Same reason she likes BL. She likes corruption.

>> No.2257236

Well ignoring the EOP garbage you posted, fbk would leave shortly after, and marines senpaitachi are the most rabid and dangerous group as a whole because of numbers so hololive would be fucked.

>> No.2257269

She won't be dissapointed by Paris, there are plenty of West Africans for her to fuck there.

>> No.2257281

What's the complete bait rotation for this guy?
>fat ugly and a horrible person
>west africans
Did I miss any?

>> No.2257293

Then go watch the New Years Eve stream like a real fan would and then seethe at your own ignorance. Refusing to watch it is you sitting in denial, hypocritically pushing misinformation via willful ignorance.

>> No.2257316

Lol. Are you even memered to marine? What lesbian starts touching herself when talking about dicks with a bunch of otaku lusting over her?

>> No.2257335

He just wants to share and have people appreciate his headcanon. I sympathize with lonely and repressed people like him.

>> No.2257345

Marine is fake
That might be the SEA one though, they blend together.

>> No.2257348

He also likes to spew some BS about how Marine endangers Pekora and other holos by hanging out with Noel or something.

>> No.2257371

>horrible person
She seems cool though.

Makes me wonder which girls will be the biggest bootlickers and go down with the ship.

Ichimi would follow her. She's magnetic enough to work well with anyone.

>> No.2257377

Funny thing is Marine is probably the most well liked Hololive member. She has a fun time with everyone she collabs with. Even someone as irritable as Ayame had fun because Senchou knows how to take a pie to the face and lose to someone else in a skit. People don't seem to realize how expertly she calibrates the horny jokes for each person based on their comfort level.

>> No.2257386

Its a pity Marine and Coco now hate each other. Coco would be able to find a black American boyfriend for Marine.

>> No.2257416

You're just starting to sound like a schizophrenic now

>> No.2257429

EOP don't know she asks her coworkers about how far they'd be comfortable with her pushing her character, which is a stark contrast to matsuri raping girls on livestream and gained her lots of respect.

>> No.2257431

That's just general shitposting every other retard on /jp/ does. Not sure if this guy is the same one that spergs out about gundam. Probably not since the gundam guy likes or pretends to like Noel.

That's part of the 3rd topic usually.

>> No.2257463

Holy shit, you dumb little twit. People masturbate to fantasy and seek out different things in reality. I know this place is full of basement lords, but you should still understand that needs and wants vary in different circumstances.

>> No.2257470

Coco definitely pole danced part time

>> No.2257474

Tell me which part isn't true:
>Marine organizes sankisei collabs
>Marine invites Noel to them
>Noel is a violent menhera whore
>Pekora and Rushia are tiny women
>It is dangerous for them to be around Noel
>Therefore Marine is putting Pekora and Rushia's lives in danger by inviting Noel.

>> No.2257498

Oh is that why you fap exclusively to black on white raceplay homosex?

>> No.2257502

Source anon need to fap pls

>> No.2257531

I think it was her third member only stream

>> No.2257564

Pekora and Rushia's roommates are both taller than Noel's lol, keep up with those roommate reps schizo-kun

>> No.2257601

>>Noel is a violent menhera whore
Meds. There is only one menhera hololive and she's benign.

>> No.2257637

Behold, the last bastion of the true schizo retard; resorting to just insults without responding to anything else. Marine will never know you or love you. If she is legit your oshi and not your fantasy girlfriend, her being les shouldn't bother you in the slightest.

>> No.2257660

That doesn't change the fact that Noel is still dangerous and violent. Noelcucks always talk about how Noel is one of the strongest Holos, she could seriously hurt Pekora and Rushia. Even Flare might not be safe. It is reckless for Marine to invite her.

>> No.2257683

She's actually responded to me on twitter before faggot
You will never make people believe marine is a dyke

>> No.2257703

Yep, you're a schizo alright

>> No.2257742

>If she's your oshi blah blah let me post lies
Couldn't be more transparent at this point.

>> No.2257783

You still haven't told me which part is wrong?

>> No.2257828

Noel is fat and short so she can't be strong

>> No.2257926

Noel has fat tits she could easily smother rushia to death

>> No.2257933

She is one of only 3 Holos to close the ring on RFA and she struggled way less than Kanata did. So she is at least stronger than Kanata, who impresses other holos with her physical strength.
It is dangerous for her to be around Rushia and Pekora.

>> No.2257949

All you have to do is watch the Matsuri hosted segment of the new years Eve special to see Towa out Marine. If you're so confident, then why not do it to confirm your stance. It's so easy. It's the thing we do all the time, watch a stream.

>> No.2257974

Fat women can't be strong tho

>> No.2257984

I did watch that stream though?

>> No.2258011

Have you seen what female olympic shotputters look like?

>> No.2258023

What about that time she lusted over shota for 2 hours

>> No.2258050

I hate how they sound when making an apology, like they have a gun to their heads while holding up a newspaper.
FUCK twitter niggers

>> No.2258078

Also I thought you ichilards said Noel isn't fat? Noel is fat though and remember Marine is 14kg heavier than Noel making her obese.

>> No.2258095

Good, then tell everyone what Towa said to Marine in response to the Marine clip about the medical exam 1st date gag.

>> No.2258108

>off her work
Makes all sense now

>> No.2258126

Suisei shotacon janai

>> No.2258192 [DELETED] 

This seems to get overlooked. Marine's irl stories never revolve around lesbian stuff outside of Hololive even though that is allowed. It's always men or boys in different situations. She never talks about a lesbian experience even in her Christian schoolgirl days. It's almost like she can't talk about boyfriends at all so the topic of romance is skipped over.

>> No.2258221

If Marine ever talking about Tyrone, the fallout would be worse than Aloe.

>> No.2258234

You can just timestamp it if it's there. Since you can't , it clearly isn't there.

>> No.2258251

*ever talked about

>> No.2258345

Im so excited for her to stream again
I wasn't supposed to become this far gone but I don't care anymore
Senchou love!

>> No.2258362

Why do you love an obese tranny lesbian?

>> No.2258385

Why are you doing this schizo-kun? What ticks you off?

>> No.2258406

Because she is thoughtful but at the same time a loudmouth clown who loves to have fun

>> No.2258419


>> No.2258421

It shows how little they mean it and how they just want the whole thing to be over. I wonder how lit the comeback streams will be.

>> No.2258441

Anon her genetically female womb is the most desired one in hololive

>> No.2258451

Did said author make another Twitter account?

>> No.2258471

I hate Marine and Noel for ruining Hololive.

>> No.2258474

Noel vs Calli. Who wins?

>> No.2258507

Marine is a based lesbian and married to Flare

>> No.2258533

Aki, not only the /fit/test Holo, but the one with most grace. Aki blesses Hololive, people like Noel, Calli and Marine ruin it.

>> No.2258564

Vomiting on the train after a night of partying suggests otherwise anon.

>> No.2258593

But they don't. You need to stop.

>> No.2258627 [DELETED] 

Marine is:
>talks about disgusting stuff like BL
>only fucks West Africans
>puts other Holos in danger
>encourages trannies
>copied Ikue Otani's voice
>can't dance
>boring choice in games, started the Tumblrtale arc
There is nothing based about that.

>> No.2258695

Aki doesn't give Hololive a bad name by talking about BL on stream and don't even get me started on Noel's camwhoring.

>> No.2258760

They both make Hololive look bad.

>> No.2258837

Who is your oshi? Certainly not Marine, Flare, or Noel.

>> No.2258861


>> No.2258868

>proves that yuri is ultimately for the heart
Fucking B A S E D

>> No.2258890

No, Fujos did like Chinks always tell Coco ruin Hololove

>> No.2258908

But they saved hololive tho?

>> No.2258930

This is your mind on purityfag

>> No.2259001

Shion, who Marine falsely accused of rape.
Stop pretending to be me.
How did they? Marine has never been number 1 in views, supas or subs and Noel is irrelevant.

>> No.2259011

So it's certainly not any of the 2nd gen either. My mistake, you're just a local deranged Hololive schizo.

>> No.2259039

It's good but also bad. Much like a volcano or a pimple horrible things can be expelled from such pressure. People seem to always be looking to quash anyone sticking out, to such a degree it seems to fulfill their meaning's of life.
There's definitely a respect deserved for having so much of society keep their composure constantly, at least publicly and most of the time, but I'm not convinced it's worth all the sacrifices.

Especially when nobody is around to keep the japs in check, that's when you get shit like fucking pressuring kids to become kamikaze pilots. This is Japanese society after being regulated for decades from it's worst impulses in social pressure, and yet it's still fucking nightmarish for a westerner.

>> No.2259064
File: 15 KB, 281x328, 1605949023792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well call me uninformed, because while I'm aware every community has it's numbers, I never would've considered the "BL fans/fujos" to be big enough or at least had enough people who would give a fuck about an ordeal such as this.

>> No.2259202

>Marine has never been number 1 in views, supas or subs
Leaving aside how she has the record for most superchatted single stream in hololive, Marine has alot of industry connections and basically took over after Fubuki as the face of hololive once she started winding down mid last year. Botan is probably the only Holo who's more connected than her, though her connections are in a completely different field. And Noel carried third gen back in the early days before Rushia and Pekora found their footing. Its had to imagine now but there was a period of them when Pekora was a floundering awkward streamer

>> No.2259259

It's less the bl community and more the doujin community, who are very defensive about potential copyright issues for much the same reasons that anime twitter gets up in arms when some sjw tries to cancel someone for drawing loli. The whole problem is that this thing got really big and drew in a bunch of regular folk who don't watch vtubers

>> No.2259290

Shion and Marine were never going to fuck. They were horsing around. Fucking chill you lolicon.

>> No.2259381

>samefagging this hard

>> No.2259428

So Noel has done nothing for Hololive in over a year in addition to being hated by most of her colleagues?
And Marine has connections to shitty doujin artists? Look how thats turned out recently.
Marine didn't shill for Microsoft, the curry, world of warships or Tony Hawk, she only shills gacha stuff. FBK is still the face of Hololive.
Marine and Noel need to be graduated.

>> No.2259461

Marine lied about it and made Shion feel uncomfortable. What a lovely person...

>> No.2259483

You know just because you don't like her doesn't mean the holos feel the same way, stop projecting

>> No.2259521

Why does no one collab with the camwhore then?

>> No.2259579

Do you even watch steams?

>> No.2259596

But they do though?

>> No.2259653

Not Marine's or Noel's.
Only good streams like Shion, Aqua (Akukin TV was months ago so don't bring that up), Ayame and Luna.

>> No.2259751

meds or kys schizo

>> No.2259794

How does it feel knowing that your oshi did dogeza for fujos?

>> No.2259822

Alright guys come on, feeding time at the zoo is over. You can still watch and laugh at the monkey but stop throwing him peanuts

>> No.2259832

The apology rta was pretty based ngl

>> No.2259868

Agreed. The schizo is giddy as hell when he gets engaged so much like this. You've seen just about all he has to offer now, so please stop responding to him, and now you know what he's like, so there's no need to engage him again in the future.

>> No.2259874
File: 172 KB, 797x1152, EszWSMaVEAIb7a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope she still apologized. My oshi wouldn't have.

>> No.2259900

I don't watch Marine or Noel either, but that's some pretty shit taste, specifically Aqua. Hot damn.

>> No.2259942

that pretty much proves that Marine's fanbase is just as bad as the author. what a childish response from the fans.

>> No.2259956

It's always the same jun cocksuckers driving the herds of retards.

>> No.2259982
File: 1.24 MB, 960x716, final form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2259984
File: 224 KB, 640x360, ttg2u6frnhp51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't watch Marine or Noel
>pretty shit taste, specifically Aqua
Everyone I listed is cute especially Aqua and Shion

>> No.2260039

I fucking hate Noel so much.

>> No.2260053


>> No.2260062


Do you ever see the stream ?

>> No.2260068

I'll take literally any Holo that isn't in Gen 2.

>> No.2260115

September for the camwhore and everyone in Hololive sings Ahoy, that proves nothing.

>> No.2260136

Well that explains it. The schizo is a literal cuck who watches that fucking disgusting whore. Fuck Ayame, fuck her fans, and fuck you.

>> No.2260186

Is that denial I hear?

>> No.2260193

If you pretend to watch Aqua you could at least do a bit of research because she said that she likes Marine in her last Karaoke stream which was on the 4.4

>> No.2260201

So are you just some sort of contrarian who hates all of the popular holos?

>> No.2260226

Cry more 35piss, Miko is an annoying bitch who did whore shit, Ayame was right for not calling her. Ayame never did eroge like MiCUNTchi
Gen 2 and gamers are the best gens.

>> No.2260259

Not only that, but he also tries to create conflicts between the fans as if the girls hate each other.

>> No.2260275

Aqua and Ayame are very popular. Aqua is the Nijikiller after all.
I won't deny that Aqua likes Marine, she isn't perfect which is why Shion is my oshi.

>> No.2260328

>Defending Noel while calling Ayame a whore
35piss are retarded.

>> No.2260430

are you reminding yourself to take your meds or something?

>> No.2260470

Before I sleep, Friendly reminder Miko and Marine will be back today.

>> No.2260518

>Ayame never did eroge
Yeah, she just rides the cock carousal every night instead. Fucking disgusting cunt of a human she is.

>> No.2260527 [DELETED] 

Seeing that there are 35piss here how does this make you feel:
Ayame is fucking pure, Miko is a fucking whore.

>> No.2260608

I used to be a schizo of a single Holo once but I grew tired of that, so yes, probably

>> No.2260610

35piss still believe ancient narratives.
Miko is an EOP pandering whore. Meanwhile Ayame is pure and skips English supas.

>> No.2260635

Let's make a promise to each other to never read "Amuro Rape", and let that be our vengeance

>> No.2260659

Just in time to put another work of art in the freezer.

>> No.2260703

35piss always pretend this doesn't exist.

>> No.2260761

I actually “read” it and it looks like shit

>> No.2260888
File: 472 KB, 1448x2048, 1602470784178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now a Gen 2 thread.

>> No.2260902


>> No.2260921

You're just a schizo who don't watch any Holo. Kill your parents who raised you and then kill yourself.

>> No.2260945

What the fuck is this?

>> No.2260972


>> No.2260974

Miko's roommate.

>> No.2261031

No it isn't. That just came out in February of this year idiot.

>> No.2261071

Keep coping 35piss. Ayame is pure meanwhile Miko is a whore.

>> No.2261112

What did you guys think of Ayame's 800k utawaku?

>> No.2261308

Wrong thread, bump your own

>> No.2261333

See >>2260888

>> No.2261357

Not gonna happen, Nakirishart. Leave.

>> No.2261376

Marine sounded so defeated in the announcement video. I hope she's okay.

>> No.2261401 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 425x600, 1607466429224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually it will. This thread is now for the discussion of Shion, Aqua, Ayame, Subaru and Choco.

>> No.2261499
File: 20 KB, 519x292, 1596391921639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha. Ayame sharted so much because her asshole is so loose from too many anal sex and thus she can't keep her poop in her rectum. HAHAHAHAHA. NAKIRISHART. Good fucking Lord. What a pun.

>> No.2261545
File: 154 KB, 1096x552, EVEkZ0fU0AAJZKT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2262708
File: 1.23 MB, 1200x1600, 84947831_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2263016

Hair down senchou is amazing. I didn't know I needed this.

>> No.2265112

Already around $1000 in donations, memberships. You don't need to send her your money, but send Senchou your love, she deserves it.

>> No.2265206
File: 2.32 MB, 1400x1976, cikl9r0mroo51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The akasupa are out of control in prechat holy shit. Imagine if they had SC enabled on the apology vid, that would have been topkek.

>> No.2265489

>implying subtitles actually make a difference
"for my insensitive treatment of a creative work on a recent stream"
lol wut

>> No.2265554


>> No.2265753

Earning money at the cost of 1 author is fucking based.

>> No.2265946

why do you have to out yourself as illiterate like that

>> No.2266353

Not as based as earning money from infringing others copyright.

>> No.2266772

the bitch doesnt have a copyright of a franchise she doesnt fucking own, she can get fucked.

>> No.2267183

Talk shit get hit

>> No.2267248

If any of you haven't seen the fujoshit author's latest tweets https://twitter.com/n72699389/status/1379047774402928640

>> No.2267446

No one likes BBC, you cant lie to us like you lie to yourself.

>> No.2267770

Once again not on her main? Pathetic.

>> No.2268440

They went out of their way to disable superchats in their "Announcement" thingies and went up by like 30-40 Memberships each which was fucking hilarious.
Fujoshits shot themselves in the foot with this one, nobody cares about 300 dislikes if it comes with THIS amount of support just out of spite.

So whatever rrats there are or will be, Senchou and Mikochi are loved and it warms my heart the majority is immune to lame Twitter rrats.

>> No.2268498

Damn that's a lot of max aka supers.

>> No.2268902

I like the /biz/chad one the best
And nekobuckets spoke! I've never seen a message on one of his before

>> No.2268945
File: 16 KB, 235x262, 1588828783172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why nijiniggers are so repulsive?

>> No.2269094

Isn't it well known to my brother overseas that Senchou is a Hujoshi with a taste for BL?
She went along with Miko's play even though she knows about BL culture.
This is one of the reasons why the Japanese fans urged Senchou to reflect on her actions.
After they apologized, all the scum on Twitter are anti-scum who should go to hell.

>> No.2269136

>This is one of the reasons why the Japanese fans urged Senchou to reflect on her actions.
Why? Anyone who complains about a joke where a comic book gets put in a fridge deserves to be rounded up and gassed. You don't give consideration to vermin like that, you squash them.

>> No.2269156

Nice larp ホワイトピッグ

>> No.2269207

who dat? post it

>> No.2269225
File: 509 KB, 3000x3000, Ina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is one of the reasons why the Japanese fans urged Senchou to reflect on her actions

She put. A BL novel. In a fridge. As a joke.

>> No.2269244
File: 11 KB, 332x123, 1590860399448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2269302

This went so hard into simping it turned into chadness.

Imagine getting a shitload of cash and spending it on a horny pirate.

>> No.2269307

not even Senchou, Miko did. To prank Senchou. Senchou even commented "yabakunai?" as if knowing how the hardcore BL fujos would react.
Of course she wouldn't stop her because it's a fucking non-issue for sane people.

>> No.2269311

Install gentoo

>> No.2269314

Is this reddit?

>> No.2269316

Chat were talking about going into debt to send the aka supers before. People be crazy

>> No.2269344
File: 1.40 MB, 2048x1366, 1617643950941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had put money on buttcoins so I could do something like this
Somewhere around 2014-15 I found out about them and saw they were starting to get pretty popular and thought to myself "heh if it's reached the stage where everyone knows about it then the opportunity to make big cash is gone" and now here we are

>> No.2269360

>as if knowing how the hardcore BL fujos would react.
I hope Fujoshits know how pathetic they are, literal wastes of life.

>> No.2269378

That's not what's important.
There is a culture that BL doujin should be kept secret and should not be revealed.
Miko was not familiar with BL and did not know about this culture.
Senchou could have stopped her, but she went with the flow.
It may be hard to understand, but this is something to reflect on.
Because this is a special case, there are many fans in Japan who do not fully understand this incident and do not accept Senchou's fault.
Senchou has made a sincere apology.
What fans can do is not to deny the apology, but to accept it together.
I want you to understand.

>> No.2269429

>There is a culture that BL doujin should be kept secret and should not be revealed.

Fuck this unwritten rules faggotry, Shit isn't Fight Club. It's homosex books.

>> No.2269437

Marine did nothing wrong, go fuck yourself with your Fujoshit bullshit.

>> No.2269480

>Marine should reflect on her actions even though she wasn't the one being pranked.

Are nips really?

>> No.2269513

That's just them grasping at straws. Nobody had a problem with it for the last, like, fifty thousand times it was brought up, but now that the fujos are pissed its secrecy this and unwritten rules that.

>> No.2269535

An outspoken jocks student exposes a drawing made by an otaku student.
Is Japan the only country where this is a vice?
This case is being perceived as such.
MarineSenchou is also a Fujoshi.

>> No.2269545


>> No.2269554

>An outspoken jocks student exposes a drawing made by an otaku student.
Marine is an outspoken jock student?

>> No.2269564

What a hero, I'm gonna make it my endgame to gamble money and donate them to 2D anime girls.

>> No.2269582

>MarineSenchou is also a Fujoshi

She likes women too though

>> No.2269593

She used to be a jolly geek in her school days.
Some fans were shocked that she behaved like a jock despite the fact that she was supposed to know how geeks felt.

>> No.2269600

She only likes women

>> No.2269610

Do jocks talk about liking BL books? That's what she did

>> No.2269611

>MarineSenchou is also a Fujoshi.
Still doesnt mean she did anything wrong.

>> No.2269613
File: 19 KB, 290x290, 1616075599753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2269616

Whether she's a geek or a jock Marine is a good person with a gentle soul. Anyone who tries to hurt her is an inhuman monster.

>> No.2269657

And here there is a culture that you should suck my big fat white cock or fuck off back to wherever you came from, no wonder senchou wants the sexy overseas guys dick so badly when all her nip fans are such cucks when she gets attacked

>> No.2269658

There is a partial misunderstanding.
BL lovers do not only love male entanglements.
The genre is subdivided.
It was well known in Japan that she liked the couple Shinnosuke and Kazama-kun.

>> No.2269664
File: 1.29 MB, 948x899, 1616899836844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was I'll assume

but yeah, nips are kinda fucking retarded when it comes down to taking a stance for something online

>> No.2269680

I dont need to ask but i think i will anyways, are you a Fujoshit?

>> No.2269686

>amount of support just out of spite
overseas need to teach JP bros the concept of "haters gonna hate"

>nekobuckets spoke!
he sends messages every once in a while, I think last time he wished Senchou good luck to Bloom

>> No.2269691


>> No.2269695

I had a brian fart

>> No.2269706

I had a second one...

>> No.2269707

Did it feel good at least?

>> No.2269726

It felt like flushing 12 years of language education down the shitter

>> No.2269732

I can't believe our dear schizo friend has resorted to larping as a nip

>> No.2269747

That's right.
She once told me that the hardest thing for her is when other people say bad things about her fans. She once told me that the hardest thing for her is when other people say bad things about her fans.
So even if it's to protect Senchou, please don't use abusive language.
Especially in her visible area, such as Twitter.

>> No.2269777

I don't want to be that guy, but not everyone who says stuff critical of Marine is the schizo. Especially in this case because what he says seems to echo alot of what the mroe reasonable conversions on twitter are like and seems reasonable enough from a nip point of view.

>> No.2269781

No, you're not.
I'm a man.
But I do know a fair amount about Japanese doujin culture.
In my own way.

>> No.2269794

Then why do you support what Fujoshits do?

>> No.2269823

You don't have to worry too much about that, I'd doubt anyone here really uses twitter and really, even if anyone here has a mind to do that, no one is going to be dissuaded from doing so by your words. 4chan is that kind of place.

>> No.2269839




that japanese doesn't look translated at all, JSL at the worst but I suspect we might have a real one here.

>> No.2269926

Almost all of the people posting shit on twitter are obvious ENfags from here, they spam distorted pekora and use all the obnoxious lingo.

>> No.2269954

Isnt that more discord fags at this point?

>> No.2269955

>she bought the next installment of a yuri doujin she was excited for since the previous chapters had made it clear that the characters were moving toward having sex in that newest chapter.
Is she talking about THAT yuru yuri doujin series? I'm still mad

>> No.2269974

I think you are mistaken.
First of all, Senchou is one of the Fujoshi.
Denying BL culture means denying Senchou's sexuality.
Also, Senchou has apologized for his actions.
Claiming that Senchou is not at fault means that Senchou is a dishonest person who makes meaningless apologies.
Senchou was quick to retract his statement and then took the time to apologize in the stream.
This shows that Senchou is sincere and has the professionalism of a corporate celebrity.
In light of this, all fans can do is smile and welcome Senchou back.
Do you think Senchou would want his fans to be angry with him?
It really pisses me off that some Japanese fans don't get it either.
Look at Miko's stream now.
She is trying to create fun, not anger, with her songs.
She is trying to create fun, not anger, with her songs, and she wants us to laugh for Senchou, not get angry.
As always.

>> No.2269976

Is the use of "rrat" for narrative a discordfag thing now? I would love for that to be the case so the retards here can finally stop using it.

>> No.2269980

The vast majority of shitflinging is in Japanese from nip accounts. Occasionally you get one who tries to poorly larp as a foreigner but even accounting for that the containment breakers comprise a very small amount of the shitflinging.

>> No.2270020

What the fuck are you even saying? You're starting to shizo out

>> No.2270062

Hololive streamers are trying to entertain their listeners.
When we get angry in the comments section, we undermine that effort.
Miko's listeners are well aware of this.
The listeners who are praising her in Miko's current stream are not laughing without thinking.
They know what they can do to support Miko, and they are doing it.
I'm sure people from overseas can understand.
I heard that this forum is not safe, but I understand that many people who love hololive gather here.

>> No.2270072

Dude, chill, he's just saying to let it go because both sides have already apologized and throwing more of a shit storm over it would just support the shitflingers. I don't fully agree with the Japanese mindset on this but he's not being a shit about it, no need to be so defensive.

>> No.2270095

I feel like theres either some confusion or your translation is getting something wrong. Either way, no one here is angry at Marine for apologizing, if anything we are upset that she had to apologize in the first place, we arent mad at her for apologizing. I understand what you're saying with you stating she is a Fujoshi but in the end what she did was a joke and the people in the wrong are the Fujoshis attacking her over something that could have easily been overlooked and ignored. No one would have cared and things would have went on as normal. Theres obvious cultural differences but if you care about Marine, you would want to protect her from people trying to force apologies from her rather than accepting that they are the polite thing to do.

>> No.2270129

Jap-kun, if you are real please let your fellow fujo sympathisers that if another incident like this happens we will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a joke. May I remind you that your country only stopped being pathetic and irrelevant thanks to Portuguese missionaries, Dutch traders, Matthew C. Perry and the US Navy, British guns and soldiers during the Boshin war, and Prussian generals hired to train the Meiji Imperial army. In this case I highly recommend you listen to your kaigai niki superiors once again and tell the people attacking her to fuck off and actually support your oshi who did nothing wrong whatsoever instead of being a cuckold

>> No.2270132
File: 477 KB, 905x1280, 1611155073146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I heard that this forum is not safe, but I understand that many people who love hololive gather here.
5ch is worse than us. We're just really racist. Not autistic

>> No.2270163

>I heard that this forum is not safe
this forum is not "safe" for people who don't like having their opinions challenged

>> No.2270185

>Not autistic
Are you sure about that?

>> No.2270186

Why did he take a paragraph to say it

>> No.2270194

Sorry, I was only talking about the english tweets that come from accounts like these
There's also a bunch of taiwanese and hongkongers who obviously don't come here.

>> No.2270208

I'm probably the biggest jp shitposter here shitting on many faggots and dumb rrats and often making a thread. Although never join holo vs niji war, number faggotry, or bring any fanboyism. I don't have any vtuber hate.

>> No.2270211

>Not autistic
Did you miss the threads famed schizo?

>> No.2270215

It reminded me of the cultural differences.
In Japan, an apology is not such an insulting act.
It is a shame to not admit a mistake.
Senchou is one of the most kind-hearted people in the world, and has always been quick to admit and apologize for even the smallest mistakes.
In this case, it is not Fujoshi who is at fault, but the unrelated people who made the problem bigger.
It doesn't make sense to blame Fujoshi.

>> No.2270223


>I heard that this forum is not safe

>> No.2270239

When you see someone being pressured by the company they work for and outside people to apologize for something where they didn't do anything wrong you are supposed to take their words at face value? You can clearly hear the frustration in senchou's words in her announcement.

I can never understand the jap's retarded mentality of apologizing for everything. You are just opening yourself up for more enemies that will take advantage of you. Don't apologize for the mob!

>> No.2270241

He's Japanese using mtl, cut him some slack

>> No.2270254

You know a lot about how to stir up the Japanese, don't you?
You must be a brother who loves Japan.

>> No.2270264

have you seen the twitter threads for this topic? Japs reply to stress and conflict by posting lefty memes-length non-sentences full of empty words since they learn it from young age. It's so you notice their sincerity since they took the time to write
>all that shit
by them.

>> No.2270271

You're no better than those retards you just described. No need to be so proud and up on your high horse here. Neck yourself.

>> No.2270291

Senchou is Japanese.
I hope you will respect her culture and kindness.
Foul-mouthed agitation is not the only way to fight.
This is not a culture known only in Japan.

>> No.2270310

Someone post the jar. You know the one

>> No.2270323

You do realize that kindness is getting taken advantage of by people making her apologize, right? Have some pride in yourself and your oshi.

>> No.2270333

I am, I do love Japan which should be obvious from the fact that I'm posting about a Japanese v-tuber on a website about Japanese culture. Which is why I want you guys to stop being retarded, we can learn from you in many things and you can learn from us in other ways. Cross-cultural communication can make us both better, but you need to listen and not stay stuck in your culture of apologising for everything even when you did nothing wrong. It just makes the antis more powerful and more likely to make up lies again in the future

>> No.2270336

Maybe it will help if you consider apologizing in Japan is just a way of defusing a situation. It's equivalent to rolling your eyes and saying "yeah whatever". Miko and Marine didn't admit defeat, nor did they say they did anything wrong. They're just apologizing because apologizing is Japans way of saying "OK get over it"

>> No.2270340
File: 3.53 MB, 1909x7725, 1617276333960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2270343

rofl at the thought of saying this forum isn't safe for people who don't like having their opinions challenged when you have people raging at the mere idea that this situation is steeped in the customs of a culture largely unknown to them

>> No.2270369
File: 716 KB, 1247x1549, EqyArP-UUAAwPqX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah, it's fine. He's probably a LARPer anyways, but if it's actually a nip he's here to understand our point of view of the whole thing for whatever reason.

Or he's here to collect some Senchous. Post some.

>> No.2270381

It's more sad than it's funny. You can't give an explanation to anything here without getting antagonized.

>our point of view of the whole thing
Not everyone has the same view even here.

>> No.2270392
File: 135 KB, 516x760, 1604017233065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go Jap bro.

>> No.2270406

Did you watch the apology video? Also it doesnt defuse the situation, theres still shitflinging on both sides. Just because the Japanese are willing to bend over to everyone doesnt mean its the right thing to do. The way you stop this shit is to cut it in the bud so it doesnt bloom into something more, Cover protecting their talent rather than sending them on breaks every time something small happens would only help protect their talent rather than show that they can be bullied as a company.

>> No.2270427

As a slav I am wired to see non-sentences as obfuscation lol

>> No.2270430

You don't understand Japanese autism. You're asking them to change their entire culture. You might not like it but it's the same thing that generally makes Japan a much safer and nicer country than any western nation.

>> No.2270494

>Japanese autism please understand!
Fuck off, i'd rather my oshi be safe than have to deal with bullshit after the smallest fucking thing, Especially with them branching out to other regions like EN, one of these days we're gonna run into the extreme end of cancer culture bullshit and if cover isnt willing to have a backbone, we're fucked.

>> No.2270519

Five minutes

>> No.2270624

>Also it doesnt defuse the situation
It's officially settled with the apology.
>theres still shitflinging on both sides.
Because of people like you.

Hololive/vtuber antis and braindead fans were throwing shit at each other and vtubers before anything had happened. The show is already over, the venue is closed and the personalities of the night are no longer there. Anyone still going on about what should have been done are screaming outside of an empty locked up building, achieving nothing.

>> No.2270645

This is also a cultural difference.
An apology is not a defeat.
In fact, it is sometimes said to be the most offensive form of attack.
In Japan, it is considered immature to beat up someone who has apologized and admitted fault.
Consider that Senchou was not forced to apologize because she succumbed to the antagonists, but because she wanted to solve the problem proactively.
She is kind, so be sincere to those who were hurt by this incident.
She is also highly professional, so she is protecting the company, her fans, and her future.
An apology is not a defeat. Her actions should be praised as wonderful, and I actively disagree with your opinion that tries to find fault in it.
A false apology is a vice.
Senchou is not the kind of reprobate who makes mindless apologies!

>> No.2270664

What backbone is going to help them when the mainstream western audience finds out about all the loli/shota discussions? They would immediately lose all connections with western companies and personalities even before they get to say a thing, if a mass of people would ever demand it.

>> No.2270690


>> No.2270698


>> No.2270718

>That rain of superchats

>> No.2270738


>> No.2270746


>> No.2270787
File: 162 KB, 1256x708, 1617707517223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Womb is back!

>> No.2270804
File: 1.61 MB, 1432x807, 1605982063513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marine still sounds pretty down. I hope shes ok

>> No.2270808

>Because of people like you.
Nice projection retard, stating i want my oshi protected does not mean im picking fights with fujos and antis over this. You completely ignore the fact that we had a week without Marine or Miko streaming simply because of this bullshit, bullshit that could have easily been settled with a statement from cover stating the facts and clearing up obvious bullshit. But you'd rather lose out on a week of streams and a forced apology just to "seem polite" lol. You're actually retarded. All it takes is Cover to actually do something worth a damn to fix this issue, it was that small but instead we lost out on stuff because its clearly the better route to apologize over spilt milk (its not, you're just a cuck)

>> No.2270813

>senchou spent a week playing solitaire

>> No.2270835

>haruhi was 17 years ago

>> No.2270867

>But you'd rather lose out on a week of streams and a forced apology just to "seem polite" lol.
Nice projection retard. Feel free to point to the post where I said I wanted them gone.
It's absolutely hilarious how you believe that there's some universal rule that apologizing means no streaming for x number of days.
Eat a bullet, burger.

>> No.2270895

Meds. The situation is resolved without bad outcomes. You're not a nip and your opinions or actions are worth a shit in a gutter.

>> No.2270929

>Eat a bullet, burger.
>everyone i dislike is American
Typical retard, every time an apology is "needed" it starts with a "break" only for cover to realize that the issue wont just blow over like they hope. If you cant see this then you're just a cuck, enjoy licking boots.

>> No.2270937
File: 67 KB, 454x532, 1603436780523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't have to remind me

>> No.2270941

>cuck cuck cuck
You talk just like a braindead american. Too much /pol/ in your system?

>> No.2270951

and I STILL haven't watched it
dl'ed the first episode, got bored 5 minutes in and dropped that shit

>> No.2270959


>> No.2270968

Dont like being told what you are?

>> No.2270978

Says the american that hates being called american. Hilarious.

>> No.2270985

If me being an American scares you thats fine by me.

>> No.2271001

Marine is cute. Cute!

>> No.2271002

It's the most laughable thing about you besides the embarrassing /pol/ vocabulary.

>> No.2271036

What happened to that show anyway? I remembered it used to be big but now it faded.

>> No.2271045

cringe /pol/shit written by a barely literate weeb btw

>> No.2271051

You give westerners a bad name.

If the Japanese person is still here, understand this place is full of highly impressionable youth who tie everything into their political beliefs, and this is a result of them being unable to comprehend the enemy they built in their head doesn't control the world, and different countries have different cultures. In their minds its a global war between them and their enemy, and they bring that into all aspects of life.

>> No.2271061

Fucking newfags get out
The author wrote himself into a corner and stopped writing so theres no point in making new anime adaptations and that's basically been the state of the franchise for the last 7 years

>> No.2271080

This anon probably scared away the Japanese person by randomly bringing up LGBTQ in a machine translated mess.

>> No.2271110

He left because Marine is now back, thinking the people here don't want to shitfling about muh culture wars when there's something more important going on.

>> No.2271111

having different tastes doesn't make me a newfag, nig

>> No.2271136

Well shes singing a bad shows decent OP
To be honest im more excited about her superchat reading

>> No.2271142

Not being here since 2004 certainly makes you one newfag

>> No.2271160

>but I understand that many people who love hololive gather here

>> No.2271205

>that super small text
Shes gonna sing for hours

>> No.2271212


>> No.2271233
File: 34 KB, 400x330, 1462315542172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"massager" within hand's reach

>> No.2271234

It's just the font size from the previous stream.

>> No.2271342

You'll never be japanese.

>> No.2271377


>> No.2271392

Did Marine said anything about JoJo part 6 announcement?

>> No.2271421

No I don't think so, she was mostly talking about her throat.

>> No.2271442

she owns 7 massagers, figures...

>> No.2271513

beatmario retweeted Marine's current stream
He didn't really say anything during the shitstorm but there was a jealous faggot trying to involve him in it

>> No.2271616

Why is there a new thread up?

>> No.2271641

/v/ newfags who think new threads are made at bump limit are very numerous in Marine's thread for whatever reason.

>> No.2271657

vomit all over me, senchou!

>> No.2271663

Are we just going to ignore it and make a new one, or head to it once this thread is archived?

>> No.2271720

Head to it once this is archived, thees no point in clogging up the board with more and getting into a pissing match over this shit is how the JP threads became complete shit.

>> No.2271734

Cute girls throwing up is cute!

>> No.2271826

I can't believe marine is dying on stream

>> No.2271988

no point making new threads until SEA kids start doing their homeworks and americunts are sleeping.
Otherwise its filled with shitposts and schizos from the get-go

>> No.2272612
File: 156 KB, 784x264, 1617713296573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those of you who keep wondering why Cover makes them apologize and suspends them for 1 week for a nothingburger

>> No.2273733

they'd have earned much more if they had been streaming for the whole week

>> No.2274181

This is literally Marine's regular weekly earnings but in one day. She didn't get anything more or less so far.

>> No.2275166

We get it, schizo.

>> No.2275295

Just woke up. Did I miss anything?

>> No.2275381

the stream

>> No.2275487

Apart from "did you just see those NUMBERS" was there anything else worthy of mention?

>> No.2275725

There being a Miko collab in the near future again was nice to hear
As the 2 got to play MonHun only once during the MikoMariLamyKana collab when it released from what I understood

>> No.2276687

That's good to know. Was afraid that they would publically distance from each other. Will watch both of their streams later.

>> No.2278170

Miko just explained on mengen there's no friction, they'll probably play [redacted] soon together
Relay karaoke was a nice touch

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