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Would she be better as an Indie?

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She's incredibly freespirited and cover doesn't seem to mind so I think she's good where she is

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No. I wouldn't have discovered her and she wouldn't make nearly as many mentally ill schizos seethe if she were. Next question.

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I love this zombie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMqTU3Io5HM

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Why has there been so much buzz around Ollie lately? I don't watch ID.

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I think Risu would fit better as an indie, than she could talk about how much she loves cock all day to male vtubers and share slang she learned like she has already done.

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She used to be one. Go watch her old content and see for yourself.

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I thought she was already indo.

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She said she likes vshojo

The horror

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Ollie is friendly to people outside of Holopro and /vt/ is hungry for yabs.

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Ollie pissed like a charge rifle and killed my dog.

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I don't know anything about the indie paradise that some of you praise, but is there any vtuber in indonesia that has similar numbers to what she has now?

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It feel weird she is not that loud before joining hololive

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Ollie literally had sex with her bf in the middle of a stream

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Damn that's crazy

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Well, she is Kureiji Ollie after all

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yeah I know, I told her it might be a bad idea but she insisted we fuck right then and there.

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Did you know who she was as an indie?

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Up to you to decide if this is based or she needs to graduate.


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Your reps
Do em

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based beyond description

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yup based

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Good point

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Did anal with her boyfriend onstream.

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astel did nothing wrong

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He is hopelessly addicted to Apex and it's likely affecting his physical health, that's the thing he's doing wrong

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She doesn't need to graduate, she just needs to be reined in. I had heard about the male voice but hadn't seen the clip until now, but the explanation of Reine being in the wrong discord channel makes sense based on the timing of what she says. This doesn't seem like as big a deal as people have been making it out to be.

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sex on stream

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Reine seems funny but I never see anyone pay her any attention.

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She’d be better as a random guest they have on cdawgs show ever now and then, it’s what she wants

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would be she be better in india?

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NGL that's kinda hot. Is this (Ollie's moaning) some kind of running gag during the stream? Otherwise she would be so fucking dumb not muting it lol

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She's gonna get an STD if she is really fucking Astel. That nigga gay.

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I know there's lot of rrat in 4chan, but "ollie sex during stream" may not one of them
I give u the based

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If he's gay why would they be fucking

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He's bi, he's gonna give her an std from some gay shit he did.

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What the fuck, I scrolled back and she literally makes sex noises out of nowhere completely unrelated to the conversation....she's literally having sex onstream...unless someone can explain this but I can't think of any other way to explain this.

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Based but I wish Vshojo wouldn't just use her solely as their "in" for Hololive

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BF yabai

sex during stream

Seriously How can she join hololive and pass the audition? No filter for holoID?
I'm not surprised why Yagoo don't even give her a subscribe congratulation

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People really still think a vshojo collab would happen... kek.

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holy shit this is going to make em cum buckets

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>Now's not the time
>Suddenly asks to quickly end the stream
I'm not missing anything here right? Nothing that could put that into context? Cause that's sus as fuck.

I like Ollie cause she's a funny spazz, and props to the BF for being a chad but it'd be a shame if he were to get her fired cause my dude couldn't contain his lust for zussy.

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>biggest hololive fangirl in hololive, arguably even moreso than ina
>would she be better as an indie
christ this board is full of retards

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Why suddenly some fag brings up some weird noises from a stream that was months ago which everyone ignored and screams rrats in all Ollie threads, even reposting it many times in the same thread?

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Because it makes me diamonds

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You have to give them credit, it’s pretty convincing for a rrat. Her bf is a Chad and honestly I can’t fault him for this one.

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honestly, yes. She wants to do a lot things that are heavily restricted due to being part of a company like hololive. Every yab she does would just be seen as normal if she were an indie.

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cope indog cuck

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nope, not even close.
look at Hana Machia, she is the most successful indo vtuber outside hololive

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You forgot Andi Andinata, some guy who was previously the most subscribed vtuber in indonesia. I think he does normal vids mostly

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>sex on stream
lmao what the fuck

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>>biggest hololive fangirl in hololive
>zero respect for fan rules
>says she wants to break them
>says she joined to meet people not be her own person
She was the type of fan with no standards that lives in the twitter/reddit hugbox

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Chad boyfriend.
Still, this bitch needs to go. Her Boyfriend would probably even be a more entertaining streamer than she is.

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I mean no hate when I say this but she’d be in better hands at niji

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I'm with you. That whole scenario is weird as shit

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I really like Ollie but I hate that model, it's so ugly

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wtf was that random moaning? lol I'm trying to figure out if it's just out of context but even Reine and Anya were confused. And the fact she just said "can we just end the stream"... a bit rude

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>straight up moaning on stream


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>> No.2301832

Same, I usually sceptical for shits like this but this is quite hard to counter against. It's out of nowhere.

Same. Can't deny that her rigger is so damn good though, her model is so jumpy on par at Kiara level.

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absolutely no. she wouldnt be able to get the avatar that critically determines her character as a vtuber in the first place, and have to have a shitty low quality weeb avatar instead. without that avatar, she can do nothing.

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What are you talking about anon, she was just doing yoga.

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wtf are zomrades into cuckholding

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Can anyone reasonably explain 2:03:30 or so? She's literally moaning and makes a kissing sound. It feels like the comment section mostly ignores it. Normally these narratives are completely unreasonable but I'm not gonna lie. This sounds really suspicious.

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Yes, but you wouldn't know she existed.

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Occam's razor, she's getting fucked or eaten out live onstream.

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>reined in

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I feel like I'm missing context since I don't watch her. Does she make moans when she plays horror games? Some of the comments imply this.

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everything about it just seems too ridiculous to be true
its not even just the idea of a streamer having sex on stream, its the idea of having evidence this perfect, and moaning that exaggerated to be real sex noises

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Don't forget that she randomly tells someone to stop out of context and that there's a wet lip smacking sound right after her moaning.

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Imagine sending akasupa to someone having sex on stream

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Just look at all this seething that will never leave /vt/

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>You will never have sex with Ollie live on stream

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I mean people in the live chat were confused aswell

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>a fucking MOAN of pleasure followed by "i don't want to" and "it's been 2 hours can we just end the stream?"
>an even more sexual moan later

holy fucking SHIT HAHAHAHAHA this girl is fucking insane, what the fuck???
what the fuck is she THINKING??????

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hey everyone I think you dropped this.

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Explain the moaning and the out of context statements, zombrap?

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Lmao I'm just really curious what that was all about. Super funny that she got back into the game/into character right after asking if they could end it. Felt like she glitched or something

>> No.2306210

hyperactive zombie who wants to be the center of attention makes noises about not wanting to go into scary places

>> No.2306234

>she sounded like she was orgasming because she was scared of a video game
We're reaching levels of cope that shouldn't even be possible.

>> No.2306557

what's more likely if someone's literally moaning mid stream
>i'm not getting attention!! i'm gonna make sex noises and then immediately pretend to want to end the stream!!
>i'm getting eaten out and am too horny to mute myself. i want actual sex so i'm going to ask to end the collab as quickly as possible

>> No.2307090

anon I know you're not sincerely asking this question about someone everyone on /vt/ seems to agree tries to push boundaries, is constantly loud and obnoxious, and acts like more of an e-thot than Kiara

>> No.2307323

What the FUCK
How did no one notice this for months? There's no fucking way this is just her making random noises during a game, this is way too suspicious

>> No.2307423

Coombrain zoomer girls are the best. Too bad not many of them are into oji-chan cock.

>> No.2307441

>everyone on /vt/
Fucking kek KFP, pretending that it's not a couple dozen schizos whining about Ollie making the same threads over and over and that Kiara isn't still hated by the majority
t. not even indog

>> No.2307471

>ywn be a chad who fucks his vtuber gf during the stream
Why even live?

>> No.2307516

Muh dick

>> No.2307538

fuck off you dumb niggers this is Ollie thread not Kiaras

>> No.2308607

I hope you clipped these moans, because they might suddenly disappear soon

>> No.2308657


shes kinda hot, but lol SEA virgin brother thought she had sex on stream, funny shit

>> No.2308936

This definitely rules I need to watch more crazy zombie now huh.

>> No.2309031

Fuck off, Kiara is an insufferable cunt but actually getting fucked during a Hololive stream is on a whole different level. I kind of liked Ollie before but she needs to be "graduated" immediately to set an example to everyone else, especially EN2

>> No.2309133

What are her numbers like?

>> No.2309269

To quote her debut stream.
>Coffee is bad for the baby.
>I had a fight with my boyfriend

It's schizo to pretend you can't hear/see things too.

>> No.2309330

I don't have a horse in the race since I don't really care for, or hold any strong opinion towards, either of them, but as some one whose pretended to be an Anti for both Ollie and Kiara, I think Ollie genuinely deserves it more.

I'll put it like this
>Annoying Voice
>Roommate Drama
>Struggles understand basic social nuance (probably because of ESL)
>Openly a Pekora fangirl
>Is Orange
I'm not listing "she antagonized [Holomember] here" since I can guarantee you its either her playing a Heel or a Boke as a joke, or her making a faux pas due to her being ESL.

>Openly interacting with Yabmines (VShojo, CDawgVA, Sykuno, Artemis)
>Is a Yabmine herself (Coffe is bad for the baby, I had a fight with my boyfriend, *BRAP*)
>Doesn't follow fan rules like at all
>Said she actively wants to break fan rules
>Possible had sex on stream, see >>2296138

>> No.2309379

why boner

>> No.2309452

jesas she yabs like charged rifle

>> No.2309530

>Bf yab on debut from her own mouth
>Lets her bf eat her out on stream literally cucking fans and getting off to it
>Talks with political activists on twitter
>Hangs out with celebrity crush off stream who's probably only using her as an in to hololive
>Pushes to collab with vshoujo when her and everyone know it's off limits because she thinks she can get away with it
>Unapologetically says she wants to break fan rules
>Unapologetically says she became a vtuber to meet people and not contribute to hololive like the rest of the holos
>Bf yab again over discord on another holo's stream
Cover. Onegai. CAN HER ALREADY

>> No.2309976

Imma head out, the one who trolling Ollie is only like 5 SEAnigs max? making the same thread over and over again, reply his own reply, and so on.

at least kiara's had dozen whitefags and seanigs legit attacking her, it's more fun right there, bye

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>> No.2310143

if only a schizo was brave enough to report her.

>> No.2310175

Is there any way to get cover to notice this and fire her other than spreading clips on youtube?

>> No.2310209

Remember it's not the first time a holo makes random moan noises in a stream

>> No.2310223

Whining on twitter + dislike bombing.
But let's be real, who cares about all this except /vt/?

>> No.2310278

I think even those reddit cucks that are accepting of boyfriends would change their tune if they saw her getting eaten out on stream

>> No.2310300

You've become the zhangs you hated oh so much. How ironic. Just like they think they're protecting their country, you think you're protecting your parasocial relationships. Fucking hilarious.

>> No.2310342

5ch unicorn squad is needed for that
okayu occasionally moans because she's fat

>> No.2310344

fuck you, your stupid orange woman took my wife artia away from me
i'm gonna make christchurch look like a fucking joke

>> No.2310357

Isn't that what the IN stands for? I thought it was a punishment for getting indie numbers.

>> No.2310384

It's like 10 SEAniggers actually seething, and 20 more baiting for fun. They are far behind zhangs, anon

>> No.2310412

cope indog, you should watch anya instead of this chaturbate vtuber who happens to have a hololive tag

>> No.2310413

Fucking this, once we let the japs know that the zoombie that collabs with their idols is getting tonguefucked live on stream it's all over for the whore

>> No.2310414

>"Not now"
>Tries to end the stream asap
>Moans again
>Smacking noises
Don't deny it. You're better than this

>> No.2310453

with all these yabs we might as well have rick grimes or ash Williams taking care of this zombie.

>> No.2310479

Should tell Risu on /yeb/ thread about this slut

>> No.2310495

>sends a mail to cover with all the videos and timestamps
>gets ignored and seethes
>decides to post the moan clip in yt expecting people to react "OMG SHE HAD SEX ON STREAM UNSUBSCRUBING"
>people just comment "hAhAh she did sexy noises too was she fapping on stream?"
>basically gets laughed at and some fans manage to dox him and all her fandiscord spam his mails
>everyone here laughs at the shit show too

>> No.2310527

true, gura was making lots of noises in her ring fit exercise video.

>> No.2310533

the absolute cope of a zomcuck

>> No.2310577

Ironically, the ones bitching about "zomcucks" are the only ones being cucked here, because actually Ollie fans are aware that she, nor any other Holo member, will ever fuck them. You're fucking projecting hard, anon.

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>Watches their favorite idol get eaten out on stream
>The people not hating this are the real cucks

>> No.2310753

Zombie is playing with her fans while you are shitposting on 4chins

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Nobody would be better off as an Indie.

>> No.2310798

Actually, if you check her rfa stream she got so exhausted she talked with her real voice, in the phasmo collab that 'moan' was with her 'Ollie' voice

>> No.2310880

Imagine telling your genmates to end the stream quickly so you can have steamy sex with your boyfriend.
both anya and reine were speechless about what the zoomer did

>> No.2310898

So here's the rrat:
Ollo never was her brother, he is her bf. Remember how she told us that he wake her up by licking and jumping on her, and how much of a chad he was.? She wanted to brag about her bf.
Remember how she told us that Ollo isn't interested in girls in school? That's because he fucks Ollie.

>> No.2310946

>It's only a few SEAmonkeys
No it's a variety of those laughing at you, those who don't want her inviting cancer, those who find her obnoxious, and popcornfags. Maybe a few purityfags who aren't just baiting.

>(you) will never fuck Ollie
Indeed, why would I want an obese SEAnigger, there's endless better options for sex tourists.

>> No.2310953

ollo isnt the guy but this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH0pnq_H3Ss

the slut fuck up making an alibi on this even though reine help her making one already

>> No.2311040

gonna be honest Anon i am part of the popcornfags is just funny to see this train wreck happen live and incentive both sides to keep going.

>> No.2312186

Oh god that makes me diamond

>> No.2312801

>right click
>save video as

>> No.2312860

Back then nobody cared, just ollie being ollie. But with the recent boyfriend yab it makes so much sense now, she was getting fondled while streaming.

>> No.2314290

She's undefeated in HolofightZ

>> No.2314485


>> No.2314580

ollie will never fuck you and your oshi won't fuck you either for defending Hololive's honor

>> No.2314615

No, I don't think the male voice yab provides context. I believe the male voice was Reine in the wrong channel and that Jaret guy joined by accident, based on Reine's dialogue in the clip. She confused Ollie when she rejoined the correct room (because Reine herself was confused). That being said, I think the moaning clip is suspicious as fuck.

>> No.2314666

I don't give a fuck as long as undesirable people stay away from my oshi.
Ame is not even my oshi and I already felt annoyed when I saw her reaction to the "charge rifle" line from zoombie.

>> No.2315135

Why are you fags so obsessed with sex you project it onto everybody?

Thinking it would be nice to have a medium that isn't just sexsexsex 24/7 =/= bitter incel purist parasocial, whatever other buzzword spaghetti, caricatures.

>> No.2315265

Your oshis are adults, anon. They can make their own rational decisions about who they choose to consort with and how they interact.

>> No.2315358
File: 85 KB, 1000x1000, Andiadinata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fujo bait has 450k something subs

>> No.2315386

Hitomi Chris was an adult, anon. She made her own rational decisions about who she chose to consort with and how they interacted.

>> No.2315467

Why are people surprised by this? They are all whore and in the bussiness for the money.

>> No.2315473

Are you guys seriously falling for this or am i just out of the loop? It's just one of those adhd sounds, i hear it a lot from my sister too when she's playing.

>> No.2315494

dat boi got some purty lips

>> No.2315538

Hey they might be whores but at least they have the decency to keep it offstream and on their private accounts.

>> No.2315551

They've probably watched too much hentai and think that's what girls sound like the moment you start touching them.

>> No.2315590

Yes, it's just 'girl sounds' if you can put it that way. My friend randomly moans from time to time. At first it bugged me a bit, but you get used to it over time.

>> No.2315598

She would be better off anywhere other than hololive, yes.
Then she can collab with c**** and vshit all she wants

>> No.2315621

That doesn't explain the "Not now" part and wanting to end the stream right after.

>> No.2315639

I love Ollie but her keyfab is the worst, lore supposed she can't meet her family anymore after she got ressurected and her house turns into a ramen shop

>> No.2315823

Ironically her stream is probably the more crowded stream in holo, you can occasionally hear her sister, brother, mother

>> No.2315874

just want to how anya avatar lights up there is really cute

>> No.2315886

I agree, when she debuted she had the best character lore of her generation, but as she talks about her family frequently and the ramen store character hasn't made a major appearance in her last two archive karaoke streams, it feels virtually non-existent at this point. Ironically enough, I think you could give the same character to any other member of Hololive and it would work better.

>> No.2315896

>her sister
>he doesn't know
>he lacks critical information

>> No.2315929

Never heard of this rrat before, who is it? Her bi lesbian lover? Her lesbian manager? Her brother forced to become a sissy?

>> No.2316019

Yeah, I loved the debuts creativity, but we've seen none of that since, you don't need to go Haachama tier but just ignoring that to become basic?

Can't help but think too of the retardation of making the coke addict a Zombie .

>> No.2316148

Out of all ID2 only Anya consistently follows her lore, and just because she really loves being a magical dagger for some reason. Others stopped like 2-3 weeks after the debut.
And, like, does it even matter that much?

>> No.2316170
File: 299 KB, 1080x1080, Shopee_57bdca4c72fff051542840574a56a995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no it's me the chad jaret

>> No.2316366

>Her brother forced to become a sissy?
Actually, given that her past self followed loli CBT accounts, it's not as impossible as you might think.

>does it even matter that much?
Should she follow up on unique creativity that involves her interests (rpgmaker) and builds her character?
Of course it doesn't "matter" but it does make her more generic and lazy, She's just an immature kid on a sugar rush; could've created something interesting.

>And, like, does it

>> No.2316661

Oh yeah what happened with all the rpgmaker schtick? I thought we would get a 6 hours of stream of her making some rpgs.

>> No.2316699

If you listened to the stream you would have heard her saying "It's not the time to 走れそりよ". 走れそりよ is the first line to the Japanese version of Jingle Bells. So she's saying it's not the time to dash away. Just before then she got spooked by the banshee closing the door on her, so she didn't want to go back in the house. Then chat tells her that a banshee will still hunt her even if her sanity is at 100%. She makes an uneasy moan and says "I don't want to [go back in]". Then she repeats herself: "Now's not the time [to dash away]". Then as she enters the house she tries to make an excuse to turn around and leave: "It's already 2 hours can we just end the stream please". Which she probably wanted to do anyway, as she had just been wandering around alone for over 10 minutes while Anya and Reine were waiting on her. Then she quickly investigates the house, concludes that it was a wraith and nopes the fuck out of there in the trailer. Then at the results screen she finds out it actually was a banshee and makes an exasperated but relieved sigh. Then she ends the call and closes out the stream. Face it SEAcucks, Ollie was just hamming it up a bit for the spooky stream and her noises came out a little sexy because she happens to be a sexy zombie.

>> No.2317133

thanks for explaining it anon.
but Iam really sorry for you to type all of this, because KFPigs not gonna change their mind.
didn't you realize, they already decide to believe ollie did all this, on 3 past ollie thread.

>> No.2317229

Why are you arguing with schizos? They can't even read.

>> No.2317267

Them why did Reine said "is that Ollo" if she knew it was coming from discord and why was Ollie so nervous

>> No.2317303


>> No.2317513

thanks for the explanation, not even the biggest baka would be dumb enough to moan loudly even if a bf was eating them out

>> No.2317870

I think the idea is that she forgot to mute her mic or thought she was being quiet enough.

>> No.2317988

I mean, I'm a thinking man too. I have also fantasized about being there when a vtuber cucks their viewers live on stream and nobody can stop it. The panting, the moaning, ass slapping and other lewd sounds while her Live2D wiggs out and chat is dumbfounded.
But I want the real deal, not some silly rrat or fake ass ASMR like with Meiro. And I don't think it's fair for Ollie to be smeared like this. So I'll debunk it not for the schizos, but for the retards that believe their lies.

>> No.2318025

B-based cuck, I guess?

>> No.2318147

>not even the biggest baka would be dumb enough to moan loudly even if a bf was eating them out
Hardly unheard of, hence the >>2301982 joke where IA fingered his gf on stream and pretended otherwise.

>> No.2318744

is a slut

>> No.2319299

What is wrong with you?

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Here, Thank me later

>> No.2321272

the cope of the indogs, this is why Malaysians are better than you

>> No.2325806

Doesn't Reine do fanfic streams (Personally no interest but I like the variance and creativity), considering Anya keeps to her lore, Ollie really is the exception despite some earlier claims?
Pity, it's easy to learn and Haachama, for all her fame, is self admittedly just winging random shit from fanart, imagine what could have been planned by Ollie.

>> No.2326250

It's no fun when you gotta explain the joke.
But almost 200 posts in I guess everyone got their laughs already.

>> No.2326304

We're reaching levels of reach and cope that shouldn't even be possible.

>> No.2326400

So what you're telling us iszombie girls fuck dogs?

>> No.2326606

The better question is do you think she regrets joining the Indonesian branch when she probably could have made it into en gen2

>> No.2326690

>Doesn't address the "Not now"
>I'm a thinking man
Why are cuckolds always self described intellectuals? Don't they have any shame?

>> No.2326914

Not really, that explanation is on the exact same level as schizo explanations but accepted since it's a "no".
None of it actually addressing the point they chose to reply to should be a giveaway.

The explanation doesn't match up with the actions nor the time frame shown in the video for anybody who cares to check, you'd think the lack of times given would be a giveaway but laziness and all that, I'm sure
You stated what happened then added opinions as fact based on presuppositions you never actually prove "I don't want to" and "now's not the time" are purely within the realm of your fantasy, NOTHING you said proved otherwise, just another narrative.

Reminder that a refusal to accept what you hear is just as schizo as other fags.

>> No.2327494

I know you two are just trolling but I'll oblige you, because there are some slow people in this thread who might have been misled by your lies.
>*gets spooked by the banshee and screams loudly*
>走れそりよ... That's not the time! It's not the time to 走れそりよ!
>Not unless it's a banshee! Banshee hunt with 100% sanity... *moans* ...I don't want to [go back in]...
>Now's not the time [to 走れそりよ]...
>It's already 2 hours can we just end the stream please? Can we just end the stream?
>...yeah, it's probably a wraith! Let's go home! Bye bye! Bye bye!
>Oh, it was a banshee! *relieved moan*
Then she carries on for the rest of the stream like nothing happened. Because nothing happened.
She never said "not now", by the way. She only said "now's not the time".

>> No.2327826

Do zombraps really?!

>> No.2327844

>She only said "now's not the time".
So are you going to explain it?

>> No.2327940

This all Sykkuno's fault.

Oh Jesus.

>> No.2328126

>I know you two are just trolling but I'll oblige you
Woop de fucking do, everybody who isn't a white night is some grand enemy, en garde fagutte!

No, I'm not trolling and all you've done is add soundbites for matters nobody has contested.
Form whatever narrative you want, that's yours to believe, despite what some faggots say, that in no way sounds like what you claim it does, e.g. >>2315590 wierdos.

There's numerous repeatedly ignored posts but you'll never touch those will you, just imagine nicer scenarios for already emerged info, convenient that, no?

>> No.2328315

I admire you effort but you're foolish if you think any of the schizos care about authenticity.

>> No.2328685

Not him but i don't think anyone itt is autistic enough to answer all posts that would be ignored in the next thread anyway, do point them out just so other anons can answer for you tho.

>> No.2328968

the Gura masturbated rrat was more believable to be honest, with how she stifles her moan and quickly says "oh god"

>> No.2333184

oh no no no coping zombraps

>> No.2333283

I wish that she had pissed like a charge rifle on my face and turned my head into red mist, but we can't all be so lucky.

>> No.2334003
File: 882 KB, 386x217, 1375037222820.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2335857
File: 9 KB, 193x152, 1593603878535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy mother of rrats

>> No.2336293

These are just Ollie being a retard.

These are just Ollie being toyed with in her erogenous zones while streaming in front of thousands.

She'll take bigger risks and eventually just become another Aloe Love/Hitomi Chris.

>> No.2336428

This right here is the difference between Kiara and Ollie.

Kiara joined Hololive as a last ditch effort to be an idol, and is acting the way that she "thinks" an idol should be.

Ollie joined to network.

>> No.2336462

Can't wait for Ollie x CDawg sex collab

>> No.2336823
File: 236 KB, 500x500, 1617007928496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This desu.
Imagine all the sexy moans during the stream

>> No.2336903

STOP IT, nobody gives a shit, they don't even read it, you just hurting yourself.

>> No.2336971

may...maylh.. what?

>> No.2337029


>> No.2337139

no fun squad has arrived

>> No.2337151

>She'll take bigger risks and eventually just become another Aloe Love/Hitomi Chris.
Ollie should be allowed to take deep inseminating loads in her indonesian puss live on stream without consequence

>> No.2337176

I don't
know man, maybe you should
execute some
googling or something.

>> No.2337248

Not much really, she only streamed one RPGMaker game, IB, back in December and February, and hasn't really streamed any other RPGMaker game since then. I blame the mixed Minecraft/APEX cycle her streams are in for that.

>> No.2337396
File: 1.63 MB, 1178x1013, kiarablacked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure about that?

>> No.2337503

I miss you, you cancer-riddled faggot.

No, the shinji twitter is not enough. And the fanmade neural network-made videos may be fun, but they're not enough either.

>> No.2337625

she would be better off dead in a ditch after being gang raped by all her boyfriends on stream

>> No.2337921
File: 106 KB, 876x1524, 13881dc9151281382e8264c0d6870d30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ollie is a bitch ass motherfucker, she pissed on my fucking dog. That's right, she took her rotting zombie cunny out and she pissed on my fucking dog and she said her oppai was "THIS BIG" and I said "That's disgusting." so I'm making a call-out post on my Twitter dot com. Ollie the Zombie, you got a small oppai, it's the size of a walnut except way smaller.

>> No.2337999

Wasn't She Indie before hololive?
I remember her number wasn't that grea.
Same with Ame. Fucking Ame got barely 3k as Indie before Hololive.
Asking such question is stupid. Noone is better as Indie. Aon, admit it! You don't watch single indie Vtuber.

>> No.2341658

They will NEVER get to spend time with their oshi's

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