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Mooner thread


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The previous one wasn't even archived though

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You can always spot the /v/ tourists because they think they need to make a new thread for a general that lasts a week as soon as it hits page 10

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Moon goddess schedule this week.

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There is minecraft stream today. I wonder if she doing it on JP or EN

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Previous thread >>2039846

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Full JP ver

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Hmm, I just realized it now, that pekora wasn't wear don chan last night because moona borrow it from her.

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It suits her outfit perfectly. Maybe it's because the colour ?

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They both have black and white themed costum. So yeah.

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I hope EN, I really like her streams where she has limited resources, like the hardcore and the snapshot stream.
That and the fact that she would really help the server just by being there.

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It's kinda difficult to distinguish Moona's voice in the identity song. She sounds a lot more different than in her other songs.

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Pekomoon always look good together anyways.

>> No.2303524

Unbridled anger as she fixes everything she sees.

>> No.2303693

She is too kind to actually touch anything built by another member unless it was put there to be annoying, so at best she is going to build a holoID area in the server that puts everything else to shame.

>> No.2305252

True. That would be neat, though her projects usually take a while.

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Chilling in Minecraft.

>> No.2306714

Must be JP server then

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Damn. So that mean she'll overlap with pekora. I'm kinda not sure how to feel about that...

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Did you eat some rrat recently anon? Or is something else?

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>not sure how to feel about pekomoona interaction
get some meds

>> No.2307779

I just.. You know... I was really into pekomoon. And just recently I feel I can let them go and enjoy moona being herself. I don't want those feeling for pekomoon come back and carving more

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good. you should crave for more

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Sorry for you anon, but Moona needs her salary.

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Ahh... Better BGM than the last one.

>> No.2308409

Moona so fat she broke the ride

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New BGM is pretty nice. It doesn't have the high pitched jingles of the last. Also reminds me of her first BGMs.

>> No.2308619

She actually has a decent BGM now, holy shit.

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So... when is she going to finish her house and the monas?

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At least she mentioned the monas just now. She'd collect gold for it.

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I'm actually more eager to see mooner develop her relationship with the duck than i am with the rabbit.

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BGM is good. I still prefer the "comedic" bgm but at least it's better than the previous 2.

>> No.2310610

"about future" oh no bros she's graduating!

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ID 3D stream next week, prepare your donos

>> No.2311087

I'm waiting for this to happen as well

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Yeah, I wanna know Subaru's thought process on Moona.

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This picture is somehow very depressing...

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next week is the announcement, dumbo. hold your horses.

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She is horny.

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Considering that it's for the 1 year anniversary and they decided to delay the announcement instead of doing it on twitter it's probably something big.
3D is still unlikely and the best possible scenario, but I wouldn't be surprised with new outfits or live2D upgrades.

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Didn't think Moona would still be going after Pekora gave her a task on a whim after their semi-miscommunication. Correct me if I'm wrong - this railway's gonna circle round Pekoland giving a nice aerial view and gives the whole place a good frame? I can already hear the "waaaaaaao nice moona". Sasuga.

I still wish the Pekoland floor wasn't flat brick though. It's needs y-axis variation and pathing.

>> No.2313374

>Moona hasn't said a word or changed her expression in five minutes.

>> No.2313386

Moona will get to fixing the floor when every attraction is finished, like she fixed the entrance to the moon tower.

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I don't understand why Pekora went with bricks, almost every building is either black or white, Moona's and Pekora's outfits are black and white, and she made the fucking floor a square made out of the worst block in the game.

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The rest of the server already resembles a theme park with all the grass and "attractions" so maybe she subconsciously went with brick to make it pop. Still looks ugly though.

>> No.2314125

Personally I think that she should have made it a sort of futuristic death complex made of black and white concrete.

>> No.2315316

That sound kinda boring, I think

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Rate Moona's new BGM

>> No.2315644

100 times better than the other 2 before. im one stream away from going to psych ward because of her BGM.

>> No.2315773

It's different from the rest of the server, colored glass could be used in combination with sea lanterns for lights and I feel like the contrast between Pekora and Pekoland would be ironic, but yeah I can understand that it would probably end up looking pretty boring.
Would definitely be better than the brick floor tho.

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Its great bgm. Kinda match with her minecraft gameplay. Idk with other game though

>> No.2315925

Much better. That BGM on her pekoland mascot stream made me think it's something that can be used for psychological warfare weapon (imagine tied in a room on a chair, repeatedly hearing that cursed BGM lol)

>> No.2316707

Yeah, the bgm really fits with her Chilling Minecraft stream

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much, MUCH better than previous 2

>> No.2332725

I like it. The previous one sounds like comedic tone.

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I need to renew my moon membership for tonight stream

>> No.2339708

Mooner no

>> No.2344018

1 more hour bro ...

>> No.2346023

Fuck me! I was thinking to make her that kind of animation this weekend, but she already commissioned herself. She so happy about it argghhhh!!

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Have pekora noticed her Rollercoaster yet?

>> No.2353987

What are some songs you'd really want Moona to cover?

>> No.2355583

bad and boujee

>> No.2356551

Pekora only just gave the request the other day. She'll see it before next week starts, probably. She might be doing MC twice a week as of late.

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some sound horizon old hits. Kono Semai Torikago no Naka de is great !

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What did she talk about in the membership stream?

>> No.2361287

anything notable from last mem stream, cant watch stream for past few days, oh, and which ID karaoke relay worth to DL and listen offline, gen 2 any good?

>> No.2361367

Moona nailed her own original at the relay. Reine and Risu are fantastic as well.

>> No.2362933

Risu and Moona is a must. Reine is okay. Why don't you try to listen to them yourself? Only 30 minutes each.

>> No.2365794

>Why don't you try to listen to them yourself?
work related (location), cant watch anything, even 144p keep buffering every 5 second

>> No.2366839

>anything notable from last mem stream
new stuff on 11th
mamah moona season 2 confirmed
>and which ID karaoke relay worth to DL and listen offline
reine has the fun setlist
moona and risu, do we really need to question them? they always deliver. moona sang Inochi so that's a big plus for me. dont bother with the rest.

honorable mention: Anya, despite all the tech difficulty she remained calm and kept it together.

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>> No.2367269

Also, Anya SOUL karaoke is definitely worth watching. At least for her effort

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does anyone still have that moona-cant help falling in love streamable?

>> No.2373666

Got nothing on warosu, too lazy to pinpoint it. Here, someone put it on Youtube.

>> No.2376174

fucking saved. thanks moonabro. i lost my hard drive and anything moona related in there.

>> No.2380790

Moona's Moonas

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>> No.2381582

I wish i could put my penis between Moona's Moonas, it would be the most amazing paizuri

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I love Risu.

>> No.2382037

i'd kill other moonafics just to get a good long sniff of that armpit. god imagine.

>> No.2382289

I want to tie her and punch her breasts and belly so hard. Oh my gosh., it really make me horny just to imagine moona become my punching bag

I'm not hating moona, she is my oshi. it's just my wierd fetish

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purple friends

>> No.2399481

With how awkward the birthday stream call in was, I'm always surprised that shien is the only star she interacts with.

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>> No.2401867

please guerilla or something... i miss her so much bros...

>> No.2403872

moona... stream onegai...

>> No.2404265

Moona sing onegai...

>> No.2407136

now i'm just realize why ID branch anniversary 5 days apart from their member?

>> No.2407183


>> No.2407466

Why is that?

>> No.2407701

I'm having hard time trying to understand this, but i think its their debut announcement.

>> No.2408553

Will moona do her debut React tonight?

>> No.2409507

She already did.

>> No.2410498

this fat fuck better be preparing something for tomorrow. i miss her so much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.2411793

she did that months ago anon, please keep up with the Moon

>> No.2413997

Ahh, damn I forgot about it.

>> No.2418041


It had some very sweet and funny moments.

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>> No.2430689

I really really like this image

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>> No.2432645

goodness gracious

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>> No.2437159

The composer of ID:entity Voices explaining his thought process. Mind you, it's in Indonesian.

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Moona 1st anniversary 8PM GMT+7

>> No.2437288


LMAO god damn I looked at the thumbnail closer... please Yagoo.

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>> No.2437549

this fucking autist

>> No.2437553

Goddammit. My heart skipped a beat and it goes downhill from there.

>> No.2437573


>> No.2437624

Can't fool me after Polka's.

>> No.2438163

I thought she leaked the 3D announcement, turns out it was just her antics.

Don't worry bros, they will announce that they will get 3D soon in the next area 15.

>> No.2438866

the NEW STUFF suppose to be released today right?

>> No.2440274

>2k waiting
Please mooner, don't give us false hope like this

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>> No.2440425

Damn I got baited hard

Still gone watch the stream tho

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At least she's laughing like a madman. That's enough for today, I'm happy.

>> No.2440508

(You) me when she sing

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>It was clickbait
Stream closed. Unsubbed. Reported. Saged.

>> No.2440575

I'm glad Nyori did Moona's, her retarded expressions is priceless.

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my sides

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oh look at those numbeeerrrsss

>> No.2440746

>she likes wonderwall

>> No.2440989

>mamah moona is back

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god moona's accent is so fucking hot I want to have sex with her

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>id:entity jp ver

>> No.2441328

get in line, samurai.

>> No.2441390

she needs to practice her belting more

>> No.2441474

I can't stop smiling.

>> No.2441657

That's it?
Anything interesting?

>> No.2441825

Personally, I will skip to 45 min when she started singing. There was also a fun bit at the end with her model.

>> No.2442009

I love hearing her giggle and get excited over dumb stuff.

>> No.2442486

She did says there is membership stream tonight right?

>> No.2442556


>> No.2442854

>He can sleep with moona every night while she drooling on his big belly

URAYAMASHIIII!! I fucking hate you pororo!! Why do we even live bross!!

>> No.2442925

You may remember the Ender Dragon itself sought to punish him. He's already suffered enough as it is...

>> No.2442996


>> No.2444139

>tuesday and friday
>3 AM
the friday timing is perfect. you can just stay up all night, watch moona at 3AM + eat your meal then sleep until it's time to wake up for friday prayer.

>> No.2444172

The new transition is nice, also we now have a canon look for her axe.

>> No.2445541

>changed the thumbnail for the re-debut stream
lmao, I guess management doesn't find her clickbait funny.

>> No.2445824

it was suppose to be a one time joke and not to leave it there in the archive forever, anonchama.

>> No.2446919

Oh shit, I start to doubt that the announcement on 15th wouldn't be 3D.

How should I cope if it really isn't Bros? I already overhyped it, damn.

>> No.2447261
File: 1.58 MB, 360x202, 1608002712396.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing's stopping Cover from releasing Home 3D models for them to use.

Sure, it would be stale as fuck because of course there'd be no mocap tracking or movement below their necks, but the intention would be there.

>> No.2447373

the model is going to be like roberu

>> No.2447425

There is literally full body mocap hardware only cost $1000, there is no way cover can't afford to sent id girls 3D equipment. 3D is just ceremonial thing at this point. The hardware was so cheap even indie can afford it by themself.

>> No.2447469

That is just pure distilled autism by cover employe.

>> No.2454541
File: 1.89 MB, 902x1555, 89032471_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2455583

have faith, they have a studio for it now
thanks to reine

>> No.2460825

>they have a studio for it now
Please be true

>> No.2464446

Schedule onegai...

>> No.2465088
File: 44 KB, 764x353, 12.04.2021_12.32.59_REC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Important massage from moona

>> No.2465726

I can draw stick figure moona if that counts for talent

>> No.2466849

They don't even need to buy a studio, they could just rent one.
Cover is just lazy.

>> No.2467123

I guess what she mean animator is for like motion graphics, and too bad I can only doing character animation TvT

>> No.2468882

when's the new stuff? dont tell me this fatass forgot to post a premiere

>> No.2469893

Didn't she say that she would do a guerilla stream today? She's obviously not going to stream over Iofi's anniversary, so she really doesn't have much time left.

>> No.2469980

fuck kpop
i hate kpop

>> No.2470040
File: 84 KB, 431x486, 1617994721533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fucking Kpop...

>> No.2470608

Moona... this is like the worst schedule possible, there is literally 1 actual stream here.

>> No.2470693

I know there is at least one indonesian vtuber company that had the 3D equipments. Cover could rent from them temporarily, but Yagoo is a cheapskate who only cares about his JP branch.

>> No.2470874

Tell me anon. What are these mamah moona streams ? Zatsudan of some sort ?

>> No.2470951

Maro reading

>> No.2471014

That's literally just VR chat, looks worse than most indie 3Ds.

>> No.2471306

she let her shining in her days

>> No.2471421

>it would be stale as fuck because of course there'd be no mocap tracking or movement below their necks
If "Coco" can have a 3D model with arm tracking and Pochi there is nothing stopping the non JP talent from having that outside of cost

If YAGOO already foots the bill for the iphone might as well put up a bit more for hand/leg tracking

>> No.2471618

much more like Anya's love consult corner, but for daily life rather than love. i think you could send one in english.

>> No.2471626

Random shit at 3 AM.

>> No.2471722

I see. Thank you anon

>> No.2472018


Actually they can do it from home Hololive actually demonstrated this a few years ago:

From what I can see its HTC Vive equipment.

4 Trackers (Head, Legs, Waist) and 2 controllers to track arms and control stuff and 2 base stations.

You can go onto the Vive website and find the cost of each item, Each tracker is about $170, each controller is $240, each base station is $330

There are other accessories required such as cabling and the body straps for the tracking but roughly around $2000.

Not a super expensive setup for the amount of dough they are raking in.

But that video was from 2018 I could be wrong and they using mocap suits like Xsens either way It's possible to do full body from home.

>> No.2472445

nah bro, those 3D equipments are janky as fuck, i'd rather wait for another year to see an ACTUAL 3D for ID girls.

>> No.2472665

>hates loud noises
>Intense sensitivity to sound is a common autism symptom
i thought her being in the spectrum is a running gag amongst moonafags this whole time. turns out it wasn't.

>> No.2473438

If russian indi chuba can track her hands (actually the whole body as can be seen in her RFA stream) at home, why cover can't?

>> No.2477956


>> No.2479449

what the fuck is mammah moona?

>> No.2479537

it's a parody of a popular Indonesian early morning islamic tv program 'Mamah Dedeh' where the host is a motherly figure giving their viewers bunch of life advice.

>> No.2479614

so it's like bar coco. too bad it's not in english

>> No.2483379


>> No.2483809

it begins

>> No.2483974

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Moona's morning voice

>> No.2484013

ID language is actually kinda cute

>> No.2484047

moona's ID is cute especially when she slightly leaks her local dialect.

>> No.2484070

I love that she insists on using the DMC meme dance gif. It's the little things that really make me appreciate her and ID Gen1

>> No.2484101


>> No.2484412

she's speak indonesian with malaysian dialect

>> No.2484466

Doesn't really vibe with the bgm desu

>> No.2484532

Ffs too tired wanting to type desu but it came out desu

>> No.2484550


>> No.2484577

You sure love inserting your Japanese words willy nilly, you silly 4chan man.

>> No.2484585

Huh I didn't know if I type that it became desu

>> No.2484762

fucking weeb

>> No.2484914

>open moona's stream
>lofi is there
Gomen moon.

>> No.2485369


>> No.2485466

huh... i didnt expect moona's 3 AM stream would gain those numbers. maybe she sould consider doing an english episode.

>> No.2485504

How much did she got last year? I just recently watch her so I thought this were her average number.

>> No.2485530

barely 1k viewers. 800 on average iirc.

>> No.2486221

HalalFags doin fasting reps, We chose moona stream than TV bs. well nobody expected the crowd tho.

>> No.2486302
File: 40 KB, 829x101, erg43tr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surprising numbers for id only stream. unfortunately people were too poor to donate tho...

>> No.2486562

>superchat is currently not available for indonesia
>most of the indogs proly dont use CC
i would rather say, they're "blocked" to donate. they really should make the local donation method available

>> No.2488621

shit you're right
no wonder it feels a bit off

>> No.2493718
File: 176 KB, 954x1824, 89092817_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2501127

what do you think will be on the menu for Moona's iftar?

>> No.2501197


>> No.2501209

wkwk halu

>> No.2501281

Moona's currently bullying Ollie in JP MC server. Wish she did guerrilla stream though.

>> No.2501692

I bet her whole family is there.

>> No.2502706
File: 19 KB, 606x233, based_moona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Moona

>> No.2502825

She... is here?

>> No.2502846

HEY MOONA!!! i lob you

>> No.2503552

Guys it's full English song, just pop, not Korean www

>> No.2503623

or you are weebs who only accept jp? Fork you in that case

>> No.2503690

I hope her song gets a lot of viewers.
i already invested all my money on mooncoin.

>> No.2504599
File: 436 KB, 630x500, 1605131318373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Supa Nenechi has 3D announcement stream on sunday. There's basically 0 chance for next area15 to be ID's 3D announcement... It's over lads

>> No.2505662

Hi Moona

>> No.2506031

told you bros not to get your hopes high. we wont be getting ID girls 3D until next year.

>> No.2509523

Cool mv but the typography feels laggy

>> No.2509576

Hoshinova's song is out:

>> No.2510982

I love Moona's singing voice

>> No.2510986

>moona is a league pleb
unmembered, unsubscribed, disliked, unfollowed

>> No.2511803
File: 233 KB, 222x502, moonmoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be in that triangle

>> No.2514578

With Moona.

>> No.2516533

Moona is build for rough sex

>> No.2516976

Moona sahur stream doko??

>> No.2517043

It's only on Tuesday and Friday

>> No.2518837

For the sole purpose of procreation

>> No.2522576

Good morning, moona!

>> No.2524497

Any bets on 15th announcement ? Since 3D is out of the picture, I'll put my money on new costume

>> No.2524624

There is still hope for 3D, I'd say around 20% chances. 50% for new costumes, the rest will go for merch.

>> No.2525061

There's zero(0), null, صِفْرٌ, chance. They just announced Nene's 3D. Announcing another 3D in the same week will split the hype.

>> No.2525552

Its 3D, the announcement should be after holoid Anniversary. Also, holoid doesn't care holojp announcement

>> No.2525765
File: 349 KB, 2048x1416, Ey5nojYVgAowgIg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2527902

Damn this is actually good.

>> No.2533144


>> No.2535758
File: 803 KB, 995x1011, 1612282171851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god today's chat was awful. if it wasnt for her fasting she would've start sperging on stream like usual. so proud of my moon.

>> No.2535901

What happened ?

>> No.2536052

bunch of either literal underages or trolls (given moona has a lot of indonesian anti) asking "what's your religion moona?" or something along that line. but moona somehow remained calm or just straight ignored it.

>> No.2536068

She debuted on Ramadan last year, this ain't a new thing for her.

>> No.2536099

>vodka tweet
>sahor stream
idk man, that's seem just a reasonable question to ask

>> No.2536106

She's about to get 600k subs tonight!!

>> No.2536203

>that's seem just a reasonable question to ask
true. but any reasonable grown up wouldn't go out of their way to do that and shit up the livechat. that's why i said it's either kiddos or trolls who want to piss her off.

>> No.2536238

wow what?!! how the fuck she gained 4k subs today?

>> No.2536243

no, just minors. cmon, you can actually identify their ages by the profile pic they are using, their account name, and their subbed channels.

>> No.2536280

holy shit you are right.
is it the new cover song buff? i mean, league song isn't really a big thing in vtuber and weeb community... what is this algorithm...

>> No.2536342

possible countdown stream, but it's moona...

>> No.2536350

She'll do the celebration at 690

>> No.2536952

I love how people keep saying that she is going to slow down, but considering her subs she is consistently one of the fastest growing holos.

>> No.2536970


>> No.2537084

Moona appearance on minecraft prison in Peko's stream.

>> No.2537103

Uwoohh.. She still online?

>> No.2537185

Indog muslim here, although we do prayer daily lots of us still do sex before marriage and drinking alcohol. Indog Muslim is totally different with Arab Muslim.

>> No.2537286

did you also do ritual marriage before having sex then do ritual divorce after having sex?
you know, just in case

>> No.2537409

That's Syria muslim

>> No.2537411

may Allah guide you back to the right path, brother.

>> No.2537454

thats shia stuff. we dont do that here. you can find this kind of practice in iran or syria or any shia majority country.

>> No.2537751

Reminder not to get hyped for tomorrow's announcement.

>> No.2539247

I think the hype is already dead since they're delay the announcement.

>> No.2541118

[sad news] There is no sign from moona that she's going to do 600l countdown :(

>> No.2541145

she proly busy playing Apex Legends GOTY Edition

>> No.2541258

>Not 690
C'mon now, that's Moona we talking about.

>> No.2541823

I thought Ollie was going to surpass her soon enough, but I was wrong. This girl is unstoppable.

I'm glad that people loves her.

>> No.2541915

>Ollie was going to surpass her soon enough
that's what /hlg/ and /hlgg/ said like 4 months ago and the gap has been constant at 60k-70k.

>> No.2542139

ollie will suprass her coz she do collabs alot with other vtuber.

>> No.2542174


>> No.2542481

Unless Moona does something to legit recline in numbers I don't see it happening any time soon.

>> No.2542688

Moona steamy sex with pororo on stream!

>> No.2543021

That'd make her incline harder.

>> No.2543284
File: 1.85 MB, 3480x3648, 1601235410573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2543336

Maybe this design can be used for evil Moona in Hololive Alternative.

>> No.2543421

>listening to globalfags
>browsing global to begin with

>> No.2544386

I really hope that Moona hasn't forgotten about the Kiara Minecraft collab and the Ame/Ollie Apex collab, considering that she last talked about both of those about a month ago.

>> No.2544436

Too bad that neither ID nor EN are going to be in HoloAlt.

>> No.2544494

Moone'rs Moonas..

>> No.2544555

What is Hololive Alternative anyway? Is it really an anime? If so I doubt that the ID will get more screen time than a mere cameo.

>> No.2544785


>> No.2546972

From what I can gather Hololive Alternative is just the name that they are giving in general to everything that has to do with Hololive Lore, we already know that the trailer is just for a music video, but let's say a manga was announced, that would also be HoloAlt content.
I would imagine that if they are going to include ID and EN they are going to be in different "alternatives", so maybe HoloID content is only going to include ID, or they could put ID and EN together which would be cool.

>> No.2550793

>coco meme review
>miko GTA
>EN server maikura
rule of thumb, dont get too excited about what moona says

>> No.2551705

She's autism pls understand

>> No.2551708

>EN server maikura
I have rrat about this, so apparently ollie suppose to play minecraft in en server yesterday, but for some reason she play in jp server instead. The thing is when ollie try to relogin there's no en server in ollie server list. Did ollie and moona get restricted to play in en server by cover just like hachama?

>> No.2551749

no, the EN realm is currently shut down since enma didn't pay the bills. nobody got restricted

>> No.2551773

Enma do your job properly! heyy!

>> No.2551972

>this is your brain on rrats

>> No.2552070


>> No.2552547

>Kiara Minecraft collab

>> No.2552580

I thin you got lost on your way to the global thread, bud

>> No.2552684

fuck off

>> No.2552740

Go make 7 threads about it, nigger

>> No.2552763

Why are KFP fags invading Moona threads of all places.

>> No.2553124

Anon if that was the case then the server won't completely gone from the list, it will still appear but can't be connected. In ollie minecraft server list there is only one server available.

>> No.2553503

You should open your eyes and stop using global lingo, retard. EN play on a realm, JP play on a server. 2 completely different things and both were present on Ollie's stream.

>> No.2553752

Realms and servers are different things anon, besides you can see the EN realm in Ollie's stream and the ENs themselves couldn't access it.

>> No.2555209

good fanart

>> No.2555246


>> No.2555326

How many of you here go after the ID girls because they are the least popular and will thus actually interact with you in chat?

>> No.2555429

I don't dislike the ID girls or anything but I think it's awkward when one of the hologirls notice something I say, I'm literally never saying anything clever when my brain is looking at cute anime girls.

I feel most comfortable commenting in the biggest streams.

>> No.2555475

I will be hyped and you can't do anything about about it

>> No.2558515
File: 314 KB, 619x545, 1611105580872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll be 1 hour of nothing burger followed by 30 minutes of new merch shilling. You heard it here first.

>> No.2558627

i remember telling a vore jokes on iofi's chat long time ago, she actually read it and laughed, and then repeat my jokes
i got an instant boner from that

>> No.2558704

afaik Reine is the only one who has read fanfiction and thus allowed me to show off my only talent. It was nice since normally only artists get any love

>> No.2561465


Is this a sign that it possible to have moona collab with wildrift/league, their official account just tweet moona cover.

>> No.2561930

yeah that's probably it.
its not going to be 3D which makes me sad...

>> No.2562883

Are they allowed to talk about LoL though? I thought that was offlimits after the bugmen fiasco.

>> No.2563421

Don't they play on fucking Garena, imagine the shitshow

>> No.2563777

me personally:
1. i can see myself in her so im rooting for people of my kind. simpe as.
2. she's a total rookie when she started streaming, literally zero experience. so it would be a fun ride to see how she grows over time.

>because they are the least popular and will thus actually interact with you in chat?
i believe this is actually the case for some of the indogs, they actually "harassed" moona on her social media after she got too popular because of pekomoona boost. they call themselves "veteran" and claimed that moona forgot about them just because she rarely mention their name on stream ever since, pathetic really. pretty sure they all abandoned moona by now, or i sould i say GOOD RIDDANCE.

>> No.2563829

i beleb

>> No.2563890

so it started huh? yikes.

>> No.2564181

they are allowed them to play valorant and moona to cover kda song, so its ok i guess.

>> No.2564266

reminder to not hyping tonight announcement and don't forget to take your daily meds :)

>> No.2564278

Anon, there is a holo streaming moba right this moment

>> No.2564311

uh... i said mobage as in mobile games.

>> No.2564463

My bad. But as for mobile games aren't horse gacha, everyone was playing, is one?

>> No.2564474

like mobile moba?

>> No.2564546
File: 10 KB, 585x177, 1604908939241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2564692

why's everyone lusting for his dick? what's his secret bros?

>> No.2567537


>> No.2568097

Another bait.

>> No.2569363


>> No.2569883

do your indo reps
the last AREA 15? in april

>> No.2570004


>> No.2570060

Should we make new /moon/?

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