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>Monster Hunter

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What did you mean by this?

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Yoo it's ame sister and gura sister

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look whos the leech now

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Is Uto as bad as people say she is? I’ve never watched her.

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>blatantly plays the same games as the Holos whenever they are popular
>tries to reach out to Amelia and has to get shut down
>collabing with a vtuber who is popular among clipfags
Is she a leech?

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anon literally everyone in japan is playing monster hunter

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The absolute state of pedos lmao

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Everyone is a "leech", that's simply how the entertainment industry works.

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Leech or not I want this cute tenshi to be more popular.

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Yes, her last stream had her talking about Mori when she saw her post on her chat. What a leech.

And its going to be cringefest because she is horrible at interactions.

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i wonder if cover will shutdown any collab with pikamee now.

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At this point Uto has proven to be so good at leeching that I just have to respect it. Close to 500k subs and now getting into collabs with one of the biggest vtubers not in Hololive or Nijisanji? It's quite impressive.

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nope, don't listen to shitposters

>blatantly plays the same games as the Holos whenever they are popular
playing a popular game literlaly everyone is plaiyng
>tries to reach out to Amelia and has to get shut down
never happened
>collabing with a vtuber who is popular among clipfags
she's more popular than Pikamee

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This is a Holofag board >>2384026 isn't even aware of Nijisanji, 774 inc or upd8 so they can just say schizo shit like

>blatantly plays the same games as the Holos whenever they are popular

and not get called out on it because no one watches other JP vtubers.

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Gura has like three sisters.

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>monster hunter
based, insta sub

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Pika... no...

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Pika you dumb bitch

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There's no such thing as 'leeching' in the content creation space. Anyone who tells you that clearly engages in tribalism and vicariously feels slight for their chuubas like a retarded schizo. If Uto has an avenue to get more popular, she needs to exploit it, not succumb to bullshit 'honor' and 'fairness' like bitch ass newfags want her to.

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What did he meant by this.

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>vtuber says hi to another vtuber saying hi

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Iine, naisu

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generally the idea of leaching is retarded because it assumes it's a 0 sum game which is dumb.

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This but unironically. Also, Mori should have known better than to acknowledge this leech when even Ame herself doesn’t give her the time of day.

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If you have to qualify your statements with "but unironically", you're probably a retard.

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This, but unironically

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whatever happened to the uto thread anyways, haven't seen it in a while.

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The Uto threads basically come and go as she streams. For example, the last Uto thread started as a shitpost about her being gone for a week or two, then when she came back almost immediately after it became an Uto thread. The same might happen with this thread

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That, but ironically

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Didn't reach out but definitely doesn't acknowledge especially after her controversy. Still followed by Mori and Kiara on Twitter.


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>at the same time as Gura's new sister's debut

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They work for the same chinese shadow company.

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They've been in a sub slump for a while so them collabing doesn't seem that strange. Is Uto good at Monster Hunter? Haven't had time to watch her since I'm trying to go through some hololive vtuber monster hunter rise stream backlogs.

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Why do Holofags call Uto a leech when Every Gen after 2 has been leeching off the hololive brand?

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This feels like bait so here's a (you) for the effort.

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Not him but everyone is playing monhun

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pika why.......

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>both have pointy teeth

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She's the leech.

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Usually they get spammed with shitposts. Now that the current one doesn't have her name in the title, it didn't get shitposts. Almost like there's a bot or an autist who does the shitposting when he sees the name as a keyword.

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I still can't get used to new Pikamee

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>Collabs with a smaller vtuber
>Gets called a leech for it
This doesn't add up.

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>Tune into the collab
>They're having a blast and laughing their asses off

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Anon you know how this board works if they are seething about it you know its gonna be good

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She's the biggest holo leech. Here's the facts

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Based vtuber making it in the world and making manlets rage because of it.

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Man, Gura is such a shameless fucking unoriginal leech holy shit.

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ikr ?

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I'm watching the collab right now and WTF Uto is actually pretty cute. I've had a negative opinion of her since the whole hololive leeching fiasco, but never bothered to actually watch her until now.

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You don't have to tell us your are dumb, we already guessed.

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>Hating someone before even giving them a chance
Do holokids really

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>ignoring the meta tag leeching

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Counterpoint: no one really cares.

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Yes, that can be ignored. A big nothing.

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I never understood why anybody gave a fuck about this. Who cares? It got her noticed and it worked. The youtube algorithm is brutal and she managed to beat it. Good for her. Before you call me a shill I've never watched a single minute of Uto. Just pointing out how I feel.

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That was management's idea, not Uto's fault.

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Then explain to me why she was soooo sad that some company used her for Meta tagging? When she's done the same shit.

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Well, it's actually kind of against the youtube rules.

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? That was the same time.
Also, you retards kept spamming incorrect bullshit so she had to say something. Even that cuck was involved who thankfully got his channel terminated.

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Well Youtube doesn't seem to care all that much. I don't think you should care about Youtube's rules more than Youtube does. Fuck them anyways.

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Nope, she meta tag leeched waay back when she first started just because she's Ame's Sister which in her retarded head justifies leeching off of Hololive and EN

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>dumb anti doesn't even understand what happened
Also are you still going to be spamming this shit 1 year+ from now when no one gives a shit already?

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The Holo-onlys on this board are just as bad as the chink spammers sometimes. This overreaction is exactly why you'll never get your Coco-EN collabs.

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You are so out of the loop, lmao.

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keep coping

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seeth and dilate

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why utokeks are so salty? instead of talking about your oshi stream you just come here and cope all day

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Oh no, it's more than 66 minutes, what are they doing???

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Find it weird that Uto's threads are completely dead after her comeback. Was it because she cutoff ties with chinks, so there's no more of her paid shill around?

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no proof
>paid shill
schizo shit

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Nah, i'm still getting paid in good boy points. Make sure to subscribe and like her channel!

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Methods matter. Take the good with the bad. If your content and strategy is blatantly designed to leech from another group of course people are going to look down on it.
I'm someone who hopes Uto lasts for a long time. But her company's strategy was to spam her everywhere and engage in that tagging business. She benefitted from it, but I find it strange that people are so upset she has to stomach the negatives (being called a leech) as well.

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>but I find it strange that people are so upset she has to stomach the negatives (being called a leech) as well.
It's baby's first media industry ride for most of them. For many people here this is the first time they actually like something popular and can no longer play the "popular thing bad" card, so they'll get mad of the obvious things.

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>She benefitted from it
Tags do almost nothing and the company bs made her take a 1.5 month break which killed her momentum.
>content designed to leech from another group

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I agree with some of your points but how is her content "designed to leech from another group"

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>>content designed to leech from another group
Holoshitters believe holos invented youtube, video streaming, video games, female characters, etc.

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The moment the meta-tags changed her explosive growth dropped off hard. And I don't mean her growth died down as any channel would after experiencing meteoric growth. I mean she removed the tags and her growth dropped off a sheer cliff. People say tags do nothing but if I cared enough to dredge up the growth chart I'd have a good argument against that.
>content designed to leech from another group
I started that sentence as something different, changed it to talk about her company's strategy for getting her noticed, and never removed the reference to content because it's 2am here.

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>growth died down as any channel would after experiencing meteoric growth
This is literally what it was, it just happened to line up roughly with her removing the tags. Doesn't prove anything.
Also as you can see she was still getting 5-10k which is not a slow growth by any means.

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This, everybody and mothers subbed to her in a month or so because she was fresh and people liked it. But don't tell this to the schizo, she will get an aneurism.

>> No.2401692

Not defending Uto here. But the holo's do the same shady shit. The streams where they sing to a certain milestone is obviously begging people to make alternative acounts. and then they take "breaks" to farm more superchats. your complaining about one thing when the whole industry is shady.

>> No.2401703

Hear her side of the story:

>> No.2402086

Here's the thing: there's no fucking way this is true.

>> No.2402149

This is why no one cares about your rantings. You sound like a flat earther.

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>I signed some unknown contract with some unknown company and they did all the bad things, but when I told them to stop they ghosted me and I can't contact them, but also I am currently in contact with them and negotiated my independence back


>indie vtuber made some underhanded decisions to boost their channel and it worked

why is the latter the fringe theory? its not only perfectly feasible, its fucking common in the business

>> No.2402264

Who are you quoting?

>> No.2402284

>>indie vtuber
I though your entire narrative was based on the fact that she was not indie?

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So many weirdos on 4chan. Nothing matters except how successful she is with her fans. Her unreliable streaming has hurt her channel but she is still outstanding among independents on YouTube.

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I skipped this collab as they used Japanese throughout. I notice the Bao collab got 150k views and this got 72k despite pika being a bigger streamer than Bao. The Bao collab used a lot of English.

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Is there a reason you miserable fucks enjoy hating on a young women putting free entertainment on youtube?

>> No.2403226

>Is there a reason you miserable fucks enjoy hating
where do you think you are?

>> No.2403295

leeches get stiches

>> No.2403321

you're discussing a popular streamer to get attention, doesn't that make you a leech?

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cope on what

>> No.2405068

Cope on my dick retard

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She already explained this as she actually *did* sign up with a company but she claimed (?) they put those tags in and when she questioned this they split.

You can find this on her twitter in both japanese and english, my only question is why did she not say anything when she did join them

>> No.2405275

haha gottem

>> No.2413119

Ah yes my two favorite Hololive members

>> No.2413880

Anybody got a list of vtubers main weapon playing monhun?

>> No.2416822

>trying to get attention while being a faceless anon
No one gains anything on this site retard that's why we can call out leeches like Uto without the consequences

>> No.2419784

>Not defending Uto here
>Let me defend Uto by making her seem normal by calling everyone else as scummy as her.
rumao Youtube kills bot subs in real time retard and those breaks are because they need it for personal / health reasons ex. Miko and Ayame or to let the heat die down from nijiniggers/ antis attacking them.

>> No.2420058

She took 2 and a half weeks off which further killed her momentum. A little less than 100k views per VOD is the new normal for her now. Her collab with Bao was fucking horrible compared to her collab with Pikamee, and I say this as a filthy EOP who hardly understands jap.

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Yeah, we know, the holos are saints and they are untouchables, sure you faggot.

>> No.2422861

the novelty of midget pika has kind of worn off

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>If your content and strategy is blatantly designed to leech from another group of course people are going to look down on it.
Not him but what don't you understand?
Her use of tags made the algorithm heavily recommend her to people who have watched anything hololive related
That's like 90% of the issue holofags have with her and fairly valid considering it was the crux of her successes

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Didn't she at first claim a friend of hers did the tags?

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Yes, which is why Uto blaming the shadow company is so funny, because she never takes responsibility.

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Yea I'm not hating or anything, but that comes off very strange. Who is this organization? What did they actually do besides the tags? Do they even exist? If she was under them the whole time why even lie about that? Is she actually indie now since the company apparently ghosted her(or didn't?) idk everything about the situation is just confusing.

>> No.2425668

>Who is this organization?
The illuminati

>> No.2430222

>Who is this organization?
A secret shadow chink organization.
>What did they actually do besides the tags?
They were apparently signing contracts under her name as well. What sort of contracts? No one knows.
>Do they even exist?
The million dollar question.
>If she was under them the whole time why even lie about that?
She was allegedly told to lie. Whether that's just how shadow companies operate or whether she's lying, we'll never know. There was another flip vtuber who had a similar story regarding shadow companies, although I don't remember their name.
>Is she actually indie now since the company apparently ghosted her(or didn't?)
She allegedly cut ties with the company of her own accord and claims to be an indie. Given her recent decline, I wouldn't be surprised if she truly was an indie now.

On her website, she literally has a statement regarding fanart that states "I will not bear any responsibility if you, as a fan artist, have a dispute with me." Seems to be running theme.

>> No.2431043

>Not him but what don't you understand?
Can you at least read properly? I only quoted the content part, and the original poster already said it was a mistake on his part.
>Her use of tags made the algorithm heavily recommend her to people who have watched anything hololive related
That's not how tags work.
>it was the crux of her successes

Read her statement.

As for her claiming it was a friend at first, she was not allowed to disclose the company (as per her statement).

It is pretty funny though that her being fake indie was the main thing the antis were pushing but now suddenly they don't believe it anymore.

>> No.2433734

the flip chuuba is Lele.

>> No.2435096

>How dare youtube recommends me things that I would like to watch! That's horrible!

>> No.2435966

You cucks finally gave up on her being Indie? lmao

>> No.2435999

You can't even follow the events that much?

>> No.2436050

one of them is Anya

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