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Winking Edition

They put a shit-ton of effort into these models. They're all so damn cute

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Kana streaming

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Yuuna karaoke stream

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>Bread responded to some bullshit comment I made without thinking
This is really different from watching Holos

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Manager... please call me cute...

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Eat the bugs first

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Would it be a good move career wise, manager?

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For me its Meru

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If eat Char youll have one less employee

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Sometimes she even calls with you if you join her server

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hey Char i know you're reading this since you made these threads, or at least one of the staff members did.
How long do you hold onto fan mail before sending it to the chuubas?

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I did the first one and it became alive, but my bets on rrat doing this one

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Not long we just open everything and inspect it first to make sure none of you degenerates are sending your coom. We then reseal the package and ship it out the next business day.

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I want to have hot, sweaty anal sex with Kana!

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>be 7 member startup
>overlap all the time

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Imagine the smell

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rrat baby

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anything else i should know to make things ship faster

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I would go to prison for this rat

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karaoke catbat is suffering

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excuse me

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Ria baby, wah

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didn't know she has the same mama as lilypichu. do any of the other girls have ties to big names? i know the kana-gura connection

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Both Char and Purin's mama is Rosuuri, who is a notable artist and indie

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Since all of the new generation are competent singers, what kind of songs do you all want to hear them sing? I hope Meru sticks with metal

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I'm just learning about Tsunderia, is this a serious thing they're putting effort into? A lot of EN groups are just friend groups or really low-effort attempts at starting something, but this seems way different.

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which girls actually lurk here?

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From what I can tell this is like a real big thing. They had auditions last summer and I guess got hundreds of applicants.

Just looking at the models and the music videos the new generation put out it looks like they put a lot of money and time into it.

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I've been looking into some of the group's highlights and it seems so legit, I wonder why I've never heard about them. Everything seems super professional, basically like English versions of Japanese V-Tubers except it doesn't seem to just be an hollow copy.

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10 cents have been deposited into your account

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I think it's just marketing at this point. Kana is the only one that has the attention of any clippers and she has a head start on everyone else. Which is a damn shame because Kallin is more clippable than the fox, just without the cunny

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Hmmm her voice is pretty high pitch, I wonder if she could sing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwJEFzsqNoY but maybe it's too high for her voice

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>Urara ate the bugs
>It became a meme
>More people became aware of Urara as a result
Eating bugs is a solid career move

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Yeah, why the fuck do they all stream within the same two hour period? Seems like they're hurting themselves with so much overlap

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As expected of manager san

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[cute screeching]

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i want to fuck ria

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This but with Kallin
Also make your own clips girls or make the manager work overtime FOR FREE

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Has the Tsunderia manager open up marshmallows for her debut?

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romance songs for valentines

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I don't think she does anything for free

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Send 'em

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Thank you slugma. I'll be there.

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I want Kallin to be my dommy mommy.

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>Urara probably

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Ria was caught with a /wvt/ tab open during her post debut stream

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Yuuna showed up for debut and never again but from Meru’s recent therapy stream she said she saw a lot of people call her menhera and I don’t know where else but here.

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if they organized their schedules to overlap less they could do a whole evening all-tsunderia spread and really grow everyone together. But they don't need to if they feel better just doing whatever and going with the flow of the day

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Meru if your reading this I LOVE YOU and do NOT think you are menhara

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Not Ria but Yuuna.
Do your archive reps if you want to see proof.

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Someone on /trash/ uploaded it to streamable or catbox but I don't have link. Do your archive reps

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I found the link

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Meru is live

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That was a fun thread

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Oh, I knew about Yuuna. I thought he actually meant Ria.

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Kallin MonHun

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Are they all going to have valentines streams so I can get the rope ready?

>> No.263905

No they are all going to be having sex with their bfs like on New Year's

>> No.263932

Yuuna and Manager-san have valentines streams

>> No.264105

This but with Kana

>> No.264110

Yuuna was the only one around for new years too, man and she seems like the most normal one

>> No.264252

She just sounds too busy from all her streams she’s constantly trying to do class work or talking about how she hasn’t gone out because of work. I want to be a house husband for her.

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>Kallin's chat is filled with smellfags

>> No.264677

what happened???

>> No.264825

She called herself stinky and things went from there

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Oh man I was hoping we got some bat braps

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These girls are all so cute

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Rat in particular is so cute it actually hurts.

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The rat is my fav also, I'm honestly considering becoming a clipper for her...

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do it, you'll make her very happy

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How are you fags into any of the Tsunderias except Kana? They all suck major ass.

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t. Kana

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It helps not having shit taste

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But that's wrong you little shit

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Uploaded a test clip from a stream using an online snipping tool, worked easily and gets me a quick 720p which I imagine is probably enough?

What do you guys think about clip thumbnails? I see a lot of other girls clips all have though youtube style thumbnails with the meme text ect.

>> No.266915

The important thing is your metadata, so using certain buzzwords to boost your clips in the algorithm. See what other popular clippers are doing and just copy that.

>> No.266919

The custom thumbnails will get you more views but you are working for free so whatever you want to do

>> No.266978

Bait those clicks man. Make manager proud.

>> No.267178


Thanks anons, I'll see what I can do this weekend

>> No.267206

Name one redeeming quality of any of the other Tsunderias. Post anything entertaining they have ever done.

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Meru is streaming again!

>> No.267231

Char makes Gunpla. That's good enough for me

>> No.267236

Mail streaming again

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>Post anything entertaining they have ever done.

>> No.267299

Kallin actually has a personality and is decent at her games

>> No.267342

Ugly character design and art. This is not entertaining. If it was Kana's beautiful design and art, it would be.

That is not only autistic, it isn't even vtubing. She shows her IRL hands. Fuck off with that.

>> No.267385

>actually has a personality
Nice argument
>is decent at her games
Kana's chat when she plays osu!, Apex, or Left 4 Dead is all filled with people shocked by how good she is at them. Nothing special there.

>> No.267388

Anon I understand you want to fuck the fox like me but that doesn't mean you gotta put everyone else down

>> No.267459

I am putting them down because I think they suck and I want any logical reason to watch or support them at all over the best one.

>> No.267480

Well I can't really speak for the others since I don't really watch the other much but Rrat is pretty cute

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fug you

>> No.267536

I REALLY want to fuck Kana

>> No.267544

Are you watching Meru right now? Her screams of terror and subsequent cries of anguish are very entertaining!

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Why do we even have an anti now?
Are you being rude on purpose because you know they read the threads?

>> No.267648

I'm not an anti. I very clearly said that I like Kana, because she has proven that she is a quality streamer. I have seen nothing close to the same level of quality in the other members.

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bruh Kallin had a stream on Twitch yesterday that had like 40 clips. She's just as clippable if not more than Kana

>> No.267818

Prove it. Post a single good clip from her stream.

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Char, play Gundam games already

>> No.267850

Prove that Kana is a quality streamer.

>> No.267896

Nah, fucker. I don't give a fuck if you think she's quality or not. Her numbers speak for themselves. I'm asking how you like any of those other bitches.

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>Char playing GBO2
I need this

>> No.267940

So basically you're saying that number = quality. I think we found the vshojo.

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Don't reply to it.

>> No.268051

>Haachama cooking is a OK though, right?

>> No.268057

Nah, numbers don't equal quality. I was following Kana from day one and always saw the potential she had. At this point, there's no reason to argue it because it's just obvious she's the best Tsunderia. I don't give a fuck if you don't like her. I just want you to explain how any of the other Tsunderias are likeable at all.

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This is your last warning! If you don't stop right this second I am going to force feed you Kana's bacon

>> No.268101

First off, I didn't even say anything about Haachama cooking, so nice non-argument, retard. Second off, she wears gloves. You can't even see her body. It's not even remotely the same.

>> No.268122


I've never watched this girl but she's pretty nice

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Char recently got MBON and Breaker 3 and hasn't streamed them.

As someone who has played GBO2 (everyday) since launch, I never wanna see that game again.

>> No.268181

Fuck off and make a Kana general if you can't stand the rest judging.

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>I never wanna see that game again.
So do I, but chances are it's the closest Gundam game you're going to get

>> No.268280

Showing gloves is showing a IRL body part you twink

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>inb4 hurr durr I hate them all Kanacunny is best streamer evar

>> No.268431

>pochi and her "sons" stream GBO2
>char would probably do it over MBON too

hell, this is hell. I would like her to stream Gihren's Greed, but you know. That game is "different"

>> No.268473

i wanna see char play the Gundam fighting games, especially Battle Master 2 or Wing from SNES

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File: 1.06 MB, 480x351, 1612138856742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It honestly sucks but what can you do. You're just going to have to deal
Such is the price to pay when you finally find an /m/ vtuber

>> No.268512

They all suck.

>> No.268604

>It's another episode of "REEEEEEE why do you like thing I don't like?" autism

>> No.268985

Hmmm why is ther so much activity so su...
I see

>> No.269077

When will we ever get a chuuba who plays SRW?

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File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1612221398318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kana is going to give us an important announcement in 6 minutes


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wow that anon got his wish

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>Kana is leaving Tsunderia
Fuck you, Anon

>> No.269670

Kana is leaving tsunderia

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>Tsunderia just lost their best talent
How long are they going to last?

>> No.269703


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Well this went in an incredibly different direction

>> No.269712

What? Bread is leaving too?

>> No.269754

Makes sense when you think about her axing all her discord mods and the rest of her recent behavior

>> No.269756
File: 548 KB, 848x900, angry sleaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.269764

Well according to subscriber count and viewership.

>> No.269775

How do you feel about the announcement?

>> No.269797

I haven't been paying attention to her discord (because I don't do discord) but it was pretty apparent that despite being in a group she always did her own thing
She kind of felt isolated in a way. It was basically Tsunderia & Kana

>> No.269844

I like them more than vshojo

>> No.269860

She didn't ax them. They all left her because of the head mod, S-Train, stirring up some drama within her server and bringing the moderators along with him. I figure after S-Train dragged everyone from her Discord server away and basically punished everyone in the larger Tsunderia community for even being remotely associated with Kana, and didn't even get fired for it, it's not surprising Kana left the company after that.

>> No.269925

So, Tsunderia is a black company?

>> No.269963

I mean considering they're letting her keep her character and assets they can't be all bad. Though it was pretty clear from the beginning that she was isolated from the rest of the company.

>> No.269968

Once she said she had something to announce in reaction to the adsense thing it was pretty obvious when taken together with what happened on the discord server, but I thought speculating would be in bad taste so didn't say anything.

>> No.270013

>it was pretty clear from the beginning that she was isolated from the rest of the company
To be fair shes kind of a bitch though.

>> No.270021

You clearly have a lot of information that we don't. Would you mind explaining a bit more? Where did the drama come from?

>> No.270044


Seems more likely Kana's social anxiety spiked when she realized she'd have to actually work with other people. Every collab she's ever done has been incredibly painful and cringey to watch. Even before this new generation, she was defensive about talking about Purin and Char

>> No.270097

Fuck off discord tranny

>> No.270128


>> No.270182

I thought Kana was the owner of Tsunderia

>> No.270209

I don't have any information you don't. If you go into her Discord, you can find all of that stuff. To summarize, here's what happened:

S-Train made a pastebin basically saying goodbye to the Kana community and posted it in the #announcements channel of her Discord server. At the same time, every single one of the moderators posted a "Goodbye" post of their own in the general chat of her server. Then, Bioburn (the owner of the Tsunderia company) posted saying he didn't approve of this and there will be some sort of reprimand for S-Train's behavior. Then, Kana wrote about how S-Train was basically stirring up drama about the moderation of her server and the moderators all sided with him, so that's why they all left her. Then, as far as I understand, when she tried to get new moderators for her server, S-Train basically blackmailed/shamed them and all of his friends from her community into dissociating from Kana.

>> No.270216

Kana is fake as fuck anyways

>> No.270249

What did Kana do to deserve that a spergout on that level though?

>> No.270260

I hate discord trannies so much

>> No.270269

rip fox

>> No.270275

Kana spends like 10 hours a day on discord

>> No.270288

I don't know. As far as I understand, it mostly revolves around disputes about moderation in her server. They really didn't go into much detail about it.

>> No.270307

Jesus what the fuck

>> No.270314

Probably some sjw shit involving lolis

>> No.270348

You know what I mean, why would they do this to her in the first place? blackmailing? seriously? and now they're here trying to fling shit at her

>> No.270388

Oddly enough, so did I.

>> No.270414

Is there any proof of this though? Also what would he have to blackmail them about? I think the speculation probably does more harm to Kana then it does good.

>> No.270418

>and now they're here trying to fling shit at her
What do you mean are you saying this why she left? They need Kana more than she needs them

>> No.270432

This. Why would they alienate their flagship chuuba and top earner?

>> No.270456

They're going all in on gen 1. Expect Purin to leave soon. Char has deep connections with manager though so she'll stay.

>> No.270482

You guys made bread cry

>> No.270503

Like they care, they only seek to destroy, it's always the same with these retards they ruin everything everywhere they go

>> No.270524

kinda fucked up

>> No.270536

I mean, all this shit is very clearly publicly in her Discord server. You don't need to go very far to find it. Literally join her Discord server, type "S-Train" into her search box, and you won't need to even scroll once to see a flood of messages explaining exactly what I wrote here.

>> No.270552


>> No.270561

>Like they care, they only seek to destroy
Who is they? S-Train wasn't even part of Tsunderias staff

>> No.270573

She ignores me in chat everytime.

>> No.270607


>> No.270612

>fake crying for sympathy
Bread a shit.

>> No.270615

This has not been a very good day

>> No.270625

S-Train is a part of the staff though. The staff is pretty much PPP, Char, S-Train, Urara.

>> No.270656

Why is she cring?

>> No.270684

Because she knows when Kana leaves Tsunderia is fucked.

>> No.270711

I guess someone told her about Kana leaving.

>> No.270717

Tsunderia? More like Soontobedeadia.

>> No.270728
File: 1009 KB, 715x601, 1610146232225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so glad Meru finished the game and ended stream right before this all happened

>> No.270732

If this really was just a disagreement, we're only getting one side of it and I don't really trust hers in her own server with no proof

Makes no sense why Tsunderia would let their biggest streamer go over Discord drama

>> No.270777

Try using your brain for once. She probably quit on her own after it all happened.

>> No.270781

purin's ears piss me off

>> No.270801

Great, I just got comfortable here and already I have to move.

>> No.270829

>drama about the moderation of her server
Wtf was it all about exactly? Can someone explain it in proper detail?
They didn't disclose what the issue was? If not then I have a hunch it could be the revenue shares across the talents.

>> No.270833

I guess Kana is no longer on-topic for the thread officially tomorrow

>> No.270857

We had a good run, lasted 2 threads

>> No.270858
File: 606 KB, 350x200, 160534953453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a good run

>> No.270867

Imagine giving half your income to some company only for a drunkard to chase away all the support the company was supposed to give you.

>> No.270873

got link to the pastebin? or is it gone?

>> No.270944

Don't have it but it's not worth reading anyway. Basically just says he's stepping down from the mod team and he doesn't know what the rest of the mods will do but they're free to do whatever they want. It was completely neutral in tone.

>> No.270964

only casually watch kana. why did she leave her group?

>> No.270988

She's lonely

>> No.271001

Lucky trips acknowledged. So she's the one that is leaving because of a Discord disagreement? Sounds like a diva if she takes her ball and goes home over something pointless like that.

What I want to know is how she kept the model and name. Don't companies usually have the rights to those?

>> No.271013

She didn't say but plenty speculation was posted in this thread.

>> No.271028

>spend all that money on gen 1
>they flop hard
>now your top talent is leaving
What a trainwreck.

>> No.271043

She all but said they were dragging her down in the video

>> No.271051

I was hoping it meant she might join Hololive but by the looks of it she doesn't want to work with other people. That's kind of sad, I think she's cool.

>> No.271054

Either tsunderia was really generous about it or she fought for it. That's usually how it goes

>> No.271077

There is absolutely no chance of her doing that unless she wants to ditch her avatar. Suisei is an extremely unique case made back during the early days of hololive and I don't think they are willing to do it again

>> No.271078

She said on stream the biggest reason is she "felt independent anyway". So it sounds like she got no support despite being their cash cow.
I'm sure the discord fight didn't help with that though.

>> No.271091

But could she have a chance to make it into Gen 2?

>> No.271094

I'm like 90% sure Kana was an indie before she signed up with tsunderia and had this character designed for herself. She probably didn't sign the rights to the model away.

>> No.271096

When Kana announced Tsunderia on her birthday last year, she pretty much explained that she worked on creating the company with her friend she had who scouted her from her original Twitch stream. I doubt they had any sort of cutthroat contract like that, since they're apparently friends outside of just a business relationship.

>> No.271106

To make it to 2 million. She'll go wherever the views are, which means Hololive in her Gura obsessed brain.

>> No.271119

probably the straw that broke the camels back. something she'd already been contemplating.

>> No.271127

she said in the video she was keeping the model/persona

>> No.271160

Sure, I don't see why not. She's a fairly successful independent.

>> No.271163

It's obvious she's going to stop being Kana soon because she got into NijiEN. The timing fits considering that NijiEN should be decided by this point.

>> No.271187

Seems like she took the drama as an opportunity to leave if anything. She's supposedly close with Purin but would get pissed off if people ever mentioned her

>> No.271198

It'd be a worthwhile tradeoff for the sub potential. She can even have Nacho draw her a new one.

>> No.271218

She'd have to ditch her current avatar unless she could somehow pull a Suisei.

>> No.271221

>t's obvious she's going to stop being Kana soon
If that was true it would have been more convenient to say she lost the rights

>> No.271222

God damn, not the nijis

>> No.271287

>Kana joins the big leagues
>But it's Niji instead of Hololive
If that's not a monkey paw i don't know what is

>> No.271297

>trading in getting 70% of Superchats and 100% of Streamlabs and 500-900 viewers for 40% of Superchats and no streamlabs to get 2000 viewers
Doesn't sound like ditching the Kana avatar would be worth it to join a company.

>> No.271338

Jesus Christ I can already imagine the shitflinging from both sides

>> No.271341

Considering she's doing better than most streamers in Niji's foreign branches that doesn't seem like a bet most people would be willing to make.

>> No.271350

If niji (who has sony stuff going on too) is looking for an american face she could *easily* make up for it. Can't blame her for swinging for the faces assuming it's true.

>> No.271371

After this I would say probably not.

Being successful in your past life doesn't really seem to be that big of a factor. They seem to go more for group synergy.

>> No.271390

>feels isolated in a 7-person company
>joins an international company of over 100

smol fox brain at work

>> No.271393

Depends on how you can expect your brand to grow. Sometimes selling your patent is the fast way to get cash, sometimes becoming a licensed contractor is more profitable.
That being said, for her, if she could keep the model and join Holo, then it's probably a good growth spurt. Vshojo might be a good second, if she wanted to go that way for whatever reason. Being ground zero for Niji, I wouldn't test my luck on that seeing how they allow talents to flounder and fade.
IF she is looking at any company and they require a change in character, probably best to let it alone, I think she's likely comfortably living right now.

>> No.271401

The thing that's hard to guage is Niji never had an "official" EN branch. So it's hard to say how sucessful the EN branch would be
Yes Niji isn't as popular in the west as Hololive, especially with the EN branch. But again, it's hard to say
Niji could suddenly explode into the western market if their EN lineup is on-point

>> No.271417

I very much doubt any of the small agencies that showed up after hololive became popular are forcing their streamers into signing away the rights to their design. They don’t have the brand power to do that kind of stuff and they know it.

>> No.271419

If she was thinking of going big Hololive is her best bet. Not only is Njiji massive in Japan but it's MASSIVE in general. Meanwhile Hololive is much more tight knit. And that's one of its appeals

>> No.271422

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but doesn't it seem more likely that she would join vshojo instead of nijiEN?

>> No.271431

You severely underestimate the power of Hololive. Hololive's marketing would skyrocket her far beyond her current earnings even if she loses absolutely all of her talent and creates the worst designed character of anyone in all of Hololive.

>> No.271454

It's true, the brand is too strong.

>> No.271468

It could do well, but it could also end up like the others where the one person in it who speaks Japanese does pretty well and the others are lucky to get 200 live viewers. It doesn't seem likely to me that she'd take that risk.

>> No.271474

Just recently discovered Ria and the whole Tsunderia group. Is it worth to check out the other talents?

>> No.271489

Bad time to ask that question, check back in four to six hours.

>> No.271501

Considering how part of her discussion was how she runs solo anyway, it's not likely for her to go to any company. I doubt Vshojo could present a picture any better than Tsunderia right now.
Better to stay alone rather than risk dragging down or being dragged down.

>> No.271502
File: 20 KB, 273x266, 1609745723295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you see the state this thread is in right now?

>> No.271504

Joining Niji is just risky in general. There's way too many members to make a name for yourself and tey only push the more popular ones while leaving everyone on the wayside
And it's pretty cutthroat there as well

>> No.271536
File: 111 KB, 1920x1080, TfJhM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ungrateful whore, she's been planning this for two months and she doesn't really care a bit, she didn't fit, zero interactions with other girls, I feel bad for other girls and company.
I'm not even mentioning all shitty discord drama about her.
Good riddance.

>> No.271552

Yes. They're all great in their own way.
I love Kallin and Meru.

>> No.271564
File: 9 KB, 206x244, 987396074967980465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone is amazing but the thread is on fire right now maybe wait for Tsunderia General #3

>> No.271566

I only watch Kana, and saw the RRatt debut. I'm always of the opinion to give every talent a chance, you never know when you'll find someone you like off the cuff.
Small company names like this aren't indicative of the talent therein.

>> No.271588

Not to mention how they tend to over saturate their own market.

It's hard when you have to compete within your own company.

Just look at their ID and KR branch who had like 4-5 waves in a year.

>> No.271597

says she's isolated but doesn't even try to interact with the other girls, made bread cry. good riddance

>> No.271617

>she would join vshojo instead
her whole baby talk persona wouldn't really fit into well there

>> No.271669

Honestly joining Niji is is hands down the worst thing you could so. It's just not worth it with how much you'll be fighting to stay relevant against your own company.

>> No.271688

She'd really only fit in Hololive. But that's even to say if she can get in

>> No.271755

Imagine being manager-san, she's going to have no one at her debut now

>> No.271779

On one hand, it's an idol company... but on the other hand EN is not an idol group. She could be the Amelia of gen 2.

>> No.271780

Yeah I think shes preparing herself to be a free agent to apply for Gen 2, whenever that may be. The Tsunderia group was just an extra bullet point to put on her chuuba resume 'works well in groups'

>> No.271821

Plus Hololives recruiting is super on point. They probably screen people super hard

>> No.271824

Niji is better than Hololive though.

>> No.271854

Anon, this is serious. This is no time for jokes

>> No.271856

I'll gladly be her one viewer.

>> No.271866

They don't pay better thats for sure

>> No.271886

I disagree with the baby talk but I agree with this
>wouldn't really fit into well there
Vshojo has more of a "western culture" and Kana is more eastern and closer to anime.
She openly says she's a fox loli while Vshojo like nyanners will get offended (and prefer censorship) if she does that because of her personal politics, and they will cause massive disagreements.

>> No.271887

Yeah but being a part of Hololive gives you 200k subs before you even do anything.

>> No.271909

They're less restrictive though.

>> No.271917

Thanks for trying to lighten up the thread.

>> No.271944

Kana doesn't cross lines. She keeps it safe, if tongue-in-cheek.

>> No.271957
File: 63 KB, 785x381, 1585724586886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why you have to be so careful with picking moderation from your community. Give a retard an inch and they'll take a fucking mile.

>> No.271969

It's only better if you're at the top and in the JP branch.

They don't really seem to care too much about their other branches.

>> No.271970

But most of those 200k are cancer. Normies and zoomers.

>> No.271990

We have already established she is in it for the money

>> No.271995

kana can keep things in line anyhow. She's surprisingly not lewd, just smug

>> No.271998

But that’s mostly for the JP side; an English branding can help

>> No.272004

Welcome to celebrity. You need numbers. How much is acceptable to you is up to your preference, but more is always better than less.

>> No.272026

Depends on what you wanna get out of it. If you want to stream as a job, you probably aren't gonna get big enough to do that at Nijisanji. Only a small percentage of their streamers make enough for that. If you wanna stream as a hobby though it's great in that regard.

>> No.272035

This is why Ame and Gura have been avoiding getting chat mods because if even this site has shit mods (especially on certain boards) then how can others ever get non-shit ones. I've seen what happened with Uto and how reddit-tier and discord her chat quickly became because of that.

>> No.272036

That's why like I said, the EN branch is unpredictable. It can either be another failure like the rest of Niji's non-JP branches, or put Niji on the global map

>> No.272054

She showed her panties on stream.

>> No.272078
File: 243 KB, 689x514, 659894587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fall asleep during meru's outlast stream
>wake up to this
oh man shits kinda fucked huh, Always knew s-train was a fag when he deleted my message about ear licking being kallins fetish.

>> No.272081
File: 411 KB, 1420x1242, 1603691526251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.272090

Oh right
Uh, nevermind

>> No.272097

Look at Haachama

>> No.272098

That's not really an excuse for streamers their size. They could hire a mod and pay them $20-30/hr and it wouldn't even put a dent in their income.

>> No.272117

If they were failures ID and KR wouldn't have gotten new gens recently. Not everything has to be Gura numbers or failure.

>> No.272153

No nigger, I'm not talking about their pay. I'm talking about mods who are power hungry and generally retarded. You can never easily trust anyone these days. It's the very reason discord is garbage like reddit.

>> No.272173

As an “idol” company, Hololive is extremely lax, and even lets some to stream as their real selves as long as it doesn’t overlap

And Amelia actually works hard to keep the group together, which is has two introverts (Gura, Ina), one who has a busy outside life (Mori), and Kiara

>> No.272193

kana owns the rights to her model, she can leave tsunderia and still use it.

further more, kana leaving tsunderia is basically because she feels alienated by them, this came to a head when S-train left because of disagreements over how to mod her discord. Because S train was the one who organized the collabs this left kana sidelined

the reason that they disagreed is because S-train was very inconsistant with punishments. If you were banned for 3 days, he would turn around and make it a permaban on a whim, kana disagreed with this and it snowballed from there.

because s train did a lot of behind the scenes stuff, this shism between them forced kana to become more and more independant. it was only a matter of time

>> No.272211

For Niji? They just put people out there to die, there's whole JP gens that are nothing due to their practices.
They shit out gens for the sake of shitting them out.

>> No.272226

The bulk of holoEN are introverts except for Kiara. If anything, it's Kiara that keeps the group together considering everyone's too shy to ask for collabs except for Kiara who's an extrovert

>> No.272242

and I'm saying you could hire someone outside the community who has no reason to power trip. It's called a community manager and it's become a whole profession

>> No.272249

They have easier time to get permissions, but the “main event scene” thing is really noticeable for the JP side but who knows, it still is a separate branch

>> No.272264

Someone seems to be moderating Ame's chat. Backseaters are constantly getting their shit deleted.

>> No.272271

Thank you for the info

>> No.272301

I mean, the fact that Kiara's the only one fluent in Japanese is probably an equally important factor.

>> No.272302

>hire someone outside the community
That's the problem. "Outside the community". Might as well hire a feminist boomer who don't know jackshit about weeb culture.

>> No.272306

Anon, a new branch in Niji doesn't nessisarily mean a good thing. Nijisan has 100 members and the only relevant ones are a very small handful. They send out new gens to basically fight for themselves at birth
Failure isn't because you didn't becomes a Gura 2.0. Failure is if you don't even get the spotlight on you in general

>> No.272321

Can't you fuckers take the niji vs Holo discussions to the hololive thread or some shit?

>> No.272330

I still would like to see proof of this besides "Kana said..." because let's face it, she could say anything and her fans would eat it up

>> No.272345

There is that too. but even in their own gen everyone is too scared to ask that they wait to be asked. Which isn't so much as a problem until you realize they're all so shy about asking that no one ends up asking because they're all waiting to be asked

>> No.272358

That's how HR SJW staff invaded the video game industry and is now slowly killing it with all the censorship and political activism going on

>> No.272362

Holobronies have no self control, please understand

>> No.272384

Ame/Gura/Ina/Mori are all introverts to different degrees.

Mori more that she's not the type to initiate.

Kiara is the one extrovert EN has and is usually the one that plans all the group collabs.

Ame does more support behind the scenes but she's not the type to initiate a collab outside of EN.

180 active members across all branches.

>> No.272386

The success of the EN branch is really hard to guage. They've never really had an official EN branch and they're SUPER huge in japan. But on the other hand, HoloENs success was and still is massive

>> No.272393

Speak out on the sides of the mods. Reveal her powertrip.

>> No.272401

Or look at any full HoloEN collab where its basically the Kiara show and friends, since everyone else gets more quiet in proportion to the people involved.

>> No.272403

>Kana herself posts memes with "retard" in them
>You can say "trap" in her server
Based fox. That shit would get your scrubbed from the other Tsunderia discords instantly.

>> No.272404

>community manager
That's just another way of saying a discord tranny
You would never want those types of people to even moderate content on this site

>> No.272422

I prefer to the totally unrealted /pol/ posting

>> No.272432

Take your meds, please, it's for your own good.

>> No.272449

This guy was trying to force this discord tranny meme in the other thread too.

>> No.272455

They are getting new waves because it’s low cost for them. Give them a model, let them be, then if they become popular then contact them again for more stuff. Although they still give the rookies a shot or two with their countless corporate collabs

Hololive actively tries to keep everyone involved for many promotions, merch and concerts, with the said talent having the option to decline due to an already packed personal schedule (Sora, Suisei, Watame)

>> No.272460

again, guess what? rules made by S-train, kana has said she disagreed with them from day 1 but she was too shy to disagree back then

>> No.272470

You have to go back to your discord

>> No.272491

Not really, her den is just one big shitpost, the other ones aren't very strict, just have common sense.

>> No.272503

Kiara knows that she isn't the main attraction but she tries her hardest to keep the ball rolling. You're right Kiara and Ame are carrying hard, even if Ame is more reserved when they're all together.

>> No.272511

What meds? Why the fuck would you ever get someone who is not fit to be in your community? Especially in a position of power?

>> No.272523

Maybe, but they just had a global collab with all branches and it seemed pretty popular so they're definitely trying to fix problems with the non-JP branches.

>> No.272547

That’s because speculation on what happens next, although it’s most likely she just stays independent

>> No.272575

Maybe I'll take this opportunity to stop watching Kallin so much and start watching Kana more, I've had the feeling that Kallin's streams have got to discord circlejerky for a few streams now

>> No.272602

Kana is actually pretty based for not letting discord trannies have their way. They probably wanted to censor something or revise the moderation to insert their personal politics.

>> No.272615
File: 194 KB, 1205x58, Indie tier.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice joke, if you're not one of the top Niji's you get fuck all for views.

>> No.272645

>just have common sense.
Banning the words retard and trap are 'common sense'? nigga do you know where you are

>> No.272647
File: 8 KB, 300x168, 8736598639856873045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like you want to trade a Discord shitpost for an /hlgg/ shitpost. Is that an improvement?

>> No.272669

Is that Noor? I liked Noor, but I don't have enough time in the day..

>> No.272670

Being an sjw isn't common sense, it's mental illness. Props to Kana for standing up for herself

>> No.272681

>muh views!
Life isn't about views only.

>> No.272695

For as much as people keep bringing up Gundou it always surprises me shes on the lower end.

Yes that's Noor at the end.

>> No.272709

Sad seeing Noor so low, she's based.

>> No.272726

Fun fact, you know the blue haired one with 584 views? She was a pretty big indie before she retired and joined up with niji. Back during their debut she was frequently compared to polka

>> No.272745

She's mostly known for her collabs, which really demonstrates the talet the lower known girls are despite being pretty much ignored by the company

>> No.272759

She's been streaming Genshen way way too much lately but otherwise she's good. I think she's the only IN fluent in japanese so she's pretty important to the global collabs and it could help her numbers.

>> No.272785

It is when it comes to joining an agency, otherwise why bother.

>> No.272797

>rules made by S-train
S-train sounds like an absolute niggerfaggot plebbitor
He should've been purged from moderation since day 1

>> No.272806

Gundou is infamous for being at the centre of like 5 different controversies but that doesn't mean she's actually popular or anything. She just has a habit of stepping into bear traps

>> No.272810

Which really demonstrates how Niji handles their talets compared to Hololive, and how different Hololive is to Nijisan
Both Polka and that Niji were on part with each other before joining their respected companies, and yet Polka not only gets more views but is also more well known

>> No.272830

It does sound incredibly one sided, wouldn't surprise me if someone doing damage control for Kana.

>> No.272835

Because they help with merch and other shit. Also not everyone wants to be an idol. Pretty sure Nui Sorciere has a video translated about why she chose Niji over Hololive.

>> No.272851

Mahjong addiction feeding time.

>> No.272857

Literally who?

>> No.272867

if you want more info i guess you could go into one of the other tsunderias discords and ask him as he still moderates there, but it doesnt change the fact that he still left the server like a giant huffy retard

>> No.272890

Don't get me wrong I like Kallin as an entertainer, both of her twitch streams have been great. It's just her community is full of cringe simps and she enables them and It's been harder and harder for me to have a good time in chat with all the stale jokes and people trying to groom her with money.

I like Meru because she unconsciously stops that shit just by lurking (for now)

>> No.272911

>tsunderia is filled with people who get triggered by the word trap
wait why do you guys like them again?

>> No.272917

The clown, who also was a pretty big vtuber before joining up with hololive.
Which is funny because prior to debut everyone was expecting polka and chigusa to be the big hitters of their generation, but while that is true for Chigusa, Polka managed to be outperformed by all the other members of her gen.

>> No.272921

Almost thought that was Haachama from the profile pic

>> No.272926

I should really give Meru a try one of these days...

>> No.272946
File: 840 KB, 852x2288, 9234857234957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"lol" said the scorpion, "lmao"

>> No.272947

I agree.

>> No.272967
File: 126 KB, 1024x788, 1612141013317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a lot of fun when she's not in a bad mood.

>> No.272969
File: 1.47 MB, 1018x700, 1609569823465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.273013
File: 135 KB, 500x500, 1370924296702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kana newfags think the NEET thing is just a joke

>> No.273038


>> No.273042

>I'll just randomly put them in places lol

>> No.273056
File: 132 KB, 602x505, 21588279899823883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a very COOL vtuber

>> No.273062
File: 204 KB, 2048x1280, 1606538065030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, she might fluctuate with Lamy, but I don't think she'll ever drop below Nene

>> No.273078

Wow this place really is the hololive board huh

>> No.273106

Ask me how I know you haven't seen Nene since she got her new outfit.

>> No.273116
File: 108 KB, 1102x702, 86987548560354379852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There really is a lot of variety and talent in Tsunderia. I'm sad Kana didn't feel like she belonged

>> No.273163

The top homos pull better numbers than most of the Niji girls.

>> No.273165

Anon, nene gets 8-10k doing whatever these days. Polka is almost Roboco tier when it comes to views, which is still 2-3k but that's on the low end by hololive standards. Also Lamy is one of the top earners in hololive who easily pulls in 8 to 10 million yen a month so her regular views literally does not matter

>> No.273184

It's not the streamers fault. It's literally the discord tranny management that probably wanted to implement reddit tier moderation.

>> No.273232

Yes, but they are all fags, I don't get your point

>> No.273242

this is just speculation on my part but i dont feel like char liked kana much. IDK why its just a feel i get from her but i started thinking this way when there was a collab that was char, purin and some random vtuber. kana said she hadnt even been asked, so maybe char made things difficult too?

>> No.273260

kana didn't give a fuck about the other tsunderiats

>> No.273284

I don't think kana much liked anyone.

>> No.273348

Kana is a legit socially inadequate NEET, I don't the she ever truly belonged. Especially not as the face of the company and senpai of everyone.

>> No.273352

Why is the blame being shifted to Char? I thought the whole crux of the issue here was the fact that Kana disagreed with whatever the mods cartel were trying to do, and have now resorted to boycotting and blackmailing her.

>> No.273379

Kana is a true NEET, not just in the character sense. She never really felt she belonged anywhere and like most NEETs, like to be alone

>> No.273380

What stream was that? I can't think of any collabs with those two and one outsider. Are you thinking of Purin?

>> No.273393
File: 31 KB, 370x299, 1607224772291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is just speculation on my part

>> No.273409
File: 595 KB, 639x631, 1608779372996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>now resorted to boycotting and blackmailing her
that is retarded. If they were blackmailing her why the hell would they all step down from their mod positions ?

>> No.273429
File: 61 KB, 930x691, 1536173690203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No matter how you spin it. S-train fucked up.
Even if Kana was in the wrong, he should have bended backwards just to keep her.

>> No.273452

They were going on a smear campaign and blackmailing her potential (mods). It's a hivemind cartel, somehow.

>> No.273576

meru has talent. she can draw, sing, and apparently can dance too. her streams are fun. underrated imo

>> No.273588
File: 73 KB, 948x1168, 1605541519464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong. I haven't seen Nene at all. I just looked at her boring design and low sub count and mentally signed out of watching her

>> No.273621

>Even if Kana was in the wrong
I don't see how Kana is ever in the wrong here. She is the one that should be in charge of everything. Considering the fact that she likes memes that say "retard" in them, I don't think Kana would ever be hypocritical enough to be pedantic with the moderation so the blame falls onto the discord mods she had.

>> No.273630
File: 401 KB, 652x652, 1606365756961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Kana is basically what would've happened if Gura never had an Ame

>> No.273658

They speak english?

>> No.273679

Doesnt change the fact Kana didnt belong. Look at the group collab they did. Kana was basically ignoring everyone because she thought she was too good for them.

>> No.273687

She wasn't indie, she was corporate but her company went under.

>> No.273694

The Russians aren't allowed in the discord

>> No.273695

Meru is Nyanners 2.0. She hates when people call her a loli or draw her as one.

>> No.273703

Assuming everything that's been said is true (which it probably isn't, way too many unanswered questions and sheer incompetence required to be believable), it sounds like company direction and Kana's direction didn't line up. Gambling that the Tsunderia direction with the existing lineup is going to be more successful maybe? Big gamble considering they lost more than half their total sub count with Kana's departure
Fame fucks people up. For all we know, she could be a total cunt behind the scenes after she passed 50k. Sounds as plausible as any other theory that's been presented so far

>> No.273704

When you become the big kid on the block, then you get compared to alot.

>> No.273705

Yeah, Kana is based. I trust her and I'm sure she made the right choice.

>> No.273706

>she thought she was too good for them
how do you fuck up spelling "crippling social anxiety" this bad?

>> No.273728

No she doesn't she just laughed about how her suspenders force her tits down

>> No.273743

Shouldn't be a vtuber then.

>> No.273760

Why are you trying to change the topic? It still doesn't change the fact that her discord moderators were absolute ass and completely at fault here and resulted in Kana leaving Tsunderia. Even if Kana was giving the others a cold shoulder, it wouldn't have been a big deal at all. She is a very shy person and is probably having the Gura syndrome.

>> No.273762

He didn't.

>> No.273780

That sounds like a big stretch.
I hope you have something to back it up.

>> No.273790

>crippling social anxiety
That's part of her "I'm just like you" persona. Do you think she actually has a tail too lol?

>> No.273792
File: 467 KB, 1500x2000, 20210204_064152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ame's game was going to be something different but delayed like Ina's.
So bizarre. Wonder why. It wasn't dark souls either.

>> No.273799

I just don't imagine discord moderators can do anything to influence vtubers and if they can that's sad on both parts.

>> No.273815

Yeah but there was the whole blackmailing and shit, so it could definitely be a lot worse than what we know.

>> No.273821

yea, she also lives with her boyfriend, not her parents, and actually is not NEET but the CEO at a megacorp
also a dude

>> No.273842

She's a 4chan oldfag and spends all her day online so I believe her.

>> No.273909

>she also lives with her boyfriend
I mean I did here the voccaroos

>> No.273912

>is fine streaming for 100+ people
>has to stream with 6 other people

>> No.273921

They were nowhere near on par with each other. Chigusa was around 40k subs in her past life and would get around 2-300 viewers. Polka was well over 200k. Chigusa has done fairly well out of the whole thing to be honest. In 4 months or so she has got 3x more subscribers and superchat than she did in her entire previous career of over 1 and half years.

>> No.273933

viewers aren't real people.

>> No.273947

I mean if Meru can pull it off she really has no excuse

>> No.273951

obviously doesn't watch many streamers. collabing is totally different for them from performing.

>> No.273994

Did you see the pummel party collab?
Stop shitposting

>> No.274024

Yeah I did. Meru actually talked to other girls, Kana not so much

>> No.274043

I like Purin.

>> No.274070

I like Purin too. Hope the news don't hit her too hard.

>> No.274122

based purinbros

>> No.274131

I've only checked out a few of her streams but my opinion has varied from I HATE THIS BITCH to I LOVE THIS BITCH like every stream.
she cool tho

>> No.274133

She's not making it past 25 for sure now

>> No.274307

So did Kana mention what she'll be doing? Just going it on her own now? She is one of the few smaller EN vtubers I thought was worth following but I apparently missed out on something big since I was doing other stuff.

>> No.274417

everyone shut the fuck up and listen to ria's french asmr

>> No.274422

>Just going it on her own now
current theories are that or she has been recruited by Niji

>> No.274450


>> No.274456
File: 12 KB, 367x202, 1600818918265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just found out about tsunderia 3 days ago
>pretty good talents, good l2d
>now its dying
They seem like they have some good potential, Kana seems fun but also really like Yuuna and Purin. Meru and Char seems good too. Hopefully it works out.

>> No.274474

She's her own master now

>> No.274480

I hope Ria is okay...

>> No.274487

Yes, she's going independent. She's been making not very subtle moves in this direction almost since the moment Tsunderia was first announced.
Don't listen to bullshit about her joining other companies, this comes from people who clearly haven't been following along.

>> No.274495

>general thread #2
>its the breakup thread

>> No.274509

All signs point to going indie. If I was her I'd just vibe on my own for a bit and ignore anyone trying to reach out now that I'm indie

>> No.274651

Ria is the most stable one in gen 1, she'll be fine.

>> No.274669

> General thread #3
> "Who are you following after the breakup?

>> No.274680

So true, she never even interacted with Layla from niji id even though Layla took interest in her from like day 1

>> No.274777

Ria has another account with more subs. She'll be the first gen 1 to leave watch.

>> No.274779
File: 39 KB, 550x540, 1611827225789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are your options.
The most likely option, chances are she didn't feel like she gelled well with the other girls and didn't want to force herself to try and be a part of the group. She's never really done well in group or collab situations.
A small possibility, but I doubt it considering they already picked their talents by now I've already noticed two ENtubers "retired" in a wink-wink way. She would've announced it by now if that was the case and not only that, the only reason you would retire a near 100k sub channel is if you were going to Hololive, not Nijisanji
Ah yes, Kana's beautiful singing voice. Nope.

>> No.274820

She's only got "six months to live". I bet she has a six month contract.

>> No.274823

Who? Anyone good?

>> No.274846

Her viewership is insanely low on the account. Loli far better for her.

>> No.274911


>> No.274940
File: 186 KB, 490x551, 1608750144556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.274972

>2000 viewers

If she gets big as a Holo it's more like 20k. Having 20x the audience makes up for the lower cut. The memberships alone from a larger fandom (of which maybe 1ish percent become members generally), would make far far far more bank than she does now.

>> No.274977

Not sure how I didn't realize earlier. I watched before Tsunderia.

>> No.275056

That's only if she ever gets into Holo which doesn't have auditions open right now. Niji will leave their ENs to flounder as others have said.

>> No.275183

Not if you're an aspiring streamer

>> No.275308

Does Niji make you recast your character when you join like Hololive does or do you just slap their tag on whatever you already have and go from there?

>> No.275433

>Because they help with merch and other shit.
If you don't have viewers who is going to buy your merch?

>> No.276410

Yes, at least for the main branch. There are a few vtubers in virtual Real who kept their old identity and basically just slap the virtual real label onto their streams, but virtual real is sort of its own beast.

>> No.278167

it's automated

nightbot. gura has it setup on hers' too

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