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>You see, i barely stream this week-peko!
>I-it's not like i've been slacking off lately to have lovey dovey time with my boyfriend-peko!
>Aqua also used to stream every day, but now you're fine with her being another Ayame!
>J-just let me "rest", okay!

>> No.24250792

I would make her use Rest, then I'd use Attract, Harden and then All-Out Pummeling.

>> No.24250908

Crazy to think that the next time we'll see her she'll be a mother.

>> No.24250969

how long is pegora gone

>> No.24251000

About two months.

>> No.24251032

dayum that aint no joke

>> No.24251036

exactly nine months

>> No.24251101

It pisses me off to think that her bf is fucking her but what can you do....

>> No.24251893

im not giving (ypu)

>> No.24257084

Holy shit what a lucky guy, pekora has huge tits imagine the tit fucking he can do..

>> No.24262231

Ayame is here

>> No.24265378

i don't remember her voice
any cuckgomi here?

>> No.24265594

idk but doesn’t sound like ayame at all, sound more like Matsuri

>> No.24265985

so shit i can't even get a boner
she's not even trying
>Verification not required

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You have all of Holo X to fill in for her. New gens allow older gens to rest up or not over work themselves. Sleep well bun bun.

>> No.24266975

>All these holos taking time off
My rrats senses are tingling, something is amiss.

>> No.24270530

No, I don't like it when women have a good time

>> No.24270596

I am excited actually. She will have lot of time to get new inspirations for her content and I want to see what she’s gonna pull after the break

>> No.24274136

okay sure

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Sounds an awful lot like maternity leave to me

>> No.24276112

Wtf they made 50k$ out of a 10min asmr video?
The nip market is so easy for lewd content creators

>> No.24276169

fuck this bitch and her injured throat. instead of continuing to stream and just keeping a bucket nearby to spit/cough/vomit blood, she’s abandoning us. fucking whore.

>> No.24277573

Kill yourself

>> No.24277640

mentally il

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She can take her eternal rest now.

>> No.24284920

Back to the streaming mines with ye.

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File: 1.35 MB, 1000x795, Klaius Joke Haha [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fywghf5.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being such a pathetic cuck faggot, who enjoys when girls get fucked by other guys. kill yourself.

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the only one who has a boyfriend is you faggot

>> No.24287968

the only one who has a boyfriend is you faggot

>> No.24288030

the only one who has a boyfriend is you faggot

>> No.24288114

True, Pekora is happily married.

>> No.24288228

no shes not you stupid CUNT!

>> No.24288308

I'm glad someone else gets the time slot. It feels like she's exhausted her creativity.

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