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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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We eatin good this month bro's and sis and hopefully the whole year

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Maybe it's just a Japanese thing and Japanese users have more of a tendency to unsubscribe from YouTubers they don't watch anymore. I don't know, the subscriber culture seems different since I've heard a lot of Japanese viewers don't even subscribe to the channels they watch in the first place.
Is there any way to check non-Japanese channels?

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37k is the current gold target

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Whos all taking breaks i just tuned into the thread right before it archived

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>Expecting lazy funny demon or depressed menhera witch(without forma de Pokemon) to stream long hours

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I just came across a weibo post which talks about Aqua/Shion/Ayame's hiatuses. Interesting that some chinese fans still keep up with the news.

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I hope Koyori stops pushing herself too much too

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1 gen a month means 1 alt costume per holo A YEAR (8 jp gens, 2 EN, 3 ID) , which is similar to the current release schedule. And you will waste their yearly alt costume that costs $5-10k for some meme gimmick they won't use after 1 stream
The number of artists and riggers are also limited while the new costumes take time to make, so you can't just throw money at it and expect faster results

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This shark saved everyone from the dark days of CCVID and took a bullet in return that permanently fucked her numbers. She’s in pain, but she will do her best to bring you guys happiness while everyone dies of throat hort. Be nice to her

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She's coming back tomorrow or the day after

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Fubuki and Korone

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Time to prove you know your stuff numbers, post your number predictions/hot takes on what's gonna happen while Holo's big shots are out.

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It's that month of the year again

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>She's coming back tomorrow or the day after
She's coming back next week

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So, who's the second stringers to carry the branch? Miko, Marine and Subaru seems they could carry for a month or so.

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Who need her when we have better options anyways

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>that talking point
Holy fuck I thought anons were schizos claiming that chinks shitpost here but thats the same talking points that have been shitposted these past couple of days
I will never doubt you guys again

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That literally just leaves Subaru and shes usually under Kuzuha anyways. Its over for this month

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Kanata, Towa

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They're just brats doing usual zoomer stuff, which is being emo and having depression like once every 2 days. Nothing new there.

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You better make use of this opportunity or you'll end up being laughing stock again

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why is this chink spamming? why is this bug so butthurt already?

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Marine silver in the bag i guess. Time to take a shit now.

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We eating good this month bro's and hopefully the rabbit and the shrine maiden never recovers

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Kobo + 9k since 0:00 JST

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she could have hard carried Hololive while the big hitters are out if she wasn't kicked out of the company.

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Speak of the witch and she'll appear

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Part of her pain is self inflicted tho. With very small changes she could easily improve her numbers
>post her schedule on both twitter and community post
>make a waiting room for her upcoming streams
>remind her audience of her upcoming stream with a twitter post linking to said waiting room
>make a subsequent post on twitter thanking her audience for the fun stream and reminding them of her next scheduled stream

Even without any change in slot or frequency these simple steps, which are pretty much standard for the rest of the chuubas, could massive improve her numbers

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And kuzuha is usually under kobo, its over...

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Marine is literally talking about her upcoming streams, I'm sorry nijiniggers, back to the second place

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Well shit, Shion's back
Its over numbersisters...

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Finally caught them on the Twitch main page feature
>Renniesaurus 4.3k
>LunariValkyrie 3.8k
Ew, guess people in KR hours don't stay here much,

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That reads like something a nijinigger would spam on this board...

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Isn’t Miko only gonna take a short break? She can still defend Hololive assuming she can keep milking WWE

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Oh I get it now. You from Shanghai? Because your food is ratiod lmao

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Sure thing bros
The niji's dynasty is return to its throne

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> and shes usually under Kuzuha anyways

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towa baby...

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Will she at least do a stream to promote it?

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>not towababy

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Migo without the wwe buff isn't that strong but yeah this wwe arc is bringing in the numbers.

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