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The Hololive Killers

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>5th gen
>4th gen
>3rd gen
Who will be the next Ronin from 2nd gen roster?

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>Delta with Kson
delta chink mods won't allow it

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Actually Gamers is next

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Souchou is 189cm

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maybe she's on her knees

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She's preparing to suck my weewee

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Legit Shion. (and she is friends with the 3 of them)

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(She) will save them

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tfw you shit yourself in public

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Ayame cares too little about vtubing to do that shit. Also she has free money source right now.

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Who's that in the left foreground?

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Unironically shion, She already streams almost at the same volume as Ayame and adding her severe depression onto that can only put the chances really high. Sorry shionbros but the curse requires it.

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The Hololeave club.

Though, aside from maybe a one or two Kson x Mike(if she decide to actually stream) collabs, they won't really be doing anything together.

And i don't think Delta wants to have anything to do with them.

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Delta follows Michael on Twitter, I don't think it's strictly likely but it's certainly not off the table

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