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>go outside
>unknowingly meet oshi (irl)
>don't recognize her at all since she always used exaggerated mannerisms
>"hi anon, I think you are very cute, I was thinking maybe we could..."
>"oh... okay anon, goodbye"
This is bound to happen to someone.

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>anon being called cute
>by their oshi no less
Sure anon, bound to happen...

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It happened to me last week
in a dream

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>implying i don't do My roomnmates reps to fall in love even more

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>go outside

You're already in the realm of pure fantasy here, come on

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>go outside
>unknowingly meet oshi (irl)
>don't recognize her but she reminds you of your oshi somehow
>"hi, I think you are really cute, I was thinking maybe we could..."
>"oh...okay, goodbye...well, at least my oshi is nice and appreciates my support"
>get back home, rub one out to oshi's ASMR before sending an akasupa telling her you love her
This is bound to happen to someone.

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>implying you wouldn't spaghetti the moment you see her

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I have a foolproof strategy to meet my oshi. I'm going to walk around Japan in public places shouting "Sui-chan wa" and if a girl responds "kyou mo kawaii", I'll know it's her.

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Oh you'd get responses alright, but they'd be from other fans.
It's possible a female fan might respond.

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you'd probably get told off by japanese police

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Joke on you my oshi never step outside

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What the fuck would my oshi be doing in Mexico?

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This is 10 trillion percent more likely than the scenario in the OP and has probably already happened a few times

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My pure American body is immune to their batons and fancy poles from my healthy layering of fat, and all the spilt diablo sauce packets from taco bell have made me immune to most pepper sprays up to bear repellent strength

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He said someone, not everyone.

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I'd be surprised if a girl were to talk to me.

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>oshi tells a story about a really creepy, smelly loser that they had to deal with that day

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joke's on you i respecc wahmenz

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>and even though the majority of fans are just like that smelly loser, they start blaming him instead of begging for mercy on him.
>then they find out the heresy and brutally dismember him as a ritual sacrifice while your Oshi is smiling with satisfaction.

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