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Graduation imminent, bros.

Let's all say our goodbyes to the Chama!

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That's a sayonara at the end, btw.

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it's over zhang won

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It was a fun ride, Chammers. Thank you for everything.

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Every day we draw closer to The Final Yab.

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why do we need a third threat for this?

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I've said it before and will say it again because always relevant:
It's funny how when HoloEN debuted everyone and their grandmothers were doomposting and saying there was an inminent yab due to western culture failing to adapt to grorious nippon banzai.
Several months later, EN remains controversy free aside from extremely minor stuff like Kiara's rants (which she has gotten better over time).
Meanwhile JP and now IN still manage to get into some retarded shit.

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Enma is the hero we needed. APOLOGIZE NOW

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those damn pajeets

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The only thing I'm going to miss are her cooking streams.

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Chama..I love you...please be ok...

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Sounds like it would be for her own good as well so it'd be nice if it actually happens.

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literally schizo

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The moment EN got announced, I knew the final yab had already started. I hope you began archiving because It's all going downhill from there

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Haachama is pulling an Eika as we speak

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this is all because of Enma and yet you retarded faggots slander them everyday.

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Be prepared for at least four days of non-stop spam.
But the Haatons should be forgiven. We'd do the same shit if we were them.

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start archiving before it's gone

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Another schizo thread

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Rest in Pepeloni

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Fuckin sick of hololive and how forced it is. Moving onto indies or companies where they can actually talk about themselves and their lives. Fuck you Cover. When you start forcing everything it loses its magic.

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Which means?

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Kill yourself falseflagging Nijinigger. Cover did nothing wrong.

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try harder chang

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You missed the monster hunter stream, huh?

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It's a goodbye that's closer to a farewell. Meaning she's not coming back to stream for a long time, if ever.

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Basically the hardest way of saying 'goodbye', like it may imply you won't see each other ever again. Guess in english it's similar to 'farewel'?

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Then stop paying attention. Go fawn over your 250 sub nobodies and pretend like you're superior for it.

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oh god you're fucking right
haatons hold me

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>Meanwhile JP and now IN still manage to get into some retarded shit.
Both JP and ID branches has more members. EN2 is going to be full of yabs, Holomyth was a fluke

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Maybe she got bored out of it.

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'it' being life

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she's closing in 4 years of streaming
that's a long time

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you can manage that during teenagehood. but she's about to enter uni soon, that is a whole another struggle.

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She doesn't play games so she pretty much had to pull something original out of her ass every non minecraft stream.

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No it's not, there's people in Hololive who have been doing this for 12, 13, 14 years and still going strong

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My rrat is either
>a "choose between streaming or your studies" ultimatum
>family member dying of covid

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RIP cover I guess, the fallout will taint their brand permanently.

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I honestly feel sorry for haatons. Your oshi has done nothing but this gimmicky cliche schizo narrative for months now, with very little change. Then she fucks off for weeks on end without any explanation.
If she was my oshi I would much rather she be straightforward instead of fucking her fans about like this, if she needs to take a long break and think things through then she should just do it already.

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Either of those things would be phrased more like "for personal reasons," not "unstable mental state."

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Good riddance!

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She's not streaming because she fucking hates her fans and so does everyone else

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>thread full of rrats, mental breakdowns and trolls

Meanwhile, on futaba:

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Now that you mention it, the choice of words is super weird. Do we have any previous example of a holo using such terms?
"unstable mental state" sounds serious as fuck, and japs dont go announcing shit like that.

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Knowing her sister and mother's atttitude first rrat seems the most plausible

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>sister and mother
An EOP hater elitistfag disproved that rrat with videos on another thread.

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I just want my oshi to be okay, bros.

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Haachama... Im sorry... Im really sorry... I want to believe. I really... Wanted to believe cover. Goodbye, Haachama. Goodbye.

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I know but haachama doesn't seem to be particularly autistic enought to dedicate her life to play games online for internet people

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Was she raped?

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what about the gen1 anniversary concert?

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I don't actively watch Haatochama, but I can easily see how much she means to you. I really hope the best for all you guys. Remember the tweet is very unspecific, it probably means she will not stream for a while but it's not a confirmation of anything final. Don't let the uncertainty and anxiety devour you. Whatever happens, remember that your oshi loves (You). Nothing can ever take this away from you.
I kind of miss 2000s era music like this.

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Still a bit of a ways off. First milestone is ppt's birthday. If she misses that then we'd have to ask her gen mates if everything's still good.

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As a mentally challenged, honestly it is okay to take a break from the internet when you notice how fucked you up. This silent week could make her reflect on everything and make this decision.
>fucking her fans about like this
See nothing wrong in this. I guess you might be about "worrying", but when you are challenged enough, you do not consider just worrying valuable. Also, you are limited in your actions if you worriy about others worrying.

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shitty spoiled snowflake move. she should understand her wacky contents arent fun and get her shit together asap.

>tries to be hardcore
>its shit but her fans praise whatever she does
>she starts to be made aware that theres a gap between the compliment and the quality of her unsophisticated wack shit
>gets on the early self hate stage

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That's 4chan and /jp/ for you, the self hatred and lashing out always wins in the end.

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I give her a pass because she's not even 20 and has suffered a lot

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>not a confirmation of anything final

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I wish I wasnt right when I said it a week ago in those day counting threads. The black pill was real I'm sorry for all you Hattons out there.

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True. She botched her lore bigtime. She should've hired a writer to make the lore stories for her. The "My alter ego has become sentient and is now trying to replace me" has a nice premise. But she executed it very poorly. You know what could've been cool? If she and her other form fought to the death or something. Winner gets to stream as that avatar forever

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pretty sure he means the threads in here retardchama

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She also said a month ago she had to find herself, and while I wouldn't say that was a lie, it was received as way more dramatic than what was actually (allegedly) the case. I don't want to downplay the issue, dear Haaton, but if you want to see what a sudden graduation looks like, look at Monoe.

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i had a feeling she wanted to stop streaming for some time because she's young and has so many other things she wants to do in life. she just graduated high school a few months ago.

and her content getting stranger and stranger and more intense tells me she stopped giving a fuck and didnt care if they fired her. but that's just what i think. i'm not pretending like i think this is definitely what's going on with her, it's just a suspicion i've had.

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>it was received as way more dramatic than what was actually (allegedly) the case
Was it really? Look where we are now.

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good. she got too fucking annoying

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That's why I said allegedly, but in the first livestream after that, she seemed like it will turn out okay.
If your oshi knew you wrote this, how would that make her feel about you?

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Yeah, but that was a completely different situation where management shut down the chuuba and forcibly graduated her. This is apparently Haato's own decision, so obviously we're at least getting a statement out of her and maybe one last video at some point.

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It's obvious she's got severe mental issues and has been crying out for help for over a year but everything thinks she's just a joke.

>> No.2685742

Aqua fans didn't make any threads about her during her radio silence

>> No.2685747

My oshi doesnt even know that Indonesia exists

>> No.2685757

Sounds like she's too baste for you.

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Lmfao were you even here for the past 10 days? There were like aqua is dead threads beside the chama threads these past few days.

>> No.2685802

Fuck no. Haatards deserve to be shat on.

>> No.2685855

my oshi would probably be all "a little harsh man, but yeah true she is kind of annoying lmao don't tell her i said that."

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Cover should take this seriously and contact her family if they don't want an Ugoku-chan on their plate

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The HoloEN1 is a fucking miracle. It won't happen twice. Have you seen how much of a cancerous fuckup those mentally ill vtweeter sjws are? HoloEN2 is a ticking timebomb.

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semipupular vtuber who offed herself the day after posting that. She had like 400k subs at the time

>> No.2685908

Anons... how can we be more schizo than nips?

>> No.2685909 [DELETED] 

Chuuba that killed herself

>> No.2685920

shit what was the fallout like after that?

>> No.2685927

are you retarded? do you really think aqua crew made the "Aqua is dead teehee ;)" threads?

>> No.2685935

How did she do it?

Pls tell, I need to fap

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This is a joke right? I can't imagine what her fans must feel after.

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Just more stupid bait to feed her forced lolsocrazy split personality bullshit. Fucking sick of "Haachama".

>> No.2686006

It really is but welcome to the entertainment industry and how fans work. And will noticing this help her or anyone? Nope. It's just what happens.

>> No.2686013

Great! Now she can dedicate herself to being my cocksleeve 24/7.

>> No.2686038

i have no clue because she had mostly jp fans. But her company finished a music video she was working on before dying and got 13m views


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Imagine killing yourself when you are rich and popular. Crazy.

>> No.2686160

Haato should just take her meds just like haatons

>> No.2686176

Rich doesn't mean you are happy.
In fact, popularity can make you more anxious as you have to follow the rules, make sure no one will doxx you, find some dark part of the past, it is harder to find genuine friendship(you will start to worry about can your popularity change your even existed relationships).
You just fucking can to buy anything, but you don't need it. Not anymore.

>> No.2686214

I mean, she sent out that tweet asking someone to call her. It's probably safe to assume nobody did, considering what she then did to herself. She probably felt isolated and lonely as fuck.

>> No.2686246

This really is a downer on the same day as Nene's 3d debut..

>> No.2686260

If her fans know her number, I think people would have called her.

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She wasn't a v-tuber, just a regular streamer who either used a webcam while hiding her face or a PNG. She didn't have an avatar

>> No.2686277

I just woke up, did someone save her "謝罪会見 / A public apology" video?

>> No.2686287

I think you should have understood this already. Nene don't deserve happiness.

>> No.2686320

Even if someone did(management at least), it is hard to get right words to prevent something like that.
Like using wrong words could make her feeling even more lonely(as it just proved her inner feelings).
Show your support before anything yab happens.

>> No.2686323

Being rich and famous just brings more problems. You lose almost all privacy, everyone judges you for every little thing you do, and you have to bottle up more demons. Look at how many actors, writers, etc. have committed suicide.

>> No.2686324

a shizo could spin this into a narative about chaamer trying to get the attention all on herself with that move

>> No.2686326

Stream got cancelled just before going live

>> No.2686328

Of course, but that's a much different relationship. People being invested in your online persona doesn't always equate to feeling like people are invested in you as a person.

>> No.2686332

I see, thank you.

>> No.2686334

You all got what you wanted, /vt/--IRL drama resulting in graduation. Are you happy about it?

>> No.2686343

I repeatedly creampied chaama's pepeloni and she went clazy because of it.

>> No.2686344

>safe to assume nobody did
People did call, actually. They were the ones fucked up the most when she killed herself anyway.

>> No.2686358

what's haamaas address, getting a ticket to Japan and I am going to hug her

>> No.2686381

Kiryu Coco should be next!

>> No.2686394

This, retards here think complete freedom of the talent will result in amazing streams, it will simply devolve into drama and petty shit, they will become identical to any other streamers. Enma is there for a reason and she is good at what she does, best tard rancher in the west, and rrats are she also has a business degree and experience to back it up. She is the complete package. Fuck antis.

>> No.2686396

Oh, jesus. I didn't know that. Man, that's rough. Poor girl clearly had her mind made up, or like >>2686320 said, maybe they just used the wrong words. Shit situation.

>> No.2686412

She gave consent

>> No.2686416

If she has enrolled in a university in Japan, she'll be very busy this time of year.
it'll be difficult to get some peaceful time until at least the middle of May.

>> No.2686431

This is all ENMA's fault

>> No.2686441

This is all ENMA's work. You don't FUCK with ENMA.

>> No.2686462

At this point I won't mind if that were the case, between her schizo shit and how retarded Haatons are, I'm disliking her more each day.

>> No.2686463

what's haamaas address, getting a ticket to Japan and I am going to fug her

>> No.2686484

I honestly believe she's simply going to quit the whole livestreaming thing due to college. Which is kinda odd because she'll be making more in a single year of livestreaming than she will working for an entire decade in whatever job she'll get after college.

>> No.2686504

>Which is kinda odd because she'll be making more in a single year of livestreaming than she will working for an entire decade in whatever job she'll get after college.
Family and societal norms, prease undastandu

>> No.2686520

This is a Vtuber, remember? Your CHARACTER is popular, not who you really are. It's a disparity that probably hits some people pretty hard. Imagine being someone like, say, Polka. She's a popular vtuber, has been a fixture of the vtuber world for a long time, and has lots of friends online; in the real world, she is less than nothing and probably already has a lifetime's worth of experience being the object of scorn, ridicule, and contempt. It's easy to see how someone who views her activities as something more than just a part-time job would get fucked up from cognitive dissonance.

>> No.2686582

She wasn't a vtuber, she was a vocaloid artist. Still very fucking sad, she was crying for help and one ine reached out. Super preventable.

>> No.2686586

isn't Haachama currently stuck about ~six months ago? which is when the taiwan shit happened. So this apology would've been that. history is being rewritten due to time travel hijinks.

>> No.2686616

Holy fuck, that was six months ago?

>> No.2686618

people reached out
she rejected them because her mind was made up
regular fans got guilt tripped

>> No.2686621

Oh shit, that actually makes a lot of sense

>> No.2686652

>no one reached out
More like no one was able to magically guess the exact string of words to snap her out of it.

>> No.2686665

Being honest, we know Chamers is a bit dumb, but I don't think she would be THAT dumb.
Imagine the backlash if that tweet was part of the lore

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File: 38 KB, 400x400, 4D45246C-74D7-4082-B157-55A663F7CF66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a rrat awhile ago of one of her streams where she accidentally forgot to delete her search history when typing into google. Anyways, one of the suggestions that came up was something to do with self-harm. I think Haachama has not been in a good mental state for awhile honestly.

>> No.2686679

Streaming is a very volatile business, in a couple years most of the holos will be doing something else.

>> No.2686692

t. tribalfag

>> No.2686733

you'd think there'd be screencaps of this shit

>> No.2686742

This is all Kiryu Coco's fault
If she didn't disrespect us, then Haachama would have stream and have fun with us in bilibili

>> No.2686760

ogey, zhang

>> No.2686768

They're somewhere in the jp archives. Everyone played it off as doujin shit or something like Korone looking up torture.

>> No.2686769

This type of stuff is preventable. Is like a mental asthma attack, once the feeling of doom and depression passes the mind becomes clear and they realize how retarded what they were about do was, most failed suicides regret their attempts. That's how you have to think about this situations, its like an allergic reaction or an asthma attack, it's very temporary in reality.

>> No.2686787

There was but I’m too lazy to go through the /jp/ archives.

>> No.2686794

>Everyone played it off as doujin shit or something like Korone looking up torture.
Are haatons really that dumb?

>> No.2686812

>This type of stuff is preventable
Yeah, and they almost always go through with it anyway, armchair-kun.

>> No.2686819

Most if this girls are not in a good place mentally. I was talking to my sister about vtubers and she mentioned how very few regular girls would wanna get involved with being an anike girls for thousands of nerds, you have to already be in a weird place mentally to do that. Think of the regular holos who act normal and don't little menhera moments here and there, very few. Sora and Shubaru are the one that coke to mind, but almost all other holos have a weird side be it odd behavior or some sort of depression.

>> No.2686823

Someone please find

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File: 34 KB, 590x550, 1618318874808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the chances of her having suicidal thoughts? I'm seriously concerned

>> No.2686832

Haachama only has herself to blame for pushing the mental disorder stuff so hard to a bunch of EOP kiddies

>> No.2686834

Isn't that just selection bias? Surely the ones that didn't regret it tried again and succeeded, as morbid as that is.

>> No.2686835

nah, she's fine she got pptenshi

>> No.2686839

Because like i said, imagine an asthma attack, can be horrible is not treated but it doesn't last forever. The depressed person gets into a mental state where they can't think correctly , thinking ,no one loves me, im worthless, etc, shit that doesn't make sense given their real situation.

>> No.2686847

>once the feeling of doom and depression passes the mind becomes clear and they realize how retarded what they were about do was, most failed suicides regret their attempts.
You are correct, but saying wrong words can make locally feel very shitty about everything and very lonely.
It feels like you was totally wrong about everything, about having big regrets and knowing there is no way to turn time back.
Of course if you pass this period you will understand that you was not wrong about it, but whatever and you can get off the train at any moment later. By that time everything might get better, or not much.

>> No.2686865 [DELETED] 

Pointless racism, classic /vt/

>> No.2686868

>once the feeling of doom and depression passes the mind becomes clear and they realize how retarded what they were about do was
Yeah, that doesn't really matter when they're plummeting off a building or lining up a bullet.

>> No.2686876

Like the other anon said, a lot of this girls show signs of depression. Korone for example is another who randomly gets into a bad mental state, but she has been getting better.

>> No.2686877

Sadly it wasn't a joke. I saw her trending on JP Twitter and went to check a few of her videos, it really hits hard when you see this https://youtu.be/g_fWaY_QZyk?t=81
I don't know the person behind Haato's avatar but if she offs herself I cannot imagine the shit Cover's gonna get

>> No.2686882

This doesn't even have anything to do with the Taiwan incident Zhang. She didn't even get any harassment for it, unlike Coco.

>> No.2686889

>Muh waycism
Where do you think you are, faggot?

>> No.2686893

Streaming isn't a long-term career for 99.9% of people, anon. It's a gig that's designed to squeeze as much money possible in a short amount of time. It might be hard to imagine, but most of the streamers you're watching right now will most likely not be streaming 5-10 years into the future. Nothing is guaranteed in the entertainment industry, where trends are constantly shifting. If you think about it, are you still watching the same content creators you liked 5 years ago? Most likely not.

>> No.2686903

>my sister
Your sister spends all day on twitter ranting about trans rights, BLM and similar shit. Punch her in the face the next time she opens her retarded mouth

>> No.2686906

You are goddamn retarded nigger.

>> No.2686908

4chan, read rule 3

Oh wonderful the China haters are here too

>> No.2686913

If she offs herself, she beats Ollie to the final yab

>> No.2686914

Anon practically everyone has those thoughts at some point. Even a "I wonder what it would be like if I disappeared for a day" scenario.

>> No.2686922

Iirc double attempts are not that common. Might be different by gender, idk.

If they are attempting to harm themsleves they are obviously in the middle of a depression attack retard. I mean like an hour later, when they calmed down and thoughts have gone away they realize it was a mistake.

>> No.2686924

but you are a nigger. and a faggot too, i might add.

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File: 132 KB, 1519x717, 1615912360015_index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Geez the moderation team usually does a lot better job addressing anti black hate speech than this

>> No.2686936


Go back

>> No.2686937

I don't give a fuck if you're black, white, red, blue or whatever. You're still a nigger.

>> No.2686963

Wow the mods must be asleep, this level of hate is usually only directed at Chinese

>> No.2686966

You are a dumb retarded nigger. You are the blackest gorilla nigger I have ever seen.

>> No.2686979

Being famous puts huge amounts of strain on your mental state

>> No.2686984

God i hope Forsen will stay one way or another in streaming.

>> No.2686986

>I mean like an hour later
Right, when the coroner is at the site. You say this like all suicide attempts are exactly the same and on a timer.

>> No.2686999

there's a difference?

>> No.2687000

Shut the fuck up, faggot, there is no racism.

>> No.2687003

>Iirc double attempts are not that common. Might be different by gender, idk.
Previous suicide attempts is actually one of the biggest risk factors for repeated suicide attempts. Women tend to attempt suicide more often but are less successful, while men tend to complete their attempts more.

>> No.2687005

My sister doesn't like trannies or BLM, she does spend a lot of time on twitter. Anyway she is right and has valuable input because she is a normal women. She sees it from an outsider perspective.

>> No.2687017

Not recently, but as a kid yeah

>> No.2687018

fuck off twittard nigger

>> No.2687021

I mean, you either die or remain scarred and even more fucked up mentally
nobody gets better thats a load of bull

>> No.2687033

Anon, i might have some news for you

>> No.2687045

Higher expectations. All of them are trying their very hardest to not let any drama happen because they are the representatives and hold a very big part of the company. It's harder to have drama when they are constantly on their tip toes trying not to have drama

>> No.2687050 [DELETED] 

You don't think hate speech is racism? You have a lot to learn

Please keep your racism contained to /b/ thank you ;)

>> No.2687052

The first time people have suicidal thoughts is not when they actually attempt suicide, and when they might think they wamna do it they don't attempt it.

>> No.2687059
File: 35 KB, 1469x209, 20210418_120442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using Google Translate and not DeepL
>for a while

>> No.2687067

In a couple of years most holos will have snagged a rich husband and just retire completely.

>> No.2687073

>Iirc double attempts are not that common
You remembered incorrectly.

>> No.2687077

Shh, racism is the big funny since everything else was lost after 2016

>> No.2687080

You can't be racist towards Chinese

>> No.2687087


>> No.2687104

They both translated it as 'for a while', retardchama.

>> No.2687118

Nvm ignore this I need to do my reading comprehension reps real quick

>> No.2687128

Why do you even watch Vtubers if you hate foreign cultures so much?

>> No.2687132

>The first time people have suicidal thoughts is not when they actually attempt suicide
Which is why I'm saying preventing suicide is a complete gamble.

>> No.2687133

Wow it almost as making underage kid a public figure is terrible for their development!

>> No.2687159

Especially when her "fans" are so racist despite her being a woman of color.

>> No.2687165

Femanon here, and I'd agree with your sister's assessment. I know this may come off as a surprise to many anons here, but women are also human beings who have their own interests and career goals. Not all of us aspire to become modern day e-prostitutes who whisper "suki desu" to some weebs and suck their wallets dry.

>> No.2687176

>You don't think hate speech is racism?
Apparently hating someone is racist?

>> No.2687180
File: 94 KB, 360x300, 1618276234426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you lost?

>> No.2687194

>they are new to following haachama
You cant refute this vt, should have done your reps

>> No.2687206

>Haaton tries to derail thread by pretending to be offended by racism

>> No.2687208

I've got something you can suck dry

>> No.2687211

Yeah my b just woke up and haven't taken meds yet

>> No.2687213 [DELETED] 

Are you? This isn't /b/ racism is not allowed here. I suggest you read the sites rules

>> No.2687219

If you told me in 2011 that the most successful trolls on 4chan are going to be the ones who are "politically correct" I wouldn't have believed you.

>> No.2687221

How new?

>> No.2687222

Suck deez nuts dry faggot

>> No.2687226

>muh goals and aspirations
>not all of us aspire to become modern day e-prostitutes who whisper "suki desu" to some weebs and suck their wallets dry
Then earn your money some other way, ya filthy skanks

>> No.2687234

How would Cover handle a suicide? There's of course Voms' way of faking a sudden graduation due to major contract breach but there's too many that know Haachama personally that it'd be hard to keep it as if it was just a graduation and they'll probably break at any point

>> No.2687246

Big if she commited suicide

>> No.2687247

Fuck off. Go back and try again when you aren't underage b&

>> No.2687255
File: 201 KB, 680x673, 1618681922544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanese are honorary aryan, though.

>> No.2687258

Tell that to your oshi then, anon, not me. I'm already set with a career.

>> No.2687263

I'm not so much offended as I am shocked. I know the moderation team does nothing to stop anti Chinese hate but they typically don't allow use of anti black pejoratives to get this out of hand

>> No.2687273

Unironically based

>> No.2687280

>faking a sudden graduation
Magnet was straight up fucking fired, dude. Not even an attempt at a graduation.

>> No.2687282

Probably a post and one or two weeks of silence from all in Cover

>> No.2687287

>racism isn't allowed here
You're even worse than a nigger. You're jew.

>> No.2687288

You are the one who needs to go back to /b/ racism is not allowed here

>> No.2687292

Only if you cosplay haachama while I do

>> No.2687293

They'd probably say she passed away but wouldn't say how.

>> No.2687294


>> No.2687298
File: 1.69 MB, 1099x2301, Enma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can the audience always tell the difference between a 'call for help' or just roleplay? Imagine if Haachama suicide/homocides hell, (we dont even have to be that extreme) just graduates. You know the antis ad political activists are going to have a feild day with that.

Looks like the 'NO DARK HUMOR' rule has its purpose.

>> No.2687311

There is no racism, anons, nigger is a general purpose assault here, it doesn't matter what skin color you are.

>> No.2687318

>Tell that to your oshi then
My oshi didn't complain like you did, so why would I tell her that?
>I'm already set with a career
e-prostitute without the e?

>> No.2687340
File: 34 KB, 227x222, 1615608558702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's gonna be like Hana Kimura all over again

>> No.2687348

she committed seppuku because we live in a society

>> No.2687349

Let me guess you are not a black body

>> No.2687351

>There's of course Voms' way of faking a sudden graduation due to major contract breach
Well, not being alive would prevent her from streaming, so that's a major contract breach, kek.

>> No.2687365


>> No.2687367

I can save her

>> No.2687378

the whole haato/haachama thing was retarded anyway now no one will take her seriously when something bad does happen because she always returns with some meme or 'uuuuuuuuuu' stream

>> No.2687388

Stop responding to faggot's bait already.

>> No.2687399

No matter how long you try, racism on 4chan will not go back to the good ole days my friends.

You are a relic of the past boomer.

>> No.2687401

This is needed outsider perspective, because most anons here are in love with this holos, they cant sense when their shit stinks. Think of the Mario Kart tournament, this are women in their late 20s and early 30s and half of them lost their shit the second they didn't win. One threw her controller, started screaming and ended the stream, another started crying and ranting for almost 30 minutes, all over a fucking mario kart game. You think your average women is gonna do that stuff, even in japan the land of kawaii desu ne, of course not.

>> No.2687420

HoloEN has just as many yab cringe moments as JP and ID, its just that western people are socialized to worship women and tolerate every retarded thing they do

>> No.2687426

this is bait, and you will always be male.

>> No.2687429

>You think your average women is gonna do that stuff

>> No.2687430

If I remember correctly, the reason why Youtube started going trigger-happy over suicide jokes was because some funny youtuber made a few videos trying to reach out and everyone thought he was just being funny.
Then he killed himself.

>> No.2687433

What exactly did I complain about? Is pointing out the fact that not all women want to become vtubers somehow complaining? Stop being fucking retarded. No anon, unfortunately for you I'm not a prostitute, but a doctor.

>> No.2687435

Anyone denying this is a bluepilled faggot, the target demographic of vtubers is the one women collectively despise the most. The job is the female equivalent of cleaning the sewers

>> No.2687437
File: 17 KB, 152x198, Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 2.23.54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2687438

>he still believes Rushia is genuine

>> No.2687441

No, the audience can't always recognize it. Look at all the famous singing who killed themselves decades ago who put calls for help in their own music. Even then it's an online streamer, the most you can do is give your support or suggestions, but one of their friends (in a company, indie or non-vtuber) is more likely to realize somethings up and get them help than an audience member. That said if you do realize something could be wrong reaching out to one of their friends isn't the worst idea either.

>> No.2687450

It's all a part of the show until there is an official announcement, if any. Haachama's content was fun. Everything will be okay if we don't get more, but I look forward to it if we do.

>> No.2687454

>women are also human beings

>> No.2687461


>> No.2687464


>> No.2687468

Imagine if Haachama is being suicidal and we drove her to kill herself

>> No.2687469

>return to japan
>start feeling down
>mental state turns to shit
She needs to leave Japan and go back to some Anglo country.

>> No.2687479

Women throw temper tantrums all the time. You are the only one putting pussy on a pedestal

>> No.2687482

Can you check my prostate? I've been peeing a hell of a lot recently.

>> No.2687483

they would COVER IT UP

>> No.2687487

back to the flip countryside

>> No.2687489

People dislike Chinese because of Chinese government action. Since you are posting here you might be on the same page as them. People have nothing against Taiwanese or HK protesters you know.

>> No.2687502


>> No.2687507 [DELETED] 
File: 99 KB, 1125x1122, 1617490488360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just look at this thread? Do you actually think she will feel better around all you racists?

>> No.2687508

not leave japan but is for certainly something to do with her parents

she comes back to japan and sudenly shit gets even worse? either her parents are giving her shit because they don't want her to keep being a vtuber or she's not making friends even after she came back

>> No.2687511

You arent normal either, retard

>> No.2687514

>people seriously believe she's having suicidal thoughts instead of it being more roleplay shit

>> No.2687522

>be from rich family
>able to travel and study wherever you want
>have tons of friends
>have successful streaming career
>loved by coworkers and fans
>still become mentally unstable
lads how do we fix women

>> No.2687523

>Anyone denying this is a bluepilled faggot, the target demographic of vtubers is the one women collectively despise the most. The job is the female equivalent of cleaning the sewers
Oh shit anon, you right lmao. That's a great way to put it.

>> No.2687531
File: 249 KB, 1144x1052, 1002848978912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the schizochama streams were just a cry for help, weren't they?

>> No.2687533



>> No.2687534

She'd absolutely love it

>> No.2687539

Oh right, what even happened to the third Vom?

>> No.2687541

>I suggest you read the site's rules
rumao roru

>> No.2687552

>People dislike Chinese because of Chinese government action
So that is why they are using racial pejoratives like the C word?

>> No.2687560
File: 36 KB, 400x400, Haachama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Cover killed all of Haachama's creative talents and emotional drive to work hard when they stopped her from finishing her series. She's a Gen 1, has worked really hard for the company, given them a lot of exposure, made them a lot of money, and in return she got slapped down. I'm betting she feels pretty jaded towards her employer anymore. Personally, she prob needs to graduate to get that feeling of pride in her work back, to do stuff creatively and independently, I don't think she'll ever get that back with Cover. Haachama is my favorite, and I'll be extremely sad to see her go, but losing the things I care most about in life seems to be a common trend, so it'll be a fitting end.

>> No.2687565

We don't, we just fuck them

>> No.2687568

What do you mean, anon? There are only two Voms. Why do you think there are three?

>> No.2687569

Doesn't she live in tokyo, why doesn't she hang out with other holos.

>> No.2687570

Prostate issues would most often manifest as decreased urination, dysuria, fevers, or hematuria. Polyuria is more indicative of a renal or endocrine problem. I'm not here to give medical advice so go see your primary care physician.

>> No.2687575

this is just an anti thread huh

>> No.2687582

she doesn't have friends, that was her whole menhara moment in australia, she's an autist that can't make friends

>> No.2687585

Damn. Got any links on that? Or at least a name

>> No.2687586

dick the menhera out of them
there's a reason there were less crazies back in the day

>> No.2687591

>even worse
>no longer in level 4 lockdown
>can go out
>coworkers celebrate her return
>has multiple small parties and sleepovers
>but her workload increased poor haachama abloo bloo
Haatons are fucking drama queens just like the pig they worship.

>> No.2687595

wait, is the magnet literally dead?

>> No.2687600
File: 986 KB, 830x724, haato6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have tons of friends
She doesn't though

>> No.2687601

Modern feminism, sex lib, and Onlyfans' popularity make me disagree with you

>> No.2687603

America isn’t the only Anglo country anon

>> No.2687606


>> No.2687611

tragedy is comedy plus time

>> No.2687612

teens usually means niggers

>> No.2687616

she literally does
do you fags even watch her

>> No.2687620

I don't think he was around people like us, if you know what I mean.

>> No.2687621

Unlikely, Pika would have been way more devastated if that was the case.

>> No.2687623

Ah Gura... The Janitress maid...
So this is why vtubing was perfect for her.

>> No.2687624

I don't know why you fagots are like this. One of the best feelings in the world is just hugging a girl in bed as she tells you mundane stuff about her day.

>> No.2687626

>racism isnt allowed here
lmao niggerfaggot, kill yourself immediately

>> No.2687629

What happened there?

>> No.2687630

Yeah it's just your typical racism filled heavily off topic thread

>> No.2687639

Thanks, now I'll know what vocab to use when I do too

>> No.2687642

that comes after the fucking

>> No.2687643

No, dingus. She just got canned.

>> No.2687645
File: 99 KB, 661x768, 1615593590223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ame is her friend. She should go live with Ameliur and booba

>> No.2687656

seriously, reddit tourists are so quick to jump the gun on obvious shit like this, always trying too hard to fit in.

>> No.2687657

Read rule 3 :)

>> No.2687668

rrats on why?
nyafuu is too hard

>> No.2687677


>> No.2687678

Yes anon. People hate your country and people like to generalize. If it was about what Germany is doing, germans would be called they would be called krauts as an example.

>> No.2687687

Never go there, place is shithole. Overcrowded, expensive, assholes everywhere. No idea why people like the place so much, it sucks.

>> No.2687689 [DELETED] 
File: 100 KB, 740x1024, 1616375694645m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What makes you say that? This thread hell this entire board is full of racists

>> No.2687693

women have more sex today than ever in history

>> No.2687697


>> No.2687703

I have done this for around 10 years now and I'm becoming slightly disinterested recently. I can't bring myself to care the things she goes on about as much as I used to. I intend to talk to her about it but I'm feeling some serious burnout.

>> No.2687707

>implying anyone here knows what that's like

>> No.2687713

I was never a Vom enjoyer but if this is official narrative, she must've fucked very badly

>> No.2687714

no way fag

>> No.2687717 [DELETED] 

Japan is the most racist nation in the world, Anon.

>> No.2687719

What's the matter you don't enjoy the company of your fellow racists?

>> No.2687720

What a good, Haachama centric thread.

>> No.2687722

Noone knows, leading theory is that she had a government job at the same time, which is a big nono in Japan.

>> No.2687727

you know what i actually want stats today

>> No.2687741

That's China.

>> No.2687747

Something serious enough to piss off GYARI and something Pika said they had known about for a while now
So it's most likely drugs

>> No.2687750

Yes, Chinese are racist and xenophobic as fuck.

>> No.2687759

There are more women now than there were in the past, due to population growth.

>> No.2687761

>korea and china

>> No.2687763

I don't see how the new rules would help.
>be funny youtuber
>make videos trying to reach out
>get banned
>kill self anyway

>> No.2687764

That's been my experience too. Have an acquaintance who lives there and is constantly bitching about it, but wants to continue living there.

>> No.2687768

>10 years
I think that's normal bro, for most people it takes like 5 max.

>> No.2687769 [DELETED] 

Racism = power+privilege it's literally impossible for a POC to be racist

>> No.2687773

Doesn't Japan have to create propaganda just to get them to fuck

>> No.2687774

No, that would be China, nothing comes even close.

>> No.2687788 [DELETED] 

Niggers aren't people, anon.

>> No.2687790

Blame the racists and the mods

>> No.2687795

hysteria rampant

>> No.2687797
File: 420 KB, 457x704, 1615088810416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sasuga bait, all the election tourists are taking it hook line and sinker

>> No.2687800

Come on anon, put effort into your baits.

>> No.2687804

Xenophobia doesn't mean racism.
The Japanese are severely underprivileged. According to modern politics, white men are the most racist people in the world.

>> No.2687810

Post doesn't exist even in the archives

>> No.2687813

The current rrat is that haachama was sexually assaulted some time after returning to Japan by someone in Cover management, leading to her mental deterioration

>> No.2687822

Is it possible in Japan to return to college years later akin to what's often done in the states?

>> No.2687829

We're pretty straightforward with each other about these things which is why we've managed for so long, I think. Sucks when it feels like I can't match her enthusiasm though.

>> No.2687832 [DELETED] 

Where are the mods?!

Bait? That's the Webster's Dictionary definition of racism

>> No.2687841

She got graduted, the other VOMS said shes fine but she broke contract somehow. Rrat is she might have worked for the japanese goverment and when you do, you can't have another job like streaming.

>> No.2687845

fucking god not another mel incident

>> No.2687847 [DELETED] 

Ignore and report then you dumb faggot, you complaining about shit and derailing the thread is 100x worse than someone saying nigger

>> No.2687849

there are no equal relationships and she should love you more than you love her

>> No.2687850
File: 96 KB, 500x824, 1618255404788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All the tourists in this thread

>> No.2687851 [DELETED] 

you misspelled US nigger

>> No.2687857

Stop posting this nonsense

>> No.2687866


>> No.2687875

More anti black racism

>> No.2687878

Ignore and report then you dumb faggot. You complaining about shit and derailing the thread is 100x worse than someone saying nigger

>> No.2687879


>> No.2687884

Yes it does - you aren't looking in the correct archive

>> No.2687891

amazing how japanese are a minority in their own country and somehow have less power and priviledge to whites. very good and smart western academic opinion you have there. do you have a pdf in social sciences?

>> No.2687892
File: 26 KB, 430x176, who_couldve_seen_it_coming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no way anon she's fine

>> No.2687896
File: 1.20 MB, 1280x720, 1615759698305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2687906

>Women tend to attempt suicide more often but are less successful, while men tend to complete their attempts more.
how am I not surprised

>> No.2687908

Is this the ultimate redpill?

>> No.2687914

what's haamaas address, getting a ticket to Japan and I am going to slug her

>> No.2687917

>100x worse than someone saying nigger
Black hands did not type this post

>> No.2687929

Post video or I won't believe this.

>> No.2687934

No they need propaganda to have kids and families. Japanese women have similar casual sex rates to American women

>> No.2687935

Dunno about that, UK had such a racism boner they voted to go bankrupt to continue being racist

>> No.2687936

is a rrat for a reason
you believe it or you don't

>> No.2687958

Wasn't Mel stuff debunked really fast or Am I thinking about something else?

>> No.2687971
File: 39 KB, 179x161, 1603959508253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the end Luna won...

>> No.2687985

It might be this one. Privated. I have to go deeper.

>> No.2687988

Brexit was the right thing do, and if it really was about racism they wouldn't have turned around a couple of months later and offered millons of people from Hong Kong residency, not even refugee status just straight up residency.

>> No.2688031

Someone do a moon translation, what does that say.

>> No.2688034

>Brexit was the right thing to do
Ah yes, the denial

>> No.2688045

If Haato commits sudoku Hololive is fucking finished. That reddit hugbox stay complacent forever

>> No.2688055

Holy shit it all makes sense now...

>> No.2688066

Did any of them actually show up? Personally I would much rather deal with the Hong Kong rioters as opposed to UK grooming gangs.

>> No.2688076

*can*t stay

>> No.2688078 [DELETED] 

dont objectify black people as just "bodies", racist pig

>> No.2688084

Install Greenshot, configure the OCR Plugin, use it to get the text, machine translate it.

>> No.2688101

stop fueling the off topic shit, nigger

>> No.2688108

Mel's case was never debunked, as far as I know. The current Haachama sexual assault rrat is based on discord screenshots from 2ch that are apparently pretty fake looking and nobody has even posted yet anyway.

>> No.2688111

Or you could translate it for me, and i don't have to do all that.

>> No.2688113

Do your Foucault reps

>> No.2688128

cringe, i have a real job

>> No.2688137
File: 73 KB, 1280x522, Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 11.48.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2688140
File: 234 KB, 640x356, haatons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2688152

He asked a good question not everyone is familiar with Bio Leninism.

>> No.2688185

Based, if you're not absorbing all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence, you're NGMI.

>> No.2688187

if you wouldnt join haachama in a suicide pact youre not a real haaton

>> No.2688223

we all know what that's code for

>> No.2688251


>> No.2688287

I kneel, thank you.

>> No.2688300
File: 138 KB, 1280x720, 1618716372444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Etika, isn't it?
Goddamn i miss that dude.

>> No.2688322

Think anon was reffering to etika.

>> No.2688325

I think they are talking about Apollo Legend

>> No.2688352

Bitch im not even white

>> No.2688363
File: 9 KB, 245x206, korone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based Korone

She was right.

We don't know how good we had it until it's over.

>> No.2688438

nyc is full of racists that arent white

>> No.2688481

Meidos, shut down this retarded thread. It was a nice thread but a faggot managed to completely derail it.

>> No.2688494

>woke up with no/weak voice
hardly rratworthy

>> No.2688510

Ok then, noted. I still don't wanna live in NYC.

>> No.2688514

usually happens when you cry yourself to sleep

>> No.2688568

All they had to do was delete the hate speech

>> No.2688575

racist or not, thats just a reasonable position

>> No.2688586

All they had to do was to ban you. You shit up the thread, not the people who said nigger.

>> No.2688616

reminder that the reasy why everywhere you go you see hate speech is because everybody hates you

>> No.2688644

The only people who derail these threads are you retards who reply to the most obvious of bait posts. Kill yourselves.

>> No.2688649

I was banned, for saying the N word >>2686930 now thanks to the moderation intervention I have turned over a new leaf and am a fully committed anti racist.

>> No.2688665

are you 14 or something faggot

>> No.2688690

I'm 31, I have only recently become an anti racist though.

>> No.2688714

Black people have not crossed my mind once throughout the several times i've called you a nigger.
You are a fucking nigger.
All lefties are fucking niggers.
Racism is a spook, i can't hate something that doesn't even exist in my life.

>> No.2688716

>critical theory
into the trash it goes

>> No.2688727

I feel ya, I'm 32 and only recently became anti-rape.

>> No.2688734

oh fuck

>> No.2688750

what's purogu?

>> No.2688763

Confess your sins, how many people did you rape before you became anti-rape?

>> No.2688764

Okay so it's safe to assume you are not a black body

>> No.2688769


>> No.2688775

Is that the thing the jap autists are using to de-mosaic pron?

>> No.2688782

It's burogu, or blog, so if that screenshot's accurate she was looking up DV (domestic violence, I think) blogs

>> No.2688798

Oh, that's not worth discussing, let killed pussies lie.

>> No.2688801

Ah, I thought it was プ and not プ. These things are way too small in this font desu.

>> No.2688825

I meant "I thought it was プ and not ブ", can't believe I fucked it up again kek

>> No.2688839

depends if dv has the same context, it's weird she'd search it in mixed languages if it was actually serious

>whole internet sees your porn habit
>they think your dad's beating you instead

>> No.2688845


>> No.2688879

Searching DVブゴグ on google.jp returns domestic stuff, I'm pretty sure the contraction is used over there. That said dunno about any de mosaic thing so eeh

>> No.2688909

Why not DVブログ?

>> No.2688913


>> No.2688980

Did she end up doing the scheduled stream and not archiving?

>> No.2689028
File: 11 KB, 277x259, 1604719435133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2689030
File: 434 KB, 1545x869, blackbody.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I don't think you are either bro. You'd probably be too busy ABSOOOOOORBING to be posting here.

>> No.2689076

No, cancelled it about half hour before it was supposed to go live.

>> No.2689110

cant believe i chuckled at this

>> No.2689499

chink hands typed this

>> No.2689531

they use DV as an acronym to mean domestic violence, it’s a normal term used in Japanese

>> No.2689707

nah dude, sadly i reflect light


>> No.2689709

EnMa and EN meddling CAUSED this, you fucktard.
Who do you think yanked on her chain because of the EN Gen 0 thing?

>> No.2689739

Mods delete "nigger" racism posts but not "chink" or "seanigger" racist posts. Kind of makes me wonder if this is just them being maliciously compliant. In other words a kind of, "Fine, we won't allow racism against black people on this board, but all other races can be equally racist to one another here, which effectively makes us racist against black people by not being inclusive."

>> No.2689807

which one of them

>> No.2689852

>Cover did nothing wrong.
other than not sacking the entire EN management branch for being catty bitches over a fucking joke.

>> No.2689913

>When you start forcing everything it loses its magic.
This is the reason why I watch Hololive instead of other agencies or indies. It CREATES the magic, actually. If you want a random joe schmoe making dick jokes and acting like an ironic douche, there are hundreds if not thousands of people you can watch on twitch and youtube. Adding in a little order and organization makes Hololive special

>> No.2690038

>shadow mod
was she playing koikatsu?

>> No.2690106 [DELETED] 

You idiot. The US is just the most "aware". Asia, Europe and Africa are the most racist because they all hate each other. i.e. chinese vs japs vs koreans, pakistani's vs jews, ireland vs scots vs brits, french vs spaniards vs brits vs germans vs east europe. white south africans vs black south africans. african tribes vs african tribes.

He'll, right now there is a literal trade war between Korea and Japan over stupid petty shit on Korea's side that is completely because koreans still hate japanese people in turn making japanese hate korean people. On top of that, they still hate black people and only really hire them as a way to coerce people in the red light district.

>> No.2690421 [DELETED] 

>white south africans vs black south africans
Whites are the ones who drew it along racial lines, and they're not African.
>african tribes vs african tribes.
Care to try that one again?

>> No.2690540

even without whites, people hate each other

>> No.2690635 [DELETED] 

>Whites' ancestors are the ones who drew it along racial lines, and they weren't African.
I think you mean
>Care to try that one again?
Do you genuinely believe that the myriad african tribes are sitting in a drum circle singing kumbaya because they all have the same skin color? Of course not, they stick to their own family lines, and fight wars along those lines like every other group of humans on earth.

>> No.2690832

I can't believe I share the same fanbase with retards replying to "anti-racist" posts.
I think I understand why Haaachama went full schizo.

>> No.2690935
File: 407 KB, 691x708, n4t3q2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>even without whites, people hate each other
Sure, but it doesn't service your argument.
>Do you genuinely believe that the myriad african tribes are sitting in a drum circle singing kumbaya because they all have the same skin color?
No. I believe most are busy trying to establish their positions in the modern states, secede, or push for development.
>Of course not, they stick to their own family lines, and fight wars along those lines like every other group of humans on earth.
Yes, I also remember when the Hausa and the Yoruba banded together against the Fulani in the name of family.
Don't mention Africa again. Too dumb.

>> No.2691348

you fucking nigger. Yoruba never banded with Fulani. Stop reading your nigger studies.
it was Flusharis and Shartas

>> No.2691778
File: 419 KB, 839x753, 1603468517944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you fucking nigger. Yoruba never banded with Fulani. Stop reading your nigger studies.
You are not a human. Your mind is blank. Be at rest.

>> No.2692165


>> No.2692453

not bad
just easy to understand

>> No.2692609

No. Japanese people are the dominant ethnicity in their society and live in a developed country. They are unironically just as privileged as the average White person.

>> No.2693003

Jesas, someone kill this fucking thread

>> No.2693020


>> No.2694079

Not surprised if she does graduate. Going by Cover's standards and what Mel and Aki implied on their Holotalk, i'm surprised the entire Gen 1 and 2 hasn't graduated yet.

>> No.2695409

Everyone targets blacks over their yearly rape and murder of thousands and it's really unfair and mean, especially when you have non-blacks using rude words in comparison. Really wish we could stop seeing color in this society.

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