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It's over.

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>for a while

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暫く can also mean "for some time". It entirely depends on how she intended to use it. For all we know this could mean "I plan on graduating, but I could come back someday".

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Welcome to Nijisanji | Eternal collab with Hoshikawa Sara | Total contents freedom and unlimited yabai | 2021

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Given the way she's been yanked around, if chammers quits she's never signing with an agency ever again.

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Why are so many people mentally ill nowdays.

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bro when do they ever come back, when someone moves on they move one

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Going indie probably the best for her. As far as I know, she doesn't really need 3D model for her content.

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She's going to stop going across the road to Domino's, and is instead going to try the Pizza Hut down the highway.

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the nail that sticks out gets hammered down

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Stop making new threads about this, retard. We have three already

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She could go the same path of post retirement Kaguya Luna, and just do her shitposting with voice and illustration only.

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>complains about a redundant thread, bumping said thread in the process

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Nah worldwide we have had a rise in mentall illness and japan has always had that autism. Many more weird people now than before.

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It's always been like that, it's just that before they were stuck in grandpa's basement, now they get to crawl around the internet.

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>what did she mean by this
Pregnant with my child.

Wanted to apologize for 9 months break but got cold feet

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We thought her being in Japan would make her stop being a menhera...we were so fucking WRONG.

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>soijack poster doesn't even know you can post in a thread without bumping it

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>Due to my unstable mental state, I will not be able to sream for a while. Goodbye.
So the bipolar personality disorder wasn't a meme, uh.

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Hidden sage was a mistake.

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I would just go back to putting it in all fields, but nu-jannies would probably warn you and delete your posts for announcing sage.

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You guys allowed this.

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Consider this: She's a high school graduate with no career plan outside of acting as a performer in an industry that has no guarantee to last for more than a few years and her mother is a very, very conservative nip who's notoriosuly been against her activities as a vtuber.
I know this may be hard to grasp for some of you who's too deep into this hellhole but you should realize these girls all have real lives behind those avatars. If she's mentally exhausted about something, it's about her path ahead. Of course the easier way to go about it is to jump the gun and blame Cover at first thought, and I'm not saying that "you should absolutely suck corporate cock" but think more about the other possibilities for a second. She's due uni entrance exams soon which is a stressful period on its own. Not to mention if you fuck up that's a whole year gone to waste.

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It hasnt always been like that, much more weirs retards now. Internet and easy isolation does that. Back then you really had to try hard to be a weirdo, now it's a click away.

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The faggot I was replying to did bump the thread with his post.
kys retard.

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How is it hidden?

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oh no, did someone bump the post? What a shame.

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Your indie on page 10 is shit and will graduate this month.

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It means she was raped and needs to graduate to not embarrass Cover.

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Dejá Vu. Astel was having a similar issue a few weeks ago.

She's probably expecting her new works to be on top with the past ones and can't keep up that same amount of quality for a reason.

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But this sounds much more worrisome than the "finding myself" tweet. It feels like she's gonna off herself tomorrow.

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>her mother is a very, very conservative nip who's notoriosuly been against her activities as a vtuber.
This has already been disproved.

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she's roleplaying and she's preparing for Kanata's 3d live
stop posting the same dumb rrats over and over when they're so obviously fake

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As soon as she has a design some autistic fan will replicate it in koikatsu or com2 or mmd and problem solved.

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>watacuck schizo

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>Consider this: She's a high school graduate with no career plan outside of acting as a performer in an industry that has no guarantee to last for more than a few years
Consider this: Haato has likely made well over a million dollars in her short time as a vtuber. Even if you had an absolute guarantee that in exactly 2 years time the entire vtuber industry would colapse into nothing, the ONLY logical choice is to ride that pony into the ground.

>her mother is a very, very
conservative nip who's notoriosuly been against her activities as a vtuber.
I don't buy this narrative. If she was some struggling indie with 100 subs that would be one thing but when you have a 1m+ youtube channel, hundreds of thousands of diehard fans and monthly income of 50k+ it would take someone truely monumentally stupid to say "stop wasting your time on hololive and get a career"

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Haachama was RAPED.

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No it was consensual. I even tried to use a condom but she said "AWAY condom!" "because I don't use it".

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she made you buy them cause she likes them.

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She need to go back to Australia to find peace around kangaroos and tarantulas, anon. Lock down life in nippon drive her crazy.

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It is literally just how mental health sciences has developed. Easier to diagnose these days

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Didn't everyone already dunk on you for this anonchama

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Thanks for the insight Reddit-sama!

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>it would take someone truely monumentally stupid to say "stop wasting your time on hololive and get a career"
its not that stupid, honestly. yeah she should ride it out as long as she can, but online video creation is an extremely fickle beast where long term success is practically impossible. how many western youtubers are now lolcows begging their former fans to toss them scraps? it would be wise to invest into long term security at the peak of your success rather than wait till the money dries up to figure out another plan

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From the other thread. Are these translations correct?


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Bitch needs to take her meds.

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I am not sure but it lines up with posts I found on the warosu archives around that time. The English test stream also appear to be missing from this archive.

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She just made a greenscreen video with Kanata the other day, not worried

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>the other day
Those are recorded in bulk

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good chance people will mistake her for being a chink and make her life hell anyway

t.aussie who seen too many retards among the local populace

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Yeah but they would not get released if she was in big trouble

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great non argument

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She's working with Kanata in preperation for a concert, Kanata tweeted about it today
You retards falling for rrats over roleplaying are why she wont be allowed to do more in future

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we're being fucking worked aren't we

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some parents are stupid like that

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>Waking up without a voice
Um, bros???

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t. retarded amerimutt who is either a student or eternally unemployed

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THe voice thing was probably when she had like a cold or some shit and couldn't get her voice out

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Don't forget Luna came back when she left Nijisanji.

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Oh the irony.

Have you considered that going to school in Japan as an older student may be completely different than in the US? The job hunting phase will look at Haachama and wonder why she is older than her competition.

Or maybe she just wants to go to school.

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It's not certain but the video being privated is very suspicious. I think it some time within the past month.

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When you grow up you'll realize that the "job hunting" for anyone who isnt the lowest tier poorfag consists of asking who your parents are

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>he fell for the business major meme

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>but when you have a 1m+ youtube channel, hundreds of thousands of diehard fans and monthly income of 50k+ it would take someone truely monumentally stupid to say "stop wasting your time on hololive and get a career"
You’d be surprised by the mentality of some people. A person I know had the opportunity to get a similar job with similar pay, the only caveat was she had to pause her studies she could very well resume a couple of years later.
But her father did _NOT_ want her to follow this path, for him the diploma was much more important than the gigantic paycheck she could have gotten that could have at the very least fully funded her years at this job + the years needed to get her diploma afterwards.
I can totally imagine Haachama’s mom with the same kind of mentality, plus in Japan job hunting is much less flexible than in other first world countries, especially if you don’t have any diploma after high school if you don’t want your job to be shit.

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shut up, chama is based and NEVER raped

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>just suck a little corporate cock though
Caring about cover even in the slightest is a sign you need to leave.

>> No.2690221

As stated before, this was a stupid rrat who used nonexistent japanese twitters as his source without posting any proof. Even 5ch wasn't stupid enough to post this rrat.

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>Waking up without a voice
She forces her voice everytime she streams, especially her since she tends to get really loud. Stuff like that is to be expected.

As for DVブロク I found this:
Maybe she has some kind of morbid attraction to the stories? as in she might enjoy the gossiping angle, but who knows.

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the system is bearing fruits

>> No.2690685

the technological revolution and its impact on society. it's ironic because vtubers business grows on the need to satisfy a sense of belonging in mentally ill autists

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>Google has the most powerful AI in existence
>still can't translate 配信 properly

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No one is "mentally ill", slapping that label on anyone who isn't a mindless normalfag is duplicitous.

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Whatever you say, schizo

>> No.2690768

Dissociative identity disorder.

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don't worry hearing voices is totally normal bro don't listen to anyone who says otherwise

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>No one is "mentally ill"
What did the doctor tell you this time, anon?

>> No.2690911

>DV blog
>Haachama had bad grades in the past.
>Can't stream due to mental unstability
>Japan uni entrance exams are due soon
This seems to be a clear case of Asian dad sees an F on the report card.

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Case in point. The first impulse of a normalfag is to try and diagnose anyone with random non-existent "mental illnesses", particularly in the face of opposition to the narrative they're pushing. Your obsession with labelling and "fitting in" to the extent you invent shit like this and attach negative connotations to it to excuse infringing on people is legitimately evil.

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If you're talking about bullshit disorders like "schizoid personality disorder" then I would be inclined to agree with you but some people are genuinely fucked in the head.

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Yes, go back to /pol/, where you and the rest of your election tourist kind belong.
People who are "fucked in the head" are just crazy people, or delusional people, or shy people, or weird people. They are not designated embodiments of non-existent invisible "illnesses" so that they can be forced into re-education centres against their will to become more convenient normalfag drones.
You should go back to /x/, yes.

>> No.2691124

I think you're doing nothing more than arguing semantics.

>> No.2691160

Take your meds anon you're embarrassing yourself now.

>> No.2691192

have you ever considered that rather than mental illnesses being a conspiracy to enforce normalcy, modern society and our fucked up way of living is simply inducing more mental illness in people? the human brain is heavily affected by factors in the environment during the developmental phase, and childhood now is a much different environment than childhood say 500 years ago.

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It's always the same guy. Check this out.

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There are no semantics here, inventing invisible "illnesses" to collectivise people who aren't complete normalfags under some negative banner so that they can be stigmatised and infringed on for daring not to be social drones is one of the most fucking reprehensible acts you can do.
"Take your meds" is newfag speak.
Mental illness doesn't exist, so no, modern society can't produce "more" of a non-existent concept. And no, anyone who divorces from your eco-fetishist cottagecore traditionalist mindset is not "mentally ill"

>> No.2691250

Mentally ill is a term reserved for those who are ill, i.e. their body cannot function properly resulting in negative daily life consequences and the cause of such illness can be proven to be mental. That being said, saying no one is mentally ill is as stupid as saying everyone is mentally ill.

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The most sane rrat here

>> No.2691271

I've been here since like 2006 and usually avoid using such phrases but you really sound unhinged here acting like mental illnesses aren't real. Take the meds, this isn't as a meme but for your own good.

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The schizo is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a schizo and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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Has she even tell her members to unmember?

>> No.2691326

It's a term reserved for people who aren't adhering to normalfaggotry enough, nothing more. Though of course the people behind the scenes wouldn't say as much. People who are insecure or have low self-esteem are not mentally ill either, they are just weak willed. Everything you do or think can be proven to be mental, that's not some grand revelation.
You've been here since 2016 earliest. "Schizo" and "take your meds" are newfag tactics that only started being hurled out over the last two years.
"Scoundrel", "parasite", "swindler" and "profiiteer" aren't newfag speak.

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anon-chama...please take your meds, your parents are worried about you

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Tell me honestly, where do you lean politically?

>> No.2691518

It didn't take long for your buzzphrase to spontaneously appear out of nowhere either. Around 2019 I was browsing and not once heard that retardation spouted, only for it to start being used by the same collective of retarded tourists who unfortunately weren't banned for pouring in here en masse in 2016.
Fuck off retard. Politics is cancer and doesn't belong in /vt/. Back to /pol/ if you want to do that.

>> No.2691519

seriously, go to a therapist. the irony of all this is incredible

>> No.2691602

Discussion of "mental illness" being pushed on people by a larger society is political as well. You might as well say what other politics you have that correspond with it. Don't be shy.

>> No.2691654

I know your kind is obsessed with the trillion layers of irony you see yourself operating on, but there is none here. Though you telling your opposition to "see a therapist" says a lot, considering "therapists" themselves are scam artists. You are legit deferring to idiots in a suit and label who society (and you, as a consequence) have arbitrarily decided is mentally superior to you. You then give them your money to live your life for you and pretend they know you better than you know yourself. How utterly pathetic and insecure do you need to be to do that?
No it isn't, it's just the truth. There is no politics involved in noting that normalfaggotry is enforced by the malevolent upper echelon.

>> No.2691679

>normalfaggotry is enforced by the malevolent upper echelon
The upper echelon being government, yes. What you are referring to is propaganda, and it is political. No amount of cope will change this. Share with the class your other politics.

>> No.2691710

Have you finished high school or ever read a book in your life, or is that normalfaggotry as well?

>> No.2691748

>Haachama liked this
It seems exactly what haatons do with her.

>> No.2691776

No, the "government" of whatever nation you're from is a puppet of others higher than it. There isn't any politics involved in noting that at all.
Children are forced into the education system at a young age, so no, it isn't normalfaggotry. However, if you mean reading books on philosophy or the likes so that you can defer to the author like they're mentally above you, that is absolutely normalfaggotry. Normalfaggotry operates on a system of deference, of collectivism, and of obeying the hive-mind. What better way to exemplify that than by worshipping strangers because they put their thoughts to a pen.

>> No.2691801

>There isn't any politics involved in discussing governments and the people behind them
Are you actually retarded or are you just pretending?

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Thread dangerously close to derailing! Anon, please keep it together or your posts are gonna get wiped again!

>> No.2691827

The fact people don't know about her recurring throat problems she had for months in 2020 and are throwing shit at her mother despite all the morning calls and advice is just baffling.
Half the thread isn't even about Haachama at all.
Go watch some archives instead of shitposting here.

>> No.2691829

I'm literally autistic you deranged schizophrenic. If being educated and not insane is normalfaggotry then thank God for normalfaggotry

>> No.2691841

Strawmanning is also a normalfag tactic. You are the person bringing up governments like they're a global authority. I'm discussing that normalfags have power, I suppose your hatred of "nerds" and "weirdos" and the "mentally ill" is political as well since you've categorised them.
No you aren't, no one is autistic. You're just a brain-dead zombie.

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>> No.2691871

>Expecting tards to do reps

>> No.2691880

So you don't see governments as a global authority. Now we're getting somewhere. Who *do* you think is in control of the world, anon? Don't be afraid to get specific.

>> No.2691886

is she transitioning? lel

>> No.2691894

because nu-haatons aren't people. they're just fountains of /b/tardation that believe whatever bullshit they pull out of their own asses.

>> No.2691918

>So you don't see governments as a global authority.
If you had any reading comprehension you'd know that I already precluded that many posts ago, and it was you who brought up governments in the first place, let alone them having any kind of "power".
Why should I be specific? You want politics, I know, but I'm in no business to turning yet another board into your /pol/ normalfag colony, as much as you'd want that to happen.

>> No.2691932

/v/ - Video Games
/vt/ - Virtual YouTubers

>> No.2691933

getting retarded shit drilled in your head for their entire life
being fed trash with god knows what their entire life
pumping people full of meds their entire life

>> No.2691943

Most of them have savior complexes because she was on vacation and they thought she was gonna get cancelled.

>> No.2691964

> when you have a 1m+ youtube channel
From a job security perspective, you're at the mercy of Google and their algorithm. The algorithm decides that you've crossed the line, goodbye channel, see you when you get to talk to a human at Google.

> hundreds of thousands of diehard fans
Fame is temporary. Before the rona nobody fucking cared about vtubers except a relatively small audience. You've heard plenty of girls saying that they were thinking of quitting vtubing already, until suddenly last year. Once everyone gets their free 5G installed with their rona vaccine, do you think it'll last? And even if it does, how long do you think Ms Pepeloni will stay popular? Another 6 months? Another year? You can't really argue that it is a stable job.

> monthly income of 50k+
It's hard to actually deduce how much these women actually make from SCs. You know how much Youtube's cut is, but you don't really know how much Cover's cut is or if they take expenses out of that, and then there's income taxes. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're doing well, but I think a lot of the numbers people are making up are being pulled out of their ass.
Even if she does pull in $50k a month, what do you think that does to a girl her age? If she's smart she'll have a nice savings account, or wisely invested it in something for later, but at that age... Oh to have so much purchasing power to buy most of the things you want, with seemingly no brakes on the gravy train. You know these girls spend a lot by their own admittance, after all, who doesn't want a $9000 bed with the gravy train on full speed.

> it would take someone truely monumentally stupid to say "stop wasting your time on hololive and get a career"
It would at this point in time, but let's say she continues doing this for another 2-3 years. The viewers start dropping, the gravy train slowly grinds to a halt, and graduation is inevitable. She might be able to get a job in entertainment, but that's just the same amount of risk again, and clearly she wasn't all that popular anymore or she wouldn't have graduated in the first place. Entering the workforce late usually doesn't look good on a resume, so she ends up in the position where she's competing against people who are younger, likely less demanding compensation wise, and with a less glaring hole in their resume.
You know this vtubing thing isn't going to last, right? Do you think Haachama would make a good OL? I personally picture her in a Familymart, heating up greasy instant meals, reminiscing of her past glories pretending to like people's disgusting feet, cringing at her Haachama-Haato saga as the microwave's incessant beeping returns her to her current reality. She puts the warm box into a plastic bag, and smiles at the customer, a former fan with clammy hands who pushes the 500 yen coins into her hands instead of into the tray. He mumbles something beneath his breath about "Haachama cooking", just out of earshot. She doesn't realize it yet, but he'll stab her on her way to the train station later that night When the police interview him he'll keep rambling on and on about pepperoni.

>> No.2691970

t. mentally ill

>> No.2691993

You're right, my reading comprehension is poor which is why I'm asking you to be specific. Who do you think is in control of you world? Don't worry, I'm sure (((normalfags))) aren't reading this conversation.

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This thread is good entertainment

>> No.2692043

No, no one is mentally ill. Does that contradict your force-fed narrative that everyone can be categorised and collected into neat little boxes so they can be elevated or discarded based on their perceived worth to society?
You're asking me to be specific because you want to angle this thread towards politics, nothing more. Guess what, you have an entire board designed from the ground up for that very purpose, horray.

>> No.2692062

True actually the, average "human" aka normalfags suffer mild mental retardation, most types of "mental illnesses" can be solved with good dicking for women and self awareness and cognizance for men, literally, also hormonal disorders have a role in all of this

People will call out anything mental illness like the fucking retards with 0 clue they are

>> No.2692068

defo mental, jej

>> No.2692083

>You're asking me to be specific because you want to angle this thread towards politics, nothing more
Then why am I asking you specifically on your beliefs? You are the only person I'm interested in, not the board as a collective. If you're truly not afraid of what the normalfags think you'll air your beliefs out without shame. Or has somebody or some group of people made you feel shame about who you believe should be in charge? That's quite sad, if so.

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we need to do something before we lose another bros

>> No.2692094

Why respect reps when my narratives can do anything that they can?

>> No.2692121

"Mental" is a better term since it's a colloquial generalised insult, use that instead and you'll have more legitimacy to your words.
No, you are interested in politics. You love politics, you see it everywhere, and you want it to be everywhere. Unfortunately for you, I do not love politics, and want it out of this board and every other board that isn't /pol/.

>> No.2692145

and ill, too

>> No.2692168

>Unfortunately for you, I do not love politics, and want it out of this board and every other board that isn't /pol/
And why is that? What about the current state of politics has tired you towards discussion of it? Do you disagree with the left-leaning bias we see in media, or is it something deeper and more pervasive than that?

>> No.2692170

See? You had a better means of operating in the palm of your hand and threw it away, because I provoked you. What do you have to say about that?

>> No.2692205

Nothing, you're clearly lost and agitated that you ended up in this scandalous board for weebs and people who aren't normalfags so let me extend the hand of altruism and go as far as to link you to where you want to be
It also has very high traffic so no need to worry about not getting your thrills.

>> No.2692227


>> No.2692253

Two normalfag boards, you belong in either one, true. Take your pick.

>> No.2692270

t. certified mental illness

>> No.2692312

If only a prefixing it with a "certificate" meant anything. In this case it isn't even an exaggeration to call it a meaningless piece of paper, though I'm aware normalfags like to wear their supposed "mental illnesses" on their sleeve like it's a personality quirk.

>> No.2692351

mentally ill for sure

>> No.2692418

Anon, I'm with you on the fact that in current society mental illnesses are being overdiagnosed, either because some individuals behave outside the norm (not necessarily in a bad way), or to be exploited by lazy assholes as an excuse to take no responsibility for their actions.
However, your middle paragraph in this post reads like it was written by a person who has experienced being sent to such re-education centres. Therefore, I will ask you a simple yes/no question; have you indeed been sent to such an institution?
If you do not specifically reply to this, the default answer is "yes". In that case, the conversation will end there, because everyone itt will know you've been hospitalised and you will lose any credibility you might've had, regardless of how well-constructed your arguments are.
Sperging out in these posts isn't helping your case either.

>> No.2692515

No one is mentally ill. You aren't mentally ill either, which must be a relief for you, because I'm sure you had a breakdown after one of your fellow normalfags directed their "schizo" newfag buzzword at you, friendly fire and all that. You've got to remember, denying it also makes you a "schizo", so it's a very convenient lose-lose situation by your own logic.
No you aren't, because I never stipulated that mental illnesses were "overdiagnosed". Every single diagnosis is "overdiagnosed".
My middle paragraph reads like I've heard and seen accounts of other people being coerced or forced into institutions, and so the paragraph reflects on that injustice. You can form all the assumptions you want, but it won't help your lazy, underhanded rhetoric in the slightest. Concern for others=/=concern for myself. Anyone who divorces from the normalfag collective is a target for being forced into those centres, but I as an individual have zero-risk of that because I'm willing to resist that sort of evil to the death. You would go along happily, can't defy the normalfag collective.

>> No.2692543

What does nothing mean in this context? Please elaborate. This was my last reply to you, for reference.
>And why is that? What about the current state of politics has tired you towards discussion of it? Do you disagree with the left-leaning bias we see in media, or is it something deeper and more pervasive than that?

>> No.2692582

Your last reply is angling the thread towards politics. How naive do you think I am that I'm going to fall for that?

>> No.2692617

What about the concept of this thread becoming political brings you such agitation? What about politics do you dislike?

>> No.2692657

I've already specified. This isn't a politics board, this is (or should be, if the moderators actually enforced it) the VTuber board. If you take offense to that then you once again have /pol/ to return to.

>> No.2692664

Not any of the other anons and I Ithink this is a interesting discussion so I will try to chime in.
I agree with your point of view that most of them are bullshit just by the fact that the "treatment" in itself barely works BUT what do you think of actually severe cases like actually hearing voices and seeing things not supposed to be seen? should they spend their whole lifes hearing voices that I certainly wouldnt be able to get anything done if I heard them myself?

>> No.2692689

Are you not bothered when a vtuber expresses political beliefs opposite to yours? Has it already happened? Do you not feel that's worth discussing?

>> No.2692728

>sent from an iPhone

Teenage girl problems, boo hoo

>> No.2692729

There are no severe cases because mental illness doesn't exist. "Hearing voices" and "seeing things" are just hallucinations and delusions, nothing more. Even then they're anecdotal and related to physical (the only kind that actually exists) illnesses.
I don't watch political VTubers, if you want the closest thing to that go watch rantsona videos or something.

>> No.2692768

>I don't watch political VTubers
Can you name a political VTuber that you dislike? Who is a political VTuber?

>> No.2692799

>Can you name a political VTuber that you dislike?
>Who is a political VTuber?
You aren't even hiding your fervor for directing this thread towards politics at this point. Find out yourself or go back to /pol/.

>> No.2692823

>or should be, if the moderators actually enforced it
Well this is the last time they did it. Funny how they kept the basedjak up.

>> No.2692828

yeah, but thats why at least when I see "take your meds" meme its a reference to an actual physiological problem, but to my understanding the ones who treat people with these problems are therapists (not psychologists which are a meme), at the same time they get I personally consider them not exclusively physiological because they affect your mental state, so if we are grouping them into one thing calling the mental illnesses are not necessarily wrong

>> No.2692853

Do they discuss vtubers on /pol/? Do you visit there enough to know for sure?

>> No.2692976

Except they clearly didn't do it, as wojak derivatives are off-topic spam for the express purpose of trolling, not VTuber discussion.
Everything you think, say and do has mental roots once diluted enough, that does not make everything that isn't socially approved in that department a "mentall illness". Both therapists and psychologists are jokes of people with the same fallacious position of being deferred to in order to decide they know another person better than they know themselves which no one does.
Don't care, back to /pol/, fuck off.

>> No.2693004

>Don't care
You don't care or you don't know? How familiar are you with /pol/'s affinity or lack thereof of Vtubers?

>> No.2693011

It says "me in life." It could indicate she keeps repeating the same mistakes. The timing is suspicious.

>> No.2693014

>Except they clearly didn't do it, as wojak derivatives are off-topic spam for the express purpose of trolling, not VTuber discussion.
Still more on-topic than (You).

>> No.2693015

If being a norman just means "not being a complete fucking retard" then I guess everyone in this thread except the guy you keep baiting is a norman

>> No.2693048

What's with this shit? Humans are just retarded, you of all people should know that. You can make up funny names, and call them trans, or menhera, or whatever, but they are still just retarded. If they at least tried, they could be a whole lot less retarded, but these days they seem to be comfortable having "illnesses" and taking pills that change nothing.
If you are trans, you need to stop thinking like a faggot, not mutilate your body.

>> No.2693058

I don't care about politics or what the politics board does. You're the one who is so clearly enamoured by it, so you should take the initiative and go there yourself.
Clearly not, since I'm in favour of actively keeping every thread on-topic. Doesn't mean I can't express my disapproval for your off-topic/trolling/spam posts.

>> No.2693106

>I don't care about politics or what the politics board does
Then why do you keep bringing the politics board up? It sounds like it occupies your mind quite a bit. Why is that, care to elaborate?

>> No.2693124

>I'm in favour of actively keeping every thread on-topic
>I can't express my disapproval for your off-topic/trolling/spam posts.
But you can't, your posts have been wiped before. The mods clearly aren't listening.

>> No.2693213

Because you want to talk about politics. I'm taking the equitable approach and letting you know you have a board designed for that purpose, not my fault you don't want to use it.
Yes, like this one. It's still nominally on-topic and not diverging into anything else. My posts have been wiped before, so have many posts I've noticed that don't belong here. Doesn't matter, the moderators and janitors delete based on preference rather than strict adherence to the rules.

>> No.2693262

To my understanding therapists actaully go to med school to study brain chemistry and they say you should take drugs based on actual scientific method research. Grouping them with psychologists doesnt make sense to me and although both groups have scammers that are there only to make you use meds I respect therapists a little more and take their opinion on the mind a little more seriously because trying to make sense of the brain in a way to try to apply it to other people is more useful than just saying everyone is different and we should try to understand it at all, the main difference between a scammer and someone serious about it is usually easily noticeable at least to me, regardless, as you shouldnt also defer to only one person about something you sholdnt also ignore everything other people say, you just need to get better at filtering useless people and you will see that helps you grow more as person

>> No.2693290
File: 195 KB, 463x453, 1600608440208.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2693298

they aren't invisible, do your medical reps and then kys

>> No.2693304

Why do you think /pol/ is such a good place to use to discuss politics? Have you used it before? Do you have experience to recommend it confidently?

>> No.2693320

Yeah especially after saying goodbye before she went on her self journey.

>> No.2693362

Back when thrust vectoring owned the skies and Milhouse wasn't a meme, the options field was an email field and whatever you put in there (besides noko) showed up as a mailto: link on your name, making sages very visible.

>> No.2693370

When everyone’s connected, judging your every action, and having little room for fuck-ups, it causes stress.

It’s also much harder when your wallet’s tied to how well you function in society. Add a higher cost of living and you’ll get people stressed beyond reason.

Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s probably difficult to maintain that cult following as a VTuber. Fearing that you might lose your spark and having to constantly upkeep a personality so that you don’t lose your source of income.

You gotta keep dancing until you can no longer.

>> No.2693398

They go to a school for a scam field to "study" misconceptions and pre-formatted narratives that have been handed down to them, which the entirety of their profession is based on, regardless of the truth. Building a job off of a non-truth doesn't give it any legitimacy, especially since like everything else, it also has to pass through the approval of the upper echelon of society and control to be "legitimised" as a profession. Deferring to people for life advice and philosophy is mentally submissive, thus inherently flawed.
True, they don't exist so they aren't even invisible. Abbreviating "kill yourself" to "kys" is another newfag tactic, take note.
I don't care if it is, it's the politics board and you belong there.

>> No.2693413

so this thread confirms that haatons are mentally ill

>> No.2693428

>I don't care if it is
So you don't think /pol/ is a good place to discuss politics? Why is that? Do they not align with yours?

>> No.2693450

finally /vt/ got its first actual schizo, can't wait to see you spamming in other threada

>> No.2693484

I don't think anything about /pol/, you clearly do, so the logical conclusion is that you should go there, since you're clearly interested in exploring it.
/vt/ doesn't have any "schizo", nor does any other board. Too bad.

>> No.2693503

>I don't think anything about /pol/
Then why do you keep bringing it up?

>> No.2693505

yeah sure buddy, whatever makes you feel safe lol

>> No.2693549
File: 189 KB, 100x99, watame.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern medicine normalfags get off my board REEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Science is fake normalfaggot shit! Kill yourself!

>> No.2693562

Actual schizo claiming that being a schizo isn't a mental illness. Only on /vt/.

>> No.2693566

Because you want to discuss politics, and I'm directing you to the board for that purpose. What is the issue here?
You're the one accusing your opposition of being a "schizo", why does anyone else need to be safe? No one has a snowballs chance in hell of threatening me, so it's not my problem.

>> No.2693608

it's ok anon youre safe now, no one will accuse you of being m*ntally i*l anymore

>> No.2693685

There are no "actual schizos", nor are there any "mental illnesses". Nor is your accusation or delusion only present on this board.
You will accuse just about everyone of being mentally ill because that's the newest flavour of the decade tactic to display your opposition. People in this thread who supposedly concur with you will also accuse you of being "mentally ill" eventually, if they haven't already in a different thread. This is because you use that phrase like an out-of-control gatling gun, who knows who the fuck you direct it at?

>> No.2693834

> Nor is your delusion only present on this board
Irony has peaked

>> No.2693919

Irony has indeed peaked, it's infested the internet. Everything is ironic now. Hopefully that zenith leads to a backlash, though maybe that would be counting too much on normalfags to do the correct thing.

>> No.2693991

it's okay, anon, you've collected enough (You)s for today. i assure you everyone is very impressed with how long you've managed to keep this going. there's nothing left to prove

>> No.2694072

Lockdowns and liberty restrictions does that to mankind.

>> No.2694091

I'm not keeping anything going, I'm just relaying to you that your fucking stupid obsession with seeing your hilarious mental illnesses everywhere is fictional, they don't exist.

>> No.2694552

The issue is simply that you are fixated on one place to discuss politics as if it's the best area to discuss it. It seems as if you are speaking from personal knowledge as to where political discussion should be held, so I'm asking you what your thoughts are on /pol/ as a board are beyond it being for "normalfags" and moreso how it corresponds to your individual beliefs.

>> No.2694592

You want to discuss politics, there is a board here for politics. Go on that board and talk about politics, my thoughts on anything beyond that are irrelevant.

>> No.2694731

And why do you recommend that board specifically for politics? What about it do you think appeals instead of say, Stormfront?

>> No.2694749

You can go to Stormfront too. I don't care, point is this board is not a politics board and shouldn't have politics in it.

>> No.2694750

It was a yes or no question anon, and I specifically told you not saying "no" means it's a "yes". Take your meds.

>> No.2694754

Oh fuck!

>> No.2694796

What about politics repels you so that you don't wish to see it? Is it the state of politics?

>> No.2694827

What you did is essentially convey that you've already came to your retarded conclusion regardless of whatever response you get, so I don't particularly care what you think.
"Take you meds" should be a three-day ban at least for low quality posting.
Politics belongs on the politics board, not too complicated.

>> No.2694838


>> No.2694850

>Politics belongs on the politics board
Yes, but what does that have to you with you personally disliking politics? What do you dislike about it?

>> No.2694866


You guys forget her family doesn't approve of her vtubing. She aint gonna debut elsewhere if she leaves, she's gonna go to universit and major in media studies of some sort.

>> No.2694880

Who cares, my thoughts on politics aren't relevant. You think your thoughts are, so /pol/ is the board for that.

>> No.2694910

its not her mother its her father.

Her mother is more ambivalent, but she gets criticized by her older sister.

>> No.2694972

>Who cares, my thoughts on politics aren't relevant
If you don't think your thoughts are relevant why do you continue to share them? Are you scared of potential backlash if you talk about a certain subject? You're anonymous, there's no real worry.

>> No.2695001

I'm not sharing my thoughts on politics, nor have I ever brought them up, because this isn't the politics board and I don't care about politics.
You have zeal for politics, so should post on the politics board.

>> No.2695090

But we're talking about politics right now. The word alone has been mentioned about 50 times in this thread. Why are you afraid to talk about your personal beliefs as it relates to the topic we're currently discussing?

>> No.2695134

I'm not, the word "politics" isn't linked to anything in this context besides what board it belongs on. I'm telling you what board it belongs on.
It doesn't relate to any topic, not in this thread or in this board, politics belongs on /pol/

>> No.2695226

All right fucktards the schizo v pol user schtick isn't funny any more, talk about Haachama

>> No.2695232

>It doesn't relate to any topic, not in this thread
Us discussing the word politics for the last however many posts has no relation to this thread? It is the thread. There is nothing else being discussed at the moment, and it's suspicious that you're afraid to share your beliefs on the subject matter beyond a surface level.

>> No.2695282

You trying to derail the thread into politics doesn't have any bearing on what the thread actually is. I don't share my "beliefs" in politics at all, because they don't belong on this board and I have none.

>> No.2695319

They just get put more into the spotlight for clicks, than before.
Kind of like a virtual zoo and the location with the most "unique" attractions, is allowed to milk the cash cow.

>> No.2695388

You don't have any political beliefs? That's interesting because it seems to contradict what you said earlier. You have no care for who is in charge of the world? You'd be fine if trannies were in charge?

>> No.2695423

It doesn't contradict anything actually. Who is in charge of the world isn't politics related, what is politics related is the direction you want the thread to go in, so please head back to /pol/

>> No.2695436

Here's my prediction: Haachama has rabies.

>> No.2695453

It's strange that you avoided my question. Would you be okay if trannies were in charge of the world? This is a very simple yes or no question.

>> No.2695457

Was she the one that was raped or was that a different one

>> No.2695492

...by ME.

>> No.2695493

Ask me how I know you are either a jobless nigger or a kike.

>> No.2695512

Not relevant to the thread. I know /pol/tards want to project their obsession with trannies onto every other thread on every other board, but it's off-topic here. Head back to /pol/, you can discuss them there all you want.

>> No.2695542
File: 120 KB, 196x257, 1613822114468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you take control of the world yourself since you're clearly a tranny yourself, faggot.

>> No.2695550

Need to make profit

>> No.2695558

So you're of the opinion that "trannies live rent free in /pol/tards heads". That's interesting. That would make me believe that you have a positive opinion of trannies. Tell me, do you think trannies are not mentally ill? That's relevant to whatever you were rambling about, is it not?

>> No.2695657

Bringing up trannies is a surefire way for /pol/fags to derail any thread. Another /pol/fag tactic is trying to push that anyone trying to keep a thread from being derailed by their off-topic tranny obsession is somehow a tranny/tranny sycophant themselves. As an analogy
>website for beekeeping exists
>person enters beekeeping website and tries to make every thread in this website about x group of people
>this person is told to go somewhere else because it has nothing to do with beekeeping
>this person gets mad and starts accusing everyone trying to keep the website beekeeping related of being part of x group
Go back to /pol/ if you want to discuss politics, very simple.

>> No.2695692

that got weird pretty fast anon

>> No.2695694

Great thread guys

>> No.2695706

>is somehow a tranny/tranny sycophant themselves
So you don't like trannies. That's one question answered. You haven't answered my other question though. Do you think trannies are mentally ill or not?

>> No.2695732

No one is mentally ill, as previously stipulated.
If you want to discuss politics, /pol/ is clearly available to you. What do you still find complicated about this?

>> No.2695757


>> No.2695778

If you don't find trannies mentally ill, what do you find wrong with them? You seemed quite eager to discuss what was wrong with the concept of mental illness, we're just continuing that conversation.

>> No.2695791

Niggers literally fucking NO ONE cares about your dumbass assertions about mental illness not being real or whatever the fuck the other guy is doing. Kill yourselves and fuck off FOREVER

>> No.2695830

Mental illness doesn't exist. That has already been cemented, so the only remaining issue is you trying to turn this thread into a politics thread, despite having a containment board for that very purpose.

>> No.2695936

If it doesn't exist you should have no problem stating what's actually wrong with trannies. I'll assume you're talking out of your ass if you can't.

>> No.2695954

I should have every problem with off-topic thread derailment. Again, /pol/ is clearly available for you if you want to post about politics.

>> No.2695963

What's off topic about discussing the mentally ill when we were discussing the topic of the mentally ill to begin with?

>> No.2695981
File: 921 KB, 1000x1000, 1612137244718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>240 posts

>> No.2696011

"We" aren't discussing the mentally ill because mental illness doesn't exist. Beyond that, the other subject you've brought up is only ever brought up to derail threads. If you want to discuss them, go to /pol/ or /r9k/.

>> No.2696046

If the mentally ill do not exist then what exactly is wrong with trannies? Clearly you must see them as normal individuals.

>> No.2696096

Don't care, not relevant to this thread or this board. If you want to discuss them do so on the boards designed for that purpose, /pol/ and /r9k/.

>> No.2696199
File: 64 KB, 992x743, kaczynski.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2696258


>> No.2696281


>> No.2696303

You don't care about trannies? Even when they're shoved into all forms of media?

>> No.2696307
File: 131 KB, 259x276, 1616874770594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's not streaming today is she...

>> No.2696330

Not relevant to this thread or board. If you want to post about them then go to /pol/ or /r9k/, this should be a VTuber board.

>> No.2696337

sounds like something a faggot would say, tranny

>> No.2696370

Then why don't we discuss Artemis? He's a Vtuber, isn't he? If not mental illness, what would you say is wrong with him?

>> No.2696374

LMAO I make six figs. Stay poor and angry faggot.

Japan's job hunting season

>> No.2696410

There's already an Artemis thread on the catalog, this thread has nothing to do with him. If you want to post about that, once again, go to /pol/ or /r9k/.

>> No.2696445

But we were discussing the mentally ill and vtubers. A mentally ill vtuber is relevant. Why are you afraid to discuss your thoughts on Artemis?

>> No.2696475

Mental illness does not exist, this is not an Artemis thread, and this is not a politics thread. /pol/ awaits your entry.

>> No.2696505

What's political about Artemis? We're just discussing a vtuber. If not mental illness, what would you say is wrong with him?

>> No.2696537

We aren't discussing a VTuber, you are bringing a VTuber who already has a thread on the catalog into a thread for a completely different VTuber because you want to derail the thread into politics. This is why you need to go to /pol/ and post about what you want to post about there instead.

>> No.2696565

Why should I go to /pol/ to discuss Artemis? Do they discuss him there?

>> No.2696606

You should go to /pol/ to discuss politics. You want to post politics, so should go to the politics board. This is not the politics board.

>> No.2696632

I'm not discussing politics, I'm discussing vtubers. Why do you want me to discuss politics so badly?

>> No.2696671

You want to discuss politics, that's why you want me to by extension. I'm not falling for your tricks though, and will keep this thread related entirely to what I have posted.

>> No.2696676
File: 65 KB, 680x668, 1608116034851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2696710

Man I'm glad my oshis don't have to deal with this garbage.

>> No.2696719

I brought up Artemis, and for whatever reason you are telling me to go to /pol/. I find that very strange. What is political about Artemis exactly?

>> No.2696748

I believe it's the fact you've been trying to turn this thread political this entire time that is making me think you should go to /pol/, the board for political threads. Shocking, I know.

>> No.2696756

based schizo derailing haatocuck thread

>> No.2696758

But how does that make Artemis political?

>> No.2696772

It's about you being political, who cares about other VTubers? If you want to post about politics, go to /pol/

>> No.2696782
File: 70 KB, 600x454, 1612542061223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2696801

away! cuz I dont like it!

>> No.2696821

You don't care about Vtubers on a Vtuber board? It seems like the person who needs to go back is you.

>> No.2696834

Medicine is for normalfaggots! Prescribed by the Jooooooz!

>> No.2696850

Business as usual?

>> No.2696861

I do though, I can't say the same for you. The (other) VTuber in this instance isn't related to the thread, and you only brought them up to derail the thread in the usual /pol/fag manner.

>> No.2696917

Why are you insisting your headcanons about my objectives are fact? I am attempting to discuss Vtubers and you are continuously bringing up /pol/ and politics in response. Why are you afraid to make a hypothesis about what is wrong with Artemis, exactly?

>> No.2696951
File: 265 KB, 600x600, 1615203158196.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Closer and closer to bump limit. Soon, sweet release.

>> No.2696955

You are trying to discuss politics, because you want to derail the thread into politics, as /pol/fags do. This is why you should go back to /pol/
I am the one trying to discuss VTubers, you're only bringing up one in this thread (instead of his own thread) as a pretext for /pol/fagging.

>> No.2696977

are you trying to prove to >>2696861 that mental illness exists with your broken record of a thought pattern?

>> No.2697057

If it makes you feel more comfortable we can discuss Mocca instead. What do you think is wrong with him?

>> No.2697100

No idea who that is, still not related to this thread. Why not go into whatever thread they pertain to and talk about them there instead? I'm here because this is a Haato thread.

>> No.2697141

>Why not go into whatever thread they pertain to
This is the only thread they are pertaining to as I am the only one mentioning them. It'd be much simpler to talk about Artemis, but you seem to have an aversion to them for whatever reason. Would you care to explain what that reason is?

>> No.2697158

She went insane without Australia. Boganchama is for real.

>> No.2697177

I'm schizoid to the point I consider myself to be on the border between eccentric and genuine mental illness. it's fun most days, and some days really really sucks to think about.

>> No.2697238

It isn't since this thread has nothing to do with them, nor does it have anything to do with politics. If you want to discuss a different VTuber, go to their thread. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/
No you aren't.

>> No.2697309

If you really want to discuss Haachama, why don't we discuss a hypothetical around her? Let's say Haachama took a break because she discovered she wanted to be a man and decided to undergo surgery to appear as one. What would you say was wrong with her, if not mental illness?

>> No.2697325

Once again, trying to derail the thread into your off-topic obsession using the VTuber in question as a pretext. If you want to discuss them, go to /pol/

>> No.2697335

>No you aren't.
Okay I guess I'm not then.

>> No.2697351

How is discussing what's going on with Haachama off topic?

>> No.2697375

she wants their money

>> No.2697380

You aren't discussing that, you're trying to derail the thread into the same off-topic shit I've seen countless other threads derailed into. In this case though, you'll be the only anon seen doing that.

>> No.2697388
File: 132 KB, 1519x717, 1615912360015_index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is sad the moderation team usually does a much better job of addressing anti black racism

>> No.2697470

But I am discussing it. I am continually bringing up vtubers and you denying the opportunity to discuss them. Why did you join a thread about Haachama if you don't want to discuss what's going on with Haachama?

>> No.2697487

she's a massive animal lover and you'd know this if you watched even her translated clips
it's only natural for someone like her to like a viral funny animal clip

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