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Mooner thread


Moona Hoshinova:

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Moona love

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PekoMoon art is always kino

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Alfred here, I really hate moona now

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Stop baiting fool, we closed this shit topic

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may the blessing of the moon goddess be upon you

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Fuck off Fox Cho

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The shipper is a dumb nigger who makes threads hours early, to nobody's surprise

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When will she play APEX with Connor again?

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offstream after sex

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your member chat history beg for differ

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Salute Sir Alfred Ridder, your Hero, and your Prophet

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Didn't she apologize for Ollie doing that?

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moona's mama is a chuuni

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cute ! Personally I wouldn't mind chuuni costume for Moona

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megumin alter from the purple demon tribe

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Loli voice onegai.

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she's a hag, anon

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Where's the problem ?

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I see that as a win

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don't get your hopes up y'know
i just don't want to be disappointed just like when i first hear anya's voice

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muh dick

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>all her family members are white haired
>except moona
yup she's adopted

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Even better

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Congrats, retards, from Ollie's words Mooner read ALL of her threads

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Good, I can now jerk off knowing the person behind isn't a brat.

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Ollie said it on her membership stream, someone definitely will post streamtable. As for now check /hlgg/ there are transcripts from it.
Yep, >we were Zhangs all along

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big if true. if they actually took the unironic concern posts for consideration, i call it a big victory, or rather OUR victory because in the end of the day, it was for the sake of our oshi.

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Good, hopefully she ignores the tiny minority of outsiders trolling and listens to the views of those of us who don't want her to go down the wrong path because we love her

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connor apologist BTFO KEK

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I'm glad they listen to feedback, just because some faggots are fine with something I'm not forced to smile and pretend I like it.
Good job anons

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Only Moona is autistic enough to go on here an read her own threads. Who even has the balls to read unfiltered criticism amongs the sea of shitposting. She literally read hate marshmallows for her 400k celebration stream for christs sake.

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My respect for Moona went up, as much as many of you like to pretend nothing writen here should be taken in consideration, many other people post their unfiltered opinion here, as long as the chuuba can read it without feeling assblasted like others do she can take it and improve.
Props to you Moona

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>No death threat
>No dislike bomb
>No spam
>No dox
All it was complaint from gachikoi and concern about Connor's intention. You are either retard or zhang when compare this with the harassment Coco sufferered up to now.

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Her hair changed when she died and was possesed by Hoshinova, duh

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you called us "tiny minority of 5 samefagging anons" the other day. now you call us "Zhangs"? at least be consistent with your narrative, Indog-kun.

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Good. If you read this mooner, pls be extra careful next time. That cutnor guy is a prick, clout chasing cunt, who shits on holo fans.

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Mooner was the only one who (from Ollie's words) had the balls to come here and read all of the criticism. Be it her autism, or something else, at least she did it and now have some thinking to do

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>she read my schizoposts
why am i cringing

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It's FB you fags. Fucking told you they've been monitoring us for the last few days. Risu said Moona doesn't know this god forsaken place ffs.

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Give us a damn clip lol

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moona if you read this, when we use the word "autist" it's doesn't mean in a bad way, It's just the way the people here says how you're very cute sometimes.
Idk if risu already explained this to you or not, if not you should ask her.

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Tonight we drink lads ! Actual oshi with balls to read unfiltered opinion on mongolian basket weaving forum !

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The stream is still going, wait for it, it's fucking golden.
And no, from what Ollie said, it was definitely /vt/ that Moona visited, I doubt that she never was on FB before

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Hey Moona!!
I am very sorry!! Please ignore my bad/trolling words!!
i love you!!

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she's here! say nice things about her!

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Oh, it still going? ok, but she can cut it

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Sorry for calling you a cute autist, you're super cute and adorable.

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I won't believe it till it gets clipped but if it is I hope to god she at least noticed the past few threads have had less than 40 IPs and it was just a few schizos samefagging shitposts.

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Moona we love you, we know this website is a bad place but this is the only public place on earth where we still have some freedom of speech, especially to discuss your content & how much we love you.
Anyway i really love your karaoke & minecraft streams, i love you moon.

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Moona is what all artists should aspire to be.
She is 100% true to herself, but without becoming self absorbed. She goes out there and sees what people have to say about her, seeking to improve where she thinks she should improve. She isn't reactionary, but instead slowly integrates things.

>She was cringe in her first collabs
So she worked her ass off to be better at live interaction
>She only ever collabs with 2 people
So she became one of the best connected chuubas in hololive, having an absolutely epic call in show for her birthday.
>Doing that muslim avatar thing was pure cringe
So she decided to be fully unapologetic on twitter to the point she took it "too far"
>Thirsting over dudes on main is retarded, stop doing it
She apologizes subtly and improves

Moona is so incredibly based

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Moona I love your vibe and personality, we may be rude in here, but you are amazing for being mature enough to come here and read actual criticism.

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Her original hair was yellow according to that lore. Yellow ain't white.

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This, I love to see that aspect in people!

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JP gachikoi and zhang are the worst. We are better than them.

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Risu did not tell them?

>> No.2778802

I don't think Risu lurks anywhere else but in her own threads, and they always were pretty chill compared to what the last 3-4 Moona threads was

>> No.2778859

the last 4 moona threads was disaster, it's full of shitposter.
Moona please don't read those threads.

>> No.2778879

much of it was actual criticism anon, I hate when people try to pass everything they don't like as shitposting

>> No.2778948

there's like 40:60 ratio of concerned moonafic & unironic shitpost, just prepare your mind & stomach of you want to read thos threads.

>> No.2778950

Pretty much, anons in the Risu threads are always talking about all the depraved shit and intense sex they want to have with her.
And I can absolutely respect that, because I want that too.

>> No.2779019

>still no link
Yea, I'm calling bullshit.

>> No.2779023

>40 IPs
why are you lying?
And much of the treads were constructive criticism and concerns. If she understood why we were sperging then all good.

>> No.2779060

Ollie's still streaming.

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Agreed. Some were literal shitpost but from what I've seen is that most were just criticism.

If Moona really visited /vt/ then she has the balls to face the true voice of her fans, including the gachikoi.

Most people wouldn't be stupid enough to convey their honest feelings through twitter or FB, but here it is different. It shows that she really cares about her fans' feelings.

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Moona, please fuck Connor live on stream.

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>new ip

>> No.2779259

Get out

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>Archived347 / 35 / 47 / Dead
>Archived373 / 29 / 43 / Dead
>Archived460 / 40 / 53 / Dead
>Archived369 / 28 / 48 / Dead
>Archived417 / 23 / 44 / Dead
Yeah okay less than 50 then, big fucking difference.

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Mooner i love you
Let me lick your tummy

>> No.2779280

I have been posting in 4chan for at least 10 years and I still don't know how to check the ips of a thread


>> No.2779307

Doomposting and shitposting aside, is there any place other than here that let you see potential yab from miles away almost immediately? I remember that time when ollie liked a piracy link for the holofes. Despite so many yab so far, ID has not yet got taiwaned. I personally feel having tree rat lurking this place is a minor blessing for the branch.

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>less than 40 IPs and it was just a few schizos samefagging shitposts.
are you retarded?

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Not untill the sextape.

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I'm fucking sure It's this guy >>2779163

>> No.2779370

containment breakers are not cool.
t. risu

>> No.2779378

i dont know how the live thread and archived thread works but im pretty sure one of those thread reached 100 IPs at some point and 80 on average.

>> No.2779418

That's not how it works newfagchama

>> No.2779464

>is there any place other than here that let you see potential yab from miles away almost immediately
fan discord

>> No.2779527

Miller the solo crusader is based stfu, rodent.

>> No.2779533

>literally a minute apart
Yeah tell me it isn't samefagging again a third time, maybe I'll believe it.
Also unless 4chanX is lying to me those are the numbers.

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Downside is that you need to have thread opened because it doesn't work retroactively.

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I felt like my posts are pretty logical and not out of line but if moona hates those so be it.

Get out of 4chan and don't egosearch if you are not mentally strong moona, same goes to ollie.

>> No.2779662

Watch the stream you fags.

>> No.2779667

4chanX doesnt show number of IPs on an archived thread.

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Yo Moona, Ignore these nerds. Im waiting for you in Japan babe
t. Connor

>> No.2779780

I wish someone redrawed that to Moona and Pekora

>> No.2779814

Connor babe, Sir Alfred is flying to you tonight.

>> No.2779874

Anon with fast internet and zombie membership, I beg you, do the clips, it starts at 1:14:30. My potato is fucking dying even from scrolling the video

>> No.2779891

i feel tired with her

>> No.2779896

>Archived 417 / 23 / ? / Dead
>im gonna fill it with whatever number fits to my narrative
why are you lying?

>> No.2779945

i really feel tired with her

>> No.2780064

>pijit pijit pijit
Cute mooner.

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Is there a chance that Moona is a masochist and all the Connor shitposting makes her happy?

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meds. now.

>> No.2780122

No one cares

>> No.2780129

No. She sounded depressed after the first and second yab, and the last member stream.

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what the fuck is his problem?

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>> No.2780203

He is acting really uppity for the last week, time to teach him a lesson

>> No.2780212

>this one has pekora's eyebrows
uhhhh rrat?

>> No.2780318

Moona, maikura onegai...

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Hey moona if you're reading this, make another mistake next time and we won't be as forgiving. We'll unleash our inner Zhang, sorry for the lack of better words, and make you graduate together with Ollie once and for all.

>> No.2780362

she's fasting, can't eat during the day, not enough brain power for micra

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Go back to /jp/.

>> No.2780391

Zhang plz, at least wait for PekoMoon true ending

>> No.2780446


>> No.2780485

Miyuki Sawashiro's voice is boner inducing hory shit.

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>> No.2780594

It saves the IP count if you are in the thread when it dies tardchamas.

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File: 167 KB, 1024x680, 1594192683_rizieq-shihab-antara-wahyu-putro-ajpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey moona if you're reading this, make another mistake next time and we won't be as forgiving. We'll unleash our inner Zhang, sorry for the lack of better words, and make you graduate together with Ollie once and for all.

>> No.2780668

So, where is a Ollie containment breach link?

>> No.2780714

>moona shilled this tutorial video
>seems good
>taro flavor

>> No.2780798

>first and second yab
I know the religion one, what's the other yab again?

>> No.2780826

fuck you, taro are soulful
i have tonne of wild taro growing in my backyard

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>> No.2780862

Anyone got the ollie clip?

>> No.2780865

nice keycaps. also,
>red switch
fucking based

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>Tonight we drink lads ! Actual oshi with balls to read unfiltered opinion on mongolian basket weaving forum !

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I don't get it.

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>> No.2780899

she's a muslim

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>> No.2780906

Fuck you, give me your address and I'll nuke your backyard. Fucking disgusting.

>> No.2780964

moona came here and ego search herself?

fuck it I love her now

>> No.2780976

The second yab prequel, she said she went to a party and drank alcohol there long before she joined hololive, then she bought one and posted it on twitter. Muzzies sperged out, you know the drill.

>> No.2780986

great job getting eye cancer from prolonged UV ray exposure

>> No.2781000


>> No.2781020

Ehm, that's not how UV works mate

>> No.2781029
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She's losing it.

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>tfw you'll never drink vodka with Moona
t. slavic Moonafic

>> No.2781137

I wish she has that drinking stream like JPs as her regular stream...

>> No.2781192

He won't do that, don't worry.

>> No.2781204

thanks for the spoiler faggot

>> No.2781318

Where forking Ollie clips or full recording on nyaasi at least??

>> No.2781334
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>Moona read my schizoposts
Nooo... not like this...

>> No.2781343

Ask Ollie thread or global.

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>> No.2781641

God speed brother!

>> No.2781784

there's nothing lol

>> No.2781884

Who knew that zombiekeks are such a white knights

>> No.2781893
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It's gonna take some time

>> No.2781929

inshallah brother

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>> No.2782221


>> No.2782382

watch KINO

>> No.2782486

Only imagine if her and Pekora never met at the resource server.
Interesting if we would have AquaMoon

>> No.2782536

>autism + autism
never gonna work

>> No.2782690
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>Only imagine if her and Pekora never met at the resource server.
>Interesting if we would have AquaMoon

>> No.2782939 [DELETED] 

>aqua wants to avoid minecraft and copes with apex since then

>> No.2783838

>ETA: 43:07

>> No.2783869
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Never trust the numbers

>> No.2783897

thank you

>> No.2784031

>Never trust the numbers
I kek'd

>> No.2785760

I mean Pekora also lurking on 5ch, so it's make sense moona lurking in this place

>> No.2786212


>> No.2786722

A-anon? links where?

>> No.2786827

like sachou like buchou

>> No.2786904

If he has this poor DL speed then if he won't cut the most important bits and upload them it's gonna take forever to upload the whole thing.

>> No.2786914

JFC you guys are impatient. It's just finished rendering

>> No.2787014
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i love her autism

>> No.2787121

Here, Moona was on /vt/ and read all your rrats
The VOD got corrupted for some fucking reason and I only have some bits, there is another part about it but I have work in 2 hours so maybe later

>> No.2787208

Thank you good lad お仕事頑張れ

>> No.2787256

Thanks for upload anon.

>> No.2787294

Thanks based anon

>> No.2787300

Thanks anon, will be waiting the rest, goodspeed.

>> No.2787445

>it is not that bad on twitter
>literally only one autist and alfred complaining
ya be

>> No.2787581 [DELETED] 

>Retarded zombie tries to gain sympathy by saying Moona is just as weak as her
Moona probably laughed at all the autists shitposting. Ollie just needs to pretend she isn't thin-skinned and it is normal to react like she did

>> No.2787623

>You won't be able to take it, because I couldn't
>I want to break the rules
She really is young and dumb huh

>> No.2787690

>that BG
not advisable for tourist to visit /vt/ at night

>> No.2787696 [DELETED] 

If you are gonna "break the rules", you better get ready for the consequences, you retarded zoombie

>> No.2787700

>I haven't read them myself
>Don't read it, even I can't take it
How does that work?

>> No.2787808
File: 2.26 MB, 1250x1642, 1588754748496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really pains me that Moona had to read through schizo posts and shitposting.
I wish she knew that this thread got this bad only because of raiders and normal posters got upset but not on the schizo level of upset.

>> No.2787859 [DELETED] 
File: 123 KB, 800x419, 1_CTh5i2FPeZYSkeTPuM5n3w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We did it 4chan!!!1!1!1

>> No.2787881


>> No.2787916
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>If you are gonna "break the rules", you better get ready for the consequences, you retarded zoombie

>> No.2787929

>new ips
Stop ban evading nigger

>> No.2787973

damn it she made it like it's our fault in the first place, not even a sorry

>> No.2788029

It is, you are becoming a Zhang and trying to deny it by saying that you are fighting for something right.

>> No.2788030

Thanks anon.
Perceived fear of emotional distress is a strong deterrent, but I suppose she's going off of distress caused by the mere fact that the posts exist, assuming both statements were true.

>> No.2788035 [DELETED] 


>> No.2788051

>admited that she hates us and wants to keep slurping connors cock in public
take your break(excuse to be with connor ofc) and dont come back. get away from Moona.

>> No.2788079

>admited that she hates us and wants to keep slurping connors cock in public

>> No.2788083
File: 49 KB, 570x750, f71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>damn it she made it like it's our fault in the first place, not even a sorry

>> No.2788129

soo could you be a gentleman and telling me what is the right way anon?

>> No.2788162

Ollie's manager read it, and told Ollie "there were bad posts about you on that website. You wouldn't be able to stand reading it. So you shouldn't go there at all."
This. No sign of remorse at all. Ollie truly is a different breed from Moona.

>> No.2788178

>don't read it even i can't take it
>i kinda feel bad for Moona-senpai because she actually read it
>it wasn't the best result, it was too late
>i was really worried for her
What the fuck is this? It's not like these threads or this board is some kind of deep-web child porn, human trafficking bullshit. She's either being very manipulative and is shifting the attention away from herself, or Moona never read a negative comment in her entire life which i doubt.

>> No.2788204

>Not a single mean comment on youtube
>Not a single video mass disliked
>Not more than a couple mean tweets
>Anons in /vt/ shitposting, half of it being genuine concern


Damn my respect for moona going up as fast as ollie losing all of it.

>> No.2788222

of course unlike moona she show zero remorse. this zombie always was and always will be, a mistake.

>> No.2788225

t. Indochad

>> No.2788268

You are sitting here for a long time and got accustomed to all the shit. She is a young girl who lived her life in her twitter hugbox. No shit that after seeing tons of people accusing her of every sin possible she got sad.

>> No.2788278

go back tweetard this is not your place

>> No.2788287

>Moona the chad reads all the rrats from the source and apologies
>Ollie the virgin is too scared to actually read the posts and screencaps on Facebook were enough to make her have a menhera breakdown and a week off

>> No.2788329 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 898x553, 1618895199996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

careful with that containment breaking dum dum zombie

>> No.2788335 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 250x250, 1618736762471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT : selfhating indonesians vs schizoid indonesians part 2

>> No.2788343

At this point it's just Kiara threads all over again

>> No.2788345 [DELETED] 

Moona literally took a religious outrage on the chin like it was no big deal, even showing up for the sports festival in the middle of a chink raid on chat. She is already tough as nail, this is just Ollie projecting to not feel singled out as a weak, thin skinned person

>> No.2788350

When is connor going to whiteknight moona?

>> No.2788465

The clip is a bit misleading, it's my bad, potato PC couldn't hande more. She is not taking a break because of hate from here. Someone from chat just asked about the rumors and she told this story. She is taking a break because of her menhera getting worse, but didn't exactly stated the reasons.
Might be Connor's doings, he used her trust, made /vt/ hate Ollie and laughs at us

>> No.2788570

dude, i watched her entire stream, it's some manipulative shit. playing victim, pretend crying, depressed tone, acting weak and helpless, bringing up her mental health, she play video games as a job in a safe place with air conditioned room, whenever she say this just think about a coal miner then you'll realize how whiny it is.
her entire stream is literally act out to bait superchat, it makes me sick.

>> No.2788597

Lucky for us Moonafic we have Sir Alfred Ridder the unsung hero who dared to stand up for YOUR Oshi when every Indonesians kneeled

>> No.2788607

Why are you a member then? You're just funding the condoms at this point.

>> No.2788657 [DELETED] 

What a fucking chad

>> No.2788670

I really lost all my respect for zombie over this episode.

>> No.2788673
File: 40 KB, 323x389, 1618037538464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for acknowledging us Ollie and Moona and proving that my schizoposting didn't go in vain. Now that I know it works I'll keep going at it until one of you graduates.


>> No.2788676

literally member her for this stream. i regret it already because apparently there's free torrent of it.

>> No.2788702

I hope cover slaps ollie's ass.


>> No.2788705
File: 45 KB, 624x451, 1594061637316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i regret it already because apparently there's free torrent of it.

>> No.2788725

Read all our threads with Risu, apologized and reminds that she loves us.
Played the victim with fake trembling voice and put the blame on us. she is mad because "we are stopping her"

>> No.2788748

Hopefully she'll learn to be more professional and that her Moona accounts on steam, twitter, etc. are for hololive's Moona persona and not private shit.

And also that Connor is a fag that hates hololive and the gachikoi that pay her bills.

>> No.2788769

>>i kinda feel bad for Moona-senpai because she actually read it
>>it wasn't the best result, it was too late


>> No.2788774

she shouldn't drag or namedrop moona like that. that's not good

>he doesn't know about the ars

>> No.2788781

Hail, Sir Ridder!
Wasn't he actually just moping around, twiddling his thumbs waiting to get cucked while Grey "Fuck Off From Her, Sheep-fucker" Miller actually did something?

>> No.2788806
File: 1.12 MB, 898x750, Distorted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2788817

Pretty much. Grey Miller is the one true crusader.

>> No.2788868 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 1440x1440, ER8ez4QVAAAgzRj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, cum-guzzlers!
My name is Connor, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded cucks who spend every second of their day talking about dumbass shit. Why not do something better with your life, like sucking my cock? I got an 8-inch cock that's FAT. Nice 'n fat and I got it in my hand right now and it's…gettin' hard. I'll pig fuck you. You better beg for it! I want a good cocksucker that sucks the cum right out of the cock. Balls rubbin' against your chin. I'm gonna cum in your mouth so much, you'll be shittin' cum. And before I cum, I'm gonna squeeze ya nose, and you're gonna take it all. Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than bitchin' here on this shitty message board all day? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than fingering yourself to Twilight. So if you wanna get laid and feel like a woman for once in your life, hit me up. (No fatties or ugly chicks, which pretty much rules everyone out here I guess!) I got washboard abs, chiseled features, 6"2, black hair and piercing blue eyes. I can fuck the shit out of you at a moments notice and within ten minutes ready to go again after I cum. You'd be wet instantaneously the moment you see me. I turn lesbians straight, I can eat a peach for hours. I teach lesbians how to eat pussy. So come at me you tards.

>> No.2788918
File: 65 KB, 871x728, 1602365839459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe, just maybe. Don't make a friend with someone who shat on hololive fans, the fans of the place you've been working for all this time. Most of holofans know they're a bunch of weirdos, but you don't need to rub it in all over our faces.

>> No.2788921

>Moona reads through most of the threads
>"Sorry if I fucked up, I'll do better"
>Ollie hears about the threads
I fucking loathe tribalism but this is just pathetic. I can't imagine what the other girls have to put up with behind the scenes. Ollie's a misfit. She needs to tone it down, or go.

>> No.2788970

The girl that wants to ''break the rules'' everyone

>> No.2789003

I am debating if I should unsub from ollie, Idk anymore that shit she said in the stream was so manipulative and retarded...


>> No.2789004

Grey "Fake Messiah" Miller didn't even dare to mention Moona directly.
*gargle* *Pftu*

>> No.2789110

you don't get it. they can do whatever the fuck they want but don't bring it with your holo vtuber persona

>> No.2789112

the first guy that replied to you wasn't me (op) because there's never a doubt in my mind that ollie is a mistake. already unsub and canceled my membership

>> No.2789129

>this is just Ollie projecting to not feel singled out as a weak, thin skinned person
This. Personally, I'm at awe of Moona's emotional resolve.

>> No.2789141

Kneel more burger, there's another death woman who get a shoot

>> No.2789243 [DELETED] 
File: 178 KB, 1000x667, pasukan-fpi-98da6332b47f9da49a982b0f2603639e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

revolusi akhlak,,,

>> No.2789824

If you don't have any desire to make moona a mother after watching her interaction with her niece, you are a certified faggot.

>> No.2789845 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 229x250, c2d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thanks for acknowledging us Ollie and Moona and proving that my schizoposting didn't go in vain. Now that I know it works I'll keep going at it until one of you graduates.

>> No.2791401

unsub from Ollie and don't look back, I already did after the first homostars collab and didn't regret it one bit. MOONA LOVE

>> No.2791440

Ok you rrats. How exactly is Moona getting groomed?

>> No.2791531
File: 248 KB, 1791x591, 1618795116575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blithering retard
>I can't read
Gouge your eyes out

>> No.2791607

How exactly is that grooming? This is like when a popular hololive like Kiara collabs with one of the less popular JPs.

You shouldn't smooth out your brain like that. It's good to have at least some wrinkles fren.

>> No.2791633 [DELETED] 


>> No.2791655
File: 112 KB, 264x269, 1614813050299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

archive reps

>> No.2791674

Moona is already kneel to us now
now ollie needs to kneel either
do we need iofi to kneel?

>> No.2791684

>Missing the point entirely

>> No.2791694 [DELETED] 

I wish for nothing more in this world than endless pain and suffering upon SEAniggers. Nuke SEA. Watch as they are reduced to nothing but ash. You can even watch it as it happens if you're subhuman enough to watch the SEAnigger branch. Imagine them attempting to speak a human language, only for the stream to abruptly end. It would mean the nukes were detonated and Hololive suddenly became even better. All SEAniggers would be gone. All SEAnigger posts would be gone. All SEAnigger clipmakers would be gone. All SEAniggers are dead. The world is healed. The threads are healed. All is right. The SEAnigger monkey scum are ash. Rejoice.

>> No.2791715

Do that in their thread ESL-kun. Please fuck off.

>> No.2791747

holy meds

>> No.2791767

In order to defeat monsters, you must throw away your humanity and become monsters. It’s one step closer to being able to stop Zhangs once and for all.

>> No.2791773

you're a fuckin indog

>> No.2791777

They are upset that the girls are playing with a male. That's it, it's that simple. No one is actually grooming anyone, all these walls of text is a soup of rrats so they can feel better

>> No.2791782

Hello Risu, Moona and ID management. Please do not pay attention to this schizophrenic victim.

>> No.2791789

>Moona is mature enough to read shitposts and legitimate criticisms
>zoombie doesn't take responsibility for being unprofessional and mentions moona for the sole reason of emotional manipulation
I guess hiring a zoombie to be a zoombie wasn't such a good idea after all

>> No.2791871

after all this i can say thanks enma for protecting EN, kek

>> No.2791902
File: 149 KB, 346x482, 1612006040217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'd marry her but i don't know about having kids, i don't want them to be autistic

>> No.2791916

So Ollie doesn’t know her peers browsing habits and freaks out because the normies say fochun bad? Am I getting this right so far?

>> No.2791962

Moona please play Apex with CONNOR just to make /vt/ seethe

>> No.2791970

>The walls of text were all explaining that it wasn’t just because he was a male
Basic reading ability is required for this site, friendo.

>> No.2791973

Were literally just as bad as chinks if not worse at this point. i never gave a shit about who they talk with outside of stream. i done associating with this retarded fanbase. i suggest you all go outside.

>> No.2791981

Received screenshots from /vt/ filled with pure hate, maybe even cherrypicked ones -> /vt/ bad
Pretty simple for me

>> No.2791998

Moona already APOLOGIZED because of the EXACT REASON, retarded MONKEY

>> No.2792040

According to Ollie’s own statements, Ollie herself is still in a bit of a rough place psychologically.
I said it before but she’s like a puppy. A puppy doesn’t understand what it did wrong scolding it at first. It’s just too innocent to understand what’s going on. It’s a shame she misinterpreted everything as some kind of hate post...

>> No.2792046

And invite Reine too, she's getting too much love lately, I want to see her cry

>> No.2792051

and edited.

>> No.2792074
File: 57 KB, 227x222, 1615959292391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if this shitty board were like the schizos chinks would be cool, this board is filled with a ton of late 20s-mid 30s lonely guys that fill their souls with girls pretending being anime girls

>> No.2792087

Monyet, nyet nyet

>> No.2792089

she knows exactly what she is doing, dont let her fool you.

>> No.2792107

What did she think that would happen? It's honestly baffling how someone like her got in hololive

>> No.2792127

do you guys think ollie's "taking a break" is actually just disguised suspension? because to me she seems really pissed when talking about it and kinda giving me unwilling vibe

>> No.2792135


>> No.2792176

She's got the talent and drive but she's lacking in maturity/real world experience it feels.
Seeing how Cover likes to "make" their talents, it makes sense they would pick someone like her.

>> No.2792182

>she apologized
>still playing with him anyway
now that's a powermove

>> No.2792200

How are you fags justifying sperging out abour them playing apex with someone? your behavior isn't normal. This board has become a circlejerk for Mentally ill Gachikoi that think they have a chance with vtubers.

>> No.2792221

Nobody cared when she played with astel newfag, the problem is connor

>> No.2792225

>has become
Always has been

>> No.2792235

anon, YOUR behaviour isn't normal

>> No.2792247

>has become
Has been day 1, feel free to leave

>> No.2792248

Uhh bros i thought comfy Mooner thread was back...

>> No.2792259

but i do have a chance with her anon, i live in the same city as her

>> No.2792280 [DELETED] 

>sperging out abour them playing apex with someone
that is not even the problem, you're 4 (four) thread late, nigger

>> No.2792285

Read Nigger Read

>> No.2792299

this is ollie thread now

>> No.2792311

>spend hours shitposting and baiting replies on /vt/ every day
>projects mental illness unto others
Take your pills barney

>> No.2792319

Indogs can't read

>> No.2792333
File: 121 KB, 1840x440, anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

learn to read faggot

>> No.2792370

I wouldnt want her streaming with Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn or some shit either

>> No.2792394

None of them will ever fuck you, cope

>> No.2792419

>he didn’t read the posts again

>> No.2792443

He's just timelooping
Anyway, the Connor saga is over
Who cares if they play behind the scenes?
If they don't interact in Twitter ever again, even less collab, it means he won't be able to leech the brand nor bring his fanbase
He's no more of a problem

>> No.2792466
File: 348 KB, 800x480, 1612990921501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2792474

Anon from the screencap knows what’s up.

>> No.2792485

>popular hololive like Kiara

>> No.2792495

>one of the comments may be moona
>you called her a faggot

>> No.2792497

>we’ve derailed so far because someone posted a post of Moona’s coworker mentioning her

>> No.2792520 [DELETED] 
File: 1.70 MB, 1200x1700, 89202364_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2792527

She should have put on a trip and confirm it then. In 4chin we're all equal

>> No.2792528

i call anyone here faggot anyway

>> No.2792529

i'm impressed for the lack of muslim memes, maybe you guys have a heart

>> No.2792537

You guys do know hololive wouldn't be where it was today. if it wasn't for your so called "leeching" right? your all a bunch of hypocrites.

>> No.2792540 [DELETED] 

but she is though.
She will have sex with pekora in love hotel in akihabara, very soon.

>> No.2792579

Where did all the seanigs come from? /jp/ wasn't this bad

>> No.2792583


>> No.2792595

we are all faggots anon

tripfaggots deserve the rope

>> No.2792600

Blame Risu

>> No.2792667

/v/ is better then this board at this point. atleast their somewhat self aware.

>> No.2792681

Connor streams Ollie playing Apex with him off her stream.

What do ollie gachis do?

>> No.2792701

guys, i miss moona tism discussions

>> No.2792717

>retweeting ponyfucker

>> No.2792738

go back

>> No.2792813

I wanna fucking glue my eyes shut

>> No.2792839
File: 90 KB, 898x553, 1618895199996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2792854

Go back to /r9k/ incel and have sex

>> No.2792872


>> No.2792875

He hasn't streamed with her, only twitter interactions saying they were playing, and for the gachis they don't seem to mind as she has good superchats, as if they were also zoomer fans of him but with money. Anyways,

>> No.2792949

I need more mooner block autism stream

>> No.2792952

>More derailment from the topic of Moona and then linking to a new Ollie thread...
The absolute fucking continent of (you)

>> No.2792997

Yeah, telling him to go discuss her in her thread

>> No.2793016

what is wrong with Olliefags

>> No.2793023

Please understand no project from shachou yet

>> No.2793058

Back to the streams, how were her recent Yakuza ones? Worth watching the archive?

>> No.2793356

This is ebin

>> No.2793423

the absolute state of zombie shittiers

>> No.2793471

>muh free entertainment gang
Go Back to pewdiepie faggot. The talent don't need brag about collab with male. That's it. Simple.

>> No.2793589

that anon has the power of words

>> No.2793665

Trips of truth

>> No.2794508

>her manager told her not to read the thread
>called M-chan a lazy ass cunt
>got 1 legit seething reply out of that
it's real bros...

>> No.2794937

holy shit this anon is beyond saving. ngmi.

>> No.2794973

ah fuck.
well at least moona simp-ai got to see how much of a shithole this place is.

>> No.2795132

indogs wont read anything more than 5 words. there's no saving them.

>> No.2795170

I'm pretty sure Moona browses here at least a little.
We all know Risu does.

>> No.2795325

Moona should just man up and slap some sense to this girl honestly.
Ollie displays the exact attitude and vibe Hololive doesn't really need right now. It is exactly the kryptonite everyone was worried about during EN debut. I understand she has the talent for streaming, but not for Hololive. She got in probably because of her brand knowledge and ID management fucked up mistake hiring her.

She should really graduate once the contract is up, or maybe she'll slowly transform herself but its really unlikely when it comes to SEA. It's for the best of her career, the other girls, the other IDs and the Hololive viewership. Graduate, there is honestly no other way. You can change personas, but you can't change personalities especially when it comes to self-victimization.

She should've stayed indie or go to Twitch, she would have a better size of audience for grabs.
Now she will drag everyone else with her on a warpath because "i hate rules, people are mean" etc. This is exactly Twitch mental gymnastics warfare bullshit everyone don't want in the first place.

>> No.2795363

ogey, and you should go back to twittard or whatever fan discord you're in.

>> No.2795579
File: 641 KB, 1070x988, 1617502926682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She got in probably because of her brand knowledge and ID management fucked up mistake hiring her.

>> No.2795667

>She got in probably because of her brand knowledge
Or you know nepotism

>> No.2795765

>no dox
>no spam
>no death threat
call us Zhang all you want, in the end of the day, to the very least, Moona acknowledged our concern about this clout chasing faggot leech anituber. Now, go back to your discord or whatever circle jerk community you're in.

>> No.2795791

I want to believe she will fucking behave...

>> No.2795850

kek, they will call you zhang anyways as cope mechanism

>> No.2796177
File: 225 KB, 2048x1448, 1591481598638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you faggots can keep on spouting durr they're mad just because the girls are playing with males nonsense and be delusional about what's the main problem here, but the fact that Moona read this thread and (hopefully) put everyting into consideration is enough for me to go back to my usual MOONA LOVE posting.

>> No.2796257
File: 144 KB, 960x723, 1612323571606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2796269


>> No.2796307

Ada lowker gan

>> No.2796310

Its so fucking shit, i love it

>> No.2796318

*kurappu kurappu*

>> No.2796329
File: 769 KB, 900x1350, 1615989493257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2796530

There's tons of shitposting faggot who post something about canceling mooner or making her graduate. Imagine if she read that and take it personally. I hope she can tell the difference between troll and real concern post.

>> No.2796729

anything that could severely harm our favorite purple autist was never in our manifesto.

>> No.2796892

pardun my ESLness, "she kinda..." what?

>> No.2796965

She can behave you dingus. It's just ID management is not hard as EN management. That's why she act as she please. And when management whip her ass, she cry muuuuh haters.

>> No.2796986

lost her shine for a day or two

>> No.2796990

They are schizo who hates everything

>> No.2797018

Ty chad lad, good luck on your work.

>> No.2797070

thank you, Native Anon.

>> No.2797198
File: 379 KB, 600x522, 1618883580955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moona, my daughter. i'm sorry you had to read all of that filthy unfiltered post in here, but most of them are actually genuine concern from people who loves you.
i'm sorry my daughter, it is necessary, i wish by doing that it makes you grow into a stronger moon.

>> No.2797375

The first one has her niece in it, it's too cute even for jaded person like me. Same she removed it.

>> No.2797394

well, she did apologized when she didn't have to, because she only needs to ignore the groomer antituber. she's just learning from her mistakes.

>> No.2798002

You don't incriminate your co-worker like this...
Anyway MOONA LOVE, just try not to associate yourself to much with zombie, i don't want Pekora to drop your ass in a case of big yab.

>> No.2798123

>people unironically want zombie to graduate for roping Moona into this
>some newfag is gonna come in and keep restarting this drama with more passion each time
Now I’m concerned some newfag is unironically gonna make it happen...

>> No.2798146

I hope so too

>> No.2798264
File: 131 KB, 828x1721, 1601771313175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember him? There's not much outrages when he interacted with the IDs, because he doesn't shit on their fans. And he helped them mix their songs, even though some are bad. Forgive me Jay, I hate Risu's Snow Halation.

>> No.2798314

Well said. Once again it's not about males. It's about the ulterior motives and how that welsh cunt shits on holofan

>> No.2798389

Finally more people who rationally explain it

>> No.2798390 [DELETED] 

You don't compare with Jay, he's cool and already fan of holoid even before vt exists

>> No.2798455

Jay is cool, he's already holoid fans even before vt existed

>> No.2798598

ask that in drawfag thread

>> No.2799951

She sounds confused.

>> No.2800470

>J*y posting

>> No.2801811

Making Moona an autistic single mother.

>> No.2802549

Making Moona an autistic mother with 5 cute children.

>> No.2802619

Making Moona pregnant with Sir Ridder's babies

>> No.2802713

Moona moana moonas mooner mumun muna

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