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>wake up
>remember aloe's retirement
>day ruined

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I miss Kurisu

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dam. remembering something sad ruins you day? That's sounds rough man. You really gotta stop letting the past dictate your mood. The past is the past bud. How bout we get a beer sometime?

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watch her karaoke tomorrow and pay her fanbox its just 5 bucks a month you dumb aloetard

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Based “live for today” anon

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NijiEN soon. Remember the plan.

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>wake up
>remember menhera whore was kicked out and doesn't ruin the best generation anymore
>day improved

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i thought she ditched the delta persona and moved oven to epsilon?

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I don't feel that bad about it, but it is kinda sad thinking about what could have been. Imagine Aloe's 3D debut, performing Happy Synthesizer while the rest of 5th gen cheer her on.

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Get over it faggot.

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Stop being a fag, she moved on and so should you, why do faggots like you keep making thread like this, everything have been discussed to dead

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Dumb question but can't they reuse her model? Why did it have to be discarded entirely? It was one of the coolest looking models in my opinion.

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Yea that worked out great for Gamebu, didn't it.

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No. Replacing the voice would just shit on the original and the character itself.

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it's a sad thing, but we can't fix people's families for them. best to support her as delta, even granting the misfortune of the memories that can't be made.
fuck off and die, you rrat huffing retard. if you can't be bothered to have a clue what you're going to post about, go to plebbit or whatever else.

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Forget about her, she's never cared about you

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>NijiEN soon. Remember the plan.

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She needed to realize that she was something bigger than herself. The hope in the middle of the pandemic. Hachamma is mentally ill and she was able to realize it.

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>wake up
>remember Aloe
>jack off

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That's not how holos work you fucking retard.

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Kill yourself idiot

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This, but with Isayama being a fucking hack. Reminder to piss in his spa.

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They can but all the precedence within the vtuber industry has shown that it would be an incredibly retarded thing to do.

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