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Truth or more hypocrisy?

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>use them to grow
>shit on them later
that's just the usual pink cat

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I do not care.

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>builds her whole career on dude sex lmao
>dude wtf don't say ik dude sex lmao
Nyanners is a ........?

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Lmao, she did it again, i love how shameless she is. She is gonna betray her way to the top.

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Why does anyone care about this hypocrite again?

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Because she is based. She fuckes over people that try to help her and then turns around and goes tee hee not me ^_^ and everyone just believes her. Imagine the IQ needed to do that over and over agaim and come out stronger every time.

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Nyaneers, you can redeem yourself by simply making pomf pomf v2.

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I’m going to assume most people fall for the disarming laughter and outwardly bubble demeanor.
>trusting internet celebrities
Enjoying them in one thing, but letting them weasel their way into your mental fortress is just poor form.

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Honestly I respect twitch thots 1000% more than nyanners because at least they commit to being thots. They know what makes money and they're not ashamed of it. Nyanners on the other hand knows what makes money but she's ashamed of having to do it so after a while, when she's big enough, she starts shitting on what she was just doing. It's just embarrassing to watch at this point.

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It's obvious for anyone who isn't a clipfag with an iq below 10 or has actually watched an english vtuber.

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Nyanners is the type of girl that wears a string bikini to the beach and then yells at people for looking and insisting she only wore it for a tan line.

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>anons mental fortress
More like a poorly maintained waist high wooden mental fence.

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>it creates this expectation
it depends on te vtubber to break that mold.

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>nyanners is a ....
Queen who has conquered my heart. I wish we could make love all night lonh, i wish i could taste the bottom of her sweet toes, i wish she would spit in my mouth and order me taste it, i wish she would call me trash and remind me that i am privileged for being able to enter, i wish that i could become intoxicated with her smell as i my hand grabs her breast and my my mouth feels her warm nipples in my mouth, i wish i could hold her as she comes and each wave of her movement lets out a more delightful moan than the last. I wish i could look into nyanners eyes and see her sweet smile as she plants a small kiss into me and whispers "i love you".

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This cat is knows what cognitive dissonance is right? She does know she's in Vshojo and what her fellow members say, right? You can't be this much of a pot calling the kettle black without doing it on purpose.

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i fucking hate this bitch

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>please clip the boring dumb shit my friends say too, that'll show people they're not stupid and annoying
She's so fucking retarded holy shit

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You guys have the ability to interpret things in the stupidest way.

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>it's another "pedos seethe for 400 posts" thread

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Ironmouse is that you? Snap out of it already, you're better than that.

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no one gives a shit pedo

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So people can't change? And streamers can't change their content?

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Isn’t it great? Never forgetting this /a/ bitch and how she sold out her old following.if you don’t hate nyanners, and you browse this cesspool, you are a cuck.

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everything she said was level-headed and true. the only people that disagree are pedos and incels.

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t. 2016 electionfag and avid anitube fan

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can't believe she threw away like 20 guys with no money.

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hurr hurr pedo
Nyaggers is a whore, neck yourself with her

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I betray this board and everyone in it just have a chance at having her spit on mu face. That's my answer to your enquiry.

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>newfag calling anyone else a newfag
hello nyanners, I thought your wall hitting ass moved on?

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She’ll do it, then turn around and tell everyone you raped her. Have fun.

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It's true but niggers here will never acknowledged it because it would mean:
>1. Admitting they're gigantic clipsfags and don't watch streams
>2. Recognizing that they purposely present and generalizing english vtubers in the worse possible image while being hypocritical and ignoring the many many many JP vtubers who love to joke about toilet humor
>3. Admitting that they were wrong and had no right to speak on topic they know fuck all about
You'd having better chance getting a devout Nun to suck your cock than you do getting any of the schizos here to say "I was wrong"

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Are you expecting me to believe that anyone who was actually involved in the 2010 drama cares about this shit anymore? These people are in their 30s, anon. Face it, they've long since outgrown their edgy phase and you are just copycatting their past selves based on YouTube, Encyclopedia Dramatica and KnowYourMeme.

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I hate her but i still wanna fuck her and her voice is so beatifull. Someone free me from this sickness. NYANNERSSSSSSSS NYANNNERS TOUR NAME IN MY TONGUE AHHHHHHHH NYANNNNNERSSSSSSSSS.


I wanna smell nyanners, i want her to tell me im trash, i want her to insult me, fuck me then throw me away. Nyanners use me please, force me to enter you and tell me i am just a piece of meat to be used by you. Little more than an object you don't thinm about. Nyanners. Your name dances when i say it. Nyanners. Nya-nners. Ny-a-nn-ers.

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Please, I tried to catch one of her streams once and she had six gag boobs on. Vshojo and friends' foundation, framing, walls and roof are sex jokes.

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I was underageb& during that and yeah maybe I don’t think about how much I hate her 24/7, but I won’t forget what happened. She will continue her traitorous ways until the day she dies. it will happen to you too. Cope

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I want Nyanners to use me as a stepping stone to shine brighter!

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>I don’t think about how much I hate her 24/7, but I won’t forget what happened.
imagine being this dramatic about a teenage girl calling out pedophile groomers

>> No.2830099

based and will result in more subs and followers

>> No.2830265

>coping this hard about somone calling out your pee pee poo poo hypocrite streamer
I already said I don’t think about hating her all the time. I rarely think about her at all, but fags like you give me lifeblood.

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>Bro I watched her like 10 minutes trust me all her and all her associates content is like this!
What a retarded generalization, I don't really care about the cat or vshojo nor have I watched them but dumbass post like this are why I maintain a neutral opinion of them and don't take what anyone on this board has to say about them seriously

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i can tell how much you don't care about her from all the seethe dripping from your posts

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He can get more subs and followers by not CONSTANTLY talking about dicks. Just saying

>> No.2830390

She's pretending to hate lolis, but she's in team with Melody that on multiple occasions stated she would fuck Megumin from Konosuba AND IronMouse that called herself loli way too many times.
And top of that, her avatar has loli physique and yet she's totally fine with talking about dicks, pussies and shit like that.

Nyanners is piece of shit, should never become so big as she is.

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>sees petite woman
>thinks "sexy child"
pedo brain

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File: 745 KB, 220x319, nyanners[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fz6hq0g.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think a hypocrite gets to tell us off


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Western vtubers are sex workers, not entertainers. Dicks in vagene is their entire schtick

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>10 minutes still isnt time enough to judge a stream
do you want us to watch 20 hours of it and then write an essay about how shit it was?

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That was her April Fools stream right, not really a great day to judge someone's normal content to be fair.

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Why does she ask clippers to not do the only thing the do better than the rest?

>> No.2830502

She uploads her own clips to her own channel and it's the same shit she's complaining about. Does she not have oversight over her own editors? Where are the "low-key" entertaining moments she's pretending exist?

>> No.2830554

You either die a meme. Or live long enough to become a Vtuber

Nyanners should've stayed in her lane being a LilyPichu clone.

>> No.2830561

>do you want us to watch 20 hours
Yes, you should actually watch a decent chunk of a person's content before making such a board statement about it

>> No.2830622

>Where are the "low-key" entertaining moments
The VR videos are pretty "low-key".

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I'm guessing half the people in this thread didn't watch the video because she didn't shit on clippers. Or are nyanners antis just retarded?

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ACKSHUALLY Megumin and IronMouse would fall under the spectrum of hebephilia and ephebophilia respectively, not pedophilia, making them both not lolis. But knowing Nyanners, she probably looks down on both of those too.

>> No.2830709

>20 guys
What a whore

>> No.2830810

Is there anything more pathetic than a Nyanners anti roleplaying an oldfag with information fed to them straight by a pedophile anituber? Seriously, I had trouble understanding where all these people are coming from, but I figured it out:


>> No.2830982

Hypocrite. She undoubtedly likes them when they're pointing new subs to her channel but now that there's mostly accurate caricature of her she doesn't.

>> No.2831228

I can't believe I let you trick me into wasting my time on that shitty video. The most boring garbage I've ever seen, I can see why they haven't uploaded another episode

>> No.2831258

is this a whore?

>> No.2831359

>uploading your own clips
Does she really? If some fag in your audience makes one of something they think is funny okay whatever. But going "oh man that was a pretty funny thing I did" and making your own is pretty sad.

>> No.2831408

Isn't that just DSP 2.0 ?

>> No.2831430

She has an editor who makes them.

>> No.2831462

She complained that people think that all her friends do is peepeepoopoovagina humor because that's all that shows up on clip channels, not realizing that if her friends did literally anything else that was remotely entertaining people would clip that and upload it. Her own channel that she turned into a clip channel reflects this fact perfectly

>> No.2831553

>she dictates what clips will be made to someone else
Even worse.

>> No.2831611

Man I much prefer her voice now, this sounds so stupid.

>> No.2831645

>stop talking about this thing you dislike as i shove it in your face
Kill yourself.

>> No.2831646

You're shilling for someone who disavowed the OC so many of us enjoyed as kids. Even worse, you're complaining about pedobros while shilling for a mediocre vtuber who uses a child like avatar. Are you a masochist or something?

>> No.2831699

calm and collected

>> No.2831728

The way she described it he puts them together based mostly on his own judgement and just sends the clip to her so she can look over it and decide it should be uploaded.

>> No.2831761

>this entire post
Please just for the love of god have sex

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>> No.2831812

He can't do that legally

>> No.2831814

What the fuck does sex have to do with anything? I'm not even that guy but "have sex" is the most retarded non-argument ever.

>> No.2831843

>the OC so many of us enjoyed as kids
>you're complaining about pedobros
Not having sex has everything to do with this

>> No.2831864

Sounds like you're a virgin.

>> No.2831876

It'll help you calm down and realize how dumb it is to be getting worked up over some girl who pretends to be a pink cat on the internet. You don't even need to have sex, just jack off if you have to.

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>> No.2831895

Pink cat good

>> No.2831955

Someone who's never had sex fantasizes about how life changing an experience it would be basically.

>> No.2831967

>just coom bro
fuck off you brainless faggot, how about you actually think about things other than porn?

>> No.2832022

>all the hate was just pent up frustration from voluntary self-blue balling after all
sad to see

>> No.2832126

>unable to think critically because his brain is literally fried from cooming too much.
Speaks for itself, stop watching porn for a week. You'll feel better, you fucking addict.

>> No.2832189

How about you actually think about things other than this pink cat streamer who doesn't even know you? A good coom might help put into perspective how petty this is, you'll feel better bro.

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>> No.2832260

You seem really mad, stress is stored in the balls you know, let it out.

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>uses clippers to grow
>shits on them later

>uses 4chan to grow
>shits on them later

>uses loli posters to grow
>shits on them later

Once is one thing, twice is a coincidence, three's a pattern.

>> No.2832411

Nyanners for fuck's sake, not everything can be solved by jacking off

>> No.2832413

>have sex
Are you telling me to make someone else laugh? Why do I have to do something that your oshi isn't capable of?

>> No.2832661

>n-no you
Holy fucking cope. Swallow a 12 gauge

>> No.2832724

loli is fine as a passing fancy, I myself dabbed in it in my younger days
but grown men obsessing over actual loli should be executed

>> No.2832763

You're implying anyone here gives a shit about her outside when she's pushed in stupid threads. How about you stop defending someone blindly just because she's your parasocial girlfriend? Its like posting a video of a girl kicking a dog and then defending said girl when people shit on her. Nyanners has been a piece of shit her whole career, most people who knew of her early on forgot about her after she pulled her stunt of throwing her fans under the bus but when she came back to cash in on Vtubers as a character type that she criticized in the past, people are going to be vocal about it. The cope idea of people "thinking about her all the time" is simply just you wishing your shit oshi has any level of popularity, negative or positive. Now instead of defending someone who only see's you as a tool, maybe you should look for a better oshi.

>> No.2832851

And yet that still doesn't invalidate the argument that she exploits loli obsessors for profit and views.

>> No.2833011

Good on her, she has more potential than v-whores, this is one step closer to leaving them.

>> No.2833013

Not watching your shill, fag.

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Yeah see, instead of typing out this paragraph of anger over a girl on the internet you could have got started having a nice cock stroking session right now. Wouldn't that be more enjoyable anon?

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>betrays her new management company less than a year in

>> No.2833081

Instead of being a degenerate waste of life, you could kill yourself. That would be more enjoyable for all of us. Go back.

>> No.2833144

>lol sex
Her fans
>lol sex
Like pottery.

>> No.2833318

I hope you drain your balls soon, they must be aching so badly! No one wants to see you suffer like this, I think what would really be enjoyable for all of us would be if you relieved yourself.

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File: 488 KB, 2345x3582, 1603065259704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You "dabbled" in it? Sounds like you picked up a party drug, fetishes aren't picked up like that as far as I'm aware. Anyway it feels better the older you get. When I was a little shit I didn't understand how a little bit of fatherly feelings could multiply loli love so much.

>> No.2833408

Its not healthy to be thinking of my balls all the time anon, you should seek help.

>> No.2833511

I'm just really concerned for my fellow anon, is that so bad?

>> No.2833776

Yes, you're a fag. Stop thinking of balls you faggot.

>> No.2833929

I'll be able to stop worrying if you assure me you'll take care of them. Please jack off anon, please, for your own sake.

>> No.2834007

I'll keep myself healthy and not do that, you'll be stuck being a faggot. Best to off yourself, anon.

>> No.2834035

One Nyannersfag tears cup please. It's sad to see how they seek validation time and time again in these threads because they know their whore is irredeemable

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She really cant stop can she?
Is she competing with Ollie for being the biggest yab machine or something. Like she makes it too easy to shit on her.
This has to be intentional

>> No.2834080

>Her fans get banned like clockwork on her own discord for the exact same shit she says on stream
It's truly a work of art, that nyanners contrarionism

>> No.2834102

It really isn't healthy not to do that though! I hope you'll come to understand that.

>> No.2834130

Don't suck too many dicks, faggot, or you'll end up like Ironmouse

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I never thought this thread would turn into a JOI session

>> No.2834196

Your brain is fried, i really suggest you take a break and see how much better life can be for you.

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File: 144 KB, 556x1037, Nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not welcome here, pink cat. And you'll never be.

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File: 306 KB, 1538x1545, 1596707886175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My brain is fine but how do you feel? Are you sure you're not feeling pent up at all? Your balls fit to burst, ready to release all that frustration through the pounding of your cock? Maybe just start stroking it, you never know, it might really make you feel better!

>> No.2834461

Nyanners and Ollie are unironically the faces of /vt/ if we go by what the general userbase here wants in most of their VTubers

>> No.2834493

Holy shit you're a fag.

>> No.2834686

Thread theme

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>> No.2834811

Why would someone post something they never liked?

>> No.2834957

Has Nyanners ever done any JOI? Surely she must have.

>> No.2835004

If you just had sex, maybe you'd realize it's not worth your time to defend a person who larps as a pink cat on the internet. They can defend themselves, after all.

>> No.2835519

For as much as she talks about sex, i don't think shes ever done anything sexual om stream, ever.

>> No.2835789

>Or are nyanners antis just retarded?
You felt like you needed to ask this question when the answer is all over this thread.

>> No.2835790

She’ll backstab one or all of them by the end of the year, probably Melody

>> No.2835836
File: 789 KB, 496x540, 3EDBCD6E-AE9A-47A0-BEA4-383C57926DAB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No they can’t be a social chameleon trying to snag subs in the slimiest way by shitting on those who made them and except not to get called out

>> No.2835856

What the fuck I came here to see people shitting on the hypocrite pink cat not whatever this sick degenerate grooming or whatever the fuck is happening in here

>> No.2835896

>have sex
>sixteen thousand other dumbass 4chan replies that have come and gone over the decades

Don't try to make sense of any of this, you'll just be wasting your time.

>> No.2835924

Don't worry about it, just jack off bro.

>> No.2835939

Can't have cognitive dissonance when all your opinions are based on whats popular and not what you actually think.

>> No.2836052

>You're implying anyone here gives a shit about her outside when she's pushed in stupid threads
How fucking stupid are you that you think Nyanners fans make these threads. Seriously.

>> No.2836168

She's right, as always. And /vt/ will continue to seethe.

>> No.2836262

Next you'll say is all those anti-Kiara threads aren't made by falseflagger KFPfags

>> No.2836829

>Nyanners is known to talk about how much she's hated on 4chan in her discord
>doesnt expect retards to false flag
You're a retard.

>> No.2836971

>doesnt expect retards to false flag
Who said that? It's very much expected that retards on here will false flag.

>> No.2837088

Fans are the ones falseflagging, what?
It seems far more reasonable that people simply hate her because she openly hates 4chan and anons, so of course they want to shit on her.

>> No.2837124


>> No.2837289

>Vtubers don't just make sex poo poo jokes stop believing clippers
>Her youtube channel's content for the past year has just been sex poo poo joke compilations from streams
Don't complain about the monster you made dr. frankenstein

>> No.2837437


thread shoul've ended there, there's nothing worth to discuss here

>> No.2837496

Noraneko of the west...

>> No.2838449

holy based

>> No.2839233

>backstabbing whore is a backstabbing whore

>> No.2841024


reminder to trannies that they will never be women

>> No.2841073

What a fucking retarded cat

>> No.2841380

What a fucking based cat

>> No.2841527


>> No.2841551

What you mean shes both a lolicon and agaisnt lolicon

How fucking retarded you have to be in order to not fit any of these stands...

>> No.2841929

You all deserved to get exploited by her honestly. Brainless monkeys

>> No.2842543

How can people watch Nyanners knowing who she is? It's not like a musician where you can divorce the artist from the art. You're watching a streamer for their personality, and Nyanners has a shitty personality.

>> No.2842574

How can people watch Gura knowing she is Great Value Nyanners?

>> No.2842607

t. nyanners

>> No.2842661

On /his/ someone said hypocrisy is not a sin outside of Christian zeitgeist, what do think? Is pink cat hypocrisy only bad in the west?

>> No.2842684

Doesn't matter.
What's matter is we can fap on her until our balls dried up.that's the only reason we watch vshojo anyways.

>> No.2842919

Pajeet-tier cringe.

>> No.2842980


>> No.2843489

Yeah the real issue people clearly have is that Nyanners is very anti-christian values, just look at how she's actively encouraging people to masturbate.

>> No.2845896
File: 58 KB, 1150x468, BeepBoop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Nyanners has to artificially stop herself from declining

>> No.2845982

This, and it's why I have respect for Mel. She doesn't tease, she provides.

>> No.2846253

It was a bot faggot. Melody, Ironmouse and other random vtuber gain 100k followers

>> No.2846884
File: 345 KB, 655x733, heartbreaking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is still capable of producing entertaining content. I can step back and recognize that she still has that same talent we originally liked from the start, while still understanding she's a awful backstabbing bitch who can and will use and discard everyone around her for a quick buck. She can be both naturally talented and a shitty cunt, they're mutually exclusive traits.

>> No.2846938

ITT: people commenting without actually watching the video

>> No.2849123

That's bs. It's not entirely under their control and she is making a good point.

>> No.2849204

Some men must dirty their hands so that we may live in peaceful times.

>> No.2849251

What talent? Shes not funny, can't sing, can't zatsudan, can't play games well. She keeps making reaction "content" for a reason. What are you talking about?
The only thing she could do was pander, and it worked well until she decided to throw her fans under the bus.

>> No.2849416
File: 499 KB, 1920x1280, VSJ stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously its a bot retard. Not even chinese sweatshopworkers manually create 100k accounts.
So because three of them bought a bot that makes it better? Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

>> No.2849654

>170 replies
>77 posters
you niggas fighting again?

>> No.2849735

Are you guys just bitter that she doesn't do /b/ shit anymore and she grew up?

>> No.2850099

How many content creators suddenly turn around and call their fans names, not even over something we did wrong, but just for liking their content? Maybe you are new and didn't get to experience it yourself, but I'll let you know people like that don't deserve fans at all.
If she hates us that much, shouldn't be a surprise we don't like her either.

>> No.2850457

Bro that’s past. Why would she hate making money? I could personally talk to her and say that I like her content. What would she do, yell at me and call the cops?

>> No.2850627

After 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or even 100 years, a cunt move is still a cunt move.
And yes, she will unironically tell you to fuck off if you bring that video up.

>> No.2850873

Are you merely pretending or do you really not realize getting botted like this isn't a good thing for them?

>> No.2851134

Nice job for outing yourself as a newfag. She fucking hates you. It’s not a rrat. She used to make edgy meme videos with boards from here in mind and was a regular presence in vocaroo threads. She grew her brand here. Then she decided all of a sudden having fun was problematic and made a stupid tumblr account where she shit on 4chud and everyone that has ever participated in ironic funposting. Whenever some tumblr xer told her to take down 4chan culture, she obliged. She is a spineless backstabbing (wall-hitting might I add) bitch. You may be thinking that it’s not even that big of a deal, but you weren’t there. It hit different. I’m trying to think of an equivalent to today, maybe Dovahatty? Building his brand through /his/ content and 4chan culture memes and then turning around and getting on his knees for Reddit cock. I don’t know. Don’t let her backstab you retards twice.

>> No.2851241

I believe she is still one of us, she is a terrible person just like us. We hate people, we are hypocrites, we are racist and we don't like living in society. If I had the opportunity to make money but I had to dump people like us then I would gladly do it. People like us don't deserve anything because we shit even on things we are supposed to love.

Think about it logically.

>> No.2851279

>Then she decided all of a sudden
Yeah she just decided to distance herself from 4chan all of a sudden, for absolutely no reason, you tell em oldfag.

>> No.2851370

hey woah, chill out new guy

>> No.2851396

Nyanners is cute!

>> No.2851404

Don’t fucking act like she realized all of a sudden, retard. She knew exactly what she was doing.
Jesus Christ this site is so fucking new now

>> No.2851556

God you're retarded.

>> No.2851607

Stop projecting, retard. Self loathing is for idiots and I don't share your pathetic sentiment at all. She told me to eat shit, had 10 years to apologize and didn't, so I dont like her, easy as that. I wouldn't do that to people I liked.

>> No.2851631

Nyanner anti's don't wath her vids

>> No.2851656

>can't sing

>> No.2851747

yeah she can't sing, do you want me to point out why? do you even have the technical expertise to understand what i'd say?

>> No.2851772

>reading comprehension

>> No.2851785

Are you serious? Why did you even reply.

>> No.2851844

>overly aggressive
No, I dont trust what you said at all.

>> No.2851923

I make money and never needed to dump any anons fucking asses. Its goddamn easy. Even Risu can do it and whoever chuuba came from this hellhole (EN) The secret is shutting up instead of constantly searching for cock to suck.
> I had to dump people like us then I would gladly do it.
Gladly dump yourself then. You’re just a post to us. The only one who will miss you is yourself

>> No.2851982

my introduction to nyanners as a streamer was her ironmouse and making penis and vagina jokes for like 3 hours straight in fall guys so i dunno about that one

>> No.2851989

Believe whatever then. You don't even take yourself seriously based on your first post. You know she hates your guts and that why you probably even watch her. Go sulk somewhere else, M cuck.

>> No.2851992

Yes, please give us all your expert opinion on her singing ability, unlike the idiots who decided to have her be part of a concert with Kizuna AI, they clearly wouldn't know anything about singing.

>> No.2852053

ah yes of course, because her presence to that concert is definitely based on her alleged singing ability
please kill yourself now

>> No.2852056

>She told me to eat shit
Really, she came up to (You) and told you to eat shit did she?

>> No.2852120

You don't need a signed letter to know you're not welcome.>>2834320

>> No.2852138

Into the trash it goes by default
>cant hit the high notes
>Vibrato every note that's slightly longer because you cant hold notes for long
>Regularly miss notes
This aint it chief

>> No.2852154

>he thinks I watch her
I prefer jerking off to lolis than waste my time watching nyanners. You retards who like to make any whores who give you the minimum attention an idol are just pitiful. And after that you stay salty for 10 years with her living inside your head rent free. Pathetic.

>> No.2852181

i watched a bit of whoever the name of the one snuffy raided earlier on twitch. she was legit literally all benis and vegene

>> No.2852229

>Concert music
Ah yes because prerecorded and edited audio is indicative of singing ability.
Do you by chance also think modern artists are great singers?

>> No.2852235

Learn to think, moron. What are you gonna if you work as a public figure and people ask you constantly what were you doing at 4chan back in the days. If you stay silent it's over. You have to go against us. You stupid zombie.

>> No.2852323

I cannot stomach listening to that bitch. Somebody post a summary.

>> No.2852338

Well yeah they obviously can't be trusted to judge her talent as much as you, I mean why wouldn't I trust some random anon who clearly doesn't have any bias due to a grudge against her to tell us how good her singing is over people who would definitely not be sure to get someone who could be trusted to perform well during their event?

>> No.2852360

two-faced cunt who should kill herself.

>> No.2852408

Oh no, time to cancel Risu, Mori, etc.
In reality, nobody gives a shit. More people use 4chan than you think.
Theres never a reason to pull a stupid stunt like the one she did unless you just want to piss people off.

>> No.2852427

literally all her content is sex and toilet humor and then she complains that it is the clippers fault that they do not show "the whole range"
fuck off.

>> No.2852451

exactly, instead you should trust people who have a vested economic interest in roping in a base of easily milkable idiotic fanboys or better yet, your own totally-not-obscured-by-parasocial-pseudoromantic-feelings perception
i have some land to sell you by the way

>> No.2852508

>You have to go against us
no you piece of shit, you create a new identity and start from scratch. you don't get to use the base you want to ditch as a starting platform

>> No.2852553

Obviously "nothing but" is an exaggeration. People say it because it's what characterizes their content and image. Stupid cat being disingenuous.

>> No.2852669
File: 15 KB, 599x107, DFC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder Nyanners was willing to voice a robot prostitute looking like a 13 Year old

>> No.2852742

>I prefer jerking off
That''s the thing, the guy you're replying to has something against jerking off for some reason, so he gets angry about shit that doesn't matter.

>> No.2852852

imagine considering masturbation a personality trait

>> No.2852934

How do you even achieve that leap in logic. No really, explain. I want to know.
Nyanners hates 4chan -> Nyanners hates me and my buddies -> I dislike her -> ?? -> I hate jerking off.

>> No.2852955

>normal vtuber
>is grateful to clippers for helping promote their channel

>western whore
>uses clippers to promote their channel then bitches about them when big enough

>> No.2852975

Imagine considering hating someone for 10 years a personality trait.

>> No.2853006

>dude it is not their fault when they literally cannot talk a minute without either bringing up sex or feces

>> No.2853021

yeah that's still you tranny

>> No.2853039

>She does know she's in Vshojo and what her fellow members say, right?
She does it herself all the time as well, not just her fellow members.

>> No.2853087

As far as I know you are the sensitive bitch who hates people to death. You are a queer. Dye your hair some funny color, put some make up and then kill yourself.

>> No.2853106


>> No.2853182

Lmao, perfect response

>> No.2853191

dude, imagine when she FINDS OUT that melody and ironmouse are into loli and that nux taku (who often collabs with other vtrannies) uploaded a 30 minute defense video of the word 'trap' on youtube

>> No.2853241

You know who brought me into the rabbit whole? Melody. You know who I almost exclusively watched for like three months? Vshojo.
Only later did I learn that there are actually Vtubers who do not talk about sex and feces 24/7.
So I think I have enough experience with retgard to them and I was not biased against them. If anything, I should be biased for them because they introduced me to this world.
But they truly are shit compared to Hololive, Pikamee etc. Sure, there are always some exceptions. Ollie, for instance, is Vshojo-tier tand Artemis is not.

At the end of the day, I do not even hate the sex talk that much, I just hate people like Nyanners after learning what kind of person she is. I would probably still watch Melody if she was not in the same group as Nyanners and promoted her.

>> No.2853313

she can say whatever she wants but its cringey asfuck her and her entire crowd

>> No.2853391

Reminder to jack off so you don't get so obsessed with looking for things from years ago to get you mad at a girl pretending to be a cat on the internet.

>> No.2853487

It ain't a personality trait but it's certainly a useful tool for gaining some clarity and losing some stress.

>> No.2853492

>just jerk off into a coma
so that's how nyanfags can tolerate her content

>> No.2853557

To be fair, Hololive and Pikamee aren’t much better. I’d rather watch based indies like Koopa and Beatani. Also if we’re discussing vshojo ironmouse and froot aren’t too bad.

>> No.2853582

scammed /k/

>> No.2853592

>after learning what kind of person she is
Where did you learn this from? I'm sure you didn't trust this place to give you an unbiased view right?

>> No.2853682

Dont worry I'll beat my meat to Wataten later Nyanners

>> No.2853688

>do you want us to watch 20 hours of it and then write an essay about how shit it was?
Know your enemy.

>> No.2853701

>jerk off into a coma
Who said to do that, are you so pent up with anger that you don't dare jerk off because you won't be able to stop?

>> No.2853744

Just listen and believe!
Amirite, fellow pink cat lover?

>> No.2853746

yeah he should join your discord and get a pronoun role

>> No.2853867

>Not trusting /vt/ means trusting discordfags instead

>> No.2853908

so your go-to way to deal with emotion is pornography, gotcha

>> No.2853943

>He doesn't just use his imagination

>> No.2854055

Not go-to, just try it once in a while at least, you clearly need it.

>> No.2854061

sorry, let me rephrase
so your go-to way to deal with emotion is escaping into erotic fantasies, gotcha

>> No.2854098

but that is horrible and can barely be called singing

>> No.2854112

>is a loli and shits on them
>peak clipfaggot whore and yet "calls them out"
>>"hurr my toilet humor is seiso"
Nyaggers is a hypocrite incarnate
But half of the reason why she should be hated is her godawful sjw cancer of a fanbase
All of them are mentally ill hypocrites like her


>> No.2854203

I watched the youtube video about her being a hypocrite and did some google searches to confirm the claims. I also stumbled over pics of her ugly 3DPD-self during that time. Even if she was not a shitty person (she is), I would still not watch her anymore because I would constantly be reminded of the ugly 3DPD bitch when I hear the voice.

>> No.2854267

>the youtube video
That's even worse.

>> No.2854379

How so? Everything in it is true.

>> No.2854556

This must be bait. I was already sick of her attention whoring 10 years ago and i'm sick of it now. Some people need to stop pretending that she was ever well-liked on 4chan. That attention whore was always controversial and just because she tried her hardest to pander to anons does not mean that all or even most anons liked her. She is a pretty boring and repetitive person.
Aside from just making dum noises while watching other peoples content, she has these prepared skits but her comedic timing and sense of humor are so bad that they either fall flat, she aborts them or the punchline is her shouting.

>> No.2854623

That's nice, but have you considered jacking off?

>> No.2854745

Give me loli Nyanners to jack off to

>> No.2854793

Her avatar is already loli.

>> No.2854873

Name one YouTuber/ streamer who hasn’t said something hypocritical at one point. Sperging about someone being slightly hypocritical and bringing up tweets that are several years old is pure autism

>> No.2854910

>the pink cat makes peepee poopoo jokes
So nyanners really is an hypocrite

>> No.2854949

>slightly hypocritical

>> No.2855041

>being hypocritical at one point
Most respectable people stick to their new point of view
Nyanners continually yabs herself, tries to backpeddle and shift blame all the while trying to convince people she has integrity

>> No.2855087

>if you point out hypocrisy you need to have sex
Should you be committing suicide?

>> No.2855154

The only solution is to do that kind of humor less and try to rework your content to be both interesting and not lewd. Holo EN gets basically anything lewd they do or say clipped but because most of them don't do it that often recommendations aren't flooded with it. Even for Nyanners I would say I get more mundane content than sex jokes. I've never watched Snuffy but I would guess from the sheer torrential flood of sex stuff in the recs for her that it's a significant part of her streams.

>> No.2855430

No one gives a shit about that. Her main issue is being a hypocrite. She recently cancelled the Nekopara collab to pander to SJWs because apparently it was "offensive".

>> No.2855489

nyaggers just reupload pomf remastered version 4k60fps and there will be an end to the horro

>> No.2855585

Meh, no one cares anyway. At least she’s played some decent games.

>> No.2855762

nta and not familiar with twitch but why would someone not associated with the channel view bot/follow bot the channel

>> No.2855791

I hope Nyanners calls for Japan to ban l*li live at the concert tomorrow!

>> No.2855794

Finds out? Nigga she knows already, she just chooses not to do or say anything because its her friends, its cognitive dissonance like that other annon said.

>> No.2855862

Unironically would have more respect for her if she showed that kind of integrity

>> No.2856103

I want her to do this so she gets dogpiled and get spammed with death threats and ruin her career. She doesn't belong to anything anime related with her anti otaku attitude.

>> No.2856149

Too bad Polka and Ollie already talked about how much they like her so she'll most likely not go after them

>> No.2856213

Is nyanners like the hololive Gura of V-shojo?

>> No.2856334

Gura would never make the unforced error of directly attacking her fans, clippers etc.

>> No.2856512
File: 272 KB, 1100x1989, 1597366439314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Gura would have to consistently make Nyanners tier hypocritical mistakes for me to even doubt her integrity. I don't normally watch Gura but I've seen enough of her for me to gain her trust

>> No.2856540
File: 1.54 MB, 1192x1536, 1599963694189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong image

>> No.2856623

Gura is aware of her loli status and she understands in what did she get into when she signed the contract. Also she shows more signs of being more mature than Nyanners, and they only have a two year gap. If Nyanners accepted that she loves loli, that she likes being a loli and all of that shit, people would actually love her. But she has shown to be too much of an hypocrity so there is that.

EVEN if Gura doesn't like loli, she isn't asperging and leashing it towards people, the only time that it happened with that was on her RFA streams, and because of the lewd sounds that she did.

>> No.2856624

>wrong image
>wrong image is a blatant Nyanners fap pic.

I always knew you fucks secretly lusted after her. Tsundere is only cute when anime girls do it.

>> No.2856640

She even made fun of that retarded feminist claiming that people who watch her are pedos

>> No.2856650

Fuck you

>> No.2856718

If she did that, she would immediately switch from cringe to ultra-based. Having dedications to principles at a personal cost is much cooler than changing principles depending on what direction the wind is blowing.

>> No.2856805

The last time some JP vtuber called otakus disgusting freaks she lost a ton of her viewers and followers and she immediately apologized. I want nyanshit to do that so people with integrity stay away from her and so that everyone knows how much of a dirtbag she is

>> No.2856838

Which one was that?

>> No.2856888

JP culture =/= EN culture
Retards in the west only wanna see how she looks irl and eventually ask her to make dirty videos and onlyfans. Trust me on this, those who follow VShojo do not give a fuck about the anime aspect of the streams.

>> No.2856906

But vshojochads are well-adjusted adults, not pedophile otaku freaks

>> No.2856925


>> No.2856935

nyanners is the total opposite of a "well adjusted adult" dumbass nigger

>> No.2857358

Waiting for someone to make a photoshop of her hat to blue autism one

>> No.2857956

Because she’s a lying bitch and has been since the early 2010’s

>> No.2857975
File: 348 KB, 834x841, 87b43364821555dca450983795d9f2f7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is all you get

>> No.2858056

haha pink cat funny

>> No.2858190
File: 7 KB, 365x157, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clipfags are awful but it's not pink cat who should be calling them out.

>only really post hololive or vshojo (anything other than that is pretty rare)
>steal clips from people without crediting them
>will literally post a clip of random shit and people lap it up despite it being the same clipped shit as before

>> No.2858293

Unironically pedos, she was harassed since she was a teenager. Exceptions are understandable such as a eighteen year old talking to a 22 year old, but this is not one of them

>> No.2859210

To make it easier to bot spam the chat. If your bots don't follow the chat, mods can turn on "followers only mode" for chat which makes it impossible to spam the chat. So bots will follow the account to get around that.

>> No.2859225
File: 529 KB, 1367x856, 1607520081490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread theme:

>> No.2859240


>> No.2859243


>> No.2859469

So wait is she not playing Diablo 2 today? Or was that just her jebaiting

>> No.2859593

nah she's too stupid to make it work

>> No.2859602

she got too blasted to play video games

>> No.2859798

Gura is infinitely more entertaining than Nyanners can ever be. Better singing voice, too.

And I don’t even care about this board’s obsessive hate for pink cat whatsoever

>> No.2859808

how can she be such a boring hypocrite whore yet so based at the same time?

>> No.2862449

>implying this shit is /vt/ only

>> No.2862595

All while throwing the people she built her brand off of under the bus mind you.

>> No.2862766

thats some grand denial.

>> No.2865107

I wish I could stay mad at strangers for a decade on the internet

>> No.2867900

>not realizing that if her friends did literally anything else that was remotely entertaining people would clip that and upload it
This thread should have ended here.

>> No.2868355

Says the dipshit who bumped a thread after an hour of no activity.

>> No.2868810

It's going to autosage in a few post anyway. Relax.

>> No.2869097

>drug addict
What the fuck, is she trying to be the worst version of herself?

>> No.2869246

I really want to mating press (rape) this insufferable harpy into a dripping stupor

>> No.2869448

nyanners is pretty pog ngl

>> No.2869552

Clippers take the most interesting bits, so if that's all that's getting clipped then it's pretty obvious what that says.

>> No.2869687

What the fuck are you talking about? Loli can be any petite girl under 18 or even over 18 because there's also legal loli.

>> No.2871737

>westard whore is a hypocrite
In other news water is wet

>> No.2871864

owned >>2828584

>> No.2873218

Man, Nyanners just keeps getting more and more popular and the seething over her just keeps getting sadder

>> No.2873618

If I made the pomf pomf song I would have removed it too. That shit is a legit pedo anthem and I would want to distance myself from it as much as possible. I think her post explaining why it was removed was a little harsh and insulting and not really necessary, but being ashamed of something you did and trying to rectify it doesn't make you a hypocrite. People are allowed to change.
>But her avatar is a loli so she still profits from lolicons, the very people (me) that she insulted!
Her avatar is not a loli. She's just a small anime catgirl because it suits her natural voice, which sounds very childlike. Seeing Nyanners' avatar and calling it a loli makes you look like the kind of people to lump all anime together with the creepy stuff.
>You're just a simp!
I only watch the vods because she's funny.

>> No.2873938

Cope at its finest.

>> No.2873969

Fuck off, retard

>> No.2874306

You're just butthurt.

>> No.2874323

You would like to think that.

>> No.2874525

It's pretty apparent, seeing as how you still bristle from being called a pedo over six years ago.

>> No.2874805

No, its more apparent that you dont belong here since you try to use "pedo" as a way to desperately silence people in the same way that faggots use "Nazi" simply because you dont like what people say. Your oshi is a piece of shit, the proof is in this thread let alone in many others. If you dont want to see the facts of the matter then you're either delusional, trying to cope with your stupidity or simply a simp that has fallen for a parasocial relationship with someone who hates you.

>> No.2875149

You're the one who tried to silence me with your claim that I was just trying to cope rather than argue against my points. Sounds like you're the one being a hypocrite. I don't agree with how Nyanners handled the situation, but I understand why she did what she did. I wasn't really a fan of hers until she started streaming so I really have no attachment to the cringy shit she made as a dumb teenager. It's easy for me to let past be past and focus on the work she's more proud of.

>> No.2875437

You expect me to argue with you but you obviously haven't read the thread. My statement of your post being "Cope at its finest" is more of me stating what you post is, its cope. Not me trying to silence you. I suggest you look into your oshis past before you brush it off as "just the past" because it wasnt her being embarrassed with her old work, it was her trying to cash in on the tumblr crowd while throwing away her original fanbase. Its what she does and what she's doing now. I suggest you read the thread to get an understanding of how repetitive this behavior is before brushing it off as "something from her past" since its a constant with her.

>> No.2876035

I have read the thread and most of the posts you think support your claim are other anons (or yourself) similarly embittered by choosing to read into statements and actions in whatever context supports them. Nyanners is "a hypocrite" because she wants to distance herself from her association with supremely unsavory materials she made because they were popular /a/ memes of the time. She's "a backstabber" because she doesn't post on 4chan anymore and because she said that clippers only take segments from her friend's streams (not her own) that are overtly sexual and ignore the more typical examples of their personality or their senses of humor. I personally don't watch vtubers like snuffy because it seems the only thing they have going for them is their sexual content, and it seems like clippers only exacerbate that problem. Streamers might feel inclined to make more dirty jokes of that vein if that's the only thing that gets clipped.

And I'm "a simp" because I don't want to join the hate bandwagon and instead prefer to watch funny pink catgirl say poopoo peepee and break herself laughing at sword videos.

>> No.2876766

>Nyanners is "a hypocrite" because she wants to distance herself from her association with supremely unsavory materials she made because they were popular /a/ memes of the time.
She didnt even just distance herself from "unsavory materials" she made, she completely alienated the original fanbase that built her up and gave her a platform to begin with. She shat on them and called them pedos just to appeal to a new audience of tumblr era garbage. Its not about her deleting pomf, if she deleted that and expressed to her fans how it wasnt something she wanted to keep around, no one would have given a shit by now. Its the fact that she used the people who gave her a platform and then threw them away the second a more profitable option came around. If you read the thread and this is still your opinion then once again, you're a delusional coping simp and i dont really care to argue points that you'll ignore with you.

>> No.2877532

>she completely alienated the original fanbase that built her up and gave her a platform to begin with
Considering the language she used in calling pomf a lolicon anthem, I don't think she's in the wrong for doing so. It seemed like it attracted a lot of people who made her uncomfortable and that she didn't want to be associated with. She wanted to change her image slightly so she had to shed those people. You're acting like a battered housewife shouldn't leave her husband because he bought her a car. It's true that what she should have done was quietly remove the video and give as little explanation as possible, but that's not what she did. Should she had made a new persona when she wanted to rebrand? Maybe, but that would be like trying to deny her past rather than just move on. She's not perfect, and that makes her very relatable because we've all made mistakes. You just want to brand her as a backstabber because you feel personally infringed upon.
>and then threw them away the second a more profitable option came around.
Also can't blame her for that. It's not like shitposting on 4chan will pay the bills. Becoming a vtuber is a natural choice for her since she's so well suited for it.
Is that all you can say?

>> No.2877956

>Also can't blame her for that. It's not like shitposting on 4chan will pay the bills. Becoming a vtuber is a natural choice for her since she's so well suited for it.
This how i know you have no idea what you're talking about and why i'll forever say you're coping. she threw her fans under the bus for tumblr, tumblr has been a dead fucking meme for how many years now? this was long before Vtubers. I also want to add that she did worse after she pulled this stunt, she had a dying youtube channel with a very small twitch channel for all the years after this, her distancing herself didnt help her as much as she hoped and it only proved how pathetic she was. It wasnt until near the time of Holo EN that she turned Vtuber and even then it wasnt going amazing for her. Vshojo saved her and everyone knows she'd leave them the second a better offer comes by but yeah, she's justified in all her actions right? Quit being a complete faggot, your waifu hates you and would sell you out for a better pay cheque the second she could.

>> No.2878011

i'd throw 4chan under a bus for half a sandwich

>> No.2878705

>Vshojo saved her and everyone knows she'd leave them the second a better offer comes by
I just don't get that impression from her. She seems to genuinely love her interactions with the other vshojo girls and has said multiple times that she appreciates her fans so much because she knows that streaming and vtubers won't last forever. I also can't begrudge her for struggling through her career but sticking with what she loves doing until she became sucessful at it. She tried things out until she found her niche, and everything of what I've heard from her indicates that she's grateful for her vshojo contemporaries and openly admits that they're better than she is. You can say it's fake modesty, but it feels genuine to me.
>your waifu hates you
Nyanners isn't my waifu. She's just a creator who's content I enjoy. Your hate makes you far more invested in all this than I am. I just think all the bitterness is unjustified.
This. I'd throw 4chan under the bus if I thought I could make it in any community that doesn't see negativity and cynicism as a badge of honor.

>> No.2878848

It really is pointless arguing with people this delusional, beyond pathetic.

>> No.2879026

You're literally obsessed. If you wanted to, you could just stop paying attention to her for all the reasons you've expressed and not enter threads about her, but you can't. Nyanners lives in your head rent-free, so when this thread falls off the board just go ahead and make it again, using the same four or five images from your Nyanners hate folder, because you will never, ever, get over how she wronged you.

>> No.2879084

It really is. They will get backstabbed too and it will join the cycle of pink cat. Leave them to their mistake.

>> No.2879206

Pink cat good

>> No.2879376

>hurr durr, I'll counter by calling him an incel
>that'll show him

>> No.2879472

Imagine thinking you could be backstabbed by a content creator. Unless she, I dunno, doxxes me personally or something, how could I possibly be backstabbed by her?

>> No.2879527

have fun!

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