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This has got to be the biggest F U to the Zhang brigade. Nene's traditional West Taiwan dress discarded for an idol outfit with a sports jacket. Beautiful.

Also, it seems like the whole 5th gen was meant to appeal to the zhang market. Botan and Polka were learning some kind of chinese and Lamy's design looks like something that would appeal to the bugmen's taste. Something about winter coats...

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Botan gets slavs though, not chinks.
Also Flare's outfit is 100% chink pandering. Ever notice that she has not worn it in forever?

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those knee socks...
i miss them, the bugmen ruin everything good that they influence
they even ruined hanzi

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The left outfit looks more German than Chinese.

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or are they tights, i don't know the terminology for these things
but yeah the new outfit is really great too

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>Traded zhangs for ES crowd
I'll allow it

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Does the inside of Nene's cleavage look really sweaty to anyone else? Imagine how much Nene juice it would collect after her dance practices.

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she's flat

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>This has got to be the biggest F U to the Zhang brigade
Well the cancellation of Hololive China would be that

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Damn they buffed nene's nenes

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Nene's Nenes has always been big.

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>Nene is a massive Gintamafag
>backstory is literally Kagura (alien girl comes to Earth, falls in love with the culture)
>Chinese dress like Kagura
>hair buns like Kagura
>aru arus like Kagura
Gintama hate! should have been a DBZ based chuuba instead

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The one in the right looks way better

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Seeing these outfits side by side reminds me of toriyama's concept art for ultra instinct goku compared to the finalized version

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spotted the retard

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Why did they remove gyoza from her likes? Sure they are peripherally related to jiaozi, but gyoza is distinctly Japanese

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why is every redesign a lolita outfit

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Imagine how much she would sell it for.

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Frills doesn't equal lolita. That is most definitely not a lolita style outfit.

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Lmao chinks on suicide watch

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True but when people think of gyoza chinese is usually what comes to mind as with most noodles. Japan is more sushi and shit.

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They turned her into a common whore

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i'd breed her with my autism

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Common whore > whatever Zhang baiting abomination outfit she previously wore

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Yeah, the German beer hall wench was my first impression too.

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Crazy how her new backstory is barely anything means she can be whoever she wants. Basically the Haato of 5th gen.

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Haachama threaten sue

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In any case, Nene has been super happy. That's all that matters here.

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>isekai protagonist
she'll be the first to reach 10 million

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They got rid of her pantyhose with the new outfit. I will never forgive Cover for this.

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On the plus side, Nene loves teddy bears A LOT. At least Kiara said that, so it is not all bad.

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In Japan gyoza and ramen are still thought of as vaguely Chinese. Lots of ramen shops there have "what Japanese people think is Chinese-y" as the decoration theme, which incidentally was the vibe of Nene's old outfit.

Which makes the gyoza deletion totally intentional, lol.

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bear dumpling is cute

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god I hate pointlessly asymmetric legwear

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Then she'd technically be based on the Monkey King. You could never take the Chinese away from that.

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Is Nene taking off? Feels like she is the most popular 5th gen now despite having the least subs

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Aloe is the most popular currently

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I feel like she's inclining a bit recently (extremely deservedly) especially now that chammers is AWOL because she sort of fills the same retard-humor niche but in a far more digestible way. Doubt she'll overtake Botan in subs or Lamy in cash farming though.

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I miss the red and blue accents

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IIRC Botan was meant to learn Chinese at first and the slavs came because they saw the stripes of their people.
When the Chinamen demanded Coco's head as tribute to their yellow God Botan pivoted to the slavs entirely.

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Wow she got her unique outfit replaced by a generic idol outfit how will zhangs ever recover

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When will she lean in on slav games? A S.T.A.L.K.E.R playthrough would gather every weeb Ukrainian with free time, maybe some Ruskies too. I know I would watch.

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>go to Botan's stream
>First thing I see is a donation in rubles
Kek it's true

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Her original outfit was better. The new one, while nice, is just generic idolshit with frills.

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Because it is. It's her customized idol outfit, she's missing a proper primary one because of the Chinamen.
Next outfit will probably be something more appropriate for general use.

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Retard, it had nothing with chinese, you dont know shit about animu

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because Haato made good on her promise to make some gyoza for Nene, now Nene no longer likes gyoza

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and once again niggers thinking she ever did poorly. her views are the same they have been for 4-5 months now her income is somewhat better
god i hate retards who only look at that
no thanfully. i hope the retards stay with chamers

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there goes my パンスト fetish getting disabled... again

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hope they bring back the pantyhose
i always manage to get off with just her free chat thumbnail

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I hope she suggests an official barefoot or at least open-toe costume.

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Yup, her slav fandom is a coincidental congruence of factors that came together.
Her gopnik outfit, her resting bitch face, her platinum hair, her fur coat, her predilection for fps games and war of tanks (I think)

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She looks like a spy who infiltrated Animare when she wears the jacket.

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I miss her old outfit

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>Also Flare's outfit is 100% chink pandering.

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>slavs came and saw the stripes of their people
Love this and I like how they're not too disruptive.

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Honestly the slavs are so much better than chinks and even some EOPs

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She has a panda, obvs

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That's a Chinese design, especially the collar, the ribbons and the way the buttons are tied together

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I am not happy that op is using my nene to create such a thread. I agree that she was redesign into an appealing costume becuase her previous one wasn't that good but making a thread to... hold on, the thread has no point? Oh god, is this another shitpost thread? Who could have forseen this. Remember that you can write "sage" without quotation marks in the Options field to avoid bumping a thread

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What the fuck? I thought she was a ninja this whole time-- she's actually a Wuxia martial artist type character.

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not really lolita, more like idol styled

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To be honest i've gotten so used to the shit OP pulls on other boards like /v/ and /a/ that i now actively seek out shitty OPs because they often have actual discussion a bit further down the line.
I'm surprised about the quality of /vt/ for most of the posts

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Imagine, Botan on Agropom Underground at Master difficulty and if she doesn't dump the series at the sarcophagus level. Lalalion would have to go slayer on the Monos or mental if she can't make it

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It's funny how unintentionally she attracted the slavs, but at the same time better them than west taiwan

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The Dragonball - Journey to the West parallels are frankly overstated. Other than Goku and his equipment the only element it borrows is that he's a journey with friends.

It borrows far more heavily from various Buddhist myths (such as a quest to obtain 8 wishing pearls) and the Buddhist cosmology (which China doesn't have a monopoloy on). You could totally pivot Nene's backstory and say that Planet Tao Tao is a Kaio Planet like in DBZ.

Gives a whole new meaning to 'Nene Punch' if she is suddenly capable of chi attacks.

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