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how many bait threads do you need to make every day about this bitch

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It's not a bait thread just because you don't like her, even if you derail the thread into endlessly moaning about the same shit over and over.

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She isn't a Vtuber. She's no different than that one twitch whore using an avatar. She's still using the same username she's had for over a decade and she's still acting the same as she always has.

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>openly says she goes to 4chan and yet everyone on 4chan hates her
How embarrassing

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I keep calling you a fag to kys yet you keep coming back

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actually she's nyatasha nyanners now, and not nyanners, and she has roleplayed her lore on many occasions.

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>Nyanners is not a hypocrit-

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Griftters general

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She just can't quit this place
Neither can I

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Why is this word so popular now?

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Pink cat is good and VERY cute!

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How come she got to collab with Ai while HoloEN doesnt? It's not fair!!!

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Oyabun can smell inclining talent and reclining has-beens, it's her talent as an industry veteran

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A collab with HoloEN would almost be collabing with an equal. She wanted a name big enough for the EN community to watch her but it still feeling like Kizuna Ai's show

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She is blacklisted from collabing with any of the Holos, and you know why. If she can't handle something as cheerful as Nekopara, then she needs to stay away from any Holo.

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Doesn't Kiara always use the word "triggered" a lot?

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>loli ok in japan
>loli questionable in the west
wow, who would have thought. got anything else?

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Except that retarded bullshit falls flat when Gura is the most popular vtuber in the west

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japanese company, retard.

>> No.2959979

So? It caters specifically to the western audience.

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The fuck does that matter, retard?

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pull your brain out of your asshole before typing retard

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I believe Gura might be a bit more controversial in the west if she started doing actual chaturbate loli streams. Her just existing isn't a problem for anyone.

I hope you're not one of those guys who sees a childlike character and goes "uoh sexy loli"

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Sounds like you don't watch Gura at all.
And yes Gura is a sexy loli

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gura's most popular clips is when she was making lewd sounds

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So is Veibae.

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Of course I don't watch Gura, she's just a Great Value Nyanners after all

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the difference here is that gura unironically likes loli and makes memes about them while nyanners is a grifter, they aren't the same at all

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their product = they decide what's appropriate and what's not.
how does it feel still being stuck in 2012?

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And you're a fucking retard

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I'm glad you found a pedo-pandering oshi to keep you company anon, but that's not for me.

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Zommerfag expression for con artist.

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Why did nyanners go with a 12 year old flat loli as an avatar if she could have went with something older looking with tits?
Because her only life skill is pandering to pedophiles and she's a hypocrite.

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Pink cat love

>> No.2961916

Look retard, real pedos want the real thing and not a fucking cartoon.

>> No.2961954

Where does it says shes 12? She looks older to me.

>> No.2961992

>Gura panders to pedo
>so does nyanners
>L-l-look anon she's not pandering to REAL pedophiles
Does being a pink cat fan require brain damage?

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She keep trying to deny she's not a loli when every weeb knows she is one. She keep conflating 2D and 3D as well as the same thing. She tried to grift harder with Nekopara, but she cancelled it because deep down she hates it. She probably hates her model and hates herself but she has no choice because her fame is the only thing that can make her money.

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Learn to read.

>> No.2962173

how would you know? are you a real pedo?

>> No.2962225

that's rough buddy

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Nigger, nyanners only became like this after pressure from SJW VA's
Now she's trying to recourt all the audience she told to fuck off over the years after she told them they were garbage when the VA career died

>> No.2962547

Telling us we are garbage when we were the ones that made her channel blow up to begin with isn't something anyone will forget
It's funny, senzawa basically embraced every single weeb that nyanners tossed aside in her vain attempt to become a voice attress

>> No.2962620

In the current year?
Even without the SJW VA pressure, somehow she's still a massive piece of shit grifter, especially after her stupid takes on loli and cancelling Nekopara. She could've left all of that behind but no. She explicitly said people are capable of change but what I see here is that she's still the same garbage cunt from years ago.

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>12 year old flat loli
This is a nonsense sentence. 12 year olds are not loli.

>she could have went with something older looking with tits
Are you retarded? Most human women are not hauling around giant milk bags. B cups are completely normal, especially for an athletic girl like her.

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It's most likely her thinking she can't do certain content so she can do shit like the kizuna AI collab, she is obsessed with public perception, that's why she changed all her views on everything when she wanted to become a VA

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>12 year olds are not loli.
Hi Pikamee

>> No.2962780

This guy really thinks all weebos are l*lihogs like him

>> No.2962857

i mean if they werent then they wouldn't be a weeb in the first place
the most important rule of being a weeb is 2d=/=3d and that anime girls are better, and if you dont follow that rule then you're not a weeb but a faker

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Pink cat bad

>> No.2962917

this but unironically

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I will never support her until she apologizes for telling her own audience to fuck off when she thought she could become a VA by sucking at the teet of wokeness

>> No.2963197

As for me, at least I just want her to show solid signs of improvement. I want her to defend lolis from anyone who attacks them, and acknowledge that 2D and 3D are different.

>> No.2963207

Why would she apologize for something she didn't do? People really need their meds

>> No.2963232

never post again newfag

>> No.2963248

Bruh wake up

If she ain't done nothing then there wouldn't be no problems in the first place

>> No.2963266

Don't mind the dumb dindus

>> No.2963310

she removed one(1) video and people act like it her other 100 other videos don't exist

>> No.2963323

Where did you get this gay shit from?

>> No.2963338

no one cares about that, people are talking about the now
the nekopara collab was not too long ago
she denounced loli like a couple of months ago and even threatened to change her model

>> No.2963373

I wonder how often she comes to these threads to get off from schizos who can’t stop talking about her 24/7. I’m not saying all women are like that, but a lot of them do love attention.

>> No.2963374

There is not a single source on this

>> No.2963398

That's all I said, hundreds of positive replies to all her other videos and posts, she knew me and replied to lots of my replies, and she just fucking blocked me when I called her out on acting like Tumblr
Don't you fucking tell me what she did and didn't do you

>> No.2963399

This is Nyanners’ rules

>> No.2963406

>Catgirl of the group
>Went no fun allowed and cancelled playing the most popular piece of catgirl media in the last decade
Nyanfags explain this right now

>> No.2963420

>I’m not saying all women are like that
You will when you're older

>> No.2963423

She spent the last 5 years before vtubing being a social justice warrior, nonstop posting about "problematic things in japan and the anime community"

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>literally cat girl loli
>hates game with cat girl
Nyan cucks will defend this

>> No.2963507

she was streaming on twitch using face rig or no cam, what are you talking about? Playing chrono trigger and og ff7 makes you an sjw apparently

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Fuck off newfag, saying that the anime community has a "creep problem that empowers sexual violence against children" is woke nonsense, it's the reason why her entire channel died

>> No.2963551

From where though?

>> No.2963599

Says there, discord rules I think. She lifted the ban on the loli word just so she could denounce them again.

>> No.2963675

how is this woke nonsense? Its the usual otaku hate a normal japanese person would say

>> No.2963681

Maximum seethe post. She makes more money now than she ever did posting weebshit meme videos, whether you like it or not.

>> No.2963719

>I was taken advantage a lot when I was 13 up to 17

>> No.2963723

The difference here is that she's a cancer in the otaku community. She should stay away from anything anime related if she wants to have those beliefs. I would prefer Nyanners to deactivate all of her accounts and become a normie.

>> No.2963778

Holos also have these beliefs toward disgusting otakus lmoa

>> No.2963792

Her channel DIED anon, she became a vtuber because senzawa took her entire shtick and didn't shit on the audience
Nyanners becoming a vtuber was a necessity after failing to be a VA

>implying she isn't just making weebshit meme videos now
It's all the same shit, except her cancerous personality got exposed

I'm willing to forgive her, if she actually apologizes for how she treated her audience

>> No.2963797

She streamed with facecam back when she thought she could be a Twitch thot but gave up pretty quickly. She's been a failure at everything she's ever tried, hopefully in a few months when her new audience gets sick of her retard act she'll finally rope herself

>> No.2963813

>t. doesn't watch JP
Japanese Otakus would absolutely blast anyone who'd ever dare to do this

>> No.2963815

i want to marry nyanners so bad

>> No.2963820

I don't watch her but it's funny to see every thread about her devolve into the same pedos coping. This shit in particular
is posted every time. Nobody lets their mental illness drive their actions like a pedo does, you are truly the weakest "people".

>> No.2963829

Not him, but this is why it's no surprise that >>>2956353 might happen, they are both insufferable SJWs

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I do feel bad for her though. She was one of us after all. Watch her old stuff. She was part of this whole site’s culture


I mean fuck she even apologized to us(sorta)

I forgive you nyanners, but I won’t forget what happened.

>> No.2963902

"blast" is such an exaggeration when Fubuki and Matsuri had little to no consequences

>> No.2963905

>I forgive you nyanners, but I won’t forget what happened.
quit larping

>> No.2963925

Don't talk shit about Veibae, i fap to that shit

>> No.2963932

There's a difference in context here and what Nyanners did was not meant to be a joke. What Matuli did can be equated to FBI open up memes we have here.

>> No.2963944

>hundreds of positive replies to all her other videos and posts, she knew me and replied to lots of my replies
You had feelings for her didn't you

>> No.2963951

>4channer gets internet famous
>thinks she can turn her fame into a VA career
>sjw VA's say she is problematic
>nyanners disavows old videos, calls her audience gross perverts, child molesters
>VA clique never lets her in
>channel dies over the next 5 years due to no audience
>hops on vtuber bandwagon and gets avatar
>zoomers that have no idea who she is/was are her new audience now
That's completely fine anon, I just won't support someone who spit on me after she thought she no longer needed me

>> No.2963953

Why do newfrens call festival this?

>> No.2963965

holosharts are the real hypocrites

>> No.2963971

She seriously needs to kill herself.

>> No.2963982

I want to choke Nyanners from behind and destroy her anus

>> No.2963985

saying they were joking about otakus crossing the line is some massive cope

>> No.2963990

anyone who unironically enjoyed pomf should kill themselves

>> No.2964001

kill all trannies

>> No.2964002

>100 SHILLings have been transferred to your accout.
>Please remember to clock out at the end of your shift.

>> No.2964006

I do not care about what happened in the past. I just think she is a garbage entertainer.

>> No.2964014

because you're the newfag

>> No.2964026

AI is into loli tho...

>> No.2964061

I watch vshojo and some indies and I hate nyanners. I don't care for some language I don't understand.

>> No.2964102

Dude do you seriously pride yourself in posting on this website? I honestly can’t blame her for calling us all sorts of crap, because that’s true (for the most part). She could’ve been a bit nicer about it, but I’ll take it. At least she seems to have loosened up a bit recently and I hold no grudges against her.

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>> No.2964221

redditers enjoy spelling words incorrectly to make them sound 'cute' like smol, doggo, heckin ect.

>> No.2964230

She's grifter filth, she has no morals. If she even felt like she needed money from one of the groups she's burned she would simply pretend it never happened. That's why no real company would ever hire her for VA work, they can smell the grift. Any competent business person would know in 5 minutes that they can't trust her as far as they can throw her so they agree to pay her pennies to fill in some gap in their VA team and then they ghost her as soon as they can. She's human trash and soon enough the cycle is gonna repeat with her Vslutjo audience as well

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>the entire post

>> No.2964279

Maybe, I long deleted her old skype, she wasn't the girl I met during the /a/ sings days anymore

>> No.2964288

The problem isn't the past, it's what she is right now. The same grifter who cancelled Nekopara and denounces loli. If she doesn't like it then she can fuck off and stay away from any JP vtubers.

>> No.2964290

No answers. I expect theyre having a hard time compartmentalizing that they watch someone that is one step away from writing for animefeminist.com

>> No.2964299

Thought so. Stay in denial.

>> No.2964317

reminder that holofags only reserve purity tests to those outside of their company. being a lying whore is ok if you're in hololive

>> No.2964319

She was posting here for over a decade anon, used us to get "famous," then called us all garbage when it suited her better for career prospects

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File: 2.67 MB, 2953x2953, 1712208_masterfridge_himehajime-pfp[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aside from the Vtuber community being bad, i do think there is a problem with Vtuber agencies being lazy and choosing to put scantily clad characters/ jiggly boobs in their streams so they can use the sex appeal to attract viewers.
I think it does alienate some viewers. It alienates people who are female and are embarrassed that their gender is portrayed in such a way, and alienates people who just want to watch a fun stream without titties bouncing everywhere, it can be insulting because it’s like the Vtubers think you NEED to see sexy stuff to be interested in them.
Vtubers that are dedicated to just being fanservice titty-fests like Project Melody and Silvervale are silly, though I won’t say that they shouldn’t be allowed to exist, I mean if people want to watch titty bouncing then that’s just their preference for the kind of media they enjoy (I cant imagine what that must be like), I only have a problem with it when they try to argue that these Vtubers are in any way good or entertaining outside of the sex appeal, lol.
I just think it’s kinda dumb to inject needless sex appeal into every form of media. Especially when it’s shoved into streams that are otherwise…uh, normal and fun because they have cool content I guess? like when Hime Hajime was made and they totally ruined the character by turning her into a weirdly sexualized caricature. They were just trying to make more money and the Vtuber seemed like a soulless husk compared to Hololive Vtubers. Everyone remember’s Callis’s big boobs and how she shows them off when she zooms in and I never cared about that because it didn’t detract from the rest of the stream at all, I still appreciated Calli as a character and thought she was cool. Actual thought and effort was put into making her an interesting Vtuber, and the titty is just an afterthought, as it should be if it absolutely needs to be in a stream. But a lot of Vtubers seem to go overboard with fanservice and it can be mind-numbing. They often use it as a crutch because the rest of the stream isn’t good so they have to make up for it by going “HEY LOOK TITTIES AND PANTIES!!!” (vshojo)
do I think it’s because the agencies hate women??? not at all, but I do think it’s because they’re lazy as fuck and can’t put effort into making something more creative and interesting without resorting to flashing SEXY TITTY!!! BONER!!!! ARE U CUMMING YET!! everywhere.
anyway that concludes my rant on sexualization in Vtubing, sex is cool and all but I can live without it being pushed in my face at all times

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No u

>> No.2964380


>> No.2964408


>> No.2964411

everyone on hololive is genuine
nyanners have been caught red handed tho

>> No.2964416

figured it was nijiniggers screeching about holotards but it turns out to be vshitters. makes sense.

>> No.2964444

you expect anyone to read all that shit?

>> No.2964449

>uses 4chan to grow
>fuck you 4chan you problematic chuds
>uses lolicons to grow
>loli is literal pedophilia and ink on paper is child abuse
>uses clipfags to grow
>fuck you clipfags stop clipping funny moments

>> No.2964481

>pink derangement syndrome victims trying to accuse anyone of screeching

>> No.2964498
File: 85 KB, 766x581, laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he does not know

>> No.2964506
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>> No.2964538

Wonder what angle she will use to attack Kizuna AI in a few months from now?

>> No.2964584

nyanners needed 4chan to keep her from being fucking retarded, she likes saying we "bullied her into being someone she isn't" but who she actually is, is a scumbag who calls all her old friends garbage because she wanted new friends

>> No.2964587
File: 83 KB, 534x1200, Nyanners complains about sexualization in video games while constantly doing it herself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2964620

she'll say ai is passive aggressive, women like to imagine sneaky persecution

>> No.2964625

>Gura fans
>well educated and people who just wants loli for fun, they recognize the difference between cute lolis and disgusting pedoshit
>Nyanners fans
>unironically real life pedophiles who will act like her and deny all the attempts about the fact that they like lolis becuase they hide something more in their backs

>> No.2964647

she is an attention whore without any principles. if child rape was universally popular, she would stream babies getting fucked in their asses 24/7. She is a feather for every wind.

>> No.2964648

>cute lolis
>disgusting pedoshit
they're the same thing

>> No.2964659

quite literally the opposite

>> No.2964690

Discord groomers like you have to go back to the Nyanners discord

>> No.2964711

This. Just think about it for a while: If Nyanners believed that loli = pedo shit, then what was she thinking she was doing all that time when she lewded loli (and still lewds loli today)? The implications of this make me sick.

>> No.2964714

No they are not. I have seen more people saying openly that they like loli and are rarely pedophiles irl, while the others usually hide more shit in their life. That is why people defend Nyanners so much, becuase they project on herself, liars and also disgusting niggers who have worse behaviours hidden. Loli deniers are unironically the biggest amount of pedophiles in the world, because they do not recognize the issue in first place. And Nyanners is one.

>> No.2964725

holosharts would unironically love if child rape was allowed. they dont even try to hide what they want to do to gura, and she has no problem baiting them. but holowhores can do no wrong to their demented fans

>> No.2964739

>they're the same thing
If you're a Nyannersfag that is. Oshi reflects the fans.

Yeah Nyanners can't separate reality from fiction and gets turned on by that. She would be the perfect discord groomer.

>> No.2964747

So you are saying that Nyanners does disgusting pedo shit right now by lewding her loli avatar?

>> No.2964753

>it's not me that jerks of to children that's the pedophile
>it's the discord groomers that i won't provide evidence of because that would be spoon feeding that are the pedophiles

>> No.2964757

Yes they can do something that is called "graduation" if they would felt disgusting about it. If your morals are bigger than your own money and job, then they would do it.

>> No.2964768

>y-you're just like me guisee!!!
>now let's come to the nyanner discord and groom minors

>> No.2964790

But anon, she does have principles! Just the principles of whatever group she surrounds herself with

To be fair, that's every woman relatively

>> No.2964821

Did she ever explain why she was drawn to voicing child prostitutes in games or singing funny songs about loli sex in the first place?

>> No.2964829

Not him, but that's technically what her ideology implies
This is why we separate 2d and 3d

>> No.2964846

come back after you learn how to fucking speak english

>> No.2964850

Gura is not a child, dumb dumb.

>> No.2964864

She's a grifter, she does it for money while she hates it. That's why she forced everyone to cancel the Nekopara collab because she didn't want to keep doing it.

>> No.2964877

come back when you stop being a pedophile

>> No.2964896

tell that to yourself and nyanners, nyancuck

>> No.2964897

I love cunny. My dick has a mind of its own, you can lecture it all you want but it's pretty stubborn.

>> No.2964950

I'm unironically a Nyanners hater, what are you into? At least 9 Hololivers have admitted that they like loli and shota and no one, I repeat, NO ONE gives a literal fuck, they just say that they like it and move on.

I actually do not understand when and why did she cancel the Nekopara streams, specially since she loves Vanilla and has roleplayed as her in discord in the past.

>> No.2964959

i like nyanners. i spent the 21$ for us to watch her stream with Kizuna AI on saturday, and Im happy with what I spent. I have never given any money to any youtuber/streamer, ever. So Im ok with having spent 20$ on it. though Im retarded and thought it would be live... or atleast partially.

>> No.2964962

2D and 3D is only relevant in whether or not children are actually being harmed. 2D porn is still only attractive to the human sex drive as it depicts human features. A normal person can enjoy 2d adults as they appeal to the same biology that drives the lust for 3d adults - likewise, a pedophile likes 2d kids because they're attracted to 3d kids, even if they delude themselves.
A new biological drive was not invented with hentai.

>> No.2964975

>he doesn't know about the gura anti, shadowmanlet
it's been proven people who hate gura are likely to being abusers and rapists themselves

>> No.2964976

>big bad 4chan convinced me!
>they warped my sense of right and wrong!
Unironically her excuse

>> No.2964985

Are those really the rules you faggots follow?

>> No.2965014

There is no biological drive with 2d concepts you fucking retard, no matter how much you try to impregnate your dakimakura

>> No.2965030

>a pedophile likes 2d kids because they're attracted to 3d kids
But that is bullshit because 2d loli look completely different from real kids. It is akin to saying that I want to fuck real animals when I fap to Thundercats.

>> No.2965060

>when and why did she cancel the Nekopara streams
Apparently some people were starting to complain? I don't know, her explanation was really vague, she just kept saying it was "weird".

>> No.2965066

>it's ok to be a whore if you're in hololive

>> No.2965076

Do you even know what a kink is? Are you saying foot fags are trying to make children with a fucking foot???

>> No.2965090

nyanners is the best vtuber nyanners is the best vtuber nyanners is the best vtuber

>> No.2965100

That "whore" unironically has more talent on her hand rather than the entire body of Nyanners.

>> No.2965114

she said her SJW overlords were complaining that what she's doing is haram, but that's not even true because she also said herself that it was because of personal reasons and probably about fictional ages as the other anon pointed out

>> No.2965127

greetings from america, we speak english over here

>> No.2965131

Nyanners is going for the GFE route, it's bad business to have clips of you saying sexual things in a video with men in it

>> No.2965154

Nekopara is a game about catgirls and not catmen. If she was going for GFE she would have never cancelled it but here we are

>> No.2965186

What personal reasons? This bitch loves porn and lolis, otherwise she wouldn't attempt to cosplay as Sagiri Izumi in first place.

>> No.2965206

So lost pause isn't there in the video?

>> No.2965232

She personal reasons that she actually hates loli and cat girls. Which can be confirmed time and time again.

>> No.2965248

So, wait, the Nyanners haters here are actual pedophiles? Why are they openly defending fucking children?

>> No.2965250

So why is her avatar a loli-cat girl?

>> No.2965256

She doesn't want lewd dialogue with her and other guys to be clipped, affects the GFE
Why do you think Ame/Gura never responded to any of the vast amounts of big youtubers that post in their chat, they don't want to break the GFE

>> No.2965259

She didn't stop collabing with him though, so that wasn't the issue.

>> No.2965278

Roleplaying porn scenarios with a guy on video breaks the GFE

>> No.2965293


>> No.2965296

Because lolis makes her bank. Without the Nyanners name she would be not relevant at all. None of her videos showed passion for lolis at all, despite being a loli catgirl.

>> No.2965313

I think she felt that more and more people were bringing up her past when she streamed Nekopara and ended it so the info of her being a hypocrite did not spread any further.

>> No.2965314

That's what she called us, but it's bullshit, that's why we hate her, she was one of us for over a decade, then just shits on us when it's inconvenient for her VA career

>> No.2965340

Why do you think Gura is a loli? Loli vtubers are incredibly popular these days. The worst part is, there are plenty of hypocrites also born from that who is a loli and hates them like nyanners

>> No.2965341

If she was so concerned about her GFE she wouldn't have done that in the first place, and she wouldn't have proceeded to do more VN stuff with him, that can't be the reason.

>> No.2965364

It's nobles channel, it's easier just to drop the collab altogether than tell everyone
>hey, lets all switch roles because I'm uncomfortable with my audience seeing me seduce another man in roleplay

>> No.2965412

The other VN stuff is a lot more tame, I'm not discrediting the loli shit because she is retarded, but I think she doesn't want to say sexual shit to a man on video because she is desperate for the audience she has right now after all those years as a dying channel

>> No.2965414

It's the other way around, Nyanner fans are hidden pedophiles.

? Gura is a loli because the design is a loli. She isn't blatantly art-boosted like other vtubers because she has talent. In fact, Gura being a loli is the cherry in top of the cake. I won't say that her being a loli doesn't also boost her popularity, but people love her from more outside of it. And because Zawa is a massive lolicon.

>> No.2965460

I think this is probably a winner too, anyone that knows her past immediately goes into internet defense force mode because of her PoS things she said to her old audience

>> No.2965486
File: 580 KB, 1168x490, 1590506415975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And because Zawa is a massive lolicon.
You don't really need to go that far back to know that. Even Gura's member streams alone, her passion for them, just confirms her tastes.

Honestly I probably would forgive Nyanners if she commissions loli hentai of herself, like Kana did.

>> No.2965508

Stupid bitch

>> No.2965510

Yes, senzawa was literally old nyanners, which is why her popularity skyrocketed while nyanners channel was dying before the vtuber debut

>> No.2965513

>I think she doesn't want to say sexual shit to a man on video because she is desperate for the audience she has right now after all those years as a dying channel
Then again, why would she have even done it in the first place? If she was desperate to hold on to a GFE audience then she would've surely thought to avoid saying sexual shit to a man on stream.

>> No.2965539

we both know nyanners would never do that considering the hypocritical spineless grifter that she is

>> No.2965560

Remember how she'd do a cover of whatever song Senzawa had just covered within weeks

>> No.2965577

So you're saying Gura stole her personality from Nyanners?

>> No.2965600

The fuck are you talking about
Gura is too unique to have her personality stolen from someone

>> No.2965613

she stole it in the same way white people stole the land from native americans

>> No.2965673

Gurazawa is nyannners 2.0 with 75% less hypocrisy, these are points from when she was first gaining relevance whenever the fuck that ok boomer song was released if not before.

>> No.2965676

Gura is Senzawa gone right and Nyanners is Senzawa ruined by SJWs. You cannot refute this.

SJWs ruin everything they touch.

>> No.2965682

I would 100% forgive nyanners if she admitted to being an opportunistic shithead who attacked her fanbase because she thought it would help her get a career in VA
But that's as likely as getting Kiara to apologize for lying about some irl streamer being a stalker because she was afraid she'd get her japanese work visa revoked for being drunk and disorderly in a restaurant afterparty and had to get stopped by the police

Never gonna happen

>> No.2965693

>if she admitted to being an opportunistic shithead who attacked her fanbase because she thought it would help her get a career in VA

>> No.2965710

> Kiara to apologize for lying about some irl streamer being a stalker because she was afraid she'd get her japanese work visa revoked for being drunk and disorderly in a restaurant afterparty and had to get stopped by the police

>> No.2965715

*old Nyanners, new nyanners is the scrapped together pieces of whatever personality she can scrounge up after the 5 year woke period

>> No.2965744

let me get this straight.
>gura is just a poor man's nyanners
>nyanners antis are pedophiles in permanent defense mode
so why is pink cat bad again?

>> No.2965779
File: 65 KB, 696x632, 16168432769303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He stopped doing IRL streams after covid, just does gaming stuff now

>> No.2965788

your mom's a poor man's nyanners

>> No.2965789

I honestly tried to hate Nyanners and I can't. She's too cute and sweet and it seems like she's legitimately a fan of the holo girls and not just pretending in order to leech.

If she just said
>liking lolis is fine as long as you don't touch real kids
I think all could be forgiven.

>> No.2965854

Sounds too pretentious. In weeb terms, she just has to admit 2D is different from 3D and stick to that forever. Meaning defend that with all of her life.

>> No.2965904

I've personally known her for almost a decade anon, and she is a leech
Being a leech isn't a bad thing, as long as you are self aware about it, and aren't just using other people as stepping stones to be cast aside when you want new friends who deem your old friends to be problematic

>> No.2965915
File: 358 KB, 800x600, 1590666431489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic

>> No.2965937

She's been a leech in everything she's ever done, do you really think now is the time she finally decided to stop being a grifter?

>> No.2965984

it's funny how gura ripped off nyanners' gimmick, and now tries to ignore the existence of vtubers outside of hololive. she benefitted hugely from risque 4chan culture, but turned her back to it the moment the opportunity to make big money appeared. pretty interesting. almost hypocritical, one could say

>> No.2966011


Blame TikTok for that one

>> No.2966013

>now tries to ignore the existence of vtubers outside of hololive
and that's a good thing. Western cancer need to fuck off

>> No.2966031
File: 41 KB, 625x626, +_3fbca2f9eb4509a53a46b2d742724666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2966052

Learn to bait a little better, Discord groomer. Is that why you have to try and groom children, because no adult will take you seriously?

>> No.2966058

Blame management, hololive managers are both a cancer and a blessing

>> No.2966089

>She's too cute and sweet and it seems like she's legitimately a fan of the holo girls
If you honestly believe that, then I have some land to sell you. She is an ironic weeb who thinks lowly of her own audience and Vtubing in general. She jumped on it the moment it became profitable, not a day earlier.
>I think all could be forgiven.
No. The shitty thing you did for years does not disappear just because you say "ooops sorry" once.

>> No.2966126

damn.. holofags really are the true hypocrites, aren't they?

>> No.2966153

No that goes to Nyancucks

>> No.2966209

Damn, this post sure caused some anal pain. It might be useful in the future.

>> No.2966238

they don't remember old haato because they just want kneejerk quality memes

>> No.2966253

Nah, all that was said is false

Maybe apart from benefitting from 4chan culture

>> No.2966255

Only 2 of the posts disagree?

>> No.2966309

nyancucks so desperate they have to resort to copypasta

>> No.2966351

You can easily tell a groomer because they desperately deflect as a first response, they don't have any time to speak like a normal human being because they know they're living on borrowed time. How long do you think you have before you get found out and have to blow your brains out, a year?

>> No.2966456

I am going to fap to some Gura hentai and watch Gura's streams. Good bye

>> No.2966510

Anon, that's the point. She used "western cancer" until she didn't need it anymore. And now Hololive fans will defend it, just because she's part of the company they like. It's a really peculiar double standard.

>> No.2966579
File: 272 KB, 1582x1876, Ey545alUcAE3F9w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, this thread sure has a lot of anger in it. I recommend you follow Nyanners's advice and jack off instead of being permanently in a state of butthurt.

>> No.2966608

You're right, I'm gonna go along with >>2966456

>> No.2966613

cry harder faggot

>> No.2966645

>i'm not mad! i'm not mad!!!

>> No.2966667


>> No.2966687

>whine whine whine
haha cry even harder faggot

>> No.2966708
File: 161 KB, 833x801, 1638308143310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based, cant imagine someone seething over one video when she had plenty of others

>> No.2966717

>the eloquence of holoniggers

>> No.2966740
File: 6 KB, 282x152, whats going on in this thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2966741

it's another episode of trannies and faggots don't like it when you call them out as trannies and faggots

>> No.2966749

I mean, sure but how is that different from everyone else that goes on 4chan. I hate every one of you faggots in this thread. Pink hypocrite cat isn't special in that regard.

>> No.2966805

So Nyanner's a bisexual child grooming predator (or just likes to play loli games)?

>> No.2966816

Show evidence.

>> No.2966836

Can I gte a quick rundown on Nyanners? I never liked VTubers outside of Hololive and she seems to the unfunniest I've found yet. Is she really a lolicon or pedosexual or what I read here?

>> No.2966839

She has public discord, so that makes her a groomer

>> No.2966858

First time in a nyanners thread?

>> No.2966883

Her name is Nyaggers by the way

>> No.2966896

She's one of those "2d=3d" sjws who publicly slams nekopara for having lolis while making sex noises into a mic with a loli catgirl avarar.

>> No.2966914

>Can I gte a quick rundown on Nyanners?
She has history with 4chan so you're not gonna get an unbiased answer here.

>> No.2966929
File: 84 KB, 1225x833, Ehq1gX5XcAAn4PE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>quick rundown on Nyanners
Free Nyanders Pomf Pomf protests of 2012 The Canadian Baby Seal Massacre The Anti-Nyanners Struggle The Great Nekopara collab The Great Pink Cat Cultural Revolution Pink Cat Rights Slime Rights Wife Democratization Vshojo Freedom Waifu Independence Multi-Nyanners system Not looking both ways before crossing the street Pink Cat Liberation Republic of Blegh Nyanners IRL Jerma Pedo Autonomous Region The 4chan Pedophile Autonomous Region Nobel Peace Prize Hololive, Twitch copyright strike, anti-nyanners, counter-toilet humor protest movement, Discord, harassment, anti-seiso, Nyanners hair length button, International wife shortage, Nyanner's true age, Simp purification, Nyanners human-catgirl experiment, Anime hybridization, Elon Musk, Nyanders returned to power and peaceful evolution of the people Tumblr, Twitter, SJW, Traps, Lolicon struggle, Nyanner Russian Origins, Pink Feline dictatorship, dictatorship, suppression, unified surveillance, suppression, persecution, aggression, plundering, destruction, torture, massacre, and abduction of live organ harvesting, trafficking in vtubers, smuggling, Catnip prostitution, gambling, lottery, Pomf Pomf, Feet pictures, FFX Leaks, Fredrick the Slime, The Catnarok.

>> No.2966950

So you pander to people you hate? That makes you a shitty prostitute, just like Fake Cat.

>> No.2966960

reminds me of a certain hololive whore who lewd baits just like that while pretending she's cute and wholesome, and hypocritical holofags eat it up

>> No.2966975

see >>2959388
Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y6_xphgwFk

>> No.2967004

>anituber links
Could Connor be behind all these anti posts? I knew that guy was up to no good

>> No.2967017

linking your own videos is pathetic, bro

>> No.2967020

Except that she is not condemning it. Doing the exact thing you condemn is what makes you a hypocrite, dumb dumb.

>> No.2967023

can't you just watch videos instead of asking for some meme synopsis from a clearly biased board

>> No.2967027

See https://youtu.be/ZARdunyooDw

>> No.2967055

they hypocrites are the holosharts
but also see >>2965984

>> No.2967099

I am not married to any Holo so if you actually showed me hypocricy, then I would call them a hypcrite too. None of that matters for whether or not Nyanners is a hypocrite though. So stop it with your silly tu quoque fallacy, dumb dumb.

>> No.2967100

She's the original Carol

>> No.2967186

>quoting your own posts
please just kys yourself, this is painful to watch

>> No.2967404
File: 331 KB, 637x619, untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nyanners might ruin western vtubing for us BASED pedos but at least JP is safe haha
Not so fast, freaks. Nyanners is breaking into the Japanese market with her new Kizuna Ai/Nijisanji connections.

>> No.2967494
File: 2.45 MB, 1500x2000, __chocola_and_vanilla_nekopara_drawn_by_ramchi__e882712e16da8d2cb1b1e6239543f96a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if I jack off to minor characters? What Nyanners has to say about that?

>> No.2967517

You are a pedo and should get sanctioned

>> No.2967521


>> No.2967535

Made videos that appealed to the sperglords on /a/ back in the day. Backtracked on some of it years later after growing up and realising 4chan culture isn't acceptable to normies (who knew).

Recently returned to fame by jumping on the vtuber train when it went mainstream due to chinavirus. Actively distances herself from anything controversial even if she did it recently. The same sperglords that were butthurt are now double butthurt because she's ruining the sanctity of vtubers by being a pandering grifter unlike everyone else.

Short version: Made video for cunnychads. Deleted it. 4chan seethe. Became wholesome and definitely not cunny-pilled vtuber. 4chan seethe more.

>> No.2967562

Wtf but I thought Nyanners was already a loli character...

>> No.2967585

toddlercons are a subset of lolicons in fact

>> No.2967611

>see chibi character
>think "sexy toddler"
Meds, fast

>> No.2967627

>the nyancuck dodge

>> No.2967792

Why do you guys hate her. She references trainroll, epic fail guy, and other 2008-2010 4chan memes on her streams.

>> No.2967832

It's the entire thing surrounding the lolis that rubs many people the wrong way, especially when you consider it how she handled it versus Senzawa. She started by catering explicitly to /b/tards, acting like a loli, saying typical racist 4chan shit, doing /b/ memes and copypasta readings, making vocaroo threads on /b/ ect. When she found her first iota of fame she didn't just stop doing that and request her former audience to tone their autism down, no, she pretty much scrubbed her entire body of work, she renounced everything, denied everything when it was brought up, said how much she 'hated' doing that and how 'awful' it was to work for neets and virgins. Using this pity party she formed a loyal cult that would shutdown anyone who said that it was her choice or that she was had said that she had gotten off on it sometimes. She completely and utterly alienated her former audience by denouncing them to her their faces.

Contrast that to Senzawa who basically just told her 4chan audience "Yo, times have changed and I have to as well, we're gonna tone everything down but you guys are still my crew. Please don't spill your spaghetti everywhere and we'll be cool." And using that methodology she went on to get 1 million.

>> No.2967847

It's not sexualized though, so she's fine with it.

>> No.2967867

>pee pee poo poo
>old memes
no, that is not good content. she sucks.

>> No.2967877

how can any piece of art of herself not be sexualized? you ever seen one of her streams?

>> No.2967917

That's a lot of words just to say that you're a pedo.

>> No.2967937

>how can any piece of art of herself not be sexualized?
By not being sexualized, what kind of question is that? Does that art >>2967404 look sexual to you?

>> No.2967967

holosharts are young so they prefer toddler content like minecraft

>> No.2967970 [DELETED] 

I am a pedo. I often jerk off to child porn. Not loli, CHILD PORN. But this isn't about me, it's about nyanners.

>> No.2967971

what are your pronouns and how much child porn have traded on discord today?

>> No.2967979 [DELETED] 


>> No.2968025
File: 3.68 MB, 2400x2400, 1597559954608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She and her fanbase defends her antiloli cancer, despite her being a loli herself and that makes her a hypocrite. vtubers are full of lolicons and her antiloli sentiments is incredibly detrimental to the streamers themselves and only enables more toxicity within and outside the community

>> No.2968059

holoshart cope. you are insignificant. even hololive members regularly acknowledge and respect nyanners. and make no mistake, all of them would never want to be associated with pedophiles such as you

>> No.2968081

keep seething discord groomer

>> No.2968099


>> No.2968110

based and gurapilled
Holy actual COPE

>> No.2968163

Go back to the nyanner discord

>> No.2968164

>Haha she say old thing, how relatable
So she's the V-tuber equivalent of Family Guy?

>> No.2968192 [DELETED] 

Sometimes I wonder if Senzawa ever regrets going the Hololive route. Nyanners gets to be herself and stream whatever she wants while Senzawa is stuck streaming video games she clearly doesn't enjoy, trying her hardest to be PG to appease the management, and pretending to enjoy the superchats from actual pedophiles.

>> No.2968199

Kill yourself

>> No.2968258

first you have to understand that holosharts are massive hypocrites. here's how it goes:
>gura references old meme
>"UOOOOOOOOOH based! one of us!"
>pink cat references old mem
>"uh sorry we holofags are a little more refined than that"

>> No.2968302

i'm not sure where to put the "worst thread of the day" award, this one or the holoEN thread with actual CP

>> No.2968321

>And using that methodology she went on to get 1 million
You forgot to specify that she did it before Nyanners despite starting more than 6 years after her.

>> No.2968357 [DELETED] 

>trying her hardest to be PG
Tell me how I know you don't even watch her.

>> No.2968377

holy cope

gura referenced loli memes and not just any "old meme"
if nyanners references pomf or cute and funny then maybe...

>> No.2968419

>cute and funny
Uh, we don't do zoomer memes on Nyanners streams, retard.

>> No.2968431

See >>2967832

>> No.2968442
File: 3.02 MB, 3000x2900, 1615796629080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nyanners general
>immediately forgotten when either the shark or the bluetuber are mentioned

>> No.2968468 [DELETED] 

shes actually constantly depressed. she sold out big and it didnt even bring her happiness. now she has to force herself to stream. no wonder shes always taking breaks.

>> No.2968476

Thats right, we refined anti-loli nyanners gentlemen prefer sophisticated pee pee poo poo memes

>> No.2968485

all nyanner ""memes"" are worse than reddit tier humor

>> No.2968492 [DELETED] 

Cute newfag.

Begone, rrat peddler

>> No.2968507

There is no part of Nyanners that is herself, she's a grifter whose only personality trait is that she will take on any persona if she thinks she can benefit from it. She's a shell of a person which is why she has to switch career directions every few years when she manages to burn every bridge around her by being a fake cunt

>> No.2968568
File: 40 KB, 740x510, Hypocrite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cat is shit... she’s using old memes to lol about her being a coomer... how pathetic.

>> No.2968596
File: 24 KB, 696x536, WOO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2968621
File: 504 KB, 888x500, 1601991004612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All she needs to do is doing a Prillya watchalong marathon and this enitre place will suck her off

>> No.2968637

lmao holotoddlers running at full speed to the meidos crying when they get called out. whenever they start throwing a tantrum about "hypocrisy", link them this thread

>> No.2968687

>nyancuck still showing his tranny face
do everybody a favor (yourself included) and disappear back into anonymity and preserve whatever dignity you have left

>> No.2968693

Commencing thread reset. You will now engage in healthy and friendly discussion of Nyanners below this line!


>> No.2968701
File: 62 KB, 960x784, 1598904144766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Loli is treated more than a deity here and disrespecting it is a cardinal sin.

>> No.2968708

trannies will never be women

>> No.2968727

Pink cat bad

>> No.2968735 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 1248x609, deleted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides the CP post and >>2968468, pic related are the posts removed.
Now tell me how this helps "holotoddlers", retard.

>> No.2968741

And that's how it should be.

>> No.2968750


It was kinda cute seeing Nyanners genuinely awestruck being with Kizuna Ai. This isn't some person Nyanners gave no shit about since Summer 2020 and is just using. She at least understands that Kizuna Ai is the Oyabun, her idol she's probably looked up to dor a while, and as a result Nyanners was so nervous she could barely string a sentence together.

>> No.2968751

It if perfectly fine when somebody hates on loli AS LONG AS THEY DID NOT AND CONTINUE TO PROFIT FROM LOLI

>> No.2968770

this but being involved with otaku content*
nyaggers can shit on weebs all she likes only if she promises to delete all her nyanners accounts

>> No.2968773

Fuck off, nyanners will never have a good thread on 4chan and I'll make sure of it even if I have to shitpost from my retirement home

>> No.2968779

>seething discord groomer doesn't even know the rules
Go back to your discord where Mama Nyan can pull in more children for you to fuck

>> No.2968793

based beyond belief

>> No.2968795
File: 148 KB, 371x353, 1554210338290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2968801

Oooh don't tell her about Kizuna Ai being a lolicon, it would break her tiny little hypocrite heart.
Oh wait she doesn't have a heart, so yeah go ahead and tell her

>> No.2968827


She knows. Luckily her friends don't so she's clear

>> No.2968847
File: 87 KB, 240x240, ichihime-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please refer to those retards in another way. I don't want to conflate them with the mahjong autists.

>> No.2968878
File: 83 KB, 840x1015, 1599215191225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2968916

loliturds blowing a gasket finding out that not every otaku is mentally ill like them

>> No.2968931

you have minors waiting to be groomed on discord, nyancuck

>> No.2968997

She won't fuck you bro

>> No.2969059
File: 529 KB, 1367x856, Nyan antis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2969148

Close this thread please.

>> No.2969537

In a situation where you've amassed an audience whose defining trait is "joking" about wanting to fuck little kids, the only real prudent thing to do is to tell them to fuck off in no unclear terms. Pedos here can cope with this as long as they want, doesn't change the facts.

>> No.2969605

moshi moshi, based department

>> No.2969677

Nice job for outing yourself as a newfag. This really should be the filter. If you actually believe people are mad because she called pedos pedos, you are new.

>> No.2970152

See >>2967832, newfagchama.

>> No.2970470
File: 435 KB, 600x500, F5714ABC-A74B-456E-ADBE-6B6D6B9484B2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2970669
File: 32 KB, 612x408, 1596915765624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2971516 [DELETED] 
File: 244 KB, 850x1096, sample_226dd2dc8b10fb0043dc1bcb19a8fc4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2974477

Not all heroes where capes.

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