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I've missed this hardworking postal worker. Hope she doesn't burn herself out on her return

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The collab last night was good. Can’t wait for their part 2.

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The homecoming line recital was definitely the best part.

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slugma... wheres noir gen 2...

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She said not for a long time still, put the ants back in your pants

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Are you going to take hot sauce shots together with her?

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so how is purin?

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Let's go show her we love her postmates

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She did say something about big announcements at the end of the month, wonder if we'll still get them.

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I'm glad shes back MERU LOVE!

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good enough to have carried her friends through Risk of Rain 2 last night. I'm sure Purin will be officially back soon, and Tsunderia will finally be running at full power again for like 2 days before something else goes wrong

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I missed her voice

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I missed her noises

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Thanks Meru for saving us from /wvt/.

>> No.3152470

we're going right back in a few days if gen 2 isnt announced soon

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Meru please do not chug the entire bottle

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rumor on the street is something's coming tomorrow night

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>rumor on the street
where is this information coming from?

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ahem... Meru CUTE and also Meru LOVE

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Meru first membership stream announcement, you heard it here first!

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>one ant made Meru freak out

>> No.3154029

Meru survives vicious ant attack, kills home invader in self defense. Film at 11.

>> No.3154064

ANT: 0

>> No.3154112

Meru is way too fucking cute, this shouldn't be allowed. The way her voice quivers when she sings makes me weak

>> No.3154196

Meru being violently racist, holy shit we need to shill this girl everywhere

>> No.3154318

love meru
'ate ants (not racist, just don't like 'em)
simple as

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Why not just make a Meru general? You guys never talk about Char or the others in these threads...

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tsunderia thread is just slugma simps and mailbros

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No one else is streaming right now, and Char doesn’t need all the help she can get from extra views.

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She's been completely gone a month, anon. We've just really missed that little death, that's all

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the streets duh

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well, when you put it that way...


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>gets back from """"therapy""""
>is now completely soulless
Not like this bros...

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What are you talking about anonchama?

>> No.3155949

Unavoidable when they directly pander to here

>> No.3156171

Sounds like you're the soulless one, anonchama...

Happy Meru is the most entertaining meru

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Meru of all people singing Creep hits too fucking, real man...

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Thanks for the heads up, anonymous poster who is definitely completely unaffiliated with Tsunderia

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bread is live btw

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R8 the stream.

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Hot sauce was funny, great song choices that kept it interesting and fun, and hilarious ant hate. I hope Meru keeps it up and we can have happy Meru forever. MERU LOVE

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Spaghetti again/10
It had thrills, chills, kills, spills, and meru noises galore. Best Meru time yet

>> No.3158305

Really happy she's back and feeling better, looking forward to many more happy Meru noises

>> No.3158331

2/10 she lost all her SOUL. I want the old Meru back.

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just admit you want Meruru to be depressed you bastard

>> No.3162916

This bread is so cute but so stupid

>> No.3163851

My first ever Meru stream. I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

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I want to purchase land deep out in the country with Purin, I want to oversee the construction of a huge underground bunker disguised as a small farmhouse with Purin, I want to slowly assemble massive arsenal of guns and improvised explosives with Purin, I want to train our 20 children in marksmanship and small teams tactics with Purin, I want scope out sniper points and set up a series of foxholes and underground tunnels with Purin, I want to set up traps and landmines to fend off the glowies with Purin

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1000/10 she's TOO special

>> No.3165043

She's still got the soul man
Don't forget there's a little sad soul still inside that just wants to be happy

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She's already fucking another fan anon, no point in these fantasies

>> No.3167165

She's said she's a virgin a few times. Is this a new thing?

>> No.3167412

Do you rele beleb it?

>> No.3167679

you believe everything they tell you lol?
there's so much fakeness in vtuber communities

>> No.3167990

One of her cousins perforated her colon with rough anal, that's why she had to take a break. Sorry you had to find out this way, bro

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and i bet you think Ria is gone forever too

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I love Purin so much, bros. I just want to see her happy and succeed in whatever she wants to do. I'm rewatching her Twitch stream from the other day, and hearing her talk about how she feels like she's being self-destructive and ruining her social life and chances at real friendships IRL, how she's scared of leaving her room, and how she's scared of losing her viewers if she takes a break for her own sake hurts so much. The worst part is that I can't possibly do anything to help her and just have to watch and listen to her be sad. She was OK by the end of the stream and of course she seemed to have a fun time with the collab later that day, but it still hurts my very soul.

>> No.3169063

Take solace in the fact that she's still a teenager. She's still dealing with teenage mushbrain so her default state is emotional instability. The whole agoraphobia thing is a constant enough thing that it might be concerning, but she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders considering how deeply she cares about her family. I really believe she's gonna turn out alright

>> No.3174642

Don't do this to me...

>> No.3179204

SHIT I LOVE MERU I LOVE HER I LOVE YOU MERU she's so cute it's criminal with extreme SOUL fugg anyone who wants to see her sad... sweetheart mail.

She's getting healthy for us mailbros... I want to see more happy Meru I want her to grow up big and strong SHIT I want to have mailman babies with her too...

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Meru scendule!

>> No.3187557

Why does Meru turn the comments off on all her videos? Does she not want to game the algorithm?

>> No.3190052

What are all the fan names for the Tsunderias?

>> No.3190268

Purin - Flans
Char - Space Force
Yuuna - Breadcrumbs
Kallin - Nightblooms
Meruru - Postmates
Urara - Paypigs

>> No.3190309

Urara's are Assistant Managers, AKA Assmen

>> No.3190457

I can't believe she really said that...

>> No.3190668

dangerously based

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The Space Force is just the name of her membership. Char's fanbase as a whole is the Charmy

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Char's building gunpla

>> No.3196195


That's certainly a familiar silhouette...

>> No.3196424

Bread's new costume or what?

>> No.3196481

Why would Mio leave an agency... become independent to make money, just to join another one to give 1/2 of it away. Makes no sense.

>> No.3196532


Mio from MyHolo Tv, well she left them but joining Tsunderia now I guess

>> No.3196600

I see now, the TsunQuest hashtag confused me a little but I guess you could see her as DLC for that gen now

>> No.3197107

There's probably a reason for her leaving her previous agency.

>> No.3197181

Could be lots of reasons. She clearly would rather be part of a company than have to do everything herself, and since she owns her character and model now, there's way less risk for her this time around. Maybe Tsunderia gave her better terms and more stability than MyHolo could offer? Maybe even a signing bonus as incentive to offset the price she paid for the character rights.

I'm just happy there will be be more collabs with Bread. Those two together have such chaotic drunk energy and I love it

>> No.3197685

I was wondering where she got the money to buy the rights to her character. Now we know.

>> No.3197947

>getting sloppy seconds
Not like this...

>> No.3198013

>another girl more popular than Meru
Making Meru depressed any% speedrun new record soon.

>> No.3198066


Okay MyHolo Tv you can calm down now.

>> No.3198116

I don't like you, Meru Doomposter

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Bread's gonna play Corpse Party

>> No.3199379

First bread now Mio. Cool that Tsunderia doesn't seem to mind signing on pre-existing talent. Guess it helps when it's someone they already know.

>> No.3199665


>> No.3199674

I want to,drink Yuuna's breast milk

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She's still around

>> No.3199846

Begs the question why they didn't sign the rat as her roommate considering she has over double the following that Miori does...

>> No.3200037

I don't know how reasonable it is to expect Tsunderia management to make good decisions

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And miss out on this design?
Even if she's a ghost now, it's still lovely.

>> No.3201340

Every streamer they've signed has been amazing, so they at least have that. Gives me great hope for the next generation

>> No.3201897

That anon has a personal vendetta against Tsunderia management, don't mind him

>> No.3202257

i called miori days ago and yall didn't believe me come on anons

>> No.3202286

Her roommate wasn't as popular when she auditioned, she only have 1-2k subs if I remember correctly.

>> No.3202508

Miori would fit the TsunQuest lineup like a glove. I mean she's already a guild receptionist and the member's colors would stand out a lot more than the original lineup.

Kallin= Purple
Yuuna= Red/Pink
Meru= Blue
Miori= Green

>> No.3202552

>Kallin collabing with anyone is a clip goldmine
>Yuuna being dumb is a clip goldmine
>The shit Meru says is a clip goldmine
>Purin in general is a clip goldmine
>There's nearly zero Tsunderia clippers

Guess it's time to pirate Sony Vegas again.

>> No.3207943

Let's not forget some of the shit Urara comes out with, you just know people would be all over that story of her destroying a box of donuts with her foot.

>> No.3209004

I think the rrat is not so much that she wanted to leave as that the company was sinking and everyone needed to board lifeboats

>> No.3209021

I'm so happy for TsunQuest, not they can do 4 player collabs again! Slugma wasn't kidding when she said good news was coming in May!

>> No.3209057

literally who?

>> No.3211900

The official reason was problems with management, she gave a full statement. And becoming indie was probably the actual plan but she might have been pulled by Bread, since they were kind of friends.

>> No.3219690

I've seen some people toss Taiga's name around as a possible Noire too

>> No.3220149

Kana and Urara were the same so that makes four

>> No.3222159

Kana was created by Tsunderia and was never actually indie so actually 3

>> No.3222725

Its a lot of work to do everything yourself bro. Even a tiny bit of help is appreciated.

>> No.3222872

>DLC for that gen now
Tsunderia DLC is a neat idea.

>> No.3223945


>> No.3224029

Former MyHoloTV gen2, she and her genmate were killed off by that Malasyan agency but she bought off them her model, the other two are gone though

>> No.3224078

Welp there we go

>> No.3224155

Rrat from Mio MyHolo graduation is she had to take a loan in the $10k to get model+channel of them, probably staying solo indie wasn't paying the debts

>> No.3224264

Can't she jump that sinking ship too?

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Imagine that's the summer announcement: Tsunderia is buying out MyHoloTV and, along with getting Liliana, they'll be bringing back Manaka and Marica

>> No.3224674

Damn so tsunderia related people really post here uh

>> No.3224766

According to miori marica is waiting for interview results

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I quite happy by this news Yuuna and Mio collabs streams are an absolute pleasure to watch. I hope it all goes well.

>> No.3224961

Tsunderia? Or another agency?
Can she actually leak such information without comprimising the results? Both Cover and Ichikara would instantly tell her to try next time without leaks possibly

>> No.3225031

Just said interview results, didn't mention any names

>> No.3225054

It's not a smart move to say things like that imho

>> No.3225192

>killings the rrats

>> No.3225202 [SPOILER] 
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That's not really a secret at this point. At least half of the talents lurk, and somebody's been posting a few very interesting "predictions" as of late.

>> No.3225350

I love this Slug
I love Tsunderia

>Meru is back better than ever
>Miori joins the party
>Gen 2 coming soon
>New outfits for Purin and Gen 1 coming soon

Tsunderia Inclining?

>> No.3225551

Never say this. Last time we said this the rat died.

>> No.3225641

Last time Kana and rat died as soon as people got too cocky

>> No.3225644

Bread just hinted in her discord she did have a say in it, probably jumped the moment Miori was indie.

>> No.3226120
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Stumbled upon some old Urara content

>> No.3226143
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>> No.3226222
File: 260 KB, 600x898, EfU7QA5UwAAvwZ3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It ends here I guess

>> No.3226270

Sorry for the optimism then...

>> No.3226369

>Tsunderia Inclining?
They're certainly resilient, and resilience is probably the most important trait for any startup.

>> No.3226532
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What? Her body is what?

>> No.3226689

We may never know...

>> No.3228204

This honestly. People give Tsunderia shit but they haven't been paying attention to the rest of the scene. Literally every other vtuber start up in the West becomes a dumpster fire in the first few months, the only exceptions are the ones who haven't even been around for long enough to test yet.

>> No.3228429

Even Holo had an extremely messy graduation on their very first gen.

>> No.3228483

I find it really cool they're not afraid to replace lost talents in a generation.

>> No.3229017

Kana replacement when?

>> No.3229215

Kana can't be replaced. Besides, she still collabs with Purin every now and then, and everybody said they'd be open to collab with her (don't expect Kana to be brave enough to reach out to them, though). She's basically honorary Tsunderia.

>> No.3230368

Don't forget having a wardrobe's worth of exclusively leather clothing items

>> No.3230679

Time to deliver a baby with Meru.

>> No.3230810

God I hope PRISM doesn't end up the same way.

>> No.3230899

Don’t they have collabs with Tsunderia soon? At least they tweet to each other.

>> No.3230934

Isn't Prism funded by a rich japanese dude?
Bread is collabing with Rita this week

>> No.3231334
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Happy Meru fills my soul. I never thought I'd have an oshi when I first got into VTubers but something about this COOL girl does something to me

>> No.3231571

Slugma plz get Youtube-kun to unlock Meru's comments she's got to be drowning in the algorithm since that makes engagement low.

>> No.3232374

Prism is indeed a Japanese company.
Rita and Yuuna talked about collabing together when RIta was doing her bread tierlist on stream. I wish that would actually happen.

>> No.3232441


>> No.3232471

I just saw that on Rita's schedule and was going to comment on that.
I'm really glad, both Yuuna and Rita are such lovable dorks.

>> No.3235065

Mailbro... me too
I am so weak for Meru

How could she make that slow as fuck game so entertaining to watch? I did NOT expect to have that much fun today.

>> No.3236638
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comfy monday bread

>> No.3237925

Too many good things happening at once... I'm afraid

>> No.3237967

i'm scared

>> No.3238332

Slugma here? Always has been

>> No.3238625

Kana was Gen 0 or non-gen

>> No.3238634

She needs to speak more with that lower range of voice

>> No.3239042

Well, looks like we know why Ria had to die...

>> No.3239085

roomate talk to /wvt/ please

>> No.3239936

t. Slugma

>> No.3240807

no, t. Ass.man.

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>> No.3241452

So how is Miori?

>> No.3241548

Snail Cringetuber has already made a new model for themselves and will debut in the next 2 months
Voicechanging Knight has gone back to their VA content and isn't nearly as active though

>> No.3241612

If there are more collabs like this in the future, Tsunderia is going to be massively incline. Works great with the other girls, can mix and arrange songs for the company, and is a lot of fun on her own

>> No.3246811

So confirmed with her roommate that rat abandoned her genmates to eat shit while she goes to Holo or Niji?

>> No.3251049

Not confirmed, but strong possibility. Discussion going on here >>3240290

>> No.3253838

You guys think there's a chance that Moon Jelly (Manaka) will join in the future? Her model's already in the making.

>> No.3254038

i was a fan of manaka and mio when they were in myholotv but i don't know anything about tsunderia. are they as much of a shit company as myholotv? do they also regulate what their talents can do, how do have to speak etc? i'm kinda scared, i enjoyed indipendent mio a lot.

>> No.3254093


>> No.3254241

I hope so. She still flirts with Mio and was copying Urara on Twitter.
Tsunderia is the exact opposite of MyHoloTV in terms of how invasive management is. The streamers in Tsunderia are all pretty unmanageable anyway. Just look at how often Yuuna disregards her own schedule to see that

>> No.3254586
File: 24 KB, 519x167, tsun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3254589

If anything it seems like they're too hands off with the talent a lot of the time.

>> No.3254739

>chug jug
Yikes. Stay away.

>> No.3255577

A guess, or a "guess"?

>> No.3255661

That's either an amazing prediction or this has all been planned and Slugma wants us all to know it

>> No.3257667

Almost certainly the latter, Slugma is going to singlehandedly save Tsunderia. She should be promoted to CEO

>> No.3257880

t. Urara

>> No.3258961

It just seemed like the most reasonable option at least IMO, Slugma probably saw how well she worked with Yuuna and jumped

>> No.3261764

Is Slugma okay?

>> No.3265141

do we know who staff is for tsunderia now that s-train left?

i know slugma and PPP but is there anyone else?

>> No.3265253


>> No.3266383

There's a good chance they've hired people under the radar, as to not have another situation if one of them goes high profile again.

>> No.3267715
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"Zey're inclining? Doomp eet"

>> No.3267856
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>> No.3270928

Man... Meru was heartbroken before her break.
rrat is that it was rat that hurt mail the most.

You can tell in the weeks before Ria announced she was basically leaving them to eat shit, Mail kept asking us to support her agency and her co-workers (being Tsunderia) even if it means not watching her stream.

At the end of her 24 hour stream she said to Ria in her chat that she was sorry that "we" (assuming Tsunderia and herself) wasn't good enough for Ria.

as time goes on, things start to become more clear.

>> No.3271079


>> No.3271347

In one of her streams she didn’t mention Rat but her other coworkers. Even if the girls got emotional about it seems like they already knew what was happening so it was just a matter of acceptance, when they talk about these topics it’s always just asking people to have faith. Truthfully they aren’t even doing that bad compared to how many start ups now that fail? They’re extremely resilient.

>> No.3271679

If the rat actually got picked up by Hololive, it might end up being a boon. Much as people say that the only place obsessed with roommates is 4chan, the truth is that everyone is and people are going to look into it which'll put a lot of eyes on tsunderia that were otherwise unaware. It's not great press to be known as a company who had a talent jump ship for hololive, but at this point it would help just to get the tsunderia name out there

>> No.3272130

That's just life, anon. If you can climb, you climb. You don't sit still at a worse place because of 'muh frends', you take the chances that are offered to you, who the fuck knows when you'll have that opportunity again, if ever.

>> No.3272243

Slug hands typed this

>> No.3272451

It just feels bad because it’s not like tried for Tsunderia. Maybe if she had the work she put in for her roommate it wouldn’t have been as bittersweet.

>> No.3272453

Someone who has worked a lot in his life typed that

>> No.3272840


>> No.3273747

fuck holotards i hope she's in Niji
at least Niji filters the briandead retards from here

>> No.3273764


>> No.3273802

Do you think Tsunderia has a non-compete clause like MyHoloTV had?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a termination rather than them just letting her out of her contract/mutual decision.

She seemed kind of slimey in how she went about everything.

I got a real genuine vibe from Yuuna, Kallin, and Meru's personalities and friendships together but with her... something just never sat right with me. Maybe it's just me.

>> No.3274339

like i said before, when i collabed with her roommate she felt really fake and it rubbed me the wrong way
i saw this coming and honestly just feel bad for her fans since she's pretty much the opposite of what she portrays herself as in front of the screen
if her fans saw how she's like outside the cutesy idol facade they would probably hate her for lying to them
thats showbusiness i guess..

>> No.3274395

She never really tried that heard for Tsunderia or her genmates from the very beginning.

Just look at the difference between Meru and Ria's debuts and it's abundantly clear.

>> No.3275730 [DELETED] 


One of the gen 1 girls, I think Meru, once said on one of her menhera attacks that she didn't know if she could keep going because a lot of good people that work hard and honestly don't get much recognition while a lot of the "bad guys" end up stepping over the good guys to get what they want and it was breaking her spirit.

Of coarse this is an over generalization of what was said but...

I wonder...

>> No.3276092


One of the gen 1 girls, I think Meru, once said on one of her menhera attacks that she didn't know if she could keep going because a lot of good people that work hard and honestly don't get much recognition while a lot of the "bad guys" end up stepping over the good guys to get what they want and it was breaking her spirit.

I wonder...

>> No.3278028

She's not even a cake yet

>> No.3278142

i heard most of them applied for the auditions also though

>> No.3279835

She's friends with many Vtubers and they've only said good things about her. Stop LARPing as a Vtuber.

>> No.3280378

>people are honest about their feelings of others in the eyes of the public
okay sweetie
im saying it here in an anonymous shadow puppet forum so i don't have to destroy my rep on the bird app

>> No.3280478

No one would say bad things about each other openly for us to see any ways.

>> No.3280556

I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say about her. But I personally don't see how she could be as bad as you describe. Maybe you could go into more detail?
You're going "she's fake and bad" but thats a bit vague. There has to be something that made you feel that way about her.

>> No.3280710

is it true bread has a bf? i did some digging on twitter and things arent looking good... the only reason i watch her is for the GFE, not to get cucked

>> No.3280824
File: 216 KB, 1140x1200, Eqt8wH9XEAAkipY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has a gf

>> No.3280880

>the only reason i watch her is for the GFE
touch grass

>> No.3280948

I've had a similar experience as you with her. Don't worry about it anon. Keep sharing your truth.

The amount of fake, social climbing, ass kissing VTubers is astounding.

>> No.3281041

Kallin hired a bunch of (i'm assuming unpaid volunteer) mods recently. They might eventually recruit promising people from there

>> No.3281043

rrat is that she does but I have no proof

>> No.3281085

She never leaves her house and went on a week trip with Kallin spending 4 digits, if she did have one they probably broke up already.

>> No.3281282

Mods are free workhorses, we don't know who the real staff are besides PPP and the two streamers

>> No.3281492
File: 52 KB, 1000x217, bread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its been a while since she talked about him though.

>> No.3281572

They probably broke up, otherwise probably would’ve had some yabai by now/staff would’ve made her clear those tweets.

>> No.3281903

There was a rrat awhile back about her leaving her boyfriend when she got successful with vtubing. Was it the truth?

>> No.3282970

oh no no no, how will breadkeks cope?
if those tweets are still up, what do you want to bet the chances are they'll be deleted tonight?

>> No.3283275

>ex long coat
Gotta be a 6 foot chad. Good for her!

>> No.3286624

Almost Meru's birthday... What should I send to the PO Box?

>> No.3286899

a well-written love letter thanking her for all her hard work. Including fanart, no matter how crudely-drawn, would especially make her day

>> No.3287796

Char technically has management duties as well

>> No.3288894

Fanart, handwritten letter, postcard with a local landmark, pokemon cards, etc

>> No.3291831

You fucks have no idea how much I wanna go on a range date with Purin

>> No.3297201
File: 1.46 MB, 1024x681, 1600567842936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Purin is the perfect woman and I'll never be her husband.

>> No.3297760
File: 125 KB, 300x300, 723465321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3297873
File: 131 KB, 1071x785, 1610849392936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meru is STRONG and COOL. She'll make it, we just have to beleb, Merubro!

>> No.3300763
File: 475 KB, 1280x1891, 76334789921637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I beleb!

>> No.3300968

>The amount of fake, social climbing, ass kissing VTubers is astounding.
Anon I'm going to need a list of those names to be careful of. There are some smaller vtubers that I don't want to get their morale broken and get pushed into retiring too soon because of stupid backstabbing and fakeness from dealing with the wrong vtubers.

>> No.3302433

How was Miori membership stream?

>> No.3304924

Literally 0 chance she's getting into Hololive.

>> No.3305046
File: 374 KB, 638x359, 1616067838781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3305132

this dog is so fucking based

>> No.3305929


Miori karaoke (and first Tsunderia stream)

>> No.3306047

Huh, I guess this is what going to pass as her Tsunderia "debut"

>> No.3307015

You need to own guns first, anon.

>> No.3307076

Wake up with comfy bread

>> No.3307714

Mio live now

>> No.3307939

Going from Bread's comfy stream to Mio's chaotic karaoke about gave me a heart attack, and she hasn't even started singing yet

>> No.3308162

Yeah, almost every stream of hers has scuff to some extent

>> No.3308350
File: 175 KB, 1238x680, 13583265467498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>scuffs every stream
>surprisingly wide vocal range
>chaotic, unpredictable energy
Fuck, she's a perfect fit with the rest of the company. Damn good acquisition, Slugma

>> No.3308368

Don't worry I got plenty

>> No.3308467

Mio's pretty good

>> No.3308576

Is Mio resurrecting her former genmates in Tsunderia true or is it just a rrat?

>> No.3308658

Probably rrat, but I want to beleb

>> No.3308692

Time to shill my favorite Mio cover

>> No.3308701

I don't know if Marica even wants to go back to vtubing. Her passion seems to be voice acting. Manaka on the other hand is possible, but even if not, she will debut as an indie with her Moon Jelly persona.

>> No.3308762

This was a nice dlc, i agree.

>> No.3309288

This girl is cute

>> No.3310841

Just started watching Tsunderia and they're all so good. it's really surprising they're so small still...

When are they going to blow up?
I feel Iike it's a matter of time one of the girls goes viral and puts the company on the map.

>> No.3310970

That was Kana...
But most people didn't even know she was in a company, neither did I when I first saw her.

They only started getting better at putting out their brand this year.

>> No.3311055

Damn thank goodness this girl held on after her last company died, to think that we almost lost her. I just hope they didn't bleed her too hard for the character rights.

>> No.3311200

They had their chance with Kana but they fucked it up like this anon said >>3310970 a lot of people didn't even knew she was in the company

>> No.3311261

No clippers.
That's literally all they're missing. They can all sing, they're funny, they have fantastic models, and they all get along incredibly well with each other. The only thing they're missing is the clipfag army to push them to VShojo heights. Probably because they can't figure out clickbaity titles for them

>> No.3311342

If Bread and Slugma helped her I doubt it, I doubt she would've even taken the offer if they bled her dry.

>> No.3311641

She did comment on a 2.0 model, I guess it's Tsunderia that's footing thw bill for it now.

>> No.3311801

So opinions on the new dlc?

>> No.3311853

Will never take the place of rrat, but she's definitely amazing in her own right. Tsunderia is inclining!

>> No.3311890

>Is Mio resurrecting her former genmates in Tsunderia true or is it just a rrat?
That would be really cool if that were the case. Purin would have someone to collab with that shares her timezone.

>> No.3311920

She's fun, I definitely recommend checking the keep talking and nobody explodes collab:

>> No.3312211

Wow, so are all the girls getting 2.0/new outfits this year?

I'm most excited for Meru's since she's been teasing since before break. I can feel it will be CUTE

My predictions for 2.0 release order are
>Purin (Nurse/DRIP)
>Meru (School uniform/Idol)
>Kallin and Yuuna (Matching casual outfits)
>Gen 2 Reveal?
>Miori (Not enough info to predict)

>> No.3312221

I like her more than Ria honestly

>> No.3312254
File: 2.57 MB, 1648x2916, NabiNacho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When are they going to blow up?
Since Kana is gone just commission Nacho again for Gen 2 also commission a design from Nabi.

>> No.3312306

Me too
better fit, more talented and entertaining imo

Better synergy between gen 1 members and the clear color differentiation and how she matches the theme makes me wanna nut it's fucking perfect.

>> No.3312343

rrat is meru is getting a new artist so it's possible she's getting something GOOD this time.

>> No.3314502

My guesses are
>Purin - seifuku
>Meru - spookier 2.0 or injured look
>Kallin - hypebeast casual
>Yuuna - revamp of pre-tsunderia outfit
>Miori - idol outfit

>> No.3314858

My guesses
>Purin nurse
>Meru gothic loli
>Kallin casual
>Yuuna techwear
>Miori idol

>> No.3315088

bread hinted at collab with mio soon too

>> No.3324156

Meru's live playing RE7

>> No.3325645

Damn miners, else Meru could buy a beef PC.

>> No.3326151

I missed Meru's horror game noises so much, bros, and today we're going to get a double dose. What a blessed day.

>> No.3326760

Meru is CUTE D:

>> No.3326883
File: 154 KB, 331x331, 1619916012071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this another "rrat" that's actually just an unofficial official statement like >>3153604?

>> No.3327807

There are no leaks, these threads are actually magical and any rrat posted in them comes true

>> No.3329107

I prefer to think of Manaka as the persona, and Moon Jelly as the true OG.
Now the pettan jokes will actually be true

>> No.3329208

Miori is going to sit on my face while Kallin crushes my balls

>> No.3330781
File: 1.12 MB, 1013x608, 1613873319200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meru's live a second time, playing Slender

>> No.3331660
File: 467 KB, 634x366, 1609159526901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bread Corpse Party

>> No.3333476

Slenderu.... bad end

>> No.3333591
File: 212 KB, 604x411, slenderu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3333697


>> No.3337830


>> No.3338231
File: 452 KB, 1218x236, 1615664776361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Last week of streams before I go on a 2 week hiatus!
Just noticed this. How does this keep happening?

>> No.3338723

Please andastad, everyone in Tsunderia is either a full time student or has a full time job on top of streaming

>> No.3339711

I think she said she's returning home to Korea.

>> No.3341828
File: 752 KB, 522x1168, urara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

feel like pure shit, just want her back

>> No.3341871

why is every vtuber korean all of a sudden? this is some berenstain bears shit

>> No.3342181

Meru has outright said herself it's from one of her favorite artists, so confirmed it's a different one than her current artist.

>> No.3342224

Sell me on slugma.

>> No.3342268

I don't think he'll be in this thread but I wanna thank my friend for introducing me to Meru, she's very cute

>> No.3342366 [SPOILER] 
File: 138 KB, 315x291, 1620304530911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3345600

You have a good friend with good taste

>> No.3349234
File: 379 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20210506-190822~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is purin ogey?

>> No.3349415

Do you really think the indies aren't aware that half of the big name simps in the community were huge rat/roommate simps? Look at how many people sent in superchats during her second graduation and tell me you've never seen those names before.

>> No.3349501

Probably misses her wife Kana

>> No.3349510

She's live on Twitch now. Why don't you ask her?

>> No.3350929
File: 2.23 MB, 2000x2824, 168432135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bread is with Shizu over on Mic's Twitch playing Heave-Ho

>> No.3350964

l-lewd unprotected handholding!

>> No.3351757

She doesn't have her empire of children yet so probably not

>> No.3352163 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 312 KB, 1048x622, 1620328210793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would meru link her irl stuff on her roommate account? is she an idiot? anyways shes pretty cute...

>> No.3352188 [DELETED] 

what the fuck i thought she was a white girl
fucking dropped

>> No.3352221 [DELETED] 

>is she an idiot?
Apparently yes

>> No.3352339 [DELETED] 

All VTubers are Asian, anon. No exceptions

>> No.3352508 [DELETED] 


>> No.3352549 [DELETED] 


>> No.3353174
File: 186 KB, 346x312, 1617332529033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i have an erection
what did purin mean by this?

>> No.3353324

>She's going to eat ALL the eggs
Good girl

>> No.3353716

oh no

>> No.3354741

Us postmates thank your friend too
Welcome to the mailgang anon

>> No.3355965
File: 11 KB, 541x96, moon please.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You guys think there's a chance that Moon Jelly (Manaka) will join in the future? Her model's already in the making.
I hope its high because Moon Jelly joining would be awesome.

Ideal three for TsunNoire would be MJ, Marica, Shimada.

Imagine the positive word-of-mouth for Tsunderia reuniting the MyHolo gen1, Purin getting more members that share her timezone, Shimada bringing in a completely different audience with her interest in fighting games, two music composers in both MJ and Mio. Regardless who they get for a fourth member I think that would be pretty strong lineup.

>> No.3356097

>Regardless who they get for a fourth member I think that would be pretty strong lineup.
If Shimada is actually joining then there's a decent chance that Komatsu is too.

>> No.3356117

>The Yul Noir teahouse

>> No.3356974
File: 73 KB, 853x552, 1619494931764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros... save me from becoming a Purin gosling

>> No.3357265
File: 60 KB, 261x265, batshiyakoma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kallin will get a apex partner and there's potential for art collab streams with Meru Yuuna and Koma.

>> No.3357337
File: 117 KB, 1101x931, Purin drawing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3357455

There's no hope for you, anon. It's only going to get worse when she graduates school and starts streaming for real later this month.

>> No.3358321

How to get into Tsunderia?

>> No.3358530

I want to know too

I want to audition and be a part of it so bad Slugma

>> No.3358632

Please Hire KYUNE https://twitter.com/kyunenee09 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcWc3BR7seHimB8CmvP-xOQ/videos

>> No.3358737

1. Be Asian.
2. Befriend one of them.

>> No.3358939

Are all Tsunderia Asian?

>> No.3359036

Yep. They've all either confirmed it or heavily implied it.

>> No.3359039


>> No.3359287

Interesting... Where are each of the girls from then?

I only know Miori might be Korean from the board.

>> No.3359431

I'm not 100% on all of these, just going off memory:

Char: Taiwanese.
Purin: Filipino
Kallin: Vietnamese
Meru: Chinese-Canadian(I think).
Yuuna: Also Viet?
Miori: Korean.
Urara: I don't know specifically but she's called herself Asian.

>> No.3359508

Where are the Mongolians?

>> No.3359620

Meru speaks Cantonese and is Hong Kong Chinese rather than Mainland Chinese.

and Canadian (I think)

>> No.3360286

Chinese or chinese-descent
Confirming Viet
I thought she was Chinese as well since I remember her speaking it on a collab

>> No.3360411

More importantly, how to get into (watching) Tsunderia? Any good YT clips?

>> No.3360487

Urara has explicitly said she's not Chinese

>> No.3360504

What about Kana?

>> No.3362075

>said she's not Chinese
It's Slugma, she will not tell you a single truth about herself
Can't find the file so I hope someone can post it for me

>> No.3363640

Char playing Risk of Rain 2 on Valefor's channel.

>> No.3364774

There are 0 notable Tsunderia clippers... it's a shame.

>> No.3371289

This channel is the only one I can think of that uploads Tsunderia clips somewhat regularly, and they're not the best clips, IMHO. This one's good though:

It's pretty hard to summarize everyone individually. You can watch the first couple minutes of this collab to get an idea of how some of them interact with each other if you only have a couple minutes, though.

>> No.3372313

parents are immigrants, that's all we know

>> No.3374609

She's a spic

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