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How does it feel knowing she could have seen your posts

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Hoping I mentally scarred her

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feels good man.

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Pretty cool

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i definitely have called her a nigger

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Fuck off treerrat.

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I know she enjoys seeing her lewds.

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squirrel fuck!

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She responded to me :)

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semi chub

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I love my oshi and have nothing to hide from yours, who also love each other.

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thank you

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I just hope she didn't see me posting that I wanted to force her to bear my children against her will.

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Do you guys really believe she still come here after what you did to Ollie? she despise this board after her colleague had a mental breakdown due to rrats

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she's the one posting Ollie rrats

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She's an OG not a tourist you coon

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Wait what? What happened to Ollie?

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she got fingered

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But how did the rrat in any way affect her

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week break. people just assumed it was related

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idk it probably felt good

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Does she browse 4chan in general or only /jp/ and /vt/?

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she spams /b/ with cuck porn and turkposts on /pol/ when she's bored

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she said on one of her member streams that she visits /r9k/ and /soc/ sometimes. She also engaged in /pol/ in the previous USA election

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>she went into /pol/ during the best time to funpost
My seanigga

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>and /soc/

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jannys pls forgive me

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I hope that worthless SEAnigger reads this.

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don't care she's an idiot that doesn't know how to use the catalog

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>namedrops 4chan twice because she knows faggots won't shut the fuck about it
>now faggots really think she visits regularly

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Good, she knows how bad I want to fuck with her.

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that im hopeful one day she will find her final yab here

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proof? clips?

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kek nice try Risu
but you told us yourself not to~

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even if you're an anime girl, you're still a faggot

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Everyone on this site here is a faggot regardless

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Risu already said not to share member stuff

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She said she hasn't been on here for a while. Which is good the site fucks with your head

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You could at least say which member stream it came from

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We do a little trolling

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Of course she has seen my posts. How can i not see my own posts?

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Didn't she get angry at someone for clipping a member stream and when she talked about it a bunch of her fans (including from here) mass reported the channel even though she had solved the problem on her own? And now she doesn't visit here anymore because of it.

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>How does it feel
The same. In fact nobody should be posting here without the knowledge that there's a 50% chance that the vtuber sees it.
I, for one, will proudly say I have baited a vtuber into a response here.

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unless she personally mentioned it herself, that's still inconclusive. and even if she did, what's stopping her from being curious?
interacting is one thing, but checking things out is another

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He just made it up, she did none of that.

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luckily she barely understands english

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I'm a good noodle, so maybe she's masturbated to my good boy posts.

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Since I'm that fucking curious, how do memberships work? Could I buy one month, watch the entire members only archive, then cancel it and do the same with another holo each month?

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I hope she nuts to my Ollie moans complication when it's finished

>> No.3184537

Nothing special, all the English-speaking holos are here.

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oh baby dig the archives for her nudes right now

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Risu has probably masturbated to some of the lewds commissioned here.
Which means some anons have bought Risu an orgasm.

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Incredibly horny.

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When did /vt/ turn into a Risu colony?

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always has been.jpg

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I want to fuck her tail so bad

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