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I can see you there lurking in the shadows.

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Thank you.

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I can't stand this fucking treerat always posting her shitty 1 word shorts to farm views. Haha! Nut! Like jizz except she's talking about actual nuts! Guess what risu? Every middle schooler has made that exact same joke.
What's so funny about an RBG sheep exactly that she had to giggle over it for 2 minutes straight? Also it's pronounced JEB with a J you moron.

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shouldn't you be enjoying your week break?

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Isn't she great?

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Nobody will read all that shit.

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Why she can get away from posting in this schizo board unlike sio? Whats different here and the japanese image board?

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>Haha! Nut! Like jizz except she's talking about actual nuts!
You obviously don't begin understand the deep implications of her NNN videos anon if that is all you think it refers to. Hint, where does nut milk come from? If you can't comprehend the nuances and layered meanings of nuts, you will never understand her sequel series, donuts. Do your reps.

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I'm sorry, I'll go back to hornyposting in the Haachama thread in a bit. :(

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what? you want my nuts too?

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Sio shitposted about Roboco which is bad
Risu instigated the fingergate which is based

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No one cares about Roboco

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fuck you Sio and your big ass

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Zombie's bf instigated fingergate.

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that was her brother

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based and incestpilled

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Ok risu

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Who is also somehow her "sister", despite obviously being a male voice. What the fuck sort of excuse was that?

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