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Probably not, that’s a hiatus not a graduation

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She’s indie, she doesn’t have to graduate shit.

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Yeah, but her VTuber identity is the same as her utaite identity, and what she's doing sounds the same as what other holos do with their roommate accounts when they get in Hololive

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>born and raised in the USA, now living in Tokyo

[hmmmm intensifies]

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I’ve never seen a member of Hololive that does vtubing on another account. It would make sense to have a no-compete clause in their contract, where they can only do roommate stuff if they want.

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Indies usually announce hiatus then pick up some activities once things calm down after their debut. Cover doesn't care if their talents keep working on their own time as long as they prioritize Cover obligations. Like half of HoloLive still does roommate stuff in some capacity especially with how quick roommate stuff gets found.

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I don't think her patreon streams are as VTuber, though

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Haachama is still active in both of her accounts, heck she streams at the same time in both

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I really hope she's the vsinger or EN2, she's great.

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Here's her singing: https://youtu.be/hC4R698JsQI?t=2033

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Cover didnt put a NCC on the chinese branch so I dont see why they'd start now, especially on the actual contract and not the termination agreement.
They probably do have a "dont embarrass the company" broad clause though so most streamers just dont do their other job just in case.

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I feel like there is a pretty good chance. I found her about a month back and she seems to check all of the boxes that Cover was looking for and is the most qualified ENvtuber I've seen so far. Assuming Vsingers are going to be like Azki and not stream regularly it makes sense that she might just put her channel on hiatus until she gets settled in.

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At first, I thought the same thing, but now, I’m not sure.
Whatever she decides to do, I’ll make sure to be there.

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Or even better yet: https://youtu.be/ckgSkSb6BEg
Yeah, I'm actually excited for her potentially being the VSinger.

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She lacks soul.

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The dragon's roommate has done it a few times.

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If she did get in I'd be very excited. Watched her singing streams on youtube since the very first one two years ago, first time proud being an oldguard for her.

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Good, the VSinger should be competent at singing.

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god lets hope not, a shitty singer that got popular by a shitty cover.

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>her biggest video has 90M views
Yeah, if she applied she would have been hired on the spot.

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Her "only my railgun" cover is pretty good.

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not bad

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she sounds a lot like Ranka that's good

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If that is her...which is probably the best case scenario we can think of.

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as on of the fans who liked her for a long time, this gives me hope

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Kson? Though it does seem she dropped vtuber activities and it's just her nowadays

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>born and raised in the USA, now living in Tokyo
Thats a massive

>She draws
>speaks eng/jp
>random graduation

Could be an EN2, Prism 3 or NijiEN

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>>her biggest video has 90M views
>Holy Shit, anon isnt lying.

I have to agree. Namirin is an automatic hire for any agency including HoloEN.

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People still actually think her cover is the original Renai circulation

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Fuck, those are some serious specs. Even better than the current ENs I'd say.

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>I really hope she's the vsinger or EN2, she's great.
there's a very high chance

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dae le hime hime xddddddddddddd

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That's her mama.
>Prism 3 or NijiEN
Seem kind of risky and potentially a downgrade.

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yeah anything other than holo sounds like a downgrade

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Where the fuck do you fags keep coming from? No one speaks like this

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Evidently someone speaks like that

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Evidently you're a cretin who feels the need to make pointless comments to appear clever

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Ogey, I've listened to a few of her songs (both produced covers and live karaoke) and... I'm not really blown away? Don't get me wrong, she's certainly a competent singer (especially if she stays in her lane and the songs fit her stylewise) and by Hololive standards "above average" (e.g. can sing better than at least half of their roster), but on the other hand she's, at best, only "just" as good as the few half dozen or so more "music-focused" Holos, so her ceiling seems to be in the same class range of maybe Suisei, Watame, Kanata etc., certainly below Azki. I mean sure, maybe she's entertaining enough to be a general streamer (so, EN2, idk I haven't checked her non-singing content to see how entertaining she is there), but for their VSinger specifically, I'd have liked to be more blown away.
Not hating, if she got in in whatever capacity, I'd support her, I'm just saying.

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idk the only thing i feel rn is the urge to birth a monster turd

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I think she's pretty good but it's a fair opinion. As for covers, even most of her most recent stuff is 2-3 years old, and her live singing is solid. She has been doing a lot of gaming streams recently though so it might be EN2.

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Still hope she is in the VSinger category and just not a major cope from me.

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after seeing a bunch of her stuff, definitely a good shout for a holoGEN2

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Lmfao cry about it

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What the fuck, it's THAT girl?

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Lmao those views are only because they think she did the original song because noone can read japanese on youtube and only look at thumbnails

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I remember she said she likes anime/manga with brocon-siscon relationship eheheheh

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called it months ago

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Does she have any public Yab potential? Political views?

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based wincest

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Isn't she japanese? They keep that shit under lock if it even exists and know to not speak of it.

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I used to into osu! like 5 years ago and she used to have a lot of fans from people in that game, and she tried streaming once and got extremely overwhelmed and creeped out from fans that would say stuff like "I love you"

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Also, she says USA but she was born in Hawaii, she's not really a westernized Japanese even though she's fluent in English.
And as a fan of her for a long time, I can say confidentially that she will not be holoEN2. She vanishes from life for months at a time and is scarcely active.
Unless want Ayame but worse in holoEN, then she is not what you want.

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Maybe she wouldn't have to disappear if she could make make a living off vtubing.

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maybe she's better off BECAUSE she isnt vtubing. She might be some kind of a big deal university professor

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that's actually pretty good rrat.

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Well her voice is cute but don't know, like she lacks something but is not technique, at least she has the energy needed to upload constantly and that's a good point on her score, then is she's like Coco like other anon said, an american living in Japan, well, maybe is not the best pick but I would be ogey with it

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Best bet is that she's going to EN2 too. I mean, it's better for her to have connections and friends while living in Japan, no? With Mori around, she'll have a Senpai who could teach her how to do Music and animation

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good for EN2 but not for VSinger.

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Updated, Marica Bellerose and Manaka Umio were replaced by Miki and Namirin since MyHolo TV's gen 2 graduation was likely unrelated. Names for the others are here: >>3244768

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Ria = Miki, so maybe best to combine them into one image

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Just feels really weird for her to just halt any streaming activities when she finally became a Vtuber. And there is an emphasis of it being a long term one too.

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Holy shit, I remember finding her only my railgun cover years ago and being surprised over how close it sounded to the original singer. She has that idol-like, cutesy voice that would make her into a safe pick.

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May I ask what is this kind sir?

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All VTubers that have or will graduate between March and May. More details are in this post: >>3244768 but they've announced their retirements and graduated relatively close together.

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