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which vtuber would be the easiest to rape and how would you do it

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seek help

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Aqua, just give her some drugged cake or something. She is autistic.

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At least post an on topic image for your low-effort horny thread you retard.

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answer the question

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So, do you want us to join forces?

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just go up to her and ask her

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Take your meds, schizo.

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just become her manager

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Noel easy, the shit from her childhood definitely means she's a freezer. You could probably shame her into keeping quiet about it too

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Ironmouse. But why would I want to? Seek therapeutic help, OP.

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Audibly kek’d

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it's not rape if she wants it anon

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ironmouse but it'd probably kill her

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ollie because you could just tear her limbs off and she wouldn't be able to fight back

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>Which vtuber would be the easiest to rape?
Baqua, too small even for JP girl's height, which also means her strenght even with a tard bonus is subpar for a woman, lack of weight means some people could probably lift her, and can't do basic shit properly, also will likely freeze in shock after insertion, or could go full primal and cling to you to get better rammed out of absolute confusion and pleasure, might even transition into stockholm syndrome due to trauma and io and behold, you got a tard gamer young japanese qt weeb gf.
>Which vtuber would be the hardest to rape?
Houshou Marine, no questions, I bet my ass most people think the "horni" meme is true but she is most likely the most adult of them all, women like that could probably beat the fuck out of you if they catch you slipping when trying to perform a sexual assault, might even kill you if she gets the chance.

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where does shion fall?

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On the reverse rape category, there's a small probability she tries to get in control of the situation out of desperation.

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Marine gives me the vibes of someone who would kick your balls and call You a faggot if You touch her butt without knowing her

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All of the <150cm holos would be very easy, but Rushia would be the most fun of those. Imagine how loud she'd scream.

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ur mom

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>Marine will never shame you while playing with your balls.
Why do I even try?

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Marine would be fine with you touching her butt. She'd only insult you if you pull away, like "Done already? What's the problem, can't you handle a woman?"

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on my dick

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iron mouse and i wouldn't.

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why not imagine the pleasure you would feel taking some poor little girls innocence and permanently scaring her and ruining her life

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>ruining her life
Not like there's much of that left kek
I had to do it sorry mouse I love you

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Luna is physically incapable of fighting back or running away very far

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most women actually want to get raped and enjoy it so you wouldn't be ruining anything

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Furen. she literally enjoys being choked all you'd have to do is choke her and she’d probably submit

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I made a tier list of difficulty for the holos. I based it on a mixture of lore (ex. Coco transforming into a dragon, Noel having super strength) and allusions to physical fitness they've discussed on stream (ex. Korone gets a boost because she has boxing training).

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Korosan would be harder

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Raping Mikochi would be a walk in the park. She's probably in the top 3 weakest holos with Luna and Aqua.

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Isn't that Mio Honda from Idolmaster? I'd rape Mio Honda everyday.

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Best response, it made the shitty OP's idea worth it.

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Hi manager-san.

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He wouldn't be able to stop me, he is tiny. I would beat him up to a pulp and cum deep inside him so many times he would become ass-pregnant.

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Is this an aged-up Mio Honda? Love the tits.

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Luna, I'd lure her into my Van with candies. Or just fill some candies with sedative shits and give it to her

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fucking faggot

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You're right. Multiple people can do it easier than one.

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I think reine should be in hard, she's rich and probably has 1 or 2 personal bodyguards

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Now I can't tell if this was >>3256521 intended message.

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Reine would most definitely be in the "Anon must die" category.

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I know this is probably bait, but wtf?

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nearly all women have rape fantasies the female mental state is structured around submission being raped is the ultimate form of domination for a woman. also that's not bait you fucking reddit nigger.

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kek I always thought that the incel thing was just a meme

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go back

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There are literally scientific data on this. Rape fantasies are extremely common among both males and females

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>1 or 2 personal bodyguards


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Nene would honestly be too dumb to rape because she'd just think it was consensual.

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She would be the kind of girl that would be easily tricked into doing perverted stuff.

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i want rushia and pekora but i don't know if i can handle both of them at the same time

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Over 56% of women orgasm from rape.

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Just enjoy

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Amazing Idea Anon, thanks that increases my options ten fold

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Stop trying so hard to fit in you fat nigger

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