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Your daily hololive rrat for today


Will this have ramifications in near future?

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The fields are full of sageleaves today

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indeed, leaves are falling early
i'll save you turbo-autists some time; no they don't have friend requests open and are registered to cover corp

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OP kys along with that faggot translator

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Don't we see this shit every time they play a game

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tfw pekora blocked me

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Anonchama.. They barely hide it, every game online they do on steam have their usernames. Do your FBKreps

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Every L4D stream shows their Steam user names, this doesn't even qualify as a leak.

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What are some other times this channel has gotten things incorrect?

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Even if it was a leak their steam names are extremely easy to guess.

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Clip channels shilling on /vt/ is getting out of hand.

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Recently he translated budoukan as "wrestling arena" and argued that even in the context of saying someone wanted to perform at budoukan his translation was correct.
And comments trying to correct it or call him out were deleted and views comments no longer appear on any of his videos.
Also for some weird reason he tl'd aqua's nose bleed into "runny nose". Again, anyone who even mentioned that is blocked.

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what a piece of shit

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my murderous urges are acting up

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First she raped pekora during the sleepover, now this?

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This is the nth time this has happened. If you wanna make a good rrat, go document who is friends with who on Steam and make up something about why X isn't friends with Y.

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What was the context?

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she already has show it before, she even had made a stream about her shopping on steam

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>that face

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comment source?

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Beware, here comes Reddit

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Anon, what the hell did you do to make her block you?

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I had a distorted pekora as my profile picture

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deserved it

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What made her even see your pfp in the first place?

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i dont know

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the fact that they act like saviorfags translating these videos when the official party actively said they will translate it themselves. So fucking pathetic.

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Why does she hate those so much?

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they automatically block anyone adding them

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Will anyone ever beat MAX-NENE-MAX?

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She just sees them as ugly distortions of her face and doesn't really understand the context beyond that. I mean she didn't even really understand "pain peko" for awhile. This is for the better though, I don't want jp chuubas having intimate familiarity with EOP memes

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Bunch of weebs in those comments. They will never be Japanese.

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so why does this matter at all?

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>and doesn't really understand the context beyond that
What's to understand? It's literally just ugly distortions of her face.

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She thinks they're negative and used by people who dislike her.

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Is she on the spectrum?

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She's Japanese, so close

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I wish I was Pekora

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I wish I was Miko

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Migo has always been the most based holo

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Rushia did the same thing but only had Tamaki on her friends list

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Do the hololive crew actually play it smart and create an entirely new steam account for the purpose of streaming outside of their personal account, or do they just go full retard and use their main account?

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Of course they create new steam accounts.

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Watson had to use a new account for Apex, idk how this goes with the JP girls though. Im sure its the same.

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Always. They don't even use their real phones for mobile games and apps that they stream. Everything is kept separated for good reason.

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There was that incident with Pekora accidentally showing her menstruation tracker app, they might still use their personal phones, unless for some reason Pekora put that app on her work phone.

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why wouldn't you have that on your work phone?

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I don't see the problem with having a tracking app for something related to your body on a work phone. An emergency could happen at any moment.

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I suppose so.

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Some schizos related her menstruation circle to sex somehow.

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Oh right, there used to be videos about it but I didnt download them. so many japanese viewers called out for not knowing how menstruation works.

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Nah, most games on steam leak usernames anyways and the girls don't add random people.

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Except it's not, it's literally the face her vtuber model makes whenever she looks down at her screen. She used to have her vtuber model face that direction in almost all her summer streams.

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What are these fucking Chinks

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>steam names are literally just their names
wow no one could've figured that out without Migoti doxing them.

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Didnt some anon had Coco in his friends? He was posting the games she played during the 3 weeks thing

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How is this a big deal? Pretty sure everyone knows Ame's steam id but it's private

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were people really surprised that such an alluring woman has an active sex life?

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Yagoo has to know

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Imagine knowing Japanese better than some of these clippers and instead of subbing your own videos you become a grammar Nazi.

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We know all the holos' steam accounts, and they're almost all completely private. I even gifted one of those Steam community awards to my oshi (pic unrelated)
>YAB I went too far down the hole!! hololive is done for!!
Better luck next time newfriends

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That was her roommate during the Taiwan disaster.

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Incorrect Japanese translators must be patrolled. He's doing God's work.

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Can you share a screenshot of the award?

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Sure, here's how you do it on the steam page


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“somehow” women only have tracking apps to see the best windows for getting pregnant vs not getting pregnant. also pekora is a grown woman who fucks

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Feel like he's doing far better work policing shitty videos than if he spent those resources being another drop of piss in the ocean of sub clippers

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>Expect their discord to be a shitpost-cornucopia from JP/ID/EN and beyond
>From what little screenshots we see, it's a stale-as-baguette sanitized medium much akin to the company skype server
Holy shit they HAVE to have their own personal disc's on their phones or tablets, right?

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You sound like you know your way around women for sure.

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That spinach guy's pretty based. The madlad helps translate my insane oshi's streams about astrophysics of all things

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YAB-posters blown the absolute FUCK out
hololive tomarenai

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Are you serious? How fucking new are you lmao, there steams have been known since forever. God i fucking hate you faggot newnigger cunts who plague this site

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The cope about it is so silly. Pekora has never tried to be seiso or GFE material. She has sex often enough to warrant the app.

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she's a rabbit for a reason

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>posting on the vtuber board

let me guess, nyanners fan? mori fan? coco fan? just fuck off, you're a bigger embarassment than anyone else here.

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cute cheeks

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if I had a hole which is gushing blood once a month I'd love to be reminded when it hits, think that's a fair enough reason to have that app.

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For the record, I wasn't trying to imply anything with that comment, the people who used the app to make a boyfriend narrative have never spoken to a woman.

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