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Who should he fire?

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Whoever is to blame for the Coco/EN wall. Aside from Coco, I mean.

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Kiara and all indogs

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All of Holostars
Lamy's manager

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This except Reine and Moona can stay

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fire me!

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EN3. They are leeches.

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this but plus Anya

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EN branch
ID branch

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No no. Keep gen 1. Gen 1 has our girls

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He should fire Ollie and Anya.

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All the homos.
Everyone who has interacted with the homos.
Probably should get rid of the EN branch as well.

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Fire: your oshi
Keep: my oshi

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just fucking fire everyone

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What did Coco do?

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Whatever meido he hired to be a plant here because clearly they’re not doing their job.

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He should fire Your oshi and give all the resources to My Oshi

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None of them. This whole thing is a Ponzi scheme.

The girls get a app they put on their phone. A lot of them make their own thumbnails.

For the price of a computer they get what 70% of the super chats. Even the lowest members make a profit

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But if Yagoo wants to get me a birthday present he could fire Kiara

Her roommate is a cringe blm white hating zoomer.. i can't enjoy her content anymore

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Nothing wrong, but there were consequences regardless.

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It's not a scheme if everybody gets what they want.

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yea this shit seems shady as fuck from the financial pov
I guess what the girls get out of Cover is having someone who's not a maladjusted weirdo pointing them in the general direction and keeping the kiddy wheels attached to their bike so they don't stumble and fall

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Ollie, Kiara and whoever the fuck is cock blocking the collab between Coco and HoloEN.

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Not saying it's not worth it to join but I really don't think COVER has that much overhead.

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can't speak for the early gens but the later girls coming from previous streaming backgrounds definitely got a big boost after joining

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they get way less than 70% with taxes and YT getting a cut too

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I think he meant cover gets 70%

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Manager who won't give Lamy an oppai mousepad
Manager who won't give Watame an oppai mousepad
Manager who is blocking EN/Coco collabs
Manager who canceled Pekora's project
Manager who canceled Marine's project
Manager who was in charge of Aloe
Whoever is in charge of the Hololive concerts, they look mediocre, take a note from Suisei, her concerts are better than Holofes.
All of ID
All of the Homos

He should also fucking pay the talent scouts much more. Then he should commit seppuku.

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Just bankrupt the whole company at that point.

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Fire A-chan so she can officially be hired as a vtuber

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my mans been taking too many whore related rrats

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the only correct answer

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>hating risu

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>Fire Homos
You fucking idiots. Those are his personal friends. He rakes in the cash from the menhera sluts and dumps it on to his boys.

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anon has brain damage

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But anon...(you) are my oshi!

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hold my cock please, oshi

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No! You stay since your work for free

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She pissed off West Taiwan

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Not her fucking fault

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Is that before or after he dumps his loads into them?

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Jesus Christ, how to ruin a business 101

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Found the purityfag

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How do you become so smart?

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before AND after

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What's a rrat?

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This but plus Risu and Iofi

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Lofi has to stay

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Mel she's just dragging people down

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Not being a virgin

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Ayame, she barely stream anyway

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So who is confirmed homo at this point?

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Every time Ayame appears in a holo's stream, Cover's stock values go up by 2%

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t. Niji CEO

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Fubuki so Yagoo did some trolling

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